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27 February 2020

MKG and its member associations essentially express their views on the LOT government

Concern that the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority continues to under-estimate risks of copper canister corrosion, moves environmental groups to submit additional opinion to Swedish Government, which is currently assessing the Environmental Court referral.

27 February 2020

Nuclear waste law could extinguish native title without owners’ consent, Senate committee says

Concerns that draft legislation to permit the low-level radioactive waste facility would allow the Government to expand the site without need for further Parliamentary approval.

27 February 2020

Nuclear bill referred to inquiry

In a separate development, the Green Party announces it will refer the government’s legislation for the Nuclear Radioactive Waste Management Facility to a Senate Inquiry for ‘scrutiny of the laws and the process that led to this point’.

26 February 2020

The waste problem continues to weigh down nuclear power

Look at the bipartisan efforts in Congress to try and find a solution to the radioactive waste issue, now that President Trump seems to have placed final nail in Yucca Mountain’s coffin.

26 February 2020

‘Burning nuclear waste may reduce its volume but not its radioactivity, time will deal with that’

Explanation of how low-level wastes are treated and why, in response to concerns about proposed radioactive waste facility on Teesside.

26 February 2020

Belly Up hosts ‘Songs for SONGS’ to protest San Onofre nuclear waste storage

Report on a local festival to highlight public concerns about the continued surface storage of radioactive waste at the closed San Onofre nuclear power plant.

26 February 2020

Russia, Spain to cooperate in decommissioning

Russian nuclear fuel manufacturer TVEL has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Spanish engineering firms ENUSA, ENSA and IDOM on cooperation in the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities, as well as in nuclear waste management. Also reported by Urdu Point News

25 February 2020

Indonesian Police: Radioactive Waste Traced to Ex-Nuclear Agency Employee

Investigations into how Caesium-137 was deposited near a housing facility point to a retired nuclear agency employee being the culprit. It’s still unclear when and why the radioactive waste was left at the housing complex.

25 February 2020

How do you find a nuclear waste repository?

How do you find the ideal location for a nuclear waste repository? An interview with Steffen Kanitz, the deputy chairman of BGE, the organisation responsible for finding a suitable location for Germany’s deep geological repository.

Trump’s Nevada play leaves nation’s nuclear waste in limbo

Republican Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who respectively chair the Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee and the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, argue that Trump’s new position may provide a jolt to efforts to move bipartisan legislation that would establish a consent-based process for siting nuclear waste facilities. The law would also create a new federal organisation to manage the material.

25 February 2020

Nuclear waste test drilling finds ‘stable’ rock in Ignace area

The Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) says it is getting consistent results from the borehole test drilling it has been conducting. NWMO has completed 3 of 6 planned boreholes.

25 February 2020

Congresswoman: Science Should Guide Nuclear Storage Decision

A member of New Mexico’s congressional delegation is concerned to ensure that her state does not become the United States’ ‘nuclear waste dumping ground’ by default. Up for re-election, she is aware there are finely balanced arguments on both sides of the debate amongst her constituents.

25 February 2020

South Australia nuclear waste dump could face roadblock in Senate

Federal government plans to establish a radioactive waste facility in South Australia face a Senate roadblock, as Labor delays a decision on whether to support it and local aboriginal people prepare to lobby against the nominated site.

25 February 2020

NRC experts fail to ease concerns over spent fuel

Report on a public meeting at which local concerns about storage of radioactive waste were not allayed.

25 February 2020

Enresa renounces the construction project of the Villar de Cañas nuclear warehouse

Update on the apparent cancellation of Spain’s plans to construct a centralised interim storage facility (ATC) at Villar de Cañas (Cuenca), that now leaves Spain without a spent fuel management plan.

24 February 2020

OPG Committed to Lasting Solutions for Nuclear Waste

Report in Indian media about a Canadian First Nation’s rejection of a low-level radioactive waste facility near Lake Huron.

24 February 2020

New Mexico lawmakers unopposed to high-level nuclear waste storage as House kills memorial

Law that would have stopped Holtec’s planned temporary facility to store higher-activity radioactive waste has ‘fallen’ without a vote being taken.

24 February 2020

We can learn from First Nations’ understanding of rule of law

Interesting perspective on the differing values and priorities between westernised communities and local indigenous peoples on issues such as ‘development’.

23 February 2020

One Side of a Nuclear Waste Fight: Trump. The Other: His Administration.

Further ‘insight’ into the political thinking within and between President Trump’s election team, and his policy officials.

22 February 2020

Two people living in South Tangerang exposed to radioactive waste: Nuclear agency

Two people have tested positive for exposure to Caesium-137, but at low, safe levels that present no danger. However, the individuals will continue to be monitored. Criminal investigation continues into who was responsible for dumping the waste in a residential area. The waste is believed to be from an industrial or medical source, not a nuclear power station.

22 February 2020

Trump’s Nevada play leaves nation’s nuclear waste in limbo

Another analysis of the electoral politics at play, and the impact on radioactive waste management in the US.

21 February 2020

Indigenous group fights on to stop SA dump

The Barngarla people of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula are continuing their court fight to stop the federal government establishing a radioactive waste facility near Kimba.

BiH to meet Third Energy Package requirements through cooperation between all levels of government

In a wide-ranging interview, Bosnia’s new Minister of Foreign Trade & Economic Relations explains why Croatia’s planned low-level radioactive waste facility close to their shared border is “absolutely unacceptable”.

The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site has always been a political football. Trump is the latest president to fumble

An easy-to-read, comprehensive and insightful summary of the political environment in which Yucca Mountain and geological disposal is operating. No quick answers!

21 February 2020

KHNP wins order for feasibility evaluation service of radioactive waste storage in Romania

Korean company wins contract to conduct feasibility study for a radioactive waste storage facility. Also reported by Business Korea

20 February 2020

New Mexico senators block nuclear oversight bill amid proposal to store waste near Carlsbad

New Mexico senators have blocked a proposal to expand the State’s oversight authority on nuclear waste facilities to include high-level waste held at privately-owned facilities. It was argued that such oversight was beyond competence of state officials, and would require additional budget, for which there was no provision in the bill.

DGR Protesters At Bruce County Council

Bruce County has deferred voting on a motion to affirm support for the ongoing site selection process for a deep geological repository (DGR). The decision follows a protest by 40 residents from the Nuclear Tank No Thanks (NTNT) group, which was recently created following news that the Nuclear Waste Management Organization had entered into land agreements with eight local farms. Also reported by Blackburn News, CBC, CTV, Owen Sound Sun Times, Great Lakes Commission

20 February 2020

The power plant of the future could run on nuclear waste

A California-based start-up, Oklo, plans to develop a power plant that can turn nuclear waste into energy. The company have been given a permit to build a test plant at the Idaho National Laboratory, and use radwaste stored there as fuel. Article also looks at other companies’ plans to use radioactive waste as fuel, and some of the concerns. Story also covered by World Nuclear News, Power Magazine, Energy News 24

19 February 2020

With the Fessenheim power plant, the French nuclear industry is taking on the challenge of dismantling

The Age of Decommissioning and safely managing and disposing the nuclear waste we have created — a French perspective.

19 February 2020

Shipments of “highly active” waste to be sent from the UK to Germany

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has announced the start of a programme over the coming years of returning radioactive waste to Germany, in line with contracts and international requirements.

19 February 2020

Searching for a Permanent Storage Solution

Brief overview of global activity in geological disposal as Taiwan searches for solutions to dispose of its own radioactive waste.

19 February 2020

OPG developing alternatives to proposed nuclear waste bunker at bruce power

Meetings with communities throughout March to start discussions about future options.

18 February 2020

Environment protection key consideration when evaluating nuclear waste disposal sites

Protection of the environment, safety and opportunities for communities will be key considerations as part of the evaluation of sites for the disposal of radioactive nuclear waste in the UK — according to Radioactive Waste Management (RWM), the body responsible for delivering a geological disposal facility in Britain, which has published its approach to GDF site evaluation following a public consultation. Also reported by World Nuclear News, In-Cumbria, Times & Star, Whitehaven News

18 February 2020

Indonesian Officials Order Probe into Radioactive Contamination

Confirmation that Caesium-137 waste has been found in a residential area near Jakarta. This type of waste from medical or industrial source, not a nuclear reactor, according to officials investigating the incident. Also covered by Jakarta Post, Jakarta Globe, Mongabay, Eco-Business

18 February 2020

Energy deputy secretary nominee faces heat after contradicting Trump

Concern at the US Energy Department following comments made to a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing by Mark Menezes, who told the panel that the Trump administration is still interested in storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, despite the President’s tweets to the contrary days earlier. Also reported by Las Vegas Review-Journal, Beyond Nuclear

The Magnox transformation

A look at some of the steps being taken in the UK to reduce radioactive waste costs and volumes pending a final repository being available.

80s crash story off the mark

Q&A to respond to statements and comments from critics, and corrections of some of those critic’s assertions of ‘fact’, about the proposed low-level waste facility at Kimba.

Greens to oppose bill to storage nuclear waste at SA farm

Green Party says it will try and bring down the legislation required to proceed with the low-level radioactive waste facility at Kimba. Also reported by AntiNuclear Net

17 February 2020

Ceremony marks construction phase of nuclear waste facility at Winfrith

Construction has started on a new facility for processing low-level radioactive waste — the first new permanent facility to be built at the decommissioned Winfrith nuclear site for 20 years. Also reported by Dorset Echo

17 February 2020

AFRICA: Bamako Convention on Hazardous Wastes 22 years on

Report on the third Conference of the Parties to the Bamako Convention, a treaty that prohibits the import into Africa of any type of hazardous waste but still remains an illusion for most countries on the continent.

17 February 2020

Faslane and Coulport radioactive waste: New framework proposed

Public consultation on proposed changed arrangements to the disposal of naval radioactive waste.

16 February 2020

Delegation should support strong review of pit production

Democrat politicians eager for jobs and investment appear to be turning blind eye to the hampering of effective independent scrutiny of new nuclear facilities.

16 February 2020

Leader needed on waste

Praise for Canadian decision to respect indigenous peoples’ opinion, and not build a low-level radioactive waste facility near Lake Huron. But concern that real problem is failure to develop permanent disposal repository.

15 February 2020

Transforming nuclear waste into wealth

Report on a stakeholder conference looking at radwaste issues to be addressed in a country embarking on nuclear expansion, using German experience of radwaste management as it shuts down nuclear sector.

15 February 2020

Speeding Sea Level Rise Threatens Nuclear Plants

Continued concern that insufficient attention is being given to the safety of interim surface radioactive waste stores to protect them against rising sea level and coastal erosion along England’s eastern shoreline. Report also carried in Eco-Business

UPDATE: Proposed Low-Intermediate Nuclear Waste Dump on Shore of Lake Huron

GLEA celebrates its campaign to stop the proposed repository for low-level radioactive waste near Lake Huron.

14 February 2020

Measured values ​​of the removed access water 2019

Germany’s BGE regularly monitors groundwater in the Asse mine, where some of Germany’s radioactive waste is currently stored. Latest test results for 2019 published. No issues/concerns.

14 February 2020

Trump administration still angling toward Yucca Mountain, Energy exec says

Energy Department tells US House Energy and Commerce subcommittee that it is exploring alternative steps, like temporary storage in private sector facilities, pending finding a permanent disposal solution. Yucca Mountain is still the designated site in law.

14 February 2020

Opportunity for youth, or sacrifice zone? Community reaction to nuclear waste burial plan is mixed

Thoughtful analysis of community debate about whether to host a deep geological repository.

14 February 2020

Dumping On South Australia’s First Nations

Article alleging that government has moved ahead despite unanimous opposition from indigenous peoples and an ongoing legal case. FACTCHECK: legal action was rejected by Courts (but Appeal ongoing, and would stop government plans if successful); local ballot was 2-1 in favour of facility.

14 February 2020

International conference on nuclear waste management at Symbiosis Law School

India hosts international conference on radioactive waste management.

13 February 2020

NY Attorney General Challenges Takeover of Indian Point

Concerns that Holtec International will not be able to keep its promises to decommission more quickly, cheaply and safely.

13 February 2020

The tiny town where Scott Morrison is building a nuclear dump

Continued local opposition to plans and a divided community.

13 February 2020

Kimba nuclear dump laws hit parliament

Legislation introduced to underpin the low-level radioactive waste facility planned for Kimba in South Australia. Also reported by Canberra Times, The Standard, Department of Industry, Queensland Country Life, Eyre Peninsula Tribune

13 February 2020

Bill expanding New Mexico’s nuclear oversight clears Senate committee amid Holtec proposal

A bill that would extend New Mexico’s authority to regulate radioactive waste in the state has passed its first committee stage. New Mexico already has right to oversee government-owned facilities; the legislation would extend this to private sector facilities as well (eg Holtec’s planned temporary storage facility).

Editorial: Use Trump budget as a chance to rethink nuclear waste

Another editorial, this time from South Carolina, urging action rather than leaving radioactive waste in communities which do not want it, and were told it would be taken away.

12 February 2020

In Our View: Nuclear waste requires innovative solutions

Washington state newspaper in editorial worries about implications for removing radioactive waste from their community, saying: “If the federal government designates a different national repository or creates a series of sites for the safe storage of waste, it will fulfil its obligation to Washington and to other states. But if it merely rejects Yucca Mountain while failing to develop alternative proposals, it will be ignoring its duty while sweeping a pressing issue under the rug. Such dereliction of duty has been the approach for far too long from far too many administrations.” Similar editorial in Yakima Herald

12 February 2020

This is behind the search for a repository in Ostprignitz-Ruppin

Article looking at the current German process for identifying a site for their deep geological repository.

12 February 2020

Saugeen Ojibway Nation joins nuclear isotope council

Just days after voting down plans to bury radioactive waste in their territory, the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) has become the first indigenous community joined a national nuclear council. Saugeen leadership says joining the isotope council makes sense, to be involved in the next generation of life-saving isotopes fighting cancer.

Interim nuclear waste bill boosted by Trump budget

While new federal budget proposals do not include funding for Yucca Mountain, there is provision to start a programme exploring temporary storage facilities, like those proposed in New Mexico and West Texas.

12 February 2020

Pitt put in resources role

Keith Pitt replaces Matt Canavan as the new Resources Minister for Australia, and says he is looking forward to engaging with the Kimba community around the development of the Napandee National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

12 February 2020

US think tank: N.Korea continuing nuclear activity

Suspected movement of radioactive waste indicates that N Korea still active in nuclear activity.

11 February 2020

Puentes: Nuclear waste could endanger Great Lakes if storage accident occurs

Concerns still on US side of Great Lakes about Canada’s search for a deep geological repository for higher-level radioactive waste.

11 February 2020


Protesters, including the Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation, continue to fight against the decision to locate a low-level radioactive waste facility in Kimba.

OPG’s plans for a nuclear dump near Lake Huron are dead, now everyone wonders what’s next

Uncertainty and concern in the local community about the continued interim storage of radioactive waste, or potential transport of the waste, now that the proposed repository has been rejected.

10 February 2020

Councillor wants County to continue support of deep geological repository

Despite the Saugeen Ojibway Nation overwhelmingly rejecting a plan to build a repository for low-level radioactive waste, Bruce County Councillor and Mayor of Saugeen Shores Luke Charbonneau says he accepts the decision but still believes a repository is the right way to store radwaste.

10 February 2020

Hanford Will Eventually Resume Waste Shipments to WIPP, Oregon Official Says

It could be nearly a decade before the Department of Energy’s Hanford Site in Washington state ships more radioactive waste to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico.

10 February 2020

Get the Geiger counter! The Scholar Stones Project – review

At the Holden Gallery in Manchester, Russian artist Yelena Popova has collected stones from nuclear power stations and turned them into art – to remind us of how long radioactive waste will last.

10 February 2020

Nuclear waste site near Carlsbad opposed by New Mexico House committee vote

New problems for Holtec International and their proposed temporary storage facility for higher-level radioactive waste.

10 February 2020

Norway taps overseas expertise for waste disposal

The Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) agency has signed cooperation agreements with Finland’s AINS Group and France’s Orano on building a repository for the disposal of radioactive waste. Also reported by ePressi

10 February 2020

Canavan goes: Leaves 10,000-year toxic legacy

Minister who recently made decision on where to site Australia’s low-level radioactive waste facility has resigned, prompting criticism of his decision.

10 February 2020

Necsa thumbs its nose at reporting obligations

South Africa’s troubled nuclear authority receives a sharp review from South Africa’s Auditor General who his concerned at the lack of information available to assess the 2019 annual report and accounts (which have not yet been published).

10 February 2020

No funding for Nevada nuclear waste repository in proposed federal budget

With publication of draft federal budget, conformation of Trump’s tweet re Yucca Mountain.

10 February 2020

Trump Rejects Yucca Mountain Nuke Dump In Bid For Nevada Votes

Nevada does not trust President Trump’s latest ‘flip’ on policy, especially when his initial tweet against Yucca was swiftly followed by a separate announcement that he would shortly be holding an election campaign event in Nevada.

10 February 2020

Dr M: World needs non-polluting renewable energy, Malaysia not ready for nuclear power

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad re-states his concerns about long term management and disposal of radioactive waste, as the basis for his opposition to nuclear power. Story also covered by Malaysiakini, The Edge Markets, New Straits Times

10 February 2020

Bellona’s Russian nuclear project celebrates its 25th anniversary

Bellona’s nuclear project is a tale of how a Norwegian NGO built world community support to help Russia dispose of Soviet naval radioactive waste.

9 February 2020

Rep. Newhouse and Trump at odds after tweets about dangerous nuclear waste disposal

In further reaction/fall-out to Trump’s tweet about Yucca Mountain, local people are concerned about implications for removal of radioactive waste from the Hanford site in Washington state. Also reported by Ripon Advance

Polynesia: MP Moetai Brotherson asks Macron for a “vast project” to withdraw radioactive waste in Mururoa

In an open letter, local representative asks President Macron to remove all radioactive waste left over from the nuclear tests conducted at Mururoa.

8 February 2020

Open day in Wittmar

Germany’s radwaste management organisation holds public demonstration on ‘non-intrusive’ geological assessment.

Towards a Comprehensive Legal Framework for the Safe and Secure Use of Nuclear Technology in Zimbabwe

IAEA experts met with representatives from Zimbabwe’s parliament, attorney general’s office and radiation protection authority to discuss ways of enhancing the country’s national nuclear legislation, consistent with international and national nuclear law and regulatory developments. Including steps Zimbabwe is taking to adhere to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management.

7 February 2020

Sweco wins contract for Forsmark disposal facility design

SKB have awarded Swedish engineering consultancy company Sweco the contract to prepare the detailed design of the planned deep geological repository at Forsmark. Sweco will also supply the detailed design for the extension of the existing repository for low-level radioactive waste (SFR), also at Forsmark. Also reported by Nuclear Engineering International

7 February 2020

Indigenous communities courted as nuclear industry looks for place to put used fuel

Look at the efforts by Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) to build relationships and understanding with local indigenous communities.

Nuclear vessels still languish at Fife dockyard 25 years after pledge against submarine graveyard

Seven nuclear submarines remain, awaiting a solution to the final disposal of radioactive waste.

NRDC: It’s Time to Pursue a Genuine Solution for Nuclear Waste

In response to President Trump’s apparent change of heart over Yucca, the NRDC said: “Congress must now move in a new direction, one based on sound science, the consent of the state and local citizens, and compliance with all environmental laws.”

7 February 2020

Trump takes Yucca Mountain off the table. What’s that mean for San Onofre nuclear waste?

As a key option is apparently removed from the table, questions asked about removal and disposal of radioactive waste at San Onofre.

6 February 2020

Protection of the groundwater must always be guaranteed

Article on how seriously the Swiss take potential contamination of local groundwater by any deep geological repository.

6 February 2020

EU and Iraq complete a project to enhance the capacity of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority

The European Union (EU), together with its Iraqi partners, has successfully implemented a project aimed at supporting the Regulatory Body of Iraq on Radioactive Waste Management, Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and Remediation of Contaminated Sites in accordance with the highest standards of safety and best international practice adopted in the EU.

6 February 2020

Chernobyl shocker as fungi that eats radiation found inside nuclear reactor

First discovered in 1991, a fungus that eats radioactive waste is thriving inside the Chernobyl reactor.

6 February 2020

Spain’s scraps controversial nuclear waste facility

Radioactive waste management in Spain faces upheaval after ecological transition minister Teresa Ribera said plans for a centralised temporary storage facility have “not been well-managed” and will “not easily be revived under any circumstance”.

6 February 2020

Trump, in Reversal, Opposes Nevada Yucca Nuclear Waste Dump

It was expected that Trump Administration would not bid for Yucca funding in this election year — so perhaps a step a tad too far to say Trump has been “converted”, as this story suggests. Story also covered by Reuters, Washington Examiner, MarketWatch, The Public’s Radio, The Hill, KTNV News13, News3LV, KOLO TV News 8, Financial Post, ABC3340, KALB, KNAU, Washington Post, Chronicle Herald, CourtHouse News, Zenith News, Associated Press, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada Independent, Las Vegas Sun, Energy Communities Alliance, Aiken Standard, Yahoo!News, Kallanish Energy, Nuclear Engineering International, Missoula Current, Route Fifty, Nevada Appeal

6 February 2020

Here’s how some of Earth’s most breathtaking landscapes are created by glaciers

Long-term safe disposal of radioactive waste is one of the key issues underpinning the need to better understand the science of glacial erosion. Similar story in Technology Networks

5 February 2020

Radioactive waste is responsibly managed, says Crown corporation

Editorial published in response to inaccuracies in an advertisement published in the Jan. 27 edition of The Hill Times regarding the management of Canada’s radioactive waste, to correct erroneous information “so that Canadians are not unfairly misled”.

5 February 2020

No EU country prepared to deal with nuclear waste – MEP

Coverage in European media of the official launch in Brussels of the ‘World Nuclear Waste Report’. Also covered in Germany by Deutschlandfunk Nova, in Switzerland by NAU, in Austria by KleineZeitung, Volksblatt, in Belgium by Nieuwsblad

Editorial: Saugeen Ojibway Nation have stood firm for our water

Local newspaper grateful for vote by the indigenous people to block a proposed low-level radioactive waste facility.

4 February 2020

Jürgen Trittin on nuclear waste “There is no such thing as a safe repository, only the best possible”

German Ex-Environment Minister on the disposal of Germany’s legacy nuclear waste. No cheerleading for geological disposal, but a pragmatic ‘it’s the least risky’ approach to a complex problem we’d rather not have inherited.

4 February 2020

Miners Finish Shaping New Waste Disposal Panel At Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Milestone reached with completion of a “rough cut,” shaping the next area where radioactive waste will be emplaced 2,150 feet beneath the surface. The rough cut gives the new disposal area, Panel 8, its shape. Each of WIPP’s eight panels consist of seven rooms that are 33 feet wide, 13 feet tall, and 300 feet long — about the length of a football field. Story also covered by Carlsbad Current-Argus

4 February 2020

Govt proposes to Rada fully ban privatization of Energoatom, Ukrenergo, Ukrhydroenergo, MGU

Nuclear bodies will remain in state/public ownership, the Ukrainian government has pledged.

4 February 2020

New legislative caucus to focus on Missouri’s radioactive waste problems

Bipartisan group of lawmakers to help support residents’ efforts to track information and local cleanup efforts of radioactive waste.

4 February 2020

MP opposes plans to dump radioactive waste in Teesside

MP backs his residents who are concerned that plans to create a low-level radioactive waste facility will turn Teesside into a “dumping ground”. Followed up by reader comments in the Northern Echo.

4 February 2020

Kimba Radioactive Waste Management Facility to Create Jobs

The recently announced Kimba Radioactive Waste Management Facility is expected to create 45 jobs and bring in a Aus$31 million Community Development Package for the area.

Advocates welcome Napandee decision

Summary of national and local opinion and reaction after the site decision announcement.

Facility will be a lifeline

Letters from residents in local newspaper both for and against the announced low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia. Similar analysis in The Wire

3 February 2020

Russia eyes raising thousands of radioactive relics from watery Arctic graves

NGO report on Russia’s apparent renewed efforts to clean up the naval radioactive waste lying at the bottom of the Arctic Sea.

WIPP: Infrastructure projects needed to ramp up nuclear waste shipments to Carlsbad

Significant investment in facilities at the plant required if WIPP is to cope with planned increase in shipments it will receive by 2023.

3 February 2020

Creation and operating license granted to new storage facility in Tihange

Approval for a new interim surface storage facility at the Tihange nuclear power plant.

1 February 2020

Nuclear waste facility selection down to two

Further report/update on the reduction to two communities involved in Canada’s search for a site for their deep geological repository for high-level radioactive waste. Also reported in Exchange Monitor

1 February 2020

SA community calls on government to scrap planned nuclear waste dump

Following the announcement of a site for Australia’s low-level radioactive waste facility, after a four-year consultation and local ballot in favour, protestors call on government to cancel project. Also covered by Whyalla News, Blogger Network, Red Flag

1 February 2020

‘We respect…decision,’ OPG says of vote on nuclear dump

Reaction and follow-up to outcome of local ballot, which rejected proposals for a low-level radioactive waste facility near Lake Huron. Although the proposals had been developed over three decades, another site in Ontario will now need to be found. Also covered by Yahoo!Finance, Port Huron Times-Herald, World Nuclear News, Ottawa Citizen, City News Calgary, On-Site Magazine and in USA by Michigan Radio, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Minneapolis Star Tribune, New York Times, Seattle Times, and in India by Republic World

31 January 2020

First Nation votes ‘no’ on nuclear waste storage in Bruce County, Ont.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) will have to start searching for a new host community to house a low-level radioactive waste facility, after members of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) overwhelmingly voted down OPG’s proposal for a facility near Lake Huron. OPG say the decision could delay their plans by 20-30 years. Also reported by Bayshore Broadcasting, Blackburn News, National Post, CityNews1130, TodayVille, Red Deer Advocate, Global News, Castanet, Nuclear Engineering International, Great Lakes Commission, Click Lancashire, Counter Punch, Manitoulin Expositer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and in the USA by Michigan Radio, NBCNews25, Toledo Blade, Michigan House Republicans, WNMU FM, WNKYNews40, Phys.Org, Daily Mail, WILX

Will the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad store nuclear waste until 2052?

Radioactive waste could continue to be buried beneath Carlsbad for another 32 years if the New Mexico Environment Department approves a permit renewal filed for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) by the US Department of Energy. Also reported by Exchange Monitor

31 January 2020

Wrap Up: Energy Dept. Should Increase Underground Lab Research on Nuclear Waste Disposal, Expert Panel Says

A federal panel of experts have published a report calling on the US Department of Energy to expand its use of underground research laboratories to study the geologic disposal of radioactive waste, including establishing facilities in the United States.

31 January 2020

Federal Government chooses Kimba farm Napandee on the Eyre Peninsula for nuclear dump

Australian government announce site for low-level radioactive waste site, after four years of consultation, and a majority community vote in a local ballot, but opposed by aboriginal communities and environmentalists. Also reported locally by Yahoo!News, SBS News, Canberra Times, Bega District News, Easy Branches, Australian Online News, Port Macquarie News, Whyalla News, The Transcontinental, Eyre Peninsula 5CC, Stock Journal, The Saturday Paper and internationally by The Guardian, Daily Mail, News X

31 January 2020

No Request for Yucca Mountain in Next White House Budget: Experts

In election year, no expectation that Trump Administration will push for Yucca funding in next federal budget.

The Art of Fighting a Nuke Dump

Article about the 30th anniversary of a multi-year citizen action prevented the establishment of a nuclear waste facility in their community, and how they achieved their objective.

Canada Nuclear Waste Storage Plan Near Lake Huron Faces Vote

Overview of the debate across the US-Canada border about the different proposed repositories for radioactive waste being planned by Canada in the Great Lakes region.

30 January 2020

Creighton council launches transportation service to Prince Albert

Years after falling out of NWMO’s programme to find a site for a geological repository, a local community still benefitting from a community benefits fund.

30 January 2020

Next phase of Italian nuclear waste shipments to Slovakia begins

The first of 33 scheduled transports to move about 5600 drums of radioactive waste from Italy’s shut down Caorso nuclear power plant to Slovakia for reprocessing. This will reduce the radwaste volume by 90%, with what’s left over being returned to Caorso for on-site interim storage before eventual transfer to a national geological repository. Also reported by Nuclear Engineering International

29 January 2020

March getting underway against planned Nuclear Waste Storage Bunker at Bruce Power

Local protest urging Saugeen Ojibway Nation members to vote “no” on Friday for Ontario Power Generation’s proposed repository for low-level radioactive waste. Also reported by CTV, APTN News, Bloomberg, Bayshore Broadcasting, The Loop

WIPP: North bypass road nears completion, nuclear shipments to cease for maintenance

Reminder to local people about potential traffic disruption this weekend, as new bypass links to existing local road network. Quick summary of need for bypass, to improve road safety around WIPP. Also reported by Washington Times, KUNM, Santa Fe New Mexican, KRWG

29 January 2020

Green Central Asia initiative launched at high-level conference in Berlin

New regional climate change initiative, building on work EU has been doing to help central asian countries manage their legacy radioactive waste issues. Also reported by New Europe

28 January 2020

It’s unanimous – Pickering Nuclear should be immediately dismantled

Pickering City Council has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the Pickering Nuclear Station to be dismantled as “expeditiously as possible” after it is shut down in 2024. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has insisted that the plant should be mothballed for 30 years before dismantlement, an option that may be in OPG’s financial self-interest, but Pickering Council has looked at the many benefits of immediate dismantling and come to a different conclusion about what is best for their community.

Best of both worlds

Report on NWMO’s engineering programme, which “combines international best practice with home-grown innovations”.

28 January 2020

Molecule modification could improve reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel

Scientists in UK claim to have found a way to make the management and disposal of spent nuclear fuel much safer and more efficient in future, by modifying the structure of molecules to remove radioactive materials.

27 January 2020

Nuclear waste storage plans aren’t as safe as we thought, experts warn

Researchers at Ohio State University claim materials used to store radwaste corrode far more quickly than previously thought, potentially making disposal plans unsustainable, as radioactive materials would be released into the environment. The scientists claim more research is required into new materials which could act as barriers to such corrosion. Original paper in Nature Materials magazine. Also reported by NewsWise, SciTechDaily, Daily Mail, Ars Technica, OSU News, Herald Writer, New Atlas, Science Daily, ABC News, Focus Germany, Le Quotidien, Daily Star, Cumbria Trust, The Nation, Future Zone, Exchange Monitor, Science News, Aiken Standard, IFL Science, Fox News, Physics World, The Lantern

27 January 2020

Environmental associations: Nuclear plant would entail significant risks

The Estonian Council of Environmental NGOs (EKO) has said that costs and risks of long-term storage and disposal of radioactive waste is a key factor in their opposition to nuclear new build.

South Bruce sees bright side of hosting Canada’s nuclear waste

Local mayor welcomes the potential geological repository, saying it will be good for local community, and that project commands community support. Also covered by London Free Press

25 January 2020

Bill would create citizens advisory panel on decommissioning nuclear plants

Local state legislation to give communities more say over what happens when a nuclear plant is decommissioned and closed.

24 January 2020

Nuclear waste site one step closer in South Bruce

Enough landowners have agreed to option, lease or sell their land to the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) that there is now an identifiable specific site which could be home to Canada’s geological repository. Also reported by Globe & Mail, Benzinga, Times Colonist, Toronto Star, Carlyle Observer, Net Newsledger, Canadian Mining Journal, World Nuclear News, Daily Commercial News

24 January 2020

Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Trusts Held $64.7B at End of 2018

Decommissioning trust funds for 119 operational and retired nuclear power reactors in the United States together held US$64.7 billion at the end of 2018, according to the latest update from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

23 January 2020

Lawmakers Seek Safeguards On Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

Further local scrutiny and involvement in the decommissioning of Pilgrim power plant would be “unconstitutional” and likely lead to legal action by the new plant owner, Holtec International. The company says this would delay decommissioning and removal of radioactive waste.

Tear-down of San Onofre nuclear plant to begin in February

Operator Southern California Edison has mailed notices to 12,000 residents within a 5-mile radius of the plant on saying it expects to launch “deconstruction” work at end of February. Also reported by World Nuclear News, ABC News10 San Diego, San Diego Union-Tribune

Probe into claims Iran nuclear waste being buried in Sudan

Reporting of allegations in Russian media that the Sudanese government is to investigate claims Iranian nuclear waste is being buried near the city of Omdurman.

22 January 2020

How To Solve Nuclear Energy’s Biggest Problem

Brief analysis of costs and issues associated with radioactive waste disposal, and different approaches being taken by US and UK. Reprinted from original article in OilPrice.Com

Japan makes drastic changes in nuclear power energy industry after Fukushima

Radioactive waste management and disposal remains a problem for Japan.

22 January 2020

Pickering Nuclear Station could operate through 2025

Durham regional council continue to express concern about the environmental impacts of the planned decommissioning of the plant, and how radioactive waste will be stored on site and for how long after the plant’s closure.

22 January 2020

Armenian President meets Chairman of Board of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Davos

Radioactive waste management on agenda during discussions at Davos World Economic Forum.

New Mexico’s nuclear waste oversight to be strengthened by Senate bill amid Holtec proposal

Proposed legislation would extend State’s authority to monitor private sector as well as federal radioactive waste facilities.

Russia Has Once Again Become the Solution to Germany’s Nuclear Problem

Greenpeace are concerned Russia is taking on responsibility for the world’s radioactive waste, citing resumption of recent German shipments of waste to Russia — shipments which another highly-respected environmental NGO, Bellona, have said are in compliance with international law and safety standards.

Potential nuclear spill a cause for concern

Protests planned by outsiders against Kimba’s community decision to host a low-level radioactive waste facility.

20 January 2020

Michael Borrelli: Building the case for proper nuclear waste management

Michael Borrelli of Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) explains why burying radioactive waste makes the most sense, what’s involved in finding the right community in which to build the proposed deep geological repository, and how NWMO has been engaging the public in the site selection process.

Time to bury the radioactive waste issue

Interview with RWM’s Chief Scientist Cherry Tweed on the UK’s geological disposal programme.

20 January 2020

Nuclear waste could be recycled for diamond battery power

As work commences at UK’s Berkeley Power Station to remove radioactive waste from the site as part of its decommissioning programme, a team of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol hope to recycle Carbon-14 directly from the former nuclear power plant’s waste to generate ultra-long-lasting power sources. They have grown a man-made diamond which they say Carbon-14, with a half-life of 5730 years, could turn into a battery that can potentially provide indefinite power. Story reported by Popular Mechanics, Interesting Engineering, Tech Xplore, Futurism, Newsweek, The Independent, Space Daily, Energy World, Nuclear Industry Association

19 January 2020

Analysis: Relations between Bosnia and Croatia after new President Zoran Milanovic

The planned Croatian low-level waste repository on the border with Bosnia is cited as one of the key issues that needs addressing by the new incoming Croatian President.

Ripley & District Horticultural Society – AGM: A look back and a look ahead

Canada’s NWMO supports local Horticultural Society’s cemetery flower beds project.

17 January 2020

Waste Shipments to WIPP Dipped to 292 in 2019

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico received 292 shipments of radioactive waste during 2019, dipping from 311 the year before, according to the Energy Department’s latest published figures.

17 January 2020

Lawmakers oppose Lake Huron high-level nuclear waste storage

Further action by Michigan lawmakers, who have passed a bipartisan resolution calling for the Trump Administration to work with Canada to find a different site for the country’s permanent nuclear waste repository that isn’t next to the drinking water source for 40 million people. Also reported by Michigan Radio, WSJM FM, Michigan House Republicans

17 January 2020

Karen Wheeler CBE announced as new Chief Executive of RWM

Announcement of new CEO for UK public body responsible for delivering the nation’s deep geological repository for higher-activity radioactive waste.

Holtec faces tough questions about Indian Point teardown at first public meeting in Buchanan

Holtec say taxpayers would never be asked to fund any shortfall in the costs of decommissioning, in response to residents’ concerns. Also reported by

GNS wins contract from Taiwan for containers

Taiwan awards German company the contract to develop containers for the transport and interim storage of intermediate and low-level radioactive waste.

16 January 2020

Environment North fights against nuclear waste site

Activist group concerned about shallow interim storage at site of any geological repository — an idea that’s not being even being considered by NWMO currently. Also reported by Kenora Online

Gwede Mantashe vows to fix Necsa amid board members’ exodus

Further resignations at the troubled Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa), as South African govt grapples with history of poor governance and use of funds reserved for longer-term radioactive waste management and other obligations to cover current operational expenditure. Also covered by Times Live, Daily Maverick

Site selection for Croatian low and intermediate level radioactive waste repository

Academics review process and progress for how Croatia (and Slovenia) is planning to dispose of its lower-level radioactive waste.

16 January 2020

Army Corps finishes removing radioactive waste from Tonawanda landfill

Local relief at removal of radioactive waste, but uncertainty when the land can be brought back into productive use by the local community.

15 January 2020

No long-term prospects in Japan for reusing, storing spent MOX fuel

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) concerned that storage of spent MOX fuel in cooling pools over an extended period is potentially dangerous. But failure to get approval for any new radioactive waste storage facilities in Japan means there is nowhere to place the waste, and is creating new risks.

15 January 2020

What Bellona Russia accomplished in 2019

Norwegian NGO reviews their work and successes in supporting Russia’s radioactive waste clean-up in the Arctic region.

15 January 2020

Life after Oyster Creek: nuclear waste piles up in Lacey

Local council wary about long-term implications of hosting radioactive waste in ‘interim’ surface stores once site has been fully decommissioned.

15 January 2020

MP accuses Boris Johnson of being ‘ignorant’ about Port Clarence radioactive waste disposal plans

Teesside MP raises issue of a proposed low-level radioactive waste disposal site in House of Commons.

World’s First Living Robot ‘Xenobot’ That Can Clean Radioactive Waste And Self Heal Is Here

Scientists have created the world’s first living robot using stem cells from frog embryos. These tiny artificial living organisms, xenobots, allegedly can clear radioactive waste or travel in arteries of a patient to remove any plaque. Also covered by Global News, NBC News2, UberGizmo, Dezeen, Manufacturing.Net

15 January 2020

Work begins to remove spent MOX fuel at Ikata nuclear plant in Ehime

Radioactive waste will have to be stored on site in interim surface stores pending Japan developing a geological repository.

14 January 2020

Canada: used nuclear fuel repository plans advance

Report on Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) search for a deep geological repository site.

14 January 2020

Entergy sues feds for not disposing of St. Francisville-produced nuclear waste

Another lawsuit seeking compensation for failure of federal government to have constructed a geological repository that would have allowed radioactive waste to have been removed from the nuclear power plant rather than kept in interim surface storage.

Ignalina reports on decommissioning progress

Interim surface storage facilities for spent fuel operational. Complex for management & storage of solid radioactive waste undergoing final testing. Construction nearing completion of a disposal facility for short-lived very low-level waste, and is due to start operation in 2020. In early 2020, INPP also plans to announce a tender for construction of a repository for low- and medium-activity short-lived radioactive waste.

14 January 2020

Los Alamos County To Challenge EPA MS-4 Ruling

Local authority to challenge ruling by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that appears to transfer obligations and costs for environmental clean-up from EPA to local administration.

14 January 2020

Nuclear waste not wanted: Citizen’s petition

Petition signed by 1100 residents handed into local council, opposing NWMO’s planned deep geological repository. Also reported by Blackburn News

14 January 2020

US nuclear waste dump takes in first large shipment in years

After a 6-year delay, WIPP takes it’s first 25 ton waste package — that’s more than twice the size of a normal package. Also reported by Washington Times, Charlotte Observer, KRWG, Las Alamos Reporter, Carlsbad Current-Argus, KOB News4, KANW, Santa Fe New Mexican, The Journal, World Nuclear News

14 January 2020

Creighton initiative to restart bus service into Sask.

NWMO community funds help restore local bus service important to local community.

13 January 2020

UK develops radwaste management committee’s role

Report on Government’s new ‘framework agreement’ for the independent expert Committee on Radioactive Waste (CoRWM).

Thumb-area state reps to fight Canadian nuclear storage plan

Lengthy media analysis of attempts by US lawmakers to halt construction of repositories for radioactive waste being built on Canadian shores of the Great Lakes.

13 January 2020

Armenia President meets with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

Radioactive waste management on agenda of inter-governmental talks between Armenia and Abu Dhabi.

PG&E nuclear plant closure would cause electric bills to rise

Alliance of local groups claims success in reaching a settlement that will reduce costs and time in removing radioactive waste from the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in California. Also reported by Bloomberg

13 January 2020

US lawmakers from New Mexico hold out on review of nuke plan

Members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation find themselves in an awkward position: they’ve supported bringing more defence-related spending to NM, and have also criticised President Trump’s roll-back of environmental regulations. New proposal to increase plutonium production will generate income locally, but is being done without an environmental assessment. From a report by Associated Press, and also covered by Albuquerque Journal

Expansion of Wolsong used fuel store approved

South Korea’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) has approved construction of additional capacity for the interim storage of used fuel at the Wolsong nuclear power plant, as current storage is nearing full capacity.

10 January 2020

Unused stockpiles of nuclear waste could be more useful than we might think

International research team suggest depleted uranium might be a useful catalyst in converting simple molecules to valuable commodity chemicals, like hydrogenated oils and petrochemicals. Also reported by SciTechDaily, Pakistan Technology Times, The Engineer, Popular Mechanics, Technology Networks, The Argus

10 January 2020

Uranium compound unearths questions on nuclear waste

UK scientific researchers believe more research required on a newly-discovered uranium compound that may impact on stability of radioactive waste in a GDF.

Rising sea levels could turn new Sizewell power station into ‘nuclear island’

Concerns about risks and. costs of storing radioactive waste at Sizewell over the long-term given rising sea levels and increased flood risks.

Rep. Howell fights Canadian plan to store high-level nuclear waste near Lake Huron

Michigan state legislature introduces resolution opposed to Canadian plans for geological disposal repository for radioactive waste on the shores of Lake Huron. Also reported by Brown City Banner

Berkeley-based startup partners with Bechtel for nuclear waste disposal contracts

Deep isolation, a start-up focused on developing a deep bore hole solution to radioactive waste disposal, is seeking new investment in its research programme.

9 January 2020

Reps. Andy Kim, Mike Levin, and Doris Matsui Lead Congressional Letter Opposing Proposed Inspection Cuts to Nuclear Waste Storage

US House of Representatives write to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) questioning proposed cuts to the number of inspections of surface storage facilities for radioactive waste.

8 January 2020

Transporting nuclear wastes across Australia in the age of bushfires

Alarmist analysis of risks of deliberately transporting radioactive waste through the middle of raging bushfires.

7 January 2020

Our nuclear energy option a bad deal

Unaffordable costs, and the risks of safely managing radioactive waste over the long-term, are key reasons why Uganda should not adopt nuclear power according to a citizen advocacy group.

7 January 2020

Japan Changes Fukushima Cleanup

Feature reviewing Japan’s revised plans for the delayed removal of spent fuel and other radioactive wastes from the Fukushima site.

6 January 2020

Academic research group builds skills for future of nuclear decommissioning

Education magazine discusses investment by Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to develop new generation of decommissioning experts.

6 January 2020

Yomiuri: Japan Undecided on Disposal of Radioactive Waste from Old Reactors

Korean media report on lack of plans yet for disposal of radioactive waste in Japan as plants approach decommissioning.

6 January 2020

Waste handling by lab given good grade

Independent assessment of how radioactive waste is prepared at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for permanent disposal generally positive, but still concerns about waste package shipping records that are potentially inaccurate, and a lack of data reporting on waste stream control from its original source.

Gatchalian asks DOE to be more transparent on gov’t plan for use of nuclear power in PH

Chair of the Philippines’ Senate Energy Committee calls for greater transparency of the Government’s nuclear plans, saying such transparency would enhance public confidence in nuclear, and address public concerns about the cost/risk benefits of nuclear and the safe management of radioactive waste.

6 January 2020

Nuclear waste removal begins 30 years after power station closure

Report about the commencement of removing nuclear waste from Berkeley power station, 30 years after it was decommissioned. It was the world’s first commercial power station, but only now is is safe enough to start emptying the ‘vast’ concrete vaults of radioactive waste. Also reported by South Cotswold Gazette, Power Technology

6 January 2020

Your views: on art and Rundle St, Town Hall clock, powerbrokers and nuclear waste

Citizen is “sick and tired” of the continual use of the emotive term ‘nuclear waste dump’, which implies uncontrolled, exposed dumping of nuclear waste, when a. carefully managed and controlled specialised facility is being constructed.

6 January 2020

No nuke waste at Great Lakes

US newspaper editorial opposed to Canada’s siting of geological repositories near the shores of the Great Lakes, which the newspaper claims is too great a risk to take given the environmental importance and value of the Lakes.

4 January 2020

CEO of Atomic Energy Commission feared dead in Kaduna explosion

The man leading the development of a radioactive waste management regime for Nigeria is thought to be amongst those killed by a gas explosion. Also reported by Leadership, PM News

3 January 2020

As 2020 comes a-knocking, whither Malaysia’s nuclear power plan?

Disposal of radioactive waste still a key issue to be resolved before moving ahead with any nuclear programme.

Nuclear waste dumping and Australia’s bushfires – the unmentionable connection

The Australian bushfires show why nuclear facilities should not be built in Australia, according to this activist.

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