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21 July 2018                                          Reno Gazette Journal (USA)

Heller says he backs Trump court nominee despite 2013 opinion that advanced Yucca Mountain

Widely-seen as the most vulnerable Republican Senator facing re-election this November, Nevada’s Dean Heller backs Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Story also covered by Las Vegas Review-Journal, KOH-AM Newstalk

20 July 2018                                         TB NewsWatch (Canada)

More nuclear waste test drilling planned for Ignace area

Having completed the first test 1000m borehole (the core samples taken will take about a year to analyse), an article explains next steps and the need for up to 20 boreholes to collect all the necessary information about the areas’s geological suitability.

20 July 2018                                         Realnoe Vremya (Russia)

Russian Rosatom dominates global nuclear energy market

Biggest long-term risk to Rosatom is the amount of radioactive waste to which it is contractually-obliged to manage and dispose of.

20 July 2018                                         Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Scoping meeting on Holtec held in Hobbs

Continued opposition to Holtec’s plans for a temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico expressed at the latest of many public hearings into the proposals.  Story also covered by KRWG National Public Radio New Mexico, KOB News4, KRQE

20 July 2018                                         Durham Region (Canada)

The Pickering nuclear plant’s explosive secret

Pending a permanent geological disposal facility, activists are concerned that proposed surface interim storage facilities are not being built to protect against rocket, bomb or aircraft attacks.

19 July 2018                                          Yale Environmental 360 (USA)

Why Nuclear Power Must Be Part of the Energy Solution

Pulitzer prize winner sets out a case for nuclear energy, and recognises that radioactive waste management is the key public issue to address.

19 July 2018                                          Clipper28 (India)

Govt elaborates in Parliament on nuclear waste disposal

Replying to a Parliamentary Question, Indian Government reveals there have been no radiation leaks in past three years, and that India’s multi-barrier protection systems are in line with international best practice.

19 July 2018                                          Laka (Holland)

Council of State examines nuclear waste NRG Petten

Activist concern that the approved radioactive waste disposal method is driven by cost rather than environmental considerations.

19 July 2018                                          San Clemente Times (USA)

Op-Ed: What’s Next for SONGS? A Surfer’s Perspective from Inside the Offline Nuclear Power Plant

Environmental activist reports on his tour of San Onofre nuclear site, focusing on the radioactive waste storage and disposal options.  Reluctantly accepts that waste will be stored on site for foreseeable future in interim surface storage facilities, but notes that public will pressure government for a permanent geological disposal solution: “Long-term, the U.S. government needs to address the situation and figure out a way to get nuclear waste out of communities and into safe, secure storage. That’s really where the fight will be in the months and years to come.”

18 July 2018                                          NewsWire (Canada)

The Nuclear Waste Management Organisation issues Reconciliation Statement collaboratively with Indigenous Elders and youth

Canada’s organisation (NWMO) responsible for finding a GDF site is leading the way towards reconciliation by acknowledging historical wrongs in Canada’s past.  The 2015 Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada in 2015 recommended the corporate sector build respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples.  According to tribal elder Dian Longboat, “the NWMO is demonstrating leadership by interweaving First Nation and Métis voices and Indigenous Knowledge systems into its ongoing work.  Taking an active role in reconciliation and responding to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will serve the NWMO well as it works to build meaningful relationships founded on mutual trust and collaboration with First Nation and Métis peoples, their organisations and communities.”

17 July 2018                                           ANDRA (France)

Signature of a partnership agreement between Andra and its German counterpart BGE

As Germany restarts its process of setting up a deep disposal site for highly radioactive waste, a 5-year agreement signed with France’s ANDRA so that Germany can learn from France’s experience.

17 July 2018                                           Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Opposition rallies ahead of public hearing on Holtec site

Public encouraged to participate in further planned public hearings, as this article sets out key arguments being placed for and against the proposed temporary radioactive waste facility.

17 July 2018                                          US Department of Energy

WIPP’s Young Professionals Group Builds Career Paths, Supports Community

Social media posting of how younger staff at WIPP are engaged in exchanging learning across sites and disciplines, and working with the local community.

16 July 2018                                          Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba workshop to be held for small-medium businesses

Potential business opportunities presented for local companies if proposed radioactive waste facility is constructed.  Story also covered by The Transcontinental

16 July 2018                                          Ahval News (Turkey)

Erdoğan becomes sole authority over Turkey’s nuclear energy

Concerns about the independence of the new Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) which Turkish President Erdoğan has established and placed under his sole control, and uncertainty about the future role of the Turkey Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK), which will now only be responsible for the disposal of nuclear waste.  Under the new regulatory regime radioactive waste will need be kept at the lowest possible levels, and will be stored on the Akkuyu nuclear plant — although Rosatom, which is building the power plant, has previously said it would be moving the radioactive waste to Russia.

16 July 2018                                         Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Editorial: NMED, speak up on Holtec

Concern that state authorities are not applying the same regulatory rigour to the proposed Holtec temporary facility as they did when WIPP was a proposed radioactive waste disposal facility.

16 July 2018                                          Fox5 Las Vegas (USA)

Community leaders to advocate for Nevada on Capitol Hill

Opposition to Yucca amongst key issues to be raised in Washington by a local delegation.  Also covered by Las Vegas Review-Journal

15 July 2018                                          The Daily Star (Bangladesh)

Rooppur Power Plant: No worries over safety

At the inauguration ceremony for Bangladesh’s new nuclear power plant, the Prime Minister says that Russia will take responsibility for the disposal of the radioactive waste.  Story also covered by BD News 24

15 July 2018                                          Oil Price (Russia)

Why Nuclear Energy Is Critical For Russia

In an article discussing the financial and geopolitical benefits for Russia of Rosatom’s commercial success, a warning that the contractual commitments Rosatom has made regarding radioactive waste management and the security costs and requirements of guarding that waste may create problems in the longer term.

14 July 2018                                          Politico (USA)

Yucca-ing it up

Report on the Congressional visit to the Yucca Mountain site.  Similar coverage also in Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas Sun, Nevada Independent, East Las Vegas, Newstral, Texas Energy Report, USA Breaking News Net, US & World News, Biz Dailies, Radwaste Monitor. One of the participating Congressmen, Jeff Duncan, also issued a press release in support of the Yucca Mountain site.  Visit covered by Australian media outlet Hot Copper

13 July 2018                                          Liberation (France)

More than 1 million m3 of radioactive materials and waste in France

Report on the publication of the latest update on France’s radioactive waste inventory, explaining where the waste is held and plans for its geological disposal.  Story also covered by 20 Minutes and Le Monde

12 July 2018                                          Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Lawmaker says he can’t get info on waste plan

A New Mexico state legislator is concerned that he has still not yet had responses to the almost 60 questions he sent to the administration of Gov. Susana Martinez earlier this year, questions about Holtec International’s proposed temporary radioactive waste storage site.  Story also covered by KRWG Public Radio New Mexico

12 July 2018                                          KSL Utah (USA)

Radioactive dirt and a truck fire: Critics call it a disaster in waiting

Truck carrying low-level radioactive waste catches fire in Utah, provides environmentalists with opportunity to highlight their concerns about transport of radioactive waste.  No radiation leak or risk to public health reported.  Also reported by CBS Channel 2 KUTV, WRAL

12 July 2018                                          Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Longtime Yucca Mountain supporter eyes site as funding fight simmers

Review and update of political activity relating to Yucca Mountain:  Congressional discussions to reconcile House willingness to fund Yucca project with Senate’s refusal to do so; Congressional visit to Yucca site; Nevada considering legal action against Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) after new member declines to recuse himself from decision on Yucca — Nevada claim he has previously made pro-Yucca comments and is therefore conflicted, while he says he has not commented specifically on Yucca and his alleged comments refer to his support generally for geological disposal rather than any specific site.

11 July 2018                                          Utility Week (UK)

Nuclear waste plants could be built in national parks

Under a lurid headline, a factual report of Energy Minister Richard Harrington’s appearance before the Select Committee inquiry into the draft GDF National Policy Statement (NPS).  Harrington said: “We have to look at all possible sites where communities want it. It would be very wrong to exclude them at the moment.”  He added that the acceptability of the individual facilities would depend on the impact that it had on the landscape of the area, citing a new potash mine in North Yorkshire, which has involved very little surface development, as an example of what can be achieved in an environmentally sensitive location.  “If it [GDF] was a huge 1km industrial building in the middle of a national park that wouldn’t be acceptable.”  BEIS also responded to Committee scepticism of the consent-based approach to finding a site, saying that pursuing a Plan B at this stage would undermine the approach.  Hearings also covered for US audiences by Radwaste Monitor

10 July 2018                                         The Transcontinental (Australia)

Senate hears from Hawker community

Review of the public hearings being held in which local residents and environmental groups have given their views on a low-level radioactive waste facility ahead of a local referendum in August.

10 July 2018                                         Toronto Now (Canada)

Pickering’s nuclear waste problem just got bigger

Lack of a geological repository for the disposal of radioactive waste is one the key factors in environmentalists opposition to a proposed extension to the operating licence of local nuclear plant, amid their concerns about safety of how existing waste will be stored on the Pickering site.

10 July 2018                                         New York Times

Brett Kavanaugh Likely to Bring Pro-Business Views to Supreme Court

President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee would appear to be pro-Yucca Mountain.   Listing Kavanaugh’s previous judgements, the NY Times reports he ruled that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission had wrongly delayed licensing the radioactive waste storage facility in Nevada.  His “Yucca” record also reported in Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Nevada Independent.  NY Times subsequently published more detailed analysis.

9 July 2018                                           Independent Australia

Matt Canavan’s ‘urgent’ new nuclear waste dump: The devil is in the detail

Environmentalist claims Government has not reviewed all available options for disposal of radioactive waste.

9 July 2018                                           San Francisco Bay View (USA)

Nuclear power in Africa?

Political critic of Rwanda’s President alleges, without evidence, that the US is seeking a “dumping ground” in Africa for its radioactive waste.

7 July 2018                                           La Tribune (France)

The heavy legacy of nuclear waste

Largely factual summary of the debate in France on what to do with its radioactive waste, and ANDRA’s plans to construct a geological repository at Bure.

7 July 2018                                           Hankyoreh (Korea)

March for a nuclear-free world

Short report on an annual “pilgrimage” walk in South Korea calling for the dismantlement of all nuclear power plants and facilities as well as the safe disposal of nuclear waste.

7 July 2018                                           Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Editorial: Critics should cool their jets on Holtec canisters

Local newspaper comes out in support of proposed temporary radioactive waste facility, citing a Californian environmentalist group which said this was the best available option.

7 July 2018                                           Albuquerque Journal (USA)

WIPP lands 90% of performance-based fees

Nuclear Waste Partnership (NWP), the contractor managing the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) has been awarded more than US$10.7m in performance-related fees by the US Department of Energy (90 percent of the available performance-based fees for the 2017 fiscal year).  In its performance review the DoE gives NWP an “excellent” in mission performance and “very good” in four other categories: regulatory compliance, management performance, safety and health performance and cost control.

7 July 2018                                          ABC TV (Australia)

Cultural genocide or a great economic opportunity? Nuclear waste facility divides traditional owners

Disagreement between tribal elders over whether a proposed radioactive waste facility insults traditions or creates much-needed work.  Also covered by AntinuclearNet

6 July 2018                                         Antinuclear Net (Australia)

Jodie Joyce – another true believer in the National Radioactive Waste Facility for Kimba

Appears to be the written submission of a local resident to the current Australian Senate Hearings into the proposed radioactive waste facility, in which she explains how open the public consultation and discussions actually are in this small community.  She is critical of outsiders and some within the community:  “There have been many mis informed media representations portraying our small community as divided, this has continued to put us in the wrong light …Those of us who are Adults are entitled to vote however we decide this is our chosen right … I personally hope that they will keep their negative thoughts to themselves and let Kimba’s residents make their own informed decisions.”  other submissions from residentsThe website also publishes in favour of the facility.

6 July 2018                                         The Australian

Traditional owners slam selection process

Concern expressed at Senate Hearing that Government has conducted an “ineffective, inappropriate and incomplete” Aboriginal cultural heritage assessment in its search for a low-level radioactive waste facility.

6 July 2018                                         Whyalla News (Australia)

Senator talks nuclear

Western Australian politician wants his area included in federal government consultations on where to site a radioactive waste facility, saying there is substantial local support for such a facility in the area.

6 July 2018                                         UKRINFORM (Ukraine)

Poroshenko signs decree on revival of Chornobyl zone

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree which includes additional measures for safe management of radioactive waste.  Also covered by Kyiv Post

6 July 2018                                         EU News (Slovakia)

State aid: Commission approves reductions of nuclear levy for electro-intensive users in Slovakia

The EU will allow Slovakia to reduce payments into the fund set up to cover the country’s nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management costs.  The reduced payments will only be for major industrial users “exposed to international trade”, as a way for Slovakia to help some of its main exporting businesses remain competitive.

6 July 2018                                         Politics Home (UK)

BEIS Committee members visit Sellafield site to see the massive task of cleaning up the UK’s nuclear legacy

Upbeat report on the Committee’s visit to Cumbria as part of their information-gathering and preparation for the Inquiry into the draft GDF National Policy Statement.

5 July 2018                                         GhanaWeb

Nuclear energy is the key to Ghana’s industrialization

Reliable radioactive waste management technologies are an important ‘reassurance’ as Ghanaian Minister sets out case for nuclear’s role in driving Ghana’s modernisation and economic growth.

5 July 2018                                         9 News (Australia)

Community weighs in on SA waste dump

At a public hearing in Kimba, members of the Australian Senate’s Economics Reference Committee heard from both sides of the debate about whether to site a low-level radioactive waste facility in the area.  No Radioactive Waste on Agricultural Land in Kimba, a group made up of 240 members, believes the consultation has been mishandled by the government.  However a local farmer, pointing to a local referendum in which 57% of residents voted in favour of proceeding with the project, said anti-nuclear groups speaking out against the plan had no accountability for their claims: “No matter how well-consulted, how robust the science is or how clear the consent from the local community is, the well-established anti-nuclear movement will attack the process from another angle.”  Story also covered by Whyalla News

5 July 2018                                        The Transcontinental (Australia)

Aboriginal employment at Wallerberdina Station site

Thirty Adnyamathanha community members were employed at the Wallerberdina Station site for the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility from mid-April to June.  Co-Chair of the Economic Working Group Malcolm McKenzie said he hopes the potential facility will boost employment for the local Aboriginal community: “If the new facility goes ahead, there will be 45 new jobs. I can see Aboriginal people having many opportunities to participate. It would be great news all around.”

4 July 2018                                        Brattleboro Reformer (USA)

Feds make no promises on Vermont Yankee fuel

In absence of disposal options, radioactive waste may stay on site in Vermont.  Story also covered in the Greenfield Recorder

4 July 2018                                        Infrastructure & Projects Authority (UK)

Buried in the annex (Annex D, page 21) of the Authority’s Annual Report published today is the IPA’s review of the GDF, in which they have raised their risk assessment to Amber/Red: Successful delivery of the project is in doubt, with major risks or issues apparent in a number of key areas. Urgent action is needed to address these problems and/or assess whether resolution is feasible.

4 July 2018                                        The SandPaper (USA)

Exelon Targeting 2023 for Spent Nuclear Fuel Removal at Oyster Creek: Will Begin Full Dismantling of Nuclear Power Plant in 2075

In absence of a geological disposal facility, it has been announced that radioactive waste will be kept on the New Jersey site for 60 years.  The safety and management of the process is explained in this local newspaper story.  Story also covered in Power Magazine, WHYY, KVEO, Asbury Park Press

4 July 2018                                        India Today

SC grants 4 more years for Kudankulam nuclear plant to construct waste tank, activists raise safety concerns

India’s Supreme Court grants a 4-year extension until 2022 for the construction of a required radioactive waste and spent fuel storage facility.  Also covered by The News Minute, LiveMint, New Indian Express

3 July 2018                                        Taiwan News

Dip in China’s CO2 emissions sparks cautious optimism

Analysis of China’s energy programme and Chinese public opinion on the issues notes that most Chinese people either trust that the radioactive waste problem can be solved, or they simply don’t care.

3 July 2018                                        Albany Times Union (USA)

Niskayuna supervisor confident on Knolls atomic debris storage plans

Local agreement on continued surface storage of higher activity radioactive waste at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in New York state, pending removal of waste for disposal at WIPP.

3 July 2018                                        The Engineer (UK)

Space particles help detect uranium and manage nuclear material

British scientists have developed and are deploying a new way of assessing the safety of radioactive waste, which is less intrusive and much cheaper than current practices.  The Muon Imaging System (MIS) “can be used for a variety of purposes, whether that’s inspecting old/spent material used in nuclear production to see if it’s safe to store … or inspecting historic waste without needing to chip away its concrete encasing.  This form of detection is providing the nuclear industry with an inexpensive method for testing waste materials, to which there is currently no other technological option. This should help to significantly lower costs within the nuclear industry,” according to Prof Ralf Kaiser, CEO of Lynkeos, the company established by the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to commercialise the scientific breakthrough.  Story also reported by World Nuclear News, Phys.Org

3 July 2018                                        Online Opinion (Australia)

Aboriginal First Nations and Australia’s pro-nuclear ‘environmentalists’

Article by anti-nuclear campaigner setting out arguments that have been deployed on both sides of debate about South Australia hosting radioactive waste facilities.

3 July 2018                                        Taiwan News

Taiwan still unable to find US company willing to take radioactive waste

Taiwan still cannot find either a domestic or international  solution to disposal of its low-level radioactive waste.

3 July 2018                                        Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

NRC member rejects Nevada request to sit out Yucca Mountain proceedings

A Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) member whose impartiality on the Yucca Mountain project was challenged by Nevada has refused a request that he recuse himself from any proceedings related to the proposed nuclear waste repository.  Story also covered by the Nevada Appeal, Exchange Monitor

3 July 2018                                        Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Congressional delegation to tour Yucca Mountain in Nevada

A bipartisan group of lawmakers from US House of Representatives, who support permanent storage of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain will visit the site on 14 July.  This is the first such congressional tour since 2015.  Also reported in San Francisco Chronicle, NewsLocker, San Luis Obispo Tribune, Democratic Underground, Wopular.  Story updated on 12 July, just ahead of the visit, by Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada Independent

2 July 2018                                        Tehran Times (Iran)

115 tons of medical waste produced daily in Tehran province

Report on scale of problems in safe disposal of medical waste notes the medical sources of radioactive waste that needs specialised management.

2 July 2018                                        CGTN (China)

Study finds crucial clue for safe storage of nuclear waste

Report on research which inhibits water transport of radioactivity in waste stored in a GDF.  Story also covered by ECNS

2 July 2018                                        Devdiscourse (UK)

New chair appointed to UK’s Committee for Radioactive Waste Management

Coverage of UK government’s announcement also in Energy Live News

1 July 2018                                         Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

EDITORIAL: Junking nuke fuel reprocessing plant offers no margin for error

Following the decision to decommission Japan’s nuclear reprocessing plant, leading national newspaper urges a cautious approach because “drums of radioactive wastewater are piled up in a disorderly manner in the spent fuel pool, apparently a sign that the operator never thought about the possibility of the plant being scrapped.”  However, paper notes the national opportunities and interest and that handing down “experience and expertise concerning the business of nuclear decommissioning to future generations will offer immeasurable long-term benefits for the nation.”

1 July 2018                                        Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Holtec’s storage plan isn’t worth the risk

Personal opinion piece, that despite local community, business and political support, some people remain concerned about the risks associated with transporting the waste.  This based on the newspaper’s report about an incident in February involving one of the canisters Holtec intends using to hold waste in the planned temporary storage facility.


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