What is the ‘Consent-based’ approach?

This is the ‘magic’ part of the Government’s plans.  It is believed to be a unique and original approach in the UK to siting infrastructure.  It empowers ordinary people to actively participate and shape the process and decisions made, and leaves the final decision on whether to proceed to the construction phase to local people.

The ‘consent-based’ principle is also the most vulnerable element of the process, and one which GDFWatch seeks to protect and nurture, by supporting communities through the process and holding Government and RWM to account.

The consent-based approach is built upon the experience of other countries, and the internationally-adopted model, that a GDF site must be selected on the basis of a ‘willing community’ before any other considerations, ie a GDF can’t be built unless that community gives expressed prior approval.

The details of how communities should be defined, engaged, represented, and how community funds should be distributed are currently the subject of a public consultation in England/UK and separately in Wales.  We urge you to participate in this consultation, as a first step to shaping this process.