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Nuclear dump ballot opens in Hawker

Vote in second potential host community for the low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia starts.

9 November 2019

Planning for the future of the Indian Point workforce: Editorial Spotlight

Report on steps being taken to manage the 1000 workers losing their jobs when nuclear power plant closes in 3 years time.

7 November 2019

Government slammed for creating extra costs for nuclear plant firms

The operators of Switzerland’s nuclear power plants have criticised a change in regulations covering decommissioning and waste disposal funds, which they say will disproportionately increase their costs. Also reported by World Nuclear News

7 November 2019

Japan accused of trying to justify nuclear dump

Greenpeace allege that Japan is lying when it says its radioactive waste stores are reaching capacity and it needs to build more storage, because the Japanese just want to dump the waste into the sea. No evidence supplied to support allegation.

7 November 2019

Council removes ‘support’ for underground nuclear waste storage plan

Copeland Council in Cumbria has ‘softened’ its support for a GDF, to accommodate the concerns of newly-elected councillors.

7 November 2019

More than 60 per cent of Kimba locals support nuclear waste dump in their region

A clear majority of Kimba residents have voted in favour of hosting a low-level radioactive waste facility. The results of a month-long postal ballot confirmed 61.6 per cent of voters were in favour of the facility. The decision is non-binding, and the community of another proposed site, at Hawker, will start their ballot next week. Also reported by Whyalla News, 9News, Eyre Peninsula Tribune, SBS, Port Lincoln Times, Magic899, Newcastle Herald, Illawarra Mercury

6 November 2019

Nuclear power experts meet to debate best ways for plant dismantling

While it continues its search for a geological repository, and decommissions its entire nuclear fleet, Germany wants to remain at the forefront of international discussions and expertise.

How WIPP works: Waste Isolation Pilot Plant workers get to bring their family to the site

Report on a family tour of the US’ only operational deep geological repository, which changed peoples’ minds once they’d seen the facility underground. Also covered by Albuquerque Journal

6 November 2019

Agri-food, energy, nuclear: The deals Macron agreed in China

Joint project for managing radioactive waste one of the agreements reached by French President Macron on a visit to China. Also reported by Reuters, NucNet

6 November 2019

Bill to authorize nuclear waste storage talks withdrawn

Wyoming Republicans withdraw legislation to allow the state to negotiate with federal authorities over potentially hosting radioactive waste facilities. The bill was withdrawn because it is not thought needed. But Democrats and other opponents fear the Republicans are simply taking the issue into the shadows, away from public scrutiny. Also reported by K2Radio, Powell Tribune

5 November 2019

New talk of nuclear storage in Wyo is wrong-headed and rushed

Environmental campaigner from the 1990s explains why they are opposed to Wyoming hosting radioactive waste sites.

5 November 2019

NRG gets approval for near-term waste management plans

The Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group’s (NRG’s) plans for the processing and disposal of radioactive wastes from the Petten research reactor in the Netherlands over the next three years have been approved by the country’s nuclear regulator. However, NRG must submit for approval a revised plan by mid-2022.

5 November 2019

Thirty Years After Sacramento Voted To Shut It Down, Rancho Seco Reinventing Itself While Dealing With Nuclear Past

Fascinating article from California on the long-term environmental impacts (or lack of them) after a nuclear plant closes. Radioactive waste stored on site continues to rankle everyone, but is closely monitored, pending a geological repository being available to take the waste.

5 November 2019

‘Mailbox 200’: Soviet waste dump a landslide away from poisoning millions

Environmentalists claim thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste are one landslide away from contaminating the water supply for the whole Ferghana valley in Kyrgyzstan, home to millions of people. Also carried by EuroNews, Deutsche Welle, Radio Free Europe, Today Online

Hawker hospital upgrades complete

The Aus$110,000 upgrades to the Hawker Memorial Hospital, part of the federal government’s Community Benefit Program for communities considering the site of the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF), have been finished.

4 November 2019

New Mexico lawmakers press Holtec on waste safety

Some members of the New Mexico Legislature’s interim Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Committee remain unconvinced by Holtec International’s storage and transport plans for radioactive waste in a proposed temporary facility. They also feel that New Mexico has a limited role, as the federal government and agencies have all the authority.

4 November 2019

Decision Expected Soon on Deep Geological Repository

A decision on Ontario Power Generate’s (OPG) planned repository for low-level radioactive waste could be made by the end of 2019, once the Saugeen Ojibway Nation have held a vote, expected before the end of the year. However, even if the project gets approval from the first nations community, there are still other regulatory and planning hurdles to go through.

4 November 2019

Dispatch from Zheleznogorsk: How Russia injects radioactive waste into the ground

Concerns about how Russia is injecting liquid radioactive waste into deep geological strata, despite there being no international guidelines and Russian law requiring liquid radwastes to be solidified before geological disposal.

3 November 2019

Voices Of Los Alamos Hears About LANL Waste Management From Steven Singledecker

Radioactive waste disposal was not a key consideration in early decades of nuclear research, but much has changed, with very different safety and environmental standards being applied today. This was a key message at a recent public meeting with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) leadership.

3 November 2019

Gov. Gordon open to nuclear waste storage

Wyoming’s Governor would not oppose, on principle, the state offering to host radioactive waste storage facilities, but he feels there’s other business activities which are better suited for Wyoming. He says he’ll wait to see what the state Legislature finds in its studies of the idea before making a decision. Also reported by San Francisco Chronicle, Sheridan Press, Streetwater Now, Wyoming News

3 November 2019

Exposure Pathway Analysis for a Geological Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste at the Olkiluoto Site

Finland publishes Report on ‘exposure pathways’ — a critical early step in developing a safety case for regulatory approval requires an assessment of potential ‘pathways’ through which radiation may travel from a repository to the surface. An example of what is required in UK and every other country to ensure safe operation of a repository.

3 November 2019

Why should anyone trust LANL on nuclear safety?

Given its history of safety failures, and lack of transparency in making public its errors, local commentator not persuaded by the “trust us” line being promoted by the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

2 November 2019

91 bags of radioactive waste swept into rivers

Japanese Environment Ministry confirms dozens of bags containing radioactive soil being kept in interim surface storage at the Fukushima site were swept into rivers following a powerful typhoon last month. At least 25 of the bags were found empty, meaning that the tainted soil was carried away in floodwaters, but officials added that radiation levels around the sites remain unchanged. They are examining ways to improve the surface storage facilities. Story also covered by Japan Times, International Business Times

Judge declines to stop fuel transfer at San Onofre nuclear plant

Court rejects request from environmental activists to halt the transfer of spent fuel at the San Onofre nuclear plant from wet to dry storage. The Court found the transfer was in compliance with a 2017 settlement agreement that requires “commercially reasonable” efforts be made to move the waste. The judge said: “It is critically important to get this problem solved seasonably and correctly. But the court is persuaded … that enjoining the downloading may very well have the opposite result from the one the petitioners seek.”

1 November 2019

800 local jobs from nuclear waste repository

The final two candidate communities to host Canadian deep geological repository will be known by end 2019 or early 2020, according to the National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO). This info from an update briefing by NWMO to communities on the site selection process.

1 November 2019

Russia resumes importing depleted uranium from Germany, breaching old promises

Russia accused of “illegally” retaining German radioactive waste. Revelations that Urenco have resumed shipments of uranium hexaflouride from Germany to Russia, in breach of a commitment by Russia not to accept such imports, have reignited the debate over whether the substance meets the definition of radioactive waste.

31 October 2019

Surprisingly stable plutonium compound could affect nuclear waste storage

International team of research scientists claim to have discovered a previously unseen plutonium compound that could provide new and crucial information to help scientists better predict the changing properties of radioactive waste over millennia.

Deadline for Kimba nuclear vote approaches

Just under a week remaining until the Kimba community ballot on the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility closes. Voter turnout for the postal ballot has been strong so far, with 84.22 per cent of possible votes already received.

31 October 2019

Inside secret underground tunnels storing nuclear waste for 100,000 years

Yet another report on the Finnish geological disposal repository.

UN agency submits evaluation of PHL’s readiness for nuclear

The Philippines needs to engage with a wider stakeholder base if it is to successfully introduce nuclear power, according to an IAEA report. The issues related to long-term storage and disposal of radioactive waste is a key block to public support for new nuclear.

31 October 2019

Way clear for geological disposal planning, British regulators say

British regulators see no fundamental issues that would prevent Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) from developing “a fully scoped safety case in the future” for a geological disposal facility (GDF), but have identified a number of areas that RWM will need to improve when it does. Also reported by NucNet

31 October 2019

IAEA Mission Recognizes Latvia’s Commitment to Safety, Sees Areas for Enhancement

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said Latvia is committed to strengthening its regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety. The team also noted areas for further enhancement, including the development of a national waste management policy.

31 October 2019

Kazakhstan Looks To U.S. To Help Launch New Nuclear Waste Repository

As old facilities for storing low and medium-level radioactive waste begin to reach capacity, Kazakhstan seeks assistance to build a new storage facility. Kazakhstan will need to eventually construct a deep geological repository, but currently has no programme.

Farmers, traditional owners and ratepayers unite in anti-nuclear rally

Coalition of local anti-nuclear groups rally against the federal government’s plan for a national nuclear storage facility in their communities, as local communities hold a ballot on whether to host the facility.

30 October 2019

Microrobots clean up radioactive waste

Scientists claim to have found a way to remove radioactive isotopes, both from wastewater generated by nuclear power plants, and from the environment in case of a spill. Also reported by The Register, SciTech Daily, American Chemistry Society, Asgardia, Nano Magazine, Mashable India, Nanorobots

30 October 2019

Nuclear Waste Is A Global Threat In Today’s World

An article littered with inaccuracies, misinterpretations and misunderstandings about radioactive waste. Driven by concern about creating more, new waste, but misrepresenting how legacy waste is being managed safely.

Marshalls mulls legal action against US over nuclear waste leak

The Marshall Islands is exploring legal action against the US over an allegedly “leaking” interim surface store for radioactive waste. According to a new report from the Marshall Islands Nuclear Commission, more than 99 percent of the Runit Dome’s waste has seeped into the atoll’s lagoon. Also additional supplementary coverage by Radio New Zealand

29 October 2019

Korean, Finnish waste organisations agree cooperation

The Korea Radioactive Waste Agency (KORAD) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Finnish waste management company Posiva to exchange technology and know-how related to the disposal of high-level radioactive wastes.

29 October 2019

WIPP Underground Tours Draw 350 Employees And Family Members

Report on two ‘family day’ underground visits to the WIPP repository.

29 October 2019

Shire of Leonora deputy president says no thanks to foreign nuclear waste pitch

Small Western Australia community of Leonora says it’s not interested in hosting a global deep geological repository for radioactive waste.

28 October 2019

Flashpoint: The plan to dump nuclear waste in Western Australia

Australian TV panel debate about whether Western Australia should host a global repository to dispose of the world’s radioactive waste. Not a new debate, and little new light shed on the issues, just a polarised/polarising discussion — and yet what to do with our nuclear waste remains one of the key intergenerational issues around the world that needs addressing.

28 October 2019

Nuclear waste burial decision expected by end of 2019

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) committed to not build Canada’s first permanent low-level radioactive waste facility without first obtaining consent of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON). SON says they will hold a binding vote of their roughly 5,000 members in mid-December. Even if SON give approval, there are still regulatory, planning and other approvals to be secured before construction can begin.

28 October 2019

How Japan still struggles with the Fukushima nuclear waste

When Typhoon Hagibis swept across Japan recently, it exposed the limitations of interim surface storage for radioactive waste. Many bags of waste were found swept away in the local river. Leaving such waste on the surface is a health and environmental risk.

28 October 2019

Legislators to review nuclear waste storage plan

Despite economic doubts and numerous remaining hurdles, Wyoming state lawmakers continue to move forward with discussions to potentially hosting a temporary nuclear waste storage facility. With Yucca Mountain stalled, and proposals tabled for temporary radioactive waste storage facilities in New Mexico and Texas, Republican state lawmakers want to examine the risk-benefit ratio. Also covered by Big Horn Radio Network

28 October 2019

Caithness councillor discusses nuclear decommissioning impact on visit to Japan

A Caithness councillor has visited Japan to discuss the impact of nuclear decommissioning on communities.

28 October 2019

Test drilling ramps up for nuclear waste storage near Ignace

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is drilling new boreholes near Ignace, as it continues the search for a suitable site for a deep geological repository. NWMO plans a total of six boreholes, and has started work on all of them. Also reported by World Nuclear News

28 October 2019

Urenco: Dutch depleted uranium goes to Borssele, not to Russia

Dutch radioactive waste stores only hold Dutch waste, and no Dutch waste is exported to Russia, has been confirmed by Urenco, after the company was alleged to be in breach of the law by anti-nuclear organisation Laka. This story arises from a separate issue relating to Urenco’s sending of nuclear material to Russia from Germany for reprocessing.

28 October 2019

Japanese team discovers that water on Mars was once ‘as salty as ramen soup’

Techniques used in research into geological disposal of radioactive waste have been used by Japanese scientists to assess mineral content of water on ancient Mars over 3 billion years ago. Also reported by Nippon

26 October 2019

Decommissioning Test: NorthStar Uses Vermont Yankee As Launch Pad For Other Power Plant Jobs

Report on the decommissioning specialists who’ve bought the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in order to decrease time and costs of decommissioning and removal of radioactive waste. They are very conscious of doing a good job at Yankee in order to get further contracts.

26 October 2019

‘The most divisive thing’: two small towns brace for a vote on nuclear waste

Fairly comprehensive analysis of the impact on communities deciding whether to host a radioactive waste facility — this piece in UK’s ‘Guardian’ about the proposed low-level radwaste facility in South Australia.

26 October 2019

Nuclear waste management site testing update

Local media update on Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) programme of borehole drilling to assess the geology of a potential site for a deep geological repository.

26 October 2019


Locals recognise that interim surface stores are not viable long-term and that radioactive waste needs to be disposed of geologically.

25 October 2019

Japan interested in developing cooperation with Armenia, PM Abe tells President Sarkissian in Tokyo

Armenian President mentions importance of cooperation with Japan on safe management of nuclear waste in seismically unstable regions during meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Abe.

Argonne scientists say they’ve developed a better way to deal with nuclear waste—thanks to 3-D printers

Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory claim to be able to increase proportion of radioactive waste than can be recycled using 3-D printing.

25 October 2019

Belarusian specialists study spent nuclear fuel management at Ukrainian power plant

Report on visit by Belarussian radioactive waste specialists to learn from Ukrainian counterparts.

25 October 2019

COVRA keeps nuclear waste research secret from NGOs

Environmental group sue Dutch radioactive waste management agency COVRA for alleged “secret” research programme

Farmers, traditional owners and ratepayers unite in anti-nuclear rally

Protests in opposition to the proposed low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia.

Deputy Opposition leader slams federal government’s nuclear waste site selection process

Opposition politician criticises site selection process for the proposed low-level radioactive facility in South Australia, but offers no alternative, while admitting “there is a need for something to be done” about the radioactive waste.

IAEA Reviews Progress of Ghana’s Nuclear Infrastructure Development

While noting good progress, IAEA says Ghana still needs to do more preparatory work on radioactive waste management and citizen engagement as it evaluates whether to build a nuclear power plant.

23 October 2019

There was a promise to close the project. Promises Must Be Fulfilled

Russian officials provide an explanation to European environmental organisation Bellona for the transports that have worried Greenpeace (see below), stating it falls within international accords and is a common practice around the world.

23 October 2019

Russia Is Importing Toxic Nuclear Waste From Germany, Greenpeace Warns

Greenpeace Russia claims European company Urenco is sending radioactive waste to Russia, and warns against Russia becoming the dumping ground for the world’s nuclear waste. Urenco and Russian authorities say transports are in accordance with international law, and Greenpeace is being misleading. Also reported by Radio Free Europe, Crime Russia, Deutsche Welle, Communal News

23 October 2019

Shutdown of nuke plant has a surprising stinging consequence

A rise in stinging jellyfish has been reported by environmentalists monitoring impacts of closure of Oyster Creek nuclear power plant. Marine life seems to be returning to how it was before the plant opened 50 years ago — though not all those changes are welcome locally.

23 October 2019

More objections to nuclear waste plans, but firm says ‘dumping ground’ views are ‘regrettable’

Local councils remain concerned about a proposed low-level radioactive waste facility on Teesside. Company making application say worries are unfounded, as IAEA international protocols make clear the waste is safe for landfill disposal.

23 October 2019

NGOs in Ukraine: Change in nuclear regulator’s subordination contradicts international norms

Ukrainian NGOs concerned that their country is in breach of the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management, because, they allege, the nuclear Regulatory body is no longer “independent” following a recent decision to make it responsible to the Energy & Environmental Protection Ministry.

23 October 2019

The Apocalyptic Visions of Ariana Reines

Review of efforts being made by artists and others to mark the site of the radioactive waste repository at WIPP for future generations.

Tapestries and Radiation: the EHC visits COVRA

Thoughtful, independent, secular review of the issues in the Netherlands relating to storing and disposing of radioactive waste, following a public visit to the radwaste management facility in Holland.

23 October 2019

The most radioactive state

Excellent, enjoyable analysis of the US’ radwaste situation — but actually relevant for every country: can’t leave it where it is, can’t find anyone to take it, no short-term political upside to push the issue, but a long-term need to sort out perhaps currently our worst legacy to future generations.

23 October 2019

Negative advice on temporary nuclear waste storage at Tihange

Walloon municipalities and regional government are opposed to a planned new interim radioactive waste storage facility at the Tihange nuclear power plant. The new interim storage facility is required because existing Belgian stores are reaching capacity.

23 October 2019

Ukraine, Japan discuss possibilities for deepening economic, investment cooperation between countries

Ukraine and Japan praise value of their co-operation in nuclear issues, including radioactive waste management and environmental clean-up.

22 October 2019


Greenpeace joins local residents’ campaign concerned that a new road project will expose buried radioactive waste — local residents have no trust in Government officials and the reporting of radiation levels/risks. Reported also by Daily Express, The Independent

22 October 2019

All Pueblo Council of Governors opposes largest nuclear waste transport campaign in nation’s history

The All Pueblo Council of Governors, representing the collective voice of the member 20 sovereign Pueblo nations of New Mexico and Texas, have adopted a resolution expressing opposition to the two proposed interim radioactive waste storage facilities in New Mexico and West Texas. Concerns from the Council include the lack of federal tribal consultation regarding determination of transport routes and availability of resources, training, and infrastructure for tribal emergency preparedness and response. Also reported by New Mexico Political Report, Carlsbad Current-Argus, Intercontinental Cry

Perry’s Odd Definition of Progress on Nuclear Waste

NRDC take issue with US Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s resignation assertion that he’s made more “progress” with tackling radioactive waste and environmental clean-up than any predecessor.

22 October 2019

Swedish regulator gives go-ahead to expand nuclear waste plant

Sweden proceeds with expansion of its low-level radioactive waste repository — at same site as planned deep geological repository for higher activity radioactive wastes.

22 October 2019

‘It’s a very big issue’: Kamala Harris says nuclear waste policy demands local input

Local consent and decision-making is critical for successful nuclear waste storage and related policy, according to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris.

22 October 2019

Resident objects to proposed DGR for used nuclear fuel in Huron-Kinloss

Concerned resident sets out reasons why she’s opposed to the deep geological repository (DGR) in her community.

21 October 2019

WIPP’s New Volume Calculation Significantly Enhances Disposal Levels, Group Says

Local advocacy group complains that a change in volume calculations will lead to more radioactive wast being disposed of at WIPP — err, that is the point of the change!

NSRPA Has Insufficient Funds To Execute Duties In Sierra Leone

The Executive Secretary of Sierra Leone’s National Safety and Radiation Protection Agency (NSRPA) pleads for sufficient budget for it to meet its legal obligations for regulating nuclear safety, nuclear security, and radioactive waste management.

19 October 2019

Week’s balance: Foreign lenders upgrade Ukraine economy outlook, exports to EU rise, while Rada adopted the 2020 budget in the first reading

In a weekly summary of parliamentary activity, records that Ukrainian Parliament approved a law harmonising national radioactive waste management legislation with international requirements, and introduces a new classification system for radioactive waste during its disposal.

18 October 2019

Local candidates sound off on proposed waste facility for Chalk River

Local candidates for the federal elections interviewed on their opinion on the proposed low-level radioactive waste facility — opinion spans the spectrum.

18 October 2019

NorthStar: Vermont Yankee demolition ahead of schedule

New owners of the closed Yankee power plant have said decommissioning and removal of radioactive waste is ahead of schedule. The task expected to take about 6 years and cost US$500m rather than the decades and US$2bn+ that the previous operators said it would take. Owners also in discussion with community about which buildings could be saved as community assets, subject to radiological safety. Also reported by Bennington Banner, Commons News

18 October 2019

Blank Cheque For A Bad Plan: Canberra’s Nuclear Waste Problem Council Is South Australia’s Nightmare

Article critical of process for selecting a site for the national low-level radioactive waste facility.

Coastal Commission OKs permit to dismantle the San Onofre nuclear plant

In face of vocal opposition from some local groups, the Coastal Commission unanimously approved the decommissioning plans for San Onofre. However, the Commission’s chair felt “a little bit outraged” they had been left with little option given the federal government’s failure to provide a permanent geological repository. Decision also reported by Court House News, ABC News10 San Diego, Orange County Register, KPBS, SCV News, World Nuclear News, Forbes, San Clemente Times, Capistrano Dispatch

17 October 2019

UK designates radwaste disposal policy

UK government designates a National Policy Statement (NPS) for Geological Disposal Infrastructure. The NPS sets out the need for infrastructure related to the geological disposal of higher activity radioactive waste, and provides a planning guidance framework. Government also published the associated Assessment of Sustainability (AoS) and Habitats & Regulation Assessment (HRA).

16 October 2019

No Maine Yankee spent fuel removal plans in sight; security matters reported

Local media review of community meeting at which complexities and uncertainties of radioactive waste disposal were discussed.

16 October 2019

NWMO donates to Lucknow Community Health Centre

The National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) donation has allowed health centre to reach its goal of $150,000 for new medical equipment, technology and furnishings.

15 October 2019

Typhoon response dominates diet debate

Japan’s Parliament discusses Government response to recent typhoon, and questions why more was not done to protect radioactive waste at the Fukushima plant, as a number of waste packages were found in a nearby river. Officials say packages were undamaged and no risk to environment or public. Story also covered by Epoch Times, RT, Hankyoreh

15 October 2019

Bill seeks to revamp Pilgrim nuclear advisory panel

State lawmakers seek to improve citizen representation and community oversight of shuttered nuclear power plant.

Interview: Nuclear research and the quest for scientific equity in Ghana

In wide ranging interview, looking at history of the nuclear sector in Ghana since the 1950s, leading Ghanaian nuclear scientist says safe management and transport of radioactive waste remains a key challenge for Ghana’s nuclear programme.

15 October 2019

Nuclear waste? These microbes might help with the cleanup

US and French scientists examining ability of a particular bacterium to “soak up” radioactivity from nuclear waste.

15 October 2019

Slovenia’s Nuclear Plans Leave its Neighbours Uneasy

Although unable to agree a radioactive waste repository for legacy radioactive waste with Croatia, Slovenia still pressing ahead with plans for a new nuclear reactor.

15 October 2019

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen slams Augean North Port Clarence nuclear plans

Local mayor opposes plans for a low-level radioactive waste facility. Media story erroneously compares this proposal with the site search for a geological disposal repository for higher-level radioactive waste. Story also covered by Teesside Gazette

15 October 2019

Russia to take Rooppur nuke plant waste

Bangladeshi Government approve a new radioactive waste management plan, that includes creation of a new organisation to manage radwaste. Bangladeshis also restate that Russia will take back radioactive wastes of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant and dispose of it in their country. Also reported by BDNews24, Business Standard, The Independent, Energy Bangla, Dhaka Tribune

14 October 2019

Safer nuke shipments? Critics split on whether tech has cut nuclear transportation risk

Those opposed to nuclear regularly cite transportation as a risk, but the General Accounting Office, the independent, nonpartisan arm of Congress that examines how taxpayer money is spent, “has no concerns that casks and rail cars can be built to an acceptably high safety standard,” but “getting societal acceptance of train loads of that stuff going from all these places is a bigger challenge.” Also reported by Associated Press, NBC News5 Dallas, NBC MyNews4, Phys.Org, Sacramento Bee, Washington Post, The Spectrum, The Inquirer, CNBC TV18, Las Vegas Sun, NBC News4 Washington and internationally by Japan Times

14 October 2019

Buried nuclear waste stays dangerous for a million years — here’s how scientists plan to stop a future disaster

Lengthy article explores issues behind geological disposal.

14 October 2019

Using Glass for Nuclear Waste Vitrification

Technology business magazine looks at developments in “vitrifying” radioactive waste — ie turning it into a glass for safer long-term storage and disposal.

Advancing international co-operation on radioactive waste disposal

Policymakers from fifteen countries meet in Paris at the first Roundtable for International Co‑operation in Final Disposal of High‑level Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel.

13 October 2019                                               Common Space (UK)

#SNP19: Delegates condemn MoD pollution and call on UK Government to start ‘cleaning up its messes’

In a resolution passed without opposition at its annual conference, the Scottish Nationalist Party demands that the UK Government commit to a full audit of the environmental impact of the Ministry of Defence, following decades of dumping of hazardous materials around the Scottish coastline.

13 October 2019                                               SciTechDaily

Six Degrees of Nuclear Separation: 3D Printed Parts Help Recycle Nuclear Waste

Research scientists believe they can further reduce the amount of radioactive waste that needs disposal, saying: “Rather than store five percent for hundreds of thousands of years, the remaining three percent needs to be stored at a maximum of about one thousand years,” Story also covered by Tech Radar

11 October 2019                                               World Nuclear News

UK chief nuclear inspector issues performance report

In his first annual report, new Chief Inspector Mark Foy, notes “notable progress in the industry’s management of the nation’s historic nuclear legacy” in a generally positive review of the sector’s performance.

11 October 2019                                               Times Record (USA)

Maine Yankee to issue update on Wiscasset nuclear waste

The Maine Yankee Community Advisory Panel on Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage is to update Wiscasset residents on the status of the radioactive waste stored at the former Maine Yankee power plant site. The federal government was contractually obligated to remove the radioactive waste by 1998 after the plant was decommissioned in 1996. The advisory panel advocates for the removal of the spent nuclear fuel to a safe location outside New England. Also covered by Sun Journal

11 October 2019                                               SciTech Europa

Safe storage for nuclear energy waste

Report on a new research project to gain deeper insight and knowledge into the permeability of the clay barriers used in radioactive waste repositories. Also reported by EurekAlert

11 October 2019                                               Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

A New Model for Improving Infrastructure in Energy Communities – Following DOD’s Lead

Group which represents local governments hosting nuclear facilities advocates for enhanced community involvement in decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

10 October 2019                                               Illinois News Bureau (USA)

Artists consider nuclear industry’s legacy in Krannert Art Museum exhibition

An exhibition opening at Krannert Art Museum this month seeks to make visible the long-term impact of the nuclear industry, particularly issues surrounding radioactive waste.

10 October 2019                                              Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (UK)

Radioactive waste management in the spotlight

The NDA joins forces with the Nuclear Institute for the Integrated Waste Management Conference 2019, attracting industry leaders and experts from across the globe at the largest event of its kind in Europe. Reported in local media, the NW Evening Mail, Times & Star, Whitehaven News

9 October 2019                                               Natural Resources Defense Council (USA)

It’s Time to Bury These Nuclear Waste Talking Points

NRDC set out their view that finding a geological disposal site now depends on restoring trust and requiring local consent, and that this is best achieved by using existing federal environmental legislation and regulation to manage radioactive waste.

9 October 2019                                               Politics Home (UK)

Bim Afolami MP: Nuclear energy is part of an essential mix

Audience at fringe event at Conservative Party conference are told “nuclear waste is not a massive problem, yet the waste product from fossil fuels is killing the world.”

9 October 2019                                               San Diego Union-Tribune (USA)

Plaintiffs ask judge to enforce terms of 2017 settlement of San Onofre lawsuit

Environmental activists who settled a lawsuit against the California Coastal Commission and Southern California Edison after the utility agreed to make “commercially reasonable” efforts to relocate millions of pounds of nuclear waste are now asking a judge to enforce the deal, alleging that insufficient efforts have been made to find alternative arrangements for storing radioactive waste. Also covered by Los Angeles Times. Further reporting by OB Rag, Coast News

9 October 2019                                               Modern Ghana

Ghanaians Must Not Be So Foolhardy As To Venture To Build Nuclear Power Plants

Government has not yet explained what it plans to do with radioactive waste, and public concerns that Ghana not equipped to cope with issues that still trouble and confound wealthier countries.

9 October 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA Mission Says Germany Committed to Safe, Responsible Waste Management, Sees Areas for Further Enhancement

Germany currently does not have an operating radioactive waste disposal facility. The independent expert IAEA team noted that the planned completion of the site selection process for a high-level radioactive waste by 2031 represented a significant challenge, alongside the “significant challenge” of retrieving radioactive waste from the Asse II mine. The IAEA team’s recommendations include Germany making public how it will apply site selection criteria for the geological disposal facility.

8 October 2019                                               Court House News Service (USA)

Regulatory Process Could Intensify Debate Over Nuclear Waste in Texas

Update on Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) consideration of amending federal rules to allow a temporary storage facility for higher-level radioactive waste to be built in West Texas. Current Texas Governor opposed to the idea.

8 October 2019                                               Popular Science

How to send messages 10,000 years into the future

Warnings about deep-buried radioactive waste one of the examples cited of how humans are leaving messages on Earth, and beyond our planet.

8 October 2019                                               The Examiner (USA)

Red Flags Raised Over Radioactive Waste at Indian Point Plants

Residents support idea of a publicly-funded Community Panel to oversee decommissioning, amid concerns about Holtec International and its plans for radioactive waste removal.

8 October 2019                                               Business World (Philippines)

Revival of nuclear energy program faces uphill battle

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, chairman of the Senate’s Energy committee, says Philippine laws are inadequate for the development of nuclear power, noting that there are no laws regulating nuclear energy, including proper disposal of nuclear waste. Also reported by UNTV, The Inquirer. Supplementary story by CNN Philippines

8 October 2019                                               The Transcontinental (Australia)

Federal government announces $4 million funding program for communities in radioactive waste debate

A new benefit program has been announced for the two communities at the centre of the radioactive waste facility debate. The Government says new funding is a response to community feedback and reflects the delays in the site selection process. The funding is not dependant on the results of the upcoming ballots about whether to host the facility. Also covered by Eyre Peninsula Tribune, Whyalla News

8 October 2019                                               Morning Star (UK)

The case for nuclear power has never been stronger

British Trades Unions make case for pressing ahead with geological disposal of radioactive waste, in wider article arguing case for nuclear’s role as part of low-carbon energy future.

7 October 2019                                               UN News

Ramp up nuclear power to beat climate change, says UN nuclear chief

Public concerns about radioactive waste are key issue to be addressed to improve public sentiment towards new nuclear, according to acting Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), speaking at first-ever International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power. Also reported by Power Engineering International, European Sting

7 October 2019                                              Global NewsWire (Sweden)

Deficit for Swedish central government in September 2019

Lower tax receipts, and lower contributions to the Nuclear Waste Fund cited as the two main factors in Sweden’s raised national debt.

7 October 2019                                               Radio New Zealand (Marshall Islands)

US govt to fund study of Marshall Islands nuclear dome water

The US government has announced US$1.6 million in funding to investigate the water surrounding a radioactive dome in the Marshall Islands. The Runit Dome on Enewetak Atoll was built to contain nuclear waste after US nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific in the 1940s and ’50s. But local officials say the dome is leaking into lagoon water. The money will fund a radiochemical analysis of the water surrounding the crater, and an engineering survey of the structure. Also reported by Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Star, Metro, Herald Publicist

7 October 2019                                               The Thaiger (Thailand)

Nakhon Nayok nuclear reactor project is opposed by locals

Environmentalists concerned there has been too little transparency and stakeholder engagement in decision to build new reactor, and that there are no plans for radioactive waste storage or disposal.

7 October 2019                                               Las Vegas Sun (USA)

State official lists old, new reasons why Yucca Mountain should not be licensed

Executive director for Nevada’s Agency for Nuclear Projects, Bob Halstead, does a Q&A interview on why Nevada should oppose Yucca Mountain repository.

6 October 2019                                               The Times (UK)

Defence ministry in line of fire for weapons pollution

Scottish National Party (SNP) claims Scotland is a dumping ground for radioactive waste and calls for audit to show full extent of damage.

5 October 2019                                               Tap into Barnegat/Waretown (USA)

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Hears Citizens Request for Advisory Board

NRC official says residents across the country don’t all necessarily feel there’s a need for citizen advisory boards in the decommissioning process. However, that’s not the case with residents in Southern Ocean County, New Jersey, who “absolutely” want a Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) mandated by the federal government.

5 October 2019                                               Power Technology (Lithuania)

Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning

Review of the decommissioning of Lithuania’s Ignalina nuclear power station, and disposal of its radioactive waste.

4 October 2019                                               Owen Sound Sun Times (Canada)

Huron-Bruce candidates share views in Port Elgin

The site selection process for Canada’s deep geological repository is an issue for local candidates in Canada’s parliamentary election. The incumbent MP believes the process has been fair and transparent, other candidates disagree.

4 October 2019                                               Durango Herald (USA)

Western governors: States not consulted about nuclear waste

Western governors say they are disappointed that the states’ nuclear waste experts were not consulted before release of the draft five-year strategic plan for WIPP, and that plan could have benefited with contributions from the states concerning transportation and safety. Also reported by the Lewiston Tribune, KUNM, KANW, Minneapolis Star Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Federal News Network, Carlsbad Current-Argus, and internationally by Daily Mail, The Columbian

4 October 2019                                               Le Monde De L’Energie (France)

Nuclear waste: signature of a territorial project around the storage center

Agreement signed between nuclear sector and 10 local authorities to develop long-term economic and community development projects in region around the proposed geological repository at Bure.

4 October 2019                                               Brattleboro Reformer (USA)

Nuclear waste awareness tour begins

Further coverage of the Citizens Awareness Network tour, highlighting radioactive waste disposal issues, to raise public awareness. Also reported by Wicked Local

4 October 2019                                               Idaho Mountain Express (USA)

INL cleanup nears major milestone

Idaho’s Attorney General, who’s led the campaign to remove radioactive waste from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), is “encouraged” by the progress made despite there now being a backlog of waste ready to be transported to WIPP.

4 October 2019                                               American Council on Science & Health

Nuclear Power Is The Only Realistic Option, So We Need A Good Waste Plan

Argues that much of the public believes transport and storage of radioactive waste is unsafe. Both fears are unfounded. However, a clear and actionable plan for geological disposal is required.

3 October 2019                                               American Council on Science & Health

Can Nuclear Waste Be Safely Transported?

Lengthy analysis of safety protocols enforced on radioactive waste containers and transportation. Notes that despite understandable public fears, globally many hundreds of thousands of transports of millions of tons of radioactive waste have occurred without incident.

3 October 2019                                               Vermont Public Radio (USA)

Vernon Business Owner Wants To Purchase Vermont Yankee Property

Local construction business wants to become involved in decommissioning process to ensure land and property at the nuclear site is left in best state possible for subsequent commercial use, to provide local jobs and generate local taxes.

3 October 2019                                               San Clemente Times (USA)

Edison, Holtec Call on Court to Dismiss Public Watchdogs’ Lawsuit

Attorneys representing Southern California Edison and its contractor believe Public Watchdogs’ lawsuit against the San Onofre power plant operator should be dismissed because the group’s members haven’t suffered any harm or injury as a result of exposure to radioactive material from the power plant.

3 October 2019                                               News.AM (Armenia)

Hakob Vardanyan receives delegation of representatives of US Department of Energy

US support for Armenia’s radioactive waste management programme under discussion during US officials’ visit to Armenia.

3 October 2019                                               Exchange Monitor (USA)

NRC Puts Very Low-Level Waste Scoping Study on Hold

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has suspended work on a study of potential regulatory updates for disposal of very low-level radioactive waste (VLLW) while it considers other approaches.

3 October 2019                                               Asbury Park Press (USA)

Murphy panel ordered to ensure Oyster Creek decommissioning won’t be dangerous

Responding to requests from environmentalists and concerned community members, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has announced the creation of a safety advisory panel to oversee the decommissioning of Oyster Creek nuclear power plant. The panel will enhance existing oversight to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provide assurances to the public that the proper protocols for the decommissioning are in place. The Governor added that: “Providing the public with an opportunity to participate in the robust public input process is critical to ensuring transparency during the decommissioning process.” Story also reported by The Sandpaper

2 October 2019                                               Press & Journal (USA)

Farewell to Three Mile Island … now what comes next?: Editorial

Local newspaper reviews impact of closure on local economy and community, saying that speeded-up decommissioning and removal of radioactive waste would help sustain jobs and local tax revenues rather than mothballing the waste and keeping it on site. Summarises that: “For all the controversy, it [TMI} certainly benefitted this area much more than it did harm.”

2 October 2019                                               Total Croatia News

Minister: Radioactive Waste Storage Facility in Čerkezovac at Highest Environment Standards

Croatian Government dismisses Bosnian concerns, saying that any radioactive waste facility will be built to exacting international standards.

2 October 2019                                               Del Mar Times (USA)

Del Mar asks for stricter regulation for disposing nuclear waste at San Onofre

Del Mar City Council are asking the California state Legislature and governor to address their concerns over the safe handling and storage of radioactive waste at the closed San Onofre plant.

1 October 2019                                               Morning Consult (Puerto Rico)

Nuclear Advocates Receive DOE Funding for Exploratory Study on Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s independent energy regulator has concerns about radioactive waste management, as the island considers whether nuclear is the least-disagreeable long-term option for power generation. Also covered by World Nuclear News, Caribbean Business

1 October 2019                                               Total Croatia News (Croatia/Slovenia)

No Consensus Yet on Storage of Krško Nuclear Waste

Slovenia and Croatia still cannot agree on terms for a shared radioactive waste facility near to the nuclear power plant they share in Krsko, Slovenia. Story also reported by Slovenian news agency STA

1 October 2019                                               Voice of OC (USA)

Mosko: Public at Risk, Scandals at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Activist concerned that Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Southern California Edison do . not have public safety as their priority as they continue removing spent nuclear waste from cooling pools and loading into dry storage at the closed San Onofre nuclear power plant.

1 October 2019                                               The Transcontinental (Australia)

Flinders Ranges Council confirms ballot dates for waste facility

As Kimba residents vote in their community ballot on whether to host a low-level radioactive waste facility, the other community, Flinders, announces their ballot will be held between November 11 — December 12. Also covered by The Islander

1 October 2019                                               Eurasia Review (USA/Romania)

Romania And US Agree To Nuclear Cooperation

Radioactive waste management a key element of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between US and Romania.

1 October 2019                                               Teesside Live (UK)

Plans revealed to bring radioactive waste to Teesside for landfill disposal

Public consultation on proposal to bring low-level radioactive waste, classified by the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) as the type of waste that needs “minimal isolation” and is “suitable for disposal in landfill”, to a facility in Teesside.

30 September 2019                                               Mercury News (USA)

Are 3-mile-deep boreholes the long-term answer for nuclear waste stalemate?

In depth assessment of the options for actual action to dispose of higher-level radioactive waste, rather than political dithering. Also carried by Orange County Register

30 September 2019                                               Exchange Monitor (USA/Canada)

Dingell Keeps Up Fight Against Canadian Rad Waste Repository

US Representative Debbie Dingell of Michigan says she is continuing her legislative efforts against a proposed Canadian deep geologic repository for low-level radioactive waste planned to be built about near Lake Huron in Ontario.

30 September 2019                                               Greenfield Recorder (USA)

Nuclear Waste Tour stopping in Greenfield

The Citizens Awareness Network organising a High-Level Nuclear Waste Tour in New England in protest at what the group believes to be the federal government and nuclear industry’s failure to appropriately deal with radioactive waste. The purpose is to educate people about temporarily storing waste on site, while waiting for a more permanent solution for waste disposal. The activists believe that nuclear waste should only be moved once, rather than multiple times, and that the waste is too dangerous to be held on site — there needs to be a permanent solution. Activity also covered by Cape Cod Times

27 September 2019                                               Oberlin Review (USA)

Ishikawa Employs Dangerous Nuclear Narratives

Resolving lack of waste disposal infrastructure critical to considering nuclear as part of low-carbon energy future, according to this opinion piece.

27 September 2019                                               Balkan Insight (Bosnia/Croatia)

Bosnians Protest Over Mooted Croatian Nuclear Waste Site

Hundreds of Bosnians marched in protest against plans by neighbouring Croatia to build a low-level radioactive waste facility near its border with Bosnia. The protesters in the northwestern Bosnian town of Novi Grad are worried that the waste facility would endanger the lives of around 250,000 people living in the area. Story reported by Radio Free Europe, and in US by Chicago Tribune, Business Recorder, and in Canada by Vancouver City News

27 September 2019                                               9News (Australia)

Nuclear waste dump ballot to proceed in SA

A ballot of the Kimba community, in South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, will begin next week as the local council seeks to gauge support for the construction of a low-level radioactive waste facility. The vote comes after the Federal Court again rejected an injunction bid by the Barngarla people to stop it going ahead, pending an appeal hearing next year. Story also covered by Whyalla News

26 September 2019                                               KUSI News (USA)

Removing nuclear waste at San Onofre nuclear power plant

Local TV news update report on resumption of work at San Onofre.

26 September 2019                                               Boston Globe (USA)

Mass. AG Healey sues federal nuclear regulators over Plymouth plant transfer

Massachusetts Attorney General sues Nuclear Regulatory Commission over sale of Pilgrim Power Plant to Holtec International. Action welcomed by Plymouth Wicked

26 September 2019                                               Milwaukee National Public Radio (USA)

Activist Urges More Monitoring Of Wisconsin Nuclear Power Plant That’s Shut Down

Report on latest local public meeting as Nuclear Regulatory Commission consult on how best to involve communities in decommissioning decision-making process.

26 September 2019                                               Breakthrough Institute (USA)

Beyond Yucca Mountain

Ecological think tank proposes consent-based decentralised approach to radwaste disposal, describing the failure to develop a politically acceptable approach to radioactive waste management as a climate change issue too.

26 September 2019                                               Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

House subcommittee approves Yucca Mountain bill

Bipartisan bill would allow preparatory “infrastructure activities” at Yucca Mountain. But House and Senate have not included funds in this year’s budgets. The House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on environment and climate change Chairman Frank Pallone, a New Jersey Democrat, said communities “across the country are expressing frustration” as nuclear power plants close and there are no permanent facilities to remove spent fuel or dispose of the radioactive waste. Also reported by Energy Communities Alliance, Ripon Advance, Energy News Network, Bloomberg

26 September 2019                                               Birmingham University (UK)

Birmingham hosts waste management workshop with Chinese nuclear regulators

Sino-British workshop on radioactive waste management and disposal.

26 September 2019                                               Associated Press (USA)

Holtec prepping to build nuclear waste storage facility

Holtec International has reached an agreement with a construction trades group as it pushes for approval to build a multibillion-dollar facility for temporarily storing spent nuclear fuel from commercial reactors around the US. Holtec announced the agreement with the New Mexico Building and Construction Trades Council, which establishes a framework for cooperation between labour groups and management. Also reported in Durango Herald, KRQE, Carlsbad Current-Argus

26 September 2019                                               The Ecologist (UK)

Nuclear power and disappearing coastlines

Leading climate change academic makes clear that surface interim radioactive storage facilities are not safe long-term solutions.

26 September 2019                                               Balkan Insight (Bosnia/Croatia/Slovenia)

On Bosnia-Croatia Border, Fears of Nuclear Waste

Further, detailed analysis of how on either side of the Bosnian-Croatian border, residents live in fear of an imminent decision between Croatia and Slovenia about where to dispose of their low-level radioactive waste.

25 September 2019                                               Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: 500 shipments from Idaho National Laboratory since reopening after 2014 incident

Deliveries of radioactive waste for disposal continue to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) as the facility marked the 500th shipment from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) since WIPP reopened after a three-year closure due to a 2014 incident. Also reported by Los Alamos Daily Post

25 September 2019                                               Yahoo! News (UK)

Nuclear waste is piling up – governments need to stop dithering and take action

Sheffield University professor Claire Corkhill sets out case for geological disposal in UK. Article originally printed in The Conversation, Phys.Org, EconoTimes, Military Times

24 September 2019                                               Greenpeace (France)

Nuclear waste: reality in pictures

As the French public debate on radioactive waste management draws to an end, Greenpeace “unveil” images showing “the reality” of nuclear waste accumulating in the four corners of France. Story also covered by France Bleu, France Nature Environnement

23 September 2019                                               NucNet

Finland Repository / Foundation Stone Laid For Posiva’s Encapsulation Plant At Olkiluoto

Finland’s nuclear waste management company Posiva has announced it’s laid the foundation stone for the encapsulation plant at its planned final deep geologic disposal facility. Also reported by World Nuclear News

23 September 2019                                               Albuquerque Journal (USA)

NM coalition optimistic on nuke waste storage plan

Community group in favour of proposed temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico expect a decision in about 18 months.

23 September 2019                                               Business Korea

S. Korean Gov’t to Revamps Nuclear Power Export Strategy

Strategic shift from building new reactors to the massive decommissioning and radioactive waste management market.

23 September 2019                                               Daily Star (UK)

Nuclear dome haemorrhaging radioactive waste into the ocean holds secret message

British tabloid claims workers who built the now-leaking interim radioactive waste store in the Marshall Islands, placed and buried a single-finger salute for future generations to find. Also reported by The Sun, Daily Mail

22 September 2019                                               Los Angeles Times

Internal reports contradict regulators’ public findings over spent fuel at San Onofre

Local concerns that canister “scratches” may impair performance of packages designed to hold radioactive waste for decades, despite regulator acceptance that the marks were superficial and did not affect performance of the canisters. Also reported by San Diego Union-Tribune. But in Orange County Register, operator and regulator claim activists are misrepresenting and/or misinterpreting facts.

21 September 2019                                               Taos News (USA)

Opinion: Demand transparency, accountability from LANL

Residents want to see plans and environmental impact assessments for proposed increased uranium mining at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, that will create more radioactive waste.

21 September 2019                                               Saudi Gazette (UAE/France)

ENEC and Andra to collaborate on radioactive waste management

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (Andra) to support development of a strategy for long-term management and disposal of radioactive waste. Also reported by Middle East Construction News, Utilities Middle East, World Nuclear News

21 September 2019                                               KUNR (USA)

In Idaho,Three Mile Island Nuclear Waste Gets Rent Extension

Radioactive waste from the Three Mile Island nuclear accident could remain in Idaho for another 20 years. Waste from the incident has been stored at the Idaho National Laboratory since the 1980s. The US Energy had committed to removing the waste by 2035. However, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s has now extended the license beyond the 2035 deadline.

20 September 2019                                               Reuters

Exelon to close Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania on Friday

The last reactor at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant closed at noon on Friday 20 September. Also reported locally by Penn Live, WITF, CBS News21, nationally by USA Today, and internationally by Daily Mail, France24, World Nuclear News

20 September 2019                                               Sarajavo Times (Bosnia)

BiH’s Foreign Minister believes the Country has strong Arguments against Croatia’s Plan to build Nuclear Waste Disposal

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak believes that they have strong arguments and detailed explanations against Croatia’s intention to dispose of low-level radioactive waste on the border with BiH.

20 September 2019                                               Forbes Magazine

This Is Why We Don’t Shoot Earth’s Garbage Into The Sun

Detailed explanation of why shooting radioactive waste into space and into the sun is a non-starter of an idea.

19 September 2019                                               Coast News (USA)

Council calling on state to address SONGS, nuclear storage

City Council approves a resolution calling on the Californian state legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom to address the concerns regarding the safe handling and storage of nuclear waste at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).

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