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18 November 2020

Initial stage starts to bury nuclear waste in Hokkaido

First-stage surveys have begun in two municipalities to see whether their locations are suited to hosting a final disposal facility for high-level radioactive waste. The Nuclear Waste Management Organisation of Japan (NUMO) has started ‘literature surveys’ in the town of Suttsu and the village of Kamoenai in Hokkaido, marking the first time such surveys have ever been conducted in Japan. Also reported by Japan Times

17 November 2020

WIPP Numbers Perk Up for October, Still Way Down for 2020

Covid-crisis continues to have impact on shipments to WIPP, but slight up-tick in past month.

17 November 2020

Canada to modernise and integrate nuclear waste management policy

The Canadian government has launched an engagement process to “modernise” the country’s radioactive waste policy, and has asked the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) to lead a dialogue to develop an integrated strategy for Canada’s radioactive waste. Also reported by Yahoo!Finance, Canada Newswire, Oil & Gas 360, Mirage News

16 November 2020

Doctors call for an open independent review of nuclear waste production and disposal

The Medical Association for Prevention of War is calling for an open independent review of nuclear waste production and disposal in Australia, to create a careful evidence based long term best practice plan.

16 November 2020

U.S. nuclear power industry group sees reprocessing as potential waste fix

Head of the Nuclear Energy Institute says that reprocessing of nuclear waste, a technique not practiced in the United States for decades because of proliferation and cost concerns, could help address a growing waste management problem building up at nuclear plants across the country.

16 November 2020

Why Does Abbott Really Oppose West Texas Nuclear Waste Site?

Further analysis of Texas Governor’s opposition to proposed temporary radwaste store in West Texas, suggesting his motives may not be ‘environmental’ but more because of oil and gas interests.

16 November 2020

Community Liaison Committee hosts president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility

The Community Liaison Committee (CLC) is a group of local people who believe that South Bruce’s citizens can only decide something as important as the deep geological repository when all of the facts are made available. Each month, the CLC welcomes educational presentations at their meetings. “It was great to see the CLC invite someone to speak who was not from the NWMO” said one campaigner about the presentation given by the President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.

15 November 2020

Decommissioning panel set to review earlier stand on interim waste storage

Should Vermont take a stand on a national proposal to create a temporary radioactive waste storage facility in either Texas or New Mexico, in hopes of moving the tons of high-level radioactive waste currently being stored on the grounds of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant?

14 November 2020

Relief in Kimba, that Labor and crossbench Senators want a fair process on nuclear wastes

Update on events in Australian federal Parliament by anti-nuclear campaigners, who believe the site selection process for the low-level radwaste repository was not fair.

14 November 2020

Experts: Nuclear waste storage a concern for Southwest

Some nuclear waste experts are urging members of US Congress, and the public, to oppose any proposals to transport higher-activity radioactive waste from surface storage at nuclear power plants to underground temporary storage or disposal sites.

14 November 2020

NM should embrace nuclear role

New Mexico has been storing radwaste at WIPP for the last 21 years and has posed little to no risk based on experience. The same cannot be said for oil and gas industries. Case put that New Mexico should reconsider opposition to the proposed siting of radwaste storage and disposal facilities.

A Look at Communities Affected by Federal Nuclear Waste

Podcast in which the Energy Communities Alliance, that represents US municipalities hosting radioactive waste stores, discuss the challenges facing communities where radwaste is currently stored and the prospects for disposal of that waste disposal.

Bruce County Public Library offers 3D printing with donation from NWMO

A donation from the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) has helped Bruce County Public Library purchase an 3D printer. The library hopes that this will make specialised technology more accessible to local people.

12 November 2020

How Could Nano-Diamond Batteries Revolutionize Power Generation?

Article looks at the development, commercialisation, and application of novel nano-diamond batteries, made from radwaste.

12 November 2020

National Radioactive Waste Management Facility

The proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility is a vital piece of national infrastructure, which will support the ongoing development of our nuclear medicine and research industries, according to the Australian government.

12 November 2020

Senate dumps on government’s radioactive waste plan

With One Nation now joining Labor, the Greens and others on the Senate crossbench the Australian government appears to lack the numbers in the Senate to advance the plan. One Nation confirmed it will not support the bill because the government’s bill removes the right of affected communities to legally contest the siting decision.

12 November 2020

Cabinet approves new draft presidential orders on nuclear industry

Rwandan Government approves Rwanda’s accession to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management, the first global treaty to address radioactive waste management.

Abbott asks NRC to deny application for Andrews nuclear waste site

Update on Texas Governor’s opposition to a planned temporary storage facility for higher-level radioactive waste.

One Nation oppose nuclear dump

The Australian government’s plans to pass legislation for a radwaste facility at Kimba are under threat after One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson reveals she will not support the proposal. Same story runs in Armidale Express, The Senior, Whyalla News

11 November 2020

Nuclear waste — Texas may not be the solution

Scientist says Texas Governor’s safety and terrorist concerns about the proposed temporary radwaste facility in West Texas are all misplaced, but there should be concern that Nuclear regulatory Commission may not have taken account of increasing seismic activity in the area, and for assuming that there will be an operational permanent disposal facility within 60 years.

10 November 2020

CNL completes removal of Canadian legacy waste

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) has completed the excavation and transfer of historic low-level radioactive waste away from the Lake Ontario shoreline to a new long-term waste management facility. The waste removal marks a milestone for the Port Hope Area Initiative. Also reported by Globe Newswire

10 November 2020

Researcher Developing Novel System For Nuclear Waste Repositories

Texas A&M University awarded US Government grant to work on a new engineered barrier for radioactive waste, a material reinforced by inorganic microfibers. Also reported by Science Blog

NWMO’s Chief Engineer shares details on surface facilities for repository with South Bruce CLC

Derek Wilson, Chief Engineer and Vice-President of Contract Management at the NWMO, spoke to at the November meeting of the South Bruce Community Liaison Committee (CLC) about the surface facilities at the repository site. Story also reported in Gananoque Reporter

9 November 2020

Japan to resume accepting nuclear waste from UK

Japan is making arrangements to resume accepting shipments of highly radioactive nuclear waste from spent fuel reprocessed in Britain, the first of which is expected in FY 2021/2022.

9 November 2020

Uncertainty over Kimba nuclear waste dump as farmers go to Canberra to oppose it

A group of Kimba farmers and community members travelled to Canberra this week to meet with the Labor Party, The Greens and cross-bench Senators “to put a face to those directly impacted by the proposed legislation to name Kimba as the site for Australia’s radioactive waste dump”. Also reported by Eyre Peninsula Tribune

9 November 2020

Nuclear problem: After CZK 1.8 billion and 23 years, still no Czech nuclear waste site

The Czech Radioactive Waste Repository Authority (SURAO) has spent more than 1.8 billion crowns on the preparation of a nuclear waste repository, but after 23 years it is still not clear where it will be located, according a Supreme Audit Office (NKU) report.

9 November 2020

In desperate search of disposal sites for its nuclear waste, Japan offers poisonous grants to two small villages

Article emphasising the sense of powerlessness felt by some residents in the two communities which have initially come forward to think about whether to host a deep geological repository.

8 November 2020

Tourism disrupts life on Orchid Island

Despite historic concerns that the illegal storing of radioactive waste on Orchid Island would impact on its reputation and affect other sectors of economic activity, the flood of visitors to the island over the summer has caused other problems for the islanders, their natural environment and way of life.

7 November 2020

Ignace Public School Students Face Hands-On Challenge

Project helps local schoolchilren understand the science behind packaging of radioactive waste and its final disposal in a deep geological repository. Also reported by Dryden Now

Estonia establishes national working group for nuclear energy

Report in Saudia Arabian media says the radioactive waste storage facility to be built in Estonia for decommissioning of former Soviet-era training reactors will not be suitable for the storage of nuclear fuel, and that long term management and disposal of radwaste a key concern as Estonia evaluates whether to commission new nuclear power plants.

Private, centralized storage for spent nuclear fuel: A dead end or path forward?

Former senior Energy Department official argues that the new US Congress needs to address the issues of radwaste storage and disposal, as the current 40-year old policy is no longer working, and a new approach is required.

ANSTO announces world-first radioactive waste treatment system

ANSTO has announced a world-first innovation – a fully automated, industrial-scale compacting system suitable for treating radioactive waste. ANSTO said its Synroc technology was a cost-effective, low-risk way to reduce the volume of waste and make it suitable for long-term storage and eventual disposal. Synroc converts waste into a rock-like form that locks up the radioactive elements. The technology will be used to treat Australian radioactive waste from the production of nuclear medicines, and can be adopted overseas to treat larger volumes of radioactive waste.

6 November 2020

Expert worries about burying nuclear waste

Dr. Gordon Edwards, Professor of Science and Human Affairs at Concordia University, and currently the President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility believes burying radwaste is convenient for the industry and for society, but that it doesn’t solve any of the problems. Also reported by Strathroy Age-Dispatch

6 November 2020

The key to a dynamic economy

Former local MP, and Sellafield’s Head of Corporate Affairs, explains why local policy must be informed by local people and needs.

6 November 2020

Gov. Abbott Asks Trump for Help with Nuclear Waste in West Texas

Texas Government writes to President Trump concerned that if radioactive waste is stored underground in West Texas, this could affect the wider oil industry, given the potential reserves available in the area. Also reported by Carlsbad Current-Argus, Roswell Daily Record

5 November 2020

Overall research programme and work programme for 2020-2025

COVRA, Holland’s radioactive waste management agency, outline their 5-year plan towards geological disposal of the nation’s radwaste.

Consortium’s nuclear waste dump proposals fail to meet IAEA standards

Concerns that Canadian National Energy Alliance’s proposals to dispose of radioactive wastes in a giant landfill beside the Ottawa River, and two concrete “entombments” of old, still-radioactive nuclear reactors beside the Winnipeg and Ottawa rivers, are in breach of International Atomic Energy Agency regulations.

5 November 2020

Bruce County defers vote to support the science behind a nuclear waste bunker

Bruce County Council deferred a vote on a motion to accept the proposed Deep Geologic Repository as a matter of settled science. The move was welcomed by the “no DGR South Bruce” group, who told the council that the motion was premature when the science isn’t settled on the proposed repository. Also reported by CTV, Owen Sound Sun Times, St Thomas Times Journal, Kingston Whig-Standard. The mayor’s response to the decision, reported in Blackburn News

5 November 2020

Divisive campaign on South Australian facility highlights urgent need for long term nuclear waste management plan

Lengthy critique of the proposal to build a repository for low-level radwaste in South Australia, repeating concerns that the site has been selected for ‘political’ and ‘racist’ reasons rather than based on science.

4 November 2020

Brockton council discusses several contentious issues

Local campaign group Protect Our Waterways gave a presentation to the council on why there were opposed to the proposed deep geological repository. Also reported by Yahoo!News

4 November 2020

Controversial casters arrive at Biblis

Shipment of processed radwaste being returned to Germany from UK, arrived without incident or the anticipated protests. Also announced by UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

4 November 2020

Updated guidance for radioactive waste

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) has released its updated Guide for Classification of Radioactive Waste. Most radwaste comes from the nuclear medicines and technologies that are used widely in Australia to support cancer treatment and medical diagnosis, as well as in scientific and industrial applications.

4 November 2020

Copeland reconsiders radioactive waste disposal site

First UK community starts process of considering whether to potentially host a geological disposal facility for the nation’s high-level radioactive waste. Story also covered by Daily Telegraph, New Scientist, News & Star, NW Evening Mail, Whitehaven News, Cumbria Crack, Dumfries & Galloway News, Unite the Union, Prospect, RWM, Radiation Free Lakeland, Trading U, Copeland Borough Council, NucNet, Nuclear Industry Association, LocalGov, Waste360, Get Into Nuclear, Energy Live News, Barlow GeoSafety, IGD-TP, Cumbria Trust. And was even reported as far away as Pakistan in Technology Times

4 November 2020

Report pinpoints uncertainties over French nuclear waste management

French-language version of the World Nuclear Waste Report published. The Report was originally published in February 2020 in English and German, and notes that geological disposal is the ‘least worst’ disposal solution for high-level radioactive waste. Also reported by Le Monde

3 November 2020

Croatia should amend rules on fair trial, package travel rights, air quality – EC

Croatia criticised by EU on several issues, including failing to adopt a national programme for radioactive waste management compliant with EU requirements.

3 November 2020

When does Castor transport to Biblis run?

Radwaste being returned to Germany has been unloaded from a ship in preparation for its train journey to its final destination.

3 November 2020

Pitt confident ahead of Senate battle

Federal Resources Minister Keith Pitt remains confident the federal government can get their legislation for the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) through the upper house when the Senate resumes its deliberations.

WIPP: DOE getting closer to new contractor at Carlsbad Field Office

US Energy Department issues tender seeking bids for a new 5-year management contract with an estimated maximum value of US$100 million, and would replace the current contracty held by Northwind Portage, which is due to expire in December.

3 November 2020

7th National Report under the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management

Slovenia published its report on compliance with International Atomic Energy Agency obligations to safely store and manage radioactive waste.

IAEA Advances Project to Address Challenges Facing Global Nuclear Decommissioning Efforts

A two-year project to catalogue and analyse the status of, and major challenges faced by, nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste programmes worldwide. Story also reported by World Nuclear News

3 November 2020


Short radio piece looking at Australia’s radwaste problems, stemming from country’s nuclear research reactors and rapidly expanding nuclear medicine export business, which produces radioisotopes for medical diagnosis, some treatments, scientific and industrial purposes.

2 November 2020

Roller transport ship approaching Germany

Update on transport of processed radwaste returning to Germany from UK. Protests expected upon arrival. Reported internationally by Associated Press, ABC News, San Francisco Chronicle, Star Tribune, Pledge Times, Outlook India

2 November 2020

‘Confidence’ boost seen for possible nuke waste site

Further reporting on NWMO’s acquisition of 1500 acres of land in South Bruce area.

2 November 2020

DGR plans cause unrest in Bruce County

Article reviewing community debate around potential siting of Canada’s deep geological repository.

31 October 2020

Joint convention on the safety of spent fuel management and on the safety of radioactive waste management. National Report of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the Seventh Review Meeting

Campaign group publish Dutch national report to EU on radwaste management.

31 October 2020

Plutonium: How Nuclear Power’s Dream Fuel Became a Nightmare

Academics say security, risk of terrorism, and other issues means countries need to stop producing more, and should dispose of plutonium, rather than storing it hoping there’ll be a financial basis for its re-use as nuclear fuel.

31 October 2020

Bahrain mulls capital punishment for nuke waste handling

Bahraini parliament to consider a draft bill that proposes a potential death penalty for anyone found guilty of importing, burying, storing or disposing of radioactive waste without appropriate authority.

30 October 2020

Anti-nuclear waste signs vandalized in South Bruce

It appears someone took a chainsaw to anti-nuclear waste signs near Teeswater this week. The yellow signs have been placed around the area to protest against a proposed repository. The issue has divided the community, but the vandalism has been condemned by both sides of the community debate. Also reported by St Thomas Times-Journal, Owen Sound Sun Times, Stony Plain Reporter, Yahoo!News

30 October 2020

Letter to residents: An update on progress with land owners in South Bruce

Open letter from NWMO to local residents carried by several local newspapers, eg Kingston Whig-Standard, St Thomas Times-Journal

30 October 2020

Critic Cautions New Mexico Lawmakers on ‘Forever WIPP’

The Department of Energy’s underground disposal site for defense-related transuranic waste is succumbing to mission creep, a critic of the agency told the New Mexico Legislature’s Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Committee last week.

30 October 2020

Finnish know-how to support implementing safe disposal of radioactive waste in Bulgaria

Finland’s decades-long experience in the management of high-level radioactive waste was shared with a range of Bulgarian stakeholders at an online national cooperative workshop. Also reported by Nuclear Engineering International

South Bruce endorses list of principles to guide site selection process

Having put out draft ‘principles’ for public consultation, local council voted to support amended list of principles. Notable changes to the list of principles following public input, relate to the topics of ‘willingness’ and Indigenous relationships. With regards ‘willingness’, there was significant feedback that asked for the following in particular – a voting process, a clearer definition of willingness, and the need to be independent of NWMO in that process.

30 October 2020

October infringements package: key decisions

The EU Commission sending letters of formal notice to Austria, Croatia and Italy for failing to adopt a national programme for radioactive waste management compliant with the requirements of the Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Directive.

30 October 2020

U.S. corporations profiting from major Canadian nuclear liability

Concern about value for money for Canadian taxpayer, of contracting out radwaste management to US-based consortia.

29 October 2020

Gatete highlights Rwanda’s nuclear industry priorities

Rwandan Government Minister, responding to criticisms, says there are radwaste solutions and ways to manage radwaste safely, and that nuclear technology is important for Rwanda’s health and agricultural sectors, as well as energy needs.

29 October 2020

Subcontractor sues WIPP for $32 million in canceled work

A subcontractor that had its contract terminated at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, is suing for US$32 million claiming contract failures were due to gross mismanagement of the major construction project at the radwaste disposal site. Also reported by Albuquerque Journal, KOB News4, San Francisco Chronicle, US News & World Report

29 October 2020

The impacts of poorly managed medical waste disposal on human health

A look at how medical wastes, including radioactive wastes, are managed, and the risks if an error occurs.

28 October 2020

Belarus presents report on managing spent nuclear fuel, radioactive waste in IAEA

Belarus submits its 7th national report to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on how it’s fulfilling the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management.

28 October 2020

Feds Find No Safety Concerns at Decommissioning Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant

A Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspection of the shuttered Oyster Creek nuclear plant found no significant safety issues. The facility is currently being decommissioned by new owners, Holtec International.

Shipment of high level waste from the UK to Germany – October 2020

As previously announced, the UK will be returning high level waste to Germany. The first of three planned shipments left Sellafield yesterday. The waste results from the reprocessing and recycling of spent nuclear fuel at the Sellafield site in West Cumbria, which had previously been used to produce electricity by utilities in Germany. Covered by local media, NW Evening Mail, in-Cumbria, and also reported in German media by NDR

Nuclear waste management in a warming world

Nuclear power may have an important role in addressing climate change, but progress has to be made on social acceptance for radioactive waste disposal — a look at the issues worldwide.

27 October 2020

First Shipments Of DOE-EM Transuranic Waste From LANL’s RANT Facility Head To WIPP

The first two shipments of transuranic waste from the Radioassay and Nondestructive Testing (RANT) facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) have been completed. Also reported by Carlsbad Current-Argus

Sweden’s seventh national report on the implementation of the obligations of the Joint Convention

The seventh report on Sweden’s implementation of the obligations of the Joint Convention on the safety of spent fuel management and on the safety of radioactive waste management has been officially submitted to the IAEA.

27 October 2020

Bruce County to vote on the science behind a possible South Bruce Nuclear Fuel Bunker

A motion before Bruce County Council next week asks for councillors to support the concept of a deep geological repository (DGR) as a matter of settled science. However, a local group opposed to the plan to store radioactive waste in a repository carved out of rock deep underground says the vote is premature.

27 October 2020

Labor aims to amend the Nuclear Waste Bill, removing Napandee as the stipulated dump site

Opposition Party, Labor, has decided move an amendment to the legislation in the Senate that will remove the section of the Bill that nominates the site at Napandee, near Kimba, as the location of the national radioactive waste management facility.

27 October 2020

Minister to meet with Kimba community

Minister for Resources, Keith Pitt, will visit Kimba next week to meet with the local community and other stakeholders in regards to the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

Germany To Remain Key IAEA Member After Nuclear Power Exit, Director General Grossi Says

Even as the country is shutting down its nuclear power plants, Germany is continuing to support the IAEA’s mission, and is praised for its efforts and progress in decommissioning nuclear plants and managing radwaste.

26 October 2020

OPG opens centre to support sustainable decommissioning

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has officially opened its Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability (CCNS) Innovation and Collaboration Space in Pickering, designed to integrate collaboration and research, and strengthen Ontario’s supply chain for nuclear decommissioning.

26 October 2020

EU vice president Timmermans warns of nuclear cost and waste problem

Radioactive waste is one of the “serious disadvantages” for nuclear energy, according to Frans Timmermans, the European Commission’s vice president for the Green Deal. As most EU countries are still searching for a site to dispose of radioactive waste, Timmermans cautioned “that you’re left with waste that needs to be treated, which – as you know – remains a very complicated issue.” Also reported by Euractiv, World Nuclear News, E&T

25 October 2020

Dust-UPS Continue Over Radioactive Waste Storage at San Onofre

Summary overview of the debate and concern about storing radwaste in interim surface stores at Son Onofre.

25 October 2020

Communities Surrounding Closed Nuclear Power Plants Face Terrible Challenges Moving Forward

Article exploring the Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative’s report investigating the socioeconomic impacts of nuclear power plant closures on surrounding host communities.

25 October 2020

Chandler Urges Higher Priority For Shipments Of Legacy Waste From LANL To WIPP

Local New Mexico politician pushes US Department of Energy officials to place a higher priority on the shipment of legacy radwaste from Los Alamos National Laboratory to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), because she’s concerned that radwaste from other states is being prioritised over New Mexico waste, despite WIPP being in New Mexico.

25 October 2020

Trump team pushes nuke dumping

More local concern about Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s proposed reclassification of some radioactive wastes, which would align US regulations more closely with European and International approaches.

24 October 2020

Federal government urges building of SA nuclear dump

Short TV news item, in which federal government warns cancer patients will die unnecessarily if a radwaste repository is not built in South Australia, and criticises Opposition Party Labor for withdrawing support at the last minute.

24 October 2020

Hokkaido municipalities gamble on a nuclear future, but at what cost?

Presenting the municipal actions as those of desperately poor communities, this article prefers keeping radwaste on surface for millennia “where it can be monitored”, and casts doubt on whether the communities can actually walk away, and worries central government will impose a solution.

23 October 2020

‘Nuclear waste-powered battery that could keep charge for nine years to hit market by 2023’

A new nano-diamond battery that harnesses energy from nuclear waste, and is claimed to keep its charge for as long as nine years, could be available in the market by 2023, according to Dr Nima Golsharifi, Chief Executive Officer of California-based startup NDB.

WIPP: New subcontractor hired to continue work on ventilation system at nuclear waste site

A new subcontractor hired to continue work on a multi-billion-dollar rebuild of the ventilation system at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), intended to increase airflow in the underground radwaste repository near. The $3 million subcontract is for key ongoing work, while a larger subcontractor is sought to deliver the wider project. Also covered by Exchange Monitor

Levin introduces nuclear waste inspection bill

US Congressman proposes law that would require the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NEC) to keep an inspector at decommissioned nuclear power plants across the country when the facilities transfer radioactive waste from wet storage pools into canisters. The proposed legislation comes after Levin’s call for a full-time inspector to be stationed at the San Onofre site during the plant’s transfer operations was turned down by the NRC last year. Also covered by Patch.Com

23 October 2020

How and when the twin domes at San Onofre nuclear plant will come down

Explanation of the decommissioning and radioactive waste management programme at the closed San Onofre nuclear plant.

23 October 2020

ARWA starts recruitment for first CEO

The new agency overseeing the management of Australia’s radioactive waste, the Australian Radioactive Waste Agency (ARWA), has started a search for its first Chief Executive Officer.

23 October 2020

UK nuclear regulator starts legal proceedings against Sellafield Ltd

Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has started legal proceedings against Sellafield Ltd over an alleged health and safety breach at its nuclear processing site earlier this year. The charge relates to an incident in April 24 when a Sellafield employee sustained injuries while working on high voltage electrical equipment. The incident was a conventional health and safety matter and there was no radiological risk to workers or the public, the ONR said. Also reported by BBC

22 October 2020

Webinar highlights South Bruce’s ongoing participation in site selection process

Report on an hour-long virtual public webinar, attended by about 50 residents on zoom, providing an overview and update of the municipality’s ongoing involvement in the Nuclear Waste Management (NWMO) repository site selection process.

22 October 2020

Minister: Illegal radioactive waste disposal must invite strict action

Government Minister says law must be strictly enforced to stop illegal disposal of radioactive waste. Improper disposal threatens public safety.

Extension approved for Belgoprocess radwaste site in Belgium

Belgium’s Belgoprocess, which is responsible for the management of radioactive waste, has received a permit from the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (Fanc) to allow a new storage building at the Dessel radwaste storage facility.

Japan plans to dump a million tonnes of radioactive water into the Pacific. But Australia has nuclear waste problems, too

Article equates Japan’s plans to release radioactive waste from Fukushima into the sea, with the risks of a radwaste repository in South Australia.

22 October 2020

South Australian Parliament rejected Kimba nuclear waste dump, but Morrison govt could still impose it

Motion passes in Soith Australia Parliament, but cannot overrule federal legislation.

21 October 2020

Deregulation of Rad Waste Disposal Plows Ahead

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) concerned that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s plans to reclassify radwaste based on its actual level of radioactivity rather than from where its sourced, will risk public health.

21 October 2020

Hazardous waste committee discusses WIPP expansion

WIPP says an expansion will enable it to take radioactive waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory and other sources into the foreseeable future, but critics contend the underground disposal site will run out of room.

21 October 2020

Japan Sticks to Nuclear Fuel Recycling Plan Despite Plutonium Stockpile

Japan’s government to continue pursuing a nuclear fuel recycling program that would involve extracting plutonium from spent fuel, despite international concerns about the country’s already huge plutonium stockpile, lack of prospects for effectively using it as nuclear fuel, and no progress on constructing a disposal repository. Also covered by Japan Today, Asahi Shimbun, and in US by Minnesota Star Tribune

21 October 2020

Congressman Harley Rouda introduces bill to improve America’s nuclear waste storage system

A bill introduced to revise the Nuclear Waste Policy Act in order to ensure the health, environment, and safety risks associated with nuclear waste storage sites across the country are studied, and used to inform long term waste management solutions. This is part of a wider effort to remove radwaste stored in interim surface stores around the US, and place it in safer or more permanent facilities.

21 October 2020

Watchdogs push New Mexico to limit US nuclear waste dump

Campaigners have renewed their call for New Mexico to take a stand against the federal government as it looks to extend and expand operations at WIPP, the US’s only underground nuclear radwaste repository. Campaigners claim that for years the state has rubber-stamped decisions about WIPP, but now needs to assert its authority, as other states have, in holding the federal govt accountable for dealing with radioactive waste. Also covered by KOB News4, Carlsbad Current-Argus

21 October 2020

Bumblebee reproduction at heightened risk from radiation

RWM co-funded research programme assessing impact on wildlife in radiation-contaminated environments, finds that bees seem particularly affected by radiation.

21 October 2020

Finding homes for the waste that will (probably) outlive humanity

Overview of the issues constraining progress in the construction of deep geological repositories for disposal of radioactive waste.

21 October 2020

Nuclear Waste Heading to Cowtown?

Further media coverage concerned about potential for large volumes of radioactive waste being transported through Texas to proposed temporary storage facility.

21 October 2020

Aomori wants reassurance that it won’t be final nuclear waste site

One prefecture specifically asks Japanese Government to be excluded from any site selection process. Also reported by Nippon.Com

20 October 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson to deliver keynote speech at Great Northern Conference

Article on Conference extensively profiles Radioactive Waste Management Ltd (RWM), and its search for a site for the UK’s geological disposal facility.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant could restart fan that may have been contaminated by radiation

WIPP could be planning to restart a ventilation fan that may have been contaminated during a 2014 accidental radiological release. Because use of the fan reportedly could risk exposing underground workers to radiation, WIPP officials are locked in planning discussions to reduce risks if the fan is turned on.

20 October 2020

John Shimkus will never ever give up on Yucca Mountain

Retiring Republican US Congressman John Shimkus comes from Illinois, the state storing the most radwaste awaiting disposal. He has been an advocate for Yucca Mountain for over 20 years. He states that if opponents succeed in preventing nuclear waste from going to Yucca, the US will still have to find somewhere to put it, and so far no other state has volunteered. He’s appalled at the flagrant ignoring of federal law by the federal government, by failing to build a permanent disposal repository. Similar story in Aiken Standard

20 October 2020

Dobken: Misleading Readers About Spent Nuclear Fuel Serves No Purpose

San Onofre hits back at misleading allegations from local critics.

17 October 2020

Nuclear waste in Bure: an investigation, a comic strip

Two journalists write about the “virulent political battle” between the State and the inhabitants of Bure, host community for the French geological repository for radioactive waste.

New dispute over Gorleben

In an interview, the President of Germany’s Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management says it was problematic that Gorleben (current interim but beleaguered radwaste site) has been ruled out in the first review stage of the process to identify a geological repository site. The Green Party responded that the President “did not understand the procedure for which he is in charge. The search for a repository follows scientific criteria.”

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