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21 May 2019                                          Occupational Health & Safety (USA)

Yucca Mountain Workers’ Health Concerns Highlighted

Workers at the Yucca Mountain Project in Nevada could be exposed to potentially serious respiratory and radiation hazards if the long-planned Yucca Mountain repository is revived and advanced by Congress, according to two presenters at this week’s AIHce EXP 2019 conference.

20 May 2019                                          Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Yucca funding fight expected in US House committee

Although the Appropriations subcommittee did not propose funding for Yucca, a bipartisan push to amend the proposed budget is expected.

20 May 2019                                          Gray DC (USA)

Congress continues search for nuclear waste dump

Report on the views of Vermont federal politicians regarding Yucca mountain and geological disposal — science is sound, something needs to be done, local Nevada political opposition may require an alternative solution to Yucca.  Story also run by KOLO News8

20 May 2019                                          Greenfield Recorder (USA)

Nuclear plant’s new owners receive high marks

New owners of the shut down Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant have passed their first inspection by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  They have also been praised by Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation, for responding positively (in marked contrast to the previous owners) to requests for information.

19 May 2019                                          New Bloom (Taiwan)


Taipower’s attempt to dispose of radioactive waste by deceiving the indigenous residents of Orchid Island is cited as a prime example of public distrust in the company — distrust which makes it easier for the company to become a political football between competing political parties.

19 May 2019                                          Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Nuclear waste is nothing to fear

Local Yucca resident challenges Nevadan Senator, accusing her of “scaremongering”.

17 May 2019                                          Aiken Standard (USA)

Despite support, Sen. Graham ‘not optimistic’ about Yucca Mountain breakthrough

US Senator Lindsey Graham tells local newspaper that while pleased to see a renewed push for Yucca Mountain, he’s doubtful it will succeed, saying, “our energy policies are screwed up,” and later referring to Yucca Mountain as a languishing “world-class repository.”

17 May 2019                                          TVO (Canada)

Why Bruce County could become home to all of Canada’s nuclear waste

More detailed analysis of local political and community debate about the proposed deep geological repository, as Canada’s NWMO starts borehole drilling to assess the geology.

17 May 2019                                          WRAL News5 (USA)

Sanders releases video opposing Nevada’s Yucca Mountain

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has released an online video decrying the proposed radioactive waste facility at Yucca Mountain.  The media outlet notes that every federal election candidate says the same when seeking votes.  Sanders has previously backed geological disposal, on a community consent basis.  Story also covered by KTNV News13, Las Vegas Sun

16 May 2019                                          ASN (France)

Nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2018

France’s Nuclear Safety Agency (ASN) publishes its annual report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France.

16 May 2019                                          Gizmodo (USA)

This Town Didn’t Want to Be a Radioactive Waste Dump. The Government Is Giving Them No Choice

Thoughtful analysis of the poor relationship than can evolve between a community and the nuclear sector (government and private operator) even if decisions are taken in good conscience, based on sound evidence, and in the ‘best interest’ of the environment and public health — because the community feels its concerns have been dismissed, in a patronising way, by people who have pre-ordained the outcome regardless of community sentiment.

16 May 2019                                          World Nuclear News

UK regulator develops approach to ‘rapid change’

UK’s nuclear regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) says international collaboration in the development of regulations and standards for geological waste disposal will be an ongoing technical focus, in its newly-published Strategic Framework for International Engagement to 2025.

16 May 2019                                          Reporterre (France)

Burial of radioactive waste is not the only solution, says IRSN

In a slightly confused article, noted that there are ‘dry’ storage options for radioactive waste, rather than placing waste in ‘wet’ pools.  This is not new ‘news’, as dry storage being deployed across the world, but not, apparently, in France.  The information has emerged from the formal national public debate being held in France (see below).

16 May 2019                                          Canberra Times (Australia)

Resources Minister could avoid FOI request come Saturday’s election

Row over Minister Matt Canavan’s refusal, for 18 months, to hand over information relating to who he had met and who had been consulted on the proposed low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia.

16 May 2019                                          Daily Beast

‘Nuclear Coffin’ Leaking Radioactive Waste Into Pacific Ocean, U.N. Warns

A surface radioactive waste store in the South Pacific is beginning to leak, according to United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres. The storage facility was built to contain the nuclear waste that was created when the USA and France conducted atomic tests in the Pacific between 1946 and 1958.  Story also covered in South Asia by ANI News, in India by Deccan Chronicle, in New Zealand by Auckland Magazine, by Russia Today, UK’s Daily Star, Daily Express, The Sun, Daily Mail, in US’ New York Post, Fox News, and internationally by Science Alert, Maritime Herald, Futurism, DevDiscourse

16 May 2019                                          WSB-TV News2 (USA)

Years of mismanagement, delays at nuclear waste sites could pose risk, report says

Risks and and potential consequences of retaining radioactive waste in interim surface storage facilities pending final disposal highlighted in this news report from Atlanta.

15 May 2019                                           IRSN (France)

International panorama of research on alternatives to geological disposal of long-lived high and medium-level waste

France’s Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) have published a summary of alternatives to geological disposal to help inform the formal national debate being held in France at the moment.  This report mirrors the report on alternatives published in the UK by RWM, who are required to monitor and update on latest scientific thinking on different options for radwaste disposal.  The IRSN have also published a report on analysis of dry storage possibilities for radioactive waste.

15 May 2019                                          Exchange Monitor (USA)

Democrat-Controlled House Turns Against Yucca Mountain Funding

In a complete reversal of direction to the historic and overwhelming bipartisan support for Yucca Mountain funding, the US House of Representatives Appropriations Committee’s draft fiscal 2020 energy and water bill provides no money to resume federal licensing of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Nevada.  Also covered by Nevada Appeal, Energy News, US Posts, Nevada Independent.  More detailed analysis of the budget provided by the Energy Communities Alliance and Exchange Monitor

15 May 2019                                          East County Today (USA)

Reps. McNerney, Shimkus Introduce Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act

On same day the House rejected funding Yucca, a bill was introduced that is similar to legislation that passed the House of Representatives in 2018 with overwhelming bipartisan support.  The bipartisan duo sponsoring the bill said:  “We need a short and long-term solution for the storage and disposal of nuclear waste. This hazardous logjam puts communities at risk”, and “This approach, which simultaneously advances interim storage and permanent disposal, is the only solution to our nation’s nuclear waste stalemate that has gone through the legislative process and earned broad bipartisan support in either chamber.”  Also reported by Politico, Ripon Advance, Daily Energy Insider

15 May 2019                                          BBC (Wales)

Disposal of radioactive waste

Brief reporting of questions raised in the Senedd (Welsh Assembly) about geological disposal.  Questioned by Plaid Cymru’s Llyr Gruffydd on the disposal of radioactive waste, Lesley Griffiths replied that the Welsh Government has not identified any potential sites or communities to host a geological disposal facility in Wales nor will it do so, reiterating that a GDF can only be sited in Wales if a community is willing to host it.  Similar summary reporting by Nation Cymru, Wrexham.Com

15 May 2019                                          Wrexham.Com (UK/Wales)

Wrexham Council rules out allowing radioactive waste to be dumped in county borough

As anticipated, Wrexham Council have voted unanimously to reject hosting a GDF.

15 May 2019                                          Blackburn News (Canada)

NWMO rolling out next steps for site selection for DGR project

The National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) explains that the next phase of their search for a deep geological repository site will require geological investigations and borehole drilling, to assess the suitability of sites from a safety perspective.  Also covered by Bayshore Broadcasting

15 May 2019                                          Orange County Register (USA)

Moving nuclear waste at San Onofre sparks war of words between contractor, community panel

Concerns about Holtec International’s ability to move San Onofre’s radioactive waste from wet to dry storage have been voiced by leaders of a citizens panel advising Southern California Edison on the plant’s decommissioning — resulting in a no-holds-barred reply from Holtec accusing the panel of being “in the tradition of irresponsible claptrap … unsupported by facts [and which] is little more than a hatchet job.”

15 May 2019                                          The Guardian (UK/Australia)

‘Send them a message’: campaign eyeballs focus on some surprising country seats

Article on Australian elections focuses on key rural battlegrounds, mentions proposed low-level radioactive waste facility as a factor in South Australia.

14 May 2019                                          Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

House bill guts funding for Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site

The US House of Representatives Appropriations subcommittee has slashed proposed funds to revive the licensing process needed to develop Yucca Mountain, setting up a likely showdown with the US Senate, which is seeking increased funding.  Also reported by Nevada Independent

14 May 2019                                          Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Some in Nye County say Yucca Mountain could be a blessing. Others aren’t convinced.

Overview of local community attitudes towards Yucca Mountain — an even-handed article from a self-avowed anti-yucca media outlet.  Article reprinted in Stars & Stripes, and story also picked up by San Francisco Gate, Connecticut Post

14 May 2019                                          Forbes

Nuclear Waste Disposal — Isn’t Science Supposed To Reduce The Uncertainty?

Thoughtful article, assessing why geological characteristics of WIPP better than Yucca Mountain, but knowledge gained from previous Yucca assessments invaluable to other countries as they develop their own repositories.  This article picked up, and given local spin, by Las Vegas Sun

13 May 2019                                          The Hill Times (Canada)

Radioactive waste management sound in Canada, says Crown agency head

Opinion piece in response to criticisms about alleged failure in radioactive waste management.

13 May 2019                                          Exchange Monitor (USA)

Former DOE Nuclear Waste Chief Critical of Consent-Based Siting

Ward Sproat, former head of the Energy Department’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCRWM), informs Congress that seeking a consent-based approach sounds attractive but tends to lead to political and decision-making gridlock.

13 May 2019                                          HBL (Finland)

Next decade, the first nuclear fuel is lowered into the bedrock at Olkiluoto – see video from the caves

Local media provide update on and video from the Finnish geological repository which is under construction.

13 May 2019                                         The Hill (USA)

Top Democrat calls for GAO to investigate climate threat

Democrats on the US Senate Environment Committee have written to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) asking that they assess impact of climate change to help inform future congressional oversight and law-making — radioactive waste amongst 5 most critical areas the Senators identify.  Also reported by Smyrna-Clayton Sun-Times

13 May 2019                                         Washington Times (USA)

Making nuclear waste disposal a question of ‘how,’ not ‘where’

Editorial suggesting that best way forward from political impasse over Yucca is to develop an approach which respects local opinion and community sentiment, and, more controversially, also in which energy companies take responsibility for waste disposal, not the government.

13 May 2019                                         The Transcontinental (Australia)

Candidates’ heartening response

Local activist welcomes fact the 3 of 4 local candidates in Australia’s federal elections are opposed to the proposed low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia.

12 May 2019                                         National Journal (USA)

Senators Push for Yucca Mountain Vote to Resolve Impasse

Report on Congressional action to fund re-licensing process at Yucca Mountain.

12 May 2019                                         Think GeoEnergy

Self-healing cement can help reduce failure rates of geothermal wellbores

Scientists claim to have developed a “self-healing” cement to resist failures in the heat and pressure environments of deep geological settings.

11 May 2019                                         NBC News3 Las Vegas (USA)

Senators, Perry, meet at Security Site

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry joined Nevada Senators for a private visit to a radioactive waste site in Nevada, to discuss a contentious shipment of spent fuel to Nevada.  Perry says the waste is destined for disposal at WIPP, but Nevadan Senators concerned the move will give impetus to the Yucca Mountain facility.  Former Nye County Commissioner Dan Schinhofen said, “there’s so much material already in the ground out there … jumping up and down about the plutonium like this is something new … is political theatre.”  Visit also covered by San Francisco Gate, Nevada Appeal

10 May 2019                                         North Africa Post

Morocco, Rwanda ink MoU in the field of Nuclear Safety & Security

Morocco and Rwanda sign agreement to share knowledge and learning on a range of nuclear safety and security issues, including radioactive waste management.  Also reported by ESI-Africa, Yabiladi, Afrik21, MedAfrica Times

10 May 2019                                         Exchange Monitor (USA)

Perry Supports DOE Reconsideration of High-Level Waste Definition

Giving evidence to the US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce energy subcommittee, Energy Secretary Rick Perry reiterated that the revised categorisation of radioactive waste should be based on the radiological threat to human health, rather than where or how it was generated. The change would open the door to disposal methods now prohibited for high-level waste.  There are concerns that the reinterpretation could lead to high-level waste being disposed of in less secure sites.

10 May 2019                                         Exchange Monitor (USA)

Perry Presses for Restart of Yucca Mountain Licensing

In further evidence to the House Energy subcommittee, US Energy Secretary Rick Perry also said the long-delayed licensing for Yucca Mountain must be allowed to resume.  Though he did appear to suggest he is not committed solely to one geological repository.

9 May 2019                                          Wrexham Leader (UK/Wales)

Council set to say no to burying highly toxic waste in Wrexham

Council leader Mark Pritchard has recommended that executive board members should agree Wrexham will not support hosting a geological disposal facility (GDF).  The proposal to be discussed on 14 May.

9 May 2019                                           Vermont Digger (USA)

Regulators ramp up oversight as Vermont Yankee dismantling begins

As an unprecedented, accelerated decommissioning project gets underway at Vermont Yankee, federal and state officials are boosting their scrutiny of the Vernon site.  The first Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) inspection report since the plant changed hands gives new owner NorthStar a thumbs-up for its work thus far.

9 May 2019                                           World Nuclear News

Posiva plugs repository demonstration tunnel

A significant milestone in geological repository development, as Finland completes an important test phase as it constructs the world’s first purpose-built GDF.

9 May 2019                                           Modern Ghana

How Foreign Governments Turn Africa A Junkyard To Save Money

Article critical of how first world countries are deliberately by-passing international laws to dump electronic equipment waste on poorer countries.  Nuclear waste is not exported, but this issue is relevant to renewable energy equipment.

8 May 2019                                           E&E News (USA)

Opposing Yucca Mountain becomes Democratic litmus test

Analysis of Democratic Presidential hopefuls’ previous positions on Yucca (often very pro-Yucca), and their stance while seeking votes/support of Democrat Party members in Nevada.

8 May 2019                                           AzerNews (Azerbaijan)

27 years pass since occupation of Pearl of Karabakh, Shusha

Partisan review of the anniversary of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and an allegation that Armenia continues to dump radioactive waste in Azerbaijani territory occupied since the war.

8 May 2019                                           Nevada Capital News (USA)

Western Shoshone Host Public Protest of Yucca Mtn. Nuclear Proposal

The Western Shoshone Tribe is inviting the public to join its protest this weekend against moves by the Trump administration to restart operations at the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository.  Also reported by Public News Service, KXNT FM

8 May 2019                                           The Engineer

UK to tackle nuclear waste with robots and AI

Article exploring automation of radioactive waste management, to help reduce risks to workers, and reduce volumes of secondary radioactive waste created during decommissioning processes.

7 May 2019                                           Exchange Monitor (USA)

DNFSB Hearing Will Explore Accidents at WIPP, Idaho

The US’ Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) has set a public hearing for May 22 to evaluate the Department of Energy’s efforts to prevent future accidents during nuclear waste operations. Hearing in response to underground incident at WIPP in 2014, and incident during waste redecanting in Idaho in 2018.

7 May 2019                                           Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Beto O’Rourke touts marijuana reform actions, opposition to Yucca Mountain

Yet another Democratic Presidential hopeful expresses opposition to Yucca while on the hustings in Nevada.  The Las Vegas Review-Journal also reports Joe Biden‘s opposition to Yucca during his first campaign visit to Nevada.

7 May 2019                                           CTV News (Canada)

Decision on nuclear waste burial facility expected by December

The fate of a proposed radioactive waste facility close to Lake Huron will be decided by members of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) by the end of the year.  Saugeen First Nation Chief Lester Anoquot says he expects his community to hold a vote this October, with a final decision to support or not support Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) proposed low-level radioactive waste repository by the end of 2019.  OPG have said the repository will only proceed if it has community support.  The Canadian Government have told OPG they need the support of the indigenous community.

7 May 2019                                           KRWG Public Radio (USA)

Federal panel rejects all objections to proposed New Mexico nuclear dump

An Atomic Safety and Licensing Board of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) rejects every objection made by petitioners challenging Holtec International’s application to build a temporary radioactive waste storage in New Mexico.  Also reported by Albuquerque Journal, Bloomberg, Carlsbad Current-Argus, Cherry Hill Courier-Post, New Mexico Political Report, Energy Communities Alliance

7 May 2019                                           World Nuclear News

Final testing of Chernobyl used fuel store

The interim radioactive waste storage facilities will soon become operational.  Funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), built by Holtec International, to service the waste from the 3 reactors not involved in the infamous incident, and estimated to save Ukraine US$200m a year in payments to Russia.

7 May 2019                                           BCTV.Org (USA)

Public Hearing to Unravel TMI Nuclear Waste Containment Options

Report on public hearings before Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives to explore issues and options related to managing the radioactive waste at Three Mile Island, the infamous power plant, which is destined for closure.

7 May 2019                                           New Times (Rwanda)

Rwandans trained in nuclear technology regulation

Radioactive waste management amongst issues being taught to officials in Rwanda.

6 May 2019                                          Exchange Monitor (USA)

Communities Should be Heard on End-State Contracting, ECA Says

Body representing US local governments hosting nuclear facilities say that communities should have greater involvement in shaping decommissioning and clean-up programmes.

6 May 2019                                           San Francisco Gate (USA)

Gillibrand opposes Trump plan to store nuke waste in Nevada

Kirsten Gillibrand becomes lates Democratic Presidential hopeful on campaign trail in Nevada to pledge opposition to Yucca — just as President Trump did when he visited Nevada ahead of the November mid-term elections.  Story also covered by San Francisco Chronicle, Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas Review-Journal, KOLONews8, Biloxi Sun Herald, Reading Eagle, NBCNews3

5 May 2019                                           Michigan Radio (USA)

Company buying Palisades nuclear plant hopes to profit by decommissioning faster, more efficiently

Explanation of why Holtec International is planning to buy local nuclear power plant due to close in 2022 — to reduce costs and speed removal of radioactive waste from the site.

5 May 2019                                           Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nevada braces for renewed fight over Yucca storing nuclear waste

Article previewing the week ahead in US Congress, noting that Nevada is isolated in terms of support, as a bipartisan majority in both the Senate and House are in favour of moving Yucca Mountain project forward.  Similar story carried by NBCNews3

4 May 2019                                           Las Vegas Sun (USA)

2020 presidential candidates join Nevada’s nuclear waste fight

Six of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls are supporting legislation proposed by the two Nevadan Senators which would block Yucca Mountain.  However, a local political science professor notes that this support is not bipartisan, reflects a cycle of support tied to the electoral cycle, and is not an issue which resonates with Nevadan voters outside of the Democratic caucus.  Story also covered by Nevada Public Radio, KOLO News8, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Washington Post, Nevada Today,

4 May 2019                                           EuroWeekly (Spain)

EU set to look into Spain’s monitoring of nuclear waste in Atlantic Ocean

EU set to examine Spain’s monitoring of 140,000 tons of nuclear waste stored in the Atlantic Trench, 650km off the Spanish coast, because there is no record of inspections since 2005 and concerns that waste could escape due to pressure from water and rusting.

3 May 2019                                           Times Record (USA)

Sen. King blasts Maine Yankee handling at nuclear energy bill hearing

While supporting increased use of nuclear energy, Senator Angus King thinks there needs to be a solution to the radioactive waste issue before proceeding with the next phase of new nuclear build.  He does not want radwaste to be left in interim surface facilities across the country.

2 May 2019                                           Daily Energy Insider (USA)

Senate bill to create Nuclear Waste Administration

Bipartisan legislation to transfer responsibility for the management and disposal of radioactive waste from the Department of Energy to a new Agency.  The new agency would be charged with building temporary facilities to store waste pending a final disposal repository.  Additional and updated reporting from Exchange Monitor

2 May 2019                                           Daily Energy Insider (USA)

Maryland’s Commissioner O’Donnell testifies on draft bill for nuclear waste disposal

Speaking in support of the Bill, the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) note that taxpayers have spent more than US$40 billion on the Nuclear Waste Fund, although the program it funds has not advanced in 30 years; and that taxpayers are additionally paying out US$500-800 million annually in compensation payments for waste to be held in interim surface storage facilities.

2 May 2019                                           Nevada Independent (USA)

Barrasso looks to climate change to nudge Democrats to back Yucca project

John Barrasso, Chair of the US Senate Energy and Public Works Committee, expects his bill to restart the licensing process for the Yucca project will be passed.  Similar legislation in the House of Representatives last year passed with an overwhelming majority of 340-72.  However, now that Democrats control the House, there is uncertainty whether they will allow similar legislation to be introduced.

2 May 2019                                           CBS News (USA)

In Nevada, Trump administration revives a radioactive campaign issue

Comprehensive article summarising the deep distrust of the US Federal Government by the state of Nevada, and the discord between those living nearest Yucca Mountain (who support the project) and the Nevadan business and political elites (who oppose it).

2 May 2019                                           Exchange Monitor (USA)

Nevada Locals, Senators Divided on Yucca Mountain Bill

Ahead of a US Senate Hearing, local communities living closest to the proposed Yucca Mountain site have written to the Senate Committee urging them to progress the programme, saying “the overwhelming body of scientific studies done on the proposed repository have demonstrated that it can be built and operated safely.”  However, Nevadan Senators continue to oppose the idea, saying (perhaps erroneously given local people’s feelings) “a vast majority of Nevadans opposed Yucca Mountain when the site was selected as the nation’s sole repository back in 1987, and they continue to do so today.”

2 May 2019                                           The Transcontinental (Australia)

Battle lines drawn in radioactive waste debate

Report on a local political hustings event, at which the proposed repository for low-level radioactive waste was the main issue.

2 May 2019                                           Japan Times

Nevada urges GOP to drop new push on nuclear waste dump

Nevadan Senators say their state will instigate prolonged and expensive legal action that will delay a national geological repository for so long that the US might as well look at other options.  [It would appear that this article is a reprint of a Washington Post story].  Story also covered by San Francisco Gate, The Columbian,

1 May 2019                                           Vermont Biz (USA)

Sanders: Trump’s nuclear waste storage proposal for Nevada’s Yucca Mountain is a disaster

Having previously recognised that geological disposal is the best available solution for radioactive waste, Bernie Sanders condemns President Trump’s pro-nuclear plans and says an alternative is needed to Yucca Mountain.

1 May 2019                                           Exchange Monitor (USA)

Senators Reintroduce Nuclear Waste Management Bill

Explanation of the key points of the draft legislation, which would re-start the Yucca Mountain scientific assessment process.  Congressional activity also reported by NBCNews4, Energy Communities Alliance, Las Vegas Sun, Nevada Current, KOLO News8

1 May 2019                                           Bridgwater Mercury (UK)

Bridgwater campaigners protest nuclear waste

Report on local group who attended an anti-nuclear protest in Preston against the Government’s new nuclear and radioactive waste disposal plans.

1 May 2019                                           The Inertia (USA)

California’s Nuclear Waste Dilemma Is Proof That Surfers Have a Responsibility to Vote

A call-out to surfers to support newly-elected local Democratic US Congressmen who are proposing legislation to pave the way for permanent disposal of radioactive waste, thus allowing removal of that waste from contentious on-site interim surface storage.

1 May 2019                                            Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)             

WIPP: DOE awards contractor $10.8M in performance evaluation

Report on performance-related payment to private contractor which runs the US’ geological disposal repository.  Also reported by Exchange Monitor, Albuquerque Journal

1 May 2019                                           Der Tagesspiegel (Germany)

Repository search for nuclear waste in France For all eternity

As Germany re-starts a public debate in search of a geological repository site, an in-depth analysis of the political and social issues impacting the Bure facility in France.

1 May 2019                                          Los Alamos Daily Post (USA)

EM Assistant Secretary Anne White Tours WIPP, LANL Projects, Meets With Workers

Report on site visit by senior Department of Energy official.

30 April 2019                                      Exchange Monitor (USA)

Lawrence Livermore Prepares to Resume WIPP Shipments

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California is ready to make its first shipment of radioactive waste in 14 years to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), according to the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.  Shipments will probably not begin until 2020.

30 April 2019                                       USA Today

Nuclear power finds odd bedfellow in 2020 Dems as voters look for climate change solutions

Divided approaches amongst Democratic presidential hopefuls to nuclear power reflect divisions within wider environmentalist community.  But all Democratic candidates agree finding a solution to radioactive waste disposal is critical.

30 April 2019                                       Radio Praha (Czech Republic)


Slovak Prime Minister Petr Pellegrini says the Czech Republic and Slovakia are considering finding a shared geological disposal site for their radioactive waste.

30 April 2019                                       Daily Energy Insider (USA)

Waste disposal bedevils Senate consensus on nuclear bill

Report on the US Senate Hearing on proposed new nuclear and nuclear waste legislation.  Further, Nevada-specific report by Las Vegas Sun, Nevada Capital News, Nevada Current

30 April 2019                                      Brussels Times (Belgium)

Transportation of nuclear waste to the north of Antwerp creates political stir

Socialist Party branches in northern Belgium object to transit through their area of radioactive waste from a Dutch nuclear plant for reprocessing in northern France.

30 April 2019                                      Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

Making Informed Decisions on DOE’s Proposed High-Level Waste Interpretation

Body representing US local governments hosting nuclear facilities set out their case for supporting the proposed relaxing of the definition of higher activity radioactive waste — a redefinition more in line with EU and international standards.  Reported by Exchange Monitor

30 April 2019                                      National Public Radio (USA)

As Nuclear Waste Piles Up, Private Companies Pitch New Ways To Store It

Article and podcast examining the issues and options for the US in disposing of its radioactive waste.  Carried in Boston by WBUR, in Minnesota by MPRNews, in Illinois by IllinoisNPR, by KQED Science, NorthWest Public Radio

29 April 2019                                      Whyalla News (Australia)

Alliance petition government over nuclear

Local opponents of the proposed radioactive waste repository in South Australia have started a pre-printed postcard campaign targetting elected officials.

29 April 2019                                      Orange County Register (USA)

Design of nuclear-waste canisters at San Onofre were changed by Holtec without permission, NRC rejects fine

Holtec International has been censured but not punished by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  The Commission accepted that Holtec had taken immediate steps to correct its error, and that no “harm” caused by Holtec’s failure to comply with regulations.  Critics alarmed at NRC’s failure to enforce the law.

27 April 2019                                      Brazilian Journal of Radiation Services

Concrete containers in radioactive waste management: a review

Brazilian scientific analysis of radioactive waste packages for use in a geological disposal repository.

27 April 2019                                      New Bloom (Taiwan)


Anti-nuclear demonstrations in Taipei, underlining split in Taiwan following last autumn’s pro-nuclear results of national referendum.  Management and disposal of radioactive waste a key public concern.  Story also covered by Focus Taiwan

27 April 2019                                      National Interest

The Royal Navy Can’t Seem to Figure Out How to Dispose of Old Nuclear Submarines

Easy-to-read analysis of recent NAO Report in UK, and drawing comparisons with similar problems being encountered by US and Russian navies.  Lack of long-term disposal option (ie a GDF) is part of problem.

26 April 2019                                      Bellona (Norway)

Norway shutters its last nuclear research reactor, cheering environmentalists

Norway has announced it will close its last nuclear research reactor after 50 years of operation, with a more recent history characterised by difficulties in safely storing radioactive waste.  Environmentalists welcomed the decision, but Norway now needs to consider where to dispose of 17 tons of higher-activity waste.  No current plans, but liability/costs likely to fall on taxpayers.

26 April 2019                                      Lancashire Evening Post (UK)

Protestors to demonstrate outside Lancashire nuclear plant

Anti-nuclear campaigners are to form a blockade made from nuclear waste barrels outside the Springfields nuclear fuel plant near Preston.  The protestors want an end to the nuclear programme and to the search for a geological disposal facility.

26 April 2019                                      Exchange Monitor (USA)

North Dakota Governor Signs Nuclear Waste Bill

North Dakota does not want a nuclear waste site within its borders, but it frets about being overruled by the federal government, so has passed legislation which provides for local control over the regulation, storage or disposal of radioactive waste within the state.

26 April 2019                                      Vindobona (Austria)

National Council: Against Nuclear Power and Nuclear Waste Repositories at Austria’s Borders

The Austrian National Council has unanimously opposed the siting by its neighbours of radioactive waste disposal facilities close to Austria’s border.

26 April 2019                                      Energy Post (Europe)

More nuclear means more waste disposal: the options, science, engineering

Easy to read review of the history of radioactive waste, the options for disposal, and hoe different countries are implementing the same basic solution.

25 April 2019                                      Pennsylvania Capital-Star (USA)

Anti-nuclear activists cry foul over Exelon’s request to use TMI decommissioning dollars for waste storage

In absence of a federal disposal facility for radioactive waste, not unusual for an operator to use decommissioning funds to build and maintain on-site interim storage facilities.  However, activists concerned that such approval may prolong the decommissioning of Three Mile Island (TMI).

25 April 2019                                      Le Monde (France)

In France, nuclear produces waste that will remain dangerous for millennia

Reflections on the debate at one of the twenty public meetings held to start France’s national debate on radioactive waste management and disposal.

25 April 2019                                      SKB / Posiva (Sweden/Finland)

New cooperation agreement with Finnish Posiva

Sweden’s SKB and Finland’s Posiva extend co-operation agreement to develop deep geological repositories. Finland have started constructing their repository, Sweden site chosen and planning well-advanced but awaiting Government decision (expected 2020).

24 April 2019                                      Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

Sen. Barrasso releases draft bill on Yucca Mountain

Senator John Barrasso, Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works committee, released a draft of the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2019, a bill to reform US nuclear waste management policy and advance the licensing process for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository. A hearing for the committee to discuss the bill is currently scheduled for May 1.  The bill is the Senate’s version of Rep. John Shimkus’ Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2018 (H.R. 3053) which passed the House in May of last year with overwhelming bipartisan support.  Story also covered by Las Vegas Review-Journal, Washington Examiner, Exchange Monitor, KNPR, World Nuclear News

24 April 2019                                      Alternatives Economiques (France)

Nuclear waste: the debate is open

Further explanation and analysis of France’s formal national debate on radioactive waste management and disposal.

24 April 2019                                      Carlsbad Current Argus (USA)

WIPP a fundamental part of US nuclear program cleanup

US Energy Department says WIPP is integral to the United States’ environmental clean-up programme.

24 April 2019                                      World Nuclear News

Why nuclear is an environmentalist’s story

Reporting a speech by environmentalist Michael Shellenberger in which he says:  “[All of the nuclear waste in the USA] can fit on a single football field stacked 50 feet high.  As an environmentalist, this is what we were taught to want. We have gigantic islands of plastic waste floating in the ocean. We have seven million people getting killed every year by the waste products from fossil fuels. [Waste from renewable energy is sent] to poorer countries than ours, like ones in Africa or Asia [where] they’ll pull out any materials that are valuable, including the copper, and then the heavy toxic metals will be pulverised into dust and inhaled.  The radioactivity of nuclear waste declines, but heavy toxic metals never decline in toxicity, he said, and there is 200-300 times more waste from solar power per unit of energy than there is from nuclear.”

24 April 2019                                      Clean Energy Wire (Germany)

Public info event kicks off search for nuclear waste repository

The next stage of the search for a final repository for Germany’s nuclear waste is launched today with a series of public information events in major German cities.

23 April 2019                                      US Office of Environmental Management

Fight for WIPP: A History of the Nation’s Deep Geologic Nuclear Waste Repository

US Government agency publishes a history of the development and operation of the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP).  Publication covered by Los Alamos Daily Post, Carlsbad Current Argus

23 April 2019                                      The Verge

Verge Science just won a Webby Award

Celebrating success of their science journalism, magazine profiles their report on radioactive waste at San Onofre and the wider geological disposal debate.

23 April 2019                                      Exchange Monitor (USA)

Public Meetings Sought on DOE Plans for New Shaft at WIPP

A local advocacy group has asked the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) to hold public meetings about the plan to build a new underground shaft at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).  Construction of the new shaft, designed to improve access and ventilation, due to start this summer and end in 2022.

23 April 2019                                      New Europe

France debates what to do with its nuclear waste

Short article on France’s formal national debate about radioactive waste management and disposal.

23 April 2019                                      Newswise (USA)

Outside the Box Thinking for Unusual Nuclear Wastes

Information service to promote work of US Office of Science, focuses on the scientific research into managing radioactive wastes.

23 April 2019                                      This Is The West Country (UK)

Nuclear waste could be brought from across the country to Hinkley A

Local concerns about transport of radioactive waste through their community, particularly when the original agreement did not include such waste shipments or on-site storage.  Proposal would save money and reduce environmental impact of otherwise building interim surface storage facilities at multiple sites.  Also reported by Bridgwater Mercury, Somerset Live, Burnham-On-Sea.Com

23 April 2019                                      Aiken Standard (USA)

Legal team ‘deliberating’ Supreme Court appeal for MOX case, S.C. attorney general says

South Carolina considering an appeal on decision to close Savannah MOX plant, based on fact that site would become a de facto permanent repository for radioactive waste.

23 April 2019                                      Jelly Pages (Switzerland)

Nuclear waste: an expert presents the warehouse concept in question

Marcos Buser is a geologist who was a member of the expert group that recommended deep geological disposal to the Swiss Government.  But he now argues for near-surface interim storage.

22 April 2019                                      Muhlenberg Weekly (USA)

Is the Green New Deal a Bully?

Opinion article arguing there are adverse environmental consequences and waste produced regardless of which energy source you back.  Nuclear waste can be managed.

22 April 2019                                      Diginomica

When does machine learning acquire a social context?

Article by author of computer programme that assessed more than a million variables and resulted in WIPP being licensed on the low-risk evaluation of any leakage over 10,000 years.  He’s concerned that insufficient weight given to ethical and social issues when evaluating risk.

22 April 2019                                      Nevada Current (USA)

Inslee says climate change is “job one,” calls for “consensus” on nuclear waste

The latest Democratic Presidential hopeful, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, visited Nevada.  He’s the only candidate making climate change a central campaign theme.  In doing so, he declines to rule out nuclear power as a source of energy.  And unlike other Democratic hopefuls, despite being pressed, he did not rule out Yucca Mountain, simply saying he wanted a repository siting process which found a site that had the support of local communities.  Story also covered by Las Vegas Review-Journal

22 April 2019                                      Nation Cymru (Wales/UK)

Welsh peace campaigners face court over anti-nuclear protest

Article explaining Welsh CND’s campaign against the siting of a GDF in Wales.

21 April 2019                                      Juneau Empire (USA)

Opinion: Doing nuclear energy right requires global paradigm shift

Different & interesting perspective: lack of public trust justified by past behaviours of nuclear sector; biggest policy failure=no safe and secure repository for nuclear waste; like climate change, risks posed by nuclear waste management are global problems.

20 April 2019                                      Paris-Normandie (France)

In Normandy, the nuclear waste in debate

Local media assessment of the issues and debating points in France’s national debate about radioactive waste management and disposal, ahead of the first formal regional conference, to be held in Normandy.

20 April 2019                                      JoongAng Daily (Korea)

Small quakes shake the east coast

Korea’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission says no radioactive waste or commercial atomic reactors were affected by yesterday’s earthquake detected off Korea’s eastern coast.

20 April 2019                                      The New Times (Rwanda)

Africa ready for nuclear energy, lower the costs

Article compares Africa with India, particularly the use of nuclear technologies in agriculture and medicine.  Will be a need to manage radioactive waste regardless of nuclear energy, and the wider economic and social benefits may be worth the financial costs.

20 April 2019                                      The Guardian (UK)

What lies beneath: Robert Macfarlane travels ‘Underland’

A new book explores the philosophy, science, mythology and continually-being-discovered new mysteries of the subterranean world beneath our feet.  The author notes that we know more about the cosmos than our own planet’s underworld, and explores humankind’s long-standing fascination with and fear of the deep earth.  Book also reviewed in Evening Standard, Sunday Times, BBC

19 April 2019                                      The Observer (USA)

CWRU faculty involved in nuclear forensic research

Brief insight into how scientists can trace and track nuclear residues, either when material is stolen or as a result of accidental release.  Article makes point there are ‘positive’ uses of nuclear technology (eg medical uses), so we all have stake in resolving waste issue.

18 April 2019                                      Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

ANSTO holds open day

Short report on a local open day attracting schools and others to learn more about radioactivity and careers in the science and technology sectors.

18 April 2019                                      Exchange Monitor (USA)

EPA Recertification Sought for WIPP Through 2024

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is seeking another five-year certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).  Legislation requires the DOE to seek recertification every five years to ensure WIPP’s compliance with federal radioactive waste disposal requirements.  Story also covered by Carlsbad Current-Argus

18 April 2019                                      NFLA (UK)

NFLA note over 70 Welsh Councils now reject any expression of interest in a deep underground radioactive waste repository

Nuclear Free Local Authorities report that over 70 Welsh unitary, county, city, town and community councils have passed resolutions formally opposing taking any interest in hosting a deep underground radioactive waste repository.

18 April 2019                                      New York Times

How 18 Democratic Candidates Responded to a Climate Policy Survey

In a long article, most Presidential candidates expressed support, if reluctantly, for nuclear power to help support transition to a renewables, carbon-free future.  Some also urged action on radioactive waste disposal.

17 April 2019                                      Exchange Monitor (USA)

NRC Board to Rule May 10 on Interventions to Spent Fuel License Application

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) reportedly will announce decision on May 10 about which public organisations are authorised to intervene in the license application for the proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facility in New Mexico.

17 April 2019                                      Inside Croydon (UK)

‘Nuclear’ Newman goes radio ga-ga over radioactive deal

Local media outlet presses councillor and expresses concern over ‘secret’ clause to allow radioactive waste to be burnt in town’s incinerator.

17 April 2019                                      Utility Dive (USA)

Holtec to snap up Indian Point nuclear units for decommissioning

Report that Holtec International have reached agreement to acquire another nuclear power plant, under their overall plan to speed decommissioning and removal of radioactive waste of closed nuclear plants.  Story also covered by Philadelphia Business Journal

17 April 2019                                      Radio France International

Eye on France: What to do with nuclear leftovers?

Article explaining the issues underlying France’s formal national debate about radioactive waste management and disposal.  Discusses public concerns about geological disposal, but recognises that “something” has to be done, and that this is an issue for every country, not just France.  Other explanations of the issues also in Les Echos, Liberation

17 April 2019                                      InterFrance

Nuclear waste: what bins for future generations?

Article and 4-minute podcast discusses issue in France’s national debate about radioactive waste management and geological disposal.

17 April 2019                                      Penn Live (USA)

Three Mile Island closure would take nuclear plant offline in fall; shutdown costs estimated at $1.25 billion

Analysis of the decommissioning plans if Three Mile Island shuts this autumn — though Pennsylvania State may intervene with a subsidy to keep the plant operational.

17 April 2019                                      Japan Times

Japan Atomic Power considers launching unit that specializes in scrapping nuclear plants

Japan Atomic Power is considering setting up a subsidiary specialising in the decommissioning of nuclear reactors, according to sources.  The company is planning to have US radioactive waste firm EnergySolutions invest in the new subsidiary.  A decision expected by the end of this year.

17 April 2019                                      Transcontinental (Australia)

Community liaison appointed for proposed Radioactive Waste Management Facility

An Andyamathanha woman has been appointed as the new Community Liaison Officer for Hawker.  In the role, she will act as a link between the community and the government department regarding the proposed radioactive waste facility.  With a strong connection to the land and a neutral view of the proposed facility, Margaret-Rose Mckenzie believes she will bring an unbiased approach to her new role: “People are entitled to their opinion, but I believe their opinion should be well informed and based on facts, and in order for people to do this they need to have the right information.”

17 April 2019                                      Buffalo News (USA)

Editorial: Move Lewiston’s radioactive waste

Local newspaper urges action on federal repository for disposing of radioactive waste.

17 April 2019                                      US Office of Science

Synergy for Storage: Containing Nuclear Waste for Thousands of Years

US Government scientist explores the rigorous science needed to predict materials corrosion over long period.  Critical for safe geological disposal of radioactive waste.

16 April 2019                                      Liberation (France)

Nuclear waste: “Cigeo is the worst solution because it is not reversible”

On eve of France’s national debate on radioactive waste management, physicist Bernard Laponche argues that geological disposal is not the answer.

16 April 2019                                      KUSI News (USA)

San Onofre Power Plant plans to remove nuclear waste

Local TV report on local Congressman’s plan to introduce federal legislation to speed removal of radioactive waste from interim surface storage at San Onofre, and into a permanent repository.  Story also covered by San Diego Union-Tribune, KPBS, LAist, Orange County Breeze, Exchange Monitor, Capistrano Dispatch

16 April 2019                                      IAEA

IAEA Helps Remove Highly Radioactive Material from Five South American Countries

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reminds that radioactive waste materials requiring disposal do not come just from nuclear power plants or weapons, but also from a range of medical purposes such as treating cancer and sterilising instruments.  International community supports countries with such wastes to dispose of them safely.

16 April 2019                                      Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Officials invited to nuclear power protest

Nuclear power opponents yesterday invited President Tsai Ing-wen, New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-yi and Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je to participate in a parade on Saturday 27 May to stand up against radioactive waste disposal.

16 April 2019                                      San Francisco Chronicle (USA)

Bill sets guidelines for nuclear waste disposal

Report on North Dakota’s state legislation that explicitly prohibits “nuclear waste dumping”, but sets a regulatory framework for disposal and storage of the radioactive waste if the state is forced to accept it by the federal government.  Also covered by Fox News8, Washington Times, Grand Forks Herald, Pierce County Tribune

15 April 2019                                      Greenpeace (France)

Debate on nuclear waste: the moment of truth!

Greenpeace urge people to participate in France’s formal national debate about radioactive waste management and geological disposal.

15 April 2019                                      KBS World Radio (Korea)

S. Korea to Build Institute to Dismantle Nuclear Reactors

South Korea to establish an Institute to oversee decommissioning and radioactive waste management and disposal.

15 April 2019                                      Coast News (USA)

Opinion: Measuring radiation risk from San Onofre

Concern about health risks of keeping radioactive waste in interim surface storage rather than removing for disposal.

15 April 2019                                      WBFO FM (USA)

Schumer calls for more funding to remove nuclear waste in Lewiston

Local politician seeks funding to remove stored radioactive waste from his community.

15 April 2019                                      SFR (Switzerland)

Nagra begins its deep drilling at Bülach

Explanatory news coverage as Switzerland begins investigative borehole drilling in search for their GDF site.

15 April 2019                                      Nevada Independent (USA)

Nevada gaming, tourism officials call on Congress to ignore Trump budget request for Yucca

Nevada’s tourism and gambling sectors write to Congressional leaders expressing their opposition to Yucca Mountain project. Also reported by Nevada Appeal, Casino.Org, Northern Nevada Business View, SBC Americas

15 April 2019                                      Las Vegas Sun (USA)

EDITORIAL: Energy secretary endangers us by shrugging off grave warnings

Local newspaper calls on federal government to halt Yucca Mountain project after a government agency raises concerns about seismic activity in Nevada.  US Energy Secretary says such geological data would be included in safety assessments for Yucca Mountain, but local newspaper not reassured.

14 April 2019                                      Lancashire Telegraph (UK)

CND’s day-glo nuclear waste barrel campaign

Anti-nuclear campaigners in East Lancashire will be dressing as radioactive waste barrels to reinforce their campaigning this week, and promoting a public meeting in Burnley on Wednesday with their day-glo protest.

14 April 2019                                      Philadelphia Inquirer (USA)

Where will the nuclear waste go after Three Mile Island shuts down?

Analysis of the decommissioning challenges at Three Mile Island, when there’s still no final disposal repository for radioactive waste.

14 April 2019                                      Aftonbladet (Sweden)

Radioactive waste is liable to leak out

Media coverage on a disputed report about the safety of containers in the low-level repository at Forsmark.

13 April 2019                                      Japan Times

Reconstruction from N-disaster requires long-range perspective

Safe removal and transportation of radioactive waste is one of the issues most concerning residents of Okuma in the Fukushima prefecture, as they contemplate whether to return to their homes now that the Government has lifted the long-standing area exclusion order.

13 April 2019                                      Wrexham.Com (UK)

Wrexham Council will say no to nuclear waste ‘Geological Disposal Facility’

Plans for a motion that would rule out a GDF in the Wrexham area.

12 April 2019                                      World Nuclear News

Viewpoint: Sharing knowledge in European radwaste management

EU-hosted workshop planned for September to focus on practical co-operation between countries, particularly those with small amounts of higher activity radioactive waste, or those with no nuclear power sources but generating long-lived radioactive waste from medical, research and industrial applications.  Possibility for shared facilities, or multinational repositories (MNRs).

12 April 2019                                      San Francisco Gate (USA)

US lab addresses seismic concerns, resumes waste shipments

Los Alamos National Laboratory has restarted waste shipments to WIPP after 5 years, since the underground packaging incident. Also reported in Los Alamos Monitor, KANW, San Francisco Chronicle, KOB News4, Durango Herald, Washington Times, Exchange Monitor, Carlsbad Current-Argus, New Mexico Political Report, Los Alamos Daily Post, Albuquerque Journal

12 April 2019                                      KBS World Radio (Korea)

‘Around 70 Tons of Nuclear Waste from Seoul Still Unaccounted for’

In on-going scandal of missing/stolen radioactive waste from the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute’s decommissioned reactor, the country’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission has revealed over 70 tonnes of material is unaccounted for.  The radioactive materials do not pose risk to humans, but the Commission has asked prosecutors to investigate potential criminal charges.

12 April 2019                                      IAEA

IAEA Mission Says Germany Is Committed to Strengthening Safety, Sees Areas for Further Enhancement

As it decommissions its nuclear power stations, and restarts a process for finding a site for its geological repository, Germany gets a positive report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  One recommendation for further work is taking better account of public inputs into the decommissioning process.

12 April 2019                                      Nevada Independent (USA)

Booker calls for death penalty repeal, opposes Justice Department opinion on online gaming

Cory Booker becomes the latest Democratic Presidential hopeful (following Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris) to tell Nevada voters that they oppose Yucca.  As President Trump did when he was in Nevada, before renewing the funding request.

12 April 2019                                      Nevada Current (USA)

Yucca Mountain dump: Dead or undead?

Analysis of political debate in US Congress as Nevada resists the bipartisan majority to move forward with the Yucca Mountain project.  Exchange Monitor also reports on bipartisan push in the US House of Representatives in support of funding request for Yucca.  While E&E News report revived bipartisan effort in the Senate for the same.

11 April 2019                                      Rudaw (Kurdistan)

Enough of your rubbish: KRG to crack down on polluters

Kurdistan announce crackdown on domestic and commercial polluters.  Fines for improper disposal of radioactive waste by industrial and hospital sectors rise to maximum of US$8k.

11 April 2019                                      Business Green (UK)

UK’s Nuclear Liabilities Fund selects manager for £250m of investments

British Patient Capital to manage £250m of investments on behalf of UK government’s Nuclear Liabilities Fund in a move designed to help fund nuclear decommissioning costs by investing in growth capital funds, targeting investment in “high potential innovative companies across the UK”.

11 April 2019                                      National Public Radio (USA)

New Mexico Is Divided Over The ‘Perfect Site’ To Store Nation’s Nuclear Waste

Lengthy analysis of the plans to build a temporary storage facility for higher-activity radioactive waste, pending final disposal in a permanent repository.  Despite strong local community, business and political support for the proposal, some residents (and New Mexico’s Governor) remain concerned.  Story also covered by WBUR, Arizona Public Media

11 April 2019                                      Total Croatia News (Bosnia/Croatia)

Protest Held Against Future Nuclear Waste Disposal Site

A protest in Dvor, near the Bosnian border against plans to build a site for the disposal of low-level radioactive waste from the Krško nuclear power plant drew hundreds of local people from both sides of the border.  Dvor mayor Nikola Arbutina said the protesters should protest in Zagreb because decisions were made there and not in Dvor.

11 April 2019                                      Bangor Aye (Wales/UK)


Bangor City council members have approved a motion that Bangor would not become the host of a Geological Disposal Facility.  The Council had received a letter from Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans MEP, who also chairs CND Cymru, urging them to never volunteer.

10 April 2019                                      X-Mol (China)

Effects of deep geological environments for nuclear waste disposal on the hydrogen entry into titanium 

New research from Chinese academics on more effectively managing impact of hydrogen on titanium used in radioactive waste packaging.

10 April 2019                                      Phys.Org

Keeping nuclear power safe

Report on new research into which cements best contain iodine, a volatile substance with a long half-life, so that it does not leach.

10 April 2019                                      Exchange Monitor (USA)

House Appropriator Throws Cold Water on Consent-Based Siting for Nuclear Waste

There is little hope for a consent-based approach to selecting the site for a radioactive waste repository says Rep. Mike Simpson, the ranking member of the House Appropriations energy and water development subcommittee.

10 April 2019                                      LSM (Latvia/Lithuania)

Latgale locals worried over storage of radioactive waste near Lithuanian border

The Latvian community of Latgale worried about Lithuania’s plan to build a low-level radioactive waste facility close to the border between the two countries.

10 April 2019                                      CNDP (France)                          

Radioactive waste, a social issue

France’s National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP) webpages dedicated to current formal public debate on radioactive waste management and geological disposal.

10 April 2019                                      Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Former Carlsbad saloon will be converted into hotel

A contractor installing the new ventilation system at WIPP has bought and converted a downtown derelict bar into a hotel, providing its staff with accommodation and offering additional hotel rooms to the town.  The additional rooms are welcome in Carlsbad where there is a shortage of property to buy or rent, and where competition for scarce hotel rooms has pushed prices up to US$300 per night.

10 April 2019                                      IndyNews (Holland)

1 and 2 June: workshops and demonstration in Nancy against nuclear dump in Bure

Dutch activist site encouraging members to support event to oppose the proposed French geological disposal repository.

10 April 2019                                      World Nuclear News

Dry storage licence change supports faster decommissioning

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have licensed a new dry storage system for radioactive waste that could significantly shorten the decommissioning period of nuclear power plants, and mean that radwaste may not need to be kept in on-site surface interim stores for as long as it is currently kept.

10 April 2019                                      Barents Observer (Russia/Scandinavia)

A united Nordic front sits down with Putin

Radioactive waste management one of the key areas of potential co-operation under discussion at an international summit between Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

9 April 2019                                        Minneapolis Star Tribune (USA)

Walz touts clean energy jobs amid uncertain nuclear future

Minnesota Governor Walz claims a ‘nuclear-neutral’ position in making his state secure energy from carbon-free sources by 2050, but still wants issue of radioactive waste disposal addressed by federal government.

9 April 2019                                        Blackburn News (Canada)

NWMO partners with local municipalities and school boards to help students learn skilled trades

Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) is funding a new partnership project aimed at training skilled workers of the future.

9 April 2019                                        Boston Globe (USA)

This company wants to buy a nuclear plant in Mass. And it’s facing questions

Continued community concern about Holtec International and its plans to purchase the soon to be decommissioned Pilgrim nuclear power plant.

9 April 2019                                        Las Vegas Review Journal (USA)

Yucca Mountain advocates pursue more nuke waste funds

Republican congressman John Shimkus continues to press bipartisan support for Yucca Mountain funding.

9 April 2019                                        Nation Cymru (Wales/UK)

Labour need to say no to nuclear waste burial in Wales

Article critical of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Party’s nuclear policies in UK as well as Wales.

8 April 2019                                        Fox News (Russia/USA)

Russian police detain several protesters against waste dump

Activists say that police have detained several participants in a protest against the construction of a radioactive waste facility in northwestern Russia.  Several thousand demonstrators rallied in Arkhangelsk demanding the project be halted.

8 April 2019                                        Exchange Monitor (USA)

NRC Nuclear Waste Fund Trickles Down Toward $400K

There is just US$400k remaining in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) budget for Yucca Mountain, until Congress approves additional funds.

8 April 2019                                        National Observer (Canada)

How safe is the Ottawa River from nuclear waste?

Canadian plans for disposal of radwaste examined in this thoughtful and balanced article by Carleton University School of Journalism and Communication, and Institute for Investigative Journalism.

8 April 2019                                        NewsWest9 (USA)

Unlikely Alliance: Texas Environmentalists, Oil Industry Officials Unite in Opposition to Nuclear Waste

A coalition of environmentalists and oil company officials are teaming up to oppose and amend legislation before the Texas State Legislature that would allow a temporary high-level radioactive waste storage facility in West Texas.  Exchange Monitor reports that legislation was passed anyway.

8 April 2019                                        Reuters

EU seeks design bids for storage plant for Georgia’s nuclear waste

Sweden’s radiation safety authority (SSM) is co-ordinating the European Union funded radioactive waste storage project for Georgia.  They have issued a tender for the design of a nuclear storage and processing plant for Georgia’s Soviet-era radioactive waste.  The contract is thought to be a 2-year contract worth 10 million Swedish crowns (US$1.08 million).  Story explained in more detail by World Nuclear News.

8 April 2019                                        Grist.Org

Are you biased against nuclear power? Yup, say scientists

New social/consumer research addresses the issue of the public’s nuclear “dread”. The researchers conclude the findings might be used “as an opportunity to shame people for being scientifically illiterate … but … pummelling people with facts … does very little to dispel raw dread. We are very concerned about the blinders scientists sometimes impose on themselves … Accept that dread as a given and it points you toward a more nuanced, but useful path.”

8 April 2019                                          NW Evening Mail (UK)

SNP demands public inquiry in to ‘epic’ nuclear submarine scandal

Scottish National Party (SNP) want independent inquiry into how UK’s nuclear submarines are dismantled.

7 April 2019                                          Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Get serious about nuke waste storage

Opinion article saying that we need to have a balanced/rational rather than emotional dicussion if we are to solve the problem of radiaoctive waste.

7 April 2019                                          Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Oversight of NM nuclear facilities needed

Activists express their concern that the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) is operating beyond its initial remit, with consequent alleged risks to public and environmental health.

7 April 2019                                           The Independent (UK)

Brexit: Radioactive waste to pile up at hospitals, universities and factories due to supply fears

Environment Agency has issued guidance for continued safe storage of medical, research and industrial radioactive wastes during period of Brexit uncertainty.

6 April 2019                                          New York Times

Nuclear Power Can Save the World

Comparison of radioactive waste with the volumes, toxicity and environmental & health impacts of non-nuclear wastes in this sociopolitical and economic analysis of why the West is eschewing nuclear energy as a tool to combat climate change.

6 April 2019                                          Nevada Independent (USA)

Warren ‘uneasy’ over expansion of online gaming, commits to no funding for Yucca

Democrat Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren becomes the second candidate to visit Nevada and say they would stop funding for Yucca Mountain (Kamala Harris being the other presidential hopeful).  Note: President Trump and every political candidate campaigning in Nevada say they are opposed to Yucca.

6 April 2019                                          First News (Poland)

Polish scientists help international team aiming to replicate the power of the stars

Report on Polish scientists’ contribution to an international fusion energy research project, designed to reduce radioactive waste.

6 April 2019                                          Press & Journal (USA)

Decommissioning Three Mile Island: Exelon officially files notice with NRC of shutdown process

The proposed decommissioning plan for the infamous Three Mile Island nuclear plant has been criticised by local community watchdogs.  They are concerned that the site will remain a radioactive waste site for most of the remainder of this century.

5 April 2019                                          Free London Press (Canada)

Simpson: SNC’s fate could effect nuclear security

Amidst ongoing political scandal over whether Prime Minister Trudeau interfered with a prosecutorial decision on Canadian engineering giant SNC concerns over what happens to the contracts awarded to SNC for a Canadian radioactive waste repository and other nuclear facilities.

5 April 2019                                          Port Lincoln Times (Australia)

Port named as potential nuclear waste thoroughfare

Friends of the Earth (FoE) organise protest against plans for low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia.

5 April 2019                                          Interesting Engineering

Is Storing Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain Actually a Problem?

Long article evaluating relative environmental and economic impacts of nuclear and renewables, looking at the waste issues for both sectors, and concluding geological disposal as the best option available.

5 April 2019                                          The Ecologist (UK)

Creative action against nuclear waste

Report on planned anti-nuclear demonstration focusing on radioactove waste at Sprongfields in Preston.

4 April 2019                                          Minnesota Post (USA)

The Prairie Island tribe wants to get to net-zero emissions. Its biggest roadblock may be House DFLers

The Prairie Island Indian Community wants to drastically change their energy use in order to reach net-zero carbon emissions in their power grid. And they want Xcel Energy to pay for it, as compensation for the fact that the Mdewakanton reservation is next door to an Xcel nuclear plant which is holding radioactive waste in surface interim stores.  Xcel is required to put money into a state fund to develop renewable energy.  The Indian proposal has bipartisan support, but Democrats are thought likely to block payments to the Indians because they want money spent on renewable projects across the state not just on the reservation.

4 April 2019                                          SKB (Sweden)

SKB supplements the application for a final repository

Sweden’s radioactive waste management company SKB has submitted evidence on copper corrosion to Swedish Government, as required following last year’s Environmental Court decision. Govt now assesses information before deciding whether to proceed with Sweden’s geological repository.  Local environmental group MKG are not impressed by the submitted report.

4 April 2019                                          Nevada Independent (USA)

Shimkus calls for Nevada to make case against Yucca Mountain before nuclear regulators

US Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois, a long-standing champion of building a national nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, has asked Nevada to plead its case before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, saying: “the majority of our colleagues in Congress want the extensive scientific evidence … in support of proceeding with the Yucca Mountain repository to be fully evaluated, I have always supported the state of Nevada’s right to question that science.”

3 April 2019                                 (UK)

FMQs: “No sites identified” for nuclear waste burial

Report on the discussion in the Welsh Assembly about geological disposal during First Minister’s Questions (FMQs).  Same report in  FMQs also covered by BBC.

3 April 2019                                          Australian Academy of Science

Mixed news for science in the 2019-20 Budget

Science sector responds to the 2019-20 Federal Budget, which they say contains mixed news for science.  Positive measures include Aus$56 million for nuclear medicine and radioactive waste management.  Also reported by Innovation Australia

3 April 2019                                          Exchange Monitor (USA)

Yucca Mountain Site Safe, DOE Chief Says

Pressed on safety issues during a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on the Energy Department’s fiscal 2020 budget request, Energy Secretary Rick Perry re-affirmed his belief that the planned site for a nuclear waste repository under Nevada’s Yucca Mountain is safe.

3 April 2019                                          IAEA

IAEA Mission Says Estonia Committed to Safe Management of Radioactive Waste, Sees Areas for Further Enhancement

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) independent expert team propose three areas for further work: ensuring ‘active’ involvement of all responsible government agencies; sufficient financial and human resources available; developing a preliminary safety case for all proposed disposal facilities.

3 April 2019                                          BBC (UK)

Nuclear submarines: MoD criticised over submarine disposal

MPs flag costs and increasing long-term liabilities to the taxpayer of not disposing of UK’s decommissioned nuclear submarine fleet.  Story also reported by ITV News, Financial Times, KLFM, Herald Scotland, The Times, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman, STV, Morning Star, The Ferret, Forces Network, Sky News, The Register, NFLA, Dundee Courier, Waste Management World, RUSI News, Dunfermline Press and overseas by MenaFN

2 April 2019                                          Plaid Cymru (Wales)

First Minister slammed for failing to stand up for Wales on nuclear waste

Welsh Nationalist Party criticise Labour Welsh Government for not definitively ruling out a geological disposal facility in Wales.

2 April 2019                                          Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Despite senator’s concerns, Perry says ‘Yucca Mountain is the law’

Report on debate between Nevada Senator and US Energy Secretary at a US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing.

2 April 2019                                          Sixth Tone (China)

China to Resume Approving Nuclear Power Plants

Announcing new nuclear plans after a 3-year moratorium, Chinese government acknowledge more to be done on radioactive waste management and disposal, saying there were concerns for both the environment and public safety. In August 2016, thousands protested against a planned nuclear waste facility in Jiangsu province that led to the project being halted.  Chinese Government says the country must build more nuclear waste management facilities so that such waste can be safely managed for thousands of years.

2 April 2019                                          Daily Mail (UK)

Judge fines Sellafield £380,000 after worker, 51, was contaminated with plutonium at nuclear fuel plant

Sellafield sentenced and fined in first criminal prosecution brought by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR).  Story also covered by BBC, Metro, Lancashire Evening Post, Cumbria Crack

2 April 2019                                          Bloomberg News

Zapping Nuclear Waste in Minutes Is Nobel Winner’s Holy Grail Quest

Review of France and other countries geological disposal plans, to provide context for Professor Gerard Mourou’s work that he claims could cut the lifespan of radioactive waste from thousands of years to minutes — although Mourou is quick to point out that any results from his work may be many years away.  His work also reviewed by TNW, Auckland Magazine

2 April 2019                                           Mirage News (Australia)

Where to store nuclear waste?

Australian Conservative Party, ahead of elections, say radioactive waste already stored on surface in metropolitan areas across Australia, and that a disposal site required.

2 April 2019                                           Rhyl Journal (UK)

Denbighshire councillors reject nuclear waste deal

Report on council debate, with views for and against a GDF.  But idea of approaching RWM to discuss possibilities rejected.

1 April 2019                                           San Diego Union-Tribune (USA)

House Democrats want $25 million for program to move nuclear waste from San Onofre and other sites

Congressional Democrats lead bipartisan initiative, with one saying “This reflects there is concern in communities across the country about the short-term storage of nuclear waste. We need a permanent solution.”  Story also covered by Coast News

1 April 2019                                           Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Country must use WIPP to its fullest

John Heaton, Chair of the Carlsbad Nuclear Task Force, refutes anti-nuclear groups’ claims that the decision to increase the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) capacity to store radioactive waste was a politically-motivated decision, and sets out the science and facts behind the decision by New Mexico’s Environment Department.

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