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20 September 2019 Sarajavo Times (Bosnia)

BiH’s Foreign Minister believes the Country has strong Arguments against Croatia’s Plan to build Nuclear Waste Disposal

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak believes that they have strong arguments and detailed explanations against Croatia’s intention to dispose of low-level radioactive waste on the border with BiH.

19 September 2019 Coast News (USA)

Council calling on state to address SONGS, nuclear storage

City Council approves a resolution calling on the Californian state legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom to address the concerns regarding the safe handling and storage of nuclear waste at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).

18 September 2019                                               BBC Radio 4 (UK)

UK’s geological disposal site search features on leading BBC news show, BBC Radio 4’s “Today Programme”, in a thoughtful 5-min podcast.

18 September 2019 Power Philippines

Nuclear is safe, perception is the problem – PNRI

Management and disposal of radioactive waste, and the geology of the country, are not what people think they are, according to Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) Director Carlo Arcilla.

17 September 2019 Los Alamos Reporter (USA)

Pioneers In The Cleanup Program Look Back On DOE-EM’s 30 Years

Look back on 30 years of WIPP and cleaning-up radioactive waste, lessons learned and impact on the community.

17 September 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

Spent Fuel Management for Research Reactors: Using Decision Tools to Help Choose the Best Option

Article on tools and support IAEA provides to help countries determine the right radioactive waste management strategy for their country.

17 September 2019                                               7News (Australia)

New Lib senator joins nuclear power push

In a wide-ranging pro-nuclear maiden speech, new Senator backs idea of a deep geological repository in South Australia.

16 September 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

Four Countries Join Treaties to Strengthen Nuclear Safety and Security

Bolivia signs up to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management.

16 September 2019                                               Brattleboro Reformer (USA)

Officials say Nuclear Regulatory Commission panels need funding

Responding to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s public consultation on best practices for citizens panels, Vermont says the panels need to be better funded if they are to be effective partners.

16 September 2019                                               L’Est Republicain (France)

Cigéo: progress and current projects

Local newspaper report on the annual ‘Open Day’ at the underground site of France’s planned deep geological repository.

14 September 2019                                               Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Senate Bill could provide $403 million to WIPP, fund other energy projects in New Mexico

Almost half a billion dollars could be coming to the Waste Isolation Pilot (WIPP) as a proposed federal budget was approved by committee and now moves to the whole US Senate, for approval. The sums are part of the budget for the Department of Energy. New Mexico Senator Tom Udall, a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, welcomed the investment i~New Mexico, but remains cautious about need to fund fund a proposed long-term temporary radioactive waste facility near Carlsbad.

13 September 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA Mission Recognizes Canada’s Commitment to Safety, Sees Areas for Enhancement

The independent international expert team recommendations and suggestions included some on enhance policy and strategy for radioactive waste management. The final report will be provided to the Canadian Government in about three months, which has plans to make the report public.

13 September 2019                                               Alice Springs News (Australia)

New mines in The Centre – a snapshot

Local paper reviews planning development of 5 major mining projects in the local area. This includes a salt mine, which would become a deep geological repository for hazardous wastes.

12 September 2019                                               Alternatives Economiques (France)

Saving nuclear waste: breaking taboos

In confusing article, author claims there are intellectual inconsistencies in the economic debate about the management of radioactive waste, which are beyond rationality, because of the long timescales involved.

12 Septemeber 2019                                               Reuters (Bosnia/Croatia)

Bosnia protects Una river to try to block Croatian nuclear waste plan

A Bosnian regional government has designated the river that is the border with Croatia a nature park, as part of Bosnia’s attempts to head off Croatian plans to build a low-level radioactive waste facility near the border between the two countries, 500m north of the River Una. Also reported by Total Croatia News, Sarajevo Times

12 September 2019                                               Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

No money for Yucca Mountain project in Senate budget

US Senate committee passes US$49 billion spending bill for the Department of Energy, but no money to revive the licensing process for the Yucca Mountain project. More detail provided in report from Energy Communities Alliance. Also reported by NBC News3 Las Vegas

12 September 2019                                               The Transcontinental (Australia)

Local action group urges government to consider marine impacts of radioactive waste management facility

Activists are urging the federal government to consider a report on the impact of the proposed radioactive waste facility in South Australia on the Hookina Floodplain, and potential subsequent consequences for the marine life in the Spencer Gulf.

11 September 2019                                               Aiken Standard (USA)

WIPP in New Mexico a cleanup keystone, Environmental Management No. 2 says

The US geological disposal repository (WIPP) is critical to the environmental clean-up of other sites around the USA.

11 September 2019                                               Barents Observer (Russia)

Prosecutors find insufficient anti-terrorist protection at Murmansk nuclear waste sites

Russian radioactive waste storage facilities largely funded by Western European countries are not being properly guarded, according to state prosecution law officials. A court has refused Rosatom’s request to delay implementation of enhanced anti-terrorist defences. Also reported by Kommersant, Moscow Times

10 September 2019                                               Morning Star (UK)

Time for a policy change on nuclear power

In an opinion piece on nuclear policy, complete misrepresentation of geological disposal.

10 September 2019                                               Nevada Current (USA)

Presidential candidates implored to be more specific about Yucca

Nevada lawmakers, tribal leaders and conservationists want 2020 presidential candidates to more boldly oppose Yucca Mountain.

10 September 2019                                               Liberation (France)

Nuclear waste: Greenpeace wants “a truth operation”

In apparent contribution to France’s current formal national debate about radioactive waste management and disposal, Greenpeace produce report outlining their concerns about financial and environmental costs of radioactive waste management. Also covered by MBS News

10 September 2019                                               San Diego Union-Tribune (USA)

Judge lays out schedule for San Onofre nuclear waste lawsuit

Judge hearing a civil complaint against the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and owners of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has rejected a request for an immediate stop-work order at the plant. Instead of granting a temporary restraining order, the judge has given federal regulators, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric and its parent company, Sempra Energy, until 20 September to file responses to the lawsuit filed by Public Watchdogs.

10 September 2019                                               Phys.Org

How do you leave a warning that lasts as long as nuclear waste?

Easy-to-read, thorough, balanced and fact-based analysis of the issues around radioactive waste disposal. Also carried by Ars Technica, Science Market News

10 September 2019                                               Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Forum addresses ecological, tribal opposition to Yucca Mountain

Report on public forum organised by the Nevada Conservation League about Yucca Mountain and its potential impacts on the area’s economy, ecology and public health.

9 September 2019                                               Inside Sources (USA)

The Capitalism Cure for SNF

Article highlighting financial and environmental costs of the political inaction which leaves radioactive waste sitting on the surface rather than disposing of it safely in geological repositories. Subsequently re-carried in Waterbury Republican-American

9 September 2019                                               Interfax (Russia/Germany)

Russia, Germany to conduct joint research into handling radioactive waste

Russian media reports that Russia and Germany will conduct joint research into handling radioactive waste. The Russian National Operator for Radioactive Waste Management (NO RWM, a Rosatom subsidiary) says it has signed an international agreement on scientific cooperation together with the Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Germany’s Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), BGE Technology GmbH, and Global Research for Safety (GRS), which conduct research and develop approaches to handling radwaste and isolating it in deep geological formations.

9 September 2019                                               Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Federal board raises concerns for air system; cites poor monitoring, slow response

According to local newspaper report, an alleged design flaw in a soon-to-be-constructed ventilation system at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) was raised by the federal Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board in 2018 as it could lead to the release of radioactivity by the facility. But records show that that concern went unaddressed by WIPP, forcing the Safety Board to formally write to Energy Secretary Rick Perry asking for the matter to be resolved before the system is put into operation in 2021.

9 September 2019                                               Orange County Register (USA)

Demolition of San Onofre nuclear plant comes before Coastal Commission in the fall

Only surface buildings will be demolished when San Onofre is dismantled, leaving behind foundations and other underground structures. Plans to be considered later this autumn.

8 September 2019                                               Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Nye County officials on Yucca Mountain: ‘Let’s sit down and talk’

Great insight into local perspective on Yucca, at odds with State level politicians. Safety is paramount for everyone – particularly those living closest. All they want is further discussion & scientific assessment before final decision made, with them at decision-making table.

8 September 2019                                               Sunday Times (Sri Lanka)

UK containers to be checked for nuke waste dangers

Despite reassurances from other Government agencies that waste containers from UK did not have any radioactive waste, a Government Analyst wants them to submit reports. This story reflects growing concern and resistance in the developing world about (non-nuclear) wastes being dumped on poorer countries by rich ones.

7 September 2019                                               Aiken Standard (USA)

Working partnerships needed for nuclear waste storage, Sen. Cory Booker says

Radioactive waste and geological disposal on agenda in Democratic Presidential candidate race. Booker opposes Yucca Mountain, but supports geological disposal. Wants a more ‘local consent-based’ approach to finding a site.

7 September 2019                                               Nevada Capital News (USA)

Opponents work to raise awareness of Yucca Mountain nuclear proposal

Report on a local panel discussion. Those communities living closest to the Yucca site are in favour of progressing work. Those opposed live further afield.

7 September 2019                                               De Morgen (Belgium)

No more room for nuclear waste

Belgoprocess, the government-owned company responsible for processing radioactive waste warns in its annual report that current surface interim storage is reaching capacity, and that additional facilities are required pending a decision on Belgium’s deep geological repository. (Article requires Google auto-translate into English). English-language coverage in Brussels Times

6 September 2019                                               Exchange Monitor (USA)

WIPP Waste Shipments Expected to Grow 50% by Fiscal 2023

The US Energy Department expects the number of radioactive waste shipments to its Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) will increase by more than 50% between 2020 and 2023, anticipating about 400 shipments a year.

6 September 2019                                               The Hill (USA)

We need to reconsider concerns about nuclear power

According to an ex-Chair of an EPA Clean Air committee, geological disposal poses less of a risk to human health by magnitudes compared to climate change, which is an immediate risk, not millenia away.

6 September 2019                                               John O’Groats Journal (UK)

Call for NDA to invest more in ‘lasting legacy’ for Caithness

Community leaders call on Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) to invest more to address local social and economic impacts of the nuclear site closure.

6 September 2019                                               Public News Service (USA)

Opponents Work to Raise Awareness of Yucca Mountain Nuclear Proposal

Further report on the local disagreements between those who support and oppose the re-licensing of the Yucca Mountain project.

5 September 2019                                               APTN News (Canada)

Green Party candidates oppose a nuclear waste dump near the Ottawa River

Report on continued opposition to Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) plans for a low-level radioactive waste facility close to the Ottawa River. Green Party stance also covered by Ottawa Citizen

5 September 2019                                               The Verge (USA)


In a review of the CNN debate on climate change with all the Democratic Presidential hopefuls, the issue of radioactive waste is a key concern amongst the anti-nuclear candidates. Similar reviews of the debate and the issues, but from different perspectives, also carried by the National Review, WICZ FoxNews40, Bloomberg, New York Magazine, Vox, The Week, Patriot Post, Business Insider, CNS News

5 September 2019                                               BBC (UK)

Hinkley Point A nuclear waste transport plans refused

Plans to transport radioactive waste from other decommissioned sites for interim surface storage at Hinkley Point A have been rejected by Somerset County Council. Also reported by This Is The West Country, Bridgwater Mercury, Somerset Live, Burnham-on-Sea.Com

5 September 2019                                               South China Morning Post (Singapore/China)

China earmarks site to store nuclear waste deep underground

China has chosen a site for an underground laboratory to research the disposal of highly radioactive waste, the country’s nuclear safety watchdog has announced. Also reported by CNN, KEZI ABCNews9

5 September 2019                                               Wyoming Public Media (USA)

Wyoming Considering Nuclear Waste Storage, While Yucca Mountain Sits Dormant

Local lawmakers to discuss the potential economic windfalls from radioactive waste storage. It’s the first meeting of Wyoming’s Spent Fuel Rods Subcommittee, which was created earlier this year. Also covered by Big Horn Radio Network, Greenwich Time, Cowboy State Daily, BuckRail, Wyoming News Now

4 September 2019                                               Zeit Online (Germany/France)

The small exit

German newspaper believes France will have to revisit its entire radioactive waste policy after news that France no longer researching new nuclear reactors which would reduce amount of waste requiring geological disposal. (Article requires Google auto-translate into English)

4 September 2019                                               Washington Post (USA)

Don’t trust candidates who ignore nuclear power

Opinion piece which says radioactive waste is a serious issue, but not as serious an issue as the impacts of climate change.

4 September 2019                                               Emirates News Agency (UAE)

Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation seeks public feedback on radiation safety regulatory guide

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) has issued a draft radiation safety regulatory guide for public consultation. The newly-drafted regulations are on ‘Near Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste’. Also reported by Zawya, Construction Week, Technical Review Middle East, Utilities Middle East

4 September 2019                                               Cape Cod Today (USA)

96 Organizations Join Call to Suspend NRC Pilgrim License Transfer

Local groups still campaigning against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) decision to allow Holtec International to acquire the closed Pilgrim nuclear power plant.

3 September 2019                                               Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Yucca Mountain unlikely to get funding amid focus on 2020 election, experts say

Speakers at a nuclear industry conference not confident that there will be funding for Yucca this side of the 2020 Presidential election.

3 September 2019                                               South China Morning Post (Singapore/China)

China ‘actively promoting’ nuclear fuel processing plant with French Areva

China says five plants planned for disposal of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste. The US$12bn project with Areva has been subject to repeated delays, most recently in 2016 when a proposed site at Lianyungang was cancelled after thousands of residents took to the streets in protest. Officials said nuclear waste was a big problem that required more communication with local governments and local people.

3 September 2019                                               WFMJ NBCNews21 (USA)

Deep Isolation Proposes a Nuclear Waste Disposal Solution to Consolidated Interim Storage at the 2019 RadWaste Summit

Deep Isolation have a proposal to isolate nuclear waste in deep horizontal drillholes. There remains uncertainty about the approach, which was recently reviewed in UK by the independent expert committee CoRWM. This story also covered by Las Vegas Review Journal

3 September 2019                                               AzerNews (Azerbaijan/Armenia)

Armenia’s Metsamor NPP continues to threaten region

Amid continued allegations that Armenia is ‘dumping’ radioactive waste in captured Azerbaijani territory, Azerbaijan dismisses Armenian assurances about disposal of spent fuel, saying that there is no direct rail route between Armenia and Russia, and that both Georgia and Azerbaijan do not allow such waste to be transported through their countries.

3 September 2019                                               Daily Finland

Proper radioactive waste management endorsed

The National Cooperation Group on Nuclear Waste Management, in its final report to the Government, emphases continuing current standards and approaches to safe management of radioactive waste in Finland, including geological disposal. Also reported by Valto, World Nuclear News

3 September 2019                                               Rockland/Westchester Journal News (USA)

Frustrated nuke plant operators want Congress to resolve stalemate over Yucca Mountain

The owners of closed nuclear power plants, exhausted by decades-long political stalemate, are pressing Congress to find a permanent home for tons of nuclear waste stranded at their sites across the US.

3 September 2019                                               Financial Review (Australia)

Canavan cold on the push for nuclear power

The difficulties in finding a location for a. low-level radioactive waste facility undermine case for Australia generating nuclear energy, according to the Government Minister responsible.

3 September 2019                                               Albuquerque Journal (USA)

WIPP: $75M contract let for utility shaft

A major portion of the multi-million-dollar rebuild of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant’s (WIPP) ventilation system that’s expected to be built by next year is on track, with the US Department of Energy awarding a US$75m contract for the construction of an essential utility shaft. Also covered by KUNM, Miami Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Gate, KANW, Durango Herald, The Journal, KOB News4

3 September 2019                                               Xinhua (China)

China’s nuclear power development maintains high-level safety: white paper

China re-commits to geological disposal of radioactive waste, in a nuclear white paper just published. Also covered by World Nuclear News

3 September 2019                                               Washington Examiner (USA)

Whatever America’s energy future, our nuclear waste problem isn’t going anywhere

Strong opinion piece making statement that even in a non-nuclear future, the legacy waste will need resolving, and this this is wholly a political and not a scientific issue.

2 September 2019                                               Reuters (Finland)

Finland may allow $2.9 billion nuclear waste fund to invest in stocks

Finland’s Government says €2.6 billion (US$2.90 billion) Nuclear Waste Management Fund could be allowed to invest in stocks and other higher risk assets in order to boost returns. Government will draft proposals for consultation. Also reported by Nasdaq, KFGO, Energy World India

2 September 2019                                               Japan Times

Japan should learn from other countries when planning nuclear plant decommissioning: government report

Japan’s Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) say the country is entering an era of massive decommissioning, and urge plant operators to plan ahead to lower decades of potential safety risks and costs. In its annual nuclear white paper, JAEC urges utilities to learn from US and Europe. Japan hasn’t yet completed decommissioning of any reactor and doesn’t have concrete plans for the final disposal of radioactive waste, and anti-nuclear public sentiment makes it more difficult for plant operators to obtain local consent as any plan related to radioactive waste storage tends to get strong resistance. Story also covered by The Mainichi and internationally by Washington Post, Daily Mail Online, Energy Voice, The National Scotland

1 September 2019                                               Los Alamos Monitor (USA)

9 LANL waste containers denied shipment to WIPP

WIPP has declined to accept 9 waste containers from the Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL) after an inspection found they contained potentially combustible materials. Just such a container from LANL burst in 2014, causing the closure of WIPP for 2 years, and costing US$300m to clean up.

1 September 2019                                               Times of India

Relief sought for widows of fishers killed by SL navy

The Tamil Fishermen Federation of Tamil Nadu-Puducherry have expressed their concern and opposition that the government is setting up a nuclear waste management plant in Kudankulam in a clandestine manner.

1 September 2019                                               Wall Street Journal

The Nuclear Waste Is Safe. What About Other Waste?

Short opinion piece says that “nuclear waste always gets a bum rap, but it may be the only waste that is never purposely released into the environment. It is always managed, controlled and highly regulated”, and asks can other industries say the same with their waste?

31 August 2019                                               City Press (South Africa)

Necsa still has a nuclear role to play

South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) defends itself against suggestions it’s activities should be scaled back, and defends the importance of an independent National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute, which runs South Africa’s nuclear waste disposal facility at Vaalputs.

30 August 2019                                               Globe NewsWire (Canada)

CNL Completes Project Milestone in Port Hope

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) has successfully completed the clean-up and environmental restoration of three temporary storage sites as part of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI). Contaminated soil from these locations has now been safely transferred to CNL’s Long-Term Waste Management Facility. Also published by Business Insider

30 August 2019                                               Orange County Register (USA)

Activists sue to immediately block radioactive waste burial at San Onofre

Law suit filed in federal court seeking an immediate halt to the transfer of radioactive waste from wet pools to dry storage. While experts say radioactive waste is safer in dry storage, the group of local activists, and other critics, argue that canisters holding the waste aren’t robust enough. And are concerned the waste will stay on site indefinitely in absence of a geological disposal facility to which stored waste can be taken. Also reported in Desert Sun, ABCNews10 San Diego, OB Rag

29 August 2019                                               Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: The U.S. Department of Energy’s 4 goals for the next five years

Article explaining the proposed priorities for the geological repository set out in a draft 5-year strategic plan which has been issued for public and stakeholder consultation.

29 August 2019                                               Xinhua (China/Australia)

Expert warns Australia against adopting large-scale nuclear power

Chinese official news agency reports on evidence given to Australian Parliamentary Inquiry, citing an expert saying that costs of managing radioactive waste would be a costly burden for future generations.

28 August 2019                                               Posiva/YIT (Finland)

YIT and Posiva sign contract for stage two in the excavation of Posiva’s final disposal facility

Press release announcing a €17m contract for the excavation work required for completing construction of the second stage of Posiva’s geological disposal facility/repository. Reported in Construction Index, World Nuclear News

28 August 2019                                               Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

DOE officials tour New Mexico nuclear sites WIPP, LANL

Local newspaper report on senior federal officials visit to local facilities. Also covered by Los Alamos Reporter

28 August 2019                                               FairPlanet (Bosnia/Croatia)


Lengthy article setting out the background and substance of the disagreement between the two countries about the potential siting by Croatia of a low-level radioactive waste facility close to the Bosnian border.

28 August 2019                                               Bloomberg

France Is Still Cleaning Up Marie Curie’s Nuclear Waste

Marie Curie’s laboratory in Paris does not present a public health risk, but progress slow in dismantling the building allegedly because there is not yet a geological repository in France to dispose of the higher-activity wastes at the laboratory site. Also covered by Electrek

27 August 2019                                               Times Standard (USA)

Feds seek input on community advisory boards for decommissioning nuclear reactors

Report on a local meeting held by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission seeking community input on best practices for establishing and operating community advisory boards for decommissioning nuclear power reactors.

27 August 2019                                               Novinite (Bulgaria)

Democratic Bulgaria Coalition Expects EU Commission to Prevent Construction of Belene NPP

An Opposition leader predicts the European Commission may not allow the implementation of the Belene nuclear plant project, and calls for a transparent explanation of the costs of building a geological repository, and how it will be paid for.

27 August 2019                                               Marfa Public Radio (USA)

Nuclear Waste May Find A Home In Andrews County — Which Thrills And Horrifies Locals

Thorough examination of the issues and divided local opinion on the proposed temporary storage facility for higher-activity radioactive waste, to keep waste currently held at nuclear facilities all over the US but destined for geological disposal. Also covered by Texas Standard

26 August 2019                                               Belarus News

Belarus government okays strategy on managing spent nuclear fuel

After reprocessing in Russia, waste will be returned to Belarus in solid glass form by 2050. Current preference is to create a single facility for storage and disposal of waste.

26 August 2019                                               Montana Public Radio (USA)

Montana Proposes State’s First Regulations For Radioactive Waste Disposal

Montana proposes new regulations that outline what facilities need to do to dispose of radioactive waste while also monitoring for environmental side effects.

26 August 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

Nuclear Newcomers Tackle Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management

Article on action being taken by countries taking their first nuclear steps to plan for safe radioactive waste management and disposal, and the support which the IAEA provides those countries.

26 August 2019                                               The Hill (USA)

Yang climate plan heavily relies on entrepreneurship, nuclear

Democratic Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang breaks with the pack, supporting the Yucca Mountain repository.

25 August 2019                                               Hankyoreh (Korea)

The danger of sourcing food and material from the Fukushima region

Within a longer critical column, Korean environmentalist argues that Japan is seeking to cut costs in the disposal of radioactive waste.

24 August 2019                                               The Sault Star (Canada)

NWMO introduces new mobile learn more centre at 2019 Symposium

Report on Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) public information and outreach campaign about their plans for a deep geological repository for higher-activity radioactive waste.

24 August 2019                                               Santa Fe Reporter (USA)

The Waste that Remains

Disagreements about how much radioactive waste needs to be removed from the Los Alamos National Laboratory for the site to be considered “clean” remain unresolved between the Dept of Energy, other political entities such as the City of Santa Fe, and watchdog groups.

23 August 2019                                               The Transcontinental (Australia)

Kimba council set a date while Hawker faces further delays

Kimba sets date for a local ballot on the proposed low-level radioactive waste repository, while Hawker opts to do further analysis before deciding if and when to proceed with a local vote.

23 August 2019                                               Commonwealth Magazine (USA)

Over objections, feds approve transfer of Pilgrim station

Despite the objections of Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, the Governor and local advocacy groups, federal regulators have approved the transfer of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station license to a company that plans to decommission the plant on an “accelerated basis.” Sale also reported by World Nuclear News, WXTK NewsRadio

23 August 2019                                               World Nuclear News

Canadian, Korean waste organisations agree cooperation

The Korea Radioactive Waste Agency (KORAD) has signed agreements with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) to cooperate on decommissioning nuclear facilities and radioactive waste management.

23 August 2019                                               Times & Star (UK)

Calls for vision on Sellafield’s future

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) have a wider obligation to the community than merely cleaning-up the Sellafield site, according to the local council. The NDA has to help bring jobs and support the wider local economy.

23 August 2019                                               Orange County Register (USA)

Lessons learned and all systems go after nuke waste transfer resumes at San Onofre, Edison says

Local campaigners not reassured by Southern California Edison’s confidence as movement of radioactive waste resumes at the shuttered nuclear plant.

23 August 2019                                               Radio Free Europe

Moscow Residents Fear Radioactive Risk From New Road

Further coverage of a local residents campaign in Moscow concerned that plans for a new road will expose radiation from a Soviet-era radioactive waste dump during the4 construction phase.

23 August 2019                                               CourtHouse News (USA)

Regulators Limit Scope of Fight Over West Texas Nuclear Waste Site

A Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) panel has only approved The Sierra Club as an official participant in the planned consultation and licensing process for a temporary facility for high-level radioactive waste. Environmentalists are concerned this will limit the arguments the NRC will consider as they weigh whether to approve the planned facility. The decision is open to appeal, and final decisions are many months away. Also covered by CBS News7

22 August 2019                                               Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Ballot date set as Resources Minister visits Kimba

A date has been set for the Kimba community ballot on the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) project. Ballots will be posted to voters in the Kimba district from October 3, with voting set to close on November 7.

22 August 2019                                               Focus Taiwan

President Tsai challenges Mayor Han’s nuclear policy

Continued dispute between leading expected candidates in 2020 Presidential elections over nuclear policy and radioactive waste management. President says a disposal site needs to be found before any new nuclear build contemplated. Additional coverage in the Taipei Times

22 August 2019                                               Fox News (USA)

Energy in America: Nuclear power in focus

Radioactive waste generation and no place to dispose of it, a key issue in this short Fox News segment about nuclear energy.

22 August 2019                                               Moneyweb (South Africa)

Leave Necsa alone, says CEO

South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) defends itself against suggestions it’s activities should be scaled back, and defends the importance of an independent National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute, which runs South Africa’s nuclear waste disposal facility at Vaalputs.

22 August 2019                                               Coast News (USA)

Political pressure to remove nuclear waste builds

Update on Californian state lawmakers attempts to force federal government into action over the removal of radioactive waste from interim surface stores and final disposal of that waste.

21 August 2019                                               Bellona (Russia/Norway)

Stoppage at Russian nuclear plant causes jitters

A controversial new nuclear power plant that uses radioactive waste as fuel (to reduce amount of waste destined for disposal) was suddenly shut down this week. This happened amid heightened international concerns about safety of Russian nuclear facilities following a deadly explosion at a rocket testing facility.

21 August 2019                                               AntiNuclearNet (Australia)

Council announces dates for Kimba radioactive waste ballot

Australian community to vote on proposed low-level radioactive waste repository on 3 October 2019.

21 August 2019                                               Australian Government

National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Taskforce: information pack

Government publishes of all the printed materials provided to communities near the three voluntarily nominated National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) sites.

21 August 2019                                               Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

Federal judge dismisses South Carolina lawsuit seeking $200 million in plutonium fines

Ruling that says states cannot sue Department of Energy for failure to remove radioactive waste for disposal because Congress has not allocated budget to the Department for such payments. States need to get money from Congress.

21 August 2019                                               Focus Taiwan

Nuclear power critical to Taiwan’s development: Han Kuo-yu

Nuclear power and radioactive waste management is a key issue in Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential election. Leading Opposition candidate says nuclear option must be kept open to help address other important issues such as clean air, energy security. Government spokesman says finding a site to dispose of radioactive waste needs to come before opening new nuclear power stations.

21 August 2019                                               WHYY (USA)

Three Mile Island is closing. Now what?

15-minute podcast from local community radio station assesses closure of the iconic Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, and explains why radioactive waste will be kept on site for many decades to come.

21 August 2019                                               Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Minister Canavan to visit Kimba

Federal Resources Minister to visit Kimba to discuss the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) project with the community.

20 August 2019                                               Exchange Monitor (USA)

Full Consent for Nuclear Waste Disposal ‘An Excuse to Do Nothing,’ Senators Told

Trying to get approval at every level is the path to inaction, according to a community leader from Nye County — host area for Yucca Mountain, and desirous to proceed with the project.

20 August 2019                                               Bloomberg Business

The Venture-Capital Opportunity in Basic Sciences

As most venture capitalists look to renewables for investment, one successful VC sees opportunity in ‘neglected’ nuclear sector. Cites an innovative radioactive waste business that returned him 100 times his original investment after the company was sold to Veolia.

20 August 2019                                               NewsWire (Canada)

The NWMO continues to lead with technical innovations

Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) claims to have designed, developed and fabricated a first-of-a-kind system to clad used fuel containers (UFCs) with copper through an electroplating process. The copper designed to prevent corrosion of the steel UFCs, which will eventually be used to contain and isolate Canada’s radioactive waste in a deep geological repository. Also reported by World Nuclear News, Canadian Mining Journal

20 August 2019                                               Aiken Standard (USA)

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Coherent plan’ needed for nuclear waste storage, not Yucca Mountain

In interview with South Carolina newspaper, Democratic Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren rejects Yucca (as does every other current Democratic candidate) but believes US needs a coherent, science-based plan for disposing of radioactive waste which takes account of local community concerns.

19 August 2019                                               The Transcontinental (Australia)

Community tensions simmer over waste dump closed meeting plans

Discontent over new ‘controls’ for public meetings to discuss the proposed low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia.

19 August 2019                                               Las Vegas Sun (USA)

We must find common ground

In an article extolling her own Congressional record in working on a bipartisan basis, Nevada US Senator Jacky Rosen disingenuously claims there is bipartisan opposition to Yucca Mountain.

19 August 2019                                               Barents Observer (Scandinavia/Russia)

Last Cold War reactor lifted onshore

Claims that the Barents Sea is safer as the era of storing radioactive reactor compartments on water comes to an end. Radioactive waste will be kept in surface interim storage, on land, until Russia’s geological repository is available. Also reported in Moscow Times

19 August 2019                                               Coherent Magazine

Evaluation of Initial Leaching Characteristics of ABS Glasses for Nuclear Waste Immobilization

Sheffield University scientists’ work on how to best contain radioactivity in solid glass.

17 August 2019                                               Japan Times

Real cost of scrapping reactors

Editorial asks government to take more active role in radioactive waste disposal. The scale of decommissioning, the length of time it takes, and the new added costs of surface interim stores because there is no permanent disposal site identified, are all concerns that private company TEPCO does not have skills required to do the job.

16 August 2019                                               Los Angeles Business Journal (USA)

Nuclear Waste Plagues Edison

Southern California Edison, operator of the now-closed San Onofre nuclear power station, is caught between a rock and a hard place. It can’t move radioactive waste away from the site because there is no permanent repository, but public pressure is building against keeping the waste on site. Edison have contracted a consultancy to explore options.

16 August 2019                                               Times & Star (UK)

Warning shot aimed at MoD over Sellafield site

Local council warns MoD that their secrecy over plans to dispose of nuclear waste is not acceptable, nor is their unwillingness to discuss community benefits package. Threat to hold up any shipments of MoD waste to Sellafield.

16 August 2019                                               Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Native American tribe claims nuclear waste can’t be stored on its land

The Western Shoshone tribe still lay claim to federal US lands in Nevada, and are opposed to any nuclear use of their claimed territory.

15 August 2019                                               Novinite (Bulgaria)

Radioactive Waste Depository to Be Build near Kozloduy

Supreme Court rules against environmentalist objections, and approves a low-level radioactive waste repository.

15 August 2019                                               EurekAlert! (Germany)

Simulation of the future in the Grimsel rock laboratory

Look at the research being done by German scientists in preparation for their geological repository. Also reported by Phys.Org

15 August 2019                                               New Matilda (Australia)

Fukushima Fish Are Doing Swimmingly. The ALP’s Contribution To Sensible Debate, Not So Much

Reviews a debate in Australian state legislature, to highlight the gap between politicians’ view on major issues, and objective scientific fact: “Of all the waste problems … radioactive waste is one of the most manageable. It’s been studied to death … you have to open your brain and your eyes … [to the] scientific literature”.

15 August 2019                                               Japan Times

60% of spent nuclear fuel in Japan to be stored in metal casks in the future, research shows

With pool space for ‘wet’ storage running out, Japan is looking at ‘dry’ storage solutions. However, may residents worry that storing radioactive waste this way in interim surface facilities may become permanent.

14 August 2019                                               National Review (USA)

Can Nuclear Power Be Saved?

Suggests that US should follow Finnish lead. Political and local community support for geological disposal and repository, because science shows safety of the approach.

14 August 2019                                               Vestnik Kavkaza (Russia/Uzbekistan)

Russia to process nuclear waste of Uzbek NPP

Spent fuel from the new nuclear plant will be reprocessed in Russian facilities, before the residual solid waste is returned to Uzbekistan for final disposal.

14 August 2019                                               Wall Street Journal (USA)

Battle Emerges Over Nuclear Waste in America’s Oil Patch

Fracking industry opposed to plans for temporary long-term radioactive waste storage facilities in New Mexico/West Texas, over their fears the area will not be available for oil mining.

14 August 2019                                               News & Star (UK)

Councillors split over search for N-waste site

Some newly-elected Copeland council members in Cumbria query whether the council should express an interest in hosting the GDF. Also reported by NW Evening Mail

14 August 2019                                               Washington Times (USA)

Experts to review mine design at US nuclear waste dump

A panel has been assembled to review mine design at WIPP, as part of continual safety assessment of the facility. Also reported by San Francisco Gate, Miami Herald, Los Alamos Monitor, KUNM, Durango Herald

13 August 2019                                               Patch (USA)

Get San Onofre Nuclear Waste Out Of Earthquake Zone, Bill Urges

Californian state bipartisan legislation designed to cut through federal “red tape” and inaction on disposing of radioactive waste from shut-down nuclear power plants. Also reported by Orange County Breeze, Dana Point Times

13 August 2019                                             Malaysia Chronicle


The reason Australia does not reap commercial benefits of rare earth materials mining is because of their stringent environmental laws about disposal and treatment of radioactive waste. The Australians may think about the consequences for their own population and the environment, but are happy to pick on a poorer country.

13 August 2019                                               Japan Times

Fukushima nuclear plant to run out of tanks to store tritium-laced water in three years, Tepco says

Because of public objections to a controlled discharge of liquid radioactive waste into the sea, Japan may be forced to increase the size and capacity of interim surface storage facilities at the Fukushima site.

13 August 2019                                               Brattleboro Reformer (USA)

Role of decommissioning citizen panels questioned

The role of local citizens panels under review and under discussion in the USA.

12 August 2019                                               Ouest-France

In the bowels of the future nuclear waste storage site in Bure

Detailed and candid look by local newspaper at what’s happening underground at the Bure geological repository for disposal of radioactive waste (requires Google autotranslate for non-French readers).

12 August 2019                                               Power Technology

What to do about nuclear waste?

Short review of geological disposal and other disposal options for radioactive waste.

12 August 2019                                               Financial Planning

Dry Interim Storage Market Report Explored in Latest Research 2025

Brief overview of market opportunities for ‘dry’ over ‘wet’ storage solutions for radioactive waste.

12 August 2019                                               Times of San Diego (USA)

Opinion: Scandals at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Put Public at Risk

Local environmentalist concerned that recent decisions by the regulator and behaviour by the operator mean that public safety is not their key priority.

12 August 2019                                               Post & Courier (USA)

Editorial: Feds finally made good on one nuclear promise to SC. That’s not enough

South Carolina newspaper editorial concerned that the buildings in which radioactive waste is temporarily stored are no longer fit for long-term surface storage of radioactive waste. Saying that “above-ground buildings are not ideal for storing highly radioactive materials”, the newspaper urges state and federal politicians to agree a long-term solution to radioactive waste disposal.

10 August 2019                                               ABS-CBN News (Philippines)

Customs creates new division to monitor entry of hazardous wastes

New unit established to monitor all wastes, not just radioactive waste, as Philippines joins growing number of developing countries refusing to accept potentially hazardous non-nuclear wastes from wealthier countries.

9 August 2019                                               Las Vegas Sun (USA)

New Yorker de Blasio says local consent a must on nuclear waste storage

Yet another Presidential candidate states opposition to Yucca while on hustings in Nevada.

9 August 2019                                               The Standard (Kenya)

Nuclear energy will spur Kenya’s economic growth

Concerns over capacity to manage radioactive waste in the long-term cited as key factor shaping anti-nuclear energy public sentiment.

9 August 2019                                               WBFO (USA)

Local activists highlight connection between indigenous and nuclear issues

Local Native Americans and environmental activists explained how the issues of indigenous peoples and nuclear power are intertwined, saying indigenous people and their lands are at the beginning and the end of the nuclear chain, from uranium mining to radioactive waste disposal.

8 August 2019                                               US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Agency Activities in Response to a Portion of the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act

US kicks off public consultations to identify best practice in engaging local communities in discussions about decommissioning nuclear plants, and consequent issues on radioactive waste management.

8 August 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

Small Modular Reactors: A Challenge for Spent Fuel Management?

IAEA reviews challenges to the management and disposal of radioactive waste that are presented by SMRs.

8 August 2019                                               Fullerton Observer (USA)

Public at Risk: Scandals at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Local activist sets out her ‘scientific’ analysis of safe packaging for radioactive waste to explain how the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have got it wrong.

8 August 2019                                               The Guardian (UK)

Nuclear waste: residents near proposed dump told to sign draconian code of conduct

Claims that residents in the South Australian communities shortlisted for a proposed low-level radioactive waste storage facility have been told if they want to attend community consultation meetings they have to sign a code of conduct that bans them from taking notes. Also reported locally by The Transcontinental, Murray Valley Standard, and in UK by Cumbria Trust

8 August 2019 E                                              Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Nuclear meetings in Kimba, Hawker

Consultative committee meetings will be taking place in Kimba and Hawker next week as part of the Government’s process to site a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility. Also reported in Whyalla News

7 August 2019                                               The Hindu (India)

Shut down Kudankulam plant: Vaiko

Speaking in Parliament, a leading Opposition politician called on the government to shut the nuclear power plant because of plans to build an interim surface storage facility for higher-activity radioactive waste on site.

6 August 2019                                               Post & Courier (USA)

SC officials press for $200 million fines against Energy Department over plutonium

South Carolina presses its claim for compensation because of the federal government’s failure to remove spent fuel and radioactive waste destined for geological disposal.

6 August 2019                                               Nevada Independent (USA)

Buttigieg says Nevada ‘absolutely’ a priority in 2020, commits to no funding for Yucca Mountain

Pete Buttigieg the latest Democrat Presidential hopeful to tell Nevada he won’t fund Yucca.

5 August 2019                                               NewsWise

Missions to Mars, Safer Nuclear Waste Site Clean-Up, Could Be Expedited Thanks to a Discovery Using Fungi

Scientists claim fungi’s resistance to gamma radiation shows way forward to developing protective medications for workers dealing with radioactive waste or for astronauts on long-duration deep space exploration missions.

5 August 2019                                               Nevada Independent (USA)

Nevada’s veto power a sticking point in congressional negotiations on Yucca Mountain

Report on Congressional ‘horse-trading’ in Washington DC over Yucca Mountain. House of Representatives resisting including ‘consent’ provisions for Nevada, while Senate open to discussion on consent.

5 August 2019                                               New Zealand Herald

Worries dome protecting Marshall Islands nuclear site is leaking

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretary General calls for an audit of the US’ radioactive waste store in the Marshall Islands to determine if it is leaking. Marshall Islands government says the country’s Nuclear Commission will start work by the end of the year, but study will take three years to complete. Survey being conducted after growing international concern, first voiced by the UN Secretary General. Story also covered by Radio New Zealand

5 August 2019                                               Irish Examiner (Ireland)

Is Ireland ready to take on the nuclear option to tackle climate change?

A very lengthy analysis, within context of Ireland meeting its carbon emission targets, of the nuclear options and reasons to oppose nuclear. Radioactive waste is not seen as a significant issue since amounts that would be generated are small.

5 August 2019                                               The Conversation (Australia)

Australia should explore nuclear waste before we try domestic nuclear power

As Australian Parliament opens an inquiry into the future of nuclear, this article sets out some of the difficult and often contradictory environmental, ethical and economic issues. The article reprinted or followed up by University of New South Wales, MENA FN, Big Smoke

4 August 2019                                               The Mast

Why nuclear is an environmentalist’s story

Research and policy organisation Environmental Progress says fear of nuclear power is baseless, and that emotion rather than evidence governs debate. Radioactive waste is the only human waste managed under such strict protocols.

4 August 2019                                               Owen Sound Sun Times (Canada)

Nadjiwon re-elected chief at Neyaashiinigmiing

Re-elected Chief Nadjiwon of the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation says one of the key issues he wants to oversee is the proposed deep geological repository for low and intermediate level radioactive waste — which can only be built with the Nation’s permission. He indicates things are being resolved, but not quickly.

4 August 2019                                              Free Malaysia Today

Dumping waste in disused mines akin to killing rape victim, says DAP MP

Proposal to build “permanent disposal facilities” in disused mines for radioactive waste derived from industrial rather than energy sources is ridiculed by a local politician. Story also covered by Malay Mail

4 August 2019                                               Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Texas oil town wants US’ nuclear waste

Taiwanese media republish long article looking at disparate community opinions towards a proposed long-term temporary radioactive waste storage facility.

2 August 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

Under One Roof: Russia’s Integrated Strategy for Spent Fuel Management

How Russia manages and disposes of its radioactive waste.

2 August 2019                                               Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (UK)

How much radioactive waste is there in the world?

Article providing an international overview of the volumes of waste globally and how they are managed in a consistent and systematic way by every country.

2 August 2019                                               Energy Live News

World’s first nuclear waste storage facility in Finland moves forward

Further reportage on Finland’s geological disposal repository.

2 August 2019                                               NBCNews3 Las Vegas (USA)

Energy Secretary Perry tours Nevada National Security Site with governor

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry toured the Nevada National Security Site outside Las Vegas with Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, to provide the governor with classified and unclassified briefings on work happening at the site. Visit also covered by KTVN, Reno Gazette Journal, Nevada Appeal, Connecticut Post

1 August 2019                                                Somerset County Gazette (UK)

Council votes to oppose storing nuclear waste at Hinkley A

Somerset West & Taunton Council – which covers the area in which the Hinkley nuclear power stations are based – has objected to a proposal to allow small amounts of radioactive waste from other UK nuclear stations to be transported to the Hinkley site and temporarily stored there.

1 August 2019                                              Photonics (Lithuania)

Ultrashort-Pulse Laser Could Solve Dilemma of Nuclear Waste Disposal

Claims by scientists in Lithuania that they have developed an ultrashort-pulse laser that could eradicate nuclear waste and decrease the decay period from tens of thousands of years to seconds, hours, or months, depending on the material. Also reported in Recycling Product News, A Greener Life, A Greener World

1 August 2019                                               London Free Press (Canada)

Western researchers testing copper capsules for nuclear waste storage potential

Article on Western University scientists’ work devising safer radioactive waste packages.

1 August 2019                                               The Guardian (UK)

What should we do with radioactive nuclear waste?

Comprehensive global overview that appears to conclude doing nothing & keeping waste on surface is safest. That’s not in line with decades of scientific analysis. Article originally appeared in Ensia. In response to article, Prof Neil Hyatt of Sheffield University says keeping waste on surface is not ethically, financially or environmentally sustainable.

31 July 2019                                               Homeland Security (USA)

Nuclear Waste Storage Facilities Need Stricter Regulations

Academic at American Military University argues stricter regulation required after series of incidents at facilities managed by Westinghouse.

31 July 2019                                               Forbes

Is A Solution Possible for the U.S. Nuclear Waste Impasse?

Way forward is long whichever route taken: sticking to Yucca or developing a new ‘consent-based’ site selection process. 60 years after first creating waste, probably another 40 years before we start disposing of it.

31 July 2019                                               KUNC (USA)

Environmental Groups Call For Unified Voice Against Nuclear Waste In Mountain West

Environmental activists call for Utah Governor Gary Herbert to join Nevada and New Mexico’s governors in their fight against nuclear waste shipments. Story also covered by Utah Policy, Utah Independent, Deseret News

30 July 2019                                               Kyodo News (Japan)

Fukushima gov. accepts TEPCO decision to scrap Daini nuclear plant

Local prefecture accepts need for, and approves, building of a radioactive waste store on site of the to-be decommissioned Fukushima nuclear power station. Also reported by Japan Times, and internationally by Al-Jazeera, World Nuclear News, by Russian news agency TASS

30 July 2019                                               National Geographic

All spent nuclear fuel in the U.S. will soon end up in one place

Divergent views at State and Local level for and against proposed temporary long-term radioactive waste storage facility in New Mexico.

30 July 2019                                               Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Horsford: Education is key to gaining allies in fight against Yucca Mountain

Nevada Congressman says just saying “No” to Yucca Mountain is not enough to build an effective alliance against the project, and that people outside of Nevada need to understand the transportation and other issues better.

30 July 2019                                               Politics Home (UK)

The Nuclear Option?

The economic and political attractiveness of nuclear as a contributor to net-zero carbon emissions targets is hampered by lack of detailed plans for radioactive waste disposal, making investors in new build hard to come by.

29 July 2019                                               European Parliament

A pan-European approach to research on radioactive waste management

European Commission supporting a new research programme to underpin pan-European collaboration on radioactive waste management

29 July 2019                                               Total Croatia News

No Decision Yet on Nuclear Waste Storage Facility near Bosnia Border

The Croatian Government has said it has not made a decision yet on whether to build a nuclear waste storage facility near the border with Bosnia, and that if such a decision were made, the neighbouring country would be able to raise its concerns. Also reported in Bosnia by Sarajevo Times

29 July 2019                                               Balkan Insight (Bosnia/Croatia)

Bosnians Protest Against Croatia’s Nuclear Waste Disposal Plan

Bosnian environmentalists gathered in front of the Croatian embassy in Sarajevo to protest plans being by neighbouring Croatia to build a radioactive waste disposal facility near the border with Bosnia.

29 July 2019                                               Prospect (UK)

Geological disposal best option for managing radioactive waste

Article from RWM Managing Director Bruce McKirdy in the trades union magazine.

29 July 2019                                               Kenora Online (Canada)

Site testing for nuclear waste repository

As Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) conducts borehole drilling as part of its site assessment programme, a public meeting is being held by NWMO to keep communities informed.

29 July 2019                                              Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

EDITORIAL: TEPCO bears responsibility for decommissioning over generations

Leading national newspaper calls on Japanese government to take radioactive waste disposal off “back burner” as Japan enters age of “mass decommissioning” – saying this is an intergenerational environmental challenge.

29 July 2019                                               Construction Week (UAE)

Inside FANR’s 2018 tests at UAE’s Barakah NEP with Enec, Nawah

Radioactive waste management processes and facilities were amongst key inspections undertaken by the UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) at the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant in Abu Dhabi.

28 July 2019                                               Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Protesters take to the water against Chalk River nuclear disposal site

A dozen boats of protestors took to the Ottawa River to raise their concerns about a proposed low-level radioactive waste repository facility. Also reported by Renfrew Today

28 July 2019                                               Brattleboro Reformer (USA)

Anti-nuke activists march to Vt. Yankee

Anti-nuclear campaigners still concerned about surface storage of radioactive waste at the now-closed Yankee nuclear plant.

28 July 2019                                               Sarajevo Times (Bosnia/Croatia)

Tourism in Northern BiH to be destroyed by Construction of Nuclear Waste Disposal by Croatia

Local concern on Bosnian side of border that Croatia’s planned “nuclear dump” will impact tourism in the affected Bosnian region.

28 July 2019                                               Sunday Times (Sri Lanka)

Foreign garbage: The widening waste line

A call for Sri Lanka to join growing number of developing countries demanding tougher international controls on non-nuclear toxic wastes. The principles behind strict management of nuclear waste are not applied to equally toxic non-nuclear wastes. Followed up by a public online debate on LankaWeb

27 July 2019                                               Los Angeles Times

Finding a repository for San Onofre plant’s nuclear waste is a difficult task

Thorough overview of the political stalemate and environmental issues surrounding finding a geological repository for the permanent disposal of radioactive waste.

27 July 2019                                               Nuclear Waste Info (Switzerland)

Radioactive waste management in Switzerland: A step forward, a step backward

Previous adviser to Swiss Government continues to express his concerns about how the country is progressing its search for a deep geological repository site.

26 July 2019                                               News & Observer (USA)

Rusty shipping container full of nuclear refuse leaks at Westinghouse fuel plant

Recent incidents, and a prior catalogue of poor radioactive waste management, raise community concerns about safe surface storage in South Carolina. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and state Department of Health and Environmental Control are investigating.

26 July 2019                                               NextGov.Com (USA)

The Energy Department failed to secure the site in line with federal cyber standards

It is being reported that the US Energy Department failed to enact proper cybersecurity controls at one of its radioactive waste management facilities, leaving the site potentially vulnerable to digital attacks, according to internal watchdog, the agency’s Inspector General. Also reported by Cyber Report

26 July 2019                                               Daily Sabah (Turkey/Armenia)

No Metsa-more: Armenia’s nuclear threat to the region and beyond

The oldest operational Soviet-era nuclear power plant, which sits on the Armenian/Turkish border, and has been classified by the EU as “the oldest and least reliable” plant. Continued concerns that there is no proper provision for the disposal or storage of radioactive waste at the site, and repeated allegations from Azerbaijan that Armenia continues to unsafely release radioactive wastes into the environment.

25 July 2019                                               Western News (Canada)

Western key to solving million-year waste dilemma

In-depth but easily-read overview of the science and process of permanently disposing of Canada’s radioactive waster ­– one of the country’s greatest environmental challenges.

25 July 2019                                               Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

ECA publishes informative guides on DOE high-level waste interpretation

Group representing local governments hosting nuclear facilities publish information, which explains their support for the proposed reclassification of radioactive waste.

24 July 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

Gaining a Better Understanding of the International Legal Frameworks: IAEA Holds National Workshop in Egypt

Egypt is not yet a signatory to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management. To help country build necessary legal and regulatory framework, IAEA holds expert seminar in Cairo.

24 July 2019                                               AntiNuclear (Australia)

Senate moved to call on Senator Canavan to explain nuclear waste dump plan – size of dump, and types of wastes

Blog picks up on Parliamentary moves to question federal Minister on alleged evolution of plans for a low-level radioactive waste repository.

24 July 2019                                               CleanEnergyWire (Germany)

Germany’s nuclear fund says financing of waste disposal “very likely ensured”

Report on a Die Welt national newspaper story about the German fund for nuclear waste management set to make a profit in 2019, allegedly putting the long-term disposal of radioactive waste on a financially sound basis. The fund’s chief executive Anja Mikus reported saying there was “a very high probability” of guaranteeing financing for Germany’s nuclear waste disposal. To do this, by 2100 the value of its assets should rise to nearly 170 billion euros, the sum an expert commission determined would be needed to cover all expenses.

24 July 2019                                               Press Herald (USA)

Wiscasset could get $8 million for storing nuclear waste

Updating previous story, town could collect more than US$8m for hosting radioactive waste stored at the former Maine Yankee power plant site, under provisions of proposed bipartisan legislation called the Sensible, Timely Relief for America’s Nuclear Districts Economic Development (STRANDED) Act. Also reported by Times Record, San Francisco Chronicle, Maine Public, NECN, WABI News5

24 July 2019                                               Kyodo News (Japan)

TEPCO says will decommission Fukushima Daini nuclear reactor

A new surface storage facility for radioactive waste will need to be built on site as part of decommissioning plans. Also reported by Japan Times, The Mainichi, Nikkei Asian Review

24 July 2019                                               Yahoo!News/Bloomberg

This Texas Oil Town Actually Wants the Nation’s Nuclear Waste

Local residents who support the planned temporary radioactive waste facility, as a way to diversify local economy and protect against ‘boom&bust’ business cycles. Story also published by Finance & Commerce, NuclearNewsNet

23 July 2019                                               Philadelphia Inquirer (USA)

Infamous Three Mile Island reactor, shut down since 1979, will be sold and dismantled

Report that old facility is being sold to a company that specialises in dismantling old nuclear reactors, EnergySolutions Inc. Also covered by KJZZ FM

23 July 2019                                               World Nuclear News

Viewpoint: Japan must avoid over-conservatism in clearance of material

World Nuclear Association (WNA) concerned that changes being considered by the Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan (NRA) would make the clearance of radioactive waste much stricter than international standards, creating unnecessary confusion and cost.

23 July 2019                                               Deutsche Welle (Germany/Russia)

Moscow residents fight back against ‘second Chernobyl’

Report on Moscow residents concerns and campaign against a new highway being built across an old radioactive waste “dump”. Fears the construction could release radiation. Story subsequently picked up by UK’s Financial Times

23 July 2019                                               WyoFile (USA)

Secret Wyoming nuke dump vote merits public outrage

Democrats in Wyoming claim the vote to support an assessment of whether Wyoming might host a radioactive waste facility was taken “in secret”, and was split on Party lines. This story alongside another story reporting the team looking at the nuclear waste issue will be made up of only Republican lawmakers. Further update/opinion in Powell Tribune

23 July 2019                                               BBC (UK)

Devonport nuclear sub docker dodged falling weights

Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) secures another successful prosecution.

23 July 2019                                               PennLive (USA)

Three Mile Island neighbors, ‘79 accident survivors, call for faster clean-up of closing nuclear reactor

Some local residents want the old nuclear plant to be decommissioned and all spent fuel and radioactive waste within a decade. Current plans are to store waste on site for 60 years. Story also covered locally by CBS News21

23 July 2019                                               Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Barngarla corporation appeal likely

The Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation (BDAC) is set to lodge an appeal after the group’s legal action against the Kimba District Council was dismissed by the Federal Court earlier this month.

22 July 2019                                               Technology Networks (Lithuania)

Laser Tech Companies in Vilnius Developed Laser With Potential to Tackle Nuclear Waste Threat

Report on research by Lithuanian companies that might offer an alternative to geological disposal. However, researchers admit that much more work required before their idea could be applied practically.

22 July 2019                                               Total Croatia News

Bosnian Presidency Should Re-Examine Pelješac Bridge and Nuclear Waste Site

Bosnia’s Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Minister, and leader of the Serb Democratic Party, Mirko Šarović, calls on the President to re-examine Croatia’s plans for a radioactive waste site at Trgovska Gora, after media reported that Croatia had already decided on the site which is close to the Bosnian border. Story also covered by Sarajevo Times

22 July 2019                                               Radiation Free Lakeland (UK)

“Implementing Geological Disposal” ? – NO THANKS!!!

Environmentalist blog asserts geological repositories are being built solely to expand nuclear power and proliferate nuclear weapons, saying “Sweden is taking the lead in this diabolic project to dump nuclear wastes dangerously out of sight and out of mind in order to build more reactors.” NB: Sweden is formally phasing out nuclear power and has no intentions of acquiring nuclear weapons. The same can be said for Germany, Switzerland and other countries — geological disposal is being pursued by every country (even those who only have medical radioactive wastes).

22 July 2019                                               NorthJersey.Com (USA)

Nuclear business in NJ tax break investigation faces claims it lied to federal regulators

Two weeks after New Jersey froze its $260 million tax break citing a problematic “oversight” on its incentive application, a top official in New Mexico accused Holtec International of making “egregious” and “patently untrue” statements in its plans to build a nuclear waste storage facility there.

22 July 2019                                              Daily Star (Bangladesh)

“Project management capacity needs considerable enhancement”

Radioactive waste management costs are cited by Zahid Hussain, a former lead economist at The World Bank, as a reason why nuclear energy may not be best value return for Bangladesh. He makes the comments in a wide-ranging interview about the country’s infrastructure needs.

21 July 2019                                               WyoFile (USA)

Lawmakers quietly explore storing spent nuclear fuel

As coal industry declines, local lawmakers want to explore risks/benefits of storing spent fuel and radioactive waste in Wyoming. Claims that such a move could earn state up to US$1bn a year in revenues. Local media editorial support for a cautious, considered appraisal of the options in Casper Star-Tribune, Lamarie Boomerang

20 July 2019                                               KBS World Radio (S Korea)

No Quake Impact on Nuclear Reactors, Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility

The earthquake that struck the southeastern city of Sangju this morning had no effect on the radioactive waste disposal facility in the region. The Korea Radioactive Waste Agency added that the facilities continue to operate normally. Story also covered by the Korea Times

20 July 2019                                               Associated Press of Pakistan

Run of river power projects better option than big dams for ecological concerns: President Alvi

Pakistan President Arif Alvi, speaking about investment in alternative sources of energy, said, nuclear energy was a good power source but the disposal of radioactive waste and wider international geopolitical concerns about Pakistan’s access to nuclear technology were constraints.

20 July 2019                                               Sarajevo Times (Bosnia/Croatia)

Zeljko Komsic says Croatia refuses to resolve Issues between the Two Countries

A proposed radioactive waste facility is one of the key issues dividing the governments of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

19 July 2019                                              Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (UK/Sweden)

Building a sustainable process with the community at its heart

Swedish community leader gives honest appraisal of their experience of being involved in process to decide whether to host a geological repository.

19 July 2019                                               Jakarta Post (Indonesia)

Idea to develop nuclear energy receives strong opposition in Indonesia

Long-term responsibility for and management of radioactive waste are of key issues in the case against adopting nuclear power. Issue also covered by AsiaOne

18 July 2019                                               York Dispatch (USA)

Official: TMI decommissioning could take decades

Three Mile Island’s operating nuclear reactor is shutting down in September, but its towers will continue to mark the skyline for decades.

18 July 2019                                               Unian (Ukraine)

Liquid radioactive waste treatment plant launched in Kyiv region

A new facility near Chernobyl has started work turning liquid radioactive waste into a solid form, which is safer and easier to store and dispose of.

17 July 2019                                               Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nevada’s governor wants Yucca earthquake review

After recent Californian earthquakes, Nevada Governor calls on the federal government to reassess the seismic analysis of the Yucca Mountain site. Also reported by ABC News, Nevada Independent, Nevada Appeal, KDWN FM, Reno Gazette-Journal, CBS Sacramento, WJLA News7, and covered internationally by Daily Mail, and in UK by The Independent

17 July 2019                                               San Francisco Gate (USA)

Nuclear weapons waste shipped from Idaho to New Mexico

20,000 cubic metres of highly radioactive waste has now been removed from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) site and sent for permanent disposal at the WIPP facility in New Mexico, according to the INL site operators. Also reported by Idaho News, Albuquerque Journal, Durango Herald

17 July 2019                                               Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Shipments, mining continue amid facility upgrades

Local media report on WIPP’s management team update to the community on operations and activity at the site.

16 July 2019                                               IAEA

Building Safeguards Into the Design of Spent Fuel Storage Facilities

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) explains its ever-evolving work on building safeguards into facility design, particularly in relation to the needs of verification programmes to stop/limit weapons proliferation.

16 July 2019                                               Renfrew Today (Canada)

Large protest on land and water planned to oppose burying of radioactive waste at Chalk River

Protest planned against a proposed near-surface disposal facility for lower-level radioactive waste.

16 July 2019                                               Rozhlas Plus (Czech Republic)

Finns will be the world’s first to store spent nuclear fuel in a deep geological repository

Further media coverage in Czech Republic about Finland’s repository, as the Czech’s gear up for the next stage in their site selection process, expected in the new year.

16 July 2019                                               38North (N Korea)

Remediation of Yongbyon: The First Step Towards Cooperative Threat Reduction?

Whilst the world focuses on nuclear weapons, this article looks in some detail at the decommissioning, environmental remediation and radioactive waste management issues that will need to underpin any eventual Treaty, and suggests that co-operating on those issues might be critical in building trust and learning how to work together.

16 July 2019                                               Intercontinental Cry


History of local tribal activist and environmentalist opposition to Yucca Mountain repository.

16 July 2019                                               Japan Times

Is there a future for nuclear power in Japan?

The challenges of. disposing of radioactive waste remain a hurdle to the future of nuclear power in Japan.

16 July 2019                                               Brussels Times (Belgium)

Radioactive substances found in Brussels garbage

Radioactive medical waste has sparked an incident in Brussels. But apparently this is not an uncommon occurrence.

15 July 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA Helps Countries Build Knowledge on Safely Disposing Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources

As medical, industrial and academic use of radioactive materials increases, IAEA reviews how prepared countries are in managing & disposing of this waste. The waste may be small but can be highly radioactive and is used in myriad “non-nuclear” facilities.

15 July 2019                                               Los Angeles Times

Radiation in parts of the Marshall Islands is far higher than Chernobyl, study says

New research suggest that the area around the US’ interim surface storage facility (which is allegedly leaking) is more radioactive than Chernobyl or Fukushima. Story covered internationally by News.Com Australia, Business Insider, RT Russia Today, UPI, Unilad, ZME Science, and subsequently assessed in more detail by Forbes

15 July 2019                                               Australian Mining

Australia strengthens commitment to Antarctic mining ban

On the 60th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty, the ban on dumping nuclear waste in Antartica has been re-affirmed by the 54 signatory member states.

15 July 2019                                               Washington Times (USA)

Nuclear waste storage resumes at Southern California plant

Resumption of moving radioactive waste into interim surface storage at the now-closed San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) in Southern California, nearly a year after a 50-ton canister got stuck. Story also covered by San Francisco Chronicle, Orange County Register, The Desert Sun, Capistrano Dispatch, San Clemente Times, KPBS, Times of San Diego, Patch, KCRW, Dana Point Times. Further, later updates by Orange County Register

14 July 2019                                               The Hindu (India)

Hindi has lowered debate standards in Parliament: Vaiko

In a wide-ranging interview with leading Opposition politician, he expresses concerns that New Delhi government is seeking to us his state, Tamil Nadu, as a “nuclear dumping ground”

13 July 2019                                               Voice of America

Quakes Shake Up Nuclear Waste Storage Talk in Nevada

Is radioactive waste best kept on the surface or buried deep underground in the event of an earthquake? Science and pro-Yucca campaigners suggest underground is much safer. Politics and anti-Yucca activists say the opposite. Story also covered by Washington Post, ABC News, San Francisco Chronicle, Fresno Bee, Honolulu Star Advertiser, KTVN, Insurance News Net, USA Breaking News, Sparks Tribune

13 July 2019                                              Taipei Times (Taiwan)

AEC approves Taipower’s Jinshan decommission plan

Taiwan’s Atomic Energy Council (AEC) has approved the decommissioning plan, but there are still unresolved issues relating to long-term storage of spent fuel on site.

13 July 2019                                               KXAN36 (USA)

Atom Repository: we can learn from Sweden – view

US-based ‘celebrity news’ media outlet visits the proposed Swedish deep geological repository.

12 July 2019                                               Forbes

The One Viable Solution To Climate Change

Long-term management and disposal of radioactive waste remains a key obstacle to the expansion of nuclear power.

12 July 2019                                               Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Borehole drilling near Ignace underway: Nuclear Waste Management Organization

Drilling of a new borehole has started in the continuing process to evaluate possible locations for a deep geological depository for radioactive waste. This is the second borehole drilled near Ignace, and preparation is underway for one more.

12 July 2019                                               Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

House Passes 2020 National Defense Authorization Act

The US House of Representatives has passed its version of the 2020 National Defense Authorisation Act budget — which funds significant parts of radioactive waste management activity. The US Senate passed its version of the budget in June. Both chambers will now form a joint committee to reconcile differences between the two bills.

12 July 2019                                               ABC News (Australia)

Federal Court dismisses bid to stop ballot on nuclear storage facility near Kimba

A South Australian Aboriginal group has lost a legal bid to stop a local community ballot on whether to host a low-level radioactive waste repository. The group are considering whether to appeal. The Government says it will consider the. judgement before discussing how to proceed with the local community. Widely covered by media, including The Australian, SBS News, 9News, 7News, In Daily, News24, Eyre Peninsula Tribune, The Transcontinental, Canberra Times

11 July 2019                                               Rathenau Institute (Holland)

Definitive safe storage of radioactive waste requires social involvement

In seeking a permanent solution to radioactive waste, Dutch Government has appointed an independent Institute to spend next 5 years consulting with public on how to create a socially-acceptable & fair decision-making process [google autotranslate from dutch available].

11 July 2019                                              Medi Telegraph (Italy)

“Italy is defaulting on nuclear waste” says EU Court

European Court of Justice rules that Italy is in breach of the Euratom Directive by failing to develop a national programme for radioactive waste management, and submit a plan to the European Commission. It is unclear what sanctions, if any, can be imposed upon Italy.

10 July 2019                                               Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Mayors demand transparency for radioactive waste shipments

The US Congress of Mayors has again called on the Energy Department to be more open and consultative about radioactive waste management shipments.

10 July 2019                                               Nuclear Transparency Watch (Europe)

French national debates on radioactive waste management start

EU-funded citizen’s ‘watchdog’ publish overview of the French national debate about radioactive waste management.

10 July 2019                                               Exchange Monitor (USA)

New Nuclear Reactors Won’t Solve Waste Dilemma, Former NRC Chair Says

Developmental nuclear power reactors do not provide an easy solution to management of the radioactive waste according to Allison Macfarlane, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) chair 2012-2014.

10 July 2019                                               Time Magazine

Low-Level Radioactive Waste Shipments to Nevada Prompt Calls for Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s Resignation

US Department of Energy admits multiple shipments of low-level radioactive waste to a site north of Las Vegas may have been mislabeled and out of compliance with safety regulations for years. Shipments of the waste from Tennessee to Nevada have already been suspended and an investigation launched. Story also covered by CNN, Washington Post, CBS News, Huffington Post, The Republic, Daily Journal, Reno Gazette Journal, Nevada Independent, KTVN, Las Vegas Sun, Nevada Appeal, KDWN, NBC News3 Las Vegas, and overseas by Chinese news agency Xinhua, Yahoo!News. Local anti-Yucca newspaper Las Vegas Sun runs a scathing editorial.

10 July 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

Developing the First Ever Facility for the Safe Disposal of Spent Fuel

Overview of the science underpinning, and the development of, the geological repositories in Sweden and Finland.

10 July 2019                                               Global Voices (Hungary)

This is how Hungarian villages fought back against planned nuclear waste repositories in the 1980s

As the village of Boda becomes the focus of geological study in the current search for a repository site, memories of how local people in other areas saw off previous attempts to impose repositories during the Communist era.

10 July 2019                                               Times Record (USA)

Senate bill to help communities like Wiscasset ‘STRANDED’ with nuclear waste

Bipartisan legislation, the Sensible, Timely Relief for America’s Nuclear Districts’ Economic Development (STRANDED) Act, has been proposed to address the impacts of stranded nuclear waste by providing federal assistance to communities around the US that are burdened with storing radioactive waste pending disposal in a geological repository. Also reported by Boothbay Register, Maine Biz, Bangor Daily News, WGME

9 July 2019                                               North West Mail (UK)

Communities in running to host underground nuclear waste store to ‘be told what will be stored there’

Communities interested in hosting an underground facility to house Britain’s most hazardous nuclear waste will be given the clearest possible picture of the materials to be stored there, the Government has said. The reassurance comes after changes were made to a draft National Policy Statement following feedback from a cross-party select committee. Also reported in Times & Star, Carlisle News & Star

9 July 2019                                               CBSNews7 (USA)

NRC’s hearing for Andrews waste storage

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) holding local public hearings to discuss a proposed temporary radioactive waste facility in West Texas, and the license needed to move 40,000 tons of high-level radioactive waste from other sites across the US to the proposed facility.

9 July 2019                                               Geological Society of London

Multiple Roles of Clays in Radioactive Waste Confinement

Geological Society of London issue Special Publication of 20 papers looking at how/why clay is a “good” isolator of radioactivity in context of a geological disposal repository.

8 July 2019                                               Kewaunee Comet (USA)


Local newspaper reports that Nuclear Regulatory Commission will hold a public hearing in their area as part of a consultation programme on how communities can best be involved in decisions on decommissioning of local nuclear facilities.

8 July 2019                                               Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Recycle everything, America—except your nuclear waste

New designs and technology may make nuclear reactors more efficient, but there will always be some wastes left over that require geological disposal.

8 July 2019                                               Las Vegas Sun (USA)

State official: Consent-based nuclear waste storage bill may be changed to include Yucca Mountain

New bipartisan Senate legislation, the 2019 Nuclear Waste Administration Act would require multiple local approvals before the creation of a nuclear waste repository in any area. As introduced, however, the bill does not apply to Yucca Mountain. Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto reportedly working on an amendment to extend coverage to Yucca.

8 July 2019                                               American Council on Science & Health

Fact-Check: Nevada’s Rep. Susie Lee Fearmongers Over Yucca Mountain

Analysis of statements made by politicians about Yucca, checked against facts.

8 July 2019                                               Orange County Register

Earthquakes, radioactive waste, and that nuclear plant on the Orange County coast

Local paper looks at risks of the interim surface storage stores of radioactive waste at San Onofre, in the light of the recent tremors in southern California. Nevadan media highlights political reaction to Californian quakes, including Las Vegas Review-Journal, News3 Las Vegas. Other media coverage includes EcoWatch

8 July 2019                                               Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

Necsa chairperson bows out

Apparent continued uncertainty at the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa), as the new Chairman resigns after just 6 months in post. Necsa manages and operates the Vaalputs National Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility.

8 July 2019                                               New Europe

Russia floats nuke plant

Being able to take radioactive waste away with it, is touted as a benefit of the world’s first floating nuclear reactor.

8 July 2019                                               HLN (Belgium)

“New storage location for Tihange nuclear waste insufficiently safe”

Green Party expresses concerns that new proposed ‘dry storage’ facility is not safe, saying proposed facility is exposed to a risk of a plane crashing into it, as it lies under a flight path into Liege airport. Also reported by Brussels Times

8 July 2019                                              Albuquerque Journal (USA)

WIPP has major projects through summer

Brief overview of all the important infrastructure works being carried out this summer at the world’s only operational geological repository for radioactive waste.

8 July 2019                                               Nordic Monitor (Turkey/Belarus)

Turkey, Belarus nuclear energy agreement open to abuse

Concern that a treaty which includes co-operation on radioactive waste management allegedly provides too much scope for Executive to operate outside the terms of. the treaty.

6 July 2019                                               Orange County Register (USA)

The safe transfer of spent fuel at San Onofre

Senior executive of Southern California Edison, operator of the San Onofre nuclear plant, explains what the company has learned and how it intends to proceed, now that the resumption of transferring waste has been approved by regulatory authorities.

5 July 2019                                               International Atomic Energy Agency

Working Towards a Comprehensive National Legal Framework: Senegal Hosts Nuclear Law Seminar for Stakeholders

IAEA supports skills and knowledge development for Senegalese officials, including providing framework for safe management and disposal of radioactive waste.

5 July 2019                                              BBC World Service

The indigenous fight to stop nuclear waste disposal

10-minute podcast remembering the 1995-2004 campaign led by local indigenous women which successfully opposed a previous attempt to site a radioactive waste repository in South Australia.

5 July 2019                                              Manitoulan Expositor (Canada)

Chiefs-in-Assembly oppose small modular reactors on Anishinabek lands

Concern that “Canada may become the radioactive dump of the world as other countries seek to dispose of their radioactive waste” amongst reasons the Anishinabek Nation are opposed to new nuclear facilities on their land or water. [NB ‘exporting’ radioactive waste to another country is not allowed under international treaties]

5 July 2019                                              The Journal News (USA)

Nuclear plant shutdown hearings planned around country, including Westchester

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is to hold public hearings around the country to discuss how communities can stay informed about and engaged in how nuclear power plant’s are shutdown and dismantled.

4 July 2019                                              Le Monde (France)

Bure: the Court of Auditors is concerned about the cost of the nuclear waste storage project

Public spending watchdog wants greater clarity about costs of the French geological repository. In 2016 the French Government fixed the price at €25bn — but this decision based on ‘splitting the difference’ between Andra’s (government agency responsible for the repository) predicted €34bn pricetag, and the commercial sector’s (the waste producers) @19bn forecast.

4 July 2019                                              New Jersey.Com (USA)

Take deeper dive into Camden firm’s nuke-plant promises | Editorial

Continued concern about Holtec International’s plans to acquire shuttered nuclear plants and decommission them at lower cost/faster speed.

4 July 2019                                              Xinhua (China/Iraq)

Provincial authorities reject to bury radioactive waste in Iraq’s Salahudin

Chinese official news agency reports that following local rejection of an Iraqi government proposal to store and dispose of radioactive waste in the desert in Anbar province, the Iraqi’s second choice of a site in Salahuddin province has also met with strong local resistance.

4 July 2019                                               Pew Trust

Nuclear Plant Closures Bring Economic Pain to Cities and Towns

Non-partisan, evidence-based Pew Trust evaluates local community impacts of nuclear decommissioning — and by corollary, benefits to a community of hosting facilities?

3 July 2019                                               World Nuclear News

Holtec completes plant acquisition

Industry update on Holtec International’s activities, as it completes its acquisition of the shut-down Oyster Creek nuclear power plant from Exelon, and the current owner of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant removes all fuel from the reactor prior to planned sale of the plant to Holtec later this year for accelerated decommissioning.

3 July 2019                                              International Atomic Energy Agency

Radioactive Waste Management

Short (2-min) video providing IAEA explanation of radioactive waste and its management.

2 July 2019                                              Los Alamos Reporter (USA)

WIPP Receives 12,500th Shipment Of Transuranic Waste

Reported that WIPP drivers have safely traveled over 14.9 million “loaded” miles, transporting more than 178,500 waste containers for permanent disposal. Safety record attributed to WIPP’s transportation protocols which are considered amongst the most stringent in the commercial transportation industry. Also reported by Carlsbad Current Argus, KRWG, Los Alamos Daily Post, and across US by Seattle Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Aiken Standard, KMVT CBSNews11, Seattle Informer

2 July 2019                                              The Caravan (India)

The women protesting the Kudankulam nuclear plant

Article looking at the women-led local protest movement, which is now campaigning against the proposed interim surface radioactive waste facilities planned for the nuclear site.

2 July 2019                                              Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Carlsbad City Council approves Holtec Resolution

Carlsbad joins the other local community, Eddy County, in supporting Holtec’s planned temporary radioactive waste facility. The plan to lobby state officials now opposing the plan.

2 July 2019                                              Local Government Chronicle (UK)

It’s time to talk about radioactive waste’

Article by RWM’s Siting Director Ann McCall, explaining the issues to a local government audience.

2 July 2019                                              Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Proponents of nuclear waste dump have a new strategy: Just buy us off

Another anti-Yucca Mountain opinion piece in a newspaper with an avowed long-standing anti-Yucca editorial position.

1 July 2019                                              Exchange Monitor (USA)

Fluor Idaho Nears Completion of Waste Processing at Drum Accident Site

Repackaging of radioactive sludge waste at the site of an April 2018 drum breach at the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory is nearly complete.

1 July 2019                                              International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA Spent Fuel Management Conference Concludes with Award to Young Professionals

First year Japanese doctoral student Tomohiro Okamura has won the 2019 Spent Fuel Management Young Generation Challenge, with a project on reducing the area of a geological disposal site by introducing partitioning technologies.

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