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17 November 2018                        Taipei Times (Taiwan)

ELECTIONS: Huang Kuo-chang, proponent debate nuclear plebiscite

Report in televised debate about referendum on whether to overturn Government decision on phasing out nuclear power.  Possible additional referendum to ask people should low-level radioactive waste stored on Orchid Island be moved back for interim storage at existing nuclear power plants.  Report on a similar forum debate in Focus Taiwan

17 November 2018                        Citizens for Legitimate Government (USA)

California wildfires: Fears radioactive waste could be caught in destructive blaze

An organisation called Physicians for Social Responsibility concerned that smoke and ash from California’s fires may spread radiological and chemical contamination that was in soil and vegetation near the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.  The Daily Mail and Newsweek magazine says Californian regulatory authorities have investigated and found no cause for concern, but the Kardashians have joined public campaign concerned by the potential impact of the fires on radiation levels.  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists wary of such government assurances.  Story also reported in UK’s The Independent, India’s International Business Times, Vice News’ Motherboard, Quartz

17 November 2018                         The Exchange (Tanzania)

Africa must be guided by Chernobyl disaster

The cost of nuclear energy, and practical issues of safe long-term management of radioactive waste, are the key blocks to the growth of nuclear in Africa.  Many African leaders are keen to move forward, and Russia is on a charm offensive, but when the cost of one plant exceeds a country’s GDP, the options are limited.  Since being elected South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa has put nuclear on a back burner saying the country cannot afford a second plant and there are other more pressing economic and social issues to address.

17 November 2018                         Ahval News (Turkey)

Anti-nuclear power plant activists turn to Turkey’s highest court

Storage of radioactive waste is the key concern for activists opposed to Turkey’s first nuclear power plant.

16 November 2018                        San Francisco Chronicle (USA)

Nuke dump managers: There was waste near ceiling collapse

Operations have restarted at WIPP following the rock fall.  Geologists say they have been monitoring that section of facility for a year and have been anticipating a rock fall.  Some critics note that there was waste stored nearby.  WIPP managers reaffirm no radiation leaks, injuries or risk to public health.  Same story covered by WLOXMy Twin Tiers, My San Antonio and overseas by Japan Times

16 November 2018                        EuroNews

What will a nuclear waste warning look like in 100,000 years’ time?

Article exploring the discussions and activities underway to find ways in which future generations can be alerted to radioactive waste disposed of deep underground.

16 November 2018                        Marfa Public Radio (USA)

Environmental Groups Express Concern As Proposal For West Texas Nuclear Waste Site Moves Forward

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has received 23,000 comments as it decides whether to approve a temporary high-level nuclear waste storage site in West Texas.  Local authorities closest to the proposed facility support the plan but other Texas cities have passed resolutions opposing it.  The NRC said concerns submitted range from the possible danger of transporting nuclear waste by train to environmental concerns and the potential negative effects on local communities.

16 November 2018                        IAEA

IAEA Mission Says Australia Committed to Strengthening Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Sees Areas for Enhancement

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said Australia is committed to strengthening its regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety, but noted areas for further enhancements, including implementation of the framework in a more consistent manner across the country.

16 November 2018                        Washington Post (USA)

Educating for an unknown future

Article on what issues to include in the school curriculum, as we prepare our children for an uncertain world which includes managing radioactive waste: “What lies ahead for students are major messes — global warming, nonstop wars, disposing of radioactive waste, reversing wealth concentration, and dozens of other problems they didn’t create but have to try to clean up or figure out how to live with.”

16 November 2018                        Independent Balkan News Agency

Protests without effect: Croatia to build nuclear waste landfill at the border with BiH

Croatia to press ahead with a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility close to border with Bosnia, despite opposition.

15 November 2018                        Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP workers evacuated after rock fall

There has been a rock fall at the New Mexico radioactive waste disposal repository, the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP).  Managers say it occurred in an area of the underground facility that is off-limits to employees, and there were no injuries.  As a precautionary measure work has been suspended pending investigation.  Such rock falls are not uncommon, and this rock fall happened in a disposal room that does not contain any waste.  Further reports by WRAL, WLOX, KUNM, Los Alamos Daily Post, US News & World Report, Albuquerque Journal, Windsor Star

15 November 2018                       Russia Today

A Fukushima waiting to happen? Huge stockpile of nuclear waste on California fault line threatens US

Report on the debate over planned interim surface radioactive waste storage facilities at the San Onofre site in California.

15 November 2018                       Coast News (USA)

Vista forum discusses public health risks of San Onofre nuclear storage facility  

Report on a public meeting organised by local citizens groups concerned about safety and public health implications of interim surface storage facilities at San Onofre.

14 November 2018                       La Liberation (France)

Storing the most secure radioactive waste with a lifespan of up to 1 million years is the project in Bure. Necessary confinement or “nuclear trash”?

Article on the debate over France’s deep geological repository for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste.

14 November 2018                        Greenpeace (Belgium/Luxembourg)

Engie, this waste is yours, it’s up to you to pay

Protest against power company Engie, to ensure it tajes full responsibility for the radioactive waste it produces.

14 November 2018                        Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Fans going in for new ventilation system

Report on the manufacture of the huge new ventilation fans required following the 2014 underground incident at WIPP.  Also covered by Sacramento Bee, KRQE, US News & World Report, KRWG

14 November 2018                        Oshawa Express (Canada)

Region wants role in nuclear shutdowns

Local governments want a role in managing nuclear decommissioning, particularly focused on assessing environmental impacts.

13 November 2018                        YLE News (Finland)

Radioactive gauge found in scrap metal bin near Olkiluoto

Finnish officials say that a radioactive device found at a recycling centre represents a case of careless disposal but poses no threat to the public.  They determined that the device was probably used to measure soil moisture and density.  Regulator STUK announced that the instrument was identified as one used by the Finnish Environment Institute in the 1970s, that the recycling firm acted properly in contacting STUK quickly after detecting the device radiation, and there was no danger to the public.

13 November 2018                        NewsWest9 (USA)

Midland City Council join stand against high-level nuclear waste

Midland City City Council in Texas held a special meeting and passed a resolution opposing proposals for two facilities to serve as interim storage for high-level nuclear waste in West Texas, and in New Mexico, because waste would be transported through the city’s area to both facilities.

13 November 2018                        Le Monde (France)

Opponent at Bure nuclear waste landfill condemned to three months in prison

Sentences for rioters convicted after protest at Bure site of France’s deep geological repository.

13 November 2018                        Bellona (Norway)

Is Russia really offering Norway nuclear assistance, or is the joke on us?

After years of being reluctant partners in cleaning up Arctic radioactive waste left behind by the Soviet navy, uncertainty over motivation of Russia’s offer to help Norway better manage storage of its own radioactive waste.

12 November 2018                        de Volkskrant (Holland)

nuclear energy is a process that we do not overlook

Article exploring the issues of how we alert future generations about the site of buried radioactive waste.  Says geological disposal is best available option for disposing of radioactive waste, but remains opposed to nuclear energy because of the implications for future generations.

12 November 2018                        The Day (USA)

Nuclear waste dilemma

Editorial in Connecticut newspaper immediately after the US midterm elections, calling for the new Congress to approve funding for Yucca Mountain.

12 November 2018                        Blackburn News (Canada)

Five communities get cash from OPG for nuclear waste hosting agreement

Five local municipalities will get a financial boost again from Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to acknowledge their role in the proposed nuclear waste repository at Bruce Power.

9 November 2018                          Nature Magazine

Taiwan’s academics urge public to vote for nuclear power shut-down

Fifty academics write open letter, citing problems with long-term management and disposal of radioactive waste as reason not to support referendum on ending planned nuclear phase-out in Taiwan.

9 November 2018                          Portsmouth Daily Times (USA)

DOE provides responses to some criticism, attracts few visitors

Despite local criticism of how the community has been engaged, decommissioning at Piketon plant continues.  An open day organised by the Department of Energy (DOE) attracted just one member of the public, after the open day was deemed insufficient form of public dialogue by critics.

9 November 2018                          Watershed Sentinel (Canada)

Mini Nukes

Dealing with the waste is just one of the critiques in this article in response to Canadian Government paper on Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

9 November 2018                          Insider New Jersey (USA)

Clean Water Action Asks NJ Attorney General To Review Oyster Creek Deal

Local citizens group questions proposed sale of Oyster Creek plant to Holtec International, citing public and health and security concerns, amid worries that Holtec may have insufficient funds to cover the costs of decommissioning and managing the radioactive waste, leaving taxpayers with the burden of the bill.

9 November 2018                          World Nuclear News

Japan’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NUMO) has signed a cooperation agreement with Germany’s federal radioactive waste company BGE.  NUMO said cooperation on radioactive waste management under the agreement would be “beneficial to both sides”.

9 November 2018                          Science 2.0 (USA)

There Was No Blue Wave In The Mid-terms, Nor Was There A Green One, But There Was A Youth One

Scientists who believe politics does not matter are being naive, according to this article, which cites failure to find a geological repository as a key example of how politicians can ignore or distort scientific findings in pursuit of their own agendas.

9 November 2018                           Times of Central Asia             

Central Asia: EU announces additional €10 million to deal with radioactive waste

European Union (EU) to allocate €10m  to combat radioactive waste in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  This comes on top of a previously-announced €16m in aid.  Story also covered by AKIPress

9 November 2018                          Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nevada’s Jacky Rosen targets Yucca Mountain, health care

Newly-elected Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen commits to fighting the Yucca Mountain project.  Press conference also covered by Las Vegas Sun, NBC News3, Nevada Current

9 November 2018                           Votica

Map of sites of where spent fuel and radioactive waste is kept in interim surface stores pending geological disposal.

9 November 2018                           Barents Observer (Norway/Russia)

Norway keeps door open for Russian assistance to secure spent nuclear fuel from research reactors

Following Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs surprise offer to assist Norway in dealing with the inappropriate storage of radioactive waste, Norway’s nuclear and radiation watchdog, the NRPA, tells the Barents Observer that a cooperation with Russia is possible, but no formal offer has yet been received. inquiry has yet come from Moscow to the radiation authority in Norway.  However, NRPA said the help offer related to handling spent nuclear, not to the licensing issues at Norways’s radioactive waste repository.

9 November 2018                           Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Nuclear host communities weigh in on waste characterization

Media report the Energy Communities Alliance (ECA) support for the proposed reclassification of radioactive waste, noting that local government across the country sees this as a way to more speedily and cost-effectively remove waste from current sites and dispose of safely through other existing options rather than await disposal in a geological repository.  Also carried by Carlsbad Current-Argus

8 November 2018                           Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

Local Governments Support DOE Clarifying the Definition of High-Level Waste

In the face of concern about the US Energy Department’s intentions by reclassifying wastes, the body that represent US local government reaffirms its support for the consultation, believing such reclassification could allow for speedier and less-expensive safe disposal of some radioactive wastes.

8 November 2018                           Barents Observer (Russia/Norway)

Russia offers to help safeguard Norwegian radioactive waste

Russia has offered to help Norway safeguard its radioactive waste, following reports that regulatory authorities in Norway had found serious breaches of the licence conditions at the site where waste is stored.  Also reported by Russian State news agency TASS

8 November 2018                           NHK World (Japan/France)

France eyes building nuclear waste disposal site

Japanese media report that French agency ANDRA will apply for a final licence for the planned geological repository at the end of 2019.

8 November 2018                           Axios (USA)

Environmental group: Keep open nuclear power plants

Axios reports that the Union of Concerned Scientists still has reservations about safety and radioactive waste management, but believes these are manageable risks when the environmental priority is to reduce carbon emissions.  Story also covered by World Nuclear News

8 November 2018                           World Nuclear News

Canada SMR Roadmap signals ‘call to action’

In launching a new report on the economic potential of Small Modular Reactors (SMR) to Canada, Government Minister says there needs to be good engagement with vendors and the National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) to ensure any radioactive waste was factored into the design and planning stages of Canada’s geological repository.

7 November 2018                           Morning Consult (USA)

Retaking House, Democrats Cast Their Eyes on Environmental Oversight

Radioactive waste storage likely to be high on new Congress agenda, because there’s historic bipartisan support, and a Morning Consult/Politico opinion poll show that sorting radioactive waste is an energy priority for majority of voters.

7 November 2018                           Netherlands Times (Holland)


A majority in the lower house of the Dutch parliament supports a government proposal to build more nuclear power plants in the Netherlands, but managing the nuclear waste is the key objection by opponents.  Also reported by IamExpat

7 November 2018                           Aju Business Daily (S Korea)

S. Korea seeks Russian help to manage nuclear waste and dismantle reactors

Following stalled talks with the USA, S Korea has turned to Russia for support in dismantling decommissioned nuclear power plants and the safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste.  Also reported in World Nuclear News

7 November 2018                           The Transcontinental (Australia)

Nuclear protesters converge at Parliament House

1500 protestors demand that the government withdraw plans for a proposed low-level radioactive waste facility in South Austria.

7 November 2018                           The Sandpaper (USA)

Failure to Fund National Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository Leaves Decommissioning Funds Partially Unsupervised

Article claiming that US consumers have placed US$40 billion into the nuclear waste fund, but none of that money can be spent because of the political impasse around the proposed Yucca Mountain site.  In fact, US$6 billion as been spent settling state lawsuits, and ongoing legal costs are estimated at US$800 million a year.  Article claims it will soon cost more to do nothing than just getting on with the job.

6 November 2018                           BBC (UK)

Nuclear archive wins Scotland’s best building award

Prestigious architecture award goes to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) new archive designed to house more than 70 years’ worth of civil nuclear sector information and up to 30 million digital records.  Also reported in Aberdeen Press & Journal, Dundee Courier, Architects Journal, Energy Voice, Project Scotland, Scottish Construction Now

6 November 2018                           i24News (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi crown prince launches project for first nuclear reactor in the Gulf state

Radioactive waste management is a key element of energy policy announced by Saudi government.

6 November 2018                           AntiNuclearNet (Australia)

Australian govt’s nuclear waste dump plan has put Flinders Ranges/Kimba residents through 3 years of hell

Blog complaining that Government needs to be held accountable for holding a public consultation process which leaves local people with the final decision on whether to proceed with a radioactive waste facility.  Consulting with and empowering the local community has, apparently, led to a lot of stress and suicidal thoughts in some people.

5 November 2018                           Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Initiator, official debate nuclear energy proposal

Report of a heated debate over the November 24 referendum on whether Taiwan should overturn the decision to phase out nuclear power.  The ‘pro’ nuclear debator said nuclear waste, including that from medical radiology, could be disposed of safely.  The ‘anti’ nuclear speaker [inaccurately] claimed that Finland was the only country that could build a repository because it had “special” geology.

5 November 2018                           KPBS (USA)

Public To Have Chance To Comment On San Onofre Storage Safety During Online Forum

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is holding an online virtual public meeting to discuss its special inspection at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, which is being decommissioned.  The focus of the online public forum will be safety issues encountered during transfer and storage of high-level nuclear waste at the nuclear power plant.

5 November 2018                           Red Flag (Australia)

Hundreds rally in Adelaide against nuclear waste dump 

Campaigners’ own report on a demonstration against the planned low-level waste repository in South Australia.

5 November 2018                           The Australian

Nuclear waste site to remain a mystery at federal election

The location of Australia’s first radioactive waste repository will not be announced before the federal election, extending the uncertainty for those living near proposed sites, says a Labour Party senator.  He added that the current government’s site selection process had been shrouded in “Soviet-style” secrecy, and that his own Party must reveal how it will proceed with the project, given the “real possibility” the Labour Party would form the next government after the election.

5 November 2018                           Exchange Monitor (USA)

NRC Spends $11K From Nuclear Waste Fund on Legal Costs

There is less than US$1/2 million “unobligated” cash remaining in the federal fund intended to pay for licensing, development, and construction of the Yucca Mountain radioactive waste disposal facility in Nevada.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have said there is not much further they can now do without additional funding from Congress.

5 November 2018                           Inside Ottawa Valley (Canada)

Nuclear waste disposal plan can’t be good news

Continued concern about Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ plan for a near-surface disposal facility for lower-level radioactive waste at Chalk River.

5 November 2018                           NewsWest9 (USA)

Permian Basin coalition speaks out against bringing high-level nuclear waste to region

Local Texan landowners meet with the Midland Development Corporation to flag their concerns about the transport of radioactive waste through the area to a proposed new temporary storage facility for higher-activity radioactive waste.

4 November 2018                           AntiNuclearNet (Australia)

A warning about the privatisation of the Federal government’s planned nuclear waste dump for South Australia

Concern that the ‘small-print’ in Government documentation could allow a private company to build and operate the proposed low-level radioactive waste repository in South Australia.

4 November 2018                           Asbury Park Press (USA)

Oyster Creek will make Ocean County human laboratory

Local officials need to request a public hearing with federal regulators before any deal to transfer the Oyster Creek license and decommissioning fund to Holtec International, so that there can be proper community scrutiny to avoid the town becoming a “human laboratory” in the long-term surface storage of radioactive waste — according to a local campaigner.

2 November 2018                           Deutsche Welle (Germany/France)

Hackers obtain nuclear power plant plans in France

Confidential plans for the French radioactive waste facility at Bure are thought to be among thousands of documents seized by hackers into French public service computers.  Also reported in The Koz Post, OOdaLoop

2 November 2018                           BBC World Service

How Do We Deal with Nuclear Waste?

Excellent and easily understood overview of how the world disposes of its nuclear waste and why geological disposal is the best available option — a 30 minute podcast downloadable from the BBC’s CrowdScience webpage.

2 November 2018                           Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

DOE proposes reclassifying high-level nuclear waste, could send more to WIPP

Proposed reclassification, supported by America’s local government because it would allow more waste to be treated more quickly, creating concern that it may actually lead to more waste being sent to WIPP.

2 November 2018                           Urdu Point (Abu Dhabi/Pakistan)

International Nuclear Law Association Inter Jura Congress Starts In Abu Dhabi On November 4

Radioactive waste management one of the key discussion topics at international legal conference.

1 November 2018                            Ottawa River Keeper (Canada)

Update from our Riverkeeper: Nuclear Waste in the Ottawa River Watershed

Campaign group remain concerned about plans for a low-level repository proposed by the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory (CNL) close to the Ottawa River.  Interestingly, they say they want “a solution that will safeguard all species from the radioactive waste that is currently onsite at Chalk River and Rolphton. We would like to see Canada look to countries like Finland who have constructed siloed geological repositories to safeguard all levels of radioactive waste. We want a disposal facility where radioactive waste does not come into contact with water.”  Which is what we all want.

1 November 2018                           Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba Health and Wellness Weekend

A well-attended public event funded by the National Radioactive Waste Facility Community Benefit Grant — the local fund to support the community considering hosting the planned low-level waste repository.

31 October 2018                              Nuclear Energy Insider (USA)

New decommissioning giant seeks further sites under ‘dominant’ transfer model

CEO of Comprehensive Decommissioning International (CDI) — the joint venture company set up by Holtec and SNC-Lavalin —  forecasts significant economies of scale in decommissioning following the purchase of three closing reactors in USA.

31 October 2018                              Republican Eagle (USA)

Refueling, upgrades complete at Prairie Island nuclear plant

Proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facilities in New Mexico and West Texas, pending a final repository being built, are mentioned as key to removing higher-level waste from the local nuclear plant.

31 October 2018                              Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

Nuclear industry growing, but slower than government hoped

Radioactive waste management and safety standards are cited as the key factors in slower growth of Japan’s nuclear sector.  Also reported by OilPrice

30 October 2018                             The Transcontinental (Australia)

New skate park unveiled in Quorn

A youth facility 10-years in the planning has finally been realised after the community project received a a “significant contribution” from the proposed national radioactive waste management facility’s community benefit package.

30 October 2018                             Portsmouth Daily Times (USA)

Public workshops on demo plans for Piketon plant announced; critics not satisfied

Community concerns about the process for engaging them in decisions on how radioactive waste will be managed on site when the local Piketown nuclear facility is decommissioned.

30 October 2018                             Energy Transition (Germany)

Radioactive waste disposal in four words: “We do not know”

A well-intentioned but factually-flawed article, which may have lost something in translation to English, appears to suggest that successful anti-nuclear opposition to geological disposal shows that radioactive waste cannot be safely disposed therefore we should migrate to renewable energy.

30 October 2018                             World Nuclear News

International organisations bolster cooperation on waste

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the International Association for Environmentally Safe Disposal of Radioactive Materials (EDRAM) have pledged to strengthen cooperation and coordination on the development of “safe, effective and secure solutions” for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste and used nuclear fuel.  Also reported by Nuclear Street, Homeland Preparedness News

30 October 2018                              NewsWest9 (USA)

Protesters try to stop building of high-level radioactive waste facility in Andrews

Petition being set up to oppose proposed temporary storage facility for higher activity radioactive waste in West Texas.

30 October 2018                               Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Radioactive waste management ballot delayed again

Local residents disappointed that there is continued delay in having the referendum to decide whether they want to host a low-level radioactive waste facility.

29 October 2018                      (Ukraine)

UK will provide Ukraine with access to state-of-the-art radioactive waste management technologies

Report on visit and outcomes of Ukrainian delegation to Sellafield and to Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM).

29 October 2018                              Aftenposten (Norway)

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority does not know if Norway’s national nuclear waste stock is safe enough

Having flagged breaches of permits and licensing conditions back in February, the NRPA has now revealed “more serious breaches” in the storage of Norway’s intermediate level radioactive waste.

29 October 2018                              Exchange Monitor (USA)

Nevada Says NRC Has No Immunity in Yucca Recusal Demand

Continued legal arguments over whether Nuclear Regulatory Commission commissioner needs to recuse himself from decisions on Yucca.

28 October 2018                              New Straits Times (Malaysia)

Nuclear waste misconceptions

Article explaining radioactive waste, and the political issues around the world that pits public versus professionals in deciding the best way to dispose of the waste.

27 October 2018                               Science Tips (France)

“Are you coming down?” Where we bury parcels far underground.

Simple but very effective summary for non-technical audiences about geological disposal.

26 October 2018                               Bloomberg

Perry Says White House Still Backs Nevada Nuclear Dump

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry was quick to respond, saying the the White House still supports the planned Yucca Mountain radioactive waste facility, despite President Donald Trump’s suggestion while on the Nevada election campaign trail that he was reconsidering.  Also reported in Financial Express, NorthWest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

26 October 2018                               IAEA (Spain)

IAEA Mission Says Spain Demonstrates Strong Commitment to Safety, Notes Challenges in Radioactive Waste Management

Although Spain shows a strong commitment to nuclear and radiation safety, an independent expert peer review by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has also noted that the country could face challenges in the implementation of its radioactive waste management strategy, particularly for higher-level wastes.  Also reported by NucNet

26 October 2018                               Nevada Independent (USA)

Bloomberg PAC promotes Horsford’s anti-Yucca Mountain stance in new ad

Yucca mountain becomes focus of a local election TV advert.

25 October 2018                               ABC Channel8News (USA)

Report reveals cause of waste-drum incident

In April, while re-decanting radioactive waste from 40+ year old canisters into new packages, there was an incident at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).  The initial report says the cause was the rapid heating of metal in the waste as it come into contact with air for the first in almost half a century.  No radioactivity was released into the environment, but the incident underlined the potential risks of sustaining long-term surface stores requiring repackaging of waste over time, compared to geologically disposing of the waste.

25 October 2018                               OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency


Ministers from 10 Eastern European meet in Romania countries to discuss improved collaboration.  Countries represented included Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

25 October 2018                               Nikkei Asian Review

Chinese billionaire who plotted with North Korea pops up after 16 years

A long article examining the “murky” commercial and diplomatic ties between Taiwan and North Korea, North Korea and China, South Korea and Taiwan and China, centred around a Chinese-born Dutch billionaire.  Mentions that it is thought Taiwan had (and might still be) discussed disposing of its radioactive waste in North Korea.

25 October 2018                               WRAL (USA)

Massachusetts nuclear plant to move waste to higher ground

Owners of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant announce plans to move the site of the interim surface storage facilities higher and further away from the shoreline as a precaution against rising sea-levels.  The plan has been long-advocated by local residents and campaigners.  Story also covered in Boston Globe, WBSM, News & Observer

25 October 2018                               Nevada Independent (USA)

After Trump comments opposing Yucca, Cortez Masto asks administration to remove project from budget

Local politician asks White House to clarify President Trump’s comments on Yucca Mountain and to commit to a more consent-based approach.

24 October 2018                               Today (Singapore)

Singapore capable of dealing with public health threats, can improve response to nuclear emergencies

Radioactive waste management is an area requiring improvement.  This is one of the findings of a World Health Organisation (WHO) international peer review team invited by the Singapore government to review a wide range of public health and safety plans and incident preparedness.

24 October 2018                               Taipei Times (Taiwan)

CEC passes referendum on nuclear-free homeland

Taiwan will vote on whether to scrap the proposed phase-out of nuclear power in November, following a Central Election Commission ruling.  Concerns about meeting carbon emission targets, and lack of progress on radioactive waste disposal have driven public concern over the government’s plan to end the use of nuclear power.  Also reported in World Nuclear News, Forbes magazine, Focus Taiwan, NucNet

24 October 2018                               Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Calculation change will not impact facility’s capacity

At a public hearing whether to change the way in which radioactive waste volumes are measured, officials from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) said a proposed modification to the facility’s permit to dispose of nuclear waste will have little impact on WIPP operations or its maximum capacity for emplacement. They said the change would have no impact on safety, and such permit amendments were normal.  Also reported in Albuquerque Journal.

Further reportage from second day of hearing in both the Carlsbad Current-Argus and Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico Environment Department content with proposal in principle).  And final coverage of the third day of the hearing in the local Carlsbad Current-Argus

24 October 2018                               The Transcontinental (Australia)

More delays for national radioactive waste management facility

The selection of the national radioactive waste management facility has been delayed, with the Federal Court now set to hear the Barngarla Aboriginal case in January 2019.  The Federal Australian government had planned to make a decision on the future of the project by the end of the year, but will now have to wait until after the January 30 hearing.  The Government said in the meantime it would continue the community consultation process.  Also later reported on in Eyre Peninsula Tribune

23 October 2018                               Adelaide Advertiser (Australia)

Kimba and Hawker residents suffer social disruption over delay in choosing a site for a nuclear waste facility

Following news that the local referendum would be delayed until next year, as the Federal Courts hear a complaint from local indigenous people, concern about the impact on the affected communities.

23 October 2018                               Utah Public Radio (USA)

Utah Legislator Wants Colleagues’ Support Opposing Yucca Mountain Repository

A local politician, worried about potential risks of transporting radioactive waste across Utah towards the proposed Yucca Mountain disposal facility, seeks state laws to stop the process.

23 October 2018                               Reporterre (France)

Environmental magazine publishes map of sites where radioactive waste is currently stored in surface facilities across France.  The list of sites is in the recently published updated national radioactive waste inventory.  Concerns about health and environmental risks about maintaining surface facilities, and hopes that issues can be addressed in forthcoming public consultation on radioactive waste management and geological disposal.

22 October 2018                               Intellinews (Uzbekistan)

Putin, Mirziyoyev launch project for Uzbekistan’s first nuclear plant

Long-term solution for management and disposal of radioactive waste from the the proposed plant has not yet been considered, according to this article on Uzbekistan’s nuclear plans.

22 October 2018                               Daily Signal (USA)

What to Make of Trump’s Remarks on the Proposed Yucca Mountain Nuclear-Waste Repository

Op-ed article argues that applying ‘free market’ principles is best form of ‘consent’, and that resolving radioactive waste disposal issues may best be left to commercial nuclear sector rather than government.  Notes that Trump Administration’s approach has been minimalist — only seeking funding for the scientific analysis required before a decision can be taken on Yucca.  Final decision rests with Congress.  If Yucca not suitable, then new legislation required.

21 October 2018                                Washington Post (USA)

Trump signals opposition to nuclear waste site in Nevada despite his budget proposals to fund it

At a rally in Nevada President Trump signals his opposition to Yucca Mountain site, but says he will look carefully at issue.  This despite his own Administration’s budget requests, and bipartisan support in the House of Representatives.  Is this another pre-election Trump-line? Also reported in Energy News, Daily Republic, NBC News3 Las Vegas, Politico, Democratic Underground

20 October 2018                               Tri-City Herald (USA)

Classifications of nuclear waste need a shorter half-life

Scientific explanation of why reclassification of some wastes is needed, to reflect radioactive reality, allow some waste currently held in interim storage to be disposed of more quickly, potentially saving US$200bn, while posing no additional risk.

20 October 2018                               DC Report (USA)

Energy Department Ready To Approve Nuclear Waste Dumping

Concern by activist organisation that there are conflicts of interest within Energy Secretary’s team and a Texas-based radioactive waste management company, which are influencing decisions on rule changes that would lead to more radioactive waste being sent to a West Texas site.  It is unclear from the article whether they are referring to a consultation on recategorising levels of radioactive waste, or to a proposed temporary storage facility for higher-level radioactive waste.  Concern repeated by Democratic Underground, National Memo

19 October 2018                                Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

Ottawa Votes: Most Ottawa candidates oppose nuclear dump at Chalk River

The majority of election candidates questioned by local newspaper are opposed to Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ proposed low-level radioactive waste facility close to the Ottawa River.

19 October 2018                                Detroit Free Press (USA)

60,000 tons of dangerous radioactive waste sits on Great Lakes shores

A lengthy but very readable local newspaper article that explores the ethical, economic and environmental issues of maintaining surface interim radioactive waste stores, compared with geological disposal.  Also reported in Inquisitr, MSN/ABC, Energy News

19 October 2018                                PZC (Holland)

State Secretary: ‘Borssele Nuclear Power Plant maximum safety in 2019’

Reports Government Minister saying that all radioactive waste will have been removed from the site by 2026.

19 October 2018                                Pierce County Tribune (USA)

NWTRB meeting to be livestreamed

The US Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board (NWTRB) holding a public meeting in New Mexico (on Wednesday 24 October) to review technical issues that need to be addressed before the US Department of Energy (DOE) begins a nationwide effort to transport spent nuclear fuel or high-level radioactive waste.

19 October 2018                                InnoEnergy

The Nobel Prize in Physics wants to reduce the activity of nuclear waste from one million years to 30 minutes

Newly-announced Nobel Prize-winner Gérard Mourou is currently conducting research with lasers designed to reduce the radioactivity of nuclear waste.  Also reported by EuroNews

18 October 2018                                Exchange Monitor (USA)

NRC Urges Court to Dismiss Nevada Petition Against Commissioner on Yucca Licensing

In court filings, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says the petition is premature and should be dismissed.  Nevada is concerned that a new NRC Commissioner has previously expressed pro-Yucca opinions and therefore should be recused from any decision-making related to Yucca.  The Commissioner claims her is pro-geological disposal, but not any particular site.

18 October 2018                                Phys.Org

Research project aims to keep nuclear waste isolated 10,000 years into the future

Article on research assessing long-term impact of ‘hot’ radioactive waste on the surrounding rock in a geological repository setting.

18 October 2018                                Forbes Magazine

How An Ohio Mayor Took On Big Government In The Name Of Economic Development

The power of local councils working collaboratively to help one community remediate a nuclear site and return it to full economic use, creating new jobs and local wealth.

18 October 2018                                The Hill (USA)

Is less government the key to nuclear waste management?

Former senior US Energy Department official argues that loss of trust in government means that making progress with finding a repository for the disposal of US’ radioactive waste stockpile depends on developing a new ‘consent-based’ approach managed by the private sector.

18 October 2018                                Roll Call (USA)

Failures of Congress Keep Nuclear Waste Scattered Across the US

Lengthy article explaining how the issue of radioactive waste is climbing political agenda, with hopes that after the mid-term elections the bipartisan approach in the House of Representatives will also be followed in the Senate.

18 October 2018                                Malaysia Kini

Managing nuclear waste

Article explaining and making the case for geological disposal.

18 October 2018                                Daily Times (Pakistan)

Green red zones

Explaining the issues behind long-term ‘memory’ of where radioactive waste is geologically disposed, to protect future generations, this article contrasts the international effort being placed behind finding a solution to this question to the more immediate risks posed to farmers in Pakistan, where there are little health and safety warnings about anything.

17 October 2018                                Wiscasset Newspaper (USA)

Maine Yankee CAP hears about canister checks, removal updates

While hearing reassuring news about the safety integrity of locally-stored radioactive waste storage canisters, the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) for Maine’s Yankee nuclear power plant also heard concerns about the lack of political progress with resolving long-term permanent disposal options, ie Yucca Mountain.

17 October 2018                                The Surfer (USA)


Thoughtful, considered article on the complexities of radioactive waste management and disposal.  Even in an ideal world, may take 20-30 years before all the current waste can be safely shipped for disposal elsewhere.  Article urges readers to raise the issue with candidates for the November mid-terms, so that after the election, the political impasses in Washington DC might be resolved and momentum restored to removing waste from the San Onofre site.

17 October 2018                                Ukrinform (Ukraine)

Ukraine and the European Commission develop a national plan for the geological disposal of radioactive waste

Report that Ukrainian Government is launching a project to determine the process of selection of a site, ensure budget planning, train specialists, and contribute to the formation of a positive public attitude towards the facility. The plan is expected to take two years to complete and will be implemented by a consortium of companies from France, Germany and Sweden, with the participation of one of the National Academies of Sciences of Ukraine.  Also reported by MenaFN

16 October 2018                                Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nuclear reactor to be shipped from Arkansas to Nevada for disposal

Plans to transport an old university research reactor for low-level waste disposal at Nevada’s National Security Site re-opens local debate about Yucca Mountain and the federal government using Nevada as a “nuclear dumping ground”.

16 October 2018                                CEZ Group (Czech Republic)

SÚRAO: Experts agreed on necessity of deep geological repository

Report that Czech Republic is currently assessing nine localities to host a geological repository, with four being shortlisted by the end of this year.

16 October 2018                                Exchange Monitor (USA)

WIPP Contractor Urged to Improve on Underground Ventilation, Communication

The prime contractor for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) should improve certain practices to ensure safe operation of its underground ventilation, according to a recent Department Of Energy report.  Nuclear Waste Partnership (NWP) should also communicate more with trade unions at the waste disposal facility.

15 October 2018                                Bellona (Russia/Norway)

Russian officials update maps of radioactive debris sunk in Arctic

Update on steps Russia is taking to ensure dumped radioactive waste does not leak into sea.  Although no leaks discovered in recent survey, Russian scientists urge Moscow to provide more funding.

15 October 2018                                News Tribune (USA)

US seeks more info on proposed nuclear waste storage project

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have requested further information from Holtec International, as the NRC review the licence application to operate a temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico.  Also reported by KRQE, KRWG, KUNM, Bradenton Herald

15 October 2018                                KNPR (USA)

Transportation Issues Disqualify Yucca Mountain, Opponent Says

This opinion also challenged in local public radio item.

15 October 2018                                Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Editorial: Local residents deserve to be heard on WIPP plan

Local leaders should visit the communities affected by the proposed change to how the volume of radioactive waste disposed of at WIPP is calculated, in order to explain the possible implications of a change and answer residents’ questions/concerns.

14 October 2018                                Idaho Statesman (USA)

What the candidates for governor, AG say about nuclear waste in Idaho

The absence of a permanent geological disposal facility underlines complexity of politics and radioactive waste.  All the election candidates question the wisdom of waste being sent to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) faster than it can be processed, repackaged and forwarded for disposal.  There’s a risk that the INL could become a de facto long-term storage facility.  However, a local opinion poll finds that majority of Idahoans would prefer to keep waste coming in order to preserve the 7000 jobs at the site.

13 October 2018                                Massachusetts Live (USA)

Feds OK transfer of Vermont Yankee nuke license to private decommissioning firm

In an attempt to speed and reduce the cost of removing radioactive waste from interim surface storage facilities, current owners of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant want to sell the facility to a decommissioning-specialist consortia.  The US’ Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have given their approval for the sale, with minor caveats.  This is a major milestone in the sale process, but the Vermont Public Utility Commission must give its approval before the deal goes through.

13 October 2018                                 Taiwan News

Taiwan to complete repackaging of Orchid Island nuclear waste in 2020

Taiwan’s Atomic Energy Council (AEC) says the repackaging of nuclear waste on Orchid Island should be completed by September 2020.  The island is mostly inhabited by indigenous people, and there have been repeated protests amid health and safety concerns, leading to attempts to find alternative storage sites. The current government has promised to make Taiwan nuclear-free by 2025.  The AEC is also asking for decommissioning plans for three nuclear plants by 2021.  The search for a geological disposal site goes on.

11 October 2018                                 The Inertia (USA)

San Onofre’s 3,600,000-Pound Nuclear Waste Dilemma Is a National Emergency

Ex-Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chief remains concerned that the plant’s “interim” storage facilities are not sufficiently protected against sea-level rises and salt corrosion.  In the absence of a permanent disposal facility (Yucca Mountain), he fears the radioactive waste will de facto be stored permanently too close to the shoreline in Southern California.

11 October 2018                                 Inside Ottawa Valley (Canada)

CNL responds to Ottawa Valley coalition’s claims

Staff at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory (CNL) seek to correct misinformation about the planned repository for low-level waste, saying that they are also local residents, as concerned as everyone else about the environmental and health impacts.

10 October 2018                                Journal North (USA)

LANL restarts regular shipments to WIPP

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has resumed regular shipments to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) for the first time in over four years.  Also reported in Albuquerque JournalLos Alamos Daily Post, KRWGUS News & World Report, Carlsbad Current Argus, KRQE

10 October 2018                                World Nuclear News

MoU for Australian and Vietnamese nuclear organisations

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the Vietnam Atomic Energy Agency (VAEA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to allow further collaboration between the two organisations.

9 October 2018                                  Shepway Vox (UK)

Geological Disposal Facility Update

Call for more public engagement and involvement, and cash for the community, in any future discussions about the GDF.

8 October 2018                                  KPBS (USA)

Rally At Belly Up To Protest San Onofre Nuclear Waste Storage

Continued opposition to planned interim surface radioactive waste storage facilities near coast at San Onofre nuclear plant.  Also covered by the The Surfer.  Follow up story by Coast News

5 October 2018                                  Nevada Independent (USA)

Titus, Rosen see Yucca threat in DOE proposal on high-level nuclear waste

The US Energy Department’s consultation on reclassifying higher-level radioactive waste is a “back-door” way to re-open Yucca debate and move more waste to Nevada, according to local politicians. Not reported in article, but this opinion seems to misunderstand that point of reclassification is to reduce amount of waste that would need to be sent for geological disposal.  Similar coverage in the Ripon Advance

4 October 2018                                  Northumberland News (Canada)

CNL surveying Port Hope residents about low-level radioactive waste cleanup

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories conducting latest in a line of local opinion surveys to determine how aware residents are of the cleanup project in Port Hope and also how confident residents are that the work can be done safely.

4 October 2018                                  Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Does Kimba need nuclear?  AND  Proud of nuclear medicine

Two short pieces.  In the first a local business-owner and farmer explains why he supports the proposed radioactive waste facility, because of the benefits to the local economy and community.  The second explains the radioactive waste created from medical treatments, the benefits that brings to all people and the Australian economy.

4 October 2018                                  Albuquerque Journal (USA)

DOE considers new classification for some nuclear waste

US’ Energy Department has launched a public consultation on classifying “higher level” waste.  Reclassification would allow more waste to be disposed of through existing channels rather than being sent for geological disposal.  Cautious response from usual critics, saying it will all be about the detail.  Story omits to mention that this consultation has been lobbied for by US local governments.

4 October 2018                                  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Hornepayne, Ont., municipal election to become debate on nuclear waste

Two campaigners against the town being a host site for the Canadian GDF have decided to stand for election, to try and change the majority vote in the council in favour of proceeding with geological testing of a proposed site.

4 October 2018                                  The Star (Malaysia)

Nuclear option should stay

Critics say its in Malaysia’s national interest not to discount nuclear power, and there are solutions to managing long-term radioactive waste.  Similar sentiments expressed in an op-ed article in the New Straits Times.

4 October 2018                                  PlayerFM (USA)

“I could give a sh*t about Yucca Mountain becoming a nuclear dump”

Discussion on local Nevada community radio service.

3 October 2018                                  Ars Technica

A little radiation may be good for you, EPA witness argues for rule change

In the week radiation experts meet in USA to discuss lowdose radiation levels, concern that America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pushing through “vaguely-worded” regulatory changes that may reduce safe permitted levels.

3 October 2018                                  Albuquerque Journal (USA)

WIPP volume hearing scheduled

The case for changing how volumes are calculated so that WIPP can hold more radioactive waste has become a local midterm elections issue.  Local Republican lawmakers and election candidates argue that the New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED) should proceed without need for a public hearing, and if there is one, it should be held in Carlsbad, the nearest city to WIPP.  Local Democrat politicians are more circumspect.  Not opposing the proposed chandge but urging careful consideration rather than a rushed decision.  Hearing set for 23 October.

3 October 2018                                  Bellona (Norway/Russia)

An old supper date with Bellona helped dismantle nuclear Russia’s nuclear waste legacy – starting with the Lepse

Bellona’s outgoing general manager recalls the humble origins of one of the largest and most successful radioactive waste management programmes.  In the late 1980s and early 1990s there was little political enthusiasm in Moscow to clean up nuclear waste in North Western Russia.  The EU was turning a blind eye, letting Russia deal with its nuclear waste legacy on its own.  But Bellona was busy collecting evidence that Russia needed more help than anyone in either Europe or Moscow was willing to fathom.  This evidence was used to raise awareness and eventually successfully secure European funding to help Russia clean up the waste.

3 October 2018                                  Physics World

Back to the future

On its 30th anniversary, the editor of Physics World looks back over issues which still confront physicists after all this time.  Radioactive waste and the search for geological disposal sites is one of the key issues which has yet to be resolved.

3 October 2018                                  The Sandpaper (USA)

Nuclear Fuel Transfer Complete, Oyster Creek Generating Station Not Authorized for Operation

Article explaining the regulatory process now that the local nuclear plant has officially closed.  Focuses on Holtec’s proposed acquisition to shorten timescale of removing the radioactive waste from the site, and the planned temporary storage facilities in New Mexico and West Texas.  All of this requires Nuclear Regulatory Commission approval.

3 October 2018                                  New Jersey Insider (USA)


US Senate candidate Bob Hugin condemns the Senate for failing to pass legislation that had overwhelming bipartisan support in the House Representatives.  The law would require the Department of Energy to consolidate and temporarily store waste until it develops a permanent nuclear waste repository. The legislation also would compensate communities that have been storing the nuclear waste.

2 October 2018                                  Taipei Times (Taiwan/Germany)

German delegation: Fourth Nuclear Power Plant could be turned into theme park

Report on a visit to Taiwan by German officials to share experience of decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

2 October 2018                                  Liberation (France)

Is the burial of nuclear waste practiced in France, and what are the risks?

Overview of France’s geological disposal policy and plans by a leading national newspaper.

2 October 2018                                  Sp!ked

An ode to nuclear waste

A creative and very different way to explain and discuss radioactive waste.

2 October 2018                                  Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Way will be found for Kimba to have say

Local politician Rowan Ramsey says a way will be found for the vote to proceed on whether the area wants to host the proposed low-level radioactive waste repository.

2 October 2018                                   Penn Live (USA)

Ahead of Three Mile Island closing, nuclear safety advocates call attention to waste

Activists concerned that surface storage and radioactive waste transportation plans will continue to pose a risk to local people.  The site operators state their plans require regulatory approval.

1 October 2018                                   Business Daily (Kenya)

Nuclear agency plays critical role in country

Response from Kenya’s Nuclear Electricity Board, refuting claims that Kenya not able to cope with radioactive waste or meet safety standards, saying that Kenya following international standrads, working closely with and getting support from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

1 October 2018                                   Daily Nation (Kenya)

Nuclear power negates hope for prosperity

Greenpeace Kenya explain objections to Kenya developing nuclear power, key amongst their concerns is the issue of radioactive waste management:  “For a country where solid waste management is a big problem, radioactive waste from a nuclear power plant will pose a massive challenge.”

1 October 2018                                   Malay Mail (Malaysia)

In defence of nuclear energy — Arveent Srirangan Kathirtchelvan

Op-ed critical of the Government’s decision, saying risk and costs of nuclear energy are much less then perceived, and that meeting climate change and carbon emissions targets harder and more costly using other forms of energy generation.

1 October 2018                                   New Straits Times (Malaysia)

Malaysia: No to nuclear

Further supportive media commentary on Malaysia’s decision not to adopt nuclear power, because of long term radioactive waste issues.

1 October 2018                                    IAEA

IAEA Mission Says Luxembourg Committed to Safe Management of Radioactive Waste, Sees Areas for Further Enhancement

Report on independent international expert review of Luxembourg’s management of radioactive waste.  Luxembourg does not operate any nuclear power plants and has only a small amount of radioactive waste from medical and other activities which are stored locally before being sent to Belgium for subsequent management under a bilateral agreement.  Also reported by World Nuclear News

1 October 2018                                   Vice News (USA)

Illinois and Nevada are fighting over where to store nuclear waste

4-minute news item explaining the political impasse around Yucca Mountain and Rep Shimkus’ attempts to progress the project.


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