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This section provides a collection of articles from news media around the world during 2018, offering a wider spectrum of opinion, but also showcasing the similarities of the reactions of people in different countries.  Click on the media outlet name to link to the original article.  Please click here for the most recent world media coverage.

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31 December 2018                             KUSI News (USA)

Attorney Mike Aguirre accuses SoCal Edison of improper nuclear waste management

The San Diego Office of the FBI says it is reviewing local lawyer Mike Aguirre’s request to investigate potential criminal acts by the operator of the San Onofre nuclear power plant over poor handling of radioactive waste.  Story also covered by KPBS

29 December 2018                            Albuquerque Journal (USA)

State OKs controversial WIPP volume changes

New Mexico’s Environment Department have approved a proposed change to the way in which waste volumes are calculated.  This will allow the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) to house more radioactive waste.  Also covered by Miami Herald, KUNM, Exchange Monitor, Carlsbad Current Argus

29 December 2018                            Greenfield Recorder (USA)

NRC raps maker of Vt. Yankee waste casks

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has filed a complaint against Holtec International, after the company adopted a new design for its steel and concrete radioactive waste containers without federal approval.

28 December 2018                            The Eagle (Uganda)

Big business events that made headlines in the year 2018

Included in this review is a conference hosted by Uganda at which African nuclear experts and the IAEA met to review the status of radioactive waste management, update national inventories and develop the work plans and implementation strategies for strengthening radioactive waste management.

28 December 2018                            Houston Chronicle (USA)

Nuclear cleanup tests Rick Perry, as administration presses for budget cuts

Continued analysis of the US Energy Department’s proposed reclassification of nuclear waste.  Focus in this article on concerns at Hanford that more radioactive waste will be left on site rather than temoved for disposal.

28 December 2018                            Philippine News Agency

Nuclear Regulation Act to boost tech, industrial growth: Salceda

Before Christmas, the Philippines’ House of Representatives approved second reading of a “Comprehensive Nuclear Regulation Act,” which establishes a nuclear regulatory framework and creates the Philippine Nuclear Regulatory Commission (PNRC).  The Bill’s principal author, Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda speaks about the potential benefits of nuclear power to his country’s development and welfare.  Also reported by Manila Standard

28 December 2018                           The Moorlander (UK)


In a review of the year in Dartmoor, mention of Government plans that could possibly permit burial of radioactive waste in national parks.  Quotes Dr Kevin Bishop, the CEO of Dartmoor National Park Authority, saying he would be powerless if the government wanted to store nuclear waste on Dartmoor although he thought it unlikely.

27 December 2018                            Patriot Ledger (USA)

Nuclear Regulatory Commission to take questions on Pilgrim

Federal regulators to host an online presentation and to take public questions next month about the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station’s planned shut down.  The plant’s operators say they will move stored nuclear waste at the site to higher ground, a decision made with an eye toward rising sea levels from climate change.

27 December 2018                            Forbes Magazine

This New Year, Can’t We Do The Right Thing With Our Nuclear Waste?

Explains the need to treat different radioactive wastes differently, to deliver better environmental and financial outcomes.

27 December 2018                            Japan Today

Costs for scrapping 79 nuclear facilities estimated at ¥1.9 tril

in its first such estimate, Japan’s Atomic Energy Agency (AEA) says taxpayers will need to spend about 1.9 trillion yen (US$18bn) to close 79 facilities over 70 years.  Total costs may increase further, as the agency said the estimated figure excludes expenses for maintenance and replacing ageing equipment.  The AEA said no decisions have been taken yet about disposal locations for about 100 kilolitres of higher-activity radioactive waste nor the 114,000 kl of low-level radioactive waste.  Also reported in The Mainichi, Asahi Shimbun, Kallanish Energy

27 December 2018                           The Australian

Defence under attack on nuclear waste dump

Western Australian politician keeps up his campaign for Woomera to be considered as a site for the Australia’s proposed low-level radioactive waste facility.  The current proposals for a South Australia site are suspended pending a Court Hearing of a grievance from an indigenous peoples’ group.

26 December 2018                           Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Shipments resume from Chicago-based lab

Shipments of transuranic (TRU) radioactive waste from a Chicago-area facility to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant were resumed last week, according to the US Department of Energy.  The 1,700 mile-trip took about 38 hours, including time for the WIPP driver to stop and inspect the truck every 150 miles or three hours.  Also reported in Albuquerque Journal

26 December 2018                           Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Midterms may have spelled the end of Yucca Mountain

Local academic thinks Nancy Pelosi’s long-standing opposition to Yucca, and her expected rise to House Speaker in January, means she will block any legislative proposals.

23 December 2018                           The Guardian (UK)

British nuclear archive files withdrawn without explanation

Thousands of archive files relating to Britain’s nuclear weapons and atomic energy programmes have been withdrawn without warning from public view, causing concern amongst academics.  The UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) cannot provide an explanation, while claiming it remains committed to “openness and transparency”.  Story also covered by RT (Russia Today), and later followed up by Daily Mail, Action News Now

23 December 2018                           MenaFN (Australia)

Curious Kids: why does the world store nuclear waste and not just shoot it into the Sun or deep space?

Kids science programme answers why nuclear waste is not rocketed to outer space.  Based on an original article by The Conversation

20 December 2018                           Swiss Info

Geneva lodges fresh complaint against French nuclear plant

Concerned about safety at the plant, and opposed to the storage of radioactive waste at the site, the canton of Geneva takes legal action against the French authorities.  Subsequently reported on by France TV Info

20 December 2018                           France Info

Nuclear waste: the millions of euros that radiate the cities near Bure

Article and french-language video looking at the financial investments in the communities closest to the Bure site of the French repository.  One mayor thinks the money is needed to ensure standards of public services provision are planned in advance of the expected influx of workers at the site.  Another mayor declines to accept such funding because he sees it as “conscience money”.

20 December 2018                           Las Vegas Review Journal (USA)

Nevada lawmakers appear to block funding for Yucca Mountain

Report saying that in the end the compromise federal budget does not include funding for Yucca Mountain.  A report in Politico appears to back this report up, saying Senator Lamar Alexander, the chairman of the panel on energy and water appropriations, doubted that funding talks would include new funds for the Yucca Mountain radioactive waste project.  Story also covered by NuclearActive, Energy News, YourNews, Exchange Monitor

20 December 2018                           Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

Mayor confirms ‘loans,’ denies ties to nuclear waste site

Local political storm as mayor confirms “unreported” loans received during his recent election campaign.  Those making the loans claim they did so because they wanted a radioactive waste facility.  The local council had rejected the idea, but the mayor allegedly told the backers he would proceed with a facility.  The Mayor denies any links between the loans and his election, saying loans were for his businesses and unrelated to the election.

19 December 2018                            KPBS (USA)

Edison’s Plans To Resume Nuclear Waste Transfer May Face Legal Challenge

California’s Attorney General considering whether the company have breached an agreement on how to transfer and dispose of radioactive waste from the San Onofre site.

19 December 2018                            In-Cumbria (UK)

Government kicks off new search for community to host a geological disposal facility for the UK’s most hazardous nuclear waste

Report on Government announcement, with supporting comment from chair of the Local Government Association’s special nuclear interest group, Brendan Sweeney, saying:

“We welcome the launch of the GDF siting process as we need a long-term solution to the management of our legacy radioactive wastes.  As the previous siting process showed, finding a suitable and willing host for a GDF will not be easy. It will require close and effective engagement with councils and communities, underpinned by a joined-up package of jobs, investment and funding for the community and local authority.  [We] will continue to support and advise any local authority that wishes to enter the process and to work with RWM and Government to maximise the chances of success.”

Story also covered by World Nuclear News, New Civil Engineer, Exchange Monitor, NucNet.  Reactive comments from the Science Media Centre

19 December 2018                            Exchange Monitor (USA)

Optimism Fades Again on Yucca Funding

Does not appear that funding for Yucca Mountain is being considered by anyone during budget discussions in Congress to keep US government open into the new year.

19 December 2018                            Reuters

U.S. to offer ‘black box’ nuclear waste tech to other nations

In an attempt to remain competitive in the global decommissioning and waste management market, reports that US is assessing options to help other countries manage their radioactive waste.  Security is an issue, with a preference for developing a ‘packaged’ solution that does not require handing over the technology involved.  Story also covered across the world by OilPrice (N America), Channel NewsAsia, Asian AgeEuroNews, Business Day (S Africa), US News & World Report, Voice of America

19 December 2018                            SBS News (Australia)

Radioactive waste contractors ‘damaged’ cultural sites, allege traditional owners

In their new lawsuit against the proposed radioactive waste facility, the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association claim contractors damaged sites while doing preliminary work on the facility.  Australian Government strongly denies any such damage occurs, and says that the tribes have been engaged in the consultation process since the start.

19 December 2018                            Whitehaven News (UK)

Search to find community host for nuclear dump expected to kick off today

Council chiefs in Copeland are currently expressing “no preference” for the whereabouts of a geological disposal facility for radioactive waste. But speaking at a meeting yesterday of the authority’s Strategic Nuclear and Energy Board, the council’s chief executive Pat Graham warned that the borough will be affected whatever the outcome because the waste is “already here” [at Sellafield].  The council is expected to roll out a programme of member workshops to thrash out a formal position.

18 December 2018                            Politico (USA)


Reports that the US Energy Department, rather than seeking an additional budget approval for Yucca Mountain, have suggested that Congress give the Energy Secretary broad authority to collect up to $120 million in existing unassigned agency funds to restart work on the Yucca Mountain project,

18 December 2018                            World Nuclear News

Russia and Korea to cooperate in radwaste management

Russia’s National Operator for Radioactive Waste Management (NO RWM), Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom, and the Korea Radioactive Waste Agency (KORAD) today signed an agreement to cooperate in radioactive waste management.

18 December 2018                            Sheffield BigStamp (UK)

Hallam PhD students driving improvements in nuclear waste disposal

Sheffield students supporting multinational research to help US clean up the Hanford nuclear site.

18 December 2018                            Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Thanks for participation

Australian Government Minister Matt Canavan reaffirms public consultations will continue pending, and without prejudice to, the 30 January Court Hearing about the proposed radioactive waste facility.

18 December 2018                            9News (Australia)

Another bid to stop SA nuclear dump

The Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association are planning to lodge a second complaint against the proposed low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia.  The first complaint is due to be heard in Court on 30 January.  The new filing to the Australian Human Rights Commission will allege that the selection process is fundamentally flawed and has shown a complete lack of regard for indigenous peoples, and as such constitutes unlawful discrimination.  Also covered by SBS News

18 December 2018                            Centellect (USA)


Further media/editorial support for Yucca Mountain project.

17 December 2018                            Los Angeles Times

Don’t let the window close on a Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage deal

LA Times editorial in support of Yucca Mountain project.

16 December 2018                            The Guardian (UK)

Sellafield boss warns on nuclear clean-up

Loss of income from reprocessing spent fuel means that taxpayer will need to pay more, or decommissioning will not be completed to same standard, warns David Peattie, CEO of the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

15 December 2018                            Nevada Independent (USA)

Indy DC Download: Congress passed the farm bill, Senate approved withdrawal of support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen

Update on congressional discussions over possible funding for Yucca Mountain — Nevada congressional caucus doubt funding will be included, as horse-trading continues to avert a US government shutdown.  Original 14 December story can be read here.

15 December 2018                            Korea JoongAng Daily

Nuclear phase-out sends towns into a tailspin

Lengthy article on the impacts on the local community and economy of Korea’s nuclear decommissioning plan.  Workers leaving impacting on local housing prices and local businesses.  Community leaders blame central government for not stepping in to help phase the process.

15 December 2018                            Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Western states urge Congress to address nuclear waste transportation issues

Nevada and other neighbouring states have suggested that if Congress does pass funding for Yucca before the end of the year, it should also insist on improved saftety for transportation of radioactive waste.

15 December 2018                            Deccan Herald (India)

Karwar says no to expansion of Kaiga atomic power plant

Local public protests against planned expansion primarily based on concerns about storage of radioactive waste.  Local environmentalist claims that “there are as many as 138 defunct atomic reactors in the world. There is no proper know-how on the safe disposal of reactors.”

14 December 2018                              Deutsche Welle (Germany/South Africa)

‘There should be no nuclear in climate financing’

Article on internationally-acclaimed South African environmentalist Makoma Lekalakala.  She remains opposed to nuclear on safety, cost and the long-term management of radioactive waste.

14 December 2018                              Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Torres Small tours WIPP

Newly-elected congresswoman for New Mexico, Xochitl Torres Small, has a fact-finding tour of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).

14 December 2018                              New Jersey Insider (USA)

Public Has More Time to Comment on Oyster Creek Sale and Transfer of $980 Decommissioning Fund to Camden-Based Company

Reminder that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has extended the public comment period of the sale of the Oyster Creek Generating Station from Exelon to Holtec International until January 9.

14 December 2018                              The Journal (USA)

White Mesa Mill accepts Cherokee Nation radioactive waste

Example of how one community’s delight at removal of radioactive waste which has been stored in interim facilities for 50 years, and now sent for reprocessing and disposal, is another community’s concern that the facility in Utah is not designed to reprocess radiaoctive waste safely.

14 December 2018                            Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (USA)

What to do with used nuclear fuel, from Illinois to California

Article exploring the issues of how land currently used to store radioactive waste which should have already been sent for final disposal can be returned to productive use for local communities.  The temporary solutions are all likely to be met with litigation, as communities en route between where the waste is currently held and where it needs to be taken for temporary storage pending disposal.

14 December 2018                            WRAL News5 (USA)

US nuclear repository turns focus to maintenance projects

WIPP will be closed to normal operations for most of January as planned maintenance work takes place.  Also covered by Los Alamos Monitor, Carlsbad Current-Argus, WRAL, Albuquerque Journal, San Francisco Chronicle

14 December 2018                            Austin Chronicle (USA)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Upcoming Legislative Session

Radioactive waste transportation and proposed new storage facilities are key environmental issues to be considered by the newly-elected Texas’ state legislature.

12 December 2018                            Exchange Monitor (USA)

NRC Staff Backs Sierra Club Intervention in Texas Spent Fuel Storage Licensing

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff are reported to have recommended to a special panel that the environmental group, Sierra Club, should be approved for inclusion in the licensing process for the proposed temporary radioactive waste facility in West Texas.  However, applications from a number of other environmental groups are likely to be rejected because they have ‘insufficient standing’ or are unlikely to be affected by the proposed site.

12 December 2018                            Politico (USA)


Republican chairman of a key House committee not optimistic that funding will be found in the final budget required before the end of the ‘lame duck’ session in order to keep US public services operating.  Nevertheless, Nevada officials still concerned, and have held back submitting an end-of-year report until there is more clarity on Yucca funding and the Energy Department’s plan to store weapons-grade plutonium in Northern Nevada — as reported by The State, WBCD News2, KOLO News8, Las Vegas Sun

11 December 2018                            BBC (UK)

Sellafield in court over plutonium exposure charge

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has launched its first criminal prosecution since the organisation was established in 2014.  Trial set for Spring 2019.

11 December 2018                            NewsWeek


President Donald Trump’s administration reportedly plans to reclassify high-level radioactive waste scattered around the US in order to make it easier and cheaper to dispose of — allegedly saving up to US$40bn.

11 December 2018                            Yahoo! News (UK)

A thriving ecosytem beneath the earth’s surface

International research project has found microbial ecosystems in rocks descending kilometeres under the earth’s surface.  Scientists claim such research may assist in disposal of radioactive waste.  Story also covered by BBC.

10 December 2018                           Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP Worldwide: Italian researcher studies plant growth in the underground

Story about an Italian scientist who’s been conducting experiments to study the effects of low-background radiation on a variety of organisms.  WIPP was an ideal ‘laboratory’ because of the salt mines’ low levels of background radiation.  Also covered by San Francisco ChronicleWSLS News10, KRQE News13, Wichita Eagle, San Francisco Gate

10 December 2018                           Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Sandoval urges lawmakers not to allocate funds for Yucca Mountain

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has urged congressional leaders not to include funding in a year-end spending bill that could revive the license application process for the Yucca Mountain radioactive waste repository.  He is the latest Nevada official to warn against “11th-hour” efforts to secure some funding for the Yucca Mountain project.

10 December 2018                           Associated Press (USA)

Trump plan to reclassify nuclear waste alarms environmentalists

The proposed reclassification of radioactive wastes worries environmentalists at the Hanford nuclear facility that too much waste will be buried on site rather than taken away for disposal.  Also covered by NewsweekNBC NewsBusiness Insider, US News & World ReportMinneapolis Star TribuneWCJB, WJAC, Continental Telegraph, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.  Opinion pieces in Oregon Live, The Columbian, Care2, Metro USA

10 December 2018                           Stanford News (USA)

U.S. must start from scratch with a new nuclear waste strategy, a Stanford-led panel says

Stanford University leads a 3-year programme which proposes that the United States moves responsibility for commercially generated, used nuclear fuel away from the federal government and into the hands of an independent, nonprofit, utility-owned and -funded nuclear waste management organisation — a model used in Europe (Finland, Sweden, Switzerland) and Canada, and where there has been greater progress and community acceptance in finding a site for their respective repositories.  Story covered by Yubanet, Exchange Monitor

10 December 2018                           Aju Business Daily (Korea)

S. Korea earmarks $596 mln for safety of nuclear energy and waste

South Korea announces it is setting aside almost £1/2 billion to cover research costs to upgrade the country’s ability to safely transport, store and dispose of radioactive waste.   The government believes that South Korea’s nuclear safety technology lags behind that of advanced countries.

7 December 2018                             Ring of Fire (USA)

California Fires May Have Unleashed Toxic Nuclear Waste

Despite any evidence, continued concern about the recent Californian wildfires.

7 December 2018                             Canada Free Press

Solar Panel Waste: A Disposal Problem

Article suggesting that a more significant environmental problem awaits us in 20-30 years time as solar panels come to the end of their operational life and need to be disposed of.  Solar panel waste does not decay as radioactivity does, and there are no plans for its safe storage and disposal — despite, apparently, solar panels creating 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than nuclear power plants; and if solar and nuclear produce the same amount of electricity over the next 25 years the nuclear waste would reach the height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (53 meters), while the solar waste would reach the height of two Mt. Everests (16 km).

7 December 2018                             Asia Sentinel

Taiwan’s Voters Pull Plug on Energy Sources

Further analysis of the political and energy policy fall-out from the Taiwanese referendum.

7 December 2018                             Politico (USA)


More than 60 environmental groups have sent a letter to congressional leaders arguing against the inclusion of funding to restart the licensing process for Yucca Mountain in any year-end legislation. They ask that decisions be deferred to the new Congress, and that the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission on ‘host state consent’ be taken into account.

7 December 2018                             The Mandarin (Australia)

Raising the Citizens’ Voice

New training programme to support government in developing and communicating new policy directions or programs in an environment where the community is increasingly polarised and distrusting.

6 December 2018                             San Clemente Times (USA)

CEP Meeting Lays Out Enforcement Schedule, Resumption of Storing Spent Nuclear Fuel

Report from San Onofre’s Community Engagement Panel (CEP) public meeting to discuss the initially unreported incident involving a radioactive waste package.

6 December 2018                             Business Day (South Africa)

Former CEO Rob Adam new Necsa chair as cabinet replaces board

South African government replaces the entire Board of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa), which manages the the Vaalputs National Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility.  The radical move follows concerns about the governance of Necsa, and alleged inappropriate engagements with Russian nuclear interests (including possible unauthorised research reactor deals with Russia’s Rosatom), overseas trips by the Necsa chair, unauthorised media releases, articles and/or communications, and other apparent conflicts of interest.  Also covered by Reuters, World Nuclear News

6 December 2018                             Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Veteran of DOE, navy hired as WIPP COO

Nuclear Waste Partnership, the contractor that oversees daily WIPP operations, has appointed Gene Balsmeier as WIPP’s new Chief Operating Officer.  He replaces Tammy Reynolds.

6 December 2018                             NewsLens International (Taiwan)

Cabinet Says It Will Cancel Plan to Abolish Nuclear Energy by 2025

A new public opinion poll underlines consumers’ lack of awareness of where their energy comes from, while one of the advocates for the recent referendum on nuclear energy has suggested Taiwan could solve its radioactive waste problem if each family took home a small canister containing the proportionate waste they’ve helped create.

6 December 2018                             Focus Taiwan

New Taipei mayor calls for nuclear waste final site solution

Mayor Eric Chu stepped up his calls for action on the decommissioning of the Jinshan nuclear plant, by saying a coordinated effort was required to locate a final site for the disposal of radioactive waste.

6 December 2018                             Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Environmentalists worried over spent fuel rod storage

Concern about how radioactive waste is stored on-site on an interim basis until a permanent disposal facility is available.

6 December 2018                             Power Magazine (USA)

Industry Groups to Congress: Inaction on Nuclear Waste Not an Option

A broad coalition of trades unions, state public service commissioners, clean energy organisations, and energy trade associations have written an open letter to US House and Senate leaders, urging them to act on the federal used nuclear fuel program, noting that failure to progress on the Yucca Mountain project is no longer “tenable.”  The letter also warns that “taxpayers have been saddled with the federal government’s inaction,” and that “billions [of dollars] more in liability [are] continuing to mount.”

6 December 2018                             Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Different ANSTO experience

Other local Kimba residents who visited ANSTO’s national facilities have very different recollection of their visit than one of their critic neighbours.

5 December 2018                             Focus Taiwan

Nuclear waste disposal an issue in New Taipei: Mayor Chu

Mayor of New Taipei concerned that the Taiwan Power Company have not got an approved plan for the interim storage of spent fuel, and have changed the plans that were previously approved.  He also calls for action on a geological repository for the permanent disposal of radioactive waste.

5 December 2018                             New Bloom (Taiwan)


Analysis of political fall-out following the referendum result over-turning the government’s proposed phase-out of nuclear power.  There is some confusion over the nature of any future referendum on radioactive waste disposal — the government claims its plan has always been for a local referendum in the affected communities, but others have assumed any vote would be national.  Article also carried in NewsLens International

5 December 2018                             The Sandpaper (USA)

Feds to Take Closer Look at Concerns Over NJ Company’s Plans for Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository

After receiving nearly a dozen filings for public hearings and petitions to intervene from 18 organisations in seven states, federal authorities have ordered a pre-hearing conference on Holtec International’s plans for a temporary radioactive waste repository in New Mexico — likely to be in late January 2019.

3 December 2018                             Open Space (UK)

Professor Andy Blowers OBE receives prestigious US award from the American Geographical Society

The American Geographical Society’s Alexander & Ilse Melamid Medal is designed to honour ‘those who examine the influence of humans on the natural world’.  Andy Blowers has been awarded the honour  in recognition of his ‘outstanding work on the dynamic relationship between human culture and natural resources’.  Also reported locally by Gazette News

3 December 2018                             Exchange Monitor (USA)

Nevada Lawmakers Keep Up The Pressure Against Yucca Mountain Funding

On the back of a letter to House of Representatives leaders from a Nevada Congresswoman, Nevada Senators also write to Senate leadership, opposed to provision of funding for Yucca Mountain in the anticipated omnibus finance bill required before the end of this congressional session.

3 December 2018                            Focus Taiwan

Decommissioning of 1st nuclear power plant facing major delay

The process for deciding how to manage the site’s radioactive waste is creating delays in the decommissioning process, and generating local opposition — the local mayor does not want his city to inadvertently become home for the the nation’s nuclear waste.

30 November 2018                         Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Not enough space for proposed plutonium disposal

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) have concluded that WIPP does not have the physical capacity, and the facility’s  legal capacity would have to be increased, to accommodate the disposal of 34 metric tons of plutonium proposed by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).  NAS were commissioned by NNSA to independently review their plans, and have supported the proposal if the facility’s licence is modified and new works carried out at WIPP to handle the increased volumes.  NAS also specifically recommend that that there is significant public engagement to address public concerns and build public confidence in the programme.  Story also covered by Washington Times, Miami Herald, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 680News, KUNM, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and overseas by News.Com.Australia, Vancouver City News

29 November 2018                         Real Clear Politics (USA)

How Trump Can Cut Spending If Congress Doesn’t

In a wider article about how government agencies manage budget reduction requests, funding for Yucca Mountain is held up as a key example of how the federal budget can be reduced while achieving more.  The cost of not progressing Yucca is beginning to exceed the cost of actually doing something, as the federal government is being required to compensate States for the failure to remove radioactive waste for disposal.

29 November 2018                         iAfrica (South Africa)

Public Outcry At Disappointing Energy Planning Report On Nuclear, To Parliament

Amid public concerns that renewables do not feature enough in the country’s future energy plans, there are fears over how radioactive waste will be stored and disposed of.

29 November 2018                         Balkan Insight (Croatia/Slovenia)

Deadline Looms for Croatia Over Nuclear Waste Storage

Croatia faces a deadline to come up with a site to dispose of nuclear waste produced by the Krsko nuclear power plant, which is located in Slovenia and which it shares with that country.  Concern is growing over the lack of a long-term agreement between Slovenia and Croatia about where the nuclear waste will be stored in future, and that Croatia has few geological options that might command public support.

29 November 2018                         Bloomberg (USA)

Plan to leave buried nuclear bomb waste underground draws fire

The practical implications of reclassifying radioactive waste.  Concern that thousands of gallons of waste which could remain radioactive for many thousands of years may be stored in on-site in near-surface facilities at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation rather than being disposed of in a deep geological repository.  Also reported in Stars & Stripes magazine.

29 November 2018                         Focus Taiwan

Taiwan’s goal to become nuclear free remains unchanged: President Tsai

Despite referendum result, Taiwan’s President says phasing out nuclear remains her objective.  President Tsai said that if the country’s nuclear power plants are to remain in operation for the longer-term, Local governments will have to decide how to manage radioactive waste.

29 November 2018                         Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Revised energy plan due in two months: official

Following the referendum on nuclear energy, the Taiwanese government say they will produce a revised energy plan early in 2019, but note long-term management and disposal of radioactive waste remains a major issue.

28 November 2018                         Los Alamos Daily Post (USA)

New Report And Public Briefing On Disposal Of Surplus Plutonium At WIPP Nov. 30

The US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has developed conceptual plans for disposing of 34 metric tons of surplus plutonium in the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).  Congress asked the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) to evaluate NNSA’s plans.  A new interim report provides a preliminary assessment of the general viability of NNSA’s conceptual plans.

28 November 2018                         The Transcontinental (Australia)

Senator Rex Patrick wants nuclear waste facility in Woomera

Senator continues to campaign for the federal government to review its decision only to progress with South Australia as host for a low-level radioactive waste facility, saying the Woomera site in Western Australia already holds large quantities of radioactive waste.

28 November 2018                         Politico (USA)


Leading political media outlet reports on behind-doors Senate discussions about potentially providing funding for Yucca Mountain during the ‘lame duck’ session before the new Senate convenes in January.  However, it seems unlikely that the proposal will be acted upon in the dying days of this Congress.  The Las Vegas Review-JournalNevada Independent, East Las Vegas also report that a Nevada Congresswoman has written to the House of Representatives’ leadership asking that no funding be approved in this short ‘lame duck’ period.  Subsequent reporting also in E&E News, Las Vegas Review-Journal

28 November 2018                         Kabar (Kazakhstan/Belgium)

Belgium to allocate 2 mln euros to ensure safety of radioactive waste management in Central Asia

Report that Belgium will support environmental restoration projects in Central Asia managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

27 November 2018                         Albuquerque Journal (USA)

International Uranium Film Festival returns to Navajo Nation

Documentaries about radioactive waste and other aspects of nuclear energy and uranium mining will be shown at the International Uranium Film Festival this week in Window Rock, Arizona.  The film festival was founded in 2010 in Rio de Janeiro with the goal of providing education about the impact of uranium mining and nuclear activities on communities and the environment.

27 November 2018                         HBL (Finland)

Why doesn’t a final repository speak?

Finnish journalist wonders why Finns do not engage in the same debate as Swedes, and just seem to accept advice from scientists and the government in a way Swedes do not.

27 November 2018                         The Hill (USA)

Senate panel advances Trump’s energy nominee despite Dem objections

The US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has approved several nominations, including that of Rita Baranwal, who had been opposed by Nevada Senators because of her alleged support for Yucca Mountain.  Also reported by Politico

27 November 2018                         Nevada Independent (USA)

Congresswoman-elect Susie Lee to support Pelosi for speaker

Nancy Pelosi has pledged to oppose the Yucca Mountain repository project, according to newly-elected Congresswowan from Nevada, Susie Lee.  Ms Lee now plans to support Nancy Pelosi’s bid to be the new Speaker of the US House of Representatives

27 November 2018                         Science Magazine

Meet the engineering professor who got Taiwanese voters to support nuclear power

According to Prof Min Lee from National Tsing Hua University, the risks of managing radioactive waste are much smaller than risks associated with using fossil fuels, blackouts, or reliance upon imported price-unstable energy.  Further coverage in Taiwan News

27 November 2018                         Orange County Register (USA)

Edison pitch to restart nuclear waste transfer at San Onofre will be focus of advisory group meeting

The San Onofre Community Engagement Panel, a volunteer group advising Southern California Edison on the decommissioning of the San Onofre nuclear power plant will meet for the first time since federal regulators blamed the utility for an incident involving highly radioactive waste.  Some members of the local community want to keep pressure on Edison for its repeated safety failures, and for the removal of the radioactive nuclear from the beach. Edison, meanwhile, is expected to maintain the focus on the changes it has made to bolster safety at San Onofre.

26 November 2018                         Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Bond’s Happiness Project reveals Kimba as kindest town

Kimba has been named the kindest place in the country and the best remote area to live in, according to a study by a university in Queensland.  This despite much media coverage about “division” within the community over the proposed repository.

26 November 2018                         Korea Herald

Korea to continue to go nuclear-free despite Taiwan’s pro-nuclear move

Korea also remains committed to geological disposal of legacy radioactive waste.

26 November 2018                         IAEA

Mayors, Councillors and Operators Discuss Hosting Radioactive Waste Sites

Report on a week-long workshop at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at which 95 mayors, elected councillors and representatives from national organisations with responsibility for engaging local stakeholders from 25 countries, discussed the experience of hosting radioactive waste management sites.

26 November 2018                         The Australian

Muckaty Station action blocked on technicality

An aboriginal group have lost the right to sue a federal agency, after their application to host a low-level radioactive waste site on their own land was rejected in 2014 after a campaign by environmentalists.  At the time, the original court decision was seen as riding rough-shod over indigenous rights to determine the use of their own land.  The prospect of significant investment in the local economy was a key driver for the local Ngapa tribe, but environmentalists successfully challenged their right to make a decision about use of their own land.

26 November 2018                         Taipei Times (Taiwan)

2018 Referendums: Proposals against DPP’s energy plans sail through

Uncertainty over Taiwan’s new nuclear, decommissioning, radioactive waste management and geological disposal programmes after the public decisively voted in a referendum at the weekend to overturn the Government’s planned phase-out of nuclear energy.  Referendum outcome also covered by Focus Taiwan, Taiwan News and internationally by Forbes, World Nuclear News, Bangkok Post

25 November 2018                         Deseret News (USA)

Idaho National Laboratory and the issue of contamination

The stalled process for finding a permanent disposal repository for radioactive waste is causing a backlog of stored waste on the surface at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).  This article reports on the joint efforts by INL and local citizens to protect the region’s critical water aquifer.  The Snake River Plain Aquifer contains twice as much water as Lake Eerie and is the sole source of drinking water for 300,000 Idaho residents.

25 November 2018                         Indiana Daily Student (USA)

EDITORIAL: Nuclear waste: the problem that won’t go away

Local media outlet speaks out in favour of geological disposal, and urges immediate action to remove radioactive waste from surface interim storage facilities and place it in a repository.

24 November 2018                        The Independent (UK)

Third of Brexit voters believe Muslim immigration is part of a secret plot to Islamicise Britain, study suggests

A 6-year academic international study has found high levels of distrust of authorities in the UK, with 60% of Britons believing in at least one conspiracy theory.  This is the public/political environment into which RWM must enter to secure community consent for a geological repository.

24 November 2018                        Japan News

NUMO’s report a chance to deepen calm discussion on N-waste disposal site

Japan’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NUMO), which is responsible for developing a geological repository for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste, has published a “comprehensive technical report.”  The report provides the evidence-based explanations that are “essential for building confidence in the techniques that will be used.”  The article says construction of a radioactive waste disposal facility has started in Finland, and that Sweden and France also will build them, so NUMO’s technical report should help move the Japanese forward because Japan cannot afford to delay the selection of a site.

24 November 2018                        Northern Express (USA)


Thoughtful article exploring local activists’ concerns which can be boiled down to: don’t want to keep waste on site, object to transportation proposals, not sure about long-term repository.  Fundamentally the issue revolves around citizen trust in the nuclear sector: “the companies involved are too tempted to cut corners at the expense of safety and government regulators who oversee them don’t hold them accountable.”  Story also carried in The Ticker

23 November 2018                        Business Mirror (Philippines/South Korea)

DENR officials welcome Korea’s ‘good gesture’ to take back hazardous waste

South Korea has agreed to take back radioactive waste that had been illegally transported to the Philippines.  The Korean export company concerned is under investigation for falsifying records.

23 November 2018                        TASS (Russia)

Russia gives Arctic archipelago clean bill of health decades after Soviet-era nuke testing

Despite Western claims that the remote area of Novaya Zemlya is effectively an Arctic radioactive waste repository, Russian scientists and government claim there is no evidence of radiological contamination.

23 November 2018                        World Nuclear News

Swiss repository site search moves to final stage

The Swiss Government have approved stage three of the country’s search for a geological repository site.  Three areas have now been shortlisted for deep borehole investigation to determine whether the geology at depth is suitable for the required safety case needed for any repository that is constructed.  The borehole testing will start early in 2019.  It is planned that a licence for a repository will be submitted in 2024, with a final governmental decision by 2030 (subject to an optional national referendum).  The current assumption is that a low-level waste repository will be operational by 2050, and the high-level waste repository by 2060.

23 November 2018                        North West Evening Mail (UK)

Copeland’s deputy mayor addresses international nuclear conference

Local newspaper reports on their Deputy Mayor speaking at an International Atomic Energy Agency conference on Stakeholder Involvement in Radioactive Waste Management in Vienna.  Also reported in Cumbria Crack, News & Star

22 November 2018                        Mainichi (Japan)

Low-level radioactive waste stored at research facility may leak

Japan’s Atomic Energy Agency (AEA) has said that some of the low-level radioactive waste stored underground at a facility near Tokyo may leak from its containers due to inadequate disposal procedures.  The country’s Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) has called for urgency in checking the containers, saying the current plan effectively means “nearly no inspections”.  The containers were stored in the 1960s and 1970s, when current radioactive waste safety standards and procedures were not in force.  The leakage problem was identified in the 1980s, and the AEA decided to monitor over a 50-year period.  The NRA now says every container must be inspected within the next 5 years.

21 November 2018                        MKG (Sweden)

The National Debt Office criticizes the nuclear industry hard: SKB wants to limit the review of nuclear waste financing

On 1 September, the National Debt Office (NDO) in Sweden assumed responsibility from the nuclear regulators for assessing long-term financial liabilities of the nuclear industry.  It is understood that this administrative change was part of a wider rationalisation by the Swedish Government to better understand longer-term implications for public finances, rather than specifically about the nuclear industry.  SKB are concerned that the NDO will not have the competence to evaluate likely long-term costs, and will take a more risk-averse approach requiring a significant increase in the amount of money SKB will need to set aside to cover potential liabilities related to radioactive waste disposal.

21 November 2018                        Cape Cod News (USA)

State Sen. Cyr Participates in Nuclear Power Meetings

Report on local politician’s participation in the National Conference of State Legislators Nuclear Legislative Working Group — a representative grouping of local lawmakers from the 34 states that host nuclear power plants.  Meetings were held last week to discuss policy regarding the cleanup of nuclear facilities and the storage, disposal and transportation of nuclear waste.

21 November 2018                        Global Voices (Bulgaria)

Civil society organizations decry new legislation that reduces legal rights in Bulgaria

In 2014, Bulgaria’s civil society celebrated a major victory when the country’s Supreme Administrative Court rejected an environmental permit for a new nuclear-waste storage facility.  In September 2018 the Bulgarian Government passed legislation that allowed “national interests” to be taken into consideration, and which civil society activists claim would inhibit the public’s freedom to make appeals against governmental decisions, as they successfully did against the radioactive wast facility in 2014.

21 November 2018                        Khaleej Times (UAE)

Arab world’s first commercial N-reactor to be ready by 2020

Radioactive waste will be stored on-site for up to 80 years after site closure.  The UAE Government has not yet decided its longer term radioactive waste management policy.

20 November 2018                       Pahrump Valley Times (USA)

Nevada officials brace for new attempt to revive Yucca Mountain

Despite Donald Trump’s election-eve comments suggesting a change in his stance on nuclear waste storage in Nevada, the state and political opponents are preparing for another push to revive the Yucca Mountain licensing process.

20 November 2018                       News Tribune (USA)

Wyden: Public needs more time to study nuke waste proposal

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden says the public needs more time to comment on a proposal to reclassify radioactive waste.  Supported by local government in the US, the Department of Energy is consulting on a change to how it interprets the legal definition of high level radioactive waste.  The proposed change would allow more flexibility in how radioactive waste is disposed of, leading to a speed up of the environmental cleanup programme that will still take decades to complete but could be done for billions of dollars less.  However, critics are concerned it could also mean more radioactive waste being allowed to remain at some existing sites.  Also reported in Tri-City Herald, KTVZ

20 November 2018                       Taipei Times (Taiwan)

ELECTIONS: Lawyers, students sign to support nuclear-free land

Ahead of this weekend’s election and referendum on whether to resume nuclear power generation, lead opponent to the nuclear referendum says people should ask themselves before voting “Where should nuclear waste — especially highly radioactive waste — be stored?”

20 November 2018                       News & Observer (USA)

Ventilation system contract for nuclear waste site awarded

A New Mexico company awarded a US$135 million contract to install a ventilation system at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) radioactive waste repository in New Mexico.  US Department of Energy says the ventilation system is the largest construction project at WIPP in nearly 30 years, and key to restoring operations.  The project is expected to be completed in 2021.  Also reported by Carlsbad Current-Argus, US News & World Report, KOB

20 November 2018                       112 (Ukraine)

EU, Ukraine run project to boost safety of nuclear waste repositories

Launch of a €1.4m of EU-funded project to assess safety of obsolete radioactive waste repositories in Ukraine, and to help in the development of technical plans if any facility needs upgrading.  Also reported by EU Neighbours, 24-My Info, Ukrinform, Kyiv Post

20 November 2018                       Courier Post (USA)

Holtec seeks approval to buy, scrap nuclear power plant

Environmentalists and some local elected officials worried about impact of the company’s plans to decommission nuclear plants across the country and to store thousands of tons of radioactive waste at a proposed temporary facility in New Mexico.

20 November 2018                       Sveriges Natur (Sweden)

Research is reported for cheating 

Environmental researcher alleges that at best SKB have misused/misrepresented data, and at worst, have lied about data relating to copper corrosion. [will require google translation into english].  SKB have responded in other media that this is a just a variation of previous criticisms made by the article author, based on his misreading and misunderstanding of the data.  It is known that SKB are planning to submit their latest review of copper corrosion science to international peer review in the new year.

20 November 2018                       Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Collapsed room did contain nuclear waste

Following newspaper questioning, officials at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) have amended their initial statement that a rock fall last week was in an area of the repository that didn’t contain any waste.  They now admit that there was nuclear waste emplaced in Room 6 of Panel 7, where the ceiling collapsed.  However, they repeat there was no radiological leak, and that after a mine inspection operations have now resumed.  The hesitant and wrongly-informed initial statement about the incident picked-up by critics of the facility.

19 November 2018                        Daily Maverick (South Africa)

Nuclear energy is extraordinarily safe

Lengthy article explaining why nuclear is safe and affordable for South Africa, making points that nuclear industry is only industry to manage its waste, nuclear waste is not explosive, and that while radioactive waste decays, the toxins from the lead, chromium and cadmium found in solar panels and wind turbines lasts forever.  He alleges that solar panels produce 300 times more toxic waste for the same energy output than nuclear power stations.

17 November 2018                        Taipei Times (Taiwan)

ELECTIONS: Huang Kuo-chang, proponent debate nuclear plebiscite

Report in televised debate about referendum on whether to overturn Government decision on phasing out nuclear power.  Possible additional referendum to ask people should low-level radioactive waste stored on Orchid Island be moved back for interim storage at existing nuclear power plants.  Report on a similar forum debate in Focus Taiwan

17 November 2018                        Citizens for Legitimate Government (USA)

California wildfires: Fears radioactive waste could be caught in destructive blaze

An organisation called Physicians for Social Responsibility concerned that smoke and ash from California’s fires may spread radiological and chemical contamination that was in soil and vegetation near the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.  The Daily Mail and Newsweek magazine says Californian regulatory authorities have investigated and found no cause for concern, but the Kardashians have joined public campaign concerned by the potential impact of the fires on radiation levels.  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists wary of such government assurances.  Story also reported in UK’s The Independent, India’s International Business Times, Vice News’ Motherboard, Quartz

17 November 2018                         The Exchange (Tanzania)

Africa must be guided by Chernobyl disaster

The cost of nuclear energy, and practical issues of safe long-term management of radioactive waste, are the key blocks to the growth of nuclear in Africa.  Many African leaders are keen to move forward, and Russia is on a charm offensive, but when the cost of one plant exceeds a country’s GDP, the options are limited.  Since being elected South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa has put nuclear on a back burner saying the country cannot afford a second plant and there are other more pressing economic and social issues to address.

17 November 2018                         Ahval News (Turkey)

Anti-nuclear power plant activists turn to Turkey’s highest court

Storage of radioactive waste is the key concern for activists opposed to Turkey’s first nuclear power plant.

16 November 2018                        San Francisco Chronicle (USA)

Nuke dump managers: There was waste near ceiling collapse

Operations have restarted at WIPP following the rock fall.  Geologists say they have been monitoring that section of facility for a year and have been anticipating a rock fall.  Some critics note that there was waste stored nearby.  WIPP managers reaffirm no radiation leaks, injuries or risk to public health.  Same story covered by WLOXMy Twin Tiers, My San Antonio and overseas by Japan Times

16 November 2018                        EuroNews

What will a nuclear waste warning look like in 100,000 years’ time?

Article exploring the discussions and activities underway to find ways in which future generations can be alerted to radioactive waste disposed of deep underground.

16 November 2018                        Marfa Public Radio (USA)

Environmental Groups Express Concern As Proposal For West Texas Nuclear Waste Site Moves Forward

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has received 23,000 comments as it decides whether to approve a temporary high-level nuclear waste storage site in West Texas.  Local authorities closest to the proposed facility support the plan but other Texas cities have passed resolutions opposing it.  The NRC said concerns submitted range from the possible danger of transporting nuclear waste by train to environmental concerns and the potential negative effects on local communities.

16 November 2018                        IAEA

IAEA Mission Says Australia Committed to Strengthening Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Sees Areas for Enhancement

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said Australia is committed to strengthening its regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety, but noted areas for further enhancements, including implementation of the framework in a more consistent manner across the country.  Also reported in more detail by World Nuclear News

16 November 2018                        Washington Post (USA)

Educating for an unknown future

Article on what issues to include in the school curriculum, as we prepare our children for an uncertain world which includes managing radioactive waste: “What lies ahead for students are major messes — global warming, nonstop wars, disposing of radioactive waste, reversing wealth concentration, and dozens of other problems they didn’t create but have to try to clean up or figure out how to live with.”

16 November 2018                        Independent Balkan News Agency

Protests without effect: Croatia to build nuclear waste landfill at the border with BiH

Croatia to press ahead with a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility close to border with Bosnia, despite opposition.

15 November 2018                        Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP workers evacuated after rock fall

There has been a rock fall at the New Mexico radioactive waste disposal repository, the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP).  Managers say it occurred in an area of the underground facility that is off-limits to employees, and there were no injuries.  As a precautionary measure work has been suspended pending investigation.  Such rock falls are not uncommon, and this rock fall happened in a disposal room that does not contain any waste.  Further reports by WRAL, WLOX, KUNM, Los Alamos Daily Post, US News & World Report, Albuquerque Journal, Windsor Star

15 November 2018                       Russia Today

A Fukushima waiting to happen? Huge stockpile of nuclear waste on California fault line threatens US

Report on the debate over planned interim surface radioactive waste storage facilities at the San Onofre site in California.

15 November 2018                       Coast News (USA)

Vista forum discusses public health risks of San Onofre nuclear storage facility  

Report on a public meeting organised by local citizens groups concerned about safety and public health implications of interim surface storage facilities at San Onofre.

14 November 2018                       La Liberation (France)

Storing the most secure radioactive waste with a lifespan of up to 1 million years is the project in Bure. Necessary confinement or “nuclear trash”?

Article on the debate over France’s deep geological repository for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste.

14 November 2018                        Greenpeace (Belgium/Luxembourg)

Engie, this waste is yours, it’s up to you to pay

Protest against power company Engie, to ensure it takes full responsibility for the radioactive waste it produces.

14 November 2018                        Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Fans going in for new ventilation system

Report on the manufacture of the huge new ventilation fans required following the 2014 underground incident at WIPP.  Also covered by Sacramento Bee, KRQE, US News & World Report, KRWG

14 November 2018                        Oshawa Express (Canada)

Region wants role in nuclear shutdowns

Local governments want a role in managing nuclear decommissioning, particularly focused on assessing environmental impacts.

13 November 2018                        YLE News (Finland)

Radioactive gauge found in scrap metal bin near Olkiluoto

Finnish officials say that a radioactive device found at a recycling centre represents a case of careless disposal but poses no threat to the public.  They determined that the device was probably used to measure soil moisture and density.  Regulator STUK announced that the instrument was identified as one used by the Finnish Environment Institute in the 1970s, that the recycling firm acted properly in contacting STUK quickly after detecting the device radiation, and there was no danger to the public.

13 November 2018                        NewsWest9 (USA)

Midland City Council join stand against high-level nuclear waste

Midland City City Council in Texas held a special meeting and passed a resolution opposing proposals for two facilities to serve as interim storage for high-level nuclear waste in West Texas, and in New Mexico, because waste would be transported through the city’s area to both facilities.

13 November 2018                        Le Monde (France)

Opponent at Bure nuclear waste landfill condemned to three months in prison

Sentences for rioters convicted after protest at Bure site of France’s deep geological repository.  Leading French newspaper Liberation subsequently publishes a more detailed analysis of the police investigation.

13 November 2018                        Bellona (Norway)

Is Russia really offering Norway nuclear assistance, or is the joke on us?

After years of being reluctant partners in cleaning up Arctic radioactive waste left behind by the Soviet navy, uncertainty over motivation of Russia’s offer to help Norway better manage storage of its own radioactive waste.

12 November 2018                        de Volkskrant (Holland)

nuclear energy is a process that we do not overlook

Article exploring the issues of how we alert future generations about the site of buried radioactive waste.  Says geological disposal is best available option for disposing of radioactive waste, but remains opposed to nuclear energy because of the implications for future generations.

12 November 2018                        The Day (USA)

Nuclear waste dilemma

Editorial in Connecticut newspaper immediately after the US midterm elections, calling for the new Congress to approve funding for Yucca Mountain.

12 November 2018                        Blackburn News (Canada)

Five communities get cash from OPG for nuclear waste hosting agreement

Five local municipalities will get a financial boost again from Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to acknowledge their role in the proposed nuclear waste repository at Bruce nuclear power plant.

9 November 2018                          Nature Magazine

Taiwan’s academics urge public to vote for nuclear power shut-down

Fifty academics write open letter, citing problems with long-term management and disposal of radioactive waste as reason not to support referendum on ending planned nuclear phase-out in Taiwan.

9 November 2018                          Portsmouth Daily Times (USA)

DOE provides responses to some criticism, attracts few visitors

Despite local criticism of how the community has been engaged, decommissioning at Piketon plant continues.  An open day organised by the Department of Energy (DOE) attracted just one member of the public, after the open day was deemed insufficient form of public dialogue by critics.

9 November 2018                          Watershed Sentinel (Canada)

Mini Nukes

Dealing with the waste is just one of the critiques in this article in response to Canadian Government paper on Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

9 November 2018                          Insider New Jersey (USA)

Clean Water Action Asks NJ Attorney General To Review Oyster Creek Deal

Local citizens group questions proposed sale of Oyster Creek plant to Holtec International, citing public and health and security concerns, amid worries that Holtec may have insufficient funds to cover the costs of decommissioning and managing the radioactive waste, leaving taxpayers with the burden of the bill.

9 November 2018                          World Nuclear News

Japan’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NUMO) has signed a cooperation agreement with Germany’s federal radioactive waste company BGE.  NUMO said cooperation on radioactive waste management under the agreement would be “beneficial to both sides”.

9 November 2018                          Science 2.0 (USA)

There Was No Blue Wave In The Mid-terms, Nor Was There A Green One, But There Was A Youth One

Scientists who believe politics does not matter are being naive, according to this article, which cites failure to find a geological repository as a key example of how politicians can ignore or distort scientific findings in pursuit of their own agendas.

9 November 2018                           Times of Central Asia             

Central Asia: EU announces additional €10 million to deal with radioactive waste

European Union (EU) to allocate €10m  to manage radioactive waste in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  This comes on top of a previously-announced €16m in aid.  Story also covered by AKIPress

9 November 2018                          Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nevada’s Jacky Rosen targets Yucca Mountain, health care

Newly-elected Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen commits to fighting the Yucca Mountain project.  Press conference also covered by Las Vegas Sun, NBC News3, Nevada Current

9 November 2018                           Votica

Map of sites in USA where spent fuel and radioactive waste is kept in interim surface stores pending geological disposal.

9 November 2018                           Barents Observer (Norway/Russia)

Norway keeps door open for Russian assistance to secure spent nuclear fuel from research reactors

Following Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs surprise offer to assist Norway in dealing with the inappropriate storage of radioactive waste, Norway’s nuclear and radiation watchdog, the NRPA, tells the Barents Observer that a cooperation with Russia is possible, but no formal offer has yet been received. However, NRPA said the help offer related to handling spent nuclear, not to the licensing issues at Norway’s radioactive waste repository.

9 November 2018                           Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Nuclear host communities weigh in on waste characterization

Media report the Energy Communities Alliance (ECA) support for the proposed reclassification of radioactive waste, noting that local government across the country sees this as a way to more speedily and cost-effectively remove waste from current sites and dispose of safely through other existing options rather than await disposal in a geological repository.  Also carried by Carlsbad Current-Argus

8 November 2018                           Energy Communities Alliance (USA)

Local Governments Support DOE Clarifying the Definition of High-Level Waste

In the face of concern about the US Energy Department’s intentions by reclassifying wastes, the body that represent US local government reaffirms its support for the consultation, believing such reclassification could allow for speedier and less-expensive safe disposal of some radioactive wastes.

8 November 2018                           Barents Observer (Russia/Norway)

Russia offers to help safeguard Norwegian radioactive waste

Russia has offered to help Norway safeguard its radioactive waste, following reports that regulatory authorities in Norway had found serious breaches of the licence conditions at the site where waste is stored.  Also reported by Russian State news agency TASS

8 November 2018                           NHK World (Japan/France)

France eyes building nuclear waste disposal site

Japanese media report that French agency ANDRA will apply for a final licence for the planned geological repository at the end of 2019.

8 November 2018                           Axios (USA)

Environmental group: Keep open nuclear power plants

Axios reports that the Union of Concerned Scientists still has reservations about safety and radioactive waste management, but believes these are manageable risks when the environmental priority is to reduce carbon emissions.  Story also covered by World Nuclear News

8 November 2018                           World Nuclear News

Canada SMR Roadmap signals ‘call to action’

In launching a new report on the economic potential of Small Modular Reactors (SMR) to Canada, Government Minister says there needs to be good engagement with vendors and the National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) to ensure any radioactive waste was factored into the design and planning stages of Canada’s geological repository.

7 November 2018                           Morning Consult (USA)

Retaking House, Democrats Cast Their Eyes on Environmental Oversight

Radioactive waste storage likely to be high on new Congress agenda, because there’s historic bipartisan support, and a Morning Consult/Politico opinion poll show that sorting radioactive waste is an energy priority for majority of voters.

7 November 2018                           Netherlands Times (Holland)


A majority in the lower house of the Dutch parliament supports a government proposal to build more nuclear power plants in the Netherlands, but managing the nuclear waste is the key objection by opponents.  Also reported by IamExpat

7 November 2018                           Aju Business Daily (S Korea)

S. Korea seeks Russian help to manage nuclear waste and dismantle reactors

Following stalled talks with the USA, S Korea has turned to Russia for support in dismantling decommissioned nuclear power plants and the safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste.  Also reported in World Nuclear News

7 November 2018                           The Transcontinental (Australia)

Nuclear protesters converge at Parliament House

1500 protestors demand that the government withdraw plans for a proposed low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia.

7 November 2018                           The Sandpaper (USA)

Failure to Fund National Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository Leaves Decommissioning Funds Partially Unsupervised

Article claiming that US consumers have placed US$40 billion into the nuclear waste fund, but none of that money can be spent because of the political impasse around the proposed Yucca Mountain site.  In fact, US$6 billion as been spent settling state lawsuits, and ongoing legal costs are estimated at US$800 million a year.  Article claims it will soon cost more to do nothing than just getting on with the job.

6 November 2018                           BBC (UK)

Nuclear archive wins Scotland’s best building award

Prestigious architecture award goes to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) new archive designed to house more than 70 years’ worth of civil nuclear sector information and up to 30 million digital records.  Also reported in Aberdeen Press & Journal, Dundee Courier, Architects Journal, Energy Voice, Project Scotland, Scottish Construction Now

6 November 2018                           i24News (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi crown prince launches project for first nuclear reactor in the Gulf state

Radioactive waste management is a key element of energy policy announced by Saudi government.

6 November 2018                           AntiNuclearNet (Australia)

Australian govt’s nuclear waste dump plan has put Flinders Ranges/Kimba residents through 3 years of hell

Blog complaining that Government needs to be held accountable for holding a public consultation process which leaves local people with the final decision on whether to proceed with a radioactive waste facility.  Consulting with and empowering the local community has, apparently, led to a lot of stress and suicidal thoughts in some people.

5 November 2018                           Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Initiator, official debate nuclear energy proposal

Report of a heated debate over the November 24 referendum on whether Taiwan should overturn the decision to phase out nuclear power.  The ‘pro’ nuclear debator said nuclear waste, including that from medical radiology, could be disposed of safely.  The ‘anti’ nuclear speaker [inaccurately] claimed that Finland was the only country that could build a repository because it had “special” geology.

5 November 2018                           KPBS (USA)

Public To Have Chance To Comment On San Onofre Storage Safety During Online Forum

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is holding an online virtual public meeting to discuss its special inspection at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, which is being decommissioned.  The focus of the online public forum will be safety issues encountered during transfer and storage of high-level nuclear waste at the nuclear power plant.

5 November 2018                           Red Flag (Australia)

Hundreds rally in Adelaide against nuclear waste dump 

Campaigners’ own report on a demonstration against the planned low-level waste repository in South Australia.

5 November 2018                           The Australian

Nuclear waste site to remain a mystery at federal election

The location of Australia’s first radioactive waste repository will not be announced before the federal election, extending the uncertainty for those living near proposed sites, says a Labour Party senator.  He added that the current government’s site selection process had been shrouded in “Soviet-style” secrecy, and that his own Party must reveal how it will proceed with the project, given the “real possibility” the Labour Party would form the next government after the election.

5 November 2018                           Exchange Monitor (USA)

NRC Spends $11K From Nuclear Waste Fund on Legal Costs

There is less than US$1/2 million “unobligated” cash remaining in the federal fund intended to pay for licensing, development, and construction of the Yucca Mountain radioactive waste disposal facility in Nevada.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have said there is not much further they can now do without additional funding from Congress.

5 November 2018                           Inside Ottawa Valley (Canada)

Nuclear waste disposal plan can’t be good news

Continued concern about Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ plan for a near-surface disposal facility for lower-level radioactive waste at Chalk River.

5 November 2018                           NewsWest9 (USA)

Permian Basin coalition speaks out against bringing high-level nuclear waste to region

Local Texan landowners meet with the Midland Development Corporation to flag their concerns about the transport of radioactive waste through the area to a proposed new temporary storage facility for higher-activity radioactive waste.

4 November 2018                           AntiNuclearNet (Australia)

A warning about the privatisation of the Federal government’s planned nuclear waste dump for South Australia

Concern that the ‘small-print’ in Government documentation could allow a private company to build and operate the proposed low-level radioactive waste repository in South Australia.

4 November 2018                           Asbury Park Press (USA)

Oyster Creek will make Ocean County human laboratory

Local officials need to request a public hearing with federal regulators before any deal to transfer the Oyster Creek license and decommissioning fund to Holtec International, so that there can be proper community scrutiny to avoid the town becoming a “human laboratory” in the long-term surface storage of radioactive waste — according to a local campaigner.

2 November 2018                           Deutsche Welle (Germany/France)

Hackers obtain nuclear power plant plans in France

Confidential plans for the French radioactive waste facility at Bure are thought to be among thousands of documents seized by hackers into French public service computers.  Also reported in The Koz Post, OOdaLoop

2 November 2018                           BBC World Service

How Do We Deal with Nuclear Waste?

Excellent and easily understood overview of how the world disposes of its nuclear waste and why geological disposal is the best available option — a 30 minute podcast downloadable from the BBC’s CrowdScience webpage.

2 November 2018                           Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

DOE proposes reclassifying high-level nuclear waste, could send more to WIPP

Proposed reclassification, supported by America’s local government because it would allow more waste to be treated more quickly, creating concern that it may actually lead to more waste being sent to WIPP.

2 November 2018                           Urdu Point (Abu Dhabi/Pakistan)

International Nuclear Law Association Inter Jura Congress Starts In Abu Dhabi On November 4

Radioactive waste management one of the key discussion topics at international legal conference.

1 November 2018                            Ottawa River Keeper (Canada)

Update from our Riverkeeper: Nuclear Waste in the Ottawa River Watershed

Campaign group remain concerned about plans for a low-level repository proposed by the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory (CNL) close to the Ottawa River.  Interestingly, they say they want “a solution that will safeguard all species from the radioactive waste that is currently onsite at Chalk River and Rolphton. We would like to see Canada look to countries like Finland who have constructed siloed geological repositories to safeguard all levels of radioactive waste. We want a disposal facility where radioactive waste does not come into contact with water.”  Which is what we all want.

1 November 2018                           Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba Health and Wellness Weekend

A well-attended public event funded by the National Radioactive Waste Facility Community Benefit Grant — the local fund to support the community considering hosting the planned low-level waste repository.

31 October 2018                              Nuclear Energy Insider (USA)

New decommissioning giant seeks further sites under ‘dominant’ transfer model

CEO of Comprehensive Decommissioning International (CDI) — the joint venture company set up by Holtec and SNC-Lavalin —  forecasts significant economies of scale in decommissioning following the purchase of three closing reactors in USA.

31 October 2018                              Republican Eagle (USA)

Refueling, upgrades complete at Prairie Island nuclear plant

Proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facilities in New Mexico and West Texas, pending a final repository being built, are mentioned as key to removing higher-level waste from the local nuclear plant.

31 October 2018                              Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

Nuclear industry growing, but slower than government hoped

Radioactive waste management and safety standards are cited as the key factors in slower growth of Japan’s nuclear sector.  Also reported by OilPrice

30 October 2018                             The Transcontinental (Australia)

New skate park unveiled in Quorn

A youth facility 10-years in the planning has finally been realised after the community project received a a “significant contribution” from the proposed national radioactive waste management facility’s community benefit package.

30 October 2018                             Portsmouth Daily Times (USA)

Public workshops on demo plans for Piketon plant announced; critics not satisfied

Community concerns about the process for engaging them in decisions on how radioactive waste will be managed on site when the local Piketown nuclear facility is decommissioned.

30 October 2018                             Energy Transition (Germany)

Radioactive waste disposal in four words: “We do not know”

A well-intentioned but factually-flawed article, which may have lost something in translation to English, appears to suggest that successful anti-nuclear opposition to geological disposal shows that radioactive waste cannot be safely disposed therefore we should migrate to renewable energy.

30 October 2018                             World Nuclear News

International organisations bolster cooperation on waste

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the International Association for Environmentally Safe Disposal of Radioactive Materials (EDRAM) have pledged to strengthen cooperation and coordination on the development of “safe, effective and secure solutions” for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste and used nuclear fuel.  Also reported by Nuclear Street, Homeland Preparedness News

30 October 2018                              NewsWest9 (USA)

Protesters try to stop building of high-level radioactive waste facility in Andrews

Petition being set up to oppose proposed temporary storage facility for higher activity radioactive waste in West Texas.

30 October 2018                               Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Radioactive waste management ballot delayed again

Local residents disappointed that there is continued delay in having the referendum to decide whether they want to host a low-level radioactive waste facility.

29 October 2018                      (Ukraine)

UK will provide Ukraine with access to state-of-the-art radioactive waste management technologies

Report on visit and outcomes of Ukrainian delegation to Sellafield and to Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM).

29 October 2018                              Aftenposten (Norway)

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority does not know if Norway’s national nuclear waste stock is safe enough

Having flagged breaches of permits and licensing conditions back in February, the NRPA has now revealed “more serious breaches” in the storage of Norway’s intermediate level radioactive waste.

29 October 2018                              Exchange Monitor (USA)

Nevada Says NRC Has No Immunity in Yucca Recusal Demand

Continued legal arguments over whether Nuclear Regulatory Commission commissioner needs to recuse himself from decisions on Yucca.

28 October 2018                              New Straits Times (Malaysia)

Nuclear waste misconceptions

Article explaining radioactive waste, and the political issues around the world that pits public versus professionals in deciding the best way to dispose of the waste.

27 October 2018                               Science Tips (France)

“Are you coming down?” Where we bury parcels far underground.

Simple but very effective summary for non-technical audiences about geological disposal.

26 October 2018                               Bloomberg

Perry Says White House Still Backs Nevada Nuclear Dump

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry was quick to respond, saying the the White House still supports the planned Yucca Mountain radioactive waste facility, despite President Donald Trump’s suggestion while on the Nevada election campaign trail that he was reconsidering.  Also reported in Financial Express, NorthWest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

26 October 2018                               IAEA (Spain)

IAEA Mission Says Spain Demonstrates Strong Commitment to Safety, Notes Challenges in Radioactive Waste Management

Although Spain shows a strong commitment to nuclear and radiation safety, an independent expert peer review by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has also noted that the country could face challenges in the implementation of its radioactive waste management strategy, particularly for higher-level wastes.  Also reported by NucNet

26 October 2018                               Nevada Independent (USA)

Bloomberg PAC promotes Horsford’s anti-Yucca Mountain stance in new ad

Yucca mountain becomes focus of a local election TV advert.

25 October 2018                               ABC Channel8News (USA)

Report reveals cause of waste-drum incident

In April, while re-decanting radioactive waste from 40+ year old canisters into new packages, there was an incident at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).  The initial report says the cause was the rapid heating of metal in the waste as it come into contact with air for the first in almost half a century.  No radioactivity was released into the environment, but the incident underlined the potential risks of sustaining long-term surface stores requiring repackaging of waste over time, compared to geologically disposing of the waste.

25 October 2018                               OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency


Ministers from 10 Eastern European meet in Romania countries to discuss improved collaboration.  Countries represented included Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

25 October 2018                               Nikkei Asian Review

Chinese billionaire who plotted with North Korea pops up after 16 years

A long article examining the “murky” commercial and diplomatic ties between Taiwan and North Korea, North Korea and China, South Korea and Taiwan and China, centred around a Chinese-born Dutch billionaire.  Mentions that it is thought Taiwan had (and might still be) discussed disposing of its radioactive waste in North Korea.

25 October 2018                               WRAL (USA)

Massachusetts nuclear plant to move waste to higher ground

Owners of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant announce plans to move the site of the interim surface storage facilities higher and further away from the shoreline as a precaution against rising sea-levels.  The plan has been long-advocated by local residents and campaigners.  Story also covered in Boston Globe, WBSM, News & Observer

25 October 2018                               Nevada Independent (USA)

After Trump comments opposing Yucca, Cortez Masto asks administration to remove project from budget

Local politician asks White House to clarify President Trump’s comments on Yucca Mountain and to commit to a more consent-based approach.

24 October 2018                               Today (Singapore)

Singapore capable of dealing with public health threats, can improve response to nuclear emergencies

Radioactive waste management is an area requiring improvement.  This is one of the findings of a World Health Organisation (WHO) international peer review team invited by the Singapore government to review a wide range of public health and safety plans and incident preparedness.

24 October 2018                               Taipei Times (Taiwan)

CEC passes referendum on nuclear-free homeland

Taiwan will vote on whether to scrap the proposed phase-out of nuclear power in November, following a Central Election Commission ruling.  Concerns about meeting carbon emission targets, and lack of progress on radioactive waste disposal have driven public concern over the government’s plan to end the use of nuclear power.  Also reported in World Nuclear News, Forbes magazine, Focus Taiwan, NucNet

24 October 2018                               Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Calculation change will not impact facility’s capacity

At a public hearing whether to change the way in which radioactive waste volumes are measured, officials from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) said a proposed modification to the facility’s permit to dispose of nuclear waste will have little impact on WIPP operations or its maximum capacity for emplacement. They said the change would have no impact on safety, and such permit amendments were normal.  Also reported in Albuquerque Journal.

Further reportage from second day of hearing in both the Carlsbad Current-Argus and Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico Environment Department content with proposal in principle).  And final coverage of the third day of the hearing in the local Carlsbad Current-Argus

24 October 2018                               The Transcontinental (Australia)

More delays for national radioactive waste management facility

The selection of the national radioactive waste management facility has been delayed, with the Federal Court now set to hear the Barngarla Aboriginal case in January 2019.  The Federal Australian government had planned to make a decision on the future of the project by the end of the year, but will now have to wait until after the January 30 hearing.  The Government said in the meantime it would continue the community consultation process.  Also later reported on in Eyre Peninsula Tribune

23 October 2018                               Adelaide Advertiser (Australia)

Kimba and Hawker residents suffer social disruption over delay in choosing a site for a nuclear waste facility

Following news that the local referendum would be delayed until next year, as the Federal Courts hear a complaint from local indigenous people, concern about the impact on the affected communities.

23 October 2018                               Utah Public Radio (USA)

Utah Legislator Wants Colleagues’ Support Opposing Yucca Mountain Repository

A local politician, worried about potential risks of transporting radioactive waste across Utah towards the proposed Yucca Mountain disposal facility, seeks state laws to stop the process.

23 October 2018                               Reporterre (France)

Environmental magazine publishes map of sites where radioactive waste is currently stored in surface facilities across France.  The list of sites is in the recently published updated national radioactive waste inventory.  Concerns about health and environmental risks about maintaining surface facilities, and hopes that issues can be addressed in forthcoming public consultation on radioactive waste management and geological disposal.

22 October 2018                               Intellinews (Uzbekistan)

Putin, Mirziyoyev launch project for Uzbekistan’s first nuclear plant

Long-term solution for management and disposal of radioactive waste from the the proposed plant has not yet been considered, according to this article on Uzbekistan’s nuclear plans.

22 October 2018                               Daily Signal (USA)

What to Make of Trump’s Remarks on the Proposed Yucca Mountain Nuclear-Waste Repository

Op-ed article argues that applying ‘free market’ principles is best form of ‘consent’, and that resolving radioactive waste disposal issues may best be left to commercial nuclear sector rather than government.  Notes that Trump Administration’s approach has been minimalist — only seeking funding for the scientific analysis required before a decision can be taken on Yucca.  Final decision rests with Congress.  If Yucca not suitable, then new legislation required.

21 October 2018                                Washington Post (USA)

Trump signals opposition to nuclear waste site in Nevada despite his budget proposals to fund it

At a rally in Nevada President Trump signals his opposition to Yucca Mountain site, but says he will look carefully at issue.  This despite his own Administration’s budget requests, and bipartisan support in the House of Representatives.  Is this another pre-election Trump-line? Also reported in Energy News, Daily Republic, NBC News3 Las Vegas, Politico, Democratic Underground

20 October 2018                               Tri-City Herald (USA)

Classifications of nuclear waste need a shorter half-life

Scientific explanation of why reclassification of some wastes is needed, to reflect radioactive reality, allow some waste currently held in interim storage to be disposed of more quickly, potentially saving US$200bn, while posing no additional risk.

20 October 2018                               DC Report (USA)

Energy Department Ready To Approve Nuclear Waste Dumping

Concern by activist organisation that there are conflicts of interest within Energy Secretary’s team and a Texas-based radioactive waste management company, which are influencing decisions on rule changes that would lead to more radioactive waste being sent to a West Texas site.  It is unclear from the article whether they are referring to a consultation on recategorising levels of radioactive waste, or to a proposed temporary storage facility for higher-level radioactive waste.  Concern repeated by Democratic Underground, National Memo

19 October 2018                                Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

Ottawa Votes: Most Ottawa candidates oppose nuclear dump at Chalk River

The majority of election candidates questioned by local newspaper are opposed to Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ proposed low-level radioactive waste facility close to the Ottawa River.

19 October 2018                                Detroit Free Press (USA)

60,000 tons of dangerous radioactive waste sits on Great Lakes shores

A lengthy but very readable local newspaper article that explores the ethical, economic and environmental issues of maintaining surface interim radioactive waste stores, compared with geological disposal.  Also reported in Inquisitr, MSN/ABC, Energy News

19 October 2018                                PZC (Holland)

State Secretary: ‘Borssele Nuclear Power Plant maximum safety in 2019’

Reports Government Minister saying that all radioactive waste will have been removed from the site by 2026.

19 October 2018                                Pierce County Tribune (USA)

NWTRB meeting to be livestreamed

The US Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board (NWTRB) holding a public meeting in New Mexico (on Wednesday 24 October) to review technical issues that need to be addressed before the US Department of Energy (DOE) begins a nationwide effort to transport spent nuclear fuel or high-level radioactive waste.

19 October 2018                                InnoEnergy

The Nobel Prize in Physics wants to reduce the activity of nuclear waste from one million years to 30 minutes

Newly-announced Nobel Prize-winner Gérard Mourou is currently conducting research with lasers designed to reduce the radioactivity of nuclear waste.  Also reported by EuroNews

18 October 2018                                Exchange Monitor (USA)

NRC Urges Court to Dismiss Nevada Petition Against Commissioner on Yucca Licensing

In court filings, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says the petition is premature and should be dismissed.  Nevada is concerned that a new NRC Commissioner has previously expressed pro-Yucca opinions and therefore should be recused from any decision-making related to Yucca.  The Commissioner claims her is pro-geological disposal, but not any particular site.

18 October 2018                                Phys.Org

Research project aims to keep nuclear waste isolated 10,000 years into the future

Article on research assessing long-term impact of ‘hot’ radioactive waste on the surrounding rock in a geological repository setting.

18 October 2018                                Forbes Magazine

How An Ohio Mayor Took On Big Government In The Name Of Economic Development

The power of local councils working collaboratively to help one community remediate a nuclear site and return it to full economic use, creating new jobs and local wealth.

18 October 2018                                The Hill (USA)

Is less government the key to nuclear waste management?

Former senior US Energy Department official argues that loss of trust in government means that making progress with finding a repository for the disposal of US’ radioactive waste stockpile depends on developing a new ‘consent-based’ approach managed by the private sector.

18 October 2018                                Roll Call (USA)

Failures of Congress Keep Nuclear Waste Scattered Across the US

Lengthy article explaining how the issue of radioactive waste is climbing political agenda, with hopes that after the mid-term elections the bipartisan approach in the House of Representatives will also be followed in the Senate.

18 October 2018                                Malaysia Kini

Managing nuclear waste

Article explaining and making the case for geological disposal.

18 October 2018                                Daily Times (Pakistan)

Green red zones

Explaining the issues behind long-term ‘memory’ of where radioactive waste is geologically disposed, to protect future generations, this article contrasts the international effort being placed behind finding a solution to this question to the more immediate risks posed to farmers in Pakistan, where there are little health and safety warnings about anything.

17 October 2018                                Wiscasset Newspaper (USA)

Maine Yankee CAP hears about canister checks, removal updates

While hearing reassuring news about the safety integrity of locally-stored radioactive waste storage canisters, the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) for Maine’s Yankee nuclear power plant also heard concerns about the lack of political progress with resolving long-term permanent disposal options, ie Yucca Mountain.

17 October 2018                                The Surfer (USA)


Thoughtful, considered article on the complexities of radioactive waste management and disposal.  Even in an ideal world, may take 20-30 years before all the current waste can be safely shipped for disposal elsewhere.  Article urges readers to raise the issue with candidates for the November mid-terms, so that after the election, the political impasses in Washington DC might be resolved and momentum restored to removing waste from the San Onofre site.

17 October 2018                                Ukrinform (Ukraine)

Ukraine and the European Commission develop a national plan for the geological disposal of radioactive waste

Report that Ukrainian Government is launching a project to determine the process of selection of a site, ensure budget planning, train specialists, and contribute to the formation of a positive public attitude towards the facility. The plan is expected to take two years to complete and will be implemented by a consortium of companies from France, Germany and Sweden, with the participation of one of the National Academies of Sciences of Ukraine.  Also reported by MenaFN

16 October 2018                                Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nuclear reactor to be shipped from Arkansas to Nevada for disposal

Plans to transport an old university research reactor for low-level waste disposal at Nevada’s National Security Site re-opens local debate about Yucca Mountain and the federal government using Nevada as a “nuclear dumping ground”.

16 October 2018                                CEZ Group (Czech Republic)

SÚRAO: Experts agreed on necessity of deep geological repository

Report that Czech Republic is currently assessing nine localities to host a geological repository, with four being shortlisted by the end of this year.

16 October 2018                                Exchange Monitor (USA)

WIPP Contractor Urged to Improve on Underground Ventilation, Communication

The prime contractor for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) should improve certain practices to ensure safe operation of its underground ventilation, according to a recent Department Of Energy report.  Nuclear Waste Partnership (NWP) should also communicate more with trade unions at the waste disposal facility.

15 October 2018                                Bellona (Russia/Norway)

Russian officials update maps of radioactive debris sunk in Arctic

Update on steps Russia is taking to ensure dumped radioactive waste does not leak into sea.  Although no leaks discovered in recent survey, Russian scientists urge Moscow to provide more funding.

15 October 2018                                News Tribune (USA)

US seeks more info on proposed nuclear waste storage project

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have requested further information from Holtec International, as the NRC review the licence application to operate a temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico.  Also reported by KRQE, KRWG, KUNM, Bradenton Herald

15 October 2018                                KNPR (USA)

Transportation Issues Disqualify Yucca Mountain, Opponent Says

This opinion also challenged in local public radio item.

15 October 2018                                Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Editorial: Local residents deserve to be heard on WIPP plan

Local leaders should visit the communities affected by the proposed change to how the volume of radioactive waste disposed of at WIPP is calculated, in order to explain the possible implications of a change and answer residents’ questions/concerns.

14 October 2018                                Idaho Statesman (USA)

What the candidates for governor, AG say about nuclear waste in Idaho

The absence of a permanent geological disposal facility underlines complexity of politics and radioactive waste.  All the election candidates question the wisdom of waste being sent to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) faster than it can be processed, repackaged and forwarded for disposal.  There’s a risk that the INL could become a de facto long-term storage facility.  However, a local opinion poll finds that majority of Idahoans would prefer to keep waste coming in order to preserve the 7000 jobs at the site.

13 October 2018                                Massachusetts Live (USA)

Feds OK transfer of Vermont Yankee nuke license to private decommissioning firm

In an attempt to speed and reduce the cost of removing radioactive waste from interim surface storage facilities, current owners of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant want to sell the facility to a decommissioning-specialist consortia.  The US’ Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have given their approval for the sale, with minor caveats.  This is a major milestone in the sale process, but the Vermont Public Utility Commission must give its approval before the deal goes through.

13 October 2018                                 Taiwan News

Taiwan to complete repackaging of Orchid Island nuclear waste in 2020

Taiwan’s Atomic Energy Council (AEC) says the repackaging of nuclear waste on Orchid Island should be completed by September 2020.  The island is mostly inhabited by indigenous people, and there have been repeated protests amid health and safety concerns, leading to attempts to find alternative storage sites. The current government has promised to make Taiwan nuclear-free by 2025.  The AEC is also asking for decommissioning plans for three nuclear plants by 2021.  The search for a geological disposal site goes on.

11 October 2018                                 The Inertia (USA)

San Onofre’s 3,600,000-Pound Nuclear Waste Dilemma Is a National Emergency

Ex-Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chief remains concerned that the plant’s “interim” storage facilities are not sufficiently protected against sea-level rises and salt corrosion.  In the absence of a permanent disposal facility (Yucca Mountain), he fears the radioactive waste will de facto be stored permanently too close to the shoreline in Southern California.

11 October 2018                                 Inside Ottawa Valley (Canada)

CNL responds to Ottawa Valley coalition’s claims

Staff at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory (CNL) seek to correct misinformation about the planned repository for low-level waste, saying that they are also local residents, as concerned as everyone else about the environmental and health impacts.

10 October 2018                                Journal North (USA)

LANL restarts regular shipments to WIPP

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has resumed regular shipments to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) for the first time in over four years.  Also reported in Albuquerque JournalLos Alamos Daily Post, KRWGUS News & World Report, Carlsbad Current Argus, KRQE

10 October 2018                                World Nuclear News

MoU for Australian and Vietnamese nuclear organisations

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the Vietnam Atomic Energy Agency (VAEA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to allow further collaboration between the two organisations.

9 October 2018                                  Shepway Vox (UK)

Geological Disposal Facility Update

Call for more public engagement and involvement, and cash for the community, in any future discussions about the GDF.

8 October 2018                                  KPBS (USA)

Rally At Belly Up To Protest San Onofre Nuclear Waste Storage

Continued opposition to planned interim surface radioactive waste storage facilities near coast at San Onofre nuclear plant.  Also covered by the The Surfer.  Follow up story by Coast News

5 October 2018                                  Nevada Independent (USA)

Titus, Rosen see Yucca threat in DOE proposal on high-level nuclear waste

The US Energy Department’s consultation on reclassifying higher-level radioactive waste is a “back-door” way to re-open Yucca debate and move more waste to Nevada, according to local politicians. Not reported in article, but this opinion seems to misunderstand that point of reclassification is to reduce amount of waste that would need to be sent for geological disposal.  Similar coverage in the Ripon Advance

4 October 2018                                  Northumberland News (Canada)

CNL surveying Port Hope residents about low-level radioactive waste cleanup

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories conducting latest in a line of local opinion surveys to determine how aware residents are of the cleanup project in Port Hope and also how confident residents are that the work can be done safely.

4 October 2018                                  Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Does Kimba need nuclear?  AND  Proud of nuclear medicine

Two short pieces.  In the first a local business-owner and farmer explains why he supports the proposed radioactive waste facility, because of the benefits to the local economy and community.  The second explains the radioactive waste created from medical treatments, the benefits that brings to all people and the Australian economy.

4 October 2018                                  Albuquerque Journal (USA)

DOE considers new classification for some nuclear waste

US’ Energy Department has launched a public consultation on classifying “higher level” waste.  Reclassification would allow more waste to be disposed of through existing channels rather than being sent for geological disposal.  Cautious response from usual critics, saying it will all be about the detail.  Story omits to mention that this consultation has been lobbied for by US local governments.

4 October 2018                                  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Hornepayne, Ont., municipal election to become debate on nuclear waste

Two campaigners against the town being a host site for the Canadian GDF have decided to stand for election, to try and change the majority vote in the council in favour of proceeding with geological testing of a proposed site.

4 October 2018                                  The Star (Malaysia)

Nuclear option should stay

Critics say its in Malaysia’s national interest not to discount nuclear power, and there are solutions to managing long-term radioactive waste.  Similar sentiments expressed in an op-ed article in the New Straits Times.

4 October 2018                                  PlayerFM (USA)

“I could give a sh*t about Yucca Mountain becoming a nuclear dump”

Discussion on local Nevada community radio service.

3 October 2018                                  Ars Technica

A little radiation may be good for you, EPA witness argues for rule change

In the week radiation experts meet in USA to discuss lowdose radiation levels, concern that America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pushing through “vaguely-worded” regulatory changes that may reduce safe permitted levels.

3 October 2018                                  Albuquerque Journal (USA)

WIPP volume hearing scheduled

The case for changing how volumes are calculated so that WIPP can hold more radioactive waste has become a local midterm elections issue.  Local Republican lawmakers and election candidates argue that the New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED) should proceed without need for a public hearing, and if there is one, it should be held in Carlsbad, the nearest city to WIPP.  Local Democrat politicians are more circumspect.  Not opposing the proposed chandge but urging careful consideration rather than a rushed decision.  Hearing set for 23 October.

3 October 2018                                  Bellona (Norway/Russia)

An old supper date with Bellona helped dismantle nuclear Russia’s nuclear waste legacy – starting with the Lepse

Bellona’s outgoing general manager recalls the humble origins of one of the largest and most successful radioactive waste management programmes.  In the late 1980s and early 1990s there was little political enthusiasm in Moscow to clean up nuclear waste in North Western Russia.  The EU was turning a blind eye, letting Russia deal with its nuclear waste legacy on its own.  But Bellona was busy collecting evidence that Russia needed more help than anyone in either Europe or Moscow was willing to fathom.  This evidence was used to raise awareness and eventually successfully secure European funding to help Russia clean up the waste.

3 October 2018                                  Physics World

Back to the future

On its 30th anniversary, the editor of Physics World looks back over issues which still confront physicists after all this time.  Radioactive waste and the search for geological disposal sites is one of the key issues which has yet to be resolved.

3 October 2018                                  The Sandpaper (USA)

Nuclear Fuel Transfer Complete, Oyster Creek Generating Station Not Authorized for Operation

Article explaining the regulatory process now that the local nuclear plant has officially closed.  Focuses on Holtec’s proposed acquisition to shorten timescale of removing the radioactive waste from the site, and the planned temporary storage facilities in New Mexico and West Texas.  All of this requires Nuclear Regulatory Commission approval.

3 October 2018                                  New Jersey Insider (USA)


US Senate candidate Bob Hugin condemns the Senate for failing to pass legislation that had overwhelming bipartisan support in the House Representatives.  The law would require the Department of Energy to consolidate and temporarily store waste until it develops a permanent nuclear waste repository. The legislation also would compensate communities that have been storing the nuclear waste.

2 October 2018                                  Taipei Times (Taiwan/Germany)

German delegation: Fourth Nuclear Power Plant could be turned into theme park

Report on a visit to Taiwan by German officials to share experience of decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

2 October 2018                                  Liberation (France)

Is the burial of nuclear waste practiced in France, and what are the risks?

Overview of France’s geological disposal policy and plans by a leading national newspaper.

2 October 2018                                  Sp!ked

An ode to nuclear waste

A creative and very different way to explain and discuss radioactive waste.

2 October 2018                                  Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Way will be found for Kimba to have say

Local politician Rowan Ramsey says a way will be found for the vote to proceed on whether the area wants to host the proposed low-level radioactive waste repository.

2 October 2018                                   Penn Live (USA)

Ahead of Three Mile Island closing, nuclear safety advocates call attention to waste

Activists concerned that surface storage and radioactive waste transportation plans will continue to pose a risk to local people.  The site operators state their plans require regulatory approval.

1 October 2018                                   Business Daily (Kenya)

Nuclear agency plays critical role in country

Response from Kenya’s Nuclear Electricity Board, refuting claims that Kenya not able to cope with radioactive waste or meet safety standards, saying that Kenya following international standrads, working closely with and getting support from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

1 October 2018                                   Daily Nation (Kenya)

Nuclear power negates hope for prosperity

Greenpeace Kenya explain objections to Kenya developing nuclear power, key amongst their concerns is the issue of radioactive waste management:  “For a country where solid waste management is a big problem, radioactive waste from a nuclear power plant will pose a massive challenge.”

1 October 2018                                   Malay Mail (Malaysia)

In defence of nuclear energy — Arveent Srirangan Kathirtchelvan

Op-ed critical of the Government’s decision, saying risk and costs of nuclear energy are much less then perceived, and that meeting climate change and carbon emissions targets harder and more costly using other forms of energy generation.

1 October 2018                                   New Straits Times (Malaysia)

Malaysia: No to nuclear

Further supportive media commentary on Malaysia’s decision not to adopt nuclear power, because of long term radioactive waste issues.

1 October 2018                                    IAEA

IAEA Mission Says Luxembourg Committed to Safe Management of Radioactive Waste, Sees Areas for Further Enhancement

Report on independent international expert review of Luxembourg’s management of radioactive waste.  Luxembourg does not operate any nuclear power plants and has only a small amount of radioactive waste from medical and other activities which are stored locally before being sent to Belgium for subsequent management under a bilateral agreement.  Also reported by World Nuclear News

1 October 2018                                   Vice News (USA)

Illinois and Nevada are fighting over where to store nuclear waste

4-minute news item explaining the political impasse around Yucca Mountain and Rep Shimkus’ attempts to progress the project.

30 September 2018                          Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Young professionals keep NWP and WIPP moving forward

Story on how WIPP is addressing the wider employer question of how to retain ‘millennials’ by offering them career and life development opportunities without needing to leave the organisation, geographic area or wider nuclear sector.

29 September 2018                          KVIA ABC News7 (USA)

A Texas Radio Active waste storage plan is back, Nuclear Waste could be transported through El Paso

Renewed local awareness of and campaigning against proposed temporary waste facility in West Texas.  Local coverage also in Rivard ReportKMIDCBS7NewsNewsWest9El Paso Times

29 September 2018                          Forbes Magazine

Do Small Amounts Of Radiation Matter?

As the American Nuclear Society and the Health Physics Society prepare to are host an international forum of nuclear and radiation experts this week to evaluate whether existing low dose protection standards should be reconsidered, new research indicates organisms need a certain level of radiation to prosper.

29 September 2018                          Vice News (USA)

Illinois and Nevada are fighting over where to store nuclear waste

Set in a state v state ‘fight’, Vice News sets out overview of the geological disposal and radioactive waste debate.

28 September 2018                          The Guardian (UK)

UK government urged not to bury nuclear waste under national parks

Conservation and environmental groups send joint letter to Government seeking protection for National Parks and other sensitive environmental areas.  GDFWatch quoted, sympathising with those ambitions, but believing community consent process will protect such areas.  Also reported in The Richest

28 September 2018                         Carlsbad Current Argus (USA)

WIPP: Public hearing set in Carlsbad for volume-tracking debate

A public event has been scheduled to hear public arguments for and against the proposed change to the way in which radioactive waste volumes are calculated.  The proposed changes would increase WIPP’s capacity by about 30%.

28 September 2018                         The Conversation (UK)

Jeremy Corbyn was once a high-profile opponent of nuclear power – what happened?

Article reviewing the migration of Labour Party policy towards nuclear energy, despite the Leader’s previous antipathy towards the proliferation of nuclear weapons and accumulation of radioactive waste.

27 September 2018                          The Province (Canada)

Indigenous engagement about more than meeting targets, expert says

Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) approach to engaging with indigenous people is used as an exemplar of public engagement.

27 September 2018                          Union of Concerned Scientists (USA)

Nuclear Reactor Fuel Safety: The Waiting Gain

UCS attempt to explain the different hazards and risks during the life cycle of nuclear fuel and implications for its management, storage and disposal.

25 September 2018                          The Transcontinental (Australia)

Submission period for nuclear waste facility extended

A federal government consultation on radioactive waste management has been extended.  No closing date has been published, but the extension follows the South Australian Supreme Court’s recent decision to grant an interlocutory injunction, delaying community postal ballots in Hawker and Kimba on the siting of a proposed low-level waste repository.

25 September 2018                          Technology Review

A nuclear startup will fold after failing to deliver reactors that run on spent fuel

Much vaunted MIT spinout, Transatomic Power, that drew wide attention and millions in funding, is shutting down almost two years after the firm backtracked on bold claims for its design of a reactor which used radioactive waste for fuel.  Also reported by Green Tech MediaArs Technica

25 September 2018                          Big Country (USA)

Anti-nuclear waste tour kicks off in Houston

Critics of the proposed temporary high-level radioactive waste store in West Texas have launched a public information campaign to build public awareness and opposition to the plans.  Also covered by San Antonio CurrentGilmer MirrorDallas NewsDeceleration

24 September 2018                          EurakAlert

Renewed project could protect environment for millennia

New funding to continue research on how radioactive waste reacts with soil and groundwater if it were to leak into the environment.

24 September 2018                          Exchange Monitor (USA)

Trump Signature Assures DOE Cleanup Office of Largest Budget in Years

President Trump has signed a budget package that assures the Energy Department’s Office of Environmental Management about $7.2 billion in funding for the 2019 fiscal year starting. The DOE-funding “minibus,” approved by Congress earlier this month, provides the largest budget for the department’s nuclear cleanup office since it received almost $7.3 billion in fiscal 2005. It is $53 million more than the fiscal 2018 enacted level and $578 million above the administration ‘s request.

24 September 2018                          Los Angeles Times

Carbon-free requires nuclear power

As new Californian law requires all energy to come from carbon-neutral sources by 2045.  This articles argues that not only is nuclear is a necessary component of the required energy mix to achieve this goal, but that California is missing out on economic opportunities of exploiting new technologies being developed in California to manage radioactive waste.

24 September 2018                          Energy Live News (UK)

Nuclear experts and academics tackle radioactive waste challenges

The UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Radioactive Waste Management Limited have teamed up with UK universities in a new c£10million programme called TRANSCEND (Transformative Science and Engineering for Nuclear Decommissioning) to help build the next generation of nuclear experts as well as develop technical solutions in dealing with decommissioning and radioactive waste management.  Also reported in News & Star

22 September 2018                          New York Times

Japan Has Enough Nuclear Material to Build an Arsenal. Its Plan: Recycle.

30 years and billions of dollars later, Japan is ready to open its nuclear fuel reprocessing plant.  But nobody seems to want it. Underlying the debate is the issue of what to do with radioactive waste.  Recycle/re-use, return to the sites of old nuclear power plants, or refunction the new recycling site as a radioactive waste storage or disposal facility.  Article also reprinted in the Nigerian Bulletin.

21 September 2018                           Albuquerque Journal (USA)

WIPP calculation change causing concern

Follow up to 19 September story below about concern that the New Mexico Environment Department is fast-tracking a decision on changing the way in which radioactive waste is calculated so that WIPP can take up to 30% more waste than it is currently licensed to hold.

21 September 2018                           KRQE (USA)

Local authorities participate in WIPP’s hazmat safety training

Report on how WIPP and local first responder emergency services train to prepare for an incident.

21 September 2018                           BBC (UK)

Devonport submarine base ‘not fit for purpose’, say MPs

The UK Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee are worried that the Defence Ministry are not making sufficient provision for the future support of the nuclear submarine fleet, including the disposal of radioactive waste.  Also reported by Ekklesia

20 September 2018                          Savannah Morning News (USA)

Feds should fund waste repository

Lauren McDonald, Chair of the Georgia Public Services Commission, criticises Georgia’s Congressional caucus for failing to protect Georgia residents’ interests by not securing funding for Yucca Mountain.

20 September 2018                          Le Monde De L’Energie (France)

Government launches consultation on radioactive waste management

French Government launches public consultation to review the principles of radioactive waste management.  They have also launched a website collating pro and anti GDF arguments.  Critics have decounced the move as a sham.

20 September 2018                          Asbury Park Press (USA)

Independent safety board needed for plant decommissioning: Tauro

Citing concerns about nuclear security and safety, and potential conflicts of interest, the New Jersey group Clean Water Action calls for more active citizen engagement and oversight of Oyster Creek’s decommissioning works.

19 September 2018                           Energy Live News

UK and Japanese nuclear agencies team up to share expertise

The UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)have joined forces to share expertise in decommissioning and radioactive waste management.  Also reported by Public NowWhitehaven NewsNews & StarNorth West Evening Mail

19 September 2018                           Santa Fe New Mexican (USA)

Critics: WIPP proposal would allow more nuclear waste storage

Activists are complaining that the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) is rushing though a proposal to change the way radioactive waste is measured (by volume of waste rather than by number of canisters) that would increase WIPP’s capacity by 30%.  The NMED deny a final hearing has be set or decision taken.  Also reported by Albuquerque JournalUS News & World Report

19 September 2018                            World Nuclear News

Korea expands cooperation with IAEA on radwaste 

The Korea Radioactive Waste Agency (KORAD) has agreed to extend its existing cooperation and practical arrangements with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

19 September 2018                            The Herald (Zimbabwe)

Time now to deliver on our electoral promises

In his speech opening the new Parliamentary session, Zimbabwe’s new President includes ratification of Zimbabwe’s Accession to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management as one of the main tasks of the new Parliament.

18 September 2018                            Wichita Eagle (USA)

Consumer group fights New Mexico nuclear waste project

National consumer advocacy group Public Citizen has filed to intervene in the license application submitted by Holtec International to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to construct a nuclear waste storage facility about 35 miles east of Carlsbad.  If Public Citizen’s petition is accepted by the NRC it would able to participate in hearings. Also reported in Bradenton Herald.

18 September 2018                            Oxford Academic (UK)

Investigating the use of 3D full-waveform inversion to characterise the host rock at a geological disposal site 

Academic paper on whether 3D data can be used to map changes in physical properties of rock caused by the construction of the GDF, specifically tunnel-induced fracturing.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, they find it may help in the monitoring of the geology during tunnelling.

18 September 2018                            The Star (Malaysia)

Malaysia against nuclear power due to radioactive waste disposal issues, says Dr M

Malaysian Prime Minister says his country opposed to civil use of nuclear power because there is no safe way to dispose of radioactive waste.  Story also covered by Channel NewsAsiaFree Malaysia TodayNew Straits TimesThe Edge MarketsThe Sun DailyMalaysian Reserve

18 September 2018                            KSBY NBC NewsChannel6 (USA)

Congress approves bill to provide funding for communities losing nuclear power plants

A Bill awaiting Presidential signature has passed both House of the US Congress, allowing for public and private funding for communities required to continue hosting radioactive waste storage facilities after the decommissioning of a nuclear facility.  Also reported in San Luis Obispo TribuneChicago TribuneNevada Independent

18 September 2018                            Forbes Magazine

Nuclear Energy Needs Truth, Not Truthiness

A thoughtful article about the political consequences when facts, evidence and scientific truths are dismissed and electoral, political and policy decisions are made on belief.  Radioactive waste management is used as a key example of how facts and scientific evidence are ignored in favour of uninformed assumptions and beliefs.

18 September 2018                            Shepway Vox (UK)

That Geological Disposal Facility and a forgotten workshop

Local blog opposed to a GDF in Folkestone.

17 September 2018                             Asbury Park Press (USA)

Oyster Creek shutting down for good today: 5 things you need to know

America’s oldest operational nuclear power plant shuts today.  This article assesses impact of closure on the local economy and community.  Plant closure also reported by World Nuclear News

16 September 2018                            Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Yucca nuclear dump a threat to Nevada military bases, Rosen says

Democrat candidate for the Nevada US Senate seat is concerned that having a radioactive waste facility would be a national security threat.  Worth noting that proponents for the Yucca Mountain facility argue that the military’s presence and current security measures for protecting existing military nuclear facilities in Nevada are a positive reason for citing the geological repository there.

15 September 2018                            Greenfield Recorder (USA)

Anti-nuclear groups urge action against national waste dump

Citizens group is planning a roadshow around Vermont to lobby in favour of a permanent radioactive waste repository, to which waste is transported just once, and opposed to plans to remove waste from Vermont’s Yankee nuclear power plant to temporary storage facilities in West Texas pending completion of Yucca Mountain or other geological repository.  Also reported by WCAXUS News & World ReportWPTZVermont Public RadioForth Worth Star-TelegramMassLiveWATDWWLP,

14 September 2018                            World Nuclear News

Nuclear industry faces wake-up call, says IAEA’s Chudakov

Providing public reassurance on radioactive waste management practice for the whole nuclear lifecycle, and progress in the construction of high-level waste repositories, will have a “profound impact” on political and public acceptance of nuclear power, according to IAEA Head speaking at World Nuclear Associations’s 2018 International Symposium.

14 September 2018                            Asbury Park Press (USA)

Oyster Creek: A look back at historic nuclear plant before it’s shutdown forever

The negative impact on the local economy and community, and what to do with the radioactive waste stored at the site, are the central concerns in this article.

14 September 2018                            IAEA

How are the IAEA Safety Standards produced? A Look Inside the Secretariat

Report published which explains how the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) develops and drafts safety standards,  including on radioactive waste.

14 September 2018                            Washington Examiner (USA)

Unions and green activists have a terrible plan to move radioactive waste

Ill-informed op-ed which criticises everyone for proposal to remove radioactive waste stored at surface and send for permanent disposal, without offering an alternative option or indicating how keeping radioactive waste in less protected circumstances is somehow safer.

14 September 2018                            News & Star (UK)

Preparations under way for Cumbria Nuclear Conference

Whether Cumbria should seek to host a geological repository is one of key issues under discussion at a major conference next week.  Story repeated in Times & Star

14 September 2018                            IAEA

IAEA Meeting Discusses Stakeholder Involvement Across the Nuclear Power Plant Life Cycle

Report on a workshop organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to raise awareness and share knowledge about engaging and communicating with the public.

13 September 2018                            WSJM 94.9 News Talk (USA)

Upton Working On Yucca Mountain Funding

Local Michigan media report on local Congressman’s continued efforts to fund Yucca Mountain to help speed removal of radioactive waste from local sites.

12 September 2018                            Sky News (UK)

Plastic-eating fungus could help fight against waste

Report published by Royal Botanic Gardens Kew on research from Pakistan on fungi which break down chemical bonds, and can ‘eat’ a wide range of materials, including radioactive waste.  Story also reported in MetroThe Republic (Indiana)Dawn (Pakistan)WDTV (West Virginia)Daily Sabah (Turkey)CBS Philly (USA)

12 September 2018                            Las Vegas Review Journal (USA)

Congressman: Political considerations derailing Yucca Mountain

Following the removal of funding for Yucca Mountain project from the 2019 federal budget, John Shimkus Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on the environment, and a Republican Congressman, said protecting a single Republican Senator was distorting a US energy policy that has bipartisan support.  Shimkus said the real losers were the taxpayers in all 50 US States.

12 September 2018                            Financial Tribune (Iran)

Nuclear Energy Role Can Shrink in World Energy Mix

Concerns about management of radioactive waste are key factor in anticipated slow-down in global growth of civil nuclear energy according to IAEA Report.  Also reported by France24

11 September 2018                             Usine Nouvelle (France)

“It is legitimate to revisit the arguments in favor of Cigeo,” admits the director of Andra

In an interview, ANDRA’s Director Pierre-Marie Abadie, discusses how the debate about the future of nuclear power in France influences how radioactive waste will be managed.  He asserts that disposing of the waste amounts to about 1-2% of the overall costs of nuclear power.  As in other countries, ANDRA keeps options for disposal of radioactive waste under regular review, in case science develops a better method.  Geological disposal remains the best available option.

11 September 2018                             E&E News (USA)

A Texas waste storage plan is back. So is the opposition

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has restarted its review of a consolidated interim storage application for a site in Andrews County, Texas.  It is expected that the NRC’s safety, security and environmental reviews of the proposals submitted byInterim Storage Partners LLC will be finished in summer 2020.  There is local opposition, which is seeking more public hearings to help raise local awareness of the proposal.

11 September 2018                             PZC (Holland)

Concrete wagon file in Borssele for expansion of high-level radioactive waste building

Report on the construction of new facilities to hold Holland’s higher activity radioactive waste.

11 September 2018                             Exchange Monitor (USA)

Congress Blanks Yucca Mountain Again

As expected, funding for the Yucca Mountain project proposed by the US House of Representatives has not survived the budget reconciliation discussions with the US Senate.  Although not anticipated, it remains possible that President Trump will veto the budget agreed between the two Houses of the US Congress.  Also reported by BloombergWall Street JournalPoliticoRoll CallNevada IndependentNuclear News Net

11 September 2018                             Blackburn News (Canada)

OPG continues consultations with Saugeen Ojibway Nation

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is making progress in community consultation with local indigenous groups on its proposed deep geologic repository project for low-and-intermediate level radioactive waste.  However, OPG make clear there’s no pressure for an immediate answer and talks may take several years.  Also reported by Bay Shore Broadcasting

11 September 2018                             Eureka!

The vast task of decommissioning the UK’s nuclear facilities is driving and rewarding technological innovation

Article reviewing use of advanced technology by the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) in safely managing higher activity radioactive waste and its preparation for final disposal.

9 September 2018                              Cape Cod Times (USA)

Pilgrim activists debate over spent fuel storage

Campaigners against Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station are in agreement about the need to permanently close it, but now disagree over how to manage its radioactive waste.  Holtec International are planning to purchase the facility and accelerate removal of the waste to a proposed temporary storage facility in New Mexico.  Some Pilgrim campaigners, without apparently offering an alternative solution, object to the move on the grounds that the waste is simply being dumped on a poor community.  Others say the New Mexico site has low population, is wanted by the local community, and is a safer location compared to the coastal position of the Pilgrim facility.

9 September 2018                              Power Magazine (USA)

Plans Move Forward for Privately Funded Storage of Nuclear Waste

Long article summarising discussion at annual radwaste summit in Las Vegas about the disposal of radioactive waste, setting out the new temporary plans under consideration by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and latest thinking about Yucca Mountain.

7 September 2018                              9News (Australia)

No resolution yet on Kimba dump vote in SA

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has yet to find a resolution to an indigenous group’s demand that they have a say on a proposed radioactive waste facility in South Australia.  Following an application by the Barngarla people to the South Australia Supreme Court, a planned local referendum was suspended pending a decision from the AHRC.  The Barngarla have argued that excluding them from the ballot simply because they do not live in the area is discriminatory.  The federal government remains optimistic of finding a solution.

6 September 2018                              Meduza (Russia)

Federal officials draft a doomsday-scenario report on what global warming could do to Russia

Claims that Russia’s Natural Resources Ministry, in making a push to lead the government on climate-change policy, has drafted a new doomsday-scenario report highlighting national security threats caused by global warming —  this includes warnings that melting permafrost could damage facilities now storing Russia’s chemical, biological, and radioactive waste.

6 September 2018                             The Transcontinental (Australia)

Hawker to get virtual reality check

Residents in the areas of the proposed radioactive waste facility are being offered virtual reality headsets to use at home in tandem with a downloaded app to see how neutrons behave in a reactor.

6 September 2018                             World Nuclear News

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has resumed safety and environmental reviews of an application by Interim Storage Partners to construct and operate a consolidated storage facility for used nuclear fuel in Andrews County, Texas. The joint venture of Waste Control Specialists and Orano in June submitted a revised version of the application, initially filed in 2016 by WCS but later suspended pending the sale of the company. The NRC expects to complete its reviews in mid-2020.

6 September 2018                              Barents Observer (Russia/Norway)

What is the situation at Russia’s biggest dump site for spent nuclear fuel?

Despite reassurances from Rosatom that the Andreeva Bay site will be cleared by 2024, Norway remains concerned by the recent behaviour of Russian authorities (see story below from 5 September).

5 September 2018                              Pew Trust (USA)

Nuclear Plant Closures Bring Economic Pain to Cities and Towns

Analysis of the impact on communities of decommissioning and management of radioactive waste.

5 September 2018                              The Age (Australia)

Radioactive waste to be moved from uni to safe storage in Yallambie

The consequences of storing radioactive waste for prolonged periods in interim facilities highlighted in the community concern about the relocation of low-level radwaste from Melbourne University to a federal facility on the outskirts of the city.  The waste was accumulated at the university’s radium laboratory, opened in 1929 and which closed in the 1980’s.  The material has to be kept in interim storage pending the construction of a permanent disposal facility — the process for finding a site currently held up in Australian courts.

5 September 2018                              World Nuclear News

Korean waste agency forges links with expert group

A memorandum of understanding has been signed by the Korea Radioactive Waste Agency (KORAD) and the Korean Radioactive Waste Society (KRS) for cooperation in decommissioning and waste management.  The KRS is an association of 200+ radioactive waste management experts.

5 September 2018                              Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Energy industry experts gather in Nevada for annual summit on nuclear waste

Focus this year is not on Yucca Mountain, but looks at wider political and funding landscape, as pressure builds to more quickly remove radioactive waste from decommissioned sites, and temporary storage facilities are proposed in New Mexico and Texas pending a decision on a permanent geological repository.

5 September 2018                              Barents Observer (Norway/Russia)

Two leading Norwegian officials on nuclear safety halted on their way out of Russia

Norwegian concern that the holding of two radwaste experts may undermine the long-standing co-operation between Russia and Norway to manage radioactive waste effectively.

4 September 2018                              Brussels Times (Belgium/Luxembourg)

Belgium to store Luxembourg’s radioactive waste

The Belgian Government have tabled a Bill to allow Luxembourg, which produces small amounts of radioactive waste, to utilise Belgian expertise and facilities to store radioactive waste pending final disposal.  While recommended by the nuclear authority in Belgium, the Belgian Government has yet to formally approve a geological repository.

4 September 2018                               Nevada Appeal (USA)

Sandoval on Yucca fight: ‘Pop them between the eyes’

Warning that Yucca Mountain supporters will resume their campaign in 2019, Nevada Governor Sandoval instructs his team to “take the fight to” those in favour of progressing the project.

1 September 2018                               Las Vegas Review Journal (USA)

COMMENTARY: Yucca Mountain: No easy transportation, no free government money

An opponent of the Yucca Mountain project claims future radioactive waste deliveries would have to be mad by rail, not road, and that the House of Representatives recently tied renewed funding for the project with a decision to withdraw a commitment to pay Nevada regular annual income for hosting the facility.

31 August 2018                                     The Nuclear Resister (USA/France)

Nuclear dump opponent jailed in France

Report on a protestor convicted after a riot at the Bure site of the proposed French geological repository, also wanted in Germany following riots there during the G20 Summit.

31 August 2018                                     US News & World Report

US Nuke Repository Eyes 2nd New Mexico Waste Trucks Route

Report that WIPP is seeking a secondary transport route that bypasses the local town of Hobbs.  Report also covered by MyPlainViewAlbuquerque Journal

31 August 2018                                     Las Vegas Review Journal (USA)

Hearing set for challenge of NRC’s Yucca Mountain decisions

A federal appeals court has instructed Nevada and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to prepare motions by 15 October 2018 in the case being brought by Nevada to force new NRC Commissioner to recuse himself from decisions relating to Yucca Mountain.  Story also covered by Bloomberg PressReaderNewsLockerLas Vegas SunKTNV Channel13 NewsSacramento BeeNews Tribune

31 August 2018                                     Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

EDITORIAL: Safe and steady progress needed to finally end Monju debacle

The leading national newspaper calls on the Government to stop deferring take decisions on the disposal of radioactive waste, saying:  “No decision has been made on how to dispose of the nuclear fuel, sodium and other radioactive waste that will be produced in the decommissioning process.  Instead of postponing actions to tackle this challenge, the government should immediately embark on serious efforts to find a solution to this tough question.”

30 August 2018                                    NHK (Japan)

Decommissioning old facilities could take 70 years

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency says it could take about 70 years to decommission its oldest nuclear facilities.  The plan requires a decision on disposal sites for the radioactive waste to be made within the next 30 years.

30 August 2018                                    Bloomberg Government (USA)

Energy, Veterans Money Measure Top Priority When House Returns

Funding for Yucca Mountain amongst the key items expected to be discussed bu the US House of Representatives next week.  The Senate have declined to support funding, and there still has not been a reconciliation process to sort out the differences between the Senate and House proposed federal budgets.  Nobody is expecting the Yucca funding to be agreed this fiscal year.

30 August 2018                                    The Inertia (USA)

Environmental Group Wants Immediate Removal of Nuclear Waste From San Onofre Area

Citizens group, Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles, have launched a campaign to remove the radioactive waste currently planned to be kept on the San Onofre plant site, and to transfer it further inland.  Pending a permanent disposal solution, the group is concerned about the current plans to keep the waste stored within 100m of the sea.  With climate change and rising sea levels, the group is concerned that longer-term safety cannot be guaranteed.

30 August 2018                                    Chillicothe Gazette (USA)

Piketon wants hearing on waste disposal criteria for proposed on-site waste dump

Local residents want a greater say in decommissioning decisions, and believe the Department of Energy has not involved or consulted enough with the community.  Also covered by Portsmouth Daily Times

30 August 2018                                    Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Groups, legislator say pro-nuclear calls ‘unrealistic’

A proposed referendum to oppose the Government’s plan to phase out nuclear energy by 2025 has been criticised by environmental groups, citing the lack anywhere in the world of the safe disposal of radioactive waste.

29 August 2018                                    EurekAlert!

DOE study targets safer storage of nuclear waste

US Department of Energy funding research to improve longevity and safety of canister in which radioactive waste is stored.

29 August 2018                                    Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nevada files to force NRC official’s recusal from Yucca Mountain

Nevada takes legal action against a new member of the NRC, who has denied he’s “pro-Yucca”, rather that he supports geological disposal in a suitably safe site.  Also reported by the Nevada AppealEast Las Vegas

29 August 2018                                    Science News

Artificial intelligence could improve predictions for where quake aftershocks will hit

Data collected at Yucca Mountain from a 1992 earthquake is part of the extensive global information being collected in an AI project which seeks to predict where aftershocks will impact.  Also reported in Weekly Journalism

29 August 2018                                    MDPI (Switzerland/Korea)

Thermal Conductivity of Korean Compacted Bentonite Buffer Materials for a Nuclear Waste Repository

New research published by academic publisher which compares effectives of bentonite developed in Korea with other existing forms of bentonite.

29 August 2018                                    CAAMA (Australia)

Traditional Owners Call for Widening of Consultation Over Nuclear Waste Site in South Australia

The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) welcome deferral of local referendum on potential site of a low-level radioactive waste repository in South Australia.

28 August 2018                                    Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Holtec vows safe transport of spent nuclear fuel to Carlsbad and Hobbs

After public concern about the transportation of radioactive waste to the proposed new temporary radioactive waste storage facility, Holtec offer new reassurances.

28 August 2018                                    The Conversation

UK nuclear industry could be a national treasure – if it tackles these key issues

The search for a GDF and the management of radioactive waste amongst issues addressed in this thought-piece.

28 August 2018                                    Inside Unmanned Systems

Charting Cleanup – Detecting Nuclear Waste

Long article looking at the developing use of robotics and drones to help map and monitor radioactive wastes.

28 August 2018                                    WRDW CBSNews12 (USA)

Nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain discussed with congressman Tuesday

South Carolina Representative discusses need to remove radioactive waste from surface storage facilities and dispose of in geological repository.

28 August 2018                                    Chemical & Engineering News

Radioactive waste stranded as U.S. shifts from nuclear energy

Another readable and comprehensive explanation of the radioactive waste debate and political impasse in the US.

28 August 2018                                    Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

Assemblies make moves to reject playing host to nuclear waste

Report that 5 municipalities have issued “ordinances” that prohibit that community from hosting a GDF.  This is out of the 900+ coastal municipalities potentially affected by Japan’s current search for a site based in the first instance on geological suitability.

28 August 2018                                    New Vision (Uganda/Africa)

African states plan radioactive waste management

Representatives from 21 African countries are attending a conference organised by Uganda’s Atomic Energy Council (AEC) in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to discuss safe management of radioactive waste.  Many countries attending do not have a nuclear energy sector, but radioactive waste comes from a range of medical and industrial activities, and the conference is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience.  Also reported by PMLDailyAfrica Newswire

28 August 2018                                   The Verge (USA)


Free-ranging overview of the US’ radioactive waste debate during a tour of the San Onofre facility.  Easy-to-read, comprehensive review of the issues.

27 August 2018                                    Whyalla News (Australia)

SA-BEST tours region

A project touring rural areas to hear what people have to say about reinvigorating regional South Australia is visiting Kimba, where the planned radioactive waste facility will be one of the subjects under discussion.

27 August 2018                                    Dana Pointer (USA)

San Onofre Nuclear Plant Cannot Fix Damaged Canisters of Toxic Waste

Relocating radioactive waste to new interim surface stores has been halted following a “near miss” incident.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is investigating, but the plant operators are being criticised for not revealing the incident until after a whistleblower alerted local people.  In a San Diego Tribune article, Tom Palmisano, Chief Nuclear Officer at the plant, admitted “…if I could do it again, I would have addressed it upfront like I did with the shim issue in the first quarter.”

27 August 2018                                    NHK TV News (Japan)

Nuclear waste briefings in coastal areas

After 50 public meetings already, the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy briefed officials from coastal municipalities are on geological disposal.  The main concerns are about safety of geological disposal in a country so prone to earthquakes, and how to manage local public opinion.

26 August 2018                                    Sunday Independent (South Africa)

Nuclear technology for Africa’s economic development

Fears about nuclear technology should not be dismissed, particularly regarding long-term radioactive waste management.  South Africa needs to develop its skills and experience from international community because radioactive waste comes from medical and industrial processes which South African public expect/demand regardless of whether there is a nuclear power sector.

25 August 2018                                    Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Interstate 11 would make it easier to transport waste to Yucca Mountain

View that federal funding for Yucca could also include funding for I-11 extension that would support growth and development in Las Vegas and wider area than just Nye County.

25 August 2018                                    The Columbian (Canada/USA)

Don’t reclassify toxic Hanford waste

Vancouver newspaper editorial urges progress with Yucca Mountain so that radioactive waste currently stored in Hanford close to the US-Canadian border can be removed.

24 August 2018                                    World Nuclear News

German agencies to collaborate on repositories

Germany’s federal radioactive waste company, BGE, has signed an agreement with the country’s geoscientific authority, BGR, to cooperate on site selection investigations for a high-level waste repository, as well as on the management of existing waste repositories.  BGR will provide the geological expertise BGE requires in its search for a suitable GDF location.

24 August 2018                                    Duluth News Tribune (USA)

Cautious optimism surrounds nuclear waste storage progress in Minnesota

Speaking at a public event to discuss removing radioactive waste from the Prairie Island nuclear plant, federal lawmakers say they anticipate continued House of Representatives support for restarting the Yucca Mountain project.  Rep John Shimkus, who has led congressional efforts, said that the safety of temporary dry cask storage is not in question, and that the issue of a permanent repository is about the federal government’s failed commitment to dispose spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste from defense-related activities, as spelled out in the Nuclear Waste Policy Act passed by Congress in 1982.  “It’s the right thing to do,” he said of a federal nuclear waste repository, “and we’ve allowed the federal government to thwart the law.”  Story also reported in the Republican EagleWoodbury Bulletin

23 August 2018                                    Reuters (Switzerland/Germany)

Daldrup & Soehne Receives Order From Nagra For Deep Drilling

German company Daldrup & Soehne have been awarded the contract to conduct borehole drilling by Swiss radioactive waste management agency NAGRA, in their search for a GDF site.  The contract could be worth up to CHF50 million over four years.

23 August 2018                                    9News (Australia)

SA nuclear vote sent to rights commission

Having secured an initial injunction halting the local referendum on a proposed low-level radioactive waste facility, the local aboriginal community have had their case referred to the Australian Human Rights Commission.  The lawyer representing the community admitted that the Commission may find the dispute falls outside their jurisdiction.  Also reported by ABC NewsRebrnYahoo!NewsThe Australian

23 August 2018                                    News & Star (UK)

‘Help protect Cumbria from nuclear waste disposal plan’

Eddie Martin, Leader of Cumbria County Council in 2013 when the County Council rejected a previous process for finding a GDF site, is asking Cumbrian Lords to press the Government to protect National Parks in a draft GDF National Policy Statement (NPS) currently being scrutinised by Parliament.  The House of Commons Select Committee has already approved the draft NPS.  Story also covered by Whitehaven News on the back of Eddie Martin’s original article on the Cumbria Trust website.  Eddie Martin published a further response to Prof Francis Livens opinion that there could be suitable geology in some parts of Cumbria, opposing the Cumbria Trust’s view that there is a blanket impossibility of finding suitable geology in any part of Cumbria.

23 August 2018                                    San Clemente Times (USA)

Public Watchdogs Aims for Lawsuit at SONGS; Citizens Oversight Looks for Injunction

Citizens group likely to seek an injunction to stop further surface storage of radioactive waste at the San Onofre nuclear facility.

22 August 2018                                    Energy Live News

Finnish firms join forces for safe management of Chinese radioactive waste

Finland exploiting its position as first country to start constructing a geological disposal facility, by providing expertise to China’s nuclear programme.  Also reported by CompeloWorld Nuclear News

22 August 2018                                    APTN News (Canada)

Protesters condemn planned nuclear waste disposal facility near Ottawa River

Short video report on a small demonstration of environmentalists concerned about a proposed low-level radioactive waste facility.

22 August 2018                                    Grand Island Independent (USA)

Educational road show teaches public about shipping nuclear waste

With the resumption of shipments to WIPP, yhe US Department of Energy has organised a programme explaining the transport of radioactive waste, to help inform communities who are en route to WIPP.  Story also reported in Houston ChronicleSacramento BeeWOWT Channel6 News

22 August 2018                                    The Transcontinental (Australia)

Report disputes waste management facility benefits

report by the Australia Institute, commissioned by a conservation group, has questioned the economic benefits of the national radioactive waste management facility for the local communities, with claims the potential external economic benefit of the facility have been exaggerated.

22 August 2018                                    HLN (Belgium)

The storage of nuclear waste costs at least 8 billion euros

Belgium’s national radioactive waste management organisation NIRAS is reported to be reassessing the estimated costs for storing nuclear waste.   It is thought the costs could now be at least €8bn — substantially above the 2013 estimate of €3.2bn. The reassessment is necessary to help nuclear operators understand their financial liability.   NIRAS says that no definite number can be given yet, and the Belgian Government has not yet taken a decision on the storage and disposal of radioactive waste.  Story also covered by the Brussels Times

21 August 2018                                     East Las Vegas.Com (USA)


Although a delegation from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce visited Washington DC to lobby against Yucca Mountain, one member of the Chamber claims the majority of members actually support Yucca.  He concludes saying that people should “get over the hysteria and grasp the opportunity at hand.”

21 August 2018                                     Bellona (Norway/Russia)

Russian scientists cataloguing radioactive waste dumped in the Arctic

Russian scientists have taken to the seas in a research vessel as part of an effort to locate and map radioactive radioactive waste dumped in the Arctic by the Soviet navy from the 1950s-1990s.  The scale of the problem was only revealed by Russia in 2011.  Norwegian observers say that since then Moscow has routinely promised to remove radioactive waste but no actual plans have yet been produced.

21 August 2018                                     Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

Stop producing nuclear waste until we can dispose of it, critics urge Canada

Environmental groups say Canada should stop producing new nuclear waste until the federal government has a plan in place to manage that waste.  They claim the current radioactive waste disposal policy is “pathetic” and needs replacing with something more meaningful and scientific.  This claim appears to ignore the scale of work of Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO).  Story also covered by The ProvinceCTV NewsiPoliticsSt Catherine’s Standard570 NewsRed Deer AdvocateWindsor StarHuffington PostTechnostalls

21 August 2018                                     World Nuclear News

First permits issued for Swiss exploratory boreholes

Switzerland’s national radioactive waste management organisation NAGRA has been granted permits for carrying out the first three exploratory boreholes in its search for potential sites for a geological repository.

20 August 2018                                    UBNow (USA)

‘Hot Spots’ exhibition tackles environmental impact of radioactive waste

University of Buffalo to host exhibition, which in words of the curator: “Even if we never witness another nuclear accident or weapons attack, radioactive material will continue to grow as a result of properly functioning industries, and there are no global — or local — solutions to its safe storage or disposal. That’s why the speculative work of artists is so critical; it provides a Trojan horse into a complex political and environmental issue.”

19 August 2018                                     Aiken Standard (USA)

SRS sends five boxes of waste to New Mexico

Local relief that high-level waste stored locally has started being shipped to WIPP.

19 August 2018                                     Stuff (New Zealand)

Kiwi software company helping solve some of the world’s biggest environmental issues

Finland is using specialist 3D technology developed in New Zealand to help build its geological disposal facility.  The software was most recently used in the rescue of Thai schoolboys from deep caves, by turning the geological data known about the caves into a 3D map which helped emergency services rescue the boys.

17 August 2018                                     News First (Sri Lanka)

Will Sri Lanka become the dumping ground of Asia?

Follow up story, not reassured by Government responses to concerns that a free trade agreement with Singapore may permit transfer of radioactive and other toxic wastes to Sri Lanka, by citing an example from the 1980s of toxic pesticides being sent from Pakistan (though waste never left customs holding facility and was returned when discovered).

16 August 2018                                     WCAI Public Radio (USA)

Citizens Advisory Panel Skeptical Over Sale of Pilgrim Nuclear Powerplant

Concerns about the financial sustainability of the proposed new owner of the plant, for which citizens seek further assurances.  Current owner Entergy says it does not have the same level of expertise in decommissioning as the intended new owner Holtec International.  Holtec are the company seeking to build a temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico.  Both the proposed temporary facility and the sale of the Pilgrim Nuclear power station are subject to Nuclear Regulatory Commission approval.

16 August 2018                                     Australian Broadcasting Corporation

South Australian Aboriginal group wins injunction to halt nuclear ballot

The Barngarla people, the traditional owners of much of the Eyre Peninsula, have secured a temporary halt to the local referendum pending a final Court decision next Thursday (23 August).  They argue the ballot contravenes the 1975 Racial Discrimination Act.  However, the Government believes that the ballot complies with the Local Government Act, and that while the majority of the Barngarla people live outside the affected areas the federal government has been including them in the consultation process.  The proposed ballot is not binding, but forms part of the process of public consultation.  Story also covered by the Adelaide AdvertiserGreen Left Weekly9NewsWhyalla NewsAntiNuclearNetTheTranscontinentalEyre Peninsula TribuneNews.Com.AuSBS NewsPort Lincoln Times, with further subsequent reporting by Eyre Peninsula Tribune

16 August 2018                                     Albuquerque Journal (USA)

State could block nuclear storage site near Carlsbad even if federally licensed

Local lawmakers say that despite advice from the State’s Attorney General, they can intervene in the decision-making process.  Also reported by Carlsbad Current-Argus

16 August 2018                                     EU Scoop (Bulgaria)

Bulgaria to Work on Projects with Macedonia and Hungary

Bulgaria agrees a Memorandum on Cooperation and Information Exchange on Nuclear Regulatory Issues between the Nuclear Regulatory Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Hungarian State Atomic Energy Authority, including radioactive waste management and disposal.

15 August 2018                                     Red Flag (Australia)

Waste dump bribery in SA

Describing itself as a “voice of resistance”, magazine claims economic package for the local community which hosts a proposed radioactive waste facility is just a bribe to get local people to vote in favour of the proposal.

15 August 2018                                     Politics Home (UK)

The status of new nuclear in the UK

Article from leading online political comment outlet focuses on long-term issue of radioactive waste disposal and explains UK Government policy.

15 August 2018                                     Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Sandoval urges officials to gear up to fight Yucca Mountain in 2019

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval concerned that although funding this year for Yucca Mountain has been shelved because of deadlock between the US Senate and US House of Representatives, that could change after the mid-term elections and renewed funding bids for the 2019-2020 federal budget.  Also reported by East Las Vegas.ComKNPRand NewsLocker, and the Las Vegas Sun reports on the detail of steps being taken to sustain the state’s opposition.

14 August 2018                                     Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Senate releases nuclear report

After hearing local opinion the Australian Senate Economics References Committee have produced a report which has disappointed opponents of the proposed radioactive waste facility.  The Committee made some recommendations, eg on enhancing engagement with indigenous peoples and independently assessing land values, but have not otherwise impeded the site selection process.

14 August 2018                                     Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Hornepayne residents rally against nuclear waste storage

Sone local people organise march to express their opposition to a geological repository potentially being sited in their community.

14 August 2018                                     News 1st (Sri Lanka)

Radioactive waste heading to Sri Lanka?

TV and online reports about concerns that a recent free trade agreement between Singapore and Sri Lanka will allow radioactive waste to be imported to Sri Lanka.

13 August 2018                                     Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

TV and the Bomb

A look at how TV programming has influenced the public’s ‘nuclear fear’, and how cultural and media reference points are still rooted in the cold war.

13 August 2018                                     Port Lincoln Times (Australia)

SA could be world clean energy capital

Article setting out how South Australia could embrace low-carbon and renewable energy industries, including nuclear.

13 August 2018                                     Port Lincoln Times (Australia)

Port options bring discussion close to home

With the federal government now indicating that radioactive waste may need to pass through local ports, a newspaper editorial questions whether the impact on communities far away from the proposed radioactive waste facility site in Kimba/Hawker should have been considered sooner in the process.  The story is also picked up by the Eyre Peninsula Tribune

13 August 2018                                     New Scientist                  

Ancient natural nuclear reactors show how to store radioactive waste

Scientists are using information on the decay of radioactive elements from a 2-billion year old naturally-formed ‘nuclear reactor’ underneath modern-day Gabon in Africa to inform how best to manage disposal of higher activity radioactive wastes.  Story also covered by Discover MagazinePhys.OrgForbes MagazinePhysics WorldAdvocator, Forbes, Seeker

13 August 2018                                   Sudbury Star (Canada)

Buried nuclear waste poses no explosion threat

Member of the local Community Liaison Committee concerned that misinformation from opponents to the planned geological repository is a greater risk to the project than an explosion or terrorist attack.

13 August 2018                                   Premium Times (Nigeria)

After PREMIUM TIMES report, contractors complete abandoned projects at Nigeria’s Nuclear Technology Centre

Newspaper claims success in its campaign to reveal corruption and to force authorities to re-start work at the Centre which houses Nigeria’s radioactive waste management facility.

10 August 2018                                   The European Sting/World Economic Forum

Radioactive nuclear waste is a global threat. These scientists may have a new solution

Report on work by past and current CERN scientists to find ways of reducing radioactivity of nuclear waste.  UK and other countries pressing ahead with geological disposal until a better alternative method is discovered, and are monitoring/sponsoring research into such new techniques.

10 August 2018                                   Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Communities waste no time questioning nuclear future

Report on the final public meeting before a local referendum on whether to host a low-level radioactive waste facility.  Local farmer David Schmidt who chairs the Kimba Economic Working Group (and is pro-facility) noted that: “As a community, I think we are all across it now and ready for the vote.  Everybody has told us how safe this is, and how regulated this industry is, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, whatever it may be.”  Kimba Consultative Committee member and chair of the No Radioactive Waste on Agricultural Land in Kimba and SA Peter Woodford said uncertainty about transport routes remained, but that people had been “very respectful throughout the whole process”.  Mr Woodford’s concerns surround land values and the ‘nuclear’ stigma which may hinder the Eyre Peninsula’s reputation as being “clean and green” agricultural land.

9 August 2018                                     Kincardine News (Canada)

NWMO introducing nuclear waste plan education to youth

Review of how Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) has been engaging with young people in potential host communities for their GDF.

9 August 2018                                     Baltic Course (Lithuania)

Lithuania’s Ignalina NPP calls tender for waste repository’s technical supervision

Lithuania’s Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant has published a tender for the procurement of technical supervision and engineering services to support the planned near-surface repository for low and intermediate level radioactive waste.  It is thought that the Lithuanians will invite tenders for the construction of the facility in October.  The repository plans have been developed in conjunction with ANDRA of France, with the facility die to be opened in 2023.

8 August 2018                                     Bloomberg News

Holtec Nuclear Waste Project’s Opponents Seek Role for New Mexico

Further coverage of concern that the State authorities have little say in the the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s licensing process of the proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facility.

8 August 2018                                      Mirage News (Australia)

MUA Says No To Nuclear Ports In South Australia

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), which has a long-standing anti-nuclear stance, has said it will not ship radioactive waste to the proposed South Australia disposal facility.

8 August 2018                                      Kitchissippi Times (Canada)

Celebrate the Ottawa River in music and song

Beach music festival to showcase local talent organised as a way to raise public awareness of the alleged risks of storing radioactive waste in the vicinity if the Ottawa River.

7 August 2018                                      Ocean Beach Rag (USA)

Speak Out Against the Nuke Dump on the Beach at San Onofre

Public hearings this week being run by the California State Lands Commission as part of the process for producing an Environmental Impact Report on the San Onofre decommissioning project.  Report on the public hearing can be read in The Coast NewsCourthouse News

7 August 2018                                      Vermont Public Radio (USA)

Closing The Lid At Vermont Yankee: What’s Next For Sealed Nuclear Waste

Dispassionate 10-minute analysis of how radioactive waste is being stored, local public reaction, and future disposal.  On-site interim surface storage facilities are across road from a primary school, and most local people more concerned about economic impact of nuclear site closure.

7 August 2018                                      Port Pirie Recorder (Australia)

Senior public servant rejects fears about radioactive waste handling at Port Pirie

Concerns about sea transport of radioactive waste addressed in this article.

7 August 2018                                      Whyalla News (Australia)

Slow down nuclear process: Sweeney

Environmentalist calls on Government to delay decision on siting a low-level radioactive waste facility.

7 August 2018                                       Business News Western Australia

Calls for nuclear waste facility in WA

Claims that a site in Western Australia is better location for planned low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia.

6 August 2018                                      Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Nuclear information session in Kimba

Last opportunity provided for residents to raise questions before the local referendum.

6 August 2018                                      New Civil Engineer (UK)

Nuclear experts back plan to bury waste under national parks

Nuclear experts have come out in support of government proposals to bury nuclear waste under national parks.

6 August 2018                                      Open Access Government (USA)

Why should we care about radioiodine in the environment?

Radioiodine poses most of the calculated risk of all radionuclides from radioactive waste sites that can potentially reach the natural and human environment, according to two academics in this analysis focusing on the pathways and posing questions about radioiodine mobility in the environment today.

5 August 2018                                      International Business Times (India)

Watch: Nuclear waste containers put through demanding tests to see if they will fail

First reported by GDFWatch in March, the safe transport of radioactive waste has been tested in a 14,500 mile journey.  This article includes video of other tests assessing strength of canisters to withstand accidents and high-speed crashes.  Story also covered in US by Popular MechanicsThe Verge

4 August 2018                                      Modern Diplomacy (Europe)

China- Africa Framework: Strategic Cooperation  &   Building a nuclear industry in Africa

Two articles looking at China and Russia strategic ambitions in Africa, mention fears that their activities are not benign and that Africa may become a “nuclear waste dumping ground”.

3 August 2018                                      InDaily (Australia)

Traditional owners “locked out” of nuclear waste vote

The head of the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association says the majority of Adnyamathanha people have been denied a vote on a proposed radioactive waste management facility near the town of Hawker.  Voting in the local referendum is for anyone who lives within 50km of the proposed site, and only 300 of the 2500 tribe members live within the 50km radius.  The federal government believes it is being fair and reasonable to all those most impacted by the potential site.  This story also covered by the UK’s Cumbria Trust.

3 August 2018                                      Bloomberg News (USA)

Environmental Riders Hobbling Efforts to Finish First Minibus

Reports that continued Congressional disputes over funding for Yucca Mountain threaten passage of other federal budget legislation.

3 August 2018                                      Whyalla News (Australia)

Nuclear process ‘secrecy’

An Australian Centre Senator has likened the secrecy around the proposed nuclear waste facility in South Australia to Soviet-era Russia.  This was disputed by the federal government which says it needs ‘broad community support’ for the facility, but Senator Patrick claimed the community is confused about what that means.  The local Task Force Leader said the specifics around the site selection process were ‘not a secret’, and that “All I know from talking to the community is that they want this ballot.”

3 August 2018                                      KTVN CBS News2 (USA)

Heller, Rosen Far Apart on Many Issues

Televised debate between the two Nevada candidates for November’s US Senate elections includes debate on Yucca Mountain.

3 August 2018                                      London Free Press (Canada)

Concerns raised about spent nuclear fuel shipments

Local Canadian MP wants answers to concerns that US may be planning to transport spent nuclear fuel through Canada.  Story also covered by Port Huron Times HeraldCommon Dreams

3 August 2018                                      Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Shipments to grow by end of August, air system ongoing

WIPP planing to accept 10% more shipments of waste for disposal in the coming year.  Since reopening the facility last year, over 320 packages have been placed underground.  Plans are to increase this to nearer 400 deposits in the coming year.

3 August 2018                                      Sault Ste Marie Star (Canada)

Nuclear waste debate divides Northern town

Report on the local debate in Hornepayne, one of the identified areas to potentially host the Canadian deep geological repository.

3 August 2018                                      Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Proposed nuclear waste facility has South Australian towns divided as locals prepare for ballot

Another review of the local debate ahead of the planned local referendum.

2 August 2018                                      Navajo Times (USA)

2 get VP’s attention on transport of uranium waste

Attempts by activists within Navajo community to stop rail transport of radioactive waste through their lands.

2 August 2018                                      San Francisco Chronicle (USA)

Lack of New Mexico say in nuclear waste project draws ire

New Mexico lawmaker chairing the legislative committee investigating Holtec International’s proposed temporary radioactive waste facility is concerned by the State’s Attorney General’s lacklustre response to the powers available to New Mexico to block the proposal.  Story also covered by NJ.ComKUNMAlbuquerque Journal

2 August 2018                                      The Mainichi (Japan)

NRA OKs plan to bury radioactive waste from nuke plant decommissioning for 100,000 yrs

As Japan holds public consultations on the appropriate geology for geological disposal, the Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) have published their first ever standards for disposal of higher activity radioactive waste.  These new standards have been published in draft form, subject to their own public consultation.

2 August 2018                                      KPBS (USA)

Former NRC Chief Says San Onofre’s Nuclear Waste May Never Be Moved

Greg Jaczko, who headed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) when the San Onofre power station was shut down in 2012, has said Southern California Edison should stop burying nuclear waste next to the beach.  This was because, in the absence of a long-term solution, plans to move the waste elsewhere may never materialise and the material may end up there more permanently, and because the power company were not siting the waste canisters sufficiently high above anticipated rising sea levels.

2 August 2018                                      New Vision (Uganda)

Security personnel trained in radioactive waste management

Uganda’s Atomic Energy Council (AEC) has started training of police, army and transport sector workers in the handling and transporting of radioactive waste.

2 August 2018                                      The Transcontinental (Australia)

State government urged to block nuclear facility

With a local referendum looming in which residents will decide whether they wish to host a radioactive waste facility, conservation groups have submitted a 10,000-signature petition asking the South Australis state government to intervene and over-rule any local decision in favour of hosting the facility.

2 August 2018                                       Alibi (USA)

MORE THAN OUR SHARE: Proposed waste storage site meets opposition

Analysis of debate around the proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facility in New Mexico.

1 August 2018                                       KRWG Public Radio (USA)

Holtec International Answers Questions over Proposed Nuclear Waste Site

30-minute radio interview with senior Holtec International executive, talking about the company’s proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facility in New Mexico.

1 August 2018                                       Standard & Poors Global

Entergy to sell Pilgrim, Palisades to JV decommissioning company

Holtec International is buying up power plants in US to decommission, promising to do the job more quickly and more cheaply.  Their assumptions in part based on regulatory approval for their planned temporary radioactive waste storage facility in New Mexico.  Story covered by Boston GlobeAlbany Times UnionNews TribuneAsbury Park PressWBURNewJersey.ComNJ SpotlightMinneapolis Star TribuneCompeloRhode Island Public RadioState Impact PennsylvaniaBrattleboro ReformerWestchester Journal News

1 August 2018                                       Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP wins big at national mine rescue competition

Report on the success of the facility’s team, and its trainer as he’s inducted into the Mine Rescue Hall of Fame.

1 August 2018                                       Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Attorney general: New Mexico has little say in Holtec proposal

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas said the State has limited power to stop the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) from licensing the proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facility.  Also covered by Charlotte Observer

31 July 2018                                          The Guardian (UK)

Allow nuclear waste disposal under national parks, say MPs

Widespread coverage of the UK’s Business Select Committee approval for the draft GDF National Policy Statement (NPS).  The Select Committee is a group of MPs who provide Parliamentary oversight of the Government’s pans and activities.  The NPS sets out the framework within which future planning decisions on the GDF will operate.  As the report notes, this planning process is separate to the siting process.  You can read more about the Committee’s Report and its recommendations here.  Media coverage wholly focused on public fears rather than actual realities, alleging contrary to evidence that the “government plans” to “bury” radioactive waste in one of the UK’s most environmentally-protected zones.  National media coverage includes: Sky NewsThe IndependentDaily TelegraphDaily MailinewsHuffPost UK Socialist Party magazineDaily Mail (cartoon).  Local/regional coverage in The Herald ScotlandNews & StarDevon LivePlymouth HeraldCumbria TrustRadiation Free Lakeland.  Trade media coverage in Utility WeekEnergy VoiceCarbon BriefNew Civil EngineerBusiness GreenPlanning ResourceEnergy Live NewsProLandscaperGroughCIWM JournalEdieNet.  Even international media coverage on XinhuaRT NewsWorld Nuclear News

31 July 2018                                          Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba goes ahead with vote

Local council approves local referendum on whether to host a low-level radioactive waste repository.

31 July 2018                                          Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Debate over nuclear waste facility in SA intensifies ahead of vote

3-minute radio report on the local debate in Kimba area, as Minister visits area to satisfy himself that local people have all the information they want to make an informed decision at the pending local referendum.  Story also covered in Eyre Peninsula Tribune.

30 July 2018                                         La Menace Theoriste (France)

Should we bury our radioactive waste?

Account by an environmental activist of a tour of the underground facilities at Bure, being built in preparation for the disposal of France’s radioactive waste.  While still uncertain about whether geological disposal is the best option, the writer acknowledges that open-ness, transparent and public engagement are necessary to build trust and faith in the project.

28 July 2018                                         Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

COMMENTARY: Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Yucca Mountain

Editorial analysing previous ruling by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and concludes he is not “anti-Yucca”, but that his ruling simply said federal agencies must comply with the law.

28 July 2018                                         GeologyIn

Can Radioactive Waste Be Immobilized in Glass for Millions of Years?

Article looking at the research being done at Rutger University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering to improve long-term safety of radioactive waste.

28 July 2018                                         Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Sandia researchers study spent nuclear fuel storage

Article looking at how research scientists are examining and developing casks to safely store radioactive waste.

27 July 2018                                          World Nuclear News

Mission reviews Chernobyl waste management

IAEA experts have completed a review of the feasibility study for the creation and location of new radioactive waste management and storage facilities at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

26 July 2018                                         Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

We tend not to carry letters to the editors normally, but on this occasion there is a collection of letters from local residents which seem to convey the balance of opinions and issues of importance to the local community.

26 July 2018                                         Fox5 (USA)

Sen. Dean Heller working to keep Yucca Mountain from reviving

Nevada Senator talking about how he negotiated funding for Yucca out of the 2019 Federal budget.

25 July 2018                                         AntiNuclearNet (Australia)

Waste dump for Kimba- nuclear bonanza or nuclear sacrifice zone?

A blog summarising both sides of the debate presented at recent public hearings.

25 July 2018                                         Las Cruces Sun News (USA)

Las Cruces City Council approves resolution opposing nuclear storage facility

Las Cruces becomes latest city to narrowly pass resolutions opposed to the transport of radioactive waste to the proposed new temporary waste storage facility.  Some City Councilors had wanted to amend the resolution because they were not opposed to the facility in principle but wanted further tests and assessments carried out.  However, an amended resolution was not allowed.  Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagishima said the project provided no benefits to people outside that area:  “There’s really no upside to Las Cruces.  The downsides could be huge. [My interest] is the safety and welfare of Las Cruces residents.”   Story also covered by  ABC News7KRWG Public RadioAlbuquerque JournalUS News & World Report

24 July 2018                                         Politics Home (UK)

NIA comment on article by Alan Brown MP

Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) Chief Executive Tom Greatrex responds to claims the Government has no plans for managing radioactive waste.

24 July 2018                                         PML Daily (Uganda)

Energy ministry in radioactive waste handling training

Report on IAEA-supported training for Ugandan staff as the country prepares for its own civil nuclear programme.  Also covered by Daily Monitor

24 July 2018                                         ABC News (Australia)

Multimillion-dollar incentive put on the table for town that takes on nuclear waste facility

Australian federal government have announced an increase from Aus$10m to Aus$31m in the long-term investment package associated with hosting a radioactive waste repository.  Green Party poll finds majority of South Australians opposed to proposal — except those living closest to the site.  Story also covered by Whyalla NewsThe TranscontinentalEyre Peninsula Tribune

23 July 2018                                         Forbes Magazine

Radiation And The Value Of A Human Life

Report on the debate within the US medical profession about safe levels of radiation at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society (HPS).  HPS represents the group of scientists most responsible for protecting us from the harms of radiation. They argue that rad limits have been set so low that they can cause more harm than good, unnecessarily costing hundreds of billions of dollars that could be used in more productive ways to save lives.

23 July 2018                                         Las Vegas Review Journal (USA)

Yucca Mountain revival efforts appear dead – for now

Congressional committee resolving differences between Senate and House of Representatives’ budgets has dropped funding request for Yucca.  No further movement expected until after midterm elections in November.  Also reported locally by NBC News4KDWNWBZW, and further afield by the Miami HeraldUS News & World ReportNewstral

23 July 2018                                         Yonhap News Agency (Korea)

Gov’t to nurture 800 experts in nuclear sector

Korean Government commits to training and developing sufficient people with expertise in decommissioning and radioactive waste management, to ensure the country’s nuclear fleet can be safely decommissioned and waste disposed of.

22 July 2018                                          Daily Post (UK)

Centre that will train up a generation set to be given go ahead

A planning application for a new “world-class” infrastructure skills training centre on Anglesey, tied to the new Wylfa nuclear power station, gives some an indication of the sort of additional activity hosting a GDF might offer a community.  The proposed training centre is designed to deliver many of the skills requirements associated with the construction stages of major infrastructure projects.

21 July 2018                                          Reno Gazette Journal (USA)

Heller says he backs Trump court nominee despite 2013 opinion that advanced Yucca Mountain

Widely-seen as the most vulnerable Republican Senator facing re-election this November, Nevada’s Dean Heller backs Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Story also covered by Las Vegas Review-JournalKOH-AM Newstalk

20 July 2018                                         TB NewsWatch (Canada)

More nuclear waste test drilling planned for Ignace area

Having completed the first test 1000m borehole (the core samples taken will take about a year to analyse), an article explains next steps and the need for up to 20 boreholes to collect all the necessary information about the areas’s geological suitability.

20 July 2018                                         Realnoe Vremya (Russia)

Russian Rosatom dominates global nuclear energy market

Biggest long-term risk to Rosatom is the amount of radioactive waste to which it is contractually-obliged to manage and dispose of.

20 July 2018                                         Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Scoping meeting on Holtec held in Hobbs

Continued opposition to Holtec’s plans for a temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico expressed at the latest of many public hearings into the proposals.  Story also covered by KRWG National Public Radio New MexicoKOB News4KRQE

20 July 2018                                         Durham Region (Canada)

The Pickering nuclear plant’s explosive secret

Pending a permanent geological disposal facility, activists are concerned that proposed surface interim storage facilities are not being built to protect against rocket, bomb or aircraft attacks.

19 July 2018                                          Yale Environmental 360 (USA)

Why Nuclear Power Must Be Part of the Energy Solution

Pulitzer prize winner sets out a case for nuclear energy, and recognises that radioactive waste management is the key public issue to address.

19 July 2018                                          Clipper28 (India)

Govt elaborates in Parliament on nuclear waste disposal

Replying to a Parliamentary Question, Indian Government reveals there have been no radiation leaks in past three years, and that India’s multi-barrier protection systems are in line with international best practice.

19 July 2018                                          Laka (Holland)

Council of State examines nuclear waste NRG Petten

Activist concern that the approved radioactive waste disposal method is driven by cost rather than environmental considerations.

19 July 2018                                          San Clemente Times (USA)

Op-Ed: What’s Next for SONGS? A Surfer’s Perspective from Inside the Offline Nuclear Power Plant

Environmental activist reports on his tour of San Onofre nuclear site, focusing on the radioactive waste storage and disposal options.  Reluctantly accepts that waste will be stored on site for foreseeable future in interim surface storage facilities, but notes that public will pressure government for a permanent geological disposal solution: “Long-term, the U.S. government needs to address the situation and figure out a way to get nuclear waste out of communities and into safe, secure storage. That’s really where the fight will be in the months and years to come.”

18 July 2018                                          NewsWire (Canada)

The Nuclear Waste Management Organisation issues Reconciliation Statement collaboratively with Indigenous Elders and youth

Canada’s organisation (NWMO) responsible for finding a GDF site is leading the way towards reconciliation by acknowledging historical wrongs in Canada’s past.  The 2015 Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada in 2015 recommended the corporate sector build respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples.  According to tribal elder Dian Longboat, “the NWMO is demonstrating leadership by interweaving First Nation and Métis voices and Indigenous Knowledge systems into its ongoing work.  Taking an active role in reconciliation and responding to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will serve the NWMO well as it works to build meaningful relationships founded on mutual trust and collaboration with First Nation and Métis peoples, their organisations and communities.”

17 July 2018                                           ANDRA (France)

Signature of a partnership agreement between Andra and its German counterpart BGE

As Germany restarts its process of setting up a deep disposal site for highly radioactive waste, a 5-year agreement signed with France’s ANDRA so that Germany can learn from France’s experience.

17 July 2018                                           Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Opposition rallies ahead of public hearing on Holtec site

Public encouraged to participate in further planned public hearings, as this article sets out key arguments being placed for and against the proposed temporary radioactive waste facility.

17 July 2018                                          US Department of Energy

WIPP’s Young Professionals Group Builds Career Paths, Supports Community

Social media posting of how younger staff at WIPP are engaged in exchanging learning across sites and disciplines, and working with the local community.

16 July 2018                                          Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba workshop to be held for small-medium businesses

Potential business opportunities presented for local companies if proposed radioactive waste facility is constructed.  Story also covered by The Transcontinental

16 July 2018                                          Ahval News (Turkey)

Erdoğan becomes sole authority over Turkey’s nuclear energy

Concerns about the independence of the new Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) which Turkish President Erdoğan has established and placed under his sole control, and uncertainty about the future role of the Turkey Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK), which will now only be responsible for the disposal of nuclear waste.  Under the new regulatory regime radioactive waste will need be kept at the lowest possible levels, and will be stored on the Akkuyu nuclear plant — although Rosatom, which is building the power plant, has previously said it would be moving the radioactive waste to Russia.

16 July 2018                                         Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Editorial: NMED, speak up on Holtec

Concern that state authorities are not applying the same regulatory rigour to the proposed Holtec temporary facility as they did when WIPP was a proposed radioactive waste disposal facility.

16 July 2018                                          Fox5 Las Vegas (USA)

Community leaders to advocate for Nevada on Capitol Hill

Opposition to Yucca amongst key issues to be raised in Washington by a local delegation.  Also covered by Las Vegas Review-Journal

15 July 2018                                          The Daily Star (Bangladesh)

Rooppur Power Plant: No worries over safety

At the inauguration ceremony for Bangladesh’s new nuclear power plant, the Prime Minister says that Russia will take responsibility for the disposal of the radioactive waste.  Story also covered by BD News 24

15 July 2018                                          Oil Price (Russia)

Why Nuclear Energy Is Critical For Russia

In an article discussing the financial and geopolitical benefits for Russia of Rosatom’s commercial success, a warning that the contractual commitments Rosatom has made regarding radioactive waste management and the security costs and requirements of guarding that waste may create problems in the longer term.

14 July 2018                                          Politico (USA)

Yucca-ing it up

Report on the Congressional visit to the Yucca Mountain site.  Similar coverage also in Las Vegas Review-JournalLas Vegas SunNevada IndependentEast Las VegasNewstralTexas Energy ReportUSA Breaking News NetUS & World NewsBiz Dailies, Radwaste Monitor. One of the participating Congressmen, Jeff Duncan, also issued a press release in support of the Yucca Mountain site.  Visit covered by Australian media outlet Hot Copper

13 July 2018                                          Liberation (France)

More than 1 million m3 of radioactive materials and waste in France

Report on the publication of the latest update on France’s radioactive waste inventory, explaining where the waste is held and plans for its geological disposal.  Story also covered by 20 Minutes and Le Monde

12 July 2018                                          Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Lawmaker says he can’t get info on waste plan

A New Mexico state legislator is concerned that he has still not yet had responses to the almost 60 questions he sent to the administration of Gov. Susana Martinez earlier this year, questions about Holtec International’s proposed temporary radioactive waste storage site.  Story also covered by KRWG Public Radio New Mexico

12 July 2018                                          KSL Utah (USA)

Radioactive dirt and a truck fire: Critics call it a disaster in waiting

Truck carrying low-level radioactive waste catches fire in Utah, provides environmentalists with opportunity to highlight their concerns about transport of radioactive waste.  No radiation leak or risk to public health reported.  Also reported by CBS Channel 2 KUTVWRAL

12 July 2018                                          Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Longtime Yucca Mountain supporter eyes site as funding fight simmers

Review and update of political activity relating to Yucca Mountain:  Congressional discussions to reconcile House willingness to fund Yucca project with Senate’s refusal to do so; Congressional visit to Yucca site; Nevada considering legal action against Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) after new member declines to recuse himself from decision on Yucca — Nevada claim he has previously made pro-Yucca comments and is therefore conflicted, while he says he has not commented specifically on Yucca and his alleged comments refer to his support generally for geological disposal rather than any specific site.

11 July 2018                                          Utility Week (UK)

Nuclear waste plants could be built in national parks

Under a lurid headline, a factual report of Energy Minister Richard Harrington’s appearance before the Select Committee inquiry into the draft GDF National Policy Statement (NPS).  Harrington said: “We have to look at all possible sites where communities want it. It would be very wrong to exclude them at the moment.”  He added that the acceptability of the individual facilities would depend on the impact that it had on the landscape of the area, citing a new potash mine in North Yorkshire, which has involved very little surface development, as an example of what can be achieved in an environmentally sensitive location.  “If it [GDF] was a huge 1km industrial building in the middle of a national park that wouldn’t be acceptable.”  BEIS also responded to Committee scepticism of the consent-based approach to finding a site, saying that pursuing a Plan B at this stage would undermine the approach.  Hearings also covered for US audiences by Radwaste Monitor

10 July 2018                                         The Transcontinental (Australia)

Senate hears from Hawker community

Review of the public hearings being held in which local residents and environmental groups have given their views on a low-level radioactive waste facility ahead of a local referendum in August.

10 July 2018                                         Toronto Now (Canada)

Pickering’s nuclear waste problem just got bigger

Lack of a geological repository for the disposal of radioactive waste is one the key factors in environmentalists opposition to a proposed extension to the operating licence of local nuclear plant, amid their concerns about safety of how existing waste will be stored on the Pickering site.

10 July 2018                                         New York Times

Brett Kavanaugh Likely to Bring Pro-Business Views to Supreme Court

President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee would appear to be pro-Yucca Mountain.   Listing Kavanaugh’s previous judgements, the NY Times reports he ruled that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission had wrongly delayed licensing the radioactive waste storage facility in Nevada.  His “Yucca” record also reported in Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Nevada Independent.  NY Times subsequently published more detailed analysis.

9 July 2018                                           Independent Australia

Matt Canavan’s ‘urgent’ new nuclear waste dump: The devil is in the detail

Environmentalist claims Government has not reviewed all available options for disposal of radioactive waste.

9 July 2018                                           San Francisco Bay View (USA)

Nuclear power in Africa?

Political critic of Rwanda’s President alleges, without evidence, that the US is seeking a “dumping ground” in Africa for its radioactive waste.

7 July 2018                                           La Tribune (France)

The heavy legacy of nuclear waste

Largely factual summary of the debate in France on what to do with its radioactive waste, and ANDRA’s plans to construct a geological repository at Bure.

7 July 2018                                           Hankyoreh (Korea)

March for a nuclear-free world

Short report on an annual “pilgrimage” walk in South Korea calling for the dismantlement of all nuclear power plants and facilities as well as the safe disposal of nuclear waste.

7 July 2018                                           Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Editorial: Critics should cool their jets on Holtec canisters

Local newspaper comes out in support of proposed temporary radioactive waste facility, citing a Californian environmentalist group which said this was the best available option.

7 July 2018                                           Albuquerque Journal (USA)

WIPP lands 90% of performance-based fees

Nuclear Waste Partnership (NWP), the contractor managing the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) has been awarded more than US$10.7m in performance-related fees by the US Department of Energy (90 percent of the available performance-based fees for the 2017 fiscal year).  In its performance review the DoE gives NWP an “excellent” in mission performance and “very good” in four other categories: regulatory compliance, management performance, safety and health performance and cost control.

7 July 2018                                          ABC TV (Australia)

Cultural genocide or a great economic opportunity? Nuclear waste facility divides traditional owners

Disagreement between tribal elders over whether a proposed radioactive waste facility insults traditions or creates much-needed work.  Also covered by AntinuclearNet

6 July 2018                                         Antinuclear Net (Australia)

Jodie Joyce – another true believer in the National Radioactive Waste Facility for Kimba

Appears to be the written submission of a local resident to the current Australian Senate Hearings into the proposed radioactive waste facility, in which she explains how open the public consultation and discussions actually are in this small community.  She is critical of outsiders and some within the community:  “There have been many mis informed media representations portraying our small community as divided, this has continued to put us in the wrong light …Those of us who are Adults are entitled to vote however we decide this is our chosen right … I personally hope that they will keep their negative thoughts to themselves and let Kimba’s residents make their own informed decisions.”  other submissions from residentsThe website also publishes in favour of the facility.

6 July 2018                                         The Australian

Traditional owners slam selection process

Concern expressed at Senate Hearing that Government has conducted an “ineffective, inappropriate and incomplete” Aboriginal cultural heritage assessment in its search for a low-level radioactive waste facility.

6 July 2018                                         Whyalla News (Australia)

Senator talks nuclear

Western Australian politician wants his area included in federal government consultations on where to site a radioactive waste facility, saying there is substantial local support for such a facility in the area.

6 July 2018                                         UKRINFORM (Ukraine)

Poroshenko signs decree on revival of Chornobyl zone

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree which includes additional measures for safe management of radioactive waste.  Also covered by Kyiv Post

6 July 2018                                         EU News (Slovakia)

State aid: Commission approves reductions of nuclear levy for electro-intensive users in Slovakia

The EU will allow Slovakia to reduce payments into the fund set up to cover the country’s nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management costs.  The reduced payments will only be for major industrial users “exposed to international trade”, as a way for Slovakia to help some of its main exporting businesses remain competitive.

6 July 2018                                         Politics Home (UK)

BEIS Committee members visit Sellafield site to see the massive task of cleaning up the UK’s nuclear legacy

Upbeat report on the Committee’s visit to Cumbria as part of their information-gathering and preparation for the Inquiry into the draft GDF National Policy Statement.

5 July 2018                                         GhanaWeb

Nuclear energy is the key to Ghana’s industrialization

Reliable radioactive waste management technologies are an important ‘reassurance’ as Ghanaian Minister sets out case for nuclear’s role in driving Ghana’s modernisation and economic growth.

5 July 2018                                         9 News (Australia)

Community weighs in on SA waste dump

At a public hearing in Kimba, members of the Australian Senate’s Economics Reference Committee heard from both sides of the debate about whether to site a low-level radioactive waste facility in the area.  No Radioactive Waste on Agricultural Land in Kimba, a group made up of 240 members, believes the consultation has been mishandled by the government.  However a local farmer, pointing to a local referendum in which 57% of residents voted in favour of proceeding with the project, said anti-nuclear groups speaking out against the plan had no accountability for their claims: “No matter how well-consulted, how robust the science is or how clear the consent from the local community is, the well-established anti-nuclear movement will attack the process from another angle.”  Story also covered by Whyalla News

5 July 2018                                        The Transcontinental (Australia)

Aboriginal employment at Wallerberdina Station site

Thirty Adnyamathanha community members were employed at the Wallerberdina Station site for the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility from mid-April to June.  Co-Chair of the Economic Working Group Malcolm McKenzie said he hopes the potential facility will boost employment for the local Aboriginal community: “If the new facility goes ahead, there will be 45 new jobs. I can see Aboriginal people having many opportunities to participate. It would be great news all around.”

4 July 2018                                        Brattleboro Reformer (USA)

Feds make no promises on Vermont Yankee fuel

In absence of disposal options, radioactive waste may stay on site in Vermont.  Story also covered in the Greenfield Recorder

4 July 2018                                        Infrastructure & Projects Authority (UK)

Buried in the annex (Annex D, page 21) of the Authority’s Annual Report published today is the IPA’s review of the GDF, in which they have raised their risk assessment to Amber/Red: Successful delivery of the project is in doubt, with major risks or issues apparent in a number of key areas. Urgent action is needed to address these problems and/or assess whether resolution is feasible.

4 July 2018                                        The SandPaper (USA)

Exelon Targeting 2023 for Spent Nuclear Fuel Removal at Oyster Creek: Will Begin Full Dismantling of Nuclear Power Plant in 2075

In absence of a geological disposal facility, it has been announced that radioactive waste will be kept on the New Jersey site for 60 years.  The safety and management of the process is explained in this local newspaper story.  Story also covered in Power MagazineWHYYKVEOAsbury Park Press

4 July 2018                                        India Today

SC grants 4 more years for Kudankulam nuclear plant to construct waste tank, activists raise safety concerns

India’s Supreme Court grants a 4-year extension until 2022 for the construction of a required radioactive waste and spent fuel storage facility.  Also covered by The News MinuteLiveMintNew Indian Express

3 July 2018                                        Taiwan News

Dip in China’s CO2 emissions sparks cautious optimism

Analysis of China’s energy programme and Chinese public opinion on the issues notes that most Chinese people either trust that the radioactive waste problem can be solved, or they simply don’t care.

3 July 2018                                        Albany Times Union (USA)

Niskayuna supervisor confident on Knolls atomic debris storage plans

Local agreement on continued surface storage of higher activity radioactive waste at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in New York state, pending removal of waste for disposal at WIPP.

3 July 2018                                        The Engineer (UK)

Space particles help detect uranium and manage nuclear material

British scientists have developed and are deploying a new way of assessing the safety of radioactive waste, which is less intrusive and much cheaper than current practices.  The Muon Imaging System (MIS) “can be used for a variety of purposes, whether that’s inspecting old/spent material used in nuclear production to see if it’s safe to store … or inspecting historic waste without needing to chip away its concrete encasing.  This form of detection is providing the nuclear industry with an inexpensive method for testing waste materials, to which there is currently no other technological option. This should help to significantly lower costs within the nuclear industry,” according to Prof Ralf Kaiser, CEO of Lynkeos, the company established by the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to commercialise the scientific breakthrough.  Story also reported by World Nuclear NewsPhys.Org

3 July 2018                                        Online Opinion (Australia)

Aboriginal First Nations and Australia’s pro-nuclear ‘environmentalists’

Article by anti-nuclear campaigner setting out arguments that have been deployed on both sides of debate about South Australia hosting radioactive waste facilities.

3 July 2018                                        Taiwan News

Taiwan still unable to find US company willing to take radioactive waste

Taiwan still cannot find either a domestic or international  solution to disposal of its low-level radioactive waste.

3 July 2018                                        Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

NRC member rejects Nevada request to sit out Yucca Mountain proceedings

A Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) member whose impartiality on the Yucca Mountain project was challenged by Nevada has refused a request that he recuse himself from any proceedings related to the proposed nuclear waste repository.  Story also covered by the Nevada AppealExchange Monitor

3 July 2018                                        Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Congressional delegation to tour Yucca Mountain in Nevada

A bipartisan group of lawmakers from US House of Representatives, who support permanent storage of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain will visit the site on 14 July.  This is the first such congressional tour since 2015.  Also reported in San Francisco ChronicleNewsLockerSan Luis Obispo TribuneDemocratic UndergroundWopular.  Story updated on 12 July, just ahead of the visit, by Las Vegas Review-JournalNevada Independent

2 July 2018                                        Tehran Times (Iran)

115 tons of medical waste produced daily in Tehran province

Report on scale of problems in safe disposal of medical waste notes the medical sources of radioactive waste that needs specialised management.

2 July 2018                                        CGTN (China)

Study finds crucial clue for safe storage of nuclear waste

Report on research which inhibits water transport of radioactivity in waste stored in a GDF.  Story also covered by ECNS

2 July 2018                                        Devdiscourse (UK)

New chair appointed to UK’s Committee for Radioactive Waste Management

Coverage of UK government’s announcement also in Energy Live News

1 July 2018                                         Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

EDITORIAL: Junking nuke fuel reprocessing plant offers no margin for error

Following the decision to decommission Japan’s nuclear reprocessing plant, leading national newspaper urges a cautious approach because “drums of radioactive wastewater are piled up in a disorderly manner in the spent fuel pool, apparently a sign that the operator never thought about the possibility of the plant being scrapped.”  However, paper notes the national opportunities and interest and that handing down “experience and expertise concerning the business of nuclear decommissioning to future generations will offer immeasurable long-term benefits for the nation.”

1 July 2018                                        Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Holtec’s storage plan isn’t worth the risk

Personal opinion piece, that despite local community, business and political support, some people remain concerned about the risks associated with transporting the waste.  This based on the newspaper’s report about an incident in February involving one of the canisters Holtec intends using to hold waste in the planned temporary storage facility.

29 June 2018                                   North West Evening Mail (UK)

Sellafield tackles its biggest risk yet

The clean-up of the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo is one of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) highest priority programmes.  The silo was constructed decades ago, without plans for how the waste would eventually be taken out.  The building is no longer suitable for long-term storage of nuclear waste.  The waste is being removed in preparation for disposal in the GDF.  Also covered by BBC Online.

29 June 2018                                   Bellona (Russia)

Russian environmentalists demand transparency from the country’s nuclear waste industry

Environmentally significant information about radioactive waste should never be secret, and concealing information about the disposition of this waste from those who live closest to it is unacceptable, said a joint statement from three Russian ecological non-profits.  The statement was issued last week by the group Radioactive Waste Safety, Greenpeace, and Bellona.

28 June 2018                                   Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Waste makes haste: How a campaign to speed up nuclear waste shipments shut down the WIPP long-term repository

Links to a pay-site academic article reviewing what happened and what caused the incident at WIPP in 2014.

28 June 2018                                   JAX News4 Florida (USA)

FPL parent loses bid for federal tax refund

A US federal appeals court has ruled against NextEra Energy, the parent company of Florida Power & Light, in a tax dispute related to fees paid for the disposal of nuclear waste.  NextEra have been seeking a “sizeable” tax refund for fees it paid to the federal Nuclear Waste Fund for disposal of radioactive waste.  Also reported by Law360, Courthouse News, Law.Com, Florida Record

28 June 2018                                   Taiwan News

There should be no regrets about reforms: Taiwan President

In a wide ranging speech, Taiwanese President re-committed to ending civl nuclear power by 2025, while acknowledging obligation to safely dispose of radioactive waste.

28 June 2018                                   Business Korea

S. Korean Gov’t Focusing on Nuclear Power Decommissioning

Fears that South Korea’s focus on cleaning up its nuclear legacy will impact on ability of Korean companies to capture a slice of global commercial nuclear markets.

27 June 2018                                   KRWG Public Radio New Mexico (USA)

Peter Goodman comments on a proposal to store more nuclear waste in New Mexico

Short (3 min) item recognises need for a permanent radioactive waste disposal facility but concerned that proposed temporary stores will de facto become permanent stores — to paraphrase him, in our rush to do the right thing, we should not do a wrong thing.  [Commentary starts at around 2’15” into the podcast].

26 June 2018                                   International Atomic Energy Agency

Director General’s Statement at World Nuclear Exhibition

The IAEA’s Director General reports “good progress” globally on geological disposal facilities, saying:

“One of the reasons for public concern about nuclear power is the problem of nuclear waste.  Despite some perceptions to the contrary, the nuclear industry has been managing waste disposal successfully for more than half a century. Dozens of facilities for low-level and intermediate-level nuclear waste are in operation throughout the world.  As far as the long-term management of high-level radioactive waste and spent fuel is concerned, good progress has been made in recent years, here in France, as well as in Finland and Sweden. The first deep geological repository for spent nuclear fuel is likely to become operational in Finland early in the next decade.”

26 June 2018                                   Port Lincoln Times (Australia)

Facility will create jobs

The jobs and investment from the proposed low-level radioactive waste repository passed the “pub test” judging by the reaction to the news when announced to local pub regulars.

26 June 2018                                   Globes (Israel)

Bringing peace to the Middle East with nuclear reactors

Centralised security, and management and disposal of radioactive waste from nuclear plants across the Middle East is being touted by a US-based nuclear investment company, ACU Strategic Partners.

24 June 2018                                   Bobr Times (Ukraine)


Short report on the two radioactive waste repositories being built in Chernobyl.

24 June 2018                                   Las Cruces Sun News (USA)

Plan would make state a dump site for nuclear waste

Continued concern that Holtec International’s proposed “temporary” radioactive waste storage facility has not been fully thought-through and may become more permanent than planned.  Column also published by KRWG National Public Radio

22 June 2018                                   International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA Mission Says Bulgaria Committed to Safe Management of Radioactive Waste, Sees Areas for Further Enhancement

Following an independent peer review, Bulgaria advised to make necessary financial provision for a geological disposal programme.

22June 2018                                     Dutch News

Scrap metal dealers arrested for passing on radioactive metal waste

Authorities say no immediate risk to public, as they intercept rocks from a dismantled ship’s ballast which are radioactive.

21 June 2018                                    Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Groups call to halt nuclear waste facility plan

Local residents are urging the Atomic Energy Council to revoke a construction permit it issued to Taiwan Power Co (Taipower) to build a radioactive waste dry storage facility in New Taipei City, following a Supreme Administrative Court ruling that the construction project does not meet environmental regulations.  Residents are concerned that the company might not have the appropriate technologies and personnel for radioactive waste management to ensure their safety.

21 June 2018                                    Post Register (USA)

Investigation continues into barrel rupture cause

Update on the investigation into the incident at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in April.  Nobody was injured, and no radiation escaped.  It remains a mystery, as, according to people working that day, everyone followed procedure and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with or different about the drums that ruptured.  The incident occurred as radioactive waste was being repackaged into new canisters.  The waste had originally been transported to Idaho in the 1950s and 1960s, and had been buried at the facility.  The barrels containing radioactive waste had been dug up as part of a cleanup programme at INL and preparation of the waste for final disposal at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).

20 June 2018                                   World Nuclear News

Full-scale tests to start soon at Finnish repository

Finland says it will soon begin a full-scale final disposal test at the Onkalo GDF. The test is designed to demonstrate that the final disposal process will work as planned, a condition for obtaining an operating licence for the repository under construction.  Story also covered by NucNet Nuclear News Agency

20 June 2018                                   New Vision (Uganda)

Uganda’s 30,000 megawatts from Uranium by 2026

Opposition to Uganda’s planned nuclear programme concerned about long-term management of radioactive waste.

20 June 2018                                  Bloomberg News

Saudi Moves Forward With Plan to Turn Qatar Into Island

Saudi Arabia pressing ahead with its plans to build a canal, military base and radioactive waste facility along its border with Qatar.  Story also covered by Gulf Business News, Daily Telegraph, Mint Press News, Middle East Eye, Business Insider, Times of Malta

19 June 2018                                    Forbes magazine

Stop Letting Your Ridiculous Fears Of Nuclear Waste Kill The Planet

Time magazine’s “Hero of the Environment” Michael Shellenberger writes a very challenging article saying that nuclear waste is not the problem, it’s our search to solve a perceived problem that’s the problem.  Tackles anti-nuclear environmentalists head-on.

18 June 2018                                    The Australian

Race to lock in nuclear dump before federal election

Australian Government Minister says local referendum and government decision on siting of a low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia expected by end of this year, before federal elections.

18 June 2018                                    Vermont Digger (USA)

New project could relieve pressure on Vermont Yankee

Assessment of how proposed temporary radioactive waste facility in West Texas may relieve need for radioactive waste to be stored in interim surface facilities at decommissioned Yankee nuclear plant.

18 June 2018                                    The Nation (Thailand)

Fukushima nuclear plants finally face decommissioning

Thai newspaper considers risks of effectively and safely managing radioactive waste as Fukushima is decommissioned.

18 June 2018                                    New Matilda (Australia)

Flooded Valleys And Burning Forests: The Global Face Of Renewable Energy

In a series of articles a pro-nuclear environmentalist argues that overblown and misplaced fears about radioactive waste and radiation distort understanding ecological impacts of renewable energy sources.

17 June 2018                                    Czech Radio


Community in Czech Republic votes against hosting a radioactive waste storage facility in a local referendum.

16 June 2018                                    Le Monde (France)

Bure: between 1,000 and 3,000 people demonstrate against the burial of nuclear waste

Reports that 100 “thugs” attacked police during an otherwise peaceful protest at Bure.

16 June 2018                                    Manila Bulletin (Philippines)

Ratification of int’l conventions needed in PH nuclear framework

The Philippines Senate Energy Committee Chairman Sherwin T. Gatchalian has said the country needs to ratify the Convention on Nuclear Safety, the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management, and the Amendment to the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material before it can construct its own national nuclear legislative and regulatory framework.

15 June 2018                                    USA Today

Riverkeeper blasts Indian Point re-use plan, pushes tax on spent nuclear fuel

New York environmental group says: “In effect, closed reactor sites become interim storage facilities and local communities should be compensated appropriately. A creative plan to tax the storage of spent nuclear fuel is one possibility the state should explore.”  This article is followed up by a separate op-ed in the local newspaper

e15 June 2018                                    Today Online (Singapore/Australia)

Remote Australian town wrestles with nuclear future  

Singapore media outlet reports on Australia’s search for a low-level radioactive waste repository.

15 June 2018                                    The Statesman (USA)

A&M System’s charge at Los Alamos includes improving safety culture

New contractor to run Los Alamos nuclear facility “thrilled” at chance to change the safety culture at the national nuclear laboratory.

15 June 2018                                    Invest in Manchester (UK)

What is the future of nuclear energy?

Article explaining work of Dalton Institute at Manchester University, and new collaboration between social scientists and nuclear scientists.

15 June 2018                                    Yonhap News Agency (Korea)

S. Korea’s retired reactor faces herculean decommissioning process

Feature article on complexities of decommissioning Korea’s nuclear power plants and permanently disposing of the radioactive waste safely.

14 June 2018                                    Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: Volume tracking change could be delayed by NMED

Proposals to reclassify waste, which would increase capacity at WIPP, may be delayed if the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) opt for a slower and more detailed appraisal and approval process.  Story also covered by Albuquerque Journal

14 June 2018                                    Blackburn News (Canada)

Researcher Visits Bruce County To Study Nuclear Waste Facility Siting Process

A University of Buffalo researcher is looking at Bruce County’s participation in Canada’s search for a home for high-level radioactive waste.  Saying that the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) is taking a unique consent-based approach to finding a GDF site, the researcher wants to assess how consent will be measured and at how community members are engaged in the process, and if everyone has a voice.

14 June 2018                                    E&E News (USA)

Senate eyes floor action on energy-water bill, rescissions

US Senate may simply avoid mentioning funding for Yucca next week, by focusing on reducing budget deficits overall, in a complicated reconciliation process following last week’s approved budget by the House of Representatives.

14 June 2018                                    Barents Observer (Russia)

World Cup puts break on nuclear transport

Russia halts all transport of radioactive waste during the World Cup, on safety grounds, as part of a wider ban on shipments of any hazardous materials.

14 June 2018                                    ABC TV News (USA)

Work begins to boost airflow at US nuclear repository

As previously reported by GDFWatch, media now mentioning a new ventilation system that will clear the way for more radioactive waste to be disposed of at the US’s underground radioactive waste repository in southern New Mexico.  Story also covered by Japan Times, Business Insider, KUNM Radio New Mexico, Carlsbad Current-Argus, US News & World Report, KCBD-TV Carlsbad, Mining Technology, Los Alamos Daily Post

14 June 2018                                    Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Nuclear site selection process questioned

A Western Australia politician has described the federal government’s search for a site to dispose of radioactive waste in South Australia as a “sham”, because the government is not considering sites in his area.

13 June 2018                                    Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Who is Holtec? International company touts experience in nuclear storage

Local paper profile sthe company seeking to build a temporary radioactive waste storage facility in New Mexico.

13 June 2018                                    Xinhua (China/Ukraine)

Ukraine to revive railway in Chernobyl zone

Reports that Ukrainian Government have approved US$35m to re-open the Chernobyl railway line, so that radioactive waste can be transported to the storage facility being built near to the infamous reactor.

12 June 2018                                    Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Las Vegas officials vote against reviving Yucca Mountain

It would have been real news if they hadn’t, but the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s Board members unanimously approved a resolution opposing the revival of federal funding for the proposed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain.

12 June 2018                                    Ghana News Agency

Nuclear Energy is safer than others – Rosatom

In interview with local media to promote nuclear energy, Rosatom’s President Dmitry Shornikov said that misconceptions regarding nuclear waste management are perhaps the most deep-seated in the human mind, that the nuclear industry was the only industry to take full responsibility for the waste it produced, it produced less waste than other energy sources.

12 June 2018                                    Reuters

Sweden nuclear waste firm revamping storage plan, sees decision by mid-2020

Reuters confirms GDFWatch story that SKB have been requested to submit further information to the Swedish Government by January 2019.  Government decision on next steps in the GDF process now expected in 2020.

12 June 2018                                    The Verge

Our nuclear legacy is also our nuclear future

Interesting interview with author Fred Pearce about his new book exploring the global issues of radioactive waste.  Book reviewed (below) in The Economist.

11 June 2018                                     Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nevada wants recusal from NRC member on Yucca Mountain decisions

Nevada has filed a request with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that newly-appointed Commissioner David Wright recuse himself from any federal decision on Yucca Mountain, citing his past advocacy and public comments critical of local opposition to the controversial project.  Also covered by E&E News

11 June 2018                                     Taipei Times (Taiwan)

INTERVIEW: Academia Sinica president plans for low-carbon future

In discussing Taiwan’s need to migrate to more diverse and low-carbon energy sources, recognition that managing radioactive waste is one of the issues that mean the migration will not be quick.

11 June 2018                                     KRQE News (USA)

Bernalillo County Commission to discuss transportation of radioactive waste

Following Albuquerque and Jal City Councils’ decisions to ban train transportation of radioactive waste to Holtec International’s proposed temporary waste facility, another local municipality weighs the options.

11 June 2018                                     Daily Star (Bangladesh)

Proactive judiciary is needed to deliver environmental justice

An interview with a Professor of Environmental Law who says that while Bangladesh has signed up to many international treaties it often lacks resources and technical skills to implement them.  He’s less concerned about new nuclear power plants, as these are being built and monitored by the IAEA and Russian experts, but is concerned that Bangladesh needs to build expertise in managing radioactive waste.

10 June 2018                                    KMVT CBS News 11 (USA)

Magic Valley leaders and residents say “No” to stranded nuclear waste

Local concerns in Twin Falls Idaho that a shipment of radioactive waste to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) will not be processed and sent for permanent disposal within a year as contractually agreed — raising fears that the INL will become a de facto radioactive waste facility in the absence of a geological repository. They are supported by an ex-Idaho Governor in an Idaho Statesman editorial.

8 June 2018                                      San Francisco Chronicle

House passes $145B spending package

The US House of Representatives has approved US$267m to revive the mothballed radioactive waste facility at Yucca Mountain.  Supporters say the site would help solve a nuclear-waste storage problem that has festered for more than three decades.  Leading the effort, Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois said: “To gain the public’s confidence in nuclear energy, we must have a functioning nuclear waste management programme.  It is time to move forward and finish the project.”  The Bill now goes to the US Senate for reconciliation, and where there is stronger opposition led by Nevada Senators to the funding of Yucca.  The story also covered by India’s Economic Times, nationally in US by Energy News, Siouxland ProudWKBN Ohio, Seattle Times, Arkansas Online, and locally by Nevada Independent, KTVN News2

8 June 2018                                      International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA Completes Nuclear Security Advisory Mission in Switzerland

Switzerland requests an independent peer review of its nuclear safety regime, and gets positive report.

8 June 2018                                      ABC TV News (USA)

New $2.5B contract awarded to manage nuclear weapons lab

Management of Las Alamos National Laboratory has been awarded to a new consortia, following a series of safety lapses, including one major packaging failure which led to the closure of WIPP in 2014.  The National Nuclear Security Administration’s tender required any would-be contractors to foster a “security conscious culture,” something watchdog groups have said has been missing at the lab.  The winning consortia, National Security LLC comprises Ohio-based Battelle Memorial Institute, Texas A&M University and the University of California.  They are expected to take over management of the site later this year.  The contract is estimated to be worth US$2.5bn a year, though there are still concerns that the University of California, a member of the previous discredited management consortia, is still involved in running Los Alamos.  Story also covered internationally by Japan Times, Mail Online, and in the US by San Francisco ChronicleDefense NewsThe Saratogian, WFMZ Allentown, News 1130, Albuquerque Journal

8 June 2018                                      North West Mail (UK)

Sellafield to store nuclear waste on site for up to 100 years

Sellafield seeking planning permission to extend its interim surface radioactive waste stores pending a permanent geological disposal facility.  Also covered by Whitehaven News, Times & Star

7 June 2018                                      Nevada Appeal (USA)

Congress could fund Yucca restart next year

Head of Nevada’s Nuclear Projects Office says he doesn’t expect US Congress to approve funding to re-start licensing of Yucca Mountain this year, but there’s a 90 percent chance of funding to move forward with licensing the facility next year.

7 June 2014                                      Northern Ontario Business (Canada)

Ignace puts plan in place to woo business, investment

Community in running to host a GDF wants to diversify its economic base.  Local official says: “the community has been open-minded enough to educate themselves in weighing the pros and cons of the perceived safety and environmental risks versus the magnitude of a development that could transform the community for generations and decades to come.”

7 June 2018                                      The Economist

Secrets and lies of the nuclear age

Review of a book by Fred Pearce examining the historic culture of nuclear secrecy, noting that now “most civilian nuclear activities are safe”, and that in democracies the public has the power of veto.

7 June 2018                                      New Jersey.Com (USA)

‘The Long Goodbye’ haunts old N.J. nuke plant | Editorial

Bipartisan inertia over successive Administrations blamed for the failure by the federal government to relieve states from the responsibility of storing radioactive waste.

7 June 2018                                      Daily Star (Bangladesh)

Productivity before People

Article critical of Bangladeshi Government’s drive towards nuclear, questioning whether Bangladesh has the skilled workers and safety cultures required to operate nuclear facilities and manage radioactive waste.

7 June 2018                                      Utah Public Radio (USA)

Waste Storage, Not Nuclear Disastor, Is The Real Risk of Nuclear Power, USU Lecturer Says

According to a nuclear expert at Utah State University every source of energy that we choose to use has a cost to our environment.  And when it comes to nuclear power people often focus on the risk of a nuclear disaster, rather than the management of the waste.

7 June 2018                                      World Nuclear News

WIPP returns to routine operations

Following a precautionary shutdown after the discovery of a misaligned radioactive waste package on 24 May, underground operations have been fully restored.  There were no injuries or radiological release.  Story also covered nationally by ABC News, San Francisco Chronicle, Phys.Org, and locally by Albuquerque Journal, Los Alamos Monitor

7 June 2018                                      The State (USA)

Judge’s ruling keeps over-budget nuclear project from being shut down

US Government plans to cease building a MOX facility and instead send the plutonium for disposal at WIPP have been halted following a legal challenge by South Carolina state which is concerned about the local social and economic impacts if construction ends.  Also reported by the Albuquerque Journal

6 June 2018                                      Vietnam Express

Time to scrap scrap imports: Vietnam minister

After China stopped accepting scrap waste from other countries, Vietnam became a destination.  However there are now concerns in Vietnam that it is not equipped to deal with the scale of waste arriving.  One lawmaker said the amount of scrap that Vietnam imports was way too high and risks “turning the country into a landfill of industrial and radioactive waste.”  This story subsequently picked up by Nikkei Asian Review in Japan.

6 June 2018                                      The Baltic Course (Lithuania)

Future CEO of Ignalina NPP: Nukem will not be able to vie for new orders

Interview with new boss of Lithuania’s nuclear power plant, in which he says building a waste repository is one of his top two priorities.  Claims he wants to be “transparent”, and indicates Russian or Russian-controlled companies will not be able to bid for contracts, citing national security concerns.

6 June 2018                                      Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba prepares for first Health and Wellness Weekend

Kimba Mental Health and Wellness Group have partnered with Kimba Health and Fitness Centre to put on the community’s first ever Kimba Health and Wellness Weekend, partly funded by the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Community Benefit Programme.

5 June 2018                                      Vermont Digger (USA)

Welch backs controversial nuclear waste bill

Local US Congress Representative explains why he supported recent vote to fund Yucca Mountain project, and a parallel programme to authorise Energy Department to assess temporary radioactive waste facilities pending a final repository being designated.

5 June 2018                                      Sputnik News (Russia)

Russian Universities’ Create Solutions for Generating Income From Waste

Article reviewing range of research being conducted to recycle and extract value from all kinds of waste, including radioactive waste.

5 June 2018                                      Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Editorial: Wasting billions in federal tax dollars just the pits

Highlights the billions of dollars already spent on radioactive waste and spent fuel facilities, but no permanent solutions found, and the meter continues to run in terms of spending the taxpayer’s money. Concerned that New Mexico taking on more responsibility for managing the waste than originally planned, while other states concerned about closure of facilities that would reduce need for waste to be transported to and stored in New Mexico.

4 June 2018                                      KRQE News New Mexico (USA)

Jal OKs resolution against interim nuclear storage plan

After Albuquerque city council voted against allowing radioactive waste to be transported through the city en route to a proposed new temporary waste facility, the city council of Jal also opposes the planned facility.

4 June 2018                                      EuroNews

Nuclear inspection: 3D scanner for easier checks at underground site

Article on new technology being used to help Finland build its GDF more safely.

4 June 2018                                      Albany Times Union (USA)

Radioactive waste storage plan eyed for Niskayuna research cleanup

US Department of Energy seeks permission to keep high-level radioactive waste on decommissioned New York site because of backlog of waste transports to WIPP.  Also covered by All Over Albany

4 June 2018                                      Oil Price.Com

The Nuclear Reactor That Makes Its Own Fuel

Further story on a Bill Gates-backed company developing a new type of nuclear reactor which only produces 1/5th the radioactive waste of conventional nuclear reactors.

4 June 2018                                      The Ecologist (UK)

Fracking company injunction against protest ‘will limit human rights’

High Court legal dispute between campaigners and the fracking industry.  Potential implications for managing anticipated protests against any proposed GDF site.

4 June 2018                                      USA Today

Congress works to revive long-delayed plan to store nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain

Review of US political debate which echoes GDFWatch’s own prior analysis of US Congressional discussions and activity on disposal of radioactive waste.  Suggests that House of Representatives have created opportunity for striking a compromise with the Senate by opening door to funding a programme for temporary storage facilities pending further decisions on Yucca Mountain or another site for a geological repository.

3 June 2018                                       MidNorth Monitor (Canada)

Candidates vie for votes in Espanola

Disposal of radioactive waste an issue raised and discussed at an all-candidate public election debate.

2 June 2018                                       Nevada Independent (USA)

Indy DC Download: House to take up bill on Yucca spending and GOP House leaders look to appease pro-immigration Republicans

Following the short Memorial Day recess, members of Congress return, with the House of Representatives set to take up a bill that funds the Department of Energy and proposals to revive the project to build a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain.  A Nevada representative has retabled ‘blocking’ amendments which were rejected by a House legislative subcommittee.  Also covered by Las Vegas Review-Journal

1 June 2018                                       Politics Home (UK)

WNTI celebrates 20 years of safe nuclear transport

The World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) is celebrating its 20th anniversary of supporting safe and secure nuclear transport around the globe.

1 June 2018                                       Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Appeals court throws out lawsuit over Nevada’s Yucca Mountain

A US federal appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit by the state of Texas that sought to force a licensing decision on the proposed nuclear waste storage project at Yucca Mountain, citing procedural problems with the action.  Texas had been arguing that the federal government had ignored a 2012 deadline to complete the geological repository licensing process, in attempt to speed up the removal of radioactive waste held in interim surface storage facilities in their state.  Story also covered by ABC KOLO News 8, Nevada Appeal, US Energy News, Legal Newsline. Nevada Senator Dean Heller’s response also reported by Ripon Advance

1 June 2018                                       New Age (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh govt needs to make public nuclear power safety plans

Concerns that Government have not explained how the radioactive waste from Bangladesh’s nuclear new build programme will be stored and disposed of.

31 May May 2018                            Bellona (Norway/Russia)

In a drill, fake terrorists take over Arctic radioactive waste storage site

Russia conducts exercise to test their security plans for protecting radioactive waste storage sites.

29 May 2018                                     Nevada Independent (USA)

Concerns about government bullying and safety were the top reasons for those opposing the House Yucca bill

Interviews with the small number of US Representatives who voted against further funding of Yucca to find out why they did not side with the vast majority.   Fears that federal could impose a solution on any other state, and concerns about safety of transporting radioactive waste were key reasons.

29 May 2018                                     New Mexico Political Report

New Mexico to decide this week on WIPP permit changes

New Mexico expected to decide on 1 June whether to approve a request from the Department of Energy to change the way in which radioactive waste is defined, that would allow an increase in the capacity at the WIPP geological repository.

29 May 2018                                      Green Tech Media (USA)

Election Preview: Energy and Climate Races to Watch in 2018

One hour podcast discussing how energy issues will affect the midterm elections and the shape of Congress.  Asks the question: Could the outcome of Nevada’s Senate race affect how the nation deals with nuclear waste?

29 May 2018                                      The Conversation

Long article recording the history of nuclear in Nevada and explaining the reasons behind conflicting local public opinion.  This article was subsequently reprinted in US News & World ReportThis is Reno, GOOD magazine, ECOWatch, High Country News

28 May 2018                                     Northumberland News (Canada)

Northumberland’s Kim Rudd pushes for clean energy while in Scandinavia

Canadian Minister visits Finland’s GDF while on a tour of Scandinavian countries, as part of Canada’s preparation for hosting the G7 summit, the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial and the fourth Mission Innovation Ministerial summits, all of which Canada hosts in 2019.

28 May 2018                                     Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Council opposed to shipping radioactive waste through city

Albuquerque city councillors vote 4-3 to oppose transportation of radioactive waste through the city to the proposed temporary storage facility currently under consultation.  Story also covered by KRQE News 13, US News & World Report.

28 May 2018                                     The Atlantic

The 60-Year Downfall of Nuclear Power in the U.S. Has Left a Huge Mess

Lengthy feature article reviewing the history of nuclear power, decommissioning of those sites, and the disposal of radioactive waste. Article says: “There is general agreement that the only way to keep high-level waste safe is by turning the liquids into solids and then burying it all deep underground, somewhere where neither water nor seismic activity is likely to bring the radioactivity to the surface, and where nobody is likely to stumble on it unexpectedly.  Before it can be buried, most high-level waste needs to be stored for up to a century while it cools. Unfortunately, this has encouraged countries to put off making plans. None of the world’s high-level waste currently has any permanent resting place. The planet is instead peppered with interim stores. America is no better. Its 90,000 metric tons of high-level waste—set to rise to as much as 140,000 tonnes by the time the last power plant closes—is mostly sitting in ponds at dozens of power stations.”

28 May 2018                                     WebWire (Canada)

Explore Our Possibilities & Celebrate Our Success – The Township of Ignace is on the Threshold of Transformation

One of the communities being considered to host Canada’s GDF is launching its Community Investment Readiness and Capacity Building Master Plan.  Also covered by Northern Ontario Business

26 May 2018                                     Nevada Independent (USA)

Indy DC Download: The delegation backs military bills ahead of Memorial Day

Nevada’s congressional representatives back the annual National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) which contains an amendment to require the defence and energy secretaries to submit a report to congressional defence committees “on the impact that building a national nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain might have on defence and energy operations at the Nevada Test and Training Range, the Nevada National Security Site, any other defence facilities in proximity to the project or proposed nuclear waste transportation routes.”

25 May 2018                                     KRQE News 13 (USA)

Emergency status lifted at NM nuclear waste repository

The nuclear waste repository at WIPP was evacuated after workers noticed a waste drum was misaligned.  Following an emergency investigation, no other drums were found out of place, no radiation was released, and operations resumed after three hours.  Officials said that after the 2014 incident at WIPP they now take a very conservative approach to worker safety.  The event was also reported locally by Carlsbad Current-Argus, Albuquerque JournalCBS News Channel 1o, KANW-FM, My San Antonio, and as far afield as the Minneapolis Star Tribune, ABC News, US News & World Report, WDTN News 2, Fox News Australia, NBC News 6 Corpus Christi, Pierce County Tribune, New Mexico Political Report, WPXI News

25 May 2018                                     Gulf News (UAE)

UAE and Chinese nuclear regulators sign MoU

The UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China’s Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) on the cooperation and exchange of information in nuclear safety regulations.  Also covered by Abu Dhabi City Guide

24 May 2018                                     San Clemente Times (USA)

Public comment period for nuclear waste cask strengthening ends June 5

Citizens’ Oversight Projects (COP), a watchdog group actively checking the policies and procedures of decommissioning and storage of spent nuclear fuel at San Onofre nuclear power station has a petition currently being considered by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that would require more safety measures for the casks stored at the offline power plant.  COP Executive Director Ray Lutz said:  “Basically, it’s not asking them to swap them out of the casks.  What we’re trying to get them to do is think about the long-term and plan ahead, and upgrade the canisters with an additional wall.

24 May 2018                                     Uganda Radio Network

Mukono Residents Petition Gov’t Over Nuclear Waste Plant

More than 200 local residents have petitioned the government over the proposed construction of a nuclear waste site in their community, demanding the relocation of the facility.

24 May 2018                                     New York Times

Awash in Radioactive Waste

Thoughtful, powerful and informative opinion article on Yucca Mountain and the case for geological disposal of radioactive waste.

24 May 2018                                     Gulf News (UAE)

UAE presents report on radioactive waste management

Reports the UAE’s submission to and participation in the 6th review meeting of the joint convention on the safety of nuclear fuel and radioactive active waste management in Vienna.  Story also covered by Gulf Today

24 May 2018                                     New Mexico Political Report

With no permanent repository for commercial nuclear waste, NM is in the spotlight

Extended article analysing the local political, business and public debate surrounding Holtec International’s proposed temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico.

24 May 2018                                     ACT Media (Romania)

Nuclear waste: Commission urges 20 Member State to correctly transpose EU rules

Updating the earlier reports about Austria, Croatia, Italy and Ireland entering European Commission infraction proceedings, it now appear that most member states have been written to by the Commission for failing to adequately implement the Radioactive Waste Directive.

23 May 2018                                     US News & World Report

Nuclear Waste Storage Project in New Mexico Draws Criticism

Holtec International may have local political and business, as well as Congressional, support but dozens of people have expressed their concerns at a series of public consultation events in New Mexico.  Environmental and public health risks, safe transportation of radioactive waste, and fears that the temporary facilities may become permanent amongst the key issues raised.  The public reaction at the events also covered by the Santa Fe New Mexican, Albuquerque Journal, NBC News 11 KCBD, Hastings Tribune, KUNM.  However, having heard the evidence the Albuquerque Journal publishes a strong editorial in favour of the project.  The same editorial carried in the Carlsbad Current-Argus.

23 May 2018                                     Roll Call (USA)

Senate Energy-Water Rejects Research Cuts Sought by White House

As part of a wider spending package, the US Senate Energy-Water Appropriations Subcommittee has proposed, in place of funding to restart the process of licensing Nevada’s Yucca Mountain, to dedicate an as yet undetermined amount for a pilot interim storage facility.  The US House of Representatives recently allocated $268m for Yucca.  The different approaches will now be discussed in a conference committee which reconciles differences between House and Senate proposals.  Story also covered by Las Vegas Review Journal, Washington Examiner

23 May 2018                                     Daily Star (Lebanon)

Environment Ministry looks into radioactive waste reports

Government taking steps to allay public concern and to ensure there are no environmental or public health risks following unverified reports of illicitly buried radioactive material.  Such accusations have been made before. Lebanon has long been an importer of radioactive materials for use in everything from health care to industrial production and agriculture.  With financial support, via the IAEA, from Germany, France, USA and Canada, the Lebanese Government had been hoping to declare the country free of radioactive waste by May 2018.

23 May 2018                                     CBS TV News (USA)

Tons Of Nuclear Waste Outside Sacramento May Finally Be Removed

Local CBS affiliate TV news item summarises the issues, debate, implications and complexities of the US House of Representatives’ Nuclear waste Bill and the Yucca Mountain project.

23 May 2018                                     Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic)

Activists succeed with complaint against nuclear waste storage

Court rules that correct procedure not followed in assessing environmental impacts of storing radioactive waste at the Temelin nuclear plant.  Authorities instructed to conduct process again.

22 May 2018                                     CTV News (Canada)

NDP only party opposed to building a nuclear waste bunker near Lake Huron

With local elections pending in Ontario, one of the 3 main parties contesting the vote has said it will intervene amid concerns about the proposed low-level waste geological repository being sited so close to the Great Lakes basin, referencing worries on both sides of the US-Canadian border around the Lakes.  Story also covered by Toronto City News, National PostGlobalNews, Sudbury Star

21 May 2018                                     Live Science

Why Radioactive Waste Is Being Melted into Glass

In what is claimed as a world first, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are turning liquid radioactive waste into glass to make the waste safer for permanent geological disposal.  Turning the liquid waste into a solid form immobilises the radioactivity.  The process will help treat and dispose of the 56 million gallons (211 million litres) of chemical and radioactive waste stored in underground tanks at the Hanford nuclear waste after 40 years of plutonium production.  Development also covered in UK by the Daily Express.

21 May 2018                                     Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Nuclear waste in Nevada? Not on my watch

In a ‘why vote for me’ column, incumbent US Senator Dean Heller, who faces a tough re-election fight, focuses solely on his efforts to block the Yucca Mountain.

21 May 2018                                     IAEA

Iran wants to join the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management — mention in opening remarks by IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano to the 6th Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management in Vienna.

21 May 2018                                    Public News Service (USA)

Two Public Hearings in NM This Week on Nuclear Fuel Repository

New Mexico residents will have two chances this week to tell the Nuclear Regulatory Commission what they think of a proposed underground nuclear storage facility, as the public consultation on Holtec’s plans continue.

21 May 2018                                    Express Tribune (Pakistan)

K-P health facilities told to set up waste management systems

Management of radioactive waste at hospitals in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) province is included within new rules issued to the local health sector.  Story also covered by Dawn

19 May 2018                                    CBS News 8 Las Vegas (USA)

Mary Beth Sewald: Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

Local TV interview with Head of Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce speaking ahead of planned Chamber visit to lobby in Washington DC.  Opposition to Yucca Mountain is lead item in discussion.

18 May 2018                                    Roswell Daily Record (USA)

More public comment allowed on proposed nuclear waste site

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has scheduled additional public meetings in New Mexico regarding Holtec International’s proposal to build a facility to store radioactive waste.

18 May 2018                                    Green News (Ireland)

EU takes action against Ireland over range of environmental issues

The European Commission has taken initial steps against Ireland for failure to adopt a national programme for the management of radioactive waste, and failing to transpose a new EU Directive on Nuclear safety standards before the February 2018 deadline.

18 May 2018                                    Buffalo News (USA)

West Valley remains safe for nuclear waste

A local geologist claims research conducted by the New York State Geological Survey during the 1960s reveals that the locally-disputed West Valley site is safe in geological terms.

18 May 2018                                    Manila Times (Philippines)

PH nuclear legal framework ‘insufficient’

Chairman of the Philippines’ Senate Committee on Energy, Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian, says the country is yet to learn from more advanced nations, including safe management of nuclear wastes.  Also reported in the local Business Mirror, Politiko

18 May 2018                                    Chicago Evening Post (USA)

2018 RadWaste Summit to Explore The Path Forward for Safety, Security and Storage of Radioactive Waste

Major conference being held in Nevada 4-6 September this year.  Would appear to be a privately-run conference seeking paying delegates.

18 May 2018                                     The Economist

Why the Supreme Court changed America’s betting rules

A previous US Supreme Court ruling on radioactive waste underpinned this week’s decision to allow States the freedom to set their own gambling laws.  Story also covered by Forward magazine

17 May 2018                                     Nevada Appeal (USA)

Open letter to Rep Mark Amodei

Resident of Nevada complaining that Amodei does not represent local opinion and interests by voting against Yucca Mountain.  Wishes he and other opponents of Yucca would get it in their heads that it wouldn’t be a “dump site”, and that Nevada is failing itself and the nation by not considering further.

17 May 2018                                     Government Europa

EU refers states to court over spent fuel and radioactive waste breaches

Reports the European Commission’s referral of Austria, Croatia and Italy to European Court of Justice (ECJ) for failing to provide finalised radioactive waste management plans.  Story also covered by Budapest Business Journal

17 May 2018                                     Atlanta Courthouse News Service (USA)

Nuclear-Waste Tax Case Battled at 11th Circuit

Florida nuclear power company Nextera seeking to claim US$100m tax refund by arguing that radioactive waste storage and disposal costs are tax deductible.

17 May 2018                                     World Nuclear News

Progress for WIPP infrastructure upgrade

US Department of Energy approves a new US$288m ventilation system for WIPP.  The increased ventilation will allow waste emplacement activities to be performed at the same time as mining and maintenance operations, and will also allow for easier filter replacement and other safety and maintenance activities.  The system was recommended following the underground ruptured package incident in 2014.

17 May 2018                                     Portsmouth Daily Times (USA)

Vote on Piketon waste facility challenged

Local opposition to the plan to store radioactive waste indefinitely on the site of the old Piketon nuclear facility in Ohio.

17 May 2018                                      Kuwait News Agency

IAEA to host meeting on radioactive waste management

Notes that the Sixth Review Meeting of the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management will take place at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Vienna headquarters from 21 May to 1 June.  The Joint Convention seeks to achieve and maintain a high level of worldwide safety in spent fuel and radioactive waste management, with member countries required to deliver national reports on their implementation of the convention’s obligations that are discussed as part of a peer-review process held every three years.  Topics on the agenda of two-week meeting include recent developments and challenges in the safe management of disused sealed radioactive sources, as well as general safety issues, challenges and public acceptance aspects of storage and disposal of higher-level radioactive waste.

17 May 2018                                     Santa Fe New Mexican (USA)

Legislative committee to hear plans for nuclear waste storage site

First story on Holtec International addressing the first meeting of the Interim Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Committee in New Mexico to discuss their planned temporary radioactive waste storage facility, as part of the lengthy regulatory and planning approvals process.  Second follow up story on what happened at the hearing.  Story also covered by the Albuquerque Journal, Carlsbad Current-Argus.

16 May 2018                                     The Gateway (Canada)

U of A develops new particle accelerator to supply medical isotopes

University of Alberta claim to have developed a way of creating isotopes for medical applications which create no radioactive waste.

16 May 2018                                     ANSA (Italy)

Italy reported to ECJ for smog: Three infraction proceedings opened

European Commission has reported Italy to the ECJ (European Court of Justice) for failure to comply with Directives on managing exhausted nuclear fuel and radioactive waste.

16 May 2018                                    NBC News 3 Las Vegas (USA)

Oregon Congressman hopes to fast-track Yucca Mountain

Nevada media outlet explain why congressman supports pressing ahead with Yucca Mountain project, mainly his fears of an environmental catastrophe if waste is stored on the surface rather than disposed of safely deep underground.

16 May 2018                                    Inside Ottawa Valley (Canada)

Arnprior reeve defends nuclear waste disposal site plan

Local community leader rejects concerns that Canada is not complying with international radioactive waste management standards.  While noting the waste facility plans require further detailed thought and scrutiny, he claimed the environmental groups and First Nations leaders who have raised concerns are just looking for headlines.

16 May 2018                                    Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (Germany)

German nuclear waste disposal fund hires Clifford Chance

Germany’s €24bn nuclear waste disposal fund has appointed Clifford Chance to advise on the fund’s management.

15 May 2018                                    Nevada Appeal (USA)

Statewide candidates speak at Republican luncheon

Republican candidates for state-level elections would all prefer to find alternative uses for Yucca Mountain site and new ways to regenerate local economy.  One candidate says “Yucca” has become a toxic name and the site needs rebranding.

15 May 2018                                    World Nuclear News

NWMO broadens its international cooperation

Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) signed or renewed knowledge-sharing and cooperation agreements with counterparts from five countries: Belgium, France, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. The organisation has previously signed such agreements with nuclear waste management organisations in Finland, South Korea and Japan.

15 May 2018                                    St George & Sutherland Shire Leader (Australia)

South Australia visit for shire mayor and ANSTO chief

Mayor of town already hosting radioactive waste facility visits area where new low-level radioactive waste facility is planned, to speak to local people about living with radioactive waste in your community.

15 May 2018                                    Daily News-Miner (USA)

Nuclear power plant to be decommissioned

Temporary facilities to store radioactive waste on site at Alaska’s only nuclear plant will not provide the protection required, and the waste will have to be shipped from the site for either storage elsewhere or permanent disposal.  Also covered by Power magazine.

15 May 2018                                    GMA News (Philippines)

PNRI cites importance of nuclear waste disposal facility

The Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) have said disposal of radioactive wastes must be addressed if the Philippines government decides to build nuclear power stations.  They want a licensed disposal facility built at the same time as any nuclear power plant, so that waste does not accumulate.

15 May 2018                                    Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba’s free camping a money-maker

Despite being a potential site for a geological repository for low-level radioactive waste, Kimba is gaining a reputation as a “must stay location” for campers, giving the local economy a boost.  Success in part explained by the provision of free camping, with campers asked to make voluntary donations, and new campsite amenities being provided by the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Community Benefit Programme.

15 May 2018                                    The Day (USA)

Revive Yucca Mountain plan and buy time with interim storage

Editorial from Connecticut newspaper, similar to that below from Arkansas, in support of geological disposal and progressing Yucca.

15 May 2018                                    Science Business (Romania)

How to build research infrastructures with regional funds

Report on a new advanced €300m research facility near Bucharest.  Research will include innovations in radioactive waste management.  Main concern expressed in article was difficulty that EU procurement rules created for building and sustaining such a research facility.

14 May 2018                                    Michigan Peninsula News (USA)

House approves nuclear waste amendment

Report on local congressional success in getting US House of Representatives to support a ban on geological repositories for radioactive waste on both sides of the border around the Great Lakes.

14 May 2018                                    Politifact (USA)

Rosen misleads on Heller Yucca Mountain vote

Democrat challenger to incumbent Dean Heller in November’s US Senate elections in Nevada accuses Heller of actually voting to fund Yucca Mountain, but her claims fact-checked and dismissed by leading US political magazine.

14 May 2018                                    Arkansas Online (USA)

Only a hole in the ground.  But it leaves the country in grave danger

Editorial in favour of geological disposal of radioactive waste and of the Yucca Mountain project.

14 May 2018                                    The Transcontinental (Australia)

Students immerse themselves at ANSTO

Schoolchildren from a community considering whether to host a low-level radioactive waste facility spend four days away finding out more about the work of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

14 May 2018                                     ABC News 57 Michigan (USA)

Michiana’s world of nuclear energy from research to policy

Scientists in Michigan would prefer spent fuel was reprocessed, as they believe globally this would provide 5000 years of low-carbon power.  However US government concerned about the amount of weapons-grade plutonium this might produce.  Scientists recognise geological disposal as best disposal method, but note political not technical issues hampering progress to finding a site, saying:  “The problem is the planning horizon to do this is so long that you need some policy that would get you past those changing whims at it were of politicians, and policy where you just pick a path and go for it and get there as the French have done.”

13 May 2018                                    Carlsbad Current Argus (USA)

Underground testing: Robotics team prepares for competition at WIPP

WIPP allowed a local high-school to test their robots underground before the students competed in an international robotics competition.

13 May 2018                                    Ars Technica

Plan to make fuel from weapons-grade plutonium oxides dead on arrival

Reports that US Energy Department have decided not to progress with a MOX processing facility in South Carolina, because it is cheaper to permanently dispose of the material at WIPP.  Governor of South Carolina vows to fight the decision because of the lost jobs and investment.  Story also covered by local newspaper Charleston Post Courier.

13 May 2018                                    San Francisco Chronicle (USA)

Keating sees nuke waste bill making plant closing safer

Californian newspaper reports on a Massachusetts congressman saying that the House Bill will speed removal of radioactive waste from nuclear sites and will help make the decommissioning process safer. Story also covered in Sacramento Bee, and by North Carolina’s WRAL Channel 5.  Covered in Massachusetts by WWLP Channel 22 News

13 May 2018                                    Oxford Mail (UK)

Stanford in the Vale man convicted for failed £4m nuclear waste scam

A man who set up a company to find sites to dispose of radioactive waste has been convicted of a £4m tax fraud.

12 May 2018                                    Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Full air filtration mode a ‘conservative decision’ to protect environment, workers

Air filtration introduced after the rupture of a waste package in 2014 continues to be deployed to prevent radioactive particles from reaching the outside air, despite research that suggests it is not longer needed.  Filtration reduces the amount of work that can be done in the underground nuclear waste repository.  The Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Centre (CEMRC) says filtration no longer necessary because any air released by WIPP would be below federal standards for nuclear exhaust.  However WIPP management prefer to be conservative and cautious.

12 May 2018                                     SBS News (Australia)

Decision looms for SA town of Kimba divided over nuclear waste

Lengthy article and two minute video examining the local debate about hosting a low-level waste repository.  One resident in favour of the project said:  “To me, it’s a lot less scary than the chemicals and the petrol, diesel and everything else that comes through our road here. I think it’s far safer than my own farming industry, to be honest.”

12 May 2018                                    The Guardian (UK)

Campaigners slam £1m incentive to store nuclear waste

“The government’s offer in its consultation is simply not good enough. These communities are being asked to perform an important public service and should be properly recompensed.” Story also covered by Devdiscourse

12 May 2018                                    Tryon Daily Bulletin (USA)

The Foothills’ own Erin Brockovich on a mission

Profile of a 98-year old environmental activist still contesting the transportation of radioactive waste.

11 May 2018                                     Korea IT Times

Atomic Energy Research Institute leaks radioactive waste, where did they go?

South Korea’s Nuclear Safety Commission (NSC) is investigating lost radioactive waste from the Atomic Energy Research Institute.  The whereabouts of gold, copper wire and lead waste that have been allegedly stolen and sold by former and current nuclear researchers is unknown. The waste is all considered low-level waste, but public safety concerns remain.    

11 May 2018                                     Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Anti-nuclear protests at SA Liberal HQ

Protest against state and federal Liberal support for a radioactive waste facility near Kimba.

10 May 2018                                    Bellona (Norway/Ukraine)

Ukraine prepares to handle its spent nuclear fuel independent of Moscow

The post-Soviet era contract with Russia to handle Ukraine’s radioactive waste ends this year.  Concerns that country is not prepared to handle the waste currently stored in Russia and will be sending back.  There are no plans for a geological disposal facility, and little political or public faith in the agencies responsible for managing the radioactive waste — these are seen as a Soviet legacy and too close to the nuclear industry.

10 May 2018                                    Time Magazine

Bill to Revive Nuclear Waste Dump at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain Passes the House

Global media outlet reviews not just the current Bill, but provides a recent political history  of the Yucca Mountain project.  Story also covered in a wide range of national, regional political and trade media, eg: NBC News, CBS News, ABC NewsThe Hill, Salt Lake Tribune, Miami Herald, Business Insider, Boston Globe, Santa Fe New Mexican, US News & World Report, Seattle Times, Utility Dive, The Columbian, New Jersey Herald, Newsmax, Roll Call, World Nuclear News, Mail Online, Kallanish Energy; and even as far afield as the New Zealand Herald, Norway’s Bellona, and India’s The Hindu

This story also covered by US local and regional media, commenting on the implications for radioactive waste stored currently at a nuclear site in their area, eg: Arkansas Online; California’s San Diego Union-Tribune, Sacramento Bee, San Clemente Times, CBS Sacramento, KPBS, The Press-Enterprise, Good Day Sacramento, Sierra Wave, San Francisco Gate; Connecticut’s The Day; DC’s Ripon Advance; Georgia’s Augusta Chronicle; Florida’s St Augustine Record; Illinois’ Chicago Tribune; Indiana’s WANE; Maine’s Press Herald; Massachussets’ Patriot Ledger, Mattapoisett Wicked Local, Cape News; Michigan’s Detroit News; Minnesota’s Star Tribune, Republican-Eagle, Mankato Free Press, Post Bulletin; Missouri’s St Louis Post-Dispatch; New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press, Press of Atlantic City; New Mexico’s Albuquerque Journal, Carlsbad Current-Argus; North Carolina’s Star News Online, Winston-Salem Journal; Ohio’s News-Herald; Oregon’s East Oregonian, KDVR ABC News12, Hood River News; Pennsylvania’s Go Erie, Sun Gazette, WPXI Pittsburgh; Tennessee’s Bristol Herald Courier; Texas’ Chron.Com, San Antonio Express-News; Washington’s Tri-City Herald, Daily Herald, NEWStalk; Utah’s St George News; Virginia’s Daily Progress; Wisconsin’s State Journal

Nevada media unsurprisingly unhappy with the vote, as noted in NBC News 3 Las Vegas, Reno Gazette Journal, Sparks Tribune, Mesquite Local NewsLas Vegas Review-Journal, CBS Channel 8 Las Vegas, Nevada IndependentABC Channel 13 Las Vegas, KLAS-TV, KOLO News8, KXL101 FM News, Fox5 Las Vegas.  One media outlet even provides a chronology of events at Yucca.

Republican Party issued a supportive statement after Bill passed.

9 May 2018                                      Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nevada’s congressional group unites against Yucca Mountain bill

Only one of the Nevadan congressional delegation’s amendments to the Yucca Mountain funding Bill has been allowed.  This underlines Nevada’s isolation in the bipartisan proposed legislation.  The one amendment accepted would require consensus-based siting for permanent repositories.  The Nevadans believe this would “kill” Yucca Mountain since they do not believe there is sufficient local ‘consent’ other than the communities living closest to the site.  Story also covered by Roll Call, Hastings Tribune, KRQE New Mexico

9 May 2018                                      Detroit News (USA)

No nuclear waste near Great Lakes

Michigan representatives have tabled amendment to a Yucca Mountain funding Bill which would prohibit a geological repository near the Great Lakes, either side of the US-Canada border.  Also covered by Detroit Public TV

9 May 2018                                      Business Insider Australia

32 interesting and surprising measures announced in the 2018 federal budget

Aus$7.7 million to fund immediate and critical radioactive waste management projects (no detail given).

9 May 2018                                      Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Nuclear waste plan is too dangerous for NM

Guest column from activists concerned about the proposed Holtec temporary nuclear waste storage facility.

9 May 2018                                      Unearthed (UK)

Government says it could put nuclear waste site under national parks

Greenpeace magazine article reporting a Parliamentary Answer in which Government said it is not excluding a GDF being built under a protected area but that it should only be consented in such areas “in exceptional circumstances and where it would be in the public interest to do so.”  Story followed up by UK national newspaper Daily Mirror with a reactive comment from Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MP.

9 May 2018                                      The Transcontinental (Australia)

More jobs for nuclear waste facility

More jobs than anticipated at proposed Kimba site for a low-level radioactive waste repository, more than half for local people.

8 May 2018                                      Pro Publica (USA)

Two Leading Bidders for Lucrative Los Alamos Lab Contract Have Checkered Safety Records

Concern that contractors who were responsible for the waste package that ruptured underground at WIPP, forcing the US’ only geological repository for nuclear waste to close for 2 years, are now in the running to secure the contract they lost as a consequence of the WIPP incident and other health and safety violations.

8 May 2018                                      The Times (UK)

Sellafield: Nuclear waste dustbin is cleaning up its act

Emily Gosden of The Times visits Sellafield.

8 May 2018                                      KRQE New Mexico (USA)

WIPP protects infrastructure with metal palm trees

Report on special arrays that protect WIPP facility from lightning strikes.

8 May 2018                                      Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Plan to entomb nuclear reactor breaks promise to Manitobans, watchdog group says

Proposal to entomb radioactive waste on site of a decommissioned reactor because there is no available permanent geological disposal facility draws ire of local people.  Story also covered in the Winnipeg Sun, Yahoo! News

8 May 2018                                       Republican Eagle (USA)

Progress on spent nuclear fuel storage? Local officials say they hope so

Minnesota politicians to press their congressional delegation to support this week’s Bill that would fund next stage of Yucca Mountain assessment project.  Removing nuclear waste from interim surface storage facilities and sending it for permanent disposal a significant local issue.

However, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports Nevadan unhappiness that despite their opposition, the Bill likely to be approved.

8 May 2018                                       Casino City Times (USA)

Las Vegas sends a message to Congress

The American Gaming Association, and Las Vegas business community, have sent an open letter to Congress stating their opposition to Yucca Mountain project.  Story also covered by Las Vegas Sun

8 May 2018                                      Washington Examiner (USA)


More than 160 conservation, anti-nuclear and environmental groups sent a letter to the House, urging them to “oppose” the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2017.  The bill will begin the process of creating an interim storage site to move the nuclear waste being stored at power plant sites, while the Energy Department finishes licensing and building a permanent waste facility at Yucca Mountain in Nevada.  The groups say the bill’s plan is too risky for the environment and that Congress should instead scrap the plan in favour for more public discourse.

7 May 2018                                       Toledo Blade (USA)

Nuke closures have impacted local economies, changed community character

Reports on community discontent over prolonged interim surface storage of radioactive waste at decommissioned nuclear facilities because of the failure to provide a geological repository.

7 May 2018                                       Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Council innovation creating opportunity

The majority of media attention on South Australian councils has recently focused on the issue of rate capping and how that will inhibit local government’s ability to fund opportunities for projects of community significance.  Local Kimba Council seen as leading the way in finding innovative ways, by partnering with community groups, private sector and other tiers of government, to identify non-traditional ways in which services and infrastructure can be made financially sustainable propositions.  This includes the federal government’s $2-million Community Benefit Program, being rolled out as part of the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility site selection process.

7 May 2018                                       WITF Pennsylvania (USA)

Closing Three Mile Island nuclear plant won’t eliminate hazards

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission address local concerns about maintaining interim surface radioactive waste stores at the iconic facility.  Story also covered in York Daily Record

7 May 2018                                      The Hindu (India)

Spent fuel will be stored at KKNPP site itself: NPCIL

Environmentalists lodge new appeal against construction of a nuclear plant until a facility to dispose of nuclear waste is ready

7 May 2018                                      Washington Examiner (USA)

House proposes funding boost for nuclear weapons program, Yucca Mountain

US House of Representatives introduce new spending Bill, which includes funding for Yucca Mountain project.  Story also covered by National Post, US News & World Report, Chron, Mail Online, Kallinish Energy

6 May 2018                                      Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Sun readers write in droves: Say no to Yucca

The newspaper has an avowed anti-Yucca editorial position, and makes much of 100 letters written in protest at Yucca.  The paper also publishes a “package” of materials allowing readers to “sound off” against Yucca.

6 May 2018                                      Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Editorial: Recycling nuclear waste is not the win win it seems 

Anti-geological repository newspaper also criticises plan floated to build a recycling plant rather than a . repository at Yucca Mountain.

5 May 2018                                      Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Review-Journal earns 5 awards in Best of the West contest

Graphic illustrations of the Yucca Mountain site’s geology have won a prestigious media award.

5 May 2018                                      Post Register (USA)

Gov. candidates stances on INL issues contrast

Interviews with both Democrat and Republican candidates in the primaries for the Idaho Governor election, all supporting the Idaho National Laboratory nuclear waste reprocessing plant, but with different concerns about keeping radioactive waste on site for longer than originally agreed.  The Idaho State Journal also interviewed the candidates, and produced a similar but original review of those interviews.

4 May 2018                                      Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Proposed nuclear storage site in southeast New Mexico accused of ‘nuclear colonialism’

Concerns of the Navajo Nation and other Native American groups that they are being ignored over potential sites for storing radioactive waste in New Mexico.

4 May 2018                                      Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

House sets vote on Yucca Mountain bill for next Thursday

Bipartisan support expected in US House of Representatives to approve funding for the Yucca Mountain project.  Story also covered by the Washington Examiner, Nevada Independent, Roll Call, The Hill

4 May 2018                                      London Free Press (Canada)

The security of Ontario’s nuclear plants should be an election priority, not the salaries of top Hydro One execs

Comment on how the costs and issues of decommissioning nuclear plants and building a geological repository are more important than executive salaries.

4 May 2018                                      Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Nuclear panel chair: ‘I remain adamantly opposed’ to Yucca Mountain

Following a public hearing, the chairman of Nevada’s interim legislative Committee on High-Level Radioactive Waste says he’ll continue to support a 2017 legislative resolution stating opposition to the proposed national nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain.

4 May 2018                                      Futurism

We Now Have A Working Nuclear Reactor for Other Planets — But No Plan For Its Waste

Speculative article exploring how waste from nuclear reactors which could power human habitats on Mars might be disposed of locally.

4 May 2018                                      Washington Examiner (USA)

House to vote next week to move ahead with Yucca Mountain as nuclear waste dump

US House of Representatives to decide whether to approve funding for Yucca Mountain.  The bill would also direct the US Department of Energy to authorise an interim storage program before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission completes the licensing process for Yucca.

Bill sponsored by Commerce Committee Chairman Rep. Greg Walden who said: “Following last summer’s 49-4 vote out of the committee, bipartisan legislation to get our nation’s nuclear waste management policy back on track is heading to the House floor next week.  We owe it to the 121 communities across 39 states, as well as to every American taxpayer forced to shoulder the daily $2.2 million burden of inaction, to get this done.”

Story also covered by Las Vegas Review-Journal,

4 May 2018                                      Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Proposed Kimba nuclear waste facility to bring 45 jobs

Announcement received positively locally.

3 May 2018                                      Post Register (USA)

Five go head-to-head for GOP Lt. Gov. nomination

All five candidates for Idaho’s Lieutenant Governor praised Idaho National Laboratory’s work on nuclear energy and said they’d  help the next governor re-examine the 1995 Settlement Agreement governing radioactive waste cleanup, which is currently being consulted on by the US Department of Energy.

3 May 2018                                      SooToday (Canada)

Local Indigenous activist speaks at United Nations

Anishinaabe activist Candace Day Neveau, spoke out against Canada’s nuclear waste disposal policies at the United Nations in New York City.  She was there as part of a working group, consisting of representatives from the Anishinabek Nation and the Iroquois Caucus, arguing that science did not support geological disposal.  It is unclear which part of the UN the activists were meeting, since the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency advocates geological disposal as the scientifically best current solution.

3 May 2018                                      Newsmax (USA)

Sen. Heller Faces Political Fight With GOP Over Nuclear Waste Repository

Geological disposal at Yucca Mountain may play a key role in determining which Party controls the US Senate after the midterm elections in November.  Nevada Senator Heller is the only Republican senator running for reelection in the 2018 midterms in a state that 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won.  Given the national Republican Party support for Yucca Mountain project, political analysts say he needs to separate himself from the Party platform to win his election.  Newsmax item based on an article in the US political magazine The Hill

3 May 2018                                     Green Left Weekly (Australia)

Opposition to Flinders Ranges nuclear dump grows

Environmental activist report on the process and community reaction to finding a site for a low-level radioactive waste facility.

2 May 2018                                     CPH Post (Denmark)

Confusion over storage of low-level radioactive material

Conflicting regulations stemming from two different government departments are causing problems for municipalities, as they receive different advice from different bodies.

2 May 2018                                     Scientific American

Bill Gates in Search of Nuclear Nirvana

A Bill gates company, TerraPower, seeking to build a safe, nearly waste-free nuclear reactor that won’t contribute to weapons proliferation or climate change

2 May 2018                                     Power Technology

Managing nuclear waste in France: the long and short game

Extensive article explaining the French approach to radioactive waste management and geological disposal, and drawing comparisons between the public and political debate between France and US.

1 May 2018                                      Albuquerque Journal (USA)

LANL welcomes new contractor

Following the rupture at WIPP of a radioactive waste package from the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), a new contractor, N3B, has been appointed to to take responsibility for the packaging of radioactive waste.  The contractor started work on 1 May.

1 May 2018                                      Power Magazine

The Nuclear Waste Impasse Can Only Be Resolved by the Public

Director of the US Nuclear Energy Foundation, Gary Duarte, argues that grass-roots education and mobilisation is the best way to counter vested commercial interests which are currently distorting the debate and the lobbying over Yucca Mountain.  Duarte notes that opposition to Yucca is driven by the casino owners and Nevadan politicians who receive their financial support, not by the wider public.

30 April 2018                                Los Alamos Monitor (USA)

Public airs concerns about proposed nuclear waste project near WIPP

Continued coverage of the open public meetings being held to discuss Holtec’s planned temporary radioactive waste storage proposal.  Opinion polarised.  Concern that without a current federal solution or alternative plans, the radioactive waste may be left in ‘temporary’ facilities indefinitely.  Events also covered by Roswell Daily Record, Santa Fe New Mexican, Washington Post, Las Cruces Sun News, US News & World Report, ABC News, Augusta Chronicle

30 April 2018                                Buffalo News (USA)

Another Voice: Sitewide removal is the only responsible choice at West Valley

West New York resident walks through the complex ethical, technical, risk-assessment and other issues related to disposal of radioactive waste.

29 April 2018                                Nevada Independent (USA)

On the Record: Democratic congressional candidate John Anzalone

Interview with electoral candidate, includes his opposition to Yucca.

29 April 2018                                Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Nevada needs Heller to just say no to Yucca Mountain

The newspaper’s editor-owner urges young people to pick up the fight against Yucca.  He’s worried that the historic united political opposition is breaking down as politicians representing the affected local communities now back the wishes of their constituents to be allowed to explore the options, as the local tourism industry becomes less vocal, and as Nevada’s congressional representatives lose clout on a project the US Congress wants to move forward on.

28 April 2018                                USA Today Network

Nuclear plant shutdowns a crisis for small towns across the USA

Lengthy article which highlights 2 key issues for communities across US facing closure of nuclear facilities: financial consequences of gaping holes in council budgets, depressed home values, and increased local taxes to make up for revenues which nuclear facilities provided; and pressurising federal government to compensate them for storing nuclear waste because of the failure to build a geological disposal facility.

27 April 2018                                Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nevada pols should rethink opposition to Yucca Mountain

Local engineer objects to Nevadan politicians’ opposition to the Yucca Mountain project and the to the jobs and opportunities it will create.

27 April 2018                                Bellona (Norway)

It’s time to stop paying for the Halden Reactor’s operation and start paying for it’s decommissioning

Article critical of Norway’s radioactive waste management plans and the likely costs of decommissioning.

27 April 2018                                 Seminole Sentinel (USA)

Public Meeting on Proposed Lea Co. Interim Nuke Storage Site Slated for Tuesday

The US’ Nuclear Regulatory Commission continues its public hearings into Holtec’s proposed temporary radioactive waste facility.  Also covered in Electric Light & Power magazine

27 April 2018                                Daily Express (UK)

China ‘AT RISK’ of radioactive exposure after North Korea nuclear test site COLLAPSES

Chinese academics worried about radioactive waste management at North Korea’s nuclear facilities.

27 April 2018                                Pembroke Daily Observer (Canada)

CNL responds to Canadian Press story about First Nations and environmental groups warning that Canada is mishandling plans for nuclear waste

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) responds to inaccuracies in media reporting and statements made by activists about low-level waste management and CNL’s plans.

27 April 2018                                 Orange County Register (USA)

Could ‘stranded nuclear waste’ on San Clemente’s border pump millions into San Diego coffers?

Local concern that a Bill passing through the US House of Representatives to compensate communities for continuing to store radioactive waste destined for geological disposal will incentivise keeping waste in interim surface stores and slow down the process for finding a permanent disposal repository site.

27 April 2018                                 Vice

This Artist’s Designs Aim to Keep Future Humans Away from Nuclear Waste

Article on the work done, at the request of Carl Sagan, by Jon Lomberg to come up with imagery that will last 10,00 years to warn people about the contents of the geological repository at WIPP in New Mexico.

27 April 2018                                 Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Analysis: Stirrings on Yucca Mountain bring out foes

Report on the public hearings being held by Nevada’s Interim Legislative Committee on High-Level Radioactive Waste to discuss Yucca Mountain project, saying that 40 people attended, split between pro and anti factions.  Newspaper only reports comments from those opposed to the project.

27 April 2018                                 Independent Newspapers (Ukraine)

Ukraine To Strengthen Radioactive Waste Management

In a speech to mark the 32nd anniversary of Chernobyl, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recommitted his country to safe disposal and management of radioactive waste. Media reports claim  construction is underway for the central spent fuel storage facility — though this may refer to an interim surface storage facility rather than a GDF.  GDFWatch has asked Ukrainian autohrities for further information, but have not yet received a response.  Story also covered by Mena FN, UNIAN Economy, Xinhua, Kyiv Post, Ukrinform

26 April 2018                              Washington Times (USA)

Lawmakers take notice as GAO finds huge potential savings on radioactive waste disposal

In urging US Congress to be more aggressive in monitoring federal government spending, the Government Accountability Office said tens of billions of dollars could be saved by coming up with better ways to treat radioactive waste.  Other coverage of the GAO report can be found here.

26 April 2018                              Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Montreal-area mayors unanimously oppose nuclear waste dump in Chalk River, Ont.

82 Quebec municipalities worried Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ (CNL) proposed low-level radioactive disposal site could affect drinking water.

26 April 2018                              Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)                 

House bill wants study of alternative uses for Yucca Mountain

Congresswoman Jacky Rosen introduces the Jobs, Not Waste Act into US Congress. This legislation would prohibit any action relating to the licensing, planning, development, or construction of a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, until the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) submits a study to Congress on the economic viability and job-creating benefits of alternative uses of the Yucca Mountain site.  Also covered by KOH AM Newstalk, Las Vegas Sun

26 April 2018                               Times and Star (UK)

Search to find nuclear waste storage site is ‘flawed’, Cumbria council chiefs claim

Cumbria County Council respond critically to public consultation on the UK’s proposed new GDF siting process.  Also covered in Whitehaven News.

26 April 2018                               Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

Kehler: Chalk River’s nuclear waste facility will respect safety and the environment

Defence of the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory’s planned low-level radioactive waste near-surface repository, citing safety-first approach and extensive community engagement.

26 April 2018                               Olean Times Herald (USA)

West Valley cleanup comment period extended by 30 days

Public consultation in Western New York state extended, but continued interim surface storage of radioactive waste not considered a viable option bu local Task Force.

26 April 2018                               The Transcontinental (Australia)

Flinders Ranges and Kimba unite against nuclear waste

Local activists meet in opposition to proposed low-level radioactive waste facility.

25 April 2018                               BBC (Wales)

Low-level nuclear waste might stay at Trawsfynydd plant

Negative public reaction to idea that radioactive waste may be left on site after the site has been decommissioned.

25 April 2018                               Las Vegas Sun (USA)

Should nuclear waste be dumped here? Sound off on Yucca Mountain

Nevada’s Legislative Committee on High-Level Radioactive Waste is holding a Hearing and seeking the opinions of Nevadans on the Yucca Mountain project.

25 April 2018                               Yahoo! News

Officials say radioactive sludge barrel ruptures now total 4

Now confirmed that 4, not 1, radioactive waste packages ruptured at the Idaho waste processing facility.  No risk to people or environment, nor injuries reported.  Ruptures occurred following waste that had been stored since 1960s had been placed in new containers.  Investigations continue.  Also covered by The Columbian, ABC News

25 April 2018                               Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Carlsbad non-profits get boost from WIPP

Short article on WIPP’s financial support for local charities and community groups.

24 April 2018                               International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA, Florida International University Expand Cooperation on Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation

Announcement of new investment to develop skills base, and to co-ordinate international research.  IAEA spokesman said:  “As many nuclear facilities approach their retirement in the coming decades, having resources for their safe and effective decommissioning is of crucial importance. The same is true for environmental remediation of the sites after the decommissioning or other sites.” 

24 April 2018                               Republican-Eagle (USA)

Omnibus earmarks $40M for Prairie Island renewable energy programs

Minnesota planning to give $40 million to Prairie Island Indian Community for renewable energy programs, and provide funds to Xcel Energy to speed relocation of radioactive waste in interim surface storage at the Prairie Island and Monticello nuclear plants.

24 April 2018                               Oshawa Express (Canada)

Region wants funding for nuclear waste storage

Local council wants compensation for the continued interim storage of nuclear waste at Darlington and Pickering Generating Stations “until such time as nuclear waste is stored in a permanent nuclear waste site.”

24 April 2018                               Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

No nuclear waste groups stand together

Local activists convene following announcement that local referendum will be held on 20 August.

23 April 2018                               Radio France International

4-minute item looking at UK’s search for a geological disposal site.  Focuses initially on 2013’s failed Cumbria process, then references international consensus behind geological disposal and work being undertaken in Finland and France.

23 April 2018                               New Vision (Uganda)

Proposed nuclear waste plant sparks off row

Residents complain they have not been consulted nor given enough information.  Executive Secretary of Uganda’s Atomic Energy Council, Deogratious Luwalira, said residents had been informed and had been assured that radioactive waste store “will have no effects on human beings because its handled properly and professionally.”   Confusion over whether local council has or has not approved continued development of the site, but local political representatives want more consultation with the community.

23 April 2018                               Live Law (India)

SC Seeks Compliance Report On Directions Issued In 2013 Regarding Kudankulam Nuclear Plant

Indian Supreme Court hearing an extension request to a 2013 agreement to permit construction of the nuclear plant.  Part of that agreement required proposals by 2018 for the geological disposal of radioactive waste.  Also covered by the New Indian Express, Business Standard, The News Minute, SME Times, Energy InfraPost

23 April 2018                               iPolitics (Canada)

Anti-nuclear waste activists march on Parliament Hill

Anishinabek Nation representatives join forces with NGOs to call on the International Atomic Energy Agency to launch a full investigation into how Canada deals with radioactive waste.  The activists believe  that current Canadian practices don’t meet the international obligations laid out in the joint convention to which Canada is a signatory.  This story also covered in The Province, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, National Post, CTV News, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Turtle Island News, The Record, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star, Orangeville Banner, Renfrew Today

23 April 2018                              Irish Times

UK ‘yet to properly assess’ nuclear plan’s impact on Ireland

Irish NGO claims UK has not consulted Ireland on potential impacts, not just of Hinckley C, but of prospective plans to site a geological disposal facility either in N Ireland or under the Irish sea.

23 April 2018                              Dhaka Times (Bangladesh)

Reliance on fossil fuels makes Bangladesh an outlier

Article critical of Bangladesh’ reliance on more expensive coal and nuclear energy sources makes reference to potential additional escalating future costs associated with radioactive waste management.

23 April 2018                              Kent Online (UK)

UK’s first nuclear waste site could be at Romney Marsh

Folkestone & Hythe council open to potentially hosting the GDF.

23 April 2018                              Albuquerque Journal (USA)

WIPP official defends plant safety plans

Following the 2015 incident at WIPP, new procedures were put in place, which would have detected the radioactive waste package that ruptured earlier this month at Idaho’s Radioactive Waste Management Complex before it left Idaho for emplacement at WIPP.  Also covered by US News & World Report, Seattle Times, Artesia Daily Press, Santa Fe New Mexican

22 April 2018                              The Statesman (India)

Nuclear Legacy Trap: myths and reality

Article urges India’s nuclear community to come out of their comfort zone and address the myths and realities of radioactive waste to build trust and understanding with the Indian public.

22 April 2018                              Ukrinform (Ukraine)

The State Fund for Radioactive Waste Management will resume its work on July 1

Legislative amendments had accidentally halted funds going to radioactive waste managemetn in Ukraine.  This has now been addressed.

21 April 2018                              Tri-City Herald (USA)

Volcanoes or earthquakes. Which one is a bigger threat to Hanford?

Report on the US Department of Energy’s review of the potential impact of volcanic ash on interim surface storage facilities which hold radioactive waste awaiting geological disposal.

21 April 2018                              Development Discourse (Czech Republic)

Demonstration against the nuclear repository at eight locations in the Czech Republic

Municipalities identified as potential sites for the Czech geological repository will be demonstrating against the storage of spent nuclear fuel on their territory. They want the state to pass a law that will give municipalities an equal position in deciding how and where the waste is disposed.  The demonstrators will be joined by mayors from neighbouring Austria.  Although Austria is non and anti nuclear, the mayors are not questioning geological disposal, but are supporting their Czech colleagues in having a role in deciding how and where the site is located.

21 April 2018                              Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP moves forward with infrastructure upgrades a year after reopening

WIPP management report on operations and infrastructure investment since the facility re-opened.

The newspaper also runs another story on a school’s visit to WIPP to make local children more aware of the facility’s work.

21 April 2018                              The Times (UK)

Sellafield tourist brought in to clear up the mess we’ve made of nuclear waste

Interview with David Peattie, new Chief Executive of the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).  The NDA is the parent body of the UK’s GDF delivery body, RWM.  No mention of geological disposal in the interview.

19 April 2018                              Post Register (USA)

New group to push against bringing more waste to Idaho

A new group, “Don’t Waste Idaho” has been established to pressure the U.S. Department of Energy not to review whether the Idaho National Laboratory should be kept open to package more nuclear waste, and to stick to the terms of the 1995 Settlement Agreement.  Story also covered by Boise State Public Radio

19 April 2018                              Development Discourse (Georgia)

IAEA reviews use of nuclear technologies in Georgia

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Director General discussed radioactive waste disposal during a visit to Georgia.  The country uses radioactive sources in medicine and industry, and operates radioactive waste management facilities.  Georgia’s authorities are exploring different options for radioactive waste disposal, in particular, a central waste treatment and storage facility.

18 April 2018                              Lincoln County Herald (USA)


Local newspaper reviews the debate and the conflicts between the local community which wants to assess the opportunity and the State which is blocking any attempts to progress the project.

18 April 2018                              NBC News KPVI-Channel 6 (USA)

Investigation Involving Waste Drum Continues at DOE Idaho Site

Investigations continue into the waste package leak at the Idaho plant last week.  Shipments from the plant to WIPP have resumed because none of the waste and packaging under investigation had been sent to WIPP.  Preliminary investigations suggest that “a drum experienced a pressure excursion that resulted in the breach of the drum lid”.  The suspect package had been processed on the afternoon of April 11, repackaged, and was awaiting the final characterisation, treatment, and certification process required for shipment to WIPP. It is thought the waste concerned may have been stored at the facility since the 1960s.

18 April 2018                              Reuters (France)

Quiet no more, French village becomes centre of anti-nuclear protest

Reuters reports that the 82 residents of the French village of Bure lived a quiet life until the government began testing the feasibility of storing nuclear waste there.  Now Bure is rocked by prote s ts as a final decision on the project looms.  French nuclear waste agency Andra is preparing a
formal request for next year to build the 25 billion euro ($31 billion) facility.  Local Mayor Gerard Antoine originally backed the proposal but says he now regrets that decision and would say no if he were asked today:   “Life will become unbearable here with the nuclear waste and all the
demonstrators.”  Story also reprinted in Lebanon’s Daily Star, Yahoo! Australia, Business Insider, Euronews

18 April 2018                              Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Editorial: Now’s the time to air concerns about nuke site

Local newspaper supports Holtec’s bid for a temporary radioactive waste storage facility, explains why, and makes wider pitch for why New Mexico is well-placed to take advantage of economic opportunities related to nuclear waste management.

17 April 2018                              Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Czech Republic weighs nuclear options

In a longer piece about the economic and geopolitical issues behind any Czech government decision on nuclear, the difficulties of finding a location for a geological repository are mentioned.

17 April 2018                              The Hill (USA)

The ‘victim card’ always obscures the truth

Leading Washington DC political magazine carries opinion piece from a Nevada Republican critical of his state’s political leadership’s opposition to Yucca Mountain project, who says: “Imagine a Republican member of the U.S. Senate refusing to support a proposal that could potentially create thousands of high-paying jobs and generate billions of dollars in fees and taxes, which could be distributed in annual payments to citizens and government.”

16 April 2018                             Nuclear Policy (UK)

NFLA Welsh Forum joins with other Welsh anti-nuclear groups to discuss challenging Welsh nuclear policy and unanimously agrees on the ‘Machynlleth Declaration’

Website of Nuclear Free Local Authorities publishes joint statement — the Machynlleth Declaration — calling on Welsh Government make Wales a leader in Europe and the world for clean, green and nuclear free energy.  Statement includes comment on GDF siting process.

16 April 2018                             The Transcontinental (Australia)

ATLA opposes UCG in Leigh Creek

Aboriginal group, the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association (ATLA), has voted unanimously against the proposed radioactive waste management facility near Hawker.  The Federal government have announced that a postal referendum will start on 20 August to assess community support for the proposed waste facility.  The Government have given a commitment that the facility will only proceed with community support.

16 April 2018                            WHYY Public Service Radio (USA)

With nuke plant shutting down, N.J. community inherits 1.7M pounds of waste

Report on impact on local community of the closure of the Oyster Creek nuclear plant.  Not just lost jobs, loss of income for local economy, or likely higher local taxes to make up shortfall, but what to do with the waste — this was supposed to be sent for geological disposal but will now be held in interim surface storage facilities.

16 April 2018                            Nottingham Post (UK)

Is the government planning to put a nuclear waste dump in south Nottinghamshire?

Based on Leicestershire County Council’s deliberations (see story below, 13 April), very similar story about public reaction to the possibility of a GDF being built in Nottinghamshire.  Same story also runs in the Derby Telegraph, with a ‘Derbyshire’ angle.

16 April 2018                             Splash 247 (China)

China National Nuclear Corporation to develop spent nuclear fuel carriers       

Given the anticipated scale of radioactive waste volumes from their nuclear reactors, China is already planning ahead.

16 April 2018                            Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Radioactive waste leaking at German storage site: report

Potential problems with canisters at a low-level radioactive waste facility raise wider concerns about the risks of maintaining interim facilities and no alternative currently available for permanent disposal of radioactive waste.  Story also covered in New Europe magazine.

15 April 2018                            Tri-City Herald (USA)

Try your skill at walking and texting. Free safety expo returns to Pasco

Transport of nuclear waste is one of the demonstrations at a local family education expo on the science of safety, safety awareness, safety culture for businesses and work/life balance.

14 April 2018                            Whitehaven News (UK)

Paltry payback on offer for dealing with waste

Cumbria Trust report letter in Whitehaven News from Tim Knowles, who chaired the failed last attempt to site a GDF, in which he laments lack of funding on offer, but comments on potential of siting the repository up to 20km offshore.

13 April 2018                            Leicester Mercury (UK)

Could north Leicestershire be put forward as location for a nuclear waste dump?

On the back of Leicestershire County Council agreeing text of their response to the UK Government’s current consultations on geological disposal, an article highlighting the range of local opinions — mostly opposed, though the County Council have left open their option to explore the possibility of hosting a facility.

13 April 2018                            Idaho Mountain Express (USA)

With deadline looming, history weighs heavy at INL

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) packages radioactive waste for geological disposal.  But a backlog at WIPP, and no progress on Yucca Mountain or any other geological disposal facility has forced the US Department of Energy to review whether to extend the INL’s operating life and licence.  Any extension to the contract would breach the conditions of a 1995 settlement reached between Idaho and the federal government, and faces local opposition to any increase in the amount of waste stored in interim surface facilities.

12 April 2018                            Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Economic working group established in Kimba

Eight people from the Kimba area have been appointed as members of an economic working group to investigate all economic opportunities and issues associated with a proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.  The group comprises farmers, councillors and business owners, and people who are for, against and neutral on the proposal.  The Kimba group mirrors a successfully established group around the Wallerberdina Station site, which is already developing a range of ideas on how local business could benefit from a facility.

12 April 2018                            US News & World Report

Radioactive Sludge Barrel Ruptures at Idaho Nuclear Site

A barrel containing radioactive waste ruptured at the Idaho National Laboratory site for the packaging and interim surface storage of nuclear waste.  Federal officials said there were no injuries and no risk to the public but the incident could possibly slow progress in the shipping waste from the site.  Story also covered by Idaho Spokesman-Review, Boise State Public Radio, Bristol Herald Courier, Japan Times, Yahoo! News UK, KXYL Spokane, Midland Daily News, Newsday, San Francisco Chronicle

12 April 2018                             Swiss Info

Extra CHF1bn needed to decommission Swiss nuclear plants

Swiss Government announce that costs of decommissioning and disposing of radioactive waste are likely to rise by more than 1 billion swiss francs than previously estimated.

12 April 2018                            Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Chairman promises House vote on Yucca Mountain funding

In contrast to the hearing he got in front of a Senate committee the day before, US Energy Secretary Rick Perry was told by the Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee that he would be bringing forward legislation to fund licensing proceedings for the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository.

Separately on Thursday, during a Senate Banking Committee hearing, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told Senator Dean Heller of Nevada that he is open to interim storage:  “I’m not trying to beat up on Nevada.  I’m trying to figure out a way to put this stuff someplace safe.”

11 April 2018                            Wicklow News (Ireland)

WPPN Information Meeting on the UK’s proposals to expand their Nuclear Programme

Local media report on a public meeting was organised by Wicklow Public Participation Network and the Irish Environmental Network, which included discussion about the possibility of a GDF being built in Northern Ireland or under the Irish Sea.

11 April 2018                            Grist

Nukes of Hazard

Cover article in this month’s edition of an independent environmental and social justice magazine looks at wider nuclear picture, with a strong mention of the issues associated with managing radioactive waste.  The article makes the point that a) waste from other fuel sources and industrial processes dwarfs by volume the waste produced by nuclear, b) other wastes remain toxic and harmful forever and do not decay safely, c) no other industry takes such care to dispose of its waste.

11 April 2018                            Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Senators question Yucca Mountain in DOE’s proposed budget

Appearing before the US Senate Appropriations subcommittee for energy and water development, Energy Secretary Rick Perry was told the federal government had to find additional and alternative ways to manage and dispose of radioactive waste.  Subcommittee Chairman Sen. Lamar Alexander said he would be introducing a bill soon that would create a federal agency to find additional permanent and temporary repositories besides Yucca Mountain.

The House of Representatives and Senate are at loggerheads over how to address nuclear waste and whether to press ahead with Yucca Mountain.  The House has passed legislation to streamline the licensing process and expand Yucca Mountain storage.  The Senate blocks any moves to progress Yucca Mountain.  Senator Alexander said he still sees Yucca Mountain as an integral part of solving the nuclear waste problem, “but even if Yucca Mountain were open today, we would still need to look for another permanent repository.”

11 April 2018                            Nation Cymru (Wales)

Anti-nuclear organisations launch ‘alliance’ to stop nuclear dumping in Wales

CND Cymru, the NFLA Welsh forum, CADNO, and PAWB are to launch the Welsh Anti-Nuclear Alliance (WANA), which will campaign against new nuclear plants in Wales and any proposed GDF.

11 April 2018                            The Independent (South Africa)

Debunking nuclear cost, safety concerns

An interview with the Chair of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation on the country’s nuclear energy plans discusses waste management.  South Africa has not yet decided on a permanent disposal plan.

11 April 2018                            Manufacturers Monthly (Australia)

New framework to guide management of radioactive waste

The Australian government has issued a new Radioactive Waste Management Framework to guide the principles, policies and institutional arrangements of radioactive waste management in Australia.  Minister for Resources Matt Canavan said Australia’s radioactive waste was largely associated with nuclear medicines, needed by an average of one in two Australians in their lifetime, adding: “Radioactive waste is currently stored in more than 100 locations around Australia, and work is underway to establish a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility, where it will be consolidated.  This framework will clarify governance arrangements and responsibilities, and the core requirements that come with establishment of a facility.  Australia has benefitted enormously from our nuclear activities for 70 years, and with those benefits comes the responsibility to manage waste.”  The framework is reportedly the first of a series of documents on radioactive waste management expected to be published in 2018.

11 April 2018                            Daily Monitor (Uganda)

Act decisively on radioactive waste

Editorial following previous day news story, criticising government for poor management of public concern.  The newspaper accepts rationalising the storage of radioactive waste is best way forward, but government have handled issue badly.

10 April 2018                  (USA)

Scientific challenges and opportunities for remediating radioactive waste

Review of the science underpinning radioactive waste management to help policymakers and politicians base decisions on hard evidence and scientific analysis.

10 April 2018                           Canadian Homesteading

The Nuclear Waste Is Not The Biggest Danger In Front Of The CO2 Waste

Article criticising environmentalists for complaining about nuclear waste and then blocking any attempt to resolve the issue, particularly when radioactive waste is carefully managed — in contrast to the lack of long-term management for other equally or more toxic industrial wastes our society produces.

10 April 2018                           Daily Monitor (Uganda)

Mukono rejects radioactive waste site

Report on public concerns about Ugandan government plans to rationalise storage of medical and industrial radioactive waste to one location from the many sites the waste is currently stored.

10 April 2018                           Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Las Vegas board to continue fight against Yucca Mountain

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority have reaffirmed their commitment to continue lobbying against renewed finding for the Yucca Mountain project.

10 April 2018                           Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

$2M approved for 33 Kimba projects

More than 30 projects in the Kimba district to share in Aus$4 million from the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Community Benefit Program.  Successful projects range from the large (eg a new palliative care wing at Kimba Hospital) to the small (eg air-conditioning in the Kelly Pioneer Memorial Hall).  Beneficiaries include local sporting clubs, community organisations, and projects focused on issues such as tourism, health, agriculture and mobile phone coverage.  Story also covered in The Transcontinental.

9 April 2018                             Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP reinstates Speaker’s Bureau

WIPP employees are being offered to help answer questions from the local community and to inform the public on operations at the site.

9 April 2018                             ABC TV KOLO Channel8 News (USA)

Nuclear waste is coming through town, the state is getting local responders ready

Local Nevada TV news report on preparations for transport of radioactive waste from California which will travel across Nevada for processing at a facility in Idaho before being sent back across Nevada for final disposal in the WIPP facility in New Mexico.

9 April 2018                             Saudi Gazette (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia to set up military base, nuclear waste burial site on Salwa border

Report that Saudi Arabia has decided to locate its geological disposal site (for the country’s as-yet unbuilt nuclear reactors) adjoining a military zone close to the Qatari border.  Story also covered around the world by media including: Gulf Digital News, Thomson Reuters Zawya, Bloomberg, Daily Sabah, Financial Express, Times of India, Middle East Monitor, Xinhua, South China Morning PostUS News & World ReportHaaretz, Malay MailMuslim NewsThe IndependentNewsweek Magazine, Economic Times, Business Insider, Times of Israel, Fox News Australia, Straits Times

7 April 2018                             Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Activists protest Holtech’s proposed nuclear waste storage facility near Carlsbad

First of three public meetings to discuss the proposed temporary interim waste storage facility in New Mexico is covered by the local newspaper.  Also covered in Albuquerque Journal, Public News Service, KRQE, New Mexico Political Report, Roswell Daily Record, KOB News4

6 April 2018                             Blackburn News (Canada)

Updated Storage Plan For Used Nuclear Fuel

Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) has published its latest 5-year strategic plan for public comment.  NWMo is responsible for finding a site and constructing Canada’s GDF. People can comment on the plans until July 20, and next year’s updated plan will reflect those comments.  Public comments on last year’s updated plan included concerns about transportation safety and proposed routes, and the training for first responders.  The GDF project is expected to create about 1,500 construction jobs and 2,200 operations jobs in the local region.

6 April 2018                              Total Slovenia News

Delo claims management dispute at nuclear plant due to attempt to favour Croatian firms

Reported disagreement between Slovenia and Croatia, allegedly because Croatia wants more contracts from any geological repository to be given to Croatian businesses.

6 April 2018                              Kenora Online (Canada)

Safety key for nuclear waste group

Local media update on NWMO’s search for a GDF site in the area.

5 April 2018                              World Nuclear News

NRC renews contract for waste support centre

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has renewed a contract with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) to operate the Centre for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses (CNWRA). The five-yearUS$52 million contract is to provide the NRC with technical assistance and research support for activities related to the storage, transportation, possible reprocessing and ultimate geological disposal of used nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.

5 April 2018                              The Energy Collective

Practical Nuclear Waste Disposal

Philosophy of Science journal reviews history of how nuclear sector and international political community have addressed the issue of permanently disposing of nuclear waste.  Accuses politicians of ignoring science and delaying humanity’s attempts to solve the problem.

4 April 2018                              Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Britain offers millions in cash to bury its radioactive waste

Report on UK’s public consultation and revised approach to finding a site for its GDF.

2 April 2018                             Advanced Science News

Technical and Social Problems of Nuclear Waste

Summary of the state of the scientific and social issues related to geological disposal.

1 April 2018                             World Nuclear News

Andra creates underground technical committee

French radioactive waste management agency Andra has announced the creation of its underground technical committee on 28 March. The committee, made up of external experts, will issue opinions and recommendations on Andra’s underground activities, research and studies in relation to the planned geological repository.

1 April 2018                             Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

$1.3B cleanup of Port Hope finally underway after decades of massive planning

Not a ‘GDF-story’, but a report on the impact of how low-level radioactive waste land remediation is affecting one small Canadian community.

29 March 2018                       Power Magazine

Texas Consolidated Nuclear Waste Storage Facility to Be Revived

Trade magazine analyses revived plans for a temporary radioactive waste disposal facility in West Texas.

29 March 2018                       KPBS TV (USA)

As San Onofre’s Radioactive Waste Goes Underground, Opponents Search For Alternatives

Detailed analysis at options for permanently disposing of the nuclear waste from the San Onofre nuclear reactor.  The local US Congressman Darren Issa said finding an alternative site for the waste is one of his top priorities:  “It’s so easy for people to say ‘no’ to a solution and not have an alternative.  And in this case, people can feel that a particular site is not good, but if it’s incrementally better than where it is today, then it has to be considered.”

29 March 2018                       Environmental Protection magazine

Sandia Details ‘Transport Triathlon’ Results

Further, more detailed report, on collaborative international research into safe transport of nuclear waste.

29 March 2018                       US News & World Report

US Nuke Dump Logs 180 Shipments Since Resuming Operations

WIPP, the US’ only geological repository, updates media on operations since its re-opening.  Transport of waste from across the US are now at about eight shipments per week.  Story also covered in the Seattle Times, Santa Fe New Mexican, KRQE Albuquerque, KOB News4

28 March 2018                       The Mainichi (Japan)

Wildlife film festival to screen whaling documentary

The 13th Japan Wildlife Film Festival not only includes a controversial film about Japan’s whaling and dolphin hunting traditions, but will also screen ‘Into Eternity’, the film about the Finnish geological disposal repository.

28 March 2018                       Le Monde (France)

“Burying nuclear waste is the worst solution”

Interview with ‘expert’ Bernard Laponche, who claims that the global scientific community have got it wrong, and that scientists must be given more time to research and identify a better alternative to geological disposal.  The article requires a subscription payment to be read in full.

28 March 2018                      Japan Forward

Pitfalls of Opposition CDP’s ‘Zero Nuclear’ Bill

The main Opposition Party in Japan, the CDP, are tabling a draft bill which would phase out nuclear power within five years.  This article analyses perceived strengths and weaknesses of the draft legislation, but makes clear that permanent disposal of radioactive waste remains unchanged regardless of whether Japan continues to use nuclear energy, saying: “there would be little differences between continuing and discontinuing nuclear power generation when it comes to nuclear waste disposal.”

27 March 2018                       San Diego Union-Tribune (USA)

Editorial | More unnerving news on San Onofre nuclear waste front

Renewed concern that Yucca Mountain or another geological repository are urgently needed, as a problem is discovered with interim surface waste containers at the San Onofre nuclear facility.

27 March 2018                       Brattleboro Reformer (USA)

Companies propose solution for Vermont Yankee spent fuel

The competing private sector proposals to build temporary spent fuel repositories in New Mexico and West Texas are looked at in more detail as a way to solve the interim radioactive waste storage issues as Vermont decommissions the Yankee nuclear reactor.  There are concerns that while the Nuclear Regulatory Commission may approve one or both proposed temporary facilities, the Department of Energy may not authorise or allow transport of spent fuel from decommissioned reactors to such temporary facilities.

26 March 2018                      Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

New nuclear energy and fuel waste storage facilities emerging near Carlsbad?

Report on potential competition between two proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facilities, one near Carlsbad and the other in West Texas.

26 March 2018                       FranceTVInfo

Nuclear: Bure, a colossal project at phenomenal cost

French language video article focusing on cost of France’s GDF, concludes final cost can’t be accurately forecast, and claims there is a tension between the government agency delivering the project ANDRA (who are building in safety at a price) and EDF (who want to reduce costs as much as possible).

26 March 2018                      Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Nuclear agency visits Kimba

Report on a visit by nuclear regulators to Kimba to explain to residents the role of the regulator in independently reviewing safety and other plans for any proposed nuclear facility.

26 March 2018                      The Philadelphia Inquirer (USA)

Dangerous nuclear waste in Pa. and N.J. should be stored more safely

Feature article on how state legislators are stepping in to raise safety standards for surface storage of radioactive waste above the levels required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

26 March 2018                      EuroNews (Hungary)

Greenpeace Hungary’s floating protest against nuclear power plant

Protest calling for shutdown of Hungary’s nuclear programme because the Hungarian government has not yet found a permanent solution for disposing of nuclear waste.

25 March 2018                      ABC Radio (Australia)

Keep Bre Nuclear Free

13 minute podcast with aboriginal leaders of a local New South Wales campaign opposed to the potential siting of a radioactive waste repository.

24 March 2018                     Facts Week

Radioactive Waste Management Market 2018- Driven by Increasing Stringent Government Regulations Especially For Long-Term Waste Management Solution

Report on a commercially-provided analysis of global trends in the radioactive waste management market.

23 March 2018                     Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Senate inquiry submissions close soon

Reminder that people have until April 3 to make a submission into the Australian senate inquiry into the site selection for the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility in Kimba and Hawker.

23 March 2018                    Blackburn News (Canada)

OPG Continues Talks About Nuclear Waste Site

Talks between Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and the Saugeen Ojibway First Nation on a planned permanent nuclear waste storage site in Kincardine could take two years.  The planned geological repository is for low-level waste, and is not part of Canada’s search for a site for a GDF for their high-level waste.  Local opponents to the Kincardine scheme argue that low-level waste does not need burying deep underground.

23 March 2018                    Dallas News (USA)

This Dallas company wants the feds to bury nuclear waste in West Texas

Further reporting on the US-French joint venture seeking regulatory approval to develop plans for a temporary storage facility for waste destined for the stalled Yucca Mountain geological repository.  Benefits and jobs for the local Texas economy are noted, but some people worried the ‘temporary’ site may become permanent by accident.

23 March 2018                    ABC News (Australia)

SA Government indicates support for nuclear waste dump as communities remain split about proposal

Following State elections, local political support continues for federal plan to locate a low-level waste facility.  Article reviews differing public opinions within the affected local communities.  Story even gets covered by online news outlet in India

22 March 2018                    NBC TV News Las Vegas (USA)

Pahrump officials want Yucca discussion to move forward

Report on potential economic boom for community hosting the Yucca Mountain project — engineering equivalent to building the Hoover Dam, jobs for over 120 years.  Local museum curator says: “We feel like it’s our obligation to the citizens of Nye County, to help them have the facts, not the fear-mongering.” 

22 March 2018                    Daily Energy Insider (USA)

Sen. Heller urges Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee not to fund Yucca Mountain

Nevada Senator writes to the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee urging them not to fund the Trump Administration’s request for $120 million to restart the licensing process for the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository, saying: “I firmly believe consent-based siting presents a viable path forward on this issue and a means of addressing our nation’s high-level nuclear waste problem while at the same time respecting the sovereignty of states to object to becoming dumping sites.  The proposed high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain presents a very different path, however. Indeed, this project represents the exact opposite of consent; it is a unilaterally imposed federal mandate that runs contrary to the will of the people that it directly affects.”

22 March 2018                    Northern Echo (UK)

No plans for a nuclear waste site – Government assures Stockton North MP

Responding to a question put to the Prime Minister by a Member of Parliament, UK Government confirms community consent required before a geological disposal facility can be built.

22 March 2018                   Washington Examiner (USA)

John McCain tells energy chief Rick Perry lawmakers will help him ‘correct course’ on waste

For first time in over 10 years, US Senate Armed Services Committee grills a US Energy Secretary over the management of defence-related radioactive waste.  Committee Chairman John McCain said the Energy Department’s (DoE) defence programmes, including the cleanup of nuclear waste, have gone without sufficient oversight.  He claimed the the DoE had run up a long list of cost overruns, schedule delays, and violations of safety and security, saying: “Put simply, they have all too often failed to meet mission requirements.”  McCain said the Armed Services Committee will begin the oversight necessary to help the DoE “correct course.”

21 March 2018                    Post Register (USA)

DOE weighs bringing Washington waste to Idaho

US Energy Department considering keeping open a nuclear waste treatment facility in Idaho.  The facility packs waste in preparation for disposal at the US’s WIPP geological repository.  It is due for closure next year, with the loss of 700 skilled jobs.  The facility also houses specialised equipment purchased by the taxpayer.  Local environmentalists concerned about the proposal, while cautious State officials want to explore economic and environmental impacts before making a decision.

21 March 2018                    Iowa Now

University of Iowa establishes research group on nuclear energy and waste

Article emphasising that the longer politicians defer decisions on radioactive waste disposal the greater the need to train a new generation of scientists with the skills which will be required once we do start disposing of the waste.  Young students see the work as part of a “global effort” to resolve the long-term issue of safe nuclear waste disposal.  Also covered by local media, eg ABC Channel 9 News

21 March 2018                   KKOH Talk Radio (USA)

Heller Says He Stopped Senate From Funding Nuclear Dump Jumpstart

US Senator for Nevada reveals key Senate committee has not included Yucca Mountain funding in its budget proposals, and that therefore Department of Energy’s funding request will fall.  Budget/funding story also covered in Las Vegas Review-Journal, CBS Channel2 News, US News & World Report, Las Vegas Review-Journal, World Nuclear News, Newburgh Gazette, Las Vegas Sun, Washington Post, Buffalo News, E&E News, Nevada Independent

21 March 2018                    Nuclear Energy Insider (UK)

UK deep waste developer must expand industry talks to avoid delays

Trade media report on UK’s geological disposal plans and the UK’s two current public consultations.

21 March 2018                    Carlsbad Current Argus (USA)

Letter from one resident correcting statements made by an anti-nuclear activist at a public meeting to discuss whether the local WIPP facility should also accept plutonium for disposal.  Letter writer wonders why anti-nuclear activists do not support actions that reduce the possibility of the plutonium being used for nuclear weapons, preferring to fight against the safe and permanent disposal of the material.

21 March 2018                    E&E Daily (USA)

NRC commissioners outline plans for waste work

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission questioned by Congress over whether it still has skills to manage a renewed assessment of the Yucca Mountain site.  NRC acknowledged loss of expertise through retirements since programme shut down in 2011, but confident it could progress work with current staff.  Stalled project blamed by Congressmen on failure of political leadership.

20 March 2018                   Daily Energy Insider

Sandia conducts 14,500 mile test to gauge the safety of transporting spent nuclear fuel

To better understand risks and to demonstrate how spent nuclear fuel can be transported safely, an international consortia of scientists (from Spain, Korea and USA) have completed a 14,500-mile trek to gather data on the bumps and jolts spent nuclear fuel experiences during transportation.  Story also covered in Engineering magazine.

20 March 2018                   Radio France International

French nuclear-waste protesters jailed

Sentencing of the first of several protestors who were arrested during the recent disturbances in Bure close to the proposed site of France’s GDF.

20 March 2018                    Bloomberg News

This Father-Daughter Team Says It Has a Cheaper, Safer Way to Bury Nuclear Waste

Proposal to bury waste in shale gas deposits from a father and daughter team attracts widespread media attention, including: Digital Journal,  The father-daughter team have also produced a video to support their proposals.

19 March 2018                    EnergyWire (USA)

Joint venture aims to renew West Texas waste plan

Update on plans tabled by Orano USA and Waste Control Specialists LLC for a possible consolidated interim storage facility in Andrews County, Texas, for used nuclear fuel.

19 March 2018                    Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba council makes nuclear inquiry submission

Local Council’s response to the Australian Senate inquiry into the selection process for a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility in South Australia is likely to say that the local community should take the final decision rather than the federal or state governments or electorates.

19 March 2018                    Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Nevada senators fight Yucca Mountain restart on two fronts

Further reporting on efforts of Nevada Senators to block funding for Yucca Mountain project.

17 March 2018                    Yahoo! News

New Mexico nuke repository studied for plutonium storage

US Department of Energy has commissioned a national group of scientists to study the viability of permanently storing plutonium at the WIPP repository in Carlsbad New Mexico.  Local politician Cathrynn Brown said the Carlsbad community was supportive of the repository and was confident moving and storing plutonium could be done safely, saying:   “We are a consenting community.  People are not afraid to ask questions. We are one of the few communities that accepted a project like this. If it’s not safe, we don’t want it.”

Story also covered by local radio news station WTOP, by The Columbian, Santa Fe New Mexican, E&E News

17 March 2018                    IntelliNews (Macedonia)

Macedonia looks to dispose of radioactive medical waste “time bomb” stored in downtown Skopje

Macedonia has no solution for waste medical isotopes stored at hospital oncology department.

17 March 2018                    The Guardian (UK)

Is Fukushima doomed to become a dumping ground for toxic waste?

Speculative article that suggests the difficulty in remediating land around the Fukushima plant and re-opening the area to human habitation may make it easier for Japanese authorities to propose locating a geological disposal facility there.

16 March 2018                    Business Insider

US and French companies form venture for nuke waste storage

Joint venture to build an interim storage site in West Texas for high-level nuclear waste, competing with Holtec’s proposed temporary facility in New Mexico.  The move is a response to the debate over what to do with spent fuel generated by the US’ nuclear power plants.   Federal officials have long acknowledged that the future of nuclear energy depends on the ability to manage and dispose of used fuel and high-level radioactive waste.  The Energy Department announced in 2015 that it would begin identifying possible locations for interim storage sites as part of its plan to spur the use of nuclear power and develop the transportation and storage infrastructure needed to manage the waste.  Given the impasse over a permanent waste facility at Yucca, industry officials have said that temporary storage is needed because the licensing process for Yucca Mountain will take years.  Story also covered by local Texas media 12WBOY, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, San Luis Obispo Tribune, My San, Tri-City Herald, NBC NewsWest9, Santa Fe New Mexican, CBS News7

16 March 2018                    Albuquerque Journal (USA)

Plan to store spent nuclear fuel rods in NM

More detailed local media analysis of Holtec’s plan to build a temporary waste fuel facility in New Mexico.

16 March 2018                    Ripon Advance (USA)

Shimkus leads colleagues in funding push for permanent national nuclear waste solution

Further reporting on Congressional discussions over funding Yucca Mountain project.

16 March 2018                    E&E News (USA)

Perry won’t budge on nuclear waste project

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry Perry reiterated his support for the contentious proposed nuclear waste repository in Nevada at a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing yesterday as he answered questions about DOE’s fiscal 2019 budget.  He recognised that while there was bipartisan support within the House, there were political issues in the Senate, and the funding decision was ultimately in the hands of Congress.

16 March 2018                    CNN

Political mavericks shake South Australia out of its two-party torpor

Report on the upcoming South Australia State elections gives significant prominence to the debate about hosting a geological disposal facility.

15 March 2018                    Nevada Independent (USA)

Heller’s best move on Yucca may be his tough re-election

A Republican US Senator who supports funding further research of the Yucca Mountain site believes funding will be denied because the Republican leadership fear losing the Nevada Senate seat during this year’s midterm elections.

14 March 2018                    Las Vegas Sun (USA)

EDITORIAL: Building a nuclear waste dump in Nevada is still the wrong thing to do

Editorial expressing ongoing concerns about geological safety at the Yucca Mountain site, and supporting recommendations of a previous Blue Ribbon Commission that the site for a repository be based on the  consent of the local people.

13 March 2018                    Washington Examiner (USA)

The quiet fight to finally send nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain

Rep. John Shimkus’s attempts to secure funding to renew the Yucca Mountain project.  “Part of the main contention of Nevadans is the science is not sound,” Shimkus says. “This money complies with the law. It says, let’s have the debate. If opponents are right on the science, then Yucca can’t happen.”

13 March 2018                    Las Vegas Review-Journal (USA)

Private Yucca meeting upsets Nevada officials

Row erupts as Nevada state officials (who oppose Yucca Mountain waste facility proposal) find out that local Yucca Mountain community leaders (who support the proposal) met US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairwoman.  Story also reported on E&E News.  GDFWatch also comment on story.

12 March 2018                    Brussels Times (Belgium)

Ondraf supports passive burial of highly radioactive waste

The Director General of Belgium’s National Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials (Ondraf) defended its support for geological disposal as the organisation released further details of the proposed process for finding a site.  Marc Demarche said:  “The planning is subject to caution.  [Geological disposal] is considered the only safe option at the international level. The evolution of society and climate change in the next 100 years [means] only the subsurface guarantees safety.”

12 March 2018                    San Diego Union-Tribune (USA)

Editorial | Three ways beyond his border wall prototypes Trump can really help California

Reviving Yucca Mountain geological repository so that waste in interim surface facilities in Southern California can be permanently removed is cited as one of the three most important things President Trump can do to help California.

12 March 2018                     Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

New York Times features Kimba nuclear debate

Local newspaper reports that their town has made international news with the New York Times reporting on the public consultation taking place about hosting a nuclear waste facility.  Local Mayor Dean Johnson disappointed the article focused on division in the town and reporting that friends were refusing to speak to each other, saying:  “It’s a scenario that only exists in the copy of metropolitan media outlets.  The reality is that we may get the facility and we may not but no one is forcing it.” 

12 March 2018                     E&E Daily (USA)

Leaders aim to finalize omnibus this week

Report on US House of Representatives negotiations to finalise a budget notes that while the House supports funding the Yucca Mountain project, they may drop the proposal because they do not believe the Senate will approve any funding for Yucca.

11 March 2018                     Focus Taiwan

Authorities say energy policies are in line with public demand

To coincide with the annual anti-nuclear march, the Energy Department updated on its plans and on pending legislation related to nuclear waste management.  Although following a nuclear-free future, Taiwan is seeking a geological repository for its legacy waste.

9 March 2018                      Tri-City Herald (USA)

New Mexico supportive of storing used nuclear fuel

More detailed report on the plans and local community support for the proposed private sector disposal facility which has cleared its first regulatory hurdle.

8 March 2018                     Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Cash for nuclear waste

Audio podcast with Cumbrian resident reviewing community reaction during last site search process, and Prof Neill Hyatt explaining the science behind geological disposal.

8 March 2018                     San Diego Union Tribune (USA)

Editorial | Should San Onofre nuclear waste go to Nevada or New Mexico? Yes, but …

Newspaper editorial supports geological disposal, recognising that the private sector proposal for a site in New Mexico at least has local support because of the economic advantages, whereas Yucca is stalled in local political dispute.

8 March 2018                     Utility Dive (USA)

Goodbye Yucca? NRC to review New Mexico nuclear waste storage proposal

Industry media outlet also thinks local support for the New Mexico plans may make it a better option to pursue given the political contentiousness of the Yucca Mountain plan.

8 March 2018                     Deutsche Welle (Germany)

The tiny village leading France’s anti-nuclear movement

Long article examining the local debate and opposition surrounding the proposed Bure site of France’s GDF.

7 March 2018                     The Transcontinental (Australia)

Protesters unite against nuclear waste in Port Augusta

Local newspaper report on the South Australia state election campaign, in which the revived idea of a geological disposal facility has become an election issue.

7 March 2018                     Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Volume tracking adjustment could ensure plant’s future

The geological disposal facility is seeking a permit to increase its capacity/lifetime by changing the way in which waste volumes are calculated.  Under the proposed new system the facility would only be considered 30% full, rather than the 50% capacity it is currently assessed to be.  Coverage also in US News, KCBD NBC News Texas, Seattle Times, Santa Fe New Mexican, KOB4 New Mexico, Albuquerque Journal, Roswell Daily Record

7 March 2018                     New York Times

A Farming Town Divided: Do We Want a Nuclear Site that Brings Jobs?

NY Times reports on the discussions and divides in an Australian community over whether to host a nuclear waste facility.

7 March 2018                     Daily Signal (USA)

Now Is Congress’ Prime Opportunity to Act on Nuclear Waste

Think tank The Heritage Foundation blames US Congress for failures to progress geological disposal of nuclear waste.  They say Congress must now at least provide enough funding to complete the Yucca Mountain permit review, arguing the review does not commit Congress to building the facility. It merely empowers Congress, the administration, the state of Nevada, and the nuclear industry to make informed decisions about how to proceed.  They quote from Monday’s Congressional debate: “political science has deprived the public of the actual science”, and urge Congress to let the scientific discussion be had.  The Foundation’s viewpoint also carried by CNS News

7 March 2018                     The Mainichi (Japan)

Kobe Steel also falsified data on analyses of burying radioactive waste

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) had sought analysis and advice on the corrosion of metal used for cladding tubes and containers for spent nuclear fuel in a geological disposal facility, and subcontracted Kobe Steel to do the work. Having reviewed the information provided by Kobe Steel, JAEA concluded data had been forged, falsified or was flawed in some way.  Kobe have apologised and will re-do the work.

7 March 2018                     ISPRA (Italy)

Italy’s Radioactive Waste Management Organisation, ISPRA, has submitted revised plans for its geological disposal project to the Italian Government.

6 March 2018                     Bloomberg News (USA)

Congress Poised to Skip Funding Yucca Nuke Dump Again This Year

Bloomberg reports that Rep Mike Simpson, chairman of the House subcommittee charged with writing the Energy Department’s spending plan, doubts that Yucca Mountain funding will be approved this year, given other priorities and the need to find savings from President Trump’s initial budget.  Washington DC-based E&E Daily reports same.

6 March 2018                     Reno Gazette-Journal (USA)

Majority of Nevadans want to consider nuclear waste repository: Schinhofen

Local community leader points to the newspaper’s own poll (as highlighted by GDFWatch!), and challenges local media and politicians to soften their opposition and recognise public support for further assessing the Yucca Mountain proposals.

6 March 2018                     Forbes Magazine

Will We Actually Get A Place To Store Our Nuclear Waste?

Further media analysis of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) decision to proceed with investigations into a private sector proposed temporary geological repository in New Mexico.  Article notes the proposal has the enthusiastic support of local communities in southeastern New Mexico, including the Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance and the state’s Governor Susana Martinez.

The NRC’s announcement has also been followed by Environmental Protection magazine, San Diego Union-TribunePower magazine, New Mexico Political Report

6 March 2018                     Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)    

New insights for Kimba delegation

Local residents have been taken to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) stores of low and intermediate level radioactive waste, to see Australia’s nuclear technology and radioactive waste management expertise.  One resident, Austen Eatts is opposed to the proposed Kimba facility but was pleased to see the campus, saying:  “I have always had a reasonable idea of what happens at ANSTO regarding medicine and industry and what they are doing there is very good actually.  The waste has to be put somewhere. I am still of two minds about whether it should be located in Kimba but I found the trip very informative.”

5 March 2018                    Nevada Independent (USA)

Shimkus, House proponents call for passage of Yucca bill

Report on a Congressional debate in support of a bipartisan bill to be introduced into US House of Representatives calling for the Yucca Mountain repository programme to be progressed.  Representatives complained that US$40bn had been paid by taxpayers to deliver Yucca, but nothing has happened.  Story also covered in Las Vegas Review-Journal, NBC News Oregon, News21 Oregon, KPBS San Diego, The Ripon Advance

4 March 2018                    Focus Taiwan

Taiwan’s Atomic Energy Council (AEC) has instructed the country’s main power supplier to consult with residents on any plans to build a nuclear waste facility in their neighbourhood.  The state-run Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower) is also required to look at all areas in Taiwan, including the outlying islands, and not limit its options to scantly populated areas or uninhabited islands.  A decision is expected by the end of the year on potential sites for this additional interim surface storage facility, pending the outcome of continuing work on Taiwan’s geological disposal facility.  Story also carried in Taipei Times.

4 March 2018                    Radio France International

Police and protesters clash at French nuclear waste site

Further coverage of the clash between French police and protestors at the Bure site of the French GDF.  Also coverage on Al-Jazeera.

3 March 2018                    Agence France Presse

AFP report on clashes between protestors and police near the Bure site for the proposed French GDF carried in media as far away as Uganda and Singapore.  Police had removed protestors from a camp ten days ago (see stories below), to clear the area ahead of exploratory borehole drilling by ANDRA, France’s radioactive waste agency.  The media report that a peaceful protest of about 300 people turned violent with the arrival of a small group of masked protestors, resulting in French police using tear gas.

2 March 2018                   ABC TV News (USA)

Proposal Advances To Store Nuclear Waste In New Mexico

A private sector proposal for a temporary geological repository has passed it’s initial approval from federal regulators. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Holtec International’s plan can now be vetted for detailed safety, security and environmental concerns.  The plans face local public and political opposition.  Story also covered by Fox Business NewsUS NewsDaily Mail Online, KRWG TV New Mexico, The HillSante Fe New Mexican, Los Alamos Monitor,, Roswell Daily Record and The Olympian.

2 March 2018                   National Resource Defence Council (USA)

Nuclear Waste Survey

A survey of US state officials responsible for radioactive waste management shows that a large majority believe they should have additional regulatory authority over nuclear waste storage and disposal, similar to the authority states already have over other hazardous industrial wastes.  However there was no agreement and diverse opinions on issues such as: whether new standards for nuclear waste disposal sites are needed before the siting process for geologic repositories proceeds, or if federal legislation is needed to help define consent before a state can engage in siting of nuclear waste projects.

1 March 2018                   Reno Gazette Journal (USA)

Nevada, keep up the fight against nuclear waste

In an editorial the newspaper urges local political leaders to resist the Yucca Mountain proposal.  The paper runs an online poll, in which, contrary to the paper’s editorial position, 52% of respondents say either the repository would be good for Nevada’s economy, should be hosted for national security reasons, or should be hosted if a better economic deal was negotiated.

1 March 2018                   Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

South end of WIPP to be sealed. But how?

A 60-day local public consultation process has started on revised proposals for sealing off the part of the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) underground facility where radioactivity leaked from a faulty package in 2014.

28 February 2018          Olean Times Herald (USA)

Meeting Thursday will detail next steps for West Valley nuclear cleanup

Local newspaper report on a community coalition that is willing to wait for a national permanent nuclear waste disposal site, but wants to ensure interim surface storage facilities are safe.

27 February 2018          Las Vegas Review-Journal

Panel takes preliminary step in process to revive Yucca Mountain

Despite funding not yet being approved, a federal panel has convened to receive input on reconstructing an electronic library for documents needed to rule on the US Energy Department’s application for a license to build a repository for nuclear waste from power plants.  Story also covered by the Washington Examiner and Nevada Public Radio.

27 February 2018          Climate News Network

Nuclear waste mountains just go on growing

Article reviews international plans and slow progress for finding sites to dispose of radioactive waste.  Item recognises geological disposal as the preferred solution, but says politicians should stop building new nuclear facilities when there is still no solution actually available.

26 February 2018         World Nuclear News

UK nuclear laboratory to review Canadian research

UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) has been contracted by Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) to carry out an expert peer review of NWMO’s work on the potential for corrosion of the copper-clad canisters to be used to store radioactive waste destined for geological disposal.

26 February 2018         NewsCom (Australia)

Cory Bernardi says a nuclear power dump could make us the ‘Saudi Arabia of the south’

Further coverage of the South Australia election campaign, and the proposed repository in that debate.  Also picked up by the Daily Mail Online (UK/International), FiveAA Talk Radio (Australia), and InDaily (Australia)

24 February 2018        Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

EDITORIAL: Opposition CDP’s zero nuclear bill merits earnest debate in Diet

Leading national newspaper editorial welcomes draft legislation to phase out nuclear power being proposed by Japan’s main opposition, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.  Although broadly supporting the draft legislation’s ambitions, and calling the draft bill a “direct challenge to the Abe administration”, the editorial says further policy analysis is required to explain how radioactive waste would be dealt with in future.

24 February 2018          SBS News (Australia)     

Conservatives revive nuke dump plan for SA

Revival of the plans to build a repository to support creation of a $400bn state wealth fund have become a key feature in the South Australia state election debate.  Story also covered in other Australian media, ABC News, The New Daily, 9News.  Also covered in the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

23 February 2018        Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Officials working to fix SE NM highways as deaths continue

WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) is appreciated locally for taking a lead in bringing organisations together to sort out the area’s road infrastructure issues.

22 February 2018        Reno News & Review (USA)

Infrastructure: Fed money comes in low

Yucca Mountain project discussed within context of President Trump’s proposed infrastructure plan and budget.  Article notes that other states keen to develop the repository in Nevada, best summarised by one quote: “Considering that more than 160 million Americans reside within 75 miles of a nuclear waste site, a repository in a remote part of Nevada is a preferable alternative.”  But points out that far from accepting that point of view, Nevada politicians have redoubled their opposition efforts.

Those efforts picked up in an article from The Nevada Independent, which reports on a planned meeting next week between President Trump and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.  Though the primary purpose of that meeting is to discuss gun crime in schools, in Sandoval’s role as Chair of the National Governor’s Association.

22 February 2018        Radio France International

Police remove protesters from proposed nuclear landfill site

Report on a surprise move by French police to remove protestors from the French GDF site in Bure.  Also reported by ReutersBusiness Insider (UK), Gulf Times (Qatar), Xinhua (China), Daily Telegraph (UK), Daily Express (UK), The Times (UK) and Sputnik International (Russia).

22 February 2018        New Times (USA)

A pact with the devil

Opinion piece concerned that there is a lack of urgency in finding a site for the permanent disposal of radioactive waste.  The article is critical of a well-intentioned but flawed bipartisan bill passing through the US House of Representatives which would allow the creation of multiple interim surface storage facilities.  The bill is opposed by the Union of Concerned Scientists and environmentalists, who want the federal government to proceed with greater urgency in opening a deep geological repository.

21 February 2018        NHK (Japan)

Briefing sessions on nuclear waste resumed

The Japanese Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NUMO) have resumed their public engagement workshops to inform people about the process for finding a site for a deep geological repository (aka GDF).  The process was suspended at the end of last year when it emerged that the independent facilitator appointed by NUMO had been paying students to attend.  While no impropriety was suggested, it was the potential perception of such payments that forced NUMO to suspend the workshop programme and bring their management in-house.

21 February 2018        Eyre Peninsula Tribune (Australia)

Kimba residents to be involved with nuclear economic investigation

Although the project is for a low-level waste facility (not a GDF), the issues, community concerns, and Government approach to engaging people offer an insight into how a GDF process might progress.  This latest news about the Kimba project is the invitation to local residents who’d like to become a member of an Economic Working Group that would look at how the economic benefits might be maximised.

20 February 2018       Dutch News

Costs to clean up Petten nuclear plant escalate

The Dutch Government have approved additional €117m budget to move waste from the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ERN) at Petten to Holland’s central interim storage facility.  ERN currently supplies 60% of European demand for medical radio isotopes used to treat cancer and heart disease.

17 February 2018        The Herald (UK)

Harwell science campus plans to triple in size ‘in next 15 years’

RWM, the UK’s GDF delivery body, are based on the Harwell science campus.  The campus has grown as the site’s previous nuclear facilities are decommissioned and the land safely returned to public use.  The Harwell Campus Partnership are planning a major expansion to attract world-leading companies in the hi-tech manufacturing, space, healthcare and energy sectors.  Surrounded by, but not encroaching upon an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the campus is a showcase for how radioactive waste management and nuclear decommissioning activity can be a catalyst for attracting new, additional investment and jobs.

17 February 2018        Santa Fe New Mexican (USA)

WIPP could get $79M budget increase under Trump’s DOE funding proposal

More money to support the WIPP facility pending a longer-term permanent solution for finding a site for the disposal of radioactive waste.  Also reported in Carlsbad Current-Argus.

16 February 2018       Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

US Energy Secretary visits the WIPP facility and speaks to staff (see this short video), saying that their important work keeps America safe and helps drive new economic opportunities.

16 February 2018       Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

All utilities lack disposal sites for low-level waste from reactors

Fears that because local governments will not approve disposal sites even for low-level waste may mean that decommissioning plans for existing nuclear sites may be delayed.

16 February 2018       ABC News (Australia)

Locals outraged as planning for nuclear waste facility in outback SA goes ahead

Public concerns about low-level waste repository discussions in South Australia.

15 February 2018       The Columbian (Canada)

In Our View: Mixed Signals on Hanford

Concern in Canada about reduced funding for cleaning-up US’ Hanford nuclear site, but welcoming the proposal to fund Yucca Mountain repository, saying: “Numerous studies over the decades — more than $15 billion has been spent on reports and development — have indicated that Yucca Mountain will provide the safest possible storage of the nation’s radioactive waste. Considering that more than 160 million Americans reside within 75 miles of a nuclear waste site, a repository in a remote part of Nevada is a preferable alternative.”

15 February 2018       Swiss Info

Subterranean 3D model to help Swiss planning

The Swiss Federal Office of Topography has unveiled a newly-developed 3D model of the geological features of Switzerland.  Developed in collaboration with local cantons, universities, and energy advocate groups, the tool is designed to help in the exploration and exploitation of raw mineral materials, harnessing geothermal heat, as well as planning the underground disposal of radioactive waste.

15 February 2018      Bayshore Broadcasting (Canada)

Area Communities Line Up For Cheques 

A renegotiated deal will allow funding to be brought forward for communities involved in Canada’s search for a GDF site.   It means 50% of the money that has been held in trust since 2015 will now flow to Kincardine as a host community, and to four surrounding municipalities totalling about two million (canadian) dollars.

15 February 2018      Ceramic

Journal of the American Ceramic Society carries feature on solidifying (“vitrifying”) nuclear waste, and the role of ceramics in the process.

14 February 2018      Elliot Lake Today (Canada)

$600,000 contribution to fund community well-being

Local council involved in search for a GDF site, allocate money received from the National Waste Management Organisation to a fund for community wellbeing.

13 February 2018      Yucca Mountain — USA’s proposed repository

We have published an article summarising the political reaction in America to yesterday’s announcement, but you can read individual national, local and trade media reports below, and the subsequent updates to the story:

NBC News   KTVN News (CBS affiliate)    Las Vegas Review-Journal   US News

Nevada Appeal   KOLO TV (ABC affiliate)   KKOH Talk Radio  Bristol Herald Courier 

Nevada Independent    KLAS TV News    The News Tribune   Las Vegas Sun

Reno Gazette Journal     Power Magazine     World Nuclear News 

KNPR-Nevada Public Radio     US News & World Report     Fort Worth Star-Telegram   

KRNV-NBC News    The Daily Progress   Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 

St Louis Post-Despatch    Alton Daily News   Illinois News Network   Miami County Republic

12 February 2018      Independent Balkan News Agency

Croatia’s intention to build a nuclear waste landfill causes the ire of BiH

Croatia’s plan to build a GDF close to the borders with Bosnia Herzegovina and Republika Srpksa are causing concerns for their neighbours.  They claim the selected region is not geologically suitable, but Croatia claim, following geological investigation, that the area is suitable geologically.

11 February 2018      KBS Radio (Korea)

‘Pohang Quake had No Impact on Safety of Nuclear Reactors’

South Korea’s nuclear safety commission says that an earthquake that hit the southeastern city of Pohang early Sunday had no impact on the safety of the nation’s 25 nuclear power plants or its radioactive waste disposal facilities.  However, the commission announced that they will be conducting emergency safety checkups on the country’s nuclear power and radioactive waste disposal facilities.

11 February 2018      Las Vegas Sun

OPINION: Nevada has been blasted enough

Concern that President Trumps’ desire to develop new nuclear weapons will lead to Nevada being a test zone again, as well as hosting a waste repository at Yucca Mountain.

10 February 2018     Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

After crashes on U.S. 285, New Mexico residents at odds with officials over road repairs

Long, detailed analysis of the deteriorating roads around Carlsbad, caused by significant increase in heavy commercial vehicles, linked to rise in automobile accident deaths.  The Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP), the US’ interim GDF, singled out for praise by unilaterally taking responsible action to alleviate the problem.

The local newspaper says WIPP drivers have driven more than 14 million miles without incident since the underground repository opened in 1999, and the US Department of Energy monitors shipments via satellite to ensure traffic laws are obeyed.  It reports that Nuclear Waste Partnership, which oversees WIPP’s daily operations, recently started its Roadway Safety Integrated Project, aimed at bringing together experts from around New Mexico to meet and discuss solutions to the danger, hosting a public meeting in January and planning another in February.  A spokesman is quoted saying:  “As part of our safety culture, we remind our employees of their responsibility to be safe drivers.”

10 February 2018     BBC (Northern Ireland)

In a weekly review of local newspapers in N Ireland, BBC News Online says that “Nuclear community fund offer is a ‘bribe'” is an unexpected headline in the Newry Democrat.  BBC reports that the story is a local councillor’s reaction to the BEIS consultations.  The BBC concludes from his comments that “it is pretty safe to say that Cllr Michael Carr will not be accepting such a facility in the Warrenpoint area.”

7 February 2018       News & Star (UK)

First batch of boxes to store nuclear waste

Local media report (with video) on newly-developed specialised ‘GDF-ready’ containers that will hold radioactive waste from Sellafield destined for geological disposal.  It is expected that 15,000 of the 1.3 ton packages will be required.  Similar story in Cumbria Crack.

7 February 2018       The Times (UK)

Apprentices will get a place at Cambridge University

Article on how Cambridge University is also now providing vocational/technical courses mentions.  Specific reference to the GDF within skills demand in the nuclear sector, particularly in radioactive waste management:   About 1,000 students will start higher and degree apprenticeship courses this September at the National College for Nuclear … one of the courses on offer at the college is a degree in decommission and waste management.

6 February 2018      Forbes Magazine

Spent Fuel Storage Still A Hot Topic In California’s Coastal Communities

Report on the furore over the need to still be holding radioactive waste in local interim surface facilities because permanent geological disposal.  Local US Congressman David Victor quoted as saying: “In my view, there is a vocal minority that seems opposed to anything, with the result that there aren’t really practical strategies they are advancing.  But the vast majority of the people are lined up around the same mission, which is safely moving the spent fuel into the storage canisters and then getting those out of here as soon as possible.”

6 February 2018      Elliot Lake Today (Canada)

NWMO report explains Elliot Lake’s removal from nuclear repository plan

Local paper report on Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation’s (NWMO) reasons for no longer involving that community in the search for a site for a GDF.  Geological complexity, difficult access because of the terrain, and “low potential to develop the breadth of community partnerships needed to implement the project” were the reasons cited.

5 February 2018      Focus Taiwan 

Taipower looking for places with granite to dispose of nuclear fuel

Report on announcement on Taiwan’s plans for geological disposal of radioactive waste.

4 February 2018      ABC Channel 8 News (USA)

Gubernatorial candidate calling for lawmakers to go against feds on Nuclear Agreement

Continued Federal Government failure to tackle interim surface waste facilities becomes an issue in Idaho Governor election.

4 February 2018      Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Nuclear fund to swell by NT$100bn

Following requests by local residents, the Taiwan’s power company, Taipower, has merged its nuclear decommissioning fund with its budget for making community payments.

2 February 2018     USA Today

Nation’s oldest nuke plant to close ahead of schedule

Report on the impact of decommissioning and closing Oyster Creek nuclear plant on the local economy.  The plant has generated annual tax income of US$13m, and estimated annual contribution of US$80m to the wider local economy.  Despite reservations of some residents, Mayor Nicholas Juliano believes continued on-site surface storage after closure will still bring income into the municipality.  Article contains a video from a public forum to discuss how community manages loss of jobs and income resulting from site closure.

1 February 2018       World Nuclear News

US commissioners call for action on used fuel

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) claims the Federal Government’s failure to progress the Yucca Mountain project has resulted in more than $5 billion in court settlements, which could reach more than $29 billion by 2022, and cost up to $500 million annually after 2022.  They urge Congress to pass funding for next phase of technical studies.  Story also carried in Daily Energy Insider.

1 February 2018        Daily Post (Wales)

Nuclear station chiefs happy to have radioactive waste buried under their homes

Incredulous anti-nuclear campaigner can’t believe that senior nuclear managers would be happy to have waste stored beneath their homes.

31 January 2018         The Hill (USA)

A pro-science approach to Yucca Mountain appropriations

A plea for Congress to release funds to move the Yucca project forward.  The article notes that such funding wouldn’t actually commit anyone to the project, but it would allow technical assessments to be made that would help inform a scientific-based decision on whether the project was actually feasible.  The article also notes that Congress previously planned to allow citizens’ voices to be heard, and approving funding would give those opinions a formal hearing.  It quotes the Chairman of the Senate’s Appropriations: “I encourage citizens to carefully review this proposal and weigh in … to ensure that regulations like this one are based on sound science, consider economic impacts, and demonstrate common sense.”

31 January 2018        Middlesbrough Gazette (UK)

‘We will not tolerate storing nuclear waste in Billingham’s ICI mines,’ says MP

Local MP seeks reassurances that disused mine will not form part of UK Govt’s search for a GDF site.

31 January 2018        No2NuclearPower (UK)

UK Government starts its sixth search for a nuclear waste dump site in 42 years.

A comprehensive analysis of the UK Government’s announcement of public consultations, and subsequent media reports.  The article remains sceptical about the need for geological disposal, concerned that UK Government and nuclear sector have not taken note of last week’s Swedish Environmental Court ruling, and doubtful that this search for a site will be any more successful than previous attempts.

30 January 2018       Newry Times (Northern Ireland)

‘Ireland won’t be Britain’s nuclear dumping ground’

Report on Sinn Fein’s response to the UK Government’s consultations on siting a Geological Disposal Facility.

29 January 2018       Yorkshire Post (UK)

Time to engineer career changes for women

Article on need for more diversity in the engineering sector, mentioning safe disposal of radioactive waste as one of the expanding and interesting career options for young women and young people from ethnic communities.  In UK, engineering workforce is currently 94% white and 91% male!

27 January 2018        Las Vegas Sun

In D.C., Goodman highlights dangers of transporting nuclear waste

At a conference of US Mayors, Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman expressed concern about state of US transport infrastructure and risks of transporting nuclear waste from across the country for disposal at Yucca Mountain.  Her speech part of a Nevada campaign against the project.

26 January 2018        Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nevada raises new concerns about Yucca Mountain licensing plan

State submits new evidence to US House of Representatives, as local concern rises that Federal Government will force progress on Yucca Mountain geological disposal project.  Report notes that host community, Nye County, supports the project despite State-level representatives opposition.

25 January 2018        Media coverage of UK Govt GDF plans     

Given the amount of coverage, we have compiled a separate list of UK media stories covering the UK Government’s announcement of two public consultations, the next phase in the UK’s GDF programme.  The news was also reported as far afield in Australia (by Yahoo! News and by News Corp Australia) and by an international online news service Kaplan Herald.

25 January 2018        All Africa (South Africa)

Why Decommissioning South Africa’s Koeberg Nuclear Plant Won’t Be Easy

Analysis of decommissioning the site, which worries about long-term waste management and interim surface storage but fails to mention geological disposal plans.

25 January 2018        Greenwire (USA)

Yucca Mountain boosters fault ‘do-nothing’ DOE

Backers of the Yucca Mountain project reportedly losing patience with the Energy Department and raising concerns that Energy Secretary Rick Perry is already losing interest.

23 January 2018        World Nuclear News and Reuters

Conflicting views on the announcements by the Swedish Nuclear Regulator and the Land and Environment Court regarding the Swedish GDF.  WNN report approval, whereas Reuters notes ‘disagreement’ between the two regulatory authorities.  Pending more detailed statements from all the relevant players once they have digested the outputs from each Regulator, it would seem that both the Regulators were generally satisfied, but that the Court wanted more information on copper canister corrosion — see GDFWatch’s initial summary.

22 January 2018        Manila Times (Philippines)

Nuclear power: Clean and deadly

Analysis of the Philippines’ potential nuclear programme, insisting the country must have a comprehensive plan for managing radioactive waste.  Newspaper says radioactive waste can’t be thrown into the sea or dumped on a vacant lot, neither will face masks and handkerchiefs protect from contaminated air.  Asks whether “we have the resources to deal with a disaster and its aftermath?” Concludes by saying that embarking on a nuclear energy program requires detailed, comprehensive planning with a long-term perspective.

22 January 2018       International Business Times

Wanted: local community for £12bn nuclear waste dump

International media follow-up story to UK’s Guardian report (below).

21 January 2018        Handelsblatt (Germany)

E.ON helps Germany say goodbye to nuclear power

Report on the impact and costs of dismantling German reactors.  Public do not like storing waste in interim surface facilities, with E.ON setting aside €10bn for its contribution to Germany’s GDF, and another €10bn to cover costs of interim storage pending GDF opening — which will be several decades away.

21 January 2018        Seattle Times (USA)

Can nuclear energy save our environment? Authors make a case in ‘Seeing the Light’

Review of new book on broader nuclear debate, but which includes analysis of permanent nuclear waste disposal.  Backed up with scientific studies, the authors believe that “permanent disposal of nuclear waste is not a scientific-engineering problem,” but instead a political one. They claim the controversial Yucca Mountain site in Nevada was chosen over other, safer locations due to political pressure, not from reasons of public safety. They blame unsubstantiated public fear fanned by poor science for ignoring the best locations.

21 January 2018        The Guardian (UK)

Search restarts for area willing to host highly radioactive UK waste

Story trailing expected launch of two new public consultations on the UK’s GDF.  Emphasises the need to balance good geology with community consent.

20 January 2018       Brussels Times (Belgium)

“We need 20 billion euros more to be able to stop using nuclear”, says Jean-Marc Nollet

Belgian MP concerned about potential costs of disposing of country’s nuclear waste and that there has been lack of progress in Belgium’s programme.

19 January 2018        Nevada Independent (USA)

Can Heller, as Reid did, stop Yucca?

Report on whether local US Senator can hold Congress back from pursuing Yucca Mountain project.  The newspaper notes that a bill in the House of Representatives that would jumpstart the stalled plan to build a nuclear waste storage facility at Yucca Mountain was overwhelmingly approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee in June and is expected to be approved by the full House this year.  There is also an appetite for a Yucca solution in the Senate. South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has said he’s impressed by the bipartisan vote in the House committee and suggested there could be “broad appeal” for the bill in the Senate.

19 January 2018        Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

Heinrich questions DOE nominee on WIPP, Los Alamos

Local newspaper report on Congressional questioning of a nominee for a senior Department of Energy post, on her views on the US’ WIPP facility in which nuclear waste is geologically disposed.

18 January 2018        Thunder Bay News (Canada)

First nuclear waste test hole drilled near Ignace

Initial 1km deep borehole completed.  But the long timescales of project underlined by fact that these first geological samples will take most of this year to analyse before additional boreholes are drilled.

17 January 2018        Carlsbad Current-Argus (USA)

WIPP: Mining starts on final underground panel

Local media coverage of mining operations recommencing at United States’ only operational deep geological disposal facility.

17 January 2018       Orange County Register (USA)

San Clemente will seek audience with senator over burial of radioactive waste

Concerned residents have invited local US Senator Kamala Harris to meet them to discuss their opposition to interim waste storage plans.  They believe US Federal Government reneging on its commitment to permanently dispose of the waste in a geological repository.

16 January 2018       The Independent Australian

How a planned nuclear waste dump in the tiny SA town of Kimba impacts us all

Article from anti-nuclear campaigner recognises local support for a waste facility but argues that everyone in Australia should have a say regardless of local opinion.

15 January 2018       World Nuclear News

French regulator approves repository safety options

The French regulator, Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN), has issued a positive opinion on the safety options for country’s planned deep geological repository for the disposal of high and intermediate-level radioactive waste. However, it has reservations about the storage of bituminous waste within the facility.

14 January 2018        Plymouth Herald (UK)

Old nuclear submarines have now been in Devonport for nearly 30 years

Mention of the GDF as the planned final resting place of radioactive waste materials from UK’s nuclear naval force.

13 January 2018        Swiss Broadcasting Corporation

Swiss nuclear plant plans low risk radioactive waste facility

Report on plans to store and treat waste at a closing nuclear facility includes summary of Switzerland’s consent-based approach to finding a site for their GDF, and of the recent referendum result to phase out nuclear power.

11 January 2018        The Day (USA)

Yucca is obvious answer to nuclear waste question

Editorial from Connecticut local newspaper in support of geological disposal and the Yucca Mountain proposal.

8 January 2018          The Day (USA)

Connecticut lawmakers: ‘Status quo unacceptable’ on nuclear waste policy

Bipartisan political support in Connecticut urging renewed push to find a permanent national geological disposal facility.  Mood summed up by one Democrat: “There’s got to be a safer, much more cost-effective way than having this stuff pile up and require expensive surveillance in well over 100 locations across the country.  There’s a strong feeling that the status quo is unacceptable. It’s not fair to the sites around the country to have to be a host community for the material. It’s time to get this national disposal system underway.”

6 January 2018           The Advertiser (Australia)

As choice of nuclear waste facility starts narrowing, people of Kimba are either excited or disgusted

Local Adelaide newspaper reports on local debate about hosting a nuclear repository.  Majority of residents support continued dialogue, and claim they are already seeing economic benefits, but significant opposition remains. [Note:  Kimba proposal is for a low-level waste repository, not a GDF, but process and debate reflects common community reactions to hosting a nuclear waste facility].

1 January 2018           Daily Nation (Kenya)

Kenya’s nuclear quest: A case of extreme optimism?

In a broader piece about the Kenyan Government’s nuclear programme, concerns raised that Kenya has difficulty managing ordinary waste, let alone nuclear waste:

While government officials strongly defend the nuclear project, questions abound about how a country whose major cities – Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa – have failed to handle minor fire disasters and basic household waste will effectively deal with toxic wastes, which are the by-product of nuclear power generation.  In Nairobi for instance, where every individual generates about two kilogrammes of waste every day, garbage is littered all over, with roads becoming impassable when it rains. Moreover, some hospitals and clinics carelessly dispose their medical waste in landfills ran by cartels, yet the government insists it can handle nuclear waste.

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