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17 March 2018                    Yahoo! News

New Mexico nuke repository studied for plutonium storage

US Department of Energy has commissioned a national group of scientists to study the viability of permanently storing plutonium at the WIPP repository in Carlsbad New Mexico.  Local politician Cathrynn Brown said the Carlsbad community was supportive of the repository and was confident moving and storing plutonium could be done safely, saying:   “We are a consenting community.  People are not afraid to ask questions. We are one of the few communities that accepted a project like this. If it’s not safe, we don’t want it.”

Story also covered by local radio news station WTOP

17 March 2018                    IntelliNews (Macedonia)

Macedonia looks to dispose of radioactive medical waste “time bomb” stored in downtown Skopje

Macedonia has no solution for waste medical isotopes stored at hospital oncology department.

17 March 2018                    The Guardian (UK)

Is Fukushima doomed to become a dumping ground for toxic waste?

Speculative article that suggests the difficulty in remediating land around the Fukushima plant and re-opening the area to human habitation may make it easier for Japanese authorities to propose locating a geological disposal facility there.

16 March 2018                    Business Insider

US and French companies form venture for nuke waste storage

Joint venture to build an interim storage site in West Texas for high-level nuclear waste, competing with Holtec’s proposed temporary facility in New Mexico.  The move is a response to the debate over what to do with spent fuel generated by the US’ nuclear power plants.   Federal officials have long acknowledged that the future of nuclear energy depends on the ability to manage and dispose of used fuel and high-level radioactive waste.  The Energy Department announced in 2015 that it would begin identifying possible locations for interim storage sites as part of its plan to spur the use of nuclear power and develop the transportation and storage infrastructure needed to manage the waste.  Given the impasse over a permanent waste facility at Yucca, industry officials have said that temporary storage is needed because the licensing process for Yucca Mountain will take years.  Story also covered by local Texas media 12WBOY, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, San Luis Obispo Tribune, My San, Tri-City Herald, NBC NewsWest9, Santa Fe New Mexican

16 March 2018                    Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Plan to store spent nuclear fuel rods in NM

More detailed local media analysis of Holtec’s plan to build a temporary waste fuel facility in New Mexico.

16 March 2018                    Ripon Advance (USA)

Shimkus leads colleagues in funding push for permanent national nuclear waste solution

Further reporting on Congressional discussions over funding Yucca Mountain project.

16 March 2018                    E&E News (USA)

Perry won’t budge on nuclear waste project

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry Perry reiterated his support for the contentious proposed nuclear waste repository in Nevada at a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing yesterday as he answered questions about DOE’s fiscal 2019 budget.  He recognised that while there was bipartisan support within the House, there were political issues in the Senate, and the funding decision was ultimately in the hands of Congress.

16 March 2018                    CNN

Political mavericks shake South Australia out of its two-party torpor

Report on the upcoming South Australia State elections gives significant prominence to the debate about hosting a geological disposal facility.

15 March 2018                    Nevada Independent (USA)

Heller’s best move on Yucca may be his tough re-election

A Republican US Senator who supports funding further research of the Yucca Mountain site believes funding will be denied because the Republican leadership fear losing the Nevada Senate seat during this year’s midterm elections.

14 March 2018                    Las Vegas Sun (USA)

EDITORIAL: Building a nuclear waste dump in Nevada is still the wrong thing to do

Editorial expressing ongoing concerns about geological safety at the Yucca Mountain site, and supporting recommendations of a previous Blue Ribbon Commission that the site for a repository be based on the  consent of the local people.

13 March 2018                    Washington Examiner (USA)

The quiet fight to finally send nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain

Rep. John Shimkus’s attempts to secure funding to renew the Yucca Mountain project.  “Part of the main contention of Nevadans is the science is not sound,” Shimkus says. “This money complies with the law. It says, let’s have the debate. If opponents are right on the science, then Yucca can’t happen.”

13 March 2018                    Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Private Yucca meeting upsets Nevada officials

Row erupts as Nevada state officials (who oppose Yucca Mountain waste facility proposal) find out that local Yucca Mountain community leaders (who support the proposal) met US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairwoman.  Story also reported on E&E News.  GDFWatch also comment on story.

12 March 2018                    Brussels Times (Belgium)

Ondraf supports passive burial of highly radioactive waste

The Director General of Belgium’s National Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials (Ondraf) defended its support for geological disposal as the organisation released further details of the proposed process for finding a site.  Marc Demarche said:  “The planning is subject to caution.  [Geological disposal] is considered the only safe option at the international level. The evolution of society and climate change in the next 100 years [means] only the subsurface guarantees safety.”

12 March 2018                    San Diego Union-Tribune (USA)

Editorial | Three ways beyond his border wall prototypes Trump can really help California

Reviving Yucca Mountain geological repository so that waste in interim surface facilities in Southern California can be permanently removed is cited as one of the three most important things President Trump can do to help California.

12 March 2018                     Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

New York Times features Kimba nuclear debate

Local newspaper reports that their town has made international news with the New York Times reporting on the public consultation taking place about hosting a nuclear waste facility.  Local Mayor Dean Johnson disappointed the article focused on division in the town and reporting that friends were refusing to speak to each other, saying:  “It’s a scenario that only exists in the copy of metropolitan media outlets.  The reality is that we may get the facility and we may not but no one is forcing it.” 

12 March 2018                     E&E Daily (USA)

Leaders aim to finalize omnibus this week

Report on US House of Representatives negotiations to finalise a budget notes that while the House supports funding the Yucca Mountain project, they may drop the proposal because they do not believe the Senate will approve any funding for Yucca.

11 March 2018                     Focus Taiwan

Authorities say energy policies are in line with public demand

To coincide with the annual anti-nuclear march, the Energy Department updated on its plans and on pending legislation related to nuclear waste management.  Although following a nuclear-free future, Taiwan is seeking a geological repository for its legacy waste.

9 March 2018                      Tri-City Herald (USA)

New Mexico supportive of storing used nuclear fuel

More detailed report on the plans and local community support for the proposed private sector disposal facility which has cleared its first regulatory hurdle.

8 March 2018                     Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Cash for nuclear waste

Audio podcast with Cumbrian resident reviewing community reaction during last site search process, and Prof Neill Hyatt explaining the science behind geological disposal.

8 March 2018                     San Diego Union Tribune (USA)

Editorial | Should San Onofre nuclear waste go to Nevada or New Mexico? Yes, but …

Newspaper editorial supports geological disposal, recognising that the private sector proposal for a site in New Mexico at least has local support because of the economic advantages, whereas Yucca is stalled in local political dispute.

8 March 2018                     Utility Dive (USA)

Goodbye Yucca? NRC to review New Mexico nuclear waste storage proposal

Industry media outlet also thinks local support for the New Mexico plans may make it a better option to pursue given the political contentiousness of the Yucca Mountain plan.

8 March 2018                     Deutsche Welle (Germany)

The tiny village leading France’s anti-nuclear movement

Long article examining the local debate and opposition surrounding the proposed Bure site of France’s GDF.

7 March 2018                     The Transcontinental (Australia)

Protesters unite against nuclear waste in Port Augusta

Local newspaper report on the South Australia state election campaign, in which the revived idea of a geological disposal facility has become an election issue.

7 March 2018                     Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Volume tracking adjustment could ensure plant’s future

The geological disposal facility is seeking a permit to increase its capacity/lifetime by changing the way in which waste volumes are calculated.  Under the proposed new system the facility would only be considered 30% full, rather than the 50% capacity it is currently assessed to be.  Coverage also in US News, KCBD NBC News Texas, Seattle Times, Santa Fe New Mexican, KOB4 New Mexico, Albuquerque Journal, Roswell Daily Record

7 March 2018                     New York Times

A Farming Town Divided: Do We Want a Nuclear Site that Brings Jobs?

NY Times reports on the discussions and divides in an Australian community over whether to host a nuclear waste facility.

7 March 2018                     Daily Signal (USA)

Now Is Congress’ Prime Opportunity to Act on Nuclear Waste

Think tank The Heritage Foundation blames US Congress for failures to progress geological disposal of nuclear waste.  They say Congress must now at least provide enough funding to complete the Yucca Mountain permit review, arguing the review does not commit Congress to building the facility. It merely empowers Congress, the administration, the state of Nevada, and the nuclear industry to make informed decisions about how to proceed.  They quote from Monday’s Congressional debate: “political science has deprived the public of the actual science”, and urge Congress to let the scientific discussion be had.  The Foundation’s viewpoint also carried by CNS News

7 March 2018                     The Mainichi (Japan)

Kobe Steel also falsified data on analyses of burying radioactive waste

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) had sought analysis and advice on the corrosion of metal used for cladding tubes and containers for spent nuclear fuel in a geological disposal facility, and subcontracted Kobe Steel to do the work. Having reviewed the information provided by Kobe Steel, JAEA concluded data had been forged, falsified or was flawed in some way.  Kobe have apologised and will re-do the work.

7 March 2018                     ISPRA (Italy)

Italy’s Radioactive Waste Management Organisation, ISPRA, has submitted revised plans for its geological disposal project to the Italian Government.

6 March 2018                     Bloomberg News (USA)

Congress Poised to Skip Funding Yucca Nuke Dump Again This Year

Bloomberg reports that Rep Mike Simpson, chairman of the House subcommittee charged with writing the Energy Department’s spending plan, doubts that Yucca Mountain funding will be approved this year, given other priorities and the need to find savings from President Trump’s initial budget.  Washington DC-based E&E Daily reports same.

6 March 2018                     Reno Gazette-Journal (USA)

Majority of Nevadans want to consider nuclear waste repository: Schinhofen

Local community leader points to the newspaper’s own poll (as highlighted by GDFWatch!), and challenges local media and politicians to soften their opposition and recognise public support for further assessing the Yucca Mountain proposals.

6 March 2018                     Forbes Magazine

Will We Actually Get A Place To Store Our Nuclear Waste?

Further media analysis of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) decision to proceed with investigations into a private sector proposed temporary geological repository in New Mexico.  Article notes the proposal has the enthusiastic support of local communities in southeastern New Mexico, including the Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance and the state’s Governor Susana Martinez.

The NRC’s announcement has also been followed by Environmental Protection magazine, San Diego Union-TribunePower magazine, New Mexico Political Report

6 March 2018                     Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)    

New insights for Kimba delegation

Local residents have been taken to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) stores of low and intermediate level radioactive waste, to see Australia’s nuclear technology and radioactive waste management expertise.  One resident, Austen Eatts is opposed to the proposed Kimba facility but was pleased to see the campus, saying:  “I have always had a reasonable idea of what happens at ANSTO regarding medicine and industry and what they are doing there is very good actually.  The waste has to be put somewhere. I am still of two minds about whether it should be located in Kimba but I found the trip very informative.”

5 March 2018                    Nevada Independent (USA)

Shimkus, House proponents call for passage of Yucca bill

Report on a Congressional debate in support of a bipartisan bill to be introduced into US House of Representatives calling for the Yucca Mountain repository programme to be progressed.  Representatives complained that US$40bn had been paid by taxpayers to deliver Yucca, but nothing has happened.  Story also covered in Las Vegas Review-Journal, NBC News Oregon, News21 Oregon, KPBS San Diego, The Ripon Advance

4 March 2018                    Focus Taiwan

Taiwan’s Atomic Energy Council (AEC) has instructed the country’s main power supplier to consult with residents on any plans to build a nuclear waste facility in their neighbourhood.  The state-run Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower) is also required to look at all areas in Taiwan, including the outlying islands, and not limit its options to scantly populated areas or uninhabited islands.  A decision is expected by the end of the year on potential sites for this additional interim surface storage facility, pending the outcome of continuing work on Taiwan’s geological disposal facility.  Story also carried in Taipei Times.

4 March 2018                    Radio France International

Police and protesters clash at French nuclear waste site

Further coverage of the clash between French police and protestors at the Bure site of the French GDF.  Also coverage on Al-Jazeera.

3 March 2018                    Agence France Presse

AFP report on clashes between protestors and police near the Bure site for the proposed French GDF carried in media as far away as Uganda and Singapore.  Police had removed protestors from a camp ten days ago (see stories below), to clear the area ahead of exploratory borehole drilling by ANDRA, France’s radioactive waste agency.  The media report that a peaceful protest of about 300 people turned violent with the arrival of a small group of masked protestors, resulting in French police using tear gas.

2 March 2018                   ABC TV News (USA)

Proposal Advances To Store Nuclear Waste In New Mexico

A private sector proposal for a temporary geological repository has passed it’s initial approval from federal regulators. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Holtec International’s plan can now be vetted for detailed safety, security and environmental concerns.  The plans face local public and political opposition.  Story also covered by Fox Business NewsUS NewsDaily Mail Online, KRWG TV New Mexico, The HillSante Fe New Mexican, Los Alamos Monitor,, Roswell Daily Record and The Olympian.

2 March 2018                   National Resource Defence Council (USA)

Nuclear Waste Survey

A survey of US state officials responsible for radioactive waste management shows that a large majority believe they should have additional regulatory authority over nuclear waste storage and disposal, similar to the authority states already have over other hazardous industrial wastes.  However there was no agreement and diverse opinions on issues such as: whether new standards for nuclear waste disposal sites are needed before the siting process for geologic repositories proceeds, or if federal legislation is needed to help define consent before a state can engage in siting of nuclear waste projects.

1 March 2018                   Reno Gazette Journal (USA)

Nevada, keep up the fight against nuclear waste

In an editorial the newspaper urges local political leaders to resist the Yucca Mountain proposal.  The paper runs an online poll, in which, contrary to the paper’s editorial position, 52% of respondents say either the repository would be good for Nevada’s economy, should be hosted for national security reasons, or should be hosted if a better economic deal was negotiated.

1 March 2018                   Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

South end of WIPP to be sealed. But how?

A 60-day local public consultation process has started on revised proposals for sealing off the part of the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) underground facility where radioactivity leaked from a faulty package in 2014.

28 February 2018          Olean Times Herald (USA)

Meeting Thursday will detail next steps for West Valley nuclear cleanup

Local newspaper report on a community coalition that is willing to wait for a national permanent nuclear waste disposal site, but wants to ensure interim surface storage facilities are safe.

27 February 2018          Las Vegas Review-Journal

Panel takes preliminary step in process to revive Yucca Mountain

Despite funding not yet being approved, a federal panel has convened to receive input on reconstructing an electronic library for documents needed to rule on the US Energy Department’s application for a license to build a repository for nuclear waste from power plants.  Story also covered by the Washington Examiner and Nevada Public Radio.

27 February 2018          Climate News Network

Nuclear waste mountains just go on growing

Article reviews international plans and slow progress for finding sites to dispose of radioactive waste.  Item recognises geological disposal as the preferred solution, but says politicians should stop building new nuclear facilities when there is still no solution actually available.

26 February 2018         World Nuclear News

UK nuclear laboratory to review Canadian research

UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) has been contracted by Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) to carry out an expert peer review of NWMO’s work on the potential for corrosion of the copper-clad canisters to be used to store radioactive waste destined for geological disposal.

26 February 2018         NewsCom (Australia)

Cory Bernardi says a nuclear power dump could make us the ‘Saudi Arabia of the south’

Further coverage of the South Australia election campaign, and the proposed repository in that debate.  Also picked up by the Daily Mail Online (UK/International), FiveAA Talk Radio (Australia), and InDaily (Australia)

24 February 2018        Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

EDITORIAL: Opposition CDP’s zero nuclear bill merits earnest debate in Diet

Leading national newspaper editorial welcomes draft legislation to phase out nuclear power being proposed by Japan’s main opposition, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.  Although broadly supporting the draft legislation’s ambitions, and calling the draft bill a “direct challenge to the Abe administration”, the editorial says further policy analysis is required to explain how radioactive waste would be dealt with in future.

24 February 2018          SBS News (Australia)     

Conservatives revive nuke dump plan for SA

Revival of the plans to build a repository to support creation of a $400bn state wealth fund have become a key feature in the South Australia state election debate.  Story also covered in other Australian media, ABC News, The New Daily, 9News.  Also covered in the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

23 February 2018        Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Officials working to fix SE NM highways as deaths continue

WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) is appreciated locally for taking a lead in bringing organisations together to sort out the area’s road infrastructure issues.

22 February 2018        Reno News & Review (USA)

Infrastructure: Fed money comes in low

Yucca Mountain project discussed within context of President Trump’s proposed infrastructure plan and budget.  Article notes that other states keen to develop the repository in Nevada, best summarised by one quote: “Considering that more than 160 million Americans reside within 75 miles of a nuclear waste site, a repository in a remote part of Nevada is a preferable alternative.”  But points out that far from accepting that point of view, Nevada politicians have redoubled their opposition efforts.

Those efforts picked up in an article from The Nevada Independent, which reports on a planned meeting next week between President Trump and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.  Though the primary purpose of that meeting is to discuss gun crime in schools, in Sandoval’s role as Chair of the National Governor’s Association.

22 February 2018        Radio France International

Police remove protesters from proposed nuclear landfill site

Report on a surprise move by French police to remove protestors from the French GDF site in Bure.  Also reported by ReutersBusiness Insider (UK), Gulf Times (Qatar), Xinhua (China), Daily Telegraph (UK), Daily Express (UK), The Times (UK) and Sputnik International (Russia).

22 February 2018        New Times (USA)

A pact with the devil

Opinion piece concerned that there is a lack of urgency in finding a site for the permanent disposal of radioactive waste.  The article is critical of a well-intentioned but flawed bipartisan bill passing through the US House of Representatives which would allow the creation of multiple interim surface storage facilities.  The bill is opposed by the Union of Concerned Scientists and environmentalists, who want the federal government to proceed with greater urgency in opening a deep geological repository.

21 February 2018        NHK (Japan)

Briefing sessions on nuclear waste resumed

The Japanese Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NUMO) have resumed their public engagement workshops to inform people about the process for finding a site for a deep geological repository (aka GDF).  The process was suspended at the end of last year when it emerged that the independent facilitator appointed by NUMO had been paying students to attend.  While no impropriety was suggested, it was the potential perception of such payments that forced NUMO to suspend the workshop programme and bring their management in-house.

21 February 2018        Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba residents to be involved with nuclear economic investigation

Although the project is for a low-level waste facility (not a GDF), the issues, community concerns, and Government approach to engaging people offer an insight into how a GDF process might progress.  This latest news about the Kimba project is the invitation to local residents who’d like to become a member of an Economic Working Group that would look at how the economic benefits might be maximised.

20 February 2018       Dutch News

Costs to clean up Petten nuclear plant escalate

The Dutch Government have approved additional €117m budget to move waste from the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ERN) at Petten to Holland’s central interim storage facility.  ERN currently supplies 60% of European demand for medical radio isotopes used to treat cancer and heart disease.

17 February 2018        The Herald (UK)

Harwell science campus plans to triple in size ‘in next 15 years’

RWM, the UK’s GDF delivery body, are based on the Harwell science campus.  The campus has grown as the site’s previous nuclear facilities are decommissioned and the land safely returned to public use.  The Harwell Campus Partnership are planning a major expansion to attract world-leading companies in the hi-tech manufacturing, space, healthcare and energy sectors.  Surrounded by, but not encroaching upon an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the campus is a showcase for how radioactive waste management and nuclear decommissioning activity can be a catalyst for attracting new, additional investment and jobs.

17 February 2018        Santa Fe New Mexican (USA)

WIPP could get $79M budget increase under Trump’s DOE funding proposal

More money to support the WIPP facility pending a longer-term permanent solution for finding a site for the disposal of radioactive waste.  Also reported in Carlsbad Current-Argus.

16 February 2018       Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

US Energy Secretary visits the WIPP facility and speaks to staff (see this short video), saying that their important work keeps America safe and helps drive new economic opportunities.

16 February 2018       Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

All utilities lack disposal sites for low-level waste from reactors

Fears that because local governments will not approve disposal sites even for low-level waste may mean that decommissioning plans for existing nuclear sites may be delayed.

16 February 2018       ABC News (Australia)

Locals outraged as planning for nuclear waste facility in outback SA goes ahead

Public concerns about low-level waste repository discussions in South Australia.

15 February 2018       The Columbian (Canada)

In Our View: Mixed Signals on Hanford

Concern in Canada about reduced funding for cleaning-up US’ Hanford nuclear site, but welcoming the proposal to fund Yucca Mountain repository, saying: “Numerous studies over the decades — more than $15 billion has been spent on reports and development — have indicated that Yucca Mountain will provide the safest possible storage of the nation’s radioactive waste. Considering that more than 160 million Americans reside within 75 miles of a nuclear waste site, a repository in a remote part of Nevada is a preferable alternative.”

15 February 2018       Swiss Info

Subterranean 3D model to help Swiss planning

The Swiss Federal Office of Topography has unveiled a newly-developed 3D model of the geological features of Switzerland.  Developed in collaboration with local cantons, universities, and energy advocate groups, the tool is designed to help in the exploration and exploitation of raw mineral materials, harnessing geothermal heat, as well as planning the underground disposal of radioactive waste.

15 February 2018      Bayshore Broadcasting (Canada)

Area Communities Line Up For Cheques 

A renegotiated deal will allow funding to be brought forward for communities involved in Canada’s search for a GDF site.   It means 50% of the money that has been held in trust since 2015 will now flow to Kincardine as a host community, and to four surrounding municipalities totalling about two million (canadian) dollars.

15 February 2018      Ceramic

Journal of the American Ceramic Society carries feature on solidifying (“vitrifying”) nuclear waste, and the role of ceramics in the process.

14 February 2018      Elliot Lake Today (Canada)

$600,000 contribution to fund community well-being

Local council involved in search for a GDF site, allocate money received from the National Waste Management Organisation to a fund for community wellbeing.

13 February 2018      Yucca Mountain — USA’s proposed repository

We have published an article summarising the political reaction in America to yesterday’s announcement, but you can read individual national, local and trade media reports below, and the subsequent updates to the story:

NBC News   KTVN News (CBS affiliate)    Las Vegas Review-Journal   US News

Nevada Appeal   KOLO TV (ABC affiliate)   KKOH Talk Radio  Bristol Herald Courier 

Nevada Independent    KLAS TV News    The News Tribune   Las Vegas Sun

Reno Gazette Journal     Power Magazine     World Nuclear News 

KNPR-Nevada Public Radio     US News & World Report     Fort Worth Star-Telegram   

KRNV-NBC News    The Daily Progress   Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 

St Louis Post-Despatch    Alton Daily News   Illinois News Network   Miami County Republic

12 February 2018      Independent Balkan News Agency

Croatia’s intention to build a nuclear waste landfill causes the ire of BiH

Croatia’s plan to build a GDF close to the borders with Bosnia Herzegovina and Republika Srpksa are causing concerns for their neighbours.  They claim the selected region is not geologically suitable, but Croatia claim, following geological investigation, that the area is suitable geologically.

11 February 2018      KBS Radio (Korea)

‘Pohang Quake had No Impact on Safety of Nuclear Reactors’

South Korea’s nuclear safety commission says that an earthquake that hit the southeastern city of Pohang early Sunday had no impact on the safety of the nation’s 25 nuclear power plants or its radioactive waste disposal facilities.  However, the commission announced that they will be conducting emergency safety checkups on the country’s nuclear power and radioactive waste disposal facilities.

11 February 2018      Las Vegas Sun

OPINION: Nevada has been blasted enough

Concern that President Trumps’ desire to develop new nuclear weapons will lead to Nevada being a test zone again, as well as hosting a waste repository at Yucca Mountain.

10 February 2018     Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

After crashes on U.S. 285, New Mexico residents at odds with officials over road repairs

Long, detailed analysis of the deteriorating roads around Carlsbad, caused by significant increase in heavy commercial vehicles, linked to rise in automobile accident deaths.  The Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP), the US’ interim GDF, singled out for praise by unilaterally taking responsible action to alleviate the problem.

The local newspaper says WIPP drivers have driven more than 14 million miles without incident since the underground repository opened in 1999, and the US Department of Energy monitors shipments via satellite to ensure traffic laws are obeyed.  It reports that Nuclear Waste Partnership, which oversees WIPP’s daily operations, recently started its Roadway Safety Integrated Project, aimed at bringing together experts from around New Mexico to meet and discuss solutions to the danger, hosting a public meeting in January and planning another in February.  A spokesman is quoted saying:  “As part of our safety culture, we remind our employees of their responsibility to be safe drivers.”

10 February 2018     BBC (Northern Ireland)

In a weekly review of local newspapers in N Ireland, BBC News Online says that “Nuclear community fund offer is a ‘bribe'” is an unexpected headline in the Newry Democrat.  BBC reports that the story is a local councillor’s reaction to the BEIS consultations.  The BBC concludes from his comments that “it is pretty safe to say that Cllr Michael Carr will not be accepting such a facility in the Warrenpoint area.”

7 February 2018       News & Star (UK)

First batch of boxes to store nuclear waste

Local media report (with video) on newly-developed specialised ‘GDF-ready’ containers that will hold radioactive waste from Sellafield destined for geological disposal.  It is expected that 15,000 of the 1.3 ton packages will be required.  Similar story in Cumbria Crack.

7 February 2018       The Times (UK)

Apprentices will get a place at Cambridge University

Article on how Cambridge University is also now providing vocational/technical courses mentions.  Specific reference to the GDF within skills demand in the nuclear sector, particularly in radioactive waste management:   About 1,000 students will start higher and degree apprenticeship courses this September at the National College for Nuclear … one of the courses on offer at the college is a degree in decommission and waste management.

6 February 2018      Forbes Magazine

Spent Fuel Storage Still A Hot Topic In California’s Coastal Communities

Report on the furore over the need to still be holding radioactive waste in local interim surface facilities because permanent geological disposal.  Local US Congressman David Victor quoted as saying: “In my view, there is a vocal minority that seems opposed to anything, with the result that there aren’t really practical strategies they are advancing.  But the vast majority of the people are lined up around the same mission, which is safely moving the spent fuel into the storage canisters and then getting those out of here as soon as possible.”

6 February 2018      Elliot Lake Today (Canada)

NWMO report explains Elliot Lake’s removal from nuclear repository plan

Local paper report on Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation’s (NWMO) reasons for no longer involving that community in the search for a site for a GDF.  Geological complexity, difficult access because of the terrain, and “low potential to develop the breadth of community partnerships needed to implement the project” were the reasons cited.

5 February 2018      Focus Taiwan 

Taipower looking for places with granite to dispose of nuclear fuel

Report on announcement on Taiwan’s plans for geological disposal of radioactive waste.

4 February 2018      ABC Channel 8 News (USA)

Gubernatorial candidate calling for lawmakers to go against feds on Nuclear Agreement

Continued Federal Government failure to tackle interim surface waste facilities becomes an issue in Idaho Governor election.

4 February 2018      Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Nuclear fund to swell by NT$100bn

Following requests by local residents, the Taiwan’s power company, Taipower, has merged its nuclear decommissioning fund with its budget for making community payments.

2 February 2018     USA Today

Nation’s oldest nuke plant to close ahead of schedule

Report on the impact of decommissioning and closing Oyster Creek nuclear plant on the local economy.  The plant has generated annual tax income of US$13m, and estimated annual contribution of US$80m to the wider local economy.  Despite reservations of some residents, Mayor Nicholas Juliano believes continued on-site surface storage after closure will still bring income into the municipality.  Article contains a video from a public forum to discuss how community manages loss of jobs and income resulting from site closure.

1 February 2018       World Nuclear News

US commissioners call for action on used fuel

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) claims the Federal Government’s failure to progress the Yucca Mountain project has resulted in more than $5 billion in court settlements, which could reach more than $29 billion by 2022, and cost up to $500 million annually after 2022.  They urge Congress to pass funding for next phase of technical studies.  Story also carried in Daily Energy Insider.

1 February 2018        Daily Post (Wales)

Nuclear station chiefs happy to have radioactive waste buried under their homes

Incredulous anti-nuclear campaigner can’t believe that senior nuclear managers would be happy to have waste stored beneath their homes.

31 January 2018         The Hill (USA)

A pro-science approach to Yucca Mountain appropriations

A plea for Congress to release funds to move the Yucca project forward.  The article notes that such funding wouldn’t actually commit anyone to the project, but it would allow technical assessments to be made that would help inform a scientific-based decision on whether the project was actually feasible.  The article also notes that Congress previously planned to allow citizens’ voices to be heard, and approving funding would give those opinions a formal hearing.  It quotes the Chairman of the Senate’s Appropriations: “I encourage citizens to carefully review this proposal and weigh in … to ensure that regulations like this one are based on sound science, consider economic impacts, and demonstrate common sense.”

31 January 2018        Middlesbrough Gazette (UK)

‘We will not tolerate storing nuclear waste in Billingham’s ICI mines,’ says MP

Local MP seeks reassurances that disused mine will not form part of UK Govt’s search for a GDF site.

31 January 2018        No2NuclearPower (UK)

UK Government starts its sixth search for a nuclear waste dump site in 42 years.

A comprehensive analysis of the UK Government’s announcement of public consultations, and subsequent media reports.  The article remains sceptical about the need for geological disposal, concerned that UK Government and nuclear sector have not taken note of last week’s Swedish Environmental Court ruling, and doubtful that this search for a site will be any more successful than previous attempts.

30 January 2018       Newry Times (Northern Ireland)

‘Ireland won’t be Britain’s nuclear dumping ground’

Report on Sinn Fein’s response to the UK Government’s consultations on siting a Geological Disposal Facility.

29 January 2018       Yorkshire Post (UK)

Time to engineer career changes for women

Article on need for more diversity in the engineering sector, mentioning safe disposal of radioactive waste as one of the expanding and interesting career options for young women and young people from ethnic communities.  In UK, engineering workforce is currently 94% white and 91% male!

27 January 2018        Las Vegas Sun

In D.C., Goodman highlights dangers of transporting nuclear waste

At a conference of US Mayors, Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman expressed concern about state of US transport infrastructure and risks of transporting nuclear waste from across the country for disposal at Yucca Mountain.  Her speech part of a Nevada campaign against the project.

26 January 2018        Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nevada raises new concerns about Yucca Mountain licensing plan

State submits new evidence to US House of Representatives, as local concern rises that Federal Government will force progress on Yucca Mountain geological disposal project.  Report notes that host community, Nye County, supports the project despite State-level representatives opposition.

25 January 2018        Media coverage of UK Govt GDF plans     

Given the amount of coverage, we have compiled a separate list of UK media stories covering the UK Government’s announcement of two public consultations, the next phase in the UK’s GDF programme.  The news was also reported as far afield in Australia (by Yahoo! News and by News Corp Australia) and by an international online news service Kaplan Herald.

25 January 2018        All Africa (South Africa)

Why Decommissioning South Africa’s Koeberg Nuclear Plant Won’t Be Easy

Analysis of decommissioning the site, which worries about long-term waste management and interim surface storage but fails to mention geological disposal plans.

25 January 2018        Greenwire (USA)

Yucca Mountain boosters fault ‘do-nothing’ DOE

Backers of the Yucca Mountain project reportedly losing patience with the Energy Department and raising concerns that Energy Secretary Rick Perry is already losing interest.

23 January 2018        World Nuclear News and Reuters

Conflicting views on the announcements by the Swedish Nuclear Regulator and the Land and Environment Court regarding the Swedish GDF.  WNN report approval, whereas Reuters notes ‘disagreement’ between the two regulatory authorities.  Pending more detailed statements from all the relevant players once they have digested the outputs from each Regulator, it would seem that both the Regulators were generally satisfied, but that the Court wanted more information on copper canister corrosion — see GDFWatch’s initial summary.

22 January 2018        Manila Times (Philippines)

Nuclear power: Clean and deadly

Analysis of the Philippines’ potential nuclear programme, insisting the country must have a comprehensive plan for managing radioactive waste.  Newspaper says radioactive waste can’t be thrown into the sea or dumped on a vacant lot, neither will face masks and handkerchiefs protect from contaminated air.  Asks whether “we have the resources to deal with a disaster and its aftermath?” Concludes by saying that embarking on a nuclear energy program requires detailed, comprehensive planning with a long-term perspective.

22 January 2018       International Business Times

Wanted: local community for £12bn nuclear waste dump

International media follow-up story to UK’s Guardian report (below).

21 January 2018        Handelsblatt (Germany)

E.ON helps Germany say goodbye to nuclear power

Report on the impact and costs of dismantling German reactors.  Public do not like storing waste in interim surface facilities, with E.ON setting aside €10bn for its contribution to Germany’s GDF, and another €10bn to cover costs of interim storage pending GDF opening — which will be several decades away.

21 January 2018        Seattle Times (USA)

Can nuclear energy save our environment? Authors make a case in ‘Seeing the Light’

Review of new book on broader nuclear debate, but which includes analysis of permanent nuclear waste disposal.  Backed up with scientific studies, the authors believe that “permanent disposal of nuclear waste is not a scientific-engineering problem,” but instead a political one. They claim the controversial Yucca Mountain site in Nevada was chosen over other, safer locations due to political pressure, not from reasons of public safety. They blame unsubstantiated public fear fanned by poor science for ignoring the best locations.

21 January 2018        The Guardian (UK)

Search restarts for area willing to host highly radioactive UK waste

Story trailing expected launch of two new public consultations on the UK’s GDF.  Emphasises the need to balance good geology with community consent.

20 January 2018       Brussels Times (Belgium)

“We need 20 billion euros more to be able to stop using nuclear”, says Jean-Marc Nollet

Belgian MP concerned about potential costs of disposing of country’s nuclear waste and that there has been lack of progress in Belgium’s programme.

19 January 2018        Nevada Independent (USA)

Can Heller, as Reid did, stop Yucca?

Report on whether local US Senator can hold Congress back from pursuing Yucca Mountain project.  The newspaper notes that a bill in the House of Representatives that would jumpstart the stalled plan to build a nuclear waste storage facility at Yucca Mountain was overwhelmingly approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee in June and is expected to be approved by the full House this year.  There is also an appetite for a Yucca solution in the Senate. South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has said he’s impressed by the bipartisan vote in the House committee and suggested there could be “broad appeal” for the bill in the Senate.

19 January 2018        Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Heinrich questions DOE nominee on WIPP, Los Alamos

Local newspaper report on Congressional questioning of a nominee for a senior Department of Energy post, on her views on the US’ WIPP facility in which nuclear waste is geologically disposed.

18 January 2018        Thunder Bay News (Canada)

First nuclear waste test hole drilled near Ignace

Initial 1km deep borehole completed.  But the long timescales of project underlined by fact that these first geological samples will take most of this year to analyse before additional boreholes are drilled.

17 January 2018        Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Mining starts on final underground panel

Local media coverage of mining operations recommencing at United States’ only operational deep geological disposal facility.

17 January 2018       Orange County Register (USA)

San Clemente will seek audience with senator over burial of radioactive waste

Concerned residents have invited local US Senator Kamala Harris to meet them to discuss their opposition to interim waste storage plans.  They believe US Federal Government reneging on its commitment to permanently dispose of the waste in a geological repository.

16 January 2018       The Independent Australian

How a planned nuclear waste dump in the tiny SA town of Kimba impacts us all

Article from anti-nuclear campaigner recognises local support for a waste facility but argues that everyone in Australia should have a say regardless of local opinion.

15 January 2018       World Nuclear News

French regulator approves repository safety options

The French regulator, Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN), has issued a positive opinion on the safety options for country’s planned deep geological repository for the disposal of high and intermediate-level radioactive waste. However, it has reservations about the storage of bituminous waste within the facility.

14 January 2018        Plymouth Herald (UK)

Old nuclear submarines have now been in Devonport for nearly 30 years

Mention of the GDF as the planned final resting place of radioactive waste materials from UK’s nuclear naval force.

13 January 2018        Swiss Broadcasting Corporation

Swiss nuclear plant plans low risk radioactive waste facility

Report on plans to store and treat waste at a closing nuclear facility includes summary of Switzerland’s consent-based approach to finding a site for their GDF, and of the recent referendum result to phase out nuclear power.

11 January 2018        The Day (USA)

Yucca is obvious answer to nuclear waste question

Editorial from Connecticut local newspaper in support of geological disposal and the Yucca Mountain proposal.

8 January 2018          The Day (USA)

Connecticut lawmakers: ‘Status quo unacceptable’ on nuclear waste policy

Bipartisan political support in Connecticut urging renewed push to find a permanent national geological disposal facility.  Mood summed up by one Democrat: “There’s got to be a safer, much more cost-effective way than having this stuff pile up and require expensive surveillance in well over 100 locations across the country.  There’s a strong feeling that the status quo is unacceptable. It’s not fair to the sites around the country to have to be a host community for the material. It’s time to get this national disposal system underway.”

6 January 2018           The Advertiser (Australia)

As choice of nuclear waste facility starts narrowing, people of Kimba are either excited or disgusted

Local Adelaide newspaper reports on local debate about hosting a nuclear repository.  Majority of residents support continued dialogue, and claim they are already seeing economic benefits, but significant opposition remains. [Note:  Kimba proposal is for a low-level waste repository, not a GDF, but process and debate reflects common community reactions to hosting a nuclear waste facility].

1 January 2018           Daily Nation (Kenya)

Kenya’s nuclear quest: A case of extreme optimism?

In a broader piece about the Kenyan Government’s nuclear programme, concerns raised that Kenya has difficulty managing ordinary waste, let alone nuclear waste:

While government officials strongly defend the nuclear project, questions abound about how a country whose major cities – Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa – have failed to handle minor fire disasters and basic household waste will effectively deal with toxic wastes, which are the by-product of nuclear power generation.  In Nairobi for instance, where every individual generates about two kilogrammes of waste every day, garbage is littered all over, with roads becoming impassable when it rains. Moreover, some hospitals and clinics carelessly dispose their medical waste in landfills ran by cartels, yet the government insists it can handle nuclear waste.

31 December 2017     Times and Star (UK)

Search for underground radioactive waste store to begin in 2018

Cumbrian local paper reports on speech by RWM’s Siting Director, Ann McCall’s speech to Nuclear Industry Association in which she sets out latest proposed schedule for the UK’s geological disposal programme.

30 December 2017    Orange County Register (USA)

Protesters hit the San Clemente streets to voice opposition for nuclear waste burial at San Onofre

Local media report on community objections to interim waste storage at local site, and demands that US Federal Governmentt take responsibility for finding safer storage arrangements.  Quotes one resident: “The waste is going to outlast recorded history by a huge amount.  We got our lights on for a few moments, now we have to babysit this fuel for eternity.”

30 December 2017    Post and Courier (USA)

EDITORIAL: Move plutonium out of South Carolina

Notes successful legal challenge by South Carolina’s Attorney General to require US Federal Government to remove waste from interim surface storage facilities, and urges faster action on Yucca Mountain deep geological disposal facility.

27 December 2017     Le Monde (France)

In Finland, the world’s first radioactive waste cemetery [translation]

French language article on Finnish repository.

13 December 2017     DPA On The Net (UK)

Calling for greater Government support for nuclear skills

Story about new Report from UK’s Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE) setting out engineering sector’s expectations for the wider nuclear sector, including publishing a firm timetable and plan for the delivery of the Geological Disposal Facility in the UK.

12 December 2017     Nuclear Transparency Watch (Europe)

The Swedish Environmental Court is to rule on the proposed spent fuel repository in Forsmark

Report on the Court’s Hearings and the issues discussed, by Johan Swahn, Director of a Swedish Environmental NGO.

11 December 2017      Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba’s Consultative Committee has been announced

Community-based representative committee appointed to advise Government and reflect community opinion on planned radioactive waste disposal facility in Australia.

10 December 2017     Korea Herald

KHNP seeks to lead nuclear decommissioning industry

Launching a new public consultation body on nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management, Korean government announces international collaborations (including UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority), and sets out its economic ambition to capture its share of an anticipated $360bn global marketplace for decommissioning expertise.

8 December 2017      Toledo Blade (Canada)

Local mayors oppose proposed Canadian nuclear waste plan

Local media report on local political opposition to potential site of Canada’s GDF.

8 December 2017      Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Los Alamos resumes waste shipments to WIPP

Drums of radioactive waste packaged at Los Alamos National Laboratory have been shipped to the nation’s nuclear waste storage facility at Carlsbad for the first time since 2014.  In February 2014, an improperly packed drum from Los Alamos burst underground at WIPP, containing radioactive contamination from the surface environment.

7 December 2017       Business Green (UK)

Richard Harrington: ‘UK has the potential to become a world-leader in nuclear technologies’

Trade press report on UK Minister’s speech to nuclear industry, in which he refers to planned public consultations early in new year as next stage of UK’s geological disposal programme.

6 December 2017       CTV (Canada)

Then there were five: Search narrowed for place to store used nuclear fuel

Local mayor dismayed at Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) decision to no longer pursue possible siting of a repository in his community.  Mayor Dan Marchisella expressed disappointment at the exclusion of his community after five years, calling it a “huge potential loss” for the entire district.  The former mining town, once known as the uranium capital of the world, felt that putting itself forward was the responsible thing to do given the vexing question of how best to safely store waste that remains toxic for thousands of years, he said.

Similar report carried by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

27 November 2017    Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

EDITORIAL: Public hearings on nuclear waste need rethink to dispel distrust

An explanation of how the open public workshops exploring the issues related to geological disposal operate, backed up by a plea that the Government be more open and honest in its public dialogue.

26 November 2017    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

‘This is a forever project’: Indigenous community mulls nuclear waste bunker

Report on indigenous communities deliberation on whether to proceed with a geological disposal facility on their lands.  Similar report also on CTV, and in Ontario’s Globe and Mail, and local newspapers Thompson Citizen and Humboldt Journal.

22 November 2017   World Nuclear News

Chemistry, minerals and microbes in nuclear waste management

Article on international cross-discipline scientific collaboration on research into enhancing safety of geological disposal.

13 November 2017    World Nuclear News

Drilling begins in Canadian repository search

Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) has begun drilling the first borehole to obtain geological core samples, in its search for a potential deep repository for the long-term management of the country’s used nuclear fuel.

13 November 2017    Belarus News

Plans to build first stage of Belarusian nuclear power plant radioactive waste burial site by 2028

Belarus commits to geological disposal.

7 November 2017      Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Make the most of the funding for Kimba

Open letter from the local Mayor, welcoming the “rare” investment in a rural community, for participating in the siting process without obligation and regardless of whether the proposed radioactive waste facility is ever built in the area.

2 November 2017      World Nuclear News

Switzerland’s national radioactive waste disposal cooperative, Nagra, has made its applications for exploratory boreholes in the Nördlich Lägern region available for a 30-day period of public inspection. Nagra submitted six applications in mid-August for exploratory boreholes in five siting communities in Nördlich Lägern, one of three proposed regions in the site selection process for deep geological repositories. The permits are expected to be granted by the end of 2018, Nagra says.

2 November 2017      Las Vegas Sun

Nevada official says Yucca bill not likely to pass Senate

A bill to restart licensing of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository may pass the U.S. House but will probably die in the Senate, a state official said Wednesday.  Robert Halstead, director of the state Agency for Nuclear Projects, said he would not be surprised if the legislation got 300 votes in the House, but it “will never see the light of day” in the Senate.

1 November 2017      Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

$2m nuclear fund applications opens

Report on launch of a Community Benefit Program provides for projects delivering social or economic benefits for the communities located near sites being considered for the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.  The program recognises the community’s contribution and short-term disruption as the detailed consultation and technical assessments are underway.

30 October 2017       Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

1st meeting held to explain map for final disposal of nuclear waste

Report on the first public workshop in Japan as part of a public consultation programme to discuss the Government’s plans for geological disposal.  In July the Japanese Government published a map showing that up to 30% of the country, covering more than half of the country’s municipalities, could be used as a final disposal site for high-level radioactive waste.  According to the Japanese Government, these areas have no volcanos, active faults or coal fields, and they are geologically convenient in terms of transportation by ships.

27 October 2017       Business Korea

Korea Pressed by Urgent Construction of Spent Nuclear Fuel Treatment Facilities

The Korean Government’s decision to proceed with new nuclear build programme, following advice from an independent citizens forum, focus turns to speeding Korea’s geological disposal programme.

26 October 2017       Bangor Daily News (USA)

As climate change fuels fears about nuclear waste, Maine looks to Trump for solution

Report expressing frustration in a local community over continued interim surface storage of radioactive waste and the lack of progress in finding a permanent geological disposal site.

26 October 2017       World Nuclear News

Countries update on waste management progress

Signatories to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management – known as the Joint Convention – have submitted national reports detailing the steps they are taking to meet their commitments under the convention ahead of next year’s review meeting.  These national reports are subjected to independent peer review, to help ensure there are common international standards to which every country operates.  There is an expectation that each country will make their reports public.  This news report focuses on Sweden, and provides links to a wide range of international sources of information on radioactive waste management and geological disposal.

26 October 2017      Daily Energy Insider (USA)

NARUC, other energy organizations urge Congress to fund Nuclear Waste Program

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) was among six energy organisations that has sent a letter Tuesday to Congressional leaders urging them to adequately fund the Department of Energy’s programme to support the completion of the Yucca Mountain licensing review and preparation for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste transportation.

25 October 2017      Euroscientist

A small number of professional scientists are turning to science fiction writing to better discuss complex issues with the wider public.  EuroScientist has published a short story called ‘The Blame Game’ by Ian McKinley, who is a scientist involved in radioactive waste management.  The magazine says he sets out to debunk the myths around the topic which stem from films, novels and, increasingly, comics, manga and anime, to get readers to ask themselves key questions about the topic.

24 October 2017      The Transcontinental (Australia)

Quorn and Hawker locals visit ANSTO

Local newspaper report on members of a community which may host a national radioactive waste facility visiting the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).  The group also included community members of a newly-created Economic Working Group, exploring employment and other opportunities.

24 October 2017       Nature Magazine

Reclassify waste to shift the nuclear landscape

Discussion about the political complexities of re-classifying waste destined for permanent disposal, as a way of managing the waste to be disposed at WIPP and pending any final decision on a permanent repository.

24 October 2017       Atlas Obscura

Nuclear waste experts study prehistoric crater lake to envision landscapes one million years in the future.

Report on how Lake Lappajärvi in Finland is being analysed to show how future geological stability can be reasonably assured, given its resistance to glacial effects over the past millennia.

19 October 2017       San Clement News (USA)

Wavelengths: Nuking it Out: In a Fight against Storing Radioactive Waste, We Are in the Dark

Opinion piece, concerned that the public do not engage in radioactive waste management issues, which concludes:

“I am not advocating any position on this issue. I am suggesting that educating oneself from a variety of sources should be a paramount priority for anyone who owns property here or is planning to live in the area for any length of time.”

18 October 2017       World Nuclear News

Mining operations to resume at WIPP

Industry report on renewed activity at the US facility.

17 October 2017        Eyre Tribune (Australia)

Nuclear money could go to pool

Local residents advocate that some of Aus$2m community funding available in waste repository programme should go to upgrading local swimming pool.

17 October 2017        Las Vegas Sun

Longtime Yucca Mountain booster in Congress makes his pitch in Nevada

Illinois Congressman addresses Las Vegas business community on why he supports Yucca Mountain project.  Additional coverage also in the Nevada Independent.

17 October 2017        San Francisco Chronicle

US nuke waste repository in New Mexico will get more space

Associated Press (AP) report on the first underground excavations beginning at WIPP in the three years since their subterranean incident.

17 October 2017        Equal Times (Europe)

What to do with nuclear waste? The question dividing France

Comprehensive article from a pan-European activist news portal funded by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), setting out the views of anti-GDF environmentalists, and pro-GDF players.  The respective views of both sides can be summed up in two quotes:

“What is at stake in Bure, is the future of nuclear power.  If the Cigéo is not built here, the nuclear industry will come to an end in the next ten years … That’s why we are fighting: if we manage to stop it, it will mean the end of the industry.”

“It’s all well and good to say it’s a heresy, but now that it’s there, what can we do about it? … we can always question whether such or such [historic] decision is legitimate, but that should not reinforce indecision [on safely disposing of the waste].”

16 October 2017       The Sun Daily (Malaysia)

New radioactive waste storage facility needed

Malaysia conducting 10-year analysis into geological disposal.

14 October 2017       Las Vegas Sun

Moniz: U.S. needs ‘consent-based process’ for nuclear waste storage

Ex-US Energy Secretary calls for a ‘consent-based’ process for identifying a GDF site.  Speaking at a National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Ernst Moniz said there were technical issues to be resolved at Yucca Mountain, which may be “showstoppers”, and that European experience showed a consent-based approach was more likely to succeed in finding a suitable, acceptable site.

11 October 2017       Iohud (NY, USA)

Nuclear waste stranded at Indian Point as feds search for permanent solution

Comprehensive article from local Westchester County (NY) newspaper, setting out the complex local and national political debate reigniting in the US about permanent disposal of radioactive waste.  Nobody wants the material maintained in interim stores, but many of the most vocal critics also don’t want to transport it to a permanent disposal facility.  Yucca may not happen, but little appetite to delay site selection process for another 30 years.  And so on …. !

11 October 2017       Chicago Tribune

Column: Post-nuke legacy leaves Zion stuck with more than nostalgia

Op-ed concerned about continued interim surface storage at local nuclear facilities pending progress on a permanent geological disposal facility.

10 October 2017      Nature magazine

How the United States plans to trap its biggest stash of nuclear-weapons waste in glass

Explanation on how radioactive waste is ‘vitrified’ (ie made into a glass) to enhance protection against radioactivity seeping into environment, and in preparation for geological disposal.

10 October 2017      Reuters (France)

France’s nuclear spent-fuel pools major security risk: Greenpeace

Coverage of a new Greenpeace International Report.

9 October 2017        Brussels Times (Belgium)

We must get out of the “impasse” on the storage of nuclear waste

Chief Executive of the organisation which controls nuclear waste in Belgium (Ondraf) calls on Belgian Government to make a decision on geological disposal, which is technically the preferred solution.

6 October 2017        News.AZ (Azerbaijan)

Armenia wages ecological war against Azerbaijan

Allegations in Azerbaijani online news agency report, that Armenia is exploring geology of disputed territory in order to dispose of radioactive waste.

6 October 2017        Brattleboro Reformer (Vermont, USA)

Welch bill would compensate nuke fuel towns

Report on local Representative who has tabled a Bill in Congress to compensate towns in which radioactive waste is stored at surface on an interim base pending final permanent geological disposal.

3 October 2017        Los Alamos Monitor (USA)

WIPP officials expect rock fall within a month

Statement on how the anticipated underground rock fall has been expected and is being planned for by the facility’s management.

2 October 2017         Belarus News

Belarus, European Commission to launch new project in nuclear, radiation safety in 2018

Short report on an international accord, which includes supporting the Belarus nuclear regulator by sharing EU experience in the regulation of safe radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel disposal.

2 October 2017         Patch (USA)

Nuclear Waste Storage Help Offered By Proposed New Law

Local Illinois newsmedia story about legislation intended to financially compensate local municipalities for hosting surface facilities in which waste is stored pending permanent geological disposal.

1 October 2017         Uinta County Herald (USA)

Radioactive waste will continue I-80 transport

Local newspaper story on a public roadshow to provide education on the shipping of waste from facilities around the country to the US’s only existing geological disposal facility, WIPP.

30 Sept 2017            The Olympian (USA)

Hanford and Yucca Mountain – an environmental imperative or status quo?

Op-ed from local Washington State newspaper, seeking bipartisan support for Yucca Mountain GDF, as a moral and environmental imperative, saying:

“Failure to capitalize on nearly $15 billion already invested at Yucca Mountain just isn’t acceptable and starting the process over means 30 or more years of delay and the accumulation of additional tons of nuclear waste widely dispersed throughout the country … And, this radioactive mess needs cleaning up — now.”

28 Sept 2017             Santa Fe New Mexican

Expected WIPP roof collapse raises anxiety

Local concerns remain despite reassurance from WIPP management that expected rock fall has been anticipated and planned for.

27 Sept 2017             Orange County Register (USA) 

Can $46 billion buy a permanent home for nuclear waste stored at San Onofre, other sites?

Anger in California, that having already taken $46bn from consumers through their power bills to pay for a geological disposal facility, the Federal Government continues to allow waste to be stored in local surface facilities and has not advanced the programme to find a site for the permanent disposal repository.

26 Sept 2017             Las Vegas Review-Journal

Officials frustrated over lack of progress on Yucca Mountain

Report on a Congressional Hearing this week into radioactive waste disposal by the House of Representative’s Oversight subcommittee on Interior, Energy and Environment.  While the House has a Bill which provides funding to re-open the Yucca Mountain programme, the Senate is pursuing a waste management plan that would look at interim storage sites until a permanent geologic repository is constructed. The two bills will have to be reconciled by the end of the budget process.

All agree that something needs to be done.  One observer said, “To put it bluntly, the citizens of states and localities have the federal government’s waste and the federal government has our money.”  The Union of Concerned Scientists said the Yucca Mountain proposal could be rejected, requiring the search for other potential repository sites, and that local consent should be sought on finding such a site.

21 Sept 2017             The Progressive (USA)

Nuclear Plants Plus Hurricanes: Disasters Waiting to Happen

Concern, in a citizens’ rights’ publication, that waste stored on the surface at nuclear facilities presents a risk from natural disasters like hurricanes.

21 Sept 2017             OZYNews (USA)

The next Standing Rock showdown could be over nuclear waste

Report on potential for active resistance to Yucca Mountain project by Native Americans, despite fact that site is not on tribal lands.

21 Sept 2017             Chicago Tribune

Editorial: Illinois, the nuclear waste state

Editorial which says, “… secure disposal has been painfully hard to come by. That’s not for any technical or logistical reason … In the meantime, some 80,000 tons of waste has piled up at 80 far less secure temporary sites in 35 states, and the piles are growing all the time … Congressional Republicans — not to mention Democrats from Illinois and other states stuck with casks of spent fuel — know that the problem needs to be solved and that there is no better option … Now is their chance to safeguard nuclear waste in a much more secure location.”

19 Sept 2017             CPHPost (Denmark)

Riso to continue as Denmark’s nuclear waste storage facility

Because of public hostility, Denmark has yet to follow other nuclear nations in seeking a site for the permanent disposal of higher activity waste — thus requiring an extension to the current interim storage facility at Riso.

19 Sept 2017             San Diego Union-Tribune

San Onofre nuclear waste storage plan better alternative than inaction, barely

Report on agreement between operator of decommissioned site and local citizens for interim storage of waste, pending final disposal in a GDF.  Agreement not considered ideal, but best alternative, and federal government criticised for not finding a site after almost 50 years of searching.

17 Sept 2017              Las Vegas Sun

Don’t take chances with Mother Nature, human nature

Editorial by owner/editor of the newspaper, opposed to Yucca Mountain, arguing it would be safer to keep waste on the surface at multiple sites than place deep beneath the surface at one site.

13 Sept 2017             Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Editorial: WIPP filling its role and more, unlike Yucca Mt.

Following a government Report on future capacity limits at the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) in New Mexico, a local newspaper supports local community demands for expansion at the facility, saying:

“Such moves are uniformly supported by Carlsbad civic leaders, who understand the level of nuclear expertise in their workforce as well as they understand the importance of a constant flow of government dollars to their communities and political futures.  And it’s reasonable to expand WIPP, providing the state and the federal government can agree on what goes in and how much the site can hold – safely.”

But notes WIPP is not a long-term solution for the 70,000-plus tonnes of radwaste stored on the surface across the US, and that Yucca Mountain provides the best current long-term solution to the problem.

12 Sept 2017             Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Nuclear waste: Where to store it for eternity?

As Germany prepares to restart its process for finding a location for a GDF, this article provides an overview of the international situation, scientific consensus, and German political history of finding a site for permanent disposal of radwaste.

This story also picked up by online business and science news portal Gears of Biz.

12 Sept 2017             Fox News (Australia)

Finland’s incredible permanent nuclear waste storage facility

Article on GDF under construction in Finland, and reviewing similar activity in Australia.

12 Sept 2017             New York Post

This tiny country may solve gigantic nuclear waste problem

Yet another article on the Finnish GDF, reviewing progress internationally in building GDFs, and acknowledging that Finland’s GDF is culmination of 40 years of technical planning and community discussion.

11 Sept 2017             Los Angeles Times

There’s no great answer for nuclear waste, but almost anything is better than perching it on the Pacific

Editorial in favour of progressing with geological disposal as quickly as possible.

11 Sept 2017             The Atlantic (International)

What Lies Beneath

Another article looking at the Finnish GDF, the world’s only GDF currently under construction, emphasising the point that early engagement with the community proved critical in progressing the project.

10 Sept 2017            Adelaide Advertiser (Australia)

Aboriginal leader Malcolm ‘Tiger’ McKenzie pushing for nuclear waste dump built near his home in the Flinders Ranges

While not about a GDF, interesting story about why Aboriginal leaders want to explore economic benefits of hosting radioactive waste facilities “if they’re safe”.  Similar story also in another local newspaper, The Transcontinental.

9  Sept 2017             Business Insider (UK/USA)

Hurricane Irma may plow into a site full of Cold War-era nuclear waste

Article articulating concerns about potential impact of storm on waste stored in interim surface stores.

8  Sept 2017             Las Vegas Sun

Two further stories emanating from last week’s conference in Las Vegas to discuss the US Government’s revived plans to build the nation’s deep geological repository for the permanent disposal of higher activity radioactive waste under Yucca Mountain in Nevada:

House [Congress] expected to act on nuclear waste policy this fall

Yucca Mountain panel shows divide between state, rural counties

7  Sept 2017             The Baker Orange (USA)

Nuclear waste threatens everyone

Kansas-based student/activist magazine articulating need for a GDF.

7  Sept 2017             ABC News (USA)

Federal auditors say US nuclear dump running out of room

The US’ Government Accountability Office has said that the only current repository in America, the WIPP facility in New Mexico, will run out of storage capacity within ten years, and that the Department of Energy (DoE) has no plans to seek regulatory approvals required to expand operations at WIPP.  The DoE says it has sufficient time to submit proposals.

7  Sept 2017             Washington Post

Harvey caused a chemical plant explosion. Is that the next face of climate change?

Mention of the management of radioactive waste in context of mitigating against the effects of climate change.

7  Sept 2017             Roll Call

Five Top Energy and Environment Priorities as Congress Returns

Washington DC-based political news-site lists the Yucca Mountain repository as one of the key priorities for Congress this autumn, and explains why.

7  Sept 2017             Southside Pride

Who should take care of the radioactive leaks in Washington State?

Minneapolis (USA) community activist publication, exploring issues related to management of radioactive waste and urging action on finding a geological disposal facility.

7  Sept 2017             Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nevada, Nye County take opposite sides in Yucca Mountain battle

Continued coverage of the conference in Las Vegas to discuss the Yucca Mountain project.  This report focuses on the different pro and anti positions of the Local and State authorities.

5  Sept 2017            The Norwich Radical (UK)

Where to hide radioactive waste?

Political activist publication, while acknowledging that geological disposal appears to be the scientifically-endorsed best option, worries about how to find a willing community to host such a site.

5  Sept 2017            Xinhua (China)

China Focus: China adopts nuclear safety law

Report on new legislation in China, sections of which require the nuclear industry to be more transparent, and quoting Guo Chengzhan, Deputy Director of the National Nuclear Safety Administration, as saying:  “On issues related to public interest, both local governments and facility operators are required to solicit public opinion. Public understanding and support are important to the healthy and sustainable development of nuclear energy.”

5  Sept 2017            Nuclear Monitor (International)

In the hope of a better legacy: An interview with Prof. Andrew Blowers

Andy Blowers reviews his years opposing nuclear power, commenting on his membership of CoRWM, and while supporting geological disposal, is concerned that it is taking too long, that long-term surface storage is the best available current option, and that the nation should think again about producing more radioactive waste before it has resolved what to do with the legacy stockpile.

5  Sept 2017            Las Vegas Review-Journal

Yucca Mountain opposition to be focus at Las Vegas conference

5  Sept 2017            Las Vegas Review-Journal

Energy official says Yucca Mountain ball in Congress’ court

6  Sept 2017            Las Vegas Sun

State’s chief Yucca critic: It’s ‘almost a religious controversy now’

Series of articles from local Nevada media previewing and reporting on a conference in Las Vegas to discuss the US Government’s plan to revive the proposed Yucca Mountain repository.

5  Sept 2017            Daily Collegian (Mass, USA)

Should we warn future generations about nuclear waste?

Article on the discussions around ways in which repositories around the world can be ‘marked’ so that future generations are aware of the waste below.

30 August 2017     Real Change (USA)

Book Review: “Dark Age America: Climate Change, Cultural Collapse, and the Hard Future Ahead”

This weekly social activist newspaper reviews a book on the global environmental and economic challenges affecting America, which specifically highlights disposal of radioactive waste as a prime example of an issue that needs addressing.

29 August 2017    Weirton Daily Times (USA)

Radioactive waste storage plan needed

Local West Virginia newspaper op-ed saying a repository is necessary, “not just for the nuclear power industry. There are many other sources of radioactive waste.”

26 August 2017    Nevada Independent (USA)

Nevada raises concerns over Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s information-gathering plans for Yucca Mountain

Nevada State concerned that there is insufficient appropriate public engagement in revised discussions about Yucca Mountain.  However, there are differences in opinion between State and Local authorities — the most impacted local councils are satisfied with the safety case and see long term economic benefits.

24 August 2017      Post & Courier (USA)

Proceed with Yucca Mountain

Op-ed from a South Carolina newspaper, not only supports removing waste from the surface, but also reports on the ongoing legal case between South Carolina and the Federal Government over alleged non-payment of promised compensation for maintaining surface interim stores when the Yucca programme was halted by President Obama.

22 August 2017      Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Nuclear project office opening

Report on opening of a local office to help provide more information to residents on the potential Kimba site of a deep geological repository for Australia.

21 August 2017      Times Colonist (Canada)

Ottawa wants info on impact of nuclear-waste bunker on Indigenous community

Federal Environment Minister seeks additional information on a proposed GDF, including “a clear description of the potential cumulative effects of the project on Saugeen Ojibway Nation’s cultural heritage, including a description of the potential effects of the project on the nation’s spiritual and cultural connection to the land.”

The process for identifying a site in Canada has taken great effort to engage local indigenous populations, and to ‘vision’ the long-term environmental, social and economic impacts of hosting a site.

19 August 2017      ABC (Australia)

Nuclear medicine production in Australia at risk if dump site can’t be found, industry head says

Radiopharmaceutical industry concern that existing interim storage facilities are filling up, and that unless progress is made on locating a permanent repository there could be an impact on medical services.

“If you think about the biggest challenges in health in the western world, such as cardiac disease and forms of heart disease, and cancer in many forms, there wouldn’t be a family [not] touched by those,” said an industry leader.

Australia has been searching for a site for over 30 years.  Radiopharmaceutical industry says no immediate action required, but a plan needs developing “in the next 10 years, because we can’t continue to stack this waste up in the shed forever.”

17 August 2017     Town & Country Planning (UK)

In the first of a series of articles on the local and social legacies of nuclear energy, leading UK academic Prof Andy Blowers looks at where and why these legacies have come to pass.

16 August 2017    TeleSur (Spain/France)

French Police Attack Protest Against Nuclear Waste Site

Report on clash between protestors and police at proposed French GDF site near Bure.

16 August 2017    Business Standard (Europe)

Clashes at anti-nuclear demo in France

Additional agency report (Agence Press France – AFP) on confrontation between police and 300 protestors at the site of the proposed French GDF near Bure.

9 August 2017      Washington Examiner (USA)

Nuclear Regulatory Commission restarts Yucca Mountain licensing process

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission voted on Tuesday to proceed with the information-gathering stage of approving a license for the contentious nuclear waste storage site at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, to initiate the review of the Department of Energy’s license to build the radioactive waste facility.

8 August 2017      Japan Times

Unclear if local govts will host sites for N-waste disposal

Further article on recent publication of geological maps by the Japanese Government, re-emphasising the need for government to engage fully with the public.  The article says at the moment it seems unlikely that any municipality will come forward, although there are financial benefits in doing so.  There is acknowledgement that something has to be done with radioactive waste, but Prof Kota Juraku of Tokyo Denki University is quoted saying:  “If society as a whole doesn’t come to accept that these facilities must be built somewhere, no municipality will host them”.  The article ends, saying, “the government must alleviate the concerns of municipalities and their residents, and earn their understanding for acceptance of a facility.”

7 August 2017      Washington Times (USA)

Trump’s former Las Vegas cohorts gird for battle to stop his Yucca Mountain nuclear waste plan

Short article on expected lobbying campaign by Las Vegas casino owners and other business interests against Yucca Mountain proposals.

7 August 2017     Manila Bulletin (Philippines/Slovenia)

Increasing redundancy keeps nuclear plants safe

Report from Philippines media on improving safety at Slovenia’s nuclear facility, with brief mention of the Government’s five years of study and data gathering, and of securing community approval, for the establishment of its radioactive waste and spent fuel repository.

7 August 2017     The News on Sunday (Pakistan)

The Cost of Going Nuclear

Article examining debate between pro and antic nuclear arguments for further development of Pakistan’s civil nuclear programme, with reference to Pakistan’s own search for a deep geological disposal facility.

7 August 2017     Las Cruces Sun-News (USA)

NMSU monitoring near WIPP allays public concerns

Report on the work of New Mexico State University’s Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Centre, who have been monitoring the air, soil, water and people residing in the area surrounding the US’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), the world’s only existing deep geological disposal facility.  The Centre played  a key role in assuaging public concern over possible radiation leakage following the 2014 incident at WIPP, by showing that radiation was contained beneath ground away from human and environmental harm.

5 August 2017     CNBC (USA)

Finland wants to bury nuclear waste for 100,000 years

Short summary piece on Finland’s geological disposal facility.

3 August 2017     Japan Times

Finding sites to bury high-level radioactive waste

An op-ed piece, following publication of geological maps by the Japanese Government, states that “disposing of high-level radioactive waste is an issue that cannot be averted given that the nation is engaged in nuclear power generation” but urges the Government “to make the process toward disposal open and transparent — and scientifically trustworthy — sparing no effort to win the public’s understanding and support at each step of the way.”

1 August 2017     Public Radio International (USA)

Finland’s solution to nuclear waste storage may set an example for the world

Review of Finland’s repository, setting it in context of plans in the USA.  The article highlights the political and social, rather than technological, complexity of the issue, saying:

” … in the US public engagement around the issue of long-term geologic storage plans has been lacking … a study of nuclear waste programs around the world … found that this is a very difficult job.” 

“… a noteworthy characteristic of all of [other] programs is … a very well-developed program of public engagement that stretches, necessarily, over decades.”

“In the US, with its combined state-federal system and its mistrust of authority and science … to be successful, we have to design a system that can survive the fluctuations of the political sphere and is based on public acceptance …”

20 July 2017        NPR Illinois (USA)

Illinois Issues: The Prairie State’s Nuclear Waste Conundrum

Without a geological disposal facility, radioactive waste is being stored in surface facilities across Illinois.  This long article offers an overview on the history, politics, science and necessity of a GDF, expressing concerns that the longer the material is kept on the surface the greater the risk of an accident or terrorist attack.  While acknowledging that Nevada may feel ‘screwed’ by the Yucca Mountain project, the article welcomes a Chicago Tribunal op-ed that concluded: “We hope the Trump administration and Congress will revive it. Because if they don’t, we’re all screwed.”

19 July 2017      Politico (Europe)

Burying the atom: Europe struggles to dispose of nuclear waste

Using the French GDF and local protestors as a case study, this article says the technical issues are nothing compared to the political complexities across Europe in implementing geological disposal.

30 June 2017     Vice Media: Motherboard

Scientists Worry About a Future Ice Age Crushing Our Nuclear Waste Vaults

Review of research being conducted by Canada, Sweden and Finland underneath Greenland to test the resilience and longevity of a GDF which will be subjected to, and need to survive, several ice ages.

16 June 2017     The Journal News (Indian Point, NY, USA)

Forum highlights pressing questions about nuclear waste after Indian Point shuts down

Summary of the community discussion and concerns about hosting higher activity radioactive waste in interim surface facilities.

9 June 2017      New York Times

On Nuclear Waste, Finland Shows US How It Can Be Done

Lengthy article looking at construction of the Onkalo repository in Finland — the world’s first purpose-built GDF.

24 April 2017

Journey deep into the Finnish caverns where nuclear waste will be buried for millenia

Extensive article setting out the issues related to geological disposal, including concerns of anti-GDF activists.

21 April 2017     France24

Battle to stop nuclear waste being buried in a French village

16-minute video report on the French GDF and the campaign being led by local protestors.

11 April 2017     Chicago Tribune

Revive Yucca Mountain: Illinois has more nuclear waste than any other state, all of it in temporary storage

Written by the Tribune’s Editorial Board, the op-ed notes the unnecessary costs of interim storage which consumers ultimately bear through their energy bills.  It also notes that while Illinois has the largest quantity of radioactive waste stored on the surface in the US, waste is stored at surface facilities across 34 US States.  The paper, while arguing that science and common sense support construction of a GDF, does acknowledge that a GDF is the “ultimate NIMBY project”.