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24 March 2019                                      The Day (USA)

Make the best use of Millstone’s next 10 years

Following the announcement that Connecticut’s nuclear power plant will have its operating life extended, local newspaper editorial says the long-term issue of storing radioactive waste should be addressed by Congress, by funding further research into Yucca Mountain site.

23 March 2019                                      Associated Press

US underground nuclear waste dump explained

The role of the United States’ geological disposal repository, WIPP, explained to a wide public audience.  Story reprinted in Washington Post, Miami Herald, Stars and Stripes, Public’s Radio, and internationally by UK’s Daily Mail

23 March 2019                                      Phys.Org

First-of-its-kind US nuclear waste dump marks 20 years

Review of the impact WIPP has had on nuclear clean-up, radioactive waste disposal, the local economy, et al.

22 March 2019                                      The Leader (UK)

Council says that Holywell WILL NOT host nuclear waste dump

Holywell Council in North Wales passes motion against the siting of a GDF in their area.

22 March 2019                                       Daily Post (UK)

£1m sweetener to store nuclear waste in Denbighshire fails to woo councillors

Denbighshire Councillors expected to be briefed about the GDF in the next week, but Opposition councillors already expressing their view that a GDF should never be built in the county.

22 March 2019                                       Total Croatia News (Bosnia/Croatia)

Bosnia and Croatia At Odds Over Radioactive Waste Disposal

Bosnia & Herzegovina has formally asked the Croatian authorities to give up their plan to build a radioactive waste storage site on the border between the two countries.  Bosnia says it will raise this issue with international bodies in order to protect its interests.

22 March 2019                                       Financial Times (China/UK)

Deadly explosion at Chinese plant cited for safety violations

Rising public concern about poor enforcement of safety standards and laws, particularly for toxic wastes management, including radioactive waste.  Riots against a proposed radioactive waste processing facility in 2016 led to the proposal being withdrawn.

21 March 2019                                       Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

DOE Budget Request increases NNSA funding; slashes EM, NE, Science

The body representing US local governments which host nuclear facilities continues to analyse the latest federal budget requests.  While refocusing on Yucca Mountain and legacy waste management, there are cuts in spending on environmental clean up at a number of key sites.

21 March 2019                                       CourtHouse News (USA)

California Approves Takedown of San Onofre Nuclear Plant

The California State Lands Commissioners have approved a final Environmental Impact Report for the decommissioning of San Onofre nuclear power plant.  This is an important regulatory step, but there remains widespread local concern about the wisdom of storing radioactive waste in facilities so close to the shoreline.  Story also covered by Orange County Register

21 March 2019                                       WBUR (USA)

Citizen Advisory Panel Demands Answers From Pilgrim Nuclear Plant’s Prospective Buyer

Frustration over Holtec International’s lack of information about the community implications for their proposed takeover of the nuclear plant for decommissioning.

20 March 2019                                      The SandPaper (USA)

Proposed NRC Budget Includes Funding for Federal Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository in Nevada

Local New Jersey paper, which has previously expressed concern about the closure of Oyster Creek nuclear plant and on-going on-site interim surface storage of radioactive waste, explains the rationale behind re-starting Yucca and plans for temporary storage facilities in New Mexico and West Texas.

20 March 2019                                     World Nuclear News (Bulgaria)

Consortium awarded Kozloduy contract extension

Bulgaria’s State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW) has awarded a further three-year extension to the Decommissioning-Repository Project Management Unit (D-R PMU) Consultant contract.  Funded by the EU and Member States, the project is designed to ensure Bulgaria can safely decommission nuclear sites and store radioactive waste in interim facilities.

20 March 2019                                     Grand Forks Herald (USA)

Radioactive waste bill approved by North Dakota House

North Dakota House lawmakers have approved a bill banning the storage and disposal of high-level radioactive waste in the state. The bill lays out state regulations over radioactive waste if the prohibition is superseded by federal law. Its introduction followed a public outcry when a radioactive waste storage project caught locals by surprise.

20 March 2019                                     UrduPoint (Pakistan/Russia)

Russian, US Scientists Discuss Cooperation On Nuclear Security In Moscow – Statement

Report carried from Sputnik News that US and Russian scientists meeting to discuss a range of issues, including radioactive waste management and disposal.

20 March 2019                                     Coast News (USA)

Still Getting it Wrong: The Samuel Lawrence Foundation and Spent Nuclear Fuel

Power company South California Edison explain their position, saying risk ‘mitigation’ is not about downplaying risk, but assessing and managing actual risks.  Sets out examples, eg claims buildings resistant to any seismic event in California.

19 March 2019                                       World Nuclear News

Japanese team extracts elements from vitrified waste

Report that scientists have developed new technique to extract and recycle elements from radioactive waste, and thus potentially reduce volumes of waste destined for disposal.

20 March 2019                                      FreeSpeech.Org

Don’t Miss the Nationwide Premiere of Power Struggle

A new feature-length documentary, Power Struggle, chronicles over five years the campaign waged by local community and state officials to shape and determine the closure and decommissioning of a nuclear power plant.

18 March 2019                                       Radio France International

Germany looking for a site for its nuclear waste

French language, 3 minute podcast looking at Germany’s search for a geological repository site.

18 March 2019                                       Henley Standard (UK)

’Babel’ of many languages is more a blessing than a curse

Warning future generations of where radioactive waste is buried is the key example cited of the importance of language over generations at a new exhibition at Oxford’s Bodleian Museum examining how we communicate ideas, information and stories not just between different languages but down the generations.

18 March 2019                                       KUSI News (USA)

Exclusive tour of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

Three-minute video from local news programme.  Locals wonder why waste held on surface in interim stores and cannot be geologically disposed.

18 March 2019                                       Orange County Register (USA)

Edison makes changes at San Onofre, ready to resume loading nuclear waste

Following an incident in August 2018, the Nuclear regulatory Commission (NRC) expected to rule next week on whether waste placements can resume at San Onofre.  Also reported in Los Angeles Times

18 March 2019                                       Times & Star (UK)

Council to decide response to underground nuclear waste store search

Allerdale council in West Cumbria reportedly looks set to formally respond to the Government’s search for a host site for a controversial nuclear waste store.  The council’s executive will meet later this week to discuss the search for a site for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF), and will be asked to agree to submit the draft response to RWM.  Also reported in the Whitehaven News

18 March 2019                                       Penn Live (USA)

What will become of Three Mile Island’s nuclear waste if the plant closes?

Report that nobody is happy that, because there is no federal disposal facility, radioactive waste will be stored onsite for the foreseeable future.  Article also covered in WITF, PA Post, WHYY.Org

18 March 2019                                       Diggers News (Zambia)

Does Zambia Need Nuclear Power?

Another African article questioning whether Africa has the resources to pay for nuclear, particularly the costs of decommissioning, managing and disposing of radioactive waste.

17 March 2019                                        Impartial Reporter (UK)

Councillors back motion to oppose dumping of nuclear waste

A motion to oppose the geological disposal of radioactive waste in any part of Ireland has been passed unanimously by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council.  However it was not without some political wrangling between Sinn Féin and the DUP.  Sinn Fein articulating the issues in terms of ‘British arrogance’, and the DUP saying the best way to stop the possibility of a GDF was to restore the Assembly and let it block the move.

16 March 2019                                       Aiken Standard (USA)

U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan backs Trump’s $116M request for Yucca Mountain revival

South Carolina newspaper interviews their Congressman about Yucca Mountain, and why the Trump Administration’s request to renew investigating the site is good news for South Carolina.

16 March 2019                                       Hartlepool Mail (UK)

Hartlepool council chiefs rule out major radioactive waste store coming to town

Following an “exclusive” report that by virtue of being in England Hartlepool’s geology might be suitable for a GDF, the local council says it currently has no interest in entering into the siting process.  Story also picked up by Business Breaking News

15 March 2019                                       Serbian Monitor (Serbia)

First Italian-Serbian scientific gathering dedicated to sustainable development

Radioactive waste management and disposal is one of the key topics at a joint Italian-Serbian scientific conference on Sustainability,

15 March 2019                                       Nevada Appeal (USA)

Yucca can’t take waste, Nevada lawmakers told

Director of Nevada’s Agency for Nuclear Projects has told local lawmakers that the fight to block the Yucca Mountain project continues.  But Bob Halstead did make clear that restarting the licensing process did not mean waste disposal was imminent.  There are still many years to go before Yucca could even start to accept  shipments of radioactive waste.  Halstead said Nevada had already filed over 200 suits against Yucca, and that these would take 5 years to complete. He estimated cost of the proceedings at US$1.66 billion to the energy department, US$330 million to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and US$50 million to Nevada.

15 March 2019                                       Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Finishing nuclear plant impractical: minister

No location of a site for the storage of highly radioactive nuclear waste, and no municipality expressing its willingness to host such a site, amongst reasons for Taiwenese Government’s decision not to re-start building new nuclear power plant.  Story also covered by Focus Taiwan

15 March 2019                                       IAEA

IAEA Strengthens its ARTEMIS Review Service

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reviews and enhances its service of providing countries with independent, peer reviews of their radioactive waste management and disposal processes.  This helps ensure every country is operating to common international standards, and is learning from experience and best practice around the world.

14 March 2019                                       St Louis Public Radio (USA)

Yucca battle pits Shimkus against Democratic heavyweights over nuclear waste

Profile of Rep John Shimkus, a Republican Congressman who’s leading the process of building effective bipartisan support for the Yucca Mountain project.  Also carried by KBIA

14 March 2019                                       Hartlepool Mail (UK)

Hartlepool identified as possible site for multi-billion pound project to store UK’s radioactive waste

Under an evocative headline, a more fact-based summary of RWM’s national geological screening exercise which belies the eye-grabbing headline.  The paper followed up this story, with a story summarising the mixed for and against opinions amongst the people of Hartlepool.

13 March 2019                                       Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

DOE’s End States Contracting Model Needs to Consider the Community (the Ultimate EM Customer)

ECA, the body representing those local governments in the US which host nuclear facilities, argues that the Energy Department and its suppliers need to take account of the local communities needs when planning and managing decommissioning and clean-up activities.

13 March 2019                                       38North (N Korea)

North Korea’s Fissile Material Production: How to Know It’s All Gone

In long article on the issues related to monitoring any denuclearisation of N Korea, states that country will need support to safely store and dispose of its radiaoctive waste.

13 March 2019                                       Greenfield Reporter (USA)

Feds should repair access road at closed power plant in Rowe

Local community believes Federal Government should pay for much-needed repairs on the little-used access road to the old decommissioned nuclear site.  The only users of the road are allegedly the security guards protecting the on-site radioactive waste — local people do not feel they should pay for upkeep of the road.

13 March 2019                                       Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP workers trapped underground during power outage

36 miners at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) were trapped underground in an elevator for about three hours on Tuesday evening due to a power outage during heavy wind and storms.  The miners were unharmed, and were being brought back up due to surface conditions.  Operations at WIPP were suspended on Wednesday so that workers did not have drive to work through dangerous and destructive winds.  Also reported by Albuquerque Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, The Olympian, Macon Telegraph, Los Angeles Times,

13 March 2019                                       MEHR News Agency (Iran)

Iran, Europe hold join seminar on nuclear safety in Vienna

Reports a joint Iran-EU workshop on nuclear safety being held in Vienna, focusing on effective implentation of the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management Convention.

12 March 2019                                       Renfrew Today (Canada)

CNL reps shared expertise at global waste symposium

Short report on local employees of Canada Nuclear Laboratory (CNL) involvement at an international conference, speaking on matters such as public and indigenous peoples’ engagement on radioactive waste management and disposal.

12 March 2019                                       Washington Examiner (USA)

New regulations coming for US nuclear plants 8 years after Fukushima disaster

Report that US’ Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is to introduce new regulations, including enhanced protection for on site radiaoctive waste storage.

12 March 2019                                       ABC News (Australia)

Outback WA council keeps hand raised for nuclear waste facility, as legal action halts progress on SA sites

While the search for a place to store Australia’s nuclear waste remains on hold pending a decision by the Federal Court, a small council in outback Western Australia still has its hand raised as a potential site.  Story also covered by The New Daily, 6PR NewsTalk

12 March 2019                                       Cambrian News (UK)

Rocks of Wales do not provide long-term solution

Retired geologist opines there is nowhere in Wales, geologically-speaking, where it would be possible to build a GDF.  This is not supported by fact or the geological profession.  He does acknowledge that surface facilities are not the long-term answer, but worries final siting decision made in Westminster will be based on ‘political’ considerations.

11 March 2019                                       Portsmouth Daily Times (USA)

Local activists invite public to forum on future of Portsmouth A-plant

Continued local resident concern about proposed interim surface storage facilities at decommissioned site.

11 March 2019                                       Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Germany’s atomic phase-out: How to dismantle a nuclear power plant

Feature-length article exploring the debate in Germany over how to permanently dispose of radioactive waste.

11 March 2019                                       KUSI News (USA)

8th anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Fukishima

5-minute segment from San Diego TV news channel interviewing San Onofre public watchdogs concerned that prolonged interim surface storage on the beach at the site of the old nuclear power station exposes the local area to a Fukushima-style risk.

11 March 2019                                       The Guardian (UK/Japan)

Fukushima grapples with toxic soil that no one wants

Japan’s government has pledged that the soil will moved to a permanent site outside of the prefecture by 2045 but not a single location has yet agreed to accommodate the millions of cubic metres of radioactive soil.  Story also covered by Energy Live News

11 March 2019                                       Clean Energy Wire (Germany)

Siemens wants to shift responsibility for nuclear waste onto German state – report

Reports that industrial giant Siemens wants to get rid of its nuclear energy legacy and shift responsibility for about 10,000 cubic metres of radioactive waste onto the German state.  Siemens, which used to be involved in nuclear power plant construction before shifting its focus to cleaner technologies like wind power, now wants to be treated like Germany’s nuclear plant operators, and hand over responsibility for the disposal of hundreds of tonnes of nuclear waste. Siemens is currently responsible for about 5 percent of the total nuclear waste in Germany.

11 March 2019                                       Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

White House Releases FY2020 Budget Request

White House 2020 budget request includes support for “the implementation of a robust interim storage program and restarting the Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensing proceeding for the Yucca Mountain geologic repository.”  Story also covered by NBC News3 Las Vegas, KTNV ABC News13, Las Vegas Review-Journal, World Nuclear News, KNPR, Nevada Current, KKFT

11 March 2019                                        Swiss Info (Switzerland/Japan)

Radioactive waste: Japan learns from Switzerland’s mistakes

Excellent overview of the Swiss process for finding a repository site, and the issues confronting Japan in its ‘consent-based’ approach to finding a GDF site.

10 March 2019                                       Energy Mix (Canada)


Fascinating investigative article looking at Canadian SNC-Lavalin’s plans to corner the global decommissioning and and radioactive waste management market, with its new US partner, Holtec International.  According to this article, both have a chequered ethical and legal recent past.

10 March 2019                                       Atascadero News (USA)

Diablo committee talks fuel waste

Report on the resident-led Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel’s meetings to address the issue of managing  radioactive waste at the decommissioned site.  The panel has concerns about spent fuel being semi-permanently stored at the site in cooling pools and the large “dry casks” designed to contain radioactive waste in interim stores.  Local community leaders would prefer US federal government moved on Yucca or find another repository site.  Also covered by KCBX FM.  Follow up reports on the meeting carried by KSBY NBCNews6

9 March 2019                                         The Week

Nuclear power is carbon-free. Should it play a bigger role in every country’s green energy plan?

Finland’s GDF is used as an example of how one of the main concerns about nuclear power, radioactive waste, can be managed and disposed of safely.

9 March 2019                                         Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

DOE reports show WIPP chemical exposure months before workers got sick

The US Energy Department is not commenting while it continues to investigate alleged safety incidents at WIPP.  However, the regular published monthly reports from WIPP mention a series of incidents that are likely to fall within the Department’s investigation.

8 March 2019                                         Le Monde (France)

A public debate on nuclear waste: “a topic that concerns us all”

Leading national newspaper welcomes an open national discussion on a difficult subject matter.

8 March 2019                                         My Newtown (UK)

Councillors say no to nuclear waste dump in the area

Powys county councillors have passed a motion making the county nuclear free, following suggestions that parts of Wales were being considered to host a geological disposal repository.  Story also covered by Powys County TimesMy Welshpool

8 March 2019                                         Northumberland News (Canada)

Residents express increased confidence in Port Granby Project safety

A survey of Port Granby residents shows a growing confidence about the safe movement and management of historic low-level radioactive waste in their community.  Results for the Public Attitude Survey show 76% are confident that radioactive waste can be safely managed at the new long-term waste management facility. This shows a marked increase in confidence in the project from previous surveys. Responses from those living in the vicinity of the project site have shown a 20 per cent increase in confidence since 2014.

8 March 2019                                         World Nuclear News

Viewpoint: The benefits of sustainable decommissioning

Thoughtful article on the challenges of, and principles supporting, social and environmental sustainability in radioactive waste management and decommissioning. Be inclusive of all opinion, the best ideas may not be within the nuclear industry!

8 March 2019                                         Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Jobs, not waste: Measure seeks alternative uses for Yucca Mountain

Nevada’s congressional caucus in Washington DC file additional legislation as a further attempt to stop Yucca Mountain.  The draft Jobs, Not Waste Act would prohibit any activity related to the Yucca Mountain site before the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) conductsed a study on the economic benefits of alternative uses of the site, and Congress had held a hearing on the findings.  Alternative uses that could be implemented at the Yucca Mountain site include an unmanned aircraft command facility, a secure data centre, renewable energy development and others.  Also reported by Las Vegas Review-Journal, Politico

8 March 2019                                         Le Monde (France)

France facing the burden of nuclear waste

Article in leading national newspaper on how France disposes of its radioactive waste.

7 March 2019                                          IAEA

IAEA Workshop Highlights ARTEMIS Peer Review Service

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) produces short video news report on a gathering of experts from around the world to discuss the ARTEMIS Peer Review Service, which provides countries with access to an independent panel of experts who ensure international standards and best practice in radioactive waste management are being upheld by all nations.

7 March 2019                                          Coast News (USA)

Nuclear waste solution remains elusive amidst polarized debate

Lengthy feature article analysing the issues with keeping radioactive waste at the decommissioned San Onofre site in interim surface facilities, and the need to progress a geological disposal repository.

7 March 2019                                          Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Deceptions about secret nuclear shipment are insulting to Nevadans

Editorial laying bare the distrust and poor relationship between Nevada’s political elite and the US Department of Energy & Trump Administration.

6 March 2019                                           Bloomberg Environment (USA)

Fight Heats Up Over New Yucca Mountain Waste Bill

A leading Republican Congressman is reaching across the aisle on legislation to resurrect plans for storing nuclear waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain.  Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.), the ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce environment subcommittee, said he is working with Democrats to revive a version of his bill that passed the House just before November’s elections.

6 March 2019                                           Tivy-side Advertiser (UK)

Ceredigion could be considered for potential nuclear waste storage site

Ahead of next week’s public consultation event in Lladudno, a local newspaper provides a factual analysis of the UK’s siting process, and reminds readers that the local Ceredigion Council has a long-standing no-nuclear policy.  The Councillor who moved the original no-nuclear motion is now the Council Leader, and reaffirms her opposition to any nuclear facilities in the Council’s area.

6 March 2019                                          The SandPaper (USA)

NRC: No Significant Safety Issues at Shuttered Oyster Creek Nuke

Reports that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have found no significant safety issues at the Oyster Creek Generating Station during the NRC’s first inspection of the site as a decommissioning power station.  However, NRC staff did find a number of issues of concern with radioactive waste facilities, processing systems and equipment.

6 March 2019                                          Hermann Herald

Nevada officials brace for new attempt to revive Yucca Mountain

Article summarising the political actions at state and federal level over the Yucca Mountain project during the past 12 months.  A Republican Congressman’s office says: “The reality is when people look at the repository site in the Nevada desert, and when they hear the world-class scientific evidence supporting its safety, most come away realizing it is the best location available for a national repository.”   Shorter version of article carried by Hanahan Herald

6 March 2019                                          Yonhap News (S Korea)

Civic groups call for measures against nuclear waste

At a rally, representatives of civic bodies voiced their objections to the disposal of highly radioactive nuclear waste in the country and called for the suspension of nuclear power plants.

6 March 2019                                          Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Act would give states voice on nuclear waste dumps

In a changed US Congress, with apparent renewed bipartisan interest in funding Yucca project, Nevada delegation makes first move to build support for alternative approach.  Their draft Nuclear Waste Informed Consent Act would require the approval of the Governor and of impacted local governments and tribes before any money could be spent on a nuclear waste repository from the federal Nuclear Waste Fund. The Act would be applicable to all 50 states, not just Nevada.  Story also covered by Nevada Independent, KTVN News2, Las Vegas Review-Journal, KNPR

6 March 2019                                          Executive Government (USA)

GAO: DOE Must Reform Program Mgmt to Improve Nuclear Waste Cleanup Efforts

Independent government watchdog, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), has published a report recommending that the Energy Department’s Office of Environmental Management (EM) develop a method of classifying nuclear waste cleanup that mitigate costs and schedules risks.   The GAO says that EM’s 2017 cleanup policy did not comply with program management good practices such as facilitating risk management throughout the project and requiring independent reviews of cleanup activities.

5 March 2019                                          Nuclear Transparency Watch (Europe/Germany)

Honey, can you please bring the waste down? German radioactive waste licensing authority looking for its role in waste research

Report on a workshop organised by the German radioactive waste licensing authority (BfE) in Berlin with a range of stakeholders to discuss its research strategy.

4 March 2019                                          Environnment Magazine (France)

Radioactive Materials and Waste Management Plan: public debate will start on 17 April

French announce launch of planned public debate on latest national radioactive waste management & disposal plan. France has a formal process for structured public debate of issues of national importance, as a way of airing issues in a balanced, non-political environment.

4 March 2019                                          National Academies of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine

Breakthrough Solutions and Technologies Needed to Speed Cleanup of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Sites

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends changes in the way that the US Department of Energy manages science and technology (S&T) development in order to accelerate the cleanup of radioactive waste and contaminated soil, groundwater, and facilities at US nuclear sites.

4 March 2019                                          Gizmodo

What’s the Worst Trash Humans Produce?

Magazine asks several experts their opinion on the ‘worst waste’ we produce.  The majority opinion seems to be plastics and chemicals, which do not degrade, and are seeping through our natural environment, and carbon dioxide.  Only one expert, from the nuclear sector, says higher-level radioactive waste, but notes we have long-term plans for safe management and disposal of radwaste, unlike other forms of waste.  Analysis also covered by Tech2

4 March 2019                                          Port Lincoln Times (Australia)

SA could be world clean energy capital

Opinion in local South Australia newspaper that the state could become a world leader in a clean energies, including nuclear — and could offer the world a radioactive waste disposal facility.

4 March 2019                                          Cryptocurrency News

Dry Interim Storage Market To Witness Comprehensive Growth By 2025

Sales summary of a commercial report analysing the global market for dry interim storage of higher-activity radioactive waste.  We do not endorse this private, for-sale report, simply flag its publication.

2 March 2019                                          News Tribune (USA)

Nevada mining town embraces environmental group’s ranch plan

The Nature Conservancy has become the largest private landowner in the Nye County community of Beatty, where the national organisation and its local neighbours are working to create a preserve for sensitive desert wildlife, and an ecotourism destination close to the Yucca Mountain site.  Their focus has been on protecting the native Amargosa toad and keeping it off the endangered species list.

1 March 2019                                          WNPR-BBC World Service (USA)

Casks Of Nuclear Waste Sit At Closed Nuclear Plants Around New England For Decades

7-minute radio interview with local journalist providing a balanced overview of the radioactive waste disposal issue in the USA, and the reason for escalating costs being driven by states suing the federal government for not building a geological repository.

1 March 2019                                          Tehran Times (Iran)

UN rejects US move to recognize Golan annexation by Israel

In a report on UN’s rejection of a motion to recognise Israels’ annexation of the Golan Heights, mention also of the UN’s report alleging that Israel was burying radioactive waste in the annexed area.

1 March 2019                                          Pierce County Tribune (USA)

Second comprehensive plan meeting held

North Dakota community developing a long-term socioeconomic ‘vision’ for their community list radioactive waste storage and disposal as a ‘threat’ rather than an ‘opportunity’.

1 March 2019                                          Bellona (Norway/Russia)

From embattled beginnings, Bellona Murmansk marks its 25-year anniversary

Story of how a small group of young environmentalists drove multinational co-operation to help Russia clean up the radioactive waste from its scrapped submarine fleet.

28 February 2019                                 The Transcontinental (Australia)

Nuclear waste info session held for community members

At the request of the Adnyamathanha and Barngarla communities, tribal leaders and other community members gathered in Port Augusta for an information session about the national radioactive waste management facility.

28 February 2019                                 Your News (USA)

‘Reset’ on nation’s nuclear waste policy includes Yucca Mountain

Academics who produced a report in January calling for a new approach to the management and disposal of America’s radioactive waste, yesterday presented their case to US Congress representatives.  Also reported in Las Vegas Review-Journal,

28 February 2019                                 STA (Slovenia/Croatia)

Local community opposes storage of Croatian nuclear waste

The local Council in Krško, site of the nuclear power plant jointly owned by Slovenia and Croatia, has opposed the idea that all waste from the power plant plus waste produced by other institutions in Croatia be stored in a repository in Vrbina that is currently under construction.

28 February 2019                                 Blackburn News (Canada)

Talks continue regarding the OPG Underground Nuclear Waste Facility

Residents with The Saugeen Ojibway Nation could vote at the end of this year on the proposed Deep Geological Repository (DGR) to store low and medium level nuclear waste in Kincardine, according to Ontario Power Generation (OPG).  Following a request from Canada’s Environment Minister, OPG were required to determine the impact of the DGR on the physical and cultural heritage of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation.  OPG hope they can apply for a site preparation construction license before the end of 2020. That would require further public hearings and consultation, as would the future operating license.

28 February 2019                                 Exchange Monitor (USA)

Senators Delay Trip to Yucca Mountain

Planned visit to Yucca Mountain site by a bipartisan Senatorial group, the first in over a decade, has been deferred, to find a time convenient for all those Senators wishing to join the trip.  Organised by Senator Lamar Alexander’s office as “part of his ongoing effort to help solve the nuclear waste stalemate.”

28 February 2019                                 Wales Online (UK)

Nuclear waste meeting in Swansea is cancelled and replaced with an online event

Report that RWM have cancelled the planned meeting in Swansea, out of respect for a Swansea Council motion asking for the event to be cancelled.  RWM now plan a webinar.  This has been criticised as excluding people who wish to participate in the debate.

27 February 2019                                  Myanmar Times (formerly Burma)

Yangon medical-waste collection system goes high tech

Report on how radioactive waste from medical applications will now be properly regulated and collected in Myanmar.

27 February 2019                                  Sinn Fein (Ireland)

Minister’s assurances on border nuclear waste plans ‘inadequate’ – Adams

Gerry Adams remains unconvinced by answer he got from Irish Government, worried that the Irish Government is being too relaxed in protecting Irish interests by accepting the British Government’s explanation that this is purely a technical exercise.

26 February 2019                                  BBC (UK)

Sellafield nuclear bosses ‘to admit contamination’

Sellafield has indicated it intends to plead guilty in response to the first ever criminal prosecution brough by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR).  Story also covered by NW Evening Mail, News & Star

26 February 2019                                  Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

ECA requests from Congress DOE evaluation on classification of certain defense nuclear wastes

Body representing US’ local government’s with nuclear facilities asks Congress to support reclassification of some forms of higher-activity radioactive waste, to bring it more in line with international classifications.

26 February 2019                                  Belfast Telegraph (UK)

DUP fails to back motion against dumping of radioactive waste in Northern Ireland

DUP councillors failed to back a motion, proposed by Sinn Fein and backed by all other Parties, opposing the dumping of radioactive waste in the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon council area.  The motion was passed by the Council.  Also reported in Portadown Times, Lurgan Mail in Irish media, eg The Journal, and more widely, eg WorldNewsNet, EuropeBreakingNews

25 February 2019                                  Politico (USA)


Politico reports that a bipartisan group of US Senators, led by Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander, will travel to Yucca Mountain this week for the first time in several years.  Alexander is a supporter of reviving stalled US nuclear waste policy, but at least one member of the delegation is attending to fight against the nuclear repository — Senator Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada tweeted she’ll be joining “to help educate my colleagues about how the project is misguided & dangerous, & cost taxpayers $19 billion with nothing to show for it.”  Also reported by E&E News, Exchange Monitor

25 February 2019                                  KUSI (USA)

Watchdog video ad warns of San Onofre danger

A public watchdog is running a TV advertisement warning of the dangers of keeping radioactive waste in interim surface facilities near the beach in San Onofre, California.  Also reported by KPBS

25 February 2019                                  Whyalla News (Australia)

Senator flags terrorism risk

Senator Rex Patrick has criticised the federal government for not informing the communities of Kimba and Hawker about the terrorism risk that could result from a nuclear waste facility being established in their area.  Senator Patrick claims the waste would be more safely kept on Department of Defence land, like at Woomera.  Senator Patrick has been running a long-standing campaign to have Woomera included on the list of potential sites for the planned low-level radioactive waste facility.

25 February 2019                                  Washington Examiner (USA)

Different parties different strategies: governors from early voting states dish on 2020 plans

Profile of new Democrat Governor of Nevada, who wants to remain ‘neutral’ in his Party’s Presidential nomination race, but has made clear any candidate wishing his endorsement must agree to a ban on radioactive waste shipments to Nevada.

25 February 2019                                  Power Technology

Mapping the future: IAEA paves the way for nuclear transition

Lengthy review of the ‘roadmap’ tool developed by the International Atomic Energy Agency, taking countries through every step required from setting up a legal and regulatory framework for new nuclear regimes, through to final disposal of radioactive waste.

25 February 2019                                  Industry Link (UK)

The search is on

Article by RWM’s GDF Siting Director Ann McCall in the UK nuclear industry trade association magazine.

24 February 2019                                  Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Mayor’s Progress report: Join Hall of Fame events

WIPP supporting festivities to mark local achievements and achievers — this year is WIPP’s 20th anniversary in operation.

24 February 2019                                  Jerusalem Post (Israel)


United Nations report re-alleges that Israel is burying radioactive waste in the occupied Golan Heights — the area was captured by Israel in 1967 and has been held ever since.  Israel vehemently denies the allegations, in a wider report prepared for the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva.  Also reported by Sputnik News, Al-Bawaba News, Palestine News Network, MenaFN, International Middle East Media Center

23 February 2019                                 New Bloom (Taiwan)


Political review of the nuclear debate in Taiwan, following November’s referendum result and the Taiwanese Government’s subsequent rejection of the result.  Further referendum being planned, including one on radioactive waste management and disposal.  Article also carried in The News Lens

22 February 2019                                 KCBX FM (USA)

Spent nuclear fuel the topic of two-day Diablo Canyon workshop

Report on the tw0-day public workshop being held in San Luis Obispo to discuss decommissioning and radioactive waste management at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.  The workshop is being hosted and led by the Decommissioning Engagement Panel, which is made up of local volunteers.

22 February 2019                                 Longford Leader (Ireland)

Renua EU candidate Michael O’Dowd launches campaign

Another Irish election candidate denounces British “plans” to dispose of nuclear waste in N Ireland.

22 February 2019                        (UK)


The Workers Party weigh in with their opposition to the area hosting a GDF.

22 February 2019                                 Law360 (USA)

Feds Must Pay $103M For Nuke Waste Contract Breaches

A US Court of Federal Claims has ruled the federal government owes US$103.3 million to three nuclear power companies for not fulfilling its contractual obligation to dispose of radioactive waste.  Followed up locally by Times Record

22 February 2019                                 World Nuclear News

REVIEW: Planning ahead for decommissioning

A ‘stating the obvious’ conclusion to a new World Nuclear Association (WNA) report, that of you plan ahead and include waste management and disposal in your original plant plans, you can reduce waste and costs and improve efficiency.  Who would have thought?

21 February 2019                                  Fiji Sun

Ban Of Hazardous, Radioactive Wastes Tops Agenda

The Waigani Convention is a regional treaty that bans the export of radioactive wastes to Pacific Island Forum members.  Short report on latest regional meeting being held in Fiji.

21 February 2019                                  The Economist (UK)

We must fight to preserve digital information

Head librarian at Oxford University’s Bodleian Libraries discusses issues related to long-term storage of digital records, citing Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) as a key example of being able to preserve records long into the future.

21 February 2019                                  Exchange Monitor (USA)

WIPP Contractor Working to Curb Underground Air Emissions

Report on the programme underway to improve ventilation and underground air quality at the facility.

21 February 2019                                  Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP under federal investigation for worker exposures

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is to investigate allegations that workers at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) were exposed to several hazardous chemicals and excessive heat last year.  Between July and October 2018, employees in the underground nuclear waste repository were potentially “overexposed” to carbon tetrachloride, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide, and to a “series” of heat-stress incidents.  Also reported in Albuquerque Journal.  Story has subsequently picked up by KRWG, KOB News4Albuquerque Journal (again), KUNM, San Francisco Chronicle, Durango Herald, US News & World Report

21 February 2019                                  Sinn Fein (Ireland)

Irish Government must reject British suggestion of dumping nuclear waste in Ireland

Sinn Fein MEP continues Sinn Fein’s opposition to “plans” to build a GDF in N Ireland.

21 February 2019                         (China)

Polluters of waterway to face harsher punishments

China will hand down more severe punishments to those who discharge or dump radioactive waste, or other hazardous wastes, in the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

21 February 2019                                  Port Lincoln Times (Australia)

Champion running as The Greens’ Grey candidate

Profile of local Green Party candidate, who opposes planned low-level radioactive waste repository near Kimba.

20 February 2019                                 Miami Herald (USA)

State sounds alarm over sale of Pilgrim for decommissioning

The Governor and Attorney General of Massachusetts have jointly asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for the right to intervene in the proposed sale of the Pilgrim nuclear plant to Holtec International.  Holtec plan to speed up and reduce the cost of decommissioning the plant and of removing radioactive waste from the site.  However, Massachusetts state have concerns whether there is sufficient funding allocated/set aside to ensure the job is done correctly.  Also reported by WBUR

20 February 2019                                 TASS (Russia)

Scientists offer new technology to absorb liquid radioactive waste

Russian scientists claim to have developed a new method to more efficiently extract radionuclides from waste materials.  Story also covered by MenaFN

20 February 2019                                 Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

What did WIPP accomplish during a month-long pause?

Report on the list of maintenance activities conducted during January’s planned closure of WIPP.

19 February 2019                                  Leinster Express (Ireland)

A Laois road trip across the soft border into Northern Ireland

Observations from an Irish woman, who’d never before travelled north of the border, on the historic and cultural forces that have shaped border-town Newry, and continue to shape the town with the recent fears that Britain may build a radioactive waste repository in the region.

19 February 2019                                  Shropshire Star (UK)

Would you welcome a nuclear waste site under your community?

Lengthy and balanced analysis of the GDF siting process, but little local support expressed in Shropshire.

18 February 2019                                  Focus Taiwan

Former President Ma to host energy conference in March

Despite the former President leading a pro-nuclear charge, Taiwanese government says it cannot proceed with nuclear until they have found a disposal solution for the waste.

18 February 2019                                  Interesting Engineering

Is Storing Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain Actually a Problem?

Interesting article exploring the issues with radioactive waste, and comparing the heavy-regulation related to nuclear waste which is not applied to even more toxic wastes produced by the renewables sector.

18 February 2019                                  Wales Online (UK)

Council leader voices ‘strong opposition’ to nuclear waste burial proposals

The leader of Neath Port Talbot Council has said the local authority will not engage “at any level” when it comes to an upcoming consultation on possible sites where nuclear waste can be buried.

18 February 2019                                  Irish Independent

Concerns over possible nuclear waste dump across the Border

Concerns over the possible location of a nuclear waste dump across the border raised during a meeting of Dundalk District Council. Cllr Mark Dearey said that because the local authority would have to give consent, he felt the prospect of any local authority agreeing to be host close to zero, and therefore it was a case for vigilance but not alarm.  Dundalk Council noted that Newry and Mourne Council, across the border, had passed a proposal that they would not host a nuclear dump and were calling on all ten local authorities in Northern Ireland to do the same.  Article also carried in The Argus

17 February 2019                                  Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

Nuclear-waste bunker decision likely to fall to next federal government

It will take time before a decision is taken on Ontario Power Generation (OPG) planned repository for low and intermediate-level radioactive waste.  The Canadian Government Environment paused the process in August 2017 to ensure buy-in from Indigenous people in the area. However, members of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation have made it clear they are in no rush to give OPG their blessing for the proposed facility.  About two dozen sessions are planned for the coming months to allow OPG to explain why it believes the repository is the best way to go. A “period of reflection” will follow those sessions leading to a community decision, perhaps by the end of 2019.  Story also covered by Toronto City News, CTV, Canadian Press, Yorkton This Week

16 February 2019                                  Grand Forks Herald (USA)

Watchdogs: ND must draft strong laws in case of possible nuclear waste dump

Analysis of North Dakota’s new law regulating radioactive waste disposal.  Law designed to give public and political oversight of any proposals, after a 2016 event in which a proposed borehole investigation was uncovered by local media — a planned test for which there had been no community input, no contact with county commissioners or other local officials, and no public education.  Article also in West Fargo Pioneer

16 February 2019                                  Ukiah Daily Journal (USA)

California Focus: Will San Onofre spur a Yucca mountain revival?

Article saying that radioactive waste cannot be left in interim surface facilities around the country — a longer-term solution is required.  Also carried by Community Voice

15 February 2019                                  Dundalk Democrat (Ireland)

Louth senator assured that UK Government has no plans for nuclear dump in Mournes

Having asked a question in the Irish Parliament, local Senator is satisfied Irish government on top of the issue.  Story also covered by Talk Of The Town

15 February 2019                                  Irish Central

Are the UK government going to store radioactive waste in Northern Ireland?

Further Irish media coverage of the N Ireland story.

15 February 2019                                  Fox News West Dakota (USA)

Radioactive waste disposal and storage bill passes in Senate

The North Dakota state Senate has passed a bill putting more restrictions on radioactive waste disposal and storage in North Dakota.  In an apparent concession to citizen concern, to ensure greater political accountability, the bill was amended so that two members of the legislature (rather than just public officials) now sat on the council which will review site proposals and issue approval/disapproval recommendations.

15 February 2019                                  38North (N Korea)

A How-To Guide for Disabling and Dismantling Yongbyon

With the upcoming planned summit between US and North Korean leaders, an interesting article that analyses the practicalities of shutting N Korea’s nuclear facilities, saying that the international community will need to step in to handle the disposal of spent fuel and radioactive waste.

14 February 2019                                  Irish Independent (Ireland)

Concerns to be raised at UK nuclear waste plan for Mourne Mountains

Update in Irish media about the planned meeting between Irish Foreign Minister and UK’s NI Secretary.

13 February 2019                                  Irish News (UK)

Reports that nuclear waste may be stored in Mourne mountains ‘spreading fear’

After questions raised in Irish parliament, the Irish Foreign Minister expected to raise the issue of a GDF in N Ireland during planned talks with the UK’s N Ireland Secretary later this week.  Story also covered in Ireland by the Irish Independent

13 February 2019                                  The Sandpaper (USA)

Legality of Holtec’s Interim Spent Fuel Repository Application Called Into Question

Local New Jersey media report in legal arguments in recent public Hearings into Holtec’s proposed facility. Second, supplementary article outlining wider history also published by The Sandpaper

13 February 2019                                  Farming Life (UK)

McGlone to meet with DAERA over Brexit plan

Mid-Ulster MLA (Member of the NI Assembly) and SDLP spokesperson for agriculture, Patsy McGlone, is to meet with the Permanent Secretary of Northern Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) to discuss preparations for Brexit, but will also raise the issue of RWM’s search for a GDF site.  He will seek assurances from the Permanent Secretary that the Department will under no circumstances agree to any proposal to dispose of radioactive waste material in any part of N Ireland.

13 February 2019                                  Washington Examiner (USA)

Lisa Murkowski sees ‘Green New Deal’ as opportunity to push stalled energy bill

Chair of US Senate Energy Committee says she is more optimistic than ever that there is bipartisan support in both Houses to fund action on radioactive waste management and disposal, ie Yucca.  Story also covered by Standard & Poors

13 February 2019                                  ABC News (Australia)

Nuclear waste site selection process triggers mental health concerns, business boycotts and division, FOI documents reveal

Freedom of Information (FOI) documents allegedly reveal the Federal Government has been aware of “potential mental health issues”, from as early as 2017, caused by the search for a site to store the nation’s nuclear waste.  The documents are primarily copies of correspondence between individuals and community organisations and the federal government.  They reveal the differing views within the local community that have already been well-documented and reported by media across the world, and the previously-public claims by some people that the stress of the situation was affecting their health.

12 February 2019                                  Novethic (France)


Analysis of France’s radioactive waste stockpile, and the steps being taken in France (and other countries) to manage and dispose of the waste.

12 February 2019                                  Milford Mercury (UK)

Pembrokeshire is on the list of potential nuclear waste storage sites

Factual balanced article about the GDF siting process.  Also carried in the Western Telegraph

12 February 2019                                  WGBH (USA)

The Future of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station: Radioactive Waste and Many Questions

Local concern that the dry cask stores present security and explosion risks.  Cynical about proposed new owners’ plans to remove the radioactive waste from the site.

12 February 2019                                  Compelo Energy

Deep Isolation CEO on how to solve the world’s spent nuclear fuel issue

PR-ry piece about Deep Isolation’s self-proclaimed solution to the world’s radwaste problem.

12 February 2019                                  Dundalk Democrat (Ireland)

‘Risks of nuclear dumping don’t bear thinking about’

More concern and outrage across the Irish border, based on a misunderstanding of RWM’s plans.

12 February 2019                                  The Wave (UK)

AM ‘Horrified’ by Swansea Nuclear Waste Plans

Welsh Conservative AM for South Wales West has spoken out against Swansea being a potential host site for a GDF, and urges residents and other politicians to do the same, saying: “Even if this waste may be safe, I don’t want Swansea’s residents or its economic future being harmed by long-lasting worries about future contamination.”

12 February 2019                                  Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Nuclear power supporters plan three new plebiscites

Following Government’s decision not to adhere to result of November 2018 referendum, by continuing nuclear phase out, nuclear power proponents have said they will launch new referendum proposals to extend the operation of nuclear power plants and relocate nuclear waste stored on Orchid Island.

12 February 2019                                 The Australian

Call for decisions over nuclear waste and facilities

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expert review team has called on the Australian gov­ernment to decide the fate of ­ageing nuclear facilities and resolve ­uncertainty over waste management.  In a report published yesterday, the IAEA’s recommendations include that Australia “take actions with specific milestones to ­address decommissioning of ­facilities and radioactive waste management by assuring the strategies, programs, funding and technical expertise for safe completion are in place”.  Story also covered by Whyalla News

11 February 2019                                  Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP is the crown jewel to accomplish clean-up

With the recently approved of a WIPP permit modification, which increases the volume of waste WIPP is allowed to hold,  becoming a “political football” for anti-nuclear organisations and politicians, the Head of the local Nuclear Task Force responds to outside critics.

11 February 2019                                  Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Outsiders try to silence local support for Holtec

Local Commissioner worried that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission may listen to a “small number of vocal and well-connected outsiders who have decided they know what’s best for our community.”  He says local community support for the proposed temporary storage facility is based on facts, hard science and a positive experience with WIPP, Urenco and the energy industry as a whole.

11 February 2019                                  Federal News Network (USA)

Challenges mounting for Energy’s nuclear waste clean-ups

10-minute podcast interview with David Trimble, Director of Natural Resources and Environment Issues at the Government Accountability Office (GAO), which recently reported a US$100 billion increase in nuclear disposal costs on the year before.  Discussion about the political and technical challenges of cleaning up radioactive waste.

11 February 2019                                  New Delhi Times (India)

Nuclear Waste Disposal

Shorty video and article explaining nuclear waste disposal.

10 February 2019                                 CPH Post (Denmark)

Take over Swedish nuclear power station and cut CO2, Denmark advised

Academic suggests that Denmark’s entire energy production could be CO2 neutral within two years, at a lot less cost than any other realistic solution, if the country took on the running of two Swedish nuclear power plants due for decommissioning.  He claims a limited investment of between €50-100 million would extend the lives of the plants into the 2030s, and Sweden has plans for the radwaste disposal.

10 February 2019                                 Seattle Times (USA)

How can we expect to effectively address this problem if we aren’t even willing to accurately define it?

Mayor of Richland, community closest to Hanford, writes in support of the proposed reclassification of radioactive waste.  He notes the Governor and state Attorney General claim “our communities deserve to be heard on this dangerous idea”, but is frustrated that they aren’t actually listening to the community that is most directly impacted.

10 February 2019                                Wales Online (UK)

How likely each area of Wales is to be used to bury the UK’s stockpile of the most lethal nuclear waste

Good attempt to simplify and explain the regional geological analyses published by RWM.

9 February 2019                                  Aiken Standard (USA)

Guest editorial: Nuke waste destined to remain

South Carolina newspaper bemoans lack of progress in advancing a geological repository, which thus requires radioactive waste to be stored on an indefinite interim basis in local surface facilities.

9 February 2019                                   PML Daily (Uganda)

Uganda to generate nuclear energy amidst safety, environmental concerns

Lengthy analysis of Uganda’s nuclear programme.  Key concerns remain over long-term management and disposal of radioactive waste.  Critics point out that government can’t even collect normal domestic garbage, that some hospitals and clinics have a record of carelessly disposing of toxic medical waste in landfills, and so are not reassured by government insistence it can handle nuclear waste.  There are questions about the country’s ability to deal with a radioactive waste leak, which even advanced economies like Japan have struggled with.  Article originally published by Thomson Reuters Foundation

8 February 2019                                   Coast News (USA)

Nuclear experts: San Onofre officials ‘downplaying risks’

Row breaks out between scientific experts about the radiation risk posed by the waste at the San Onofre site.

8 February 2019                                   Japan Times

Africa sees nuclear power as answer to continent-wide electrification goal

In article looking at nuclear’s potential impact on African economies, concerns are raised that Rosatom (which is leading the new nuclear drive in Africa) is failing to provide detailed consideration of radioactive waste management and disposal.  Some observers concerned about lack of long-term planning in regions affected by rebel groups and weak government institutions, and doubt Russia’s assurances it will collect all the nuclear waste: “You could end up with very unfortunate situations in parts of Africa . . . if you have a decaying nuclear power plant overrun by rebels, with waste that’s not going away.”

8 February 2019                                   Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Nuclear waste in disused German mine leaves a bitter legacy

Germany’s environment minister recently visited the Asse mine, where 126,000 barrels of radioactive material are stored. Frustrated locals want the waste disposed of more safely elsewhere — a project that will span decades and cost billions.  Story picked up by Russia’s Sputnik News

8 February 2019                                   Dickinson Press (USA)

Changes sought to ND high-level radioactive waste bill

A citizens group is still seeking amendments to North Dakota legislation that they claim will give too much decision-making power to unelected officials in determining the location of any future radioactive waste facility.  Also reported in Grand Forks Herald

8 February 2019                                   Belfast Live (UK)

Northern Ireland tourism sites included in UK radioactive dump search

Another article assuming there is a plan in place for Northern Ireland, despite denials.  Reports that 10,000 people have already signed a public petition against siting of a GDF in the Newry & Mourne area.

8 February 2019                                   Irish Examiner

Newry nuclear dump a possibility: Renewables are the best option

Editorial suggests that the Irish are being hypocritical — opposed to nuclear power, but happy to accept energy from UK generated by nuclear power plants.  Says Irish need to invest more in their own renewable sector.

8 February 2019                                   The Journal (Ireland/UK)

FactCheck: Is the UK government considering an area near Newry for a nuclear waste disposal site?

Local paper concludes that the claim the British government is considering an area near Newry for a nuclear waste disposal site is not wholly accurate.  Paper says there are elements of truth in the claim, but also elements of falsehood: “Preliminary work has been carried out to see if the site in Northern Ireland could work, but we are far, far away from a GDF in the North being a reality given how much would have to happen before it could be built.”

7 February 2019                                   Plaid Cymru (UK)

Don’t make Wales a nuclear dumping ground says Plaid

The Welsh Nationalist Party, Plaid Cymru, has said Wales shouldn’t be a nuclear dumping ground in response to an invitation sent by Bruce McKirdy, Managing Director of Radioactive Waste Management Limited, to council leaders across Wales and England asking them to host a GDF.

7 February 2019                                   WCAI Cape Cod (USA)

The Future of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station: Radioactive Waste and Many Questions

Locals still concerned that even when site is fully decommissioned, the land will not be available for 60+ years, as it is required to store radwaste otherwise intended for geological disposal.

7 February 2019                                   Exchange Monitor (USA)

NRC Spends $1.5K More from Nuclear Waste Fund

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has less than US$500k remaining in its budget for the Yucca Mountain project.

7 February 2019                                   Gloucestershire Live (UK)

Cheltenham chosen for consultation over where UK’s radioactive nuclear waste might be buried

Despite strident denials by RWM, local media left pondering whether selection of location for a public consultation event hides a siting agenda.  Also reported by Breeze FM

7 February 2019                                   KUSI San Diego (USA)

Officials search for permanent solution to store nuclear waste

Six minute local TV news ‘special report’ on the need for a permanent radioactive waste disposal facility rather than keeping waste in local interim surface storage.

7 February 2019                                   Irish Times (Ireland/UK)

Nuclear waste facility could be located in Border town

As local councillors reject prospect of hosting a GDF, on basis of one regional geological video, Irish politician on the other side of the border issues a more nuanced response. Fine Gael councillor for Dundalk,  John McGahon, said the initial report was likely nothing more than a “fishing expedition”; that probability of any plan being approved was “extremely remote”; it was important politicians on both sides of the Border were not “asleep on the issue,” but equally that local representatives did not engage in “scaremongering”.  Similar reporting in the Dundalk Democrat, Talk of the Town, Drogheda Life,, JOE,, BBC NI, AgriLand.  UK’s Nuclear Free Local Authorities support NI opposition to the plans.

7 February 2019                                   Armagh-i (UK)

Motion to oppose any attempt to dump nuclear waste in borough to go before council

Cross-party support being sought for a Sinn Fein motion being tabled for the next full meeting of Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council, calling for a united front in opposing any attempt to dispose of radioactive waste in the borough.  Sinn Féin MLA Cathal Boylan welcomed that British government plans to use parts of counties Armagh and Down as sites to dispose of nuclear waste have now been ruled out, while condemning the British government for considering proposals which he says shows the disregard they have for the north of Ireland and its people.  Story also covered by, Newry Times.

7 February 2019                                   Times & Star (UK)

Landowners in Cumbria can suggest sites for nuclear store

Reasonable factual report on the new GDF siting process.  Quotes local councillor David Moores saying this was the beginning of a “long journey” which could take more than 20 years, and that “before this council makes any decision it needs to understand the process – and that process is very different to what we have previously had … and can be driven by the grassroots up.”  Also reported by In-Cumbria

6 February 2019                                   Reporterre (France)

Nuclear waste: the British government is desperate for a solution

Britain seeking to “seduce” communities by offers of financial rewards for hosting a GDF.  Surprised that with Brexit, UK Government has decided to press ahead at this time with this issue.  Britain has long history of seeking a solution to radioactive waste disposal, but it is not a subject of public debate.

6 February 2019                                   Sinn Fein (Ireland)

Louth at risk from border nuclear waste plans – Adams

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams writes to Irish Government asking if they are “aware of or were consulted about a proposal by the British state’s Radioactive Waste Management group to store waste nuclear material deep underground in the Mournes and Slieve Gullion area”, adding that, “the Irish government must ensure that the British government knows that it will not tolerate any nuclear waste facility being constructed on the island of Ireland”.

6 February 2019                                   Boulder City Review (USA)

Test site tour offers blast from past

A tourist’s review of the public tour of the area around Yucca Mountain, citing the lack of radioactive risk despite the area’s weapon’s testing history and storage of radioactive waste.

6 February 2019                                   ITV News (UK)

Councillors meet to discuss controversial nuclear waste dump

Councillors in west Cumbria will discuss whether an underground nuclear waste store should be considered for the area.  This is first time Copeland Council’s nuclear panel has met since last month’s announcement that the Government would be re-opening the hunt for a volunteer “host community”.  The council is yet to agree its official stance on the creation of a multi-billion pound underground waste repository known as a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF).

6 February 2019                                    Daily Post (UK)

North Wales consulted as nuclear waste site sought by government

Report on RWM’s public consultation, and the events planned in Wales in Llandudno and Swansea.  Article makes clear that no facility will be built in Wales unless the local community supports the proposal.  Story also covered by Wales Online, The Wave

6 February 2019                                   Shepway Vox (UK)

Cllr Roger Wilkins cast doubt over Romney Marsh nuclear dump

Report by local campaign blog that Chair of the Romney Marsh Partnership says they are not looking to do anything else about declaring an interest in hosting a GDF.  According to the blog this casts doubt over the whole project and whether it will or will not be going ahead.

6 February 2019                                   Exchange Monitor (USA)

Nevada Appeals Judge’s Refusal to Block Already-Completed Plutonium Shipment

Nevada has continued with its appeal of a federal judge’s refusal to block a shipment of plutonium into the state, even though the material in question has now already reached been shipped and received.  Also reported by Las Vegas Sun, Herald Whig

6 February 2019                                   World Nuclear News

Licence resubmitted for Belgian repository

Ondraf/Niras, the Belgian agency for the management of radioactive waste, yesterday submitted a completed licence application for the construction of a low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste disposal facility at Dessel. An earlier version of the application was deemed incomplete.

5 February 2019                                   Yahoo! News

The Cost to Clean Up America’s Cold War Nuclear Waste Jumps to $377 Billion

Increased liabilities and underfunding of decommissioning and clean-up activity revealed in a Government Accountability Office report to Congress.  This media report originally appeared in Popular Mechanics.  Also reported in HazMat magazine

5 February 2019                                   Irish News (UK)

Stormont suspension thwarts nuclear dump proposals

RWM respond to initial news story, making clear that it is very unlikely that a GDF would ever be built in Northern Ireland.  Also reported in Armagh-i, Newry Times, The Canary

4 February 2019                                  Belarus News

IAEA notes Belarus’ comprehensive set of international agreements on nuclear emergencies

Belarus pats itself on the back for a positive report from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

4 February 2019                                  Dryden Now (Canada)

Nuclear waste repository update

Short piece on plans to do more borehole drilling near Ignace this summer, as part of the programme of assessing geology at depth to help determine a potential location for Canada’s deep geological repository.

4 February 2019                                  Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

COMMENTARY: Science and engineering versus NIMBY politics

Article condemning Nevada politicians for fanning fear and falsehoods rather than focusing on fact.

3 February 2019                                  Newry News (UK)


RWM’s geological screening videos covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland, have been interpreted as a British government plan to bury nuclear waste in Ireland.

3 February 2019                                  The Tribune (India)

‘Safety a challenge in nuclear reactors’

Brief discussion about nuclear power with a French physicist — mentions that French have a solution to radioactive waste disposal at the proposed Bure repository.

2 February 2019                                  Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nevada is not America’s dumping ground

Outrage amongst Nevada’s business and political elites at the rest of the country’s attitude towards Nevada.

1 February 2019                                   Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Nuclear power to be abolished in 2025

Despite the November referendum result, the Taiwanese government are to press ahead with their nuclear phase-out plans, citing difficulties in finding a site to dispose of legacy radioactive waste as a reason not to create more waste.  Also reported in World Nuclear News

1 February 2019                                   Pierce County Tribune (USA)

EDITORIAL: Legislature’s effort on nuclear waste disposal an insult to Pierce County

Local media opposed to draft law which would remove local residents’ rights to stop radioactive waste being disposed or stored in their area.  Coverage of story also in Grand Forks Herald

1 February 2019                                   Kent Online (UK)

Romney Marsh nuclear dump plan still alive

Local opponents air their concerns about the possibility that local council is considering hosting the UK’s GDF.

1 February 2019                                   Reno Gazette Journal (USA)

Here’s why the DOE’s secret plutonium shipment is making Yucca Mountain foes nervous

Analysis of local political reaction to the shipment of plutonium to Nevada, and its effect on potential movement in the Yucca Mountain project.

1 February 2019                                   Fox News (USA)

Nevada officials knew of plutonium shipment plans, Energy Department says

Federal officials push back against claims they have been deceitful in how they shipped radwaste to Nevada immediately before Nevada took court action to halt the shipment.  They claim they were open and provided Nevada with information on the shipment in advance.  Nevada says federal government has acted in bad faith.  Lengthy analysis of the issues also carried by the Reno Gazette Journal

1 February 2019                                   Orange County Register (USA)

Will San Onofre spur a Yucca Mountain revival?

Opinion, backing up lengthy article below, saying Yucca must be progressed to relieve San Onofre and other sites of the burden, risks and costs of storing radioactive waste.  Opinion also published by Huntington Beach Today and San Bernardino Today

1 February 2019                                   Orange County Register (USA)

Nuclear waste burial fund grows to $43 billion, but DOE has not buried an ounce of spent fuel

Another lengthy article on the rising taxpayer and political costs of keeping radioactive waste in surface interim stores — the cost of doing nothing beginning to exceed the cost of doing something.  Article also carried by San Gabriel Valley Tribune

31 January 2019                                  Boston Globe (USA)

These dumpsters of old nuclear waste are costing taxpayers a fortune

Article states that the US government’s failure to keep its vow to dispose of spent nuclear fuel and other high-level waste is proving staggeringly expensive. So far, the government has paid out more than US$7 bn in damages for maintaining surface storage facilities across the country.  Government’s own optimistic estimates suggest at least another US$28bn of taxpayer funds will be spent in coming years, rather than dealing with the waste permanently.

31 January 2019                                  Forbes Magazine

Can We Drill A Hole Deep Enough For Our Nuclear Waste?

Report on start-up company and their first ‘successful’ test of placing radioactive waste in a deep borehole.

31 January 2019                                  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

“Incidental” nuclear waste: reconceiving a problem won’t make it go away

Reviewing the disagreement during the recent public consultation on whether to reclassify radioactive waste, article notes that local governments were in favour of change.  But article says issues of cleaning up Hanford site go beyond simply reclassifying the wastes.

31 January 2019                                  Minot Daily News (USA)

Alliance wants more local control in nuclear waste rules

A local citizens group, the North Dakota Community Alliance, which supports state permitting rules for studying or storing high-level radioactive waste, says residents still deserve a stronger voice in determining the storage of nuclear waste in their backyards than exists in a bill currently before the North Dakota Senate.

30 January 2019                                 Total Croatia News

Is Petrinja in Danger from Proposed Nuclear Waste Site?

Local concerns that their geographic isolation and widespread poverty are the driving forces behind their community being potentially selected as a site for a low and medium-level radioactive waste repository.

30 January 2019                                 Fox News (USA)

Weapons-grade plutonium was secretly shipped from South Carolina to Nevada, Department of Energy says

Secret movement of radwaste was made just prior to a legal challenge by Nevada.  The is news undermines Nevadan trust in federal government and how it manages radioactive waste.  Also covered by CNBCAssociated Press, Exchange MonitorBusiness InsiderNew York Daily Post, Nevada Independent, Las Vegas SunReno Gazette Journal, Las Vegas NowKOLO News8, Raw Story,Vice NewsMotherboardGizmodo,  Washington Post, Washington Examiner, WPDE News15, US News & World ReportArs Technica, Greenville News, Conservative Angle, KXNet. Story also covered internationally, in Taiwan News.

30 January 2019                                 Greenpeace

Greenpeace publish a report, The Global Crisis of Nuclear Waste, which claims there is a “total lack of a satisfactory and safe solution to manage this waste.”  The report analyses geological disposal programmes from 7 countries.  Report covered internationally, eg, Japan Times, Abu Dhabi’s The National, France24, Phys.Org, Malay Mail, Compelo Energy, EcoWatch, Gulf Times, Inhabitat, Climate News Network

30 January 2019                                 Flinders News (Australia)

Traditional owners left out of dump vote

Report on first day of Federal Court hearing into the challenge by the Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation into the legality of a local referendum on whether to host a low-level radioactive waste repository.  Also reported by Illawarra Mercury, Northern Daily Leader

29 January 2019                                 NBC News (USA)

Cost to taxpayers to clean up nuclear waste jumps $100 billion in a year

The estimated cost of cleaning up America’s radioactive waste has jumped more than US$100 billion in just one year, according to a Department of Energy (DoE) report.  A watchdog warns the cost may climb still higher.  The DoE’s projected cost for cleanup jumped from US$383.78 billion in 2017 to US$493.96 billion in a financial report issued in December 2018.  David Trimble, director of the Government Accountability Office’s Natural Resources and Environment team, a government watchdog, said the new total may still underestimate the full cost of cleanup, which is expected to last another 50 years.

29 January 2019                                 The Ecologist

Nuclear decommissioning era approaches

In an article relishing the demise of the nuclear sector globally, The Ecologist says “imposing” radioactive waste repositories on unwilling or divided communities are amongst the battles ahead.

28 January 2019                                 Tri-City Herald (USA)

The high cost of nuclear waste politics

Analysis suggesting it is costing US taxpayers almost US$1bn a year in legal settlements alone to do nothing to dispose of nuclear waste, and that Nevada cannot hold rest of country to ransom.  The cost of doing nothing becoming greater than the cost of doing something.

28 January 2019                                 Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Construction projects coming, as operations resume

As planned maintenance work comes to an end, and WIPP reopens after the January maintenance shutdown, WIPP management outline plans for major construction work at the site, and their plans to use local contractors whenever possible.  Also reported in Albuquerque Journal

27 January 2019                                 NewJersey.Com (USA)

A wrong turn at Albuquerque for N.J. nuclear fix? | Editorial

Editorial concerned that continued interim surface storage of radioactive waste at sites across USA, including Oyster Creek in New Jersey, are less safe and sustainable than the proposed temporary storage facility in New Mexico.  Notes that opponents to the plan do not live near the proposed facility, whereas local business, political and community opinion supports the proposal.

26 January 2019                                 Yle Svenska (Finland)

The world’s first final disposal for nuclear waste is put into use in Onkalo – Researchers: In Finland, the risks are small

Article about Finland’s deep geological repository which is under construction.

25 January 2019                                 Tempo (Philippines)

Nuclear commission

Piece in support of Philippines new legislative framework for their nuclear programme, mentions a Nuclear Waste Manage­ment Fund, from a portion of payments for nuclear generated electricity, to be used exclusively for the safe disposal of nuclear wastes.

25 January 2019                                 The Guardian (UK)

Toxic legacy: what to do with Britain’s nuclear waste

Leading UK national newspaper publish a 30-minute Science Weekly podcast analysing what to do with the UK’s nuclear waste — interviews with Bruce McKirdy and Ann McCall of RWM.

25 January 2019                                 Coast News (USA)

Rep. Mike Levin launches San Onofre task force

New local US Congressman Mike Levin sets up group comprised of local “stakeholders and experts” to address safety challenges at the decommissioning San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).  The task force’s goal is to come up with solutions to move the spent fuel currently stored at San Onofre and safely store it somewhere else.  The task force will be led by retired-Rear Admiral Leendert “Len” Hering and former  Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chair Gregory Jaczko.  Further reporting on the Task Force in a personal profile article in CourtHouse News about Mike Levin, formerly an environmental lawyer.

24 January 2019                                 CourtHouse News (USA)

SoCal Edison Could Face Fines in Near-Drop of Nuclear Waste

Report on the tough questioning in public by Nuclear Regulatory Commission investigation into an incident with a radioactive waste package at San Onofre power plant.  Local public service radio station KPBS carries additional report looking at the concerns of local residents about continued storage of radioactive waste at the site.

24 January 2019                                 24Heures (Switzerland)

Drilling authorization for nuclear waste

Swiss government agency, Nagra, have been given permission to proceed with further borehole investigations in the three final regions under consideration to host Switzerland’s deep geological repository.

24 January 2019                                 Los Angeles Times (USA)

Nuclear waste has been piling up across America with nowhere to go. Congress needs to act

Article urging Congress to act.  Noting a growing bipartisan approach.  But concerned about the ability of Congress to actually pass appropriate legislation.

23 January 2019                                  US News & World Report                

US panel hears arguments in nuclear waste storage case

Widespread reporting of the public hearings into a proposed new temporary radioactive waste storage facility in New Mexico, as supporters and opponents of the proposal set out their cases.  Media coverage includes: Yahoo! News UK, Albuquerque Journal, Carlsbad Current-Argus (critics case), Carlsbad Current-Argus (supporters case), KUNM, Brown County DemocratOrange County Register, San Francisco Gate, E&E News, WSJM, KANW, New Mexico Political Report, KRWGSan Francisco Chronicle, Electric Energy Online

22 January 2019                                 Sun Daily (Malaysia)

Infighting in PH minimal, will not affect coalition: Mahathir

In a wide ranging political speech, Malaysia’s Prime Minister re-affirmed his opposition to nuclear power until issues with the disposal of radioactive waste can be resolved, saying:  “So until then, we will not accept nuclear power plants. But when the time comes, when they (science and experts) are able to treat nuclear waste and it is safe (to the people), of course, we will reconsider … but at the moment, no.”

22 January 2019                                 Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Holtec: Hearing scheduled on nuclear site proposed near Carlsbad

Environmentalists expressed opposition to a proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facility, ahead of a two days of public hearings later this week, citing environmental concerns and the danger of transporting nuclear waste via rail.  Hearings also reported by Albuquerque Journal, News & Observer, KOB4, KRQE, KUNM, WSJM, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, San Luis Obispo Tribune

22 January 2019                                 Grist.Org

Is nuclear power worth the risk?

Long article exploring why five people changed their minds about nuclear power.  GDFWatch not intending to endorse these views, simply provide our readers with a range of opinions.  On this occasion, the thinking behind ordinary people’s decision to change their views on nuclear power.

22 January 2019                                 Post & Courier (USA)

South Carolina’s other big nuclear problem

Concern that the new US Congress will not approve funding to progress the Yucca Mountain project, meaning that high-level radioactive waste will have to remain in local surface interim storage facilities for an indefinite period.

22 January 2019                                 Phys.Org

The robots being readied to enter nuclear no-go zones

Report on the robots being used to help UK clean up 5 million tonnes of radioactive waste.  According to robotics expert Professor Rustam Stolkin “cleaning that up is the biggest and most difficult environmental remediation challenge in the whole of Europe.”Article also carried by Horizon Magazine and ECN Magazine

22 January 2019                                 UrduPoint (Russia/Japan)

Japan To Allocate $17Mln For Radioactive Waste Storage Center In Russian Far East – RosRAO

Japan is to spend more than 1.1 billion rubles (about US$17m) to create a centre for the conditioning and long-term storage of radioactive waste in Russia’s Primorsky Region.  Local residents have expressed concern over the construction of the facility, fearing that Japan might start piling up its own nuclear waste there.  Russian authorities said Japan could not store its waste at the facility as this was prohibited by Russian law, and that Japan’s financial support was solely to help resolve a Cold War legacy.

22 January 2019                                 KXNet (USA)

Spurred By Nuclear Waste Issue, Group Seeks Changes in Legislation

Local North Dakota news report on a citizens’ group attempt to further amend state legislation that would require some form of community consent before the geological testing of any potential site for the storage of high level radioactive waste could proceed.  Story also covered in more detail by Pierce County Tribune

21 January 2019                                  Reporterre (France)

Nuclear waste: Andra pays media to guide opinion in favor of Cigéo

Article critical of Andra’s communications programme in France about the deep geological repository —  particularly the paid use of youtubers and other social media channels to reach young people.  Andra’s messaging and techniques are criticised for distributing ‘misleading propaganda’ in a way that is not transparent.  Andra defends itself by saying that public interest served by raising awareness and circulating information for discussion — particularly amongst young people, who will become responsible for managing radiaoctive waste in the future.

21 January 2019                                  Lexology (Germany)

“Coal Commission’s” proposals on coal phase-out take shape

In its final report, Germany’s Coal Commission looks to the “Nuclear Waste Disposal Fund”  and its associated regulatory and legislative framework as a model to govern the phased closure of Germany’s coal power stations.

20 January 2019                                 Radio Canada


French-language video summary of a longer programme looking at the Bure repository site in France.

18 January 2019                                  OPB TV (USA)

Federal Plan Could Reclassify Hanford Nuclear Waste — And Leave it in the Ground

Five minute podcast discussing what underlies the proposed plands to reclassify radiaoctive waste, and its potential implications.  Interview also carried by KLCC FM

18 January 2019                                 Manila Standard (Philippines)

House oks proposed CNR Act

The Philippines House of Representatives unanimously approved third and final reading of the proposed “Comprehensive Nuclear Regulation Act” which provides for a comprehensive nuclear regulatory framework and establishment the Philippine Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  This includes a framework for the safe radioactive waste management.  Also reported by Manila Bulletin

18 January 2019                                 Exchange Monitor (USA)

Advocacy Groups Go to Court to Stop WIPP Waste Volume Accounting Change

Two New Mexico advocacy groups – the Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC) and Nuclear Watch New Mexico (NWNM) – have filed a legal appeal seeking to undo a New Mexico Environment Department order that allows the federal Energy Department to change the way it records underground transuranic waste volume at its Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).  Further update by Carlsbad Current-Argus

18 January 2019                                 KUNM (USA)

Former WIPP Project Leader Talks Permit Changes

In a 5-minute podcast, a former senior New Mexico Environment Department official expresses concern about the planned licence change to the way in which volumes of radioactive waste are calculated.  He believes the process has been rushed, and paves the way for a wider range of wastes to be sent to WIPP because there is nowhere else to dispose of them.

18 January 2019                                 World Nuclear News

US company demonstrates innovative waste disposal concept

Deep Isolation Inc has successfully placed and then retrieved a prototype nuclear waste canister hundreds of metres underground via a borehole, in a test the company described as the first of its kind.  Deep borehole drilling has been tested over the decades as an alternative to geological disposal, but has never been implemented.  It is one of the alternative options kept under review by the nuclear sector.  Also reported by Power Magazine

18 January 2019                                  The Diplomat (Asia)

How Direct Democracy Went Nuclear in Taiwan

Lengthy but fascinating analysis of Taiwan’s recent nuclear referendum, highlighting the limitations of referendum in trying to improve local democracy, and the public attitudes and misconceptions underpinning Taiwan’s November vote which over-turned the Government’s planned phase out of nuclear.
Tends to reinforce perception that peoples’ electoral choices are not based on facts or logic.

17 January 2019                                  KOB News4 (USA)

Appeal targets permit change for US nuclear repository

Watchdog groups are appealing a recent permit change approval by New Mexico regulators that could ultimately allow for more waste to be placed at the US’ only underground nuclear waste repository, WIPP.  Also reported by US News & World Report

17 January 2019                                  BBC (UK)

Climate change: Is nuclear power the answer?

On the day the UK Government admitted it would have to review its approach to new nuclear, the BBC’s main environment analyst explores the contribution nuclear makes to tackling climate change, citing radioactive waste as a key concern and mentioning the UK’s new GDF siting process.

Leading national newspapers The Guardian and The Independent do a similar review of nuclear policy, mentioning radioactive waste and renewed search for a repository.

17 January 2019                                  Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

Funding for Yucca Mountain and Legacy Defense Nuclear Waste Disposal

Association of local governments which host nuclear facilities have written to Senate leadership asking that they approve funding for Yucca Mountain.

17 January 2019                                  Forbes Magazine

If Progressive Democrats Care So Much About The Climate, Why Are They Trying to Kill Nuclear Power?

Article arguing case for nuclear power, but also provides interesting historical perspective on public attitudes towards radiation and radioactive waste.

16 January 2019                                  OPB TV (USA)

Federal Hanford Cleanup Watchdog Put To Sleep By Government Shutdown

The ongoing government shutdown in America is impacting on regulatory and community oversight of nuclear clean-up and decommissioning activity.  The issue is also picked up separately by the Washington Post

16 January 2019                                  Dawn (Pakistan)

Sepa to seek ‘complete details’ of DHA City projects

Management of radioactive waste a key public concern at environmental hearings into the impact of a new hospital offering specialised, radiation-based medical treatments.

16 January 2019                                 KOLO TV (USA)

Lawmakers react to Governor Sisolak’s State of the State

In his first State of the State address, Nevada’s new Governor says “Not one ounce of nuclear waste will ever reach Yucca Mountain while I’m Governor. Not on my watch.”  His address also covered by News Tribune

16 January 2019                                  Variety

DRG Boards Sales on Scandi Sci-Fi Mystery Series ‘The White Wall’

Scandinavian TV mystery sci-fi series in which a mysterious white wall is discovered at the site of the world’s largest nuclear waste depository. It becomes clear that the wall is not made of any material known to man, and the team at the nuclear waste centre must decide how to deal with it.  News of the TV programme’s worldwide syndication also reported by TVWise, TBIVision, Rapid TV News

16 January 2019                                  The SandPaper (USA)

Feds Set Date to Hear Concerns Over NJ Company’s Plans for Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will hold Hearings on 23 Jan (and possibly 24 Jan) into Holtec International’s plans for a temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico.

15 January 2019                                  EuroNews

How does Finland handle radioactive waste? By burying it

Report on the construction of Finland’s GDF.

15 January 2019                                  Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

DOE Releases Annual Transuranic Waste Inventory Report for 2018

The Department of Energy (DoE) has published its Annual Transuranic Waste Inventory Report.  The report estimates current and future inventory of TRU waste as reported by DOE generator sites. The report describes changes to the inventory since the previous annual report (issued December 2017). The TRU waste inventory information is used for regulatory purposes, as input to analyses (e.g., WIPP Documented Safety Analysis and National Environmental Policy Act analyses), and for strategic planning such as the development of new containers or shipping packages and design changes that may be made to the repository.

14 January 2019                                  S&P Global

Some US nuclear industry officials question if new repository strategy needed

With the changed Congressional landscape, three anonymous nuclear industry figure speculate whether it makes sense to keep all the eggs in one basket, and whether a geological disposal ‘plan B’ is required.

14 January 2019                                 Belarus News

Belarusian nuclear power plant representative talks about spent fuel management options

At a public conference, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant Alexander Parfenov outlined the options under consideration for storing and disposing of higher-activity radioactive wastes.

14 January 2019                                 Las Vegas Sun (USA)

First step to a solution on nuclear waste: End Yucca Mountain

UK’s new siting process is used as an example of how another country has revised its approach to finding a geological disposal site, and newspaper urges US to do similar.

14 January 2019                                 Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan)

Costs for scrapping Japan’s nuclear facilities estimated at ¥6.7 tril

Leading national newspaper estimates known costs for decommissioning at over US$60bn — but these don’t include new nuclear power plants, Fukushima and other costs.

13 January 2019                                 Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Permit changes at WIPP face challenges

US Senator Tom Udall is encouraging the new incoming administration of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to revisit a state government decision made just before she took office on 1 January that changes thew way in which radioactive waste volumes are calculated at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), in effect allowing more waste to placed in the underground repository.

12 January 2019                                 Brattleboro Reformer (USA)

Yankee sale to NorthStar completed

The sale hailed as the first of its kind in the nuclear power industry, as a decommissioned nuclear reactor was sold to a non-nuclear company for decommissioning, clean up and site restoration.  The sale means that the demolition of the nuclear plant will be undertaken decades ahead of the original planned time frame, and for less cost than the anticipated US$1.2 billion.

12 January 2019                                 Xinhua (China — Germany/Russia)

German industry calls for stronger cooperation with Russia

Collaboration on management and disposal of radioactive waste is amongst subjects the German Eastern Business Association (OAOEV) believes there should be more of between Germany and Russia.

11 January 2019                                 Wall Street Journal

Only Nuclear Energy Can Save the Planet

In a pro-nuclear item, argues that amount of waste produced by nuclear is tiny in comparison with other energy sources, and that contrary to popular opinion, there are solutions to its disposal.

11 January 2019                                 World Nuclear News

Diablo Canyon panel calls for accelerated decommissioning

A panel set up as a forum to provide community input into matters related to the decommissioning of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant has recommended a faster-track approach which does not require radioactive waste to be stored on site indefinitely.  The panel’s report says areas surrounding the plant are a “spectacular natural resource”, calls for an exploration of “repurposing” facilities as a way to both reduce the amount of demolition materials created and create opportunities for new local jobs and economic development, including the retention of marine facilities such as breakwaters and the associated harbour.

11 January 2019                                 Nevada Independent (USA)

Groundhog Day in new Congress: Yucca push coming

John Shimkus, who has previously led bipartisan attempts by the House of Representatives to fund Yucca Mountain believes the focus has now shifted to the Senate, referencing the supporttive statement by the new chair of the responsible Senate subcommittee.  Although Democrats in both the Senate and House are expected to want to try and protect the Nevada Congressional Caucus (which is mainly Democrat, but from a swing State), individual members of Congress will come under local pressure to resolve the interim storage of waste in their areas.

10 January 2019                                WRAL News5 (USA)

Hearing planned on barrel ruptures at E. Idaho nuclear site

The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board plans to hold a public hearing in May 2019 into the rupture of four barrels containing radioactive waste at the Idaho National Laboratory in April 2018.  Also reported by Seattle Times

10 January 2019                                Exchange Monitor (USA)

Alexander Wants to Fund Yucca Mountain This Year

The new chair of the US Senate Appropriations energy and water development subcommittee, Lamar Alexander has said:  “This year, we should resolve the more than 30 year stalemate over how to dispose of used nuclear fuel. I support proceeding on all fronts: funding Yucca Mountain, as well as storing used nuclear fuel at interim storage sites and at private facilities.”  Alexander did not push for funding last year because of the electoral situation facing fellow Republican Senator Dean Heller.  Heller lost his election, and now Alexander signalling a willingness to find a bipartisan way forward.  Also reported in Las Vegas Review-Journal, WATE News6

10 January 2019                                News AM (Armenia)

Armenia government approves radioactive waste safe-management 8-year action plan

At its first Cabinet session of the year, the Government of Armenia approved the 2019-2026 action plan for the safe management of radioactive waste and used nuclear fuel in the country, as well as the action plan-timetable that was developed for the implementation of this program.

9 January 2019                                  KPBS (USA)

Edison Community Engagement Panel Chair Addresses Safety Concerns At San Onofre

In a 15-minute interview with local Public Radio the chair of the Community Engagement Panel addresses local peoples’ concerns, criticises the operator for safety failures, and says the sorts of temporary storage facilities proposed in New Mexico and West Texas are an important first step until a permanent repository can be found.

9 January 2019                                  Orange County Register (USA)

Surprise redesign of nuclear waste canister at San Onofre not a big deal, company tells NRC

In a ‘pre-decisional enforcement conference’ with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Holtec International argued that the changes they made to packaging without seeking approval were insignificant and did not compromise safety, thus further penalties or sanctions were not necessary.

9 January 2019                                  Voice of San Diego (USA)

The Head-Spinning Complexity of Moving Nuclear Waste Out of San Diego

Looking at the options of what to do with the radioactive waste stored at San Onofre, and the importance of having a permanent disposal solution.

9 January 2019                                  Chemical Engineer (UK)

UK relaunches search for a GDF site

Factual reportage on the Government’s announcement and the re-opening of the UK’s siting process.

9 January 2019                                  Xinhua (China/USA)

U.S. state of Washington opposes federal plan to reclassify nuclear waste

The story is also being followed by and reported upon by the Chinese official news agency Xinhua.  And being covered in UK by The Independent, and locally by Statesman Journal

9 January 2019                                  Natural Resources Defence Council (USA)

Energy Department Wants to Abandon Radioactive Waste

Leading environmental coalition opposed to planned reclassification.

9 January 2019                                  Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

ECA Submits Comments to DOE Regarding Interpretation of High-Level Waste: ECA Supports the Common-Sense Interpretation

Group representing local governments hosting nuclear facilities submits it’s response to the Energy Department’s consultation on reclassifying radioactive waste.  US local government supports the proposal.

9 January 2019                                  American Legal News

Widespread Concern Over Trump Administration Plan to Re-Classify Some Nuclear Waste

Reporting on the local debate in Washington and Oregon about the proposed reclassification of radioactive waste [none of the reports mention the support for the reclassification by the body which represents US local governments that host nuclear facilities — see above article], the magazine concludes: “Whatever regulatory shuffling the Trump Administration – or any future presidential administration – engages in, the country will need some permanent solution to a problem that will exist for thousands of years to come.”

8 January 2019                                  Oshawa Express (Canada)

CNSC releases details on Pickering renewal

With the decision by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to extend the operating licence and life of the Pickering nuclear power plant, the local council has been putting pressure on for compensation for the storage of nuclear waste at both the Pickering and Darlington Nuclear Generating Stations “until such time as nuclear waste is stored in a permanent nuclear waste site.”  With high-level radioactive waste to remain now at Pickering until 2060, more than 30 years after the planned decommissioning of the plant, there are concerns the community will be a ‘host site’ for nuclear waste for almost 100 years.  A former councillor said:  “We’ve been a host here for many, many years but we’ve received no compensation.  We need it to be recognised, I think 100 years is pretty permanent.”

8 January 2019                                  Tri-City Herald (USA)

Feds are downplaying the dangers of Hanford radioactive waste, says Gov. Inslee

While the Governor continies to express his concerns about reclassification of radioactive waste, Hanford Communities (a coalition of Hanford-area city and other governments) and the Tri-City Development Council say that it is correct to reclassify waste based on its contents rather than its origin.

8 January 2019                                  ABC News (USA)

State of Washington opposes federal nuke waste proposal

The state of Washington has said it opposes a federal proposal to reclassify as less dangerous some radioactive waste on a site in the state that contains the nation’s largest supply because it fears much of the waste will be left in the ground.  Story also covered by Tri-City Herald, Access Washington, KATU News2, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Daily Herald

7 January 2019                                  Tri-City Herald (USA)

Feds say some Hanford radioactive waste is not so dangerous. Oregon disagrees

The US Energy Department is currently consulting on reinterpreting the definition of radioactive waste, that follows what other countries do by assessing the waste’s characteristics and risks, rather than on its origin.  Oregon first proposed this nearly 30 years ago, but is now worried that current proposals would reduce safety.

7 January 2019                                  Law360 (USA)

DOE Can’t Nix Duke Energy’s 4th Nuclear Fuel Removal Suit

A US Federal Judge has ruled that Duke Energy’s suit against the government over its alleged failure to remove nuclear fuel waste from Duke’s now-shuttered nuclear power plant in Crystal River, Florida, can proceed.  The case is one of many filed by energy companies because they have incurred additional costs to store waste which was designated for disposal by the Energy Department at Yucca Mountain.

7 January 2019                                  Greenfield Recorder (USA)

Local nuke group going to regulatory meeting

The New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution will participate in this week’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) enforcement conference assessing alleged unauthorised design changes by Holtec International of radioactive waste storage containers.  Further coverage of NRC hearing in CourtHouse News

7 January 2019                                  Nevada Appeal (USA)

Congress may again consider Nevada nuke waste site

Review of local perceptions of Yucca Mountain project, contrasting the views of the Las Vegas “elite” living a 100 miles away and opposed to the project with the views and concerns of those living locally to Yucca Mountain, who support it.

6 January 2019                                  Flanders Today (Belgium)

Mol nuclear research centre to recover uranium from waste

The amount of radioactive waste from medical sources being stored is to be reduced under an agreement reached in Belgium.  Waste will be recylced to produce new isotopes for medical purposes, thus reducing the residual radioactive waste than needs to be stored and disposed of.

6 January 2019                                  Albuquerque Journal (USA)

New LANL director: Community relations is a priority

The new director of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) says that community relations will be a key piece of LANL’s agenda under the new operator Triad National Security.  Thomas Mason said: “… if you lose the trust and confidence of the communities in which you’re located, you’ll find pretty quickly that you can’t get anything done, because you lose the support that you need.”

5 January 2019                                  The Times (UK)

Radioactive waste could be buried under Lake District

Article on UK Government’s policy announcement, focusing on a cumbrian perspective.  Re-carried by the Cumbria Trust

4 January 2019                                  Exchange Monitor (USA)

As Next Budget Looms, Court Won’t Kick NRC Commissioner off Yucca Mountain Licensing

A federal appeals court has dismissed the state of Nevada’s petition seeking to force a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to recuse himself from any decision-making on licensing the planned nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain.

4 January 2019                                  KNPR (USA)

Despite Efforts To Revive Yucca Mtn., UNLV Scholar Says Nevadans Should’t Worry

An academic argies that because Nevada is a key battleground for the 2020 US Presidential and Congressional elections, Nancy Pelosi will block efforts to secure funding for Yucca Mountain because she will not want to risk the Democrat vote in the state.  Comments made in a 12 minute interview on National Public Radio.

3 January 2019                                  Washington Post (USA)

Trump finds yet another way to insult federal workers

Opinion article critical of President Trump’s attitude towards those working directly or as sub-contractors doing work that is vital to nation’s health and well-being, eg those managing radioactive waste.

3 January 2019                                  The Transcontinental (Australia)

Woomera not in contention for nuclear storage facility

Australian federal government rules out Woomera site proposed by a local Senator.  Also reported by AntiNuclearNet

3 January 2019                                  Daily Hampshire Gazette (USA)

Editorial: Nuclear regulatory diligence is appreciated

Local newspaper welcomes continued regulatory oversight and control of decommissioning and radioactive waste management at the closed Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

3 January 2019                                  The Age (Australia)

Crackdown coming for toxic-waste polluters

Article highlighting the dangers of non-nuclear toxic wastes following the discovery of a massive illicit chemical waste dumping operation linked to one of the state’s worst industrial fires.

3 January 2019                                  Resource Magazine (Nigeria)


Concern about the potentially toxic materials not being properly disposed of in Africa, which has become the dumping ground (despite international treaties) for the the world’s discarded electronic equipment.

2 January 2019                                  New Straits Times (Malaysia)

Answer to treatment of waste is in technology

Opinion piece arguing that Malaysia should develop its own technologies and generate its own income for the treatment of radioactive waste.

2 January 2019                                  KPBS (USA)

Safety Concerns Mount As Edison Awaits NRC’s OK To Bury Radioactive Waste

A former head of the Navy in San Diego, retired-Admiral Len Hering, has joined the voices of concern about the way spent nuclear fuel is being stored at the San Onofre nuclear plant.  Hering said: “I’m an advocate for nuclear energy … but … the decommissioning of the SONGS plant involves the handling and the storage of nuclear waste in a fashion that, for all practical purposes, is not being done safely for us.”  His comments come as some local academics are querying whether existing packages are safe enough.  Further coverage also in the OC Register

2 January 2019                                  Seattle Times (USA)

Don’t let feds change the rules for cleaning up Hanford nuclear waste

Editorial in local newspaper concerned that proposed reclassification of nuclear waste will mean more waste is stored permanently at the Hanford nuclear site.

1 January 2019                                   Taiwan News

Waste from 3rd nuclear plant poses no risk to public: Taiwan Power Corp.

Waste from the third nuclear plant in Pingtung County erroneously dumped at a landfill poses no risk to the public, according to the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) and the Taiwan Power Corporation.  It was reported that the material’s radioactivity was extremely low, while the landfill was situated within the grounds of the nuclear plant, so the public would not be exposed.

1 January 2019                                   Power Magazine

How Air Bearings Moved Tons of Nuclear Waste

Article on the research and application of new methods to enhance the safety of radioactive waste transportation.

1 January 2019                                   Daily Mail (UK)

Towns and villages are offered up to £2.5million to become Britain’s ‘nuclear dustbin’ and bury masses of radioactive waste near their homes

Coverage of Government’s pre-Christmas announcement gets coverage in UK national media, with traditional ‘nuclear dump’ narrative.  Story also covered in Daily Express


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