<b>Communities</b> - The Government claims that communities are at the heart of their policy.  GDFWatch’s mission is to ensure that is true. <b>Economic Case for Geological Disposal</b> - The lifecycle of a GDF is expected to provide stable economic activity and well-paid jobs for over 150 years.  <b>About GDFWatch</b> - A not-for-profit citizen organisation founded to help ensure an informed public debate and public oversight of the Government's plans. <b>Environmental Case for Geological Disposal</b> - Protecting us and future generations by placing radioactive waste out of harm's way. <b>Ethical Case for Geological Disposal</b> - Not leaving our grandchildren the waste our grandparents left us.


"This issue ... goes to the core of who we are as a society, our morality and our maturity."

One of the least known but most pressing public issues of our time, is sorting out the radioactive waste our society has accumulated, which will remain dangerous for many hundreds of thousands of years. There is an overwhelming ethical, environmental and economic case for the geological disposal of that waste. But this is an emotive, as well as complex, issue -- GDFWatch is here to help individuals and communities understand and participate in the debate.


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