ARCHIVE: International media coverage 2020

This section provides a collection of articles from news media around the world during 2020, offering a wider spectrum of opinion, but also showcasing the similarities of the reactions of people in different countries.  Click on the media outlet name to link to the original article.  Please click here for the most recent 2020 media coverage.

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15 October 2020

Report studies socioeconomic impacts of plant closures

The socioeconomic impacts of nuclear power plant closures are swift, severe and lasting, and the effects are felt more deeply in rural communities, a new report from the Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative has found.

15 October 2020

Proposed 1,500-acre site mapped out for Canadian nuclear waste storage in South Bruce, Ont.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has secured all of the 1,500 acres of farmland in South Bruce they would need to construct a deep geological repository. Securing the land means NWMO can start borehole drilling to assess if the local geology could host the repository safely. Similar work is underway in Ignace, the other Northern Ontario community still in the running to host the repository. Also reported by Anishinabek News, Gananoque Reporter, World Nuclear News, Owen Sound Sun Times, Nuclear Engineering International, Yahoo!News

15 October 2020

The World’s Growing Nuclear Waste Dilemma

An incomplete summary of geological disposal programmes around the world which concludes “Final disposal sites are certainly a step forward but Japan shows us that they’re also, ultimately, a [politically] flawed solution.”

15 October 2020

There is more radioactive waste in France than what the official inventory says, according to the Nuclear Safety Authority

Regulator says most spent fuel stored for reprocessing is unlikely to be re-used, therefore needs to be categorised as waste, and plans accordingly made for its disposal.

West Texas nuclear waste plan prompts fears of radioactive trains in Fort Worth

A plan to transport high-level radwaste from across the country to sites on the Texas-New Mexico border poses a particular danger to Fort Worth, claim a group of environmental activists opposed to the plan.

14 October 2020

Russian officials hold virtual public discussion on radioactive waste storage

Norwegian environmental NGO working with Russians, reports on a recent virtual public event to discuss Russia’s first longterm radioactive waste storage facility proposed on a site near Novouralsk in central Siberia. Local public opinion varied.

14 October 2020

Swedish municipality gives approval for fuel repository

In what is described as a “historic decision”, the municipal council of Östhammar has voted in favour of hosting a deep geological repository. The final decision to authorise the project will now be made by the Swedish government. Also covered by Nuclear Engineering International, Mirage News, Government World, Energy Live News. Announced by SKB, and published on GOV.UK

14 October 2020

‘If it’s safe, bury it in your back garden!’ Thousands oppose Port Clarence radioactive waste plan

Teessiders’ views on plans to dump radioactive waste at Port Clarence have been made public by the Environment Agency. Augean North wants a permit to dispose of low-level radioactive waste at its existing landfill site. Of the 2,300 people that took part in a four-month public consultation towards the end of last year, only 13 came out in support of the plans. Also reported by Northern Echo

Armenia: Fears Over Nuclear Waste

Concern at the apparent lack of skills, resources and political will to deal with Armenia’s radioactive waste management issues. Reprinted by Vestnik Kavkaza

13 October 2020

Five South Bruce Students Receive Bursary

Students win a bursary to support their continued education, made possible through a partnership between the South Bruce Community Liaison Committee (CLC) and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO).

13 October 2020

Students take top placement at nuclear remediation competition

Report on prize-winning robotics research, to monitor radioactive tanks deep underground for cracks, breaks and other damage, identifying potential problems early so they can be managed.

13 October 2020

Controversy over bids to host nuclear waste highlights disposal issue

Easy-to-read overview article of why a repository is being considered, and explaining Japan’s consent-based site selection process.

Socioeconomic impact report released by Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative

Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative foundational report investigates the socioeconomic impacts of nuclear power plant closures on surrounding host communities, and offers recommendations to nuclear closure communities across the nation.

Ignalina temporarily suspends waste packaging; seeks assessment of final disposal sites

Packaging of radioactive waste suspended at the old Ignalina power plant, due to a malfunction of the scales used to weigh packages. No radiation leaked, other work at the plant continued as normal. Rated 0 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES). Article also reports search for a contractor to support site selection for a geological repository.

New Mexico governor urged to take stand against nuclear plan

Environmentalists and other watchdog groups want New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to create a government agency that would be tasked with keeping the state from becoming a permanent ‘dumping’ ground for high-level radioactive waste. Also reprinted in Mail Online, Las Vegas Sun, Santa Fe New Mexican, Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Manufacturing.Net, WSIL TV News3, Arkansas Online

12 October 2020

Public Input Wanted On Transportation Of Nuclear Waste

The Rotary Club of Dryden one of the community organisations participating in the National Waste Management Organisation’s (NWMO) consultation on a Transportation Framework plan, looking at how radwaste might be transported through local communities to the proposed geological repository. Also covered by Sudbury Star, Strathroy Age Dispatch

12 October 2020

77-year-old man arrested for trying to set fire to mayor’s house in Hokkaido town

Police have arrested a 77-year-old man on suspicion of arson after he tried to set fire to the mayor’s house last week. According to police he has admitted the charge and quoted him as saying he was protesting the mayor’s decision over the radioactive waste storage issue.

Nuclear plant demolition accelerated

The Crystal River Nuclear Plant in Florida, USA, is to be decontaminated and dismantled 50 years ahead of schedule. The go-ahead for the new demolition timetable was announced by Accelerated Decommissioning Partners (ADP) – a joint venture between international demolition company NorthStar Group Services and specialist nuclear supplier Orano USA – after it completed the licence transfer and became the plant’s official operator.

Ignalina NNP seeks contractors to find and assess potential DGR sites

Lithuania issues tender for a contractor to help them find and assess potential sites for the country’s deep geological repository. Tender proposes a 12-month, expected to be signed in the first quarter of 2021.

10 October 2020

Report: LANL nuclear waste mix potentially explosive

Government watchdog, the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, publishes report that says Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is storing hundreds, maybe thousands, of barrels of radioactive waste mixed with incompatible chemicals that have the potential to cause an explosion, putting workers and the public at risk. Such an explosion did occur, fortunately underground, in a package sent from LANL to the WIPP repository 6 years ago, but radiation was isolated underground and posed no human health risk.

9 October 2020

An expropriation of peasants takes shape in Bure

The mayor of Bure says relations with French agency Andra have deteriorated to such an extent that the CEO of Andra has not been to the local town hall, and the original local agreement to an underground research laboratory has been abused as the repository process has advanced.

9 October 2020

Suttsu town applies for nuclear waste site survey

The mayor of Suttsu has formally submitted an application to the Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan (NUMO) to initiate a first stage survey to assess whether the area is even geologically suitable to host a repository. Also reported by Nippon.Com, The Mainichi, Japan Times

San Onofre Safety, Public Deserves The Facts, Not Promises

Campaigners still not convinced that radwaste stored in interim surface facilities at San Onfore is safe.

DOE urged to build foundations for sound nuclear power agenda

Leading Philippines Senator says country needs to address meeting the necessary steps to safely managing nuclear power before restarting the sector, eg the Philippines has yet to ratify the Convention on Nuclear Safety, and the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management. Also reported by PageOne

8 October 2020

Home of Hokkaido town mayor vandalized

The home of a mayor who’d proposed his town consider hosting a geological repository has been vandalized, as the town debates a plan to host a disposal site for radioactive waste.

8 October 2020

Hokkaido municipalities to launch nuclear waste disposal site survey

Both Kamoenai village and Suttsu town in Hokkaido say they will launch preliminary research into the suitability of hosting a geological disposal site for high-level radioactive waste. Story picked up by Nuclear Engineering International, Tech2, and in US by ABC News, Star Tribune, and in UK by Daily Telegraph, reprinted by Yahoo!News

When old meets new

Article looking at Sweden’s existing interim storage facility for low-level radwaste, and the plans to expand it with an encapsulation plant.

No place for nuclear waste: Top Filipino scientist nixes nuke plant revival

A leading Filipino scientist opposes plans to revive nuclear power in the country, citing concerns over long-term radioactive waste management and the costs of decommissioning.

8 October 2020

This is How France Lied About Its Nuclear Tests in Algeria – The Unending Atomic Legacy

Further coverage of the campaign asking France to reveal where it buried radioactive waste in Algeria.

8 October 2020

Hokkaido Village OKs Petition for Nuclear Waste Site Survey

Local village assembly votes to support a petition, submitted by a local chamber of commerce, to apply for a first-stage survey to discover whether the area could host a deep geological repository for high-level radioactive waste. Decision to proceed now down to the mayor, who previously said he would respect the assembly’s decision.

7 October 2020

Petition calls for cancer study around San Onofre plant

Petition calling for federal funding to research possible cancer risks of people living near nuclear sites like San Onofre, resurrecting a National Academy of Sciences study which the Nuclear Regulatory Commission shelved in 2015 after concluding it wasn’t likely to collect usable results in a reasonable timescale.

The Federal Budget’s impact on the utility sector

Australian government’s budget unveils Aus$100m investment for the low-level radwaste facility near Kimba in South Australia. Also reported in Port Lincoln Times, Mirage News

5 October 2020

Calls for France to reveal location of nuclear waste dumped in Algeria

Paris-based Observatory for Armament pick up campaign for France to reveal where radwaste is buried in Algeria.

Federal Labor divided over plans to block SA’s nuclear waste dump facility

Opposition Party caucus decides to block legislation paving way for low-level radwaste facility, but sparks division within their own ranks. One senior Senator saying the plan is “as good as it gets”, while another says opposing plan would incur the wrath of the scientific community, which was largely supportive of the plan. Also reported in UK’s The Guardian, and by Industry Global News24

5 October 2020

New business hub opens in Huron-Kinloss

NWMO co-funds new centre to support local entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

3 October 2020

Two Hokkaido townships to seek OK to be depots for nuclear waste

The village of Kamoenai and the town of Suttsu are expected to formally announce that they will participate in a process to assess their localities as potential sites to host a geological repository. They can withdraw at a later stage, and the selection process is expected to take at least 20 years before any radioactive waste storage facility actually begins operation.

2 October 2020

Hokkaido village to apply for nuclear waste site survey

Kamoenai village assembly voted to apply for a first-stage survey to choose a municipality which may host a final geological disposal site for high-level radioactive waste. Also reported by Nippon.Com, Jiji Press

Did Two Hokkaido Municipalities Really Put their Names Forward for the High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository Selection Process? The True Nature of the “Literature Review”

Anti-nuclear campaigner argues, in lengthy article, that communities will not be allowed to withdraw if the Government decides otherwise.

2 October 2020

Academy invests £22 million in emerging technologies that could have global benefits

New approaches to radioactive waste treatment included in research programme announced by UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering.

WIPP resumes nuclear waste shipments California national laboratory

Radioactive waste shipments to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) resumed this month after a 10-year pause. Also reported by Exchange Monitor

2 October 2020

One-third of all nuclear waste removed from Cold War dump site

Update on the clean-up of radwaste under the Arctic ocean from the Soviet era. Part-funded by EU, UK, Sweden, Italy and Norway, the harder tasks are yet to come.

Bavaria’s nuclear waste dilemma: Söder versus Söder

Indian media analyse Bavaria’s opposition to hosting a radwaste facility, contrast with other regions which acknowledge the discussion has to be had about location, even if nobody wants it in their area.

1 October 2020

Mayor ‘delighted’ at appointment of former minister to NDA advisory role

Copeland mayor says he has “highest regard for Hazel Blears, who has worked quite closely with Copeland Council for a period of time now”, and is a “nationally-recognised expert” in the field of promoting social values.

1 October 2020

NWMO to donate $15K in face masks, hand sanitizer

Donation from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization will be used to distribute face masks and hand sanitizer to local small businesses through the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.

1 October 2020

Texas Governor Urges Trump to Oppose Nuclear Waste Plans

Texas Governor opposes proposals for temporary radwaste facilities in both West Texas and New Mexico, as he fears they may threaten local oil industry. Also reported by Carlsbad Current-Argus, Midland Reporter-Telegram

30 September 2020

New lower limits on radioactive discharge put in place at Sellafield

After a major review by the Environment Agency – the most significant for nearly 20 years – of Sellafield’s Radioactive Substances permit, a new permit comes into force to reflect the changing focus at the site from reprocessing to decommissioning. Also reported by Cumbria Crack

First replacement steam generators arrive at Koeberg

Old generators will initially be stored on-site, where they will be dismantled and packaged for eventual disposal at the national radioactive waste repository. Also reported by BizNis Africa, Energy Voice, Independent Online

30 September 2020

West Cumbria Mining Have Achieved What NIREX failed to do. Namely a massive ‘rock characterisation’ program with “exploratory boreholes”

Radiation Free Lakeland think borehole drilling for a new coal mine is a ‘trojan horse’ for a geological disposal facility.

29 September 2020

The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization Announce Five-Year Partnership for Orange Shirt Day

NWMO part-fund Reconciliation programme to remember Indigenous children who died in residential schools. Also reported by Turtle Island News

Four powerful players want a nuclear waste solution. What’s stopping them?

Articulate analysis of the lack of political interest in permanently disposing of radioactive waste, when such interest is most required.

Safety First

Bruce Power set out their reasons why they support the deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.

28 September 2020

Ukraine’s Government to raise EUR 6 mln to improve nuclear safety

Ukrainian government approve agreement with EU on loan to fund enhancement of radioactive waste management. Also reported by Interfax, UNIAN

28 September 2020

Leaving a safe legacy for local communities

Article looking at Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) approach to building sustainable futures for those communities impacted by decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

28 September 2020

Germany publishes nuclear storage list, Gorleben dropped

Germany publishes a list of 90 sites that have been found to have potentially suitable geology to host a radioactive waste repository. This based on a preliminary mapping programme that has revealed 54% of German territory could be satisfactory. The sites will undergo further geological investigations over the next 10 years. Also reported by Deutsche Welle, and in India by Pledge Times, in US by ABC News, in Japan by NHK, in Asia by The Star and internationally by Daily Mail, Clean Energy Wire, World Nuclear News, EuroNews, Energy World. Initial German reaction in Berlin Spectator

28 September 2020

And what if the nuclear waste rage boils up again …?

A look at the potential contentious political debate, which could influence the upcoming elections, likely to happen in Germany following publication of the list of potential sites.

27 September 2020

Pros, Cons Heard at Hokkaido Meeting over Radioactive Waste Site

Local Japanese residents speak for and against a proposal that their community investigate whether to host a radwaste repository.

26 September 2020

Lawsuit: Settlement money from SC plutonium deal should go to counties, not state

Local counties nearest the Savannah River site have launched legal action against the state of South Carolina, saying a US$600million federal settlement over radioactive waste at the site should go to the nearest seven counties instead of the whole state budget. Also reported by Macon Telegraph, Huron Daily Tribune, WRAL, Aiken Standard

26 September 2020

Kimba nuclear waste dump challenged – trumped up undemocratic process

Continued criticism of the way in which the local ballot was held to determine the site of the low-level radwaste repository.

26 September 2020

NWMO Continues Focus On Site Selection

Short update on covid-stalled borehole investigation and environmental assessment programme.

26 September 2020

Search for a repository: “Disposing of nuclear waste in pack ice is not a good idea in the face of climate change”

Q&A on geological disposal in Indian media with German scientist.

25 September 2020

Lujan Grisham continues opposition to proposed nuclear waste facility near Carlsbad as public comment period closes

Lengthy review of the debate and issues, as the state’s Governor restates her support for state officials against local officials, with local community supporting the proposed temporary radwaste facility but state-level concern about the environmental and reputational impacts.

25 September 2020

WIPP utility shaft faces delay while legal challenge seeks to halt construction

Request to extend authorisation to construct shaft, because original completion deadline will not be met, opens door to legal challenge from critics.

25 September 2020

NWMO Learn More centre returns to South Bruce

Mobile public information facility returns after 6-month covid suspension.

Shipment of high level waste from the UK to Germany

The return of processed radioactive waste to Germany will start by end of 2020, and be done in 3 separate shipments over the next few years. Reported by Energy Live News, Mirage News

24 September 2020

Correcting the Record on Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage at San Onofre

Rebuttal by site operator of ongoing concerns about storage of radwaste at San Onofre. Concerns expressed in an original article in the Voice of OC.

24 September 2020

Will They Turn New Mexico Into Nuclear Waste Dump?

Six-minute item in which campaign group Beyond Nuclear present their opposition to radioactive waste management and policy.

24 September 2020

Canadian Mental Health Association Grey Bruce receives donation to support student mental health

National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) supports local mental health charity.

24 September 2020

Crashing a 100-MPH Train Into a Nuclear Fuel Container Is Our Kind of Science

With continuing public concern about radwaste transportation, an easy-to-read summary of steps previously taken to test safety of packages used to transport radioactive waste.

24 September 2020

Nuclear waste could travel through Dallas-Fort Worth if West Texas plan is approved

Campaigners concerned about volumes of higher-level radioactive waste that will need to be transported to West Texas if proposed temporary storage facility is approved.

24 September 2020

Geo-disposal: radioactive waste

World-renown British Geological Survey explain their role and activities in advising on the safe disposal of radioactive waste.

23 September 2020

Decommissioning Panel Holds Meeting On Vermont Yankee And Spent Fuel Policy

Local community panel wants to know when radwaste will be removed from the site – were told waste will remain until federal government develops a permanent geological disposal facility.

23 September 2020

‘Cheaper and safer than wind or solar’: Dutch to consult on new nuclear power plants

Consultants’ report for Dutch Government says nuclear ‘price-comparable’ to renewables if all ‘system costs’ (eg waste disposal) taken into account, and that there are solutions for disposing of radwaste. Critics not convinced.

23 September 2020

Russia’s Nuclear Waste Imports Likely Larger Than Declared – Greenpeace

Greenpeace continues its campaign against radwaste shipments which Norwegian NGO Bellona has investigated and says complies with international law and safety standards.

23 September 2020

Nuclear Waste Storage Plan Faces ‘Grave Concerns’ in New Mexico

New Mexico state officials disagree with local communities, express concern about Holtec International’s proposed plan for a temporary radioactive waste facility.

23 September 2020

NWMO continuing to try to educate and share information regarding DGR

With people working from home because of the pandemic, local report says National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) stepping up their public engagement programme because more people are around and available. Blackburn News also has separate article on NWMO’s new mobile learning centre. Story covered by CTV

23 September 2020

Swiss Nagra secures drilling capacity of Daldrup & Söhne AG until the end of 2021

Swiss radwaste management body, Nagra, has extended contract for the test borehole drilling required to geologically assess and analyse different potential sites.

Uzbekistan on track for IAEA mission this year, says energy minister

Government will soon approve a ‘Strategy for the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Radioactive Waste and Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations’, to ensure country is in line with international obligations and standards.

22 September 2020

The federal nuclear dump is a national issue

Campaigner still concerned that the site selection process has not been sufficiently democratic or inclusive of alternative opinions.

22 September 2020

LANL could put weapons-grade waste in WIPP

Concern that weapons-grade plutonium may be sent to WIPP, which it is claimed, is not designed to safely hold such radwaste. Also reported by Los Alamos Reporter

Star of the day: David Kabua, President of the Marshall Islands, believes his territory will disappear under rising sea levels

Rising sea levels not only threaten the Islands, but expose a forgotten US radioactive waste store to leakage.

22 September 2020

The Protect Our Waterways controversial map and efforts to discredit DGR opponents

Concern that NWMO “controls” and limits community debate, by dismissing scientific research which does not concur with their view.

22 September 2020

EDITORIAL: Much at stake in picking a final nuclear waste disposal site

Leading national newspaper accepts need for a geological disposal repository, but says hosting it should serve long-term interests of the affected community, rather than just offering short-term financial ‘incentives’.

21 September 2020

SKB found to be fit for safe operation of waste facilities

Sweden’s nuclear regulators say that the radioactive waste management company generally meets the legal requirements for ensuring safe operation of the central interim storage facility and the repository for low and intermediate-level radwaste, and can therefore continue to operate the facilities until the next overall assessment in 2028.

21 September 2020

Bill would create new federal research program for nuclear waste disposal

Report on US Congressional attempts to boost research into nuclear spent fuel recycling, to reduce radwaste for disposal, and on alternative storage/disposal mechanisms, eg deep boreholes.

21 September 2020

Who should lead Canada’s public consultation on federal radioactive waste policy?

After International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recommended that Canada update its radwaste management and disposal strategy, continuing concerns that Natural Resources Canada is too ‘close’ to the nuclear sector, and that more independent scrutiny is required. Full (behind firewall) article provided by the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility can be read here.

21 September 2020

Turkovic in Vienna asks from Croatia to find a new Location for Nuclear Waste Disposal

Bosnia’s Foreign Minister, speaking at IAEA Annual Conference asked for help from the EU and IAEA to help Croatia find a safe and suitable place for their low-level radioactive waste, that is not close to the Bosnian border.

21 September 2020

Nuclear associations of South Africa demand construction new plants

Industry groups call for a renewed energy plan, including further development of the country’s National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute for longer-term storage of high-level radioactive waste.

21 September 2020

Thousands Weigh in To Oppose Holtec’s Proposed Massive New Radioactive Waste Dump in New Mexico

Campaign group Beyond Nuclear claims there has been an “exceptionally high turnout for the comment process” with thousands responding to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) public consultation, calling for the NRC to reject the proposed temporary radwaste storage facility.

21 September 2020

NWMO Supports Awareness Walk

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization says it supports Ojibway Nation of Saugeen First Nation member Darlene Necan, who is on an Awareness Walk citing not enough communication has been held on the repository project. NWMO says it is important to reflect and continue consulting on the proposed underground radwaste repository.

20 September 2020

Proposed nuclear decommissioning bill carries big bonus for Vernon

Proposed nuclear decommissioning bill in US Senate designed to give host communities and states “greater control” over nuclear reactor decommissioning plans could provide a stunning financial windfall for the town of Vernon, in Vermont — up to US$18 million a year for hosting interim radwaste storage facilities. Story also covered by Bennington Banner

20 September 2020

Now possible locations for a repository are named

Indian media look ahead to next week’s expected announcement in Germany about potential sites for a geological repository.

19 September 2020

Port Hope Area Initiative cleanup changes could address some residents’ concerns: CNL

Community consultation begins on proposals that may help address some community concerns, including the length of time it takes to clean up ex-nuclear sites, impacts to properties, as well as unintended environmental concerns which have arisen as remediation work had progressed.

19 September 2020

Solar Panels Generate Mountains Of Waste

OpEd concerned that the lack of waste management and disposal standards for renewable energy equipment will have a profound environmental cost, which is currently being ignored.

Misinformation about site selection process

NWMO say that a passionate debate about hosting a repository is to be encouraged, but that that debate should be based on fact and science. If people have concerns, they should submit data for everyone to scrutinise and discuss — cherry-picking facts or making things up does a disservice to community dialogue. Reprinted in Owen Sound Sun Times

18 September 2020

NWMO Invites South Bruce Residents to Tour the Mobile Learn More Centre

Article on NWMO’s public engagement and education programme.

First container of damaged used fuel sent to storage at Ignalina

The first container holding damaged nuclear fuel has been placed in the interim spent nuclear fuel storage facility at Ignalina nuclear power plant in Lithuania, to await final geological disposal.

17 September 2020

Solar Panels Generate Mountains of Waste

Further article about growing concern for failure to adopt waste management and disposal standards for electrical and renewable energy equipment — juxtaposed with standards expected of nuclear for similar environmental risks/impacts.

17 September 2020

Holtec Blasts NJ Town’s ‘Unfounded’ Nuclear Plant Paranoia

Fighting the local council’s decision to reject planning permission for new radwaste storage facilities at the shuttered Oyster Creek plant, Holtec tell a federal judge that the decision is ‘regulatory over-reach’ and creates dangers if radioactive waste cannot be safely stored. Local media also report on court case, Cherry Hill Post Courier

17 September 2020

Protect South Bruce – No Nuclear Waste responds to accusations of fear-mongering by NWMO scientist

Campaigners say their leaflet was designed to stimulate debate, address public fears, and ensure NWMO is challenged in its scientific assumptions.

Eskom to install new steam generators at Koeberg

The old steam generators at the Koeberg nuclear power plant be stored in interim surface facilities temporary site at Koeberg, before finally being disposed of at South Africa’s planned geological repository at the Vaalputs radioactive waste storage facility.

17 September 2020

Online Letter-Writing Party will generate letters to NRC and Congress / Public Meetings Coming Up in October

Article explaining and providing links to organisations campaigning to halt the two proposed temporary radioactive waste facilities proposed in New Mexico and West Texas.

17 September 2020

Researchers Develop Simple Way to Remove Radioactive Pollutants

South Korean researchers claim they can decontaminate surfaces of radioactive polluted buildings simply by spraying a hydrogel-based spray coater and washing it with water. Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute says hydrogel-based surface decontamination coater it has developed can remove caesium-137.

17 September 2020

Words Before Waste: South Australians Call for More Consultation on Federal Radioactive Waste Plan

New research shows that, while South Australians are divided on the issue of a radioactive waste repository, a majority believe more consultation should be undertaken before any final decision is made regarding the proposed disposal and storage facility near Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula.

16 September 2020


Belgium’s radwaste management organisation sets out summary of selected European geological disposal programmes.

16 September 2020

No need for DGR for Spent Nuclear Fuel in India: MoS PMO

Senior government minister says India will produce too little radioactive waste to justify a geological repository in the near future.

16 September 2020

The case for nuclear power

“Myth-busting” radioactive waste fears, in a wider piece about nuclear energy and climate change.

Concerns about nuclear waste near Ignace, Ont., prompts one woman to hit the pavement

A member of the Saugeen First Nation is walking across South Bruce to raise awareness of a proposed radioactive waste repository. She claims indigenous people have not been involved in consultations enough, and blames her own community’s leaders for failing to engage their people sufficiently. Also reported by CKDR

15 September 2020

Japan Struggles to Secure Radioactive Nuclear Waste Dump Sites

Detailed look at the community considering whether to consider entering the formal process that may or may not lead to hosting the national geological repository, but within context of a town ‘desperate to stave off impending bankruptcy’.

15 September 2020

Commentary: Next at San Onofre? Remove the fuel

Officers of the volunteer San Onofre Community Engagement Panel (CEP) argue that their community, with all its knowledge and experience, is well-placed to lead a public debate about finding a permanent geological disposal repository.

15 September 2020

Labor split on nuclear waste dump

The Greens are calling on the Opposition Labor Leader in the Senate to declare where her party stands on the proposed low-level radwaste repository in South Australia after a clear division within the Labor Party was revealed in the Senate Inquiry Report released yesterday.

14 September 2020

Senate inquiry recommends passing nuclear waste site at Napandee, South Australia

Although 3 dissenters from Opposition Parties, leader of the Labor Party on the committee says: “There’s a variety of views in the Labor party. My view was that this is as good as it gets — we’ve had a community that’s worked some years to come to this position. It is not a unanimous position, but we’ve been at this since 1975 and sooner or later we have to resolve the issue.” Story also covered in two separate article by Mirage News, one on the Committee’s dissenting opinions, the other on Australian government welcoming the ‘bipartisan’ decision. Story also covered by Whyalla News, Eyre Peninsula Tribune, Australian Conservation Foundation, World Nuclear News. Australian Government response published here.

12 September 2020

How Green Is This?: Millions of Toxic Solar Panels & Wind Turbine Blades Destined for Landfill

Discussion about the current absence of safe management and disposal standards for toxic wastes from renewable energy equipment, contrasted with safety regime nuclear sector required to satisfy.

12 September 2020

Egypt supports Bamako Convention banning import of hazardous waste into Africa: Minister

Egypt reaffirms importance of the Bamako Convention, a treaty of African nations prohibiting the import into Africa of any hazardous (including radioactive) waste.

12 September 2020

The iPhone 16 could be powered by nuclear waste diamond batteries

Updated overview of the different approaches to research on extracting energy from radwaste for use in batteries that could last a lifetime.

11 September 2020

Plant closing would hurt area economy

Local media concerned about impacts of closure of local nuclear power plant.

11 September 2020

Magnox nuclear clear-up cost soars to £9bn

National Audit Office (NAO) says that while the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has made major progress, costs are likely to continue to rise as NDA gets to grips with the scope of work. New estimates of the cost of cleaning up Magnox sites has increased by £2.7bn to £8.7bn since 2017. Story also covered by Building, Financial Times, NSEnergy, Construction News, PBC Today, News & Star, Economia. Access full NAO report here.

11 September 2020

Residents Oppose Hokkaido Town’s Radioactive Waste Site Plan

Summary of the discussion in this week’s public meetings in Suttsu, the first Japanese community to express potential interest in hosting a repository.

11 September 2020

Second site in Hokkaido considers hosting nuclear waste dump

Second local community in Japan comes forward, wanting to consider hosting a geological disposal repository for radioactive waste. Story also covered by Nippon, Jiji Press, DailyNewsX

11 September 2020

Romania’s Nuclearelectrica invests EUR 190 mln in new waste treatment factory

Romania opens bidding to construct a facility to treat radioactive waste produced by the country’s nuclear power plant at Cernavoda.

Anti-nuclear flyers sent to 50,000 homes are ‘fear mongering,’ says top scientist

Group that distributed the flyers in South Bruce warning about the dangers of a geological repository admits that the map and information they distributed is not based on any particular research or scientific information. Story also picked up in Philippines by Atin Ito

10 September 2020

NDA announces Social Value Specialist

Ex-Cabinet Minister Hazel Blears appointed as Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) Social Value Specialist, to provide advice to NDA group on how to increase the social, economic and environmental impact of its work to decommission and clean up the UK’s legacy sites. Also reported by In-Cumbria, Whitehaven News, News & Star

10 September 2020

Post-WIPP Disposal ‘Far and Away’ Biggest TRU Waste Challenge for NNSA Pit Mission, Official Says

A senior official at US’ National Nuclear Security Administration warns that ongoing nuclear-weapon maintenance will require a geological disposal facility that is open beyond 2050, which is the current, best-case availability for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico.

10 September 2020

Algeria: France urged to reveal truth about past nuclear tests

Further coverage on international demands that France provide Algeria with information on where radioactive waste is buried.

Local input key to developing environmental monitoring program in South Bruce

NWMO speak about importance of incorporating local knowledge in co-designing a shared environmental baseline monitoring program as site evaluation process progresses.

10 September 2020

Protect Our Waterways delivers leaflets to 50,000 homes Warns residents about risks of proposed nuclear waste dump

Community NGO launches a public education campaign on potential risks posed to area residents from a proposed deep geological repository (DGR). Reported also by St Thomas Times-Journal, Blackburn News, CBC, CTV

10 September 2020

Dr. Jamie Noël presents at Community Liaison Committee Meeting

South Bruce Community Liaison Committee get presentation on copper corrosion.

10 September 2020

UK Citizens’ Assembly demands action on climate change

Radioactive waste management one of key areas of concern about nuclear energy, with almost half UK people opposed to nuclear, according to findings of a citizen’s assembly established by the UK Parliament.

10 September 2020

Oil and gas company opposed to nuke site near Carlsbad excluded from federal proceedings

After arguing that storing radwaste underground could endanger oil and gas operations in the area, a company’s findings excluded from evidence file because they submitted documentation too late.

What radioactive waste actually looks like

‘Myth-busting’ blog by RWM’s Chief Scientific Officer, explaining how different radwastes are treated and managed.

9 September 2020

Nevada Board of Examiners OK’s project cuts forced by revenue reductions

Nevada Board of Examiners approve a one-year extension of the legal contract to support their ongoing fight to prevent the licensing and opening of a repository at the Yucca Mountain site.

9 September 2020

Hogg Warns of Possible Nuclear Catastrophe in West Texas

Local Democratic Congressional candidate makes opposition to planned temporary radwaste facility in West Texas a centrepiece of his election campaign.

9 September 2020

State lawmakers: Tougher tactics needed to speed Los Alamos waste cleanup

Two local politicians want radwaste removed more quickly, and consideration given to suing federal government for failing to meet its obligations to dispose of radwaste. Also reported by The Hour, Albuquerque Journal, Idaho Business Review

9 September 2020

Nuclear Waste Research in Finland Cut Short by COVID-19

Story about social science student whose study visit to Finland was cut short, as he explains purpose/value of his research into social aspects of radioactive waste management policies.

8 September 2020

Chornobyl nuclear power plant gets special permission to run ‘hot’ tests with nuclear waste

Short report on trial runs being made as radwaste from Chernobyl plant is transferred to new interim surface storage facilities at the site. Reported on in more depth by World Nuclear News

8 September 2020

Finnish disposal facility contracts grow

Finnish waste management company Posiva announces contract enhancement with constructor of the geological repository.

8 September 2020

Farmers, Traditional Owners fight radioactive waste dump

Campaigner explains ongoing fight against the proposed low-level radwaste facility in South Australia.

8 September 2020

LMP Urges Talks on Future’s ‘Greatest Challenge’ Nuclear Waste Storage

Hungary’s Opposition leader calls for public debate on radioactive waste, saying it’s “one of the greatest challenges of the coming decades”, and demanding that any repository site have consent of the local community. Also reported by Budapest Times

7 September 2020

Opinion: Controversy Continues Over Radioactive Waste Storage at San Onofre

Continued concern that radwaste will remain on site indefinitely, with no facilities for re-decanting waste into new canisters as current ones age.

7 September 2020

Radioactivity levels in Barents Sea bottom sediment is decreasing

According to Russian researchers radioactivity levels from manmade isotopes in the bottom sediments of the Barents Sea have decreased compared with the 1990s-2000s.

7 September 2020

Nevada grateful for Halstead’s many years fighting nuclear waste

Editorial praising lifetime work of Bob Halstead, the recently retired Executive Director for the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects. Covered by Nuclear News Net

5 September 2020

10+ Important Facts About Hazardous Waste

Easy-to-read overview of hazwaste issues, putting radwaste management within a wider context.

5 September 2020

Canada’s nuclear industry rolled with the COVID-19 pandemic punch, documents show

Canadian Nuclear Workers Council concurs with view that preparations put in place after 2002 SARS crisis have been critical to maintaining safety and operation of radwaste and other nuclear facilities during Covid-19 crisis, eg maintaining a stockpile of personal protective equipment, initially created more than a decade ago, meant that industry could donate more than 1 million pieces of PPE from some of its stockpile to hospitals and other front-line workers. Also reported by Q107

Sellafield scoops prestigious safety awards

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recognises safety performance at Sellafield.

Dust-ups Continue Over Radioactive Waste Storage At San Onofre

Many locals still “outraged” at decisions to store radwaste at San Onfore power plant, because federal government has failed to deliver promised disposal repository.

4 September 2020

Groups raise concerns about new shaft at US nuclear dump

Watchdog groups alarmed that work commencing on a new ventilation shaft at WIPP before state environmental officials have completed a public consultation process allowing the public weigh in and before they have issued a final permit. The New Mexico Environment Department granted WIPP a temporary approval in April. Also covered by San Francisco Chronicle, Santa Fe New Mexican, Albuquerque Journal

4 September 2020

WIPP Manager Pulls Plug on Ventilation Contractor, Will Seek Replacement

WIPP sacks subcontractor working on replacement of the ventilation system, but unrelated to and not involved in the new ventilation shaft. Also reported by Carlsbad Current-Argus

3 September 2020

Spain’s Naturgy to build PV park next to its old nuclear power plant

Presence of interim surface radwaste stores ruled not a safety risk, as approval given for a new solar photovoltaic (PV) park near the decommissioned Jose Cabrera nuclear power plant in central Spain.

3 September 2020

Nuclear industry leaders discuss game-changing issues

Radwaste one of key discussion areas for leaders of World Nuclear Association, ahead of next week’s Covid-driven online annual global conference, noting that “the absence of the deep geological disposal solution for high-level waste is not so much a technical issue but rather a political issue.”

NRC Oversight of Oyster Creek Decommissioning Project: The Basics

Local media explain role of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in overseeing and approving works at the shuttered nuclear plant.

3 September 2020

UK’s plutonium stockpile is an embarrassing risk

Risks and issues related to not disposing of radioactive wastes, and relying on interim surface storage, highlighted in this article. NDA document quoted as saying, “Continued, indefinite, long-term storage leaves a burden of security risks and proliferation sensitivities for future generations to manage.” Article acknowledges that geological disposal may be best solution, rather than pass risk and burden to future generations.

3 September 2020

Safety measures OK’d for facility to store spent nuclear fuel

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority has approved safety policy for Japan’s first radioactive waste storage facility outside of a nuclear power plant. Construction start expected in 2021. Govt says store needed as onsite facilities now at 75% capacity, but while intended as an ‘interim’ storage facility, local officials fear the site will end up being permanent.

2 September 2020

A nuclear real-world experiment: Exploring the experimental mindsets of radioactive waste management organisations in France, Belgium and Canada

New academic research looks at the managerial, organisational and decision-making cultures of RWMOs. It posits an historical ‘closed’ approach based on scientific evidence/expertise & seeking public consensus for pre-set solution, against a more ‘open’, collaborative and deliberative approach with communities.

Good reason to golf this weekend at four local courses

National Waste Management Organisation sponsoring local ‘mental health’ golf tournament.

2 September 2020

Dustups Continue over Radioactive Waste Storage at San Onofre

Continuing local concern over decision to dismantle cooling ponds, when some local people think they should be retained in case dry storage fails.

2 September 2020

Nuclear waste project proposed near Carlsbad sees mixed response in final public hearing

Summary of arguments for and against proposal for a temporary radwaste facility in New Mexico, at final virtual public hearing. Also covered by Alibi

2 September 2020


Russia’s ‘slow-motion Chernobyl’ at sea

In-depth look at EU-funded, supported and monitored work to safely salvage Russian nuclear submarines scuttled in Arctic waters during the Soviet era. Story also picked up and covered in Singapore by International Business Times

Mailuu-Suu: Cleaning up Central Asia’s toxic uranium legacy

Despite EU funding for environmental clean-up and radioactive waste management facilities, tensions between former Soviet central Asian republics could hamper efforts to avert an environmental disaster. Also covered by OOSKA News

1 September 2020

Östhammar prepares veto decisions in advance

Concern that despite important information about long-term safety not being available until later in the year, the municipality will make a decision on whether to host the repository at a special council meeting on 13 October.

1 September 2020

Saugeen First Nation chief re-elected in close vote

Lester Anoquot, who led his community in a vote that rejected a low-level radioactive waste facility earlier this year, re-elected: he will lead his community through the decision in the next couple of years on whether to approve Canada’s high-level radwaste repository. Also reported by Kingston Whig-Standard

1 September 2020

WIPP Reaches Early Milestone In Work To Increase Underground Ventilation

Update on work installing a new ventilation shaft. Also reported by World Nuclear News, Los Alamos Daily Post

1 September 2020

New Mexico U.S. senators oppose virtual meetings on nuclear waste site near Carlsbad

New Mexico’s 2 US Senators join calls for the public consultation to be delayed until after the covid pandemic has subsided and in-person hearings can resume.

1 September 2020

Waste storage facility to be built in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region

Russia’s national operator for waste management, NO RAO, has received a licence to build a final isolation point for radioactive waste in Ozersk. Construction is scheduled to start next year.

1 September 2020

The POWER Interview: Technology Can Solve Problem of Nuclear Waste

Interview with leading academic-entrepreneur, in which she supports geological disposal, but cautions: “The [nuclear] industry has, over the course of decades, lost a lot of the public’s trust. We need to be especially open, communicative, and humble if we want to gain that trust back.

1 September 2020

News Navigator: Will a north Japan town be selected as a nuclear waste disposal site?

National newspaper does a ‘Q&A’ on geological disposal and the expression of initial interest from Hokkaido. Concludes “whether filing an application is right or wrong, discussions on waste disposal and the selection process are certainly necessary”.

1 September 2020

Supply chain key to meeting UK’s radioactive geological disposal challenge

Close engagement with the civil engineering sector and the wider supply chain will be vital to successfully constructing a geological disposal facility, according to RWM’s programme director John Corderoy.

31 August 2020

Add nuclear waste to list of social injustices

Concern that racial injustice in USA extends to the vulnerability of Black and Indigenous communities to the effects from the handling and storage of radioactive waste. Also published by Black Voice News, Napa Valley Register

31 August 2020

Nuclear waste disposal is a matter of environmental concern

Continued local concern about the potential siting of a radwaste repository in Japan.

New transport cask used at Vermont Yankee

Local media report on a new canister designed for higher level radioactive waste to be removed from Vermont plan and transported to Texas.

30 August 2020

New nuclear legislation set to provide toxic dumping ground in South Australia

Critic continues to argue against the proposed low-level radwaste repository, saying new law being ‘rushed’ through Parliament. Reprinted by BlackSonRise

30 August 2020

U.S. Will Agree to Remove Plutonium Waste From South Carolina

Settlement over continued interim storage of plutonium potentially opens door for other states to launch new legal action to sue federal government for failure to remove radioactive waste destined for permanent disposal. Also reported by Energy Communities Alliance, Aiken Standard, Reuters, WPDE, Daily Mail, Phys.Org, Financial Post, Lexington Chronicle, Charleston Post-Courier, World Nuclear News

29 August 2020


Independent review of claims [see related articles below, 25 August] about an ‘ever-lasting’ battery fuelled by radwaste. Some scepticism, but prepared to see if company can meet its claims to have an operational ‘test’ battery ready soon.

28 August 2020

The corrosion of radioactive waste disposal canisters based on in situ tests

New research paper on corrosion of radioactive waste containers.

27 August 2020

Deficiencies discovered during IAEA INIR mission in Belarus may cause negative impact on safety of Belarusian NPP

Italy’s national nuclear power safety inspectorate comments on a new IAEA report that has concerns about Belarus’ lack of radioactive waste management plans, and lack of funds in place to safely store and dispose of radwaste.

27 August 2020

“Nuclear waste” disposal site Resume nationwide briefing session Suspended at Corona

Japan’s NUMO resumes national programme of public briefing sessions on geological disposal, having suspended them during Covid-19 lockdown.

Kimba nuclear waste site OK with Member for Flinders ahead of proposed new electoral boundaries

National media look at community opinions now the process for siting a low-level radwaste facility is moving forward. Story picked up by AntiNuclearNet

27 August 2020

Emirati Women’s Day: Meet the women powering the nation’s future

The woman responsible for developing a national programme for the safe disposal of radioactive waste is profiled in a feature article published on Emirati Womens Day.

27 August 2020

What about VTY’s Nuclear Waste?

Local media look at how radioactive waste destined for disposal is stored in interim surface facilities at the shuttered Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Story published on same day it’s announced that decommissioning at the site is progressing ahead of schedule.

Hokkaido town becomes flashpoint in Japan’s nuclear waste debate

Debate flares as local Mayor and regional Governor clash over the ethics and risks of a potential geological disposal site for radioactive waste. Public meetings are expected next month to discuss the proposal. A 3-minute TV news item also broadcast by NHK

26 August 2020

Why we need one of the largest environmental infrastructure projects in UK

RWM explain the scale and rationale for what will be one of the largest and most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK.

France must clean up Algerian nuclear test sites: group

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) calls on France to hand over to Algerian authorities the full list of where radioactive waste was buried after nuclear tests in the 1960s. Also reported by Yahoo!News

Public asked for views on transport of used nuclear fuel

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) seeks public input on its planning framework for transporting radioactive waste by road or rail to the planned geological repository. Also covered in St Thomas Times-Journal

26 August 2020

Kenya’s nuclear energy plan is a very bad idea

Lack of local confidence in Kenya’s ability to safely manage radioactive waste, given corruption and other government failings, is a key factor behind opposition to the country’s planned nuclear programme.

If Trump and Biden agree there shouldn’t be a nuclear waste site at Yucca Mountain, can’t we all?

Case argued that with both Presidential candidates now opposed to the Yucca Mountain repository site, perhaps it is time for US to follow the rest of the world and reset its approach to one that is “realistic, politically viable, and scientifically sound”, and based on ‘consent’. Reprinted or reported by Center for International Security and Cooperation, Nuclear News Net, American Nuclear Society

25 August 2020

Ignace Repository Climate Study Findings

A new climate change study conducted by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) anticipates increased precipitation in the future, which could lead to flooding or other extreme climate events: factors now to be considered when designing the planned repository.

25 August 2020

Lacey vote leaves Oyster Creek nuke waste in limbo

Local municipal Planning Board unanimously rejects application for construction of interim surface storage for radioactive waste at the now-shuttered nuclear plant. Plant owners Holtec say their plans are consistent with approved projects on other nuclear sites. Currently unclear how local fears about radwaste ‘leaks’ will be addressed if storage cannot be upgraded. Also reported locally by TapInto.Net

25 August 2020


British researchers say they’re making progress on a battery technology powered by small pieces of radioactive waste. They claim that with the new battery electric vehicles could run for around 90 years without needing to be recharged. Also covered by TechCrunch, TNW, Explica, TechXplore, Big Think, Road.CC, Interesting Engineering, Esquire, Daily Mail, Wired, Energy Live, SYFYWire, WION, Technology Times Pakistan

Keeping bubbles out: nuclear waste production can be cut in three times

Russian scientists claim to have found a way of reducing radwaste, by modifying nuclear fuel composition to reduce the generation of xenon bubbles in uranium.

25 August 2020

Extreme Chemistry of Nuclear Wastes

An overview of the research into safely managing the complex chemical composition of radioactive wastes.

Licensing of temporary storage for nuclear waste in New Mexico inching forward

Nuclear regulator poised to OK move of radwaste from reactors like San Onofre to temporary storage in New Mexico, but locals are opposed — a detailed look at the regulatory and political debate.

Nuclear power in the Green New Deal?

The nuclear industry’s plans for the disposal of radioactive waste “disproportionately target areas with high proportions of Indigenous populations” and reveal the sector’s systemic racism, according to anti-nuclear activists. A similar point about radwaste and racism is made in a wider-ranging thought-piece in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

North Korea faces radioactive disaster THIS WEEK as typhoon threatens Kim’s weapons cache

Monitoring organisations concerned that Typhoon Bavi will flood N Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear site, potentially releasing radioactive waste into local drinking water supply.

24 August 2020

Make This High-Profit Nuclear Play (Before the Market Realizes It’s Actually “Green”)

Article talking up profitability of nuclear sector for investors, makes point that radwaste not the issue critics claim as there is a ‘simple and effective’ solution: “to bury the waste in stable, ancient bedrock, out of the water table, away from fault zones, where it can do no harm.”

23 August 2020

The United States is the country with the highest number of nuclear reactors

Chinese TV looks at San Onofre, and community concerns about safety of storing radioactive waste in interim surface stores, rather than permanent disposal in a national repository [fyi – 20 minute news video].

23 August 2020

Nevada is winning the war, but Yucca Mountain is not dead

Retiring long-term Executive Director of the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects, Bob Halstead, sets out the issues still confronting opponents of Yucca, and why the US needs an alternative approach to radwaste disposal.

22 August 2020

Solar Panels Are Starting to Die, Leaving Behind Toxic Trash

Concerns about disposal of toxic wastes from solar panels, and potential environmental and public health impacts.

Social research is key focus for new geological disposal research support office

The newly-created Radioactive Waste Management Research Support Office (RWM RSO) will explore the societal and socio-economic aspects of geological disposal, including how public trust and confidence can be developed and sustained with potential host communities.

Scientists Develop Eco-Friendly Method To Repair Potholes Using Grit From Wastewater Treatment

Radioactive waste technology may offer an eco-friendly way to solve the bane of every driver’s life — potholes. Chemically bonded phosphate ceramics (CBPCs) are routinely used to treat radioactive waste for disposal.  Researchers looking at ways to divert wastewater grit from landfills and turn it into a marketable product. Also reported by EurekAlert!, Water & Wastes Digest

21 August 2020

Residents discuss opposition to South Bruce Nuclear Waste Repository

About 100 South Bruce Residents who oppose an underground repository for radioactive waste gathered recently at a fundraiser for the Protect Our Waterways – No Nuclear Waste organisation. Also reported by Wellington Advertiser

Expert: Technologies are available to safely operate nuclear power plants

Deputy Director of Kazakhstan’s Nuclear Technology Safety Center says that while nuclear energy is now safe, there are two aspects that need to be addressed to make it even safer for the environment and more acceptable for the general public — decommissionming and radwaste management.

National resistance builds against nuclear waste facility near Carlsbad

Numerous nuclear watchdog groups from around the USA continued to voice their opposition to a proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facility in New Mexico during a virtual public hearing held by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

BEPPS-DIF takes delivery

A ‘dummy’ radioactive waste container has successfully tested the route and equipment that will be used to transfer radwaste packages into a new interim surface storage facility at Sellafield.

21 August 2020

Hokkaido town may delay bid for nuclear waste survey amid pushback

The mayor of Suttsu in Hokkaido, which is considering applying for a survey to host a final disposal site for high-level radioactive waste, says it the decision may not be taken by September as planned: “It is difficult to make the decision after listening to many voices. It would not be appropriate to rush the decision by our own judgment. Our plan to decide in September might be postponed.”

21 August 2020

3 Hokkaido Mayors to Call for Careful Decision on N-Waste Site

The mayors of three municipalities neighbouring a Hokkaido town considering hosting a geological disposal repository for high-level radioactive waste have urged the town to make a careful decision.

Reject the racist, undemocratic National Radioactive Waste Management Amendment Bill

Online petition calling for the federal government to abandon plans for a national radioactive waste facility near Kimba, South Australia.

20 August 2020

Oyster Creek Won’t Become Repository For Other States: Officials

A local member of the Lacey Planning Board says there’s no truth to public speculation that the shuttered Oyster Creek nuclear plant will become a storage site for radwaste from other parts of US.

Work to begin to remove damaged fuel from Ignalina

The last assemblies of undamaged spent fuel have been removed from the first unit of Lithuania’s Ignalina nuclear power plant and transferred to interim surface storage pending eventual disposal.

Benefits of blockchain for safeguards

Finland’s nuclear regulator is leading an international consortium assessing whether blockchain technology is a solution to the problems of long-term retention and processing of data about nuclear materials.

Debate rages on for nuclear waste facility proposed near Carlsbad, more hearings scheduled

Nuclear Regulatory Commission schedule four additional public hearings to solicit public feedback on Holtec International’s proposal for a temporary storage facility for high-level radioactive waste in New Mexico.

TVO launches EIA for Olkiluoto very low-level nuclear waste final disposal

Environmental impact assessment submitted for Finland’s first proposed low-level radwaste disposal facility in Olkiluoto.

19 August 2020

DEP Appoints Lacey Township Mayor to Safety Advisory Panel Overseeing Decommissioning of Oyster Creek Generating Station

New Jersey Dept of Environmental Protection (DEP) has appointed Lacey Township Mayor Steven Kennis to the State-led advisory panel of environmental, utility and security experts assisting with decommissioning of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, ensuring that the concerns of the community where the station is located are included in the process. Also reported locally by TapInto.Net

19 August 2020

Climate change included in nuclear waste study

Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organization are adjusting their forecasts for the Ignace area, so they include the possibility of more rainfall. The adjustment will allow for climate change, including the possibility of extreme weather and increased flooding, when planning the deep geological repository. Also reported by TBNewsWatch

Methodologies for Seismic Safety Evaluation of Existing Nuclear Installations

IAEA report assesses seismic safety evaluation programmes to ensure that fundamental safety standards are met. It includes lessons learned from the Fukushima incident, and updated methodologies for seismic evaluation.

19 August 2020

Nuke response

Australian Radioactive Waste Agency explains 80% of waste to be disposed of will come from medical applications, will only be Australian waste, and will not include higher-level, longer-lived radwastes.

18 August 2020

Crews Safely Slow Salt Rock Movement In WIPP Underground

Short, easy-to-read explanation of how engineers manage salt rock movement deep underground to manage operations at the radwaste facility. Similar report in Carlsbad Current-Argus

NWMO seeks public comment on used fuel transport plans

Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) is seeking input from the public to help guide and shape its plans for the transportation of radioactive waste to a deep geological repository. Also reported locally by Blackburn News

18 August 2020

Radioactive Waste Management’s John Corderoy on building the UK’s nuclear waste store

Interview with RWM’s GDF Programme Director John Corderoy on building the UK’s radioactive waste repository.

Nagra reports on siting options for Swiss encapsulation plant

Switzerland’s national radioactive waste disposal cooperative Nagra releases a report on the advantages and disadvantages of siting a used fuel and high-level waste encapsulation plant at the planned deep geological repository site or elsewhere. It says the best solution would be to construct the encapsulation plant at either the repository or at the existing Zwilag interim waste management facility. Also reported by Nuclear Engineering

17 August 2020

INSIGHT: How Bedrock Environmental Law Can Break the Nuclear Waste Logjam

Senior lawyer for the Natural Resources Defense Council, argues that US Congress should end the exemption of radioactive waste from hazardous waste and other bedrock environmental laws, as a way of getting out of current “logjam” over radwaste storage and disposal.

17 August 2020

45ft boom 1,000m down

Story about getting a piece of equipment underground to help stabilise existing tunnels and newly bored storage chambers in Germany’s first deep geological repository for low and medium level radioactive waste. Also reported by KHL Access International

15 August 2020

Work ongoing at US nuclear repository despite virus cases

Managers at the underground radioactive waste repository in New Mexico say operations are ongoing despite a recent increase in COVID-19 cases among workers. Story also covered by San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, KANW-FM, Antelope Valley Press

14 August 2020

No Japan prefectures positive about hosting nuclear waste site

Nearly half of Japan’s 47 prefectures said they are opposed to or held negative views about hosting a deep-underground disposal site for high-level radioactive nuclear waste, according to a new survey. None expressed a favorable stance. The result underlines the difficulty in finding a site, due mainly to opposition from local residents.

14 August 2020

Uranium reveals its true nature

Research into how uranium moves from oxidation state to another, transitioning from a water-soluble compound to a stable mineral, could have major implications for soil and groundwater remediation as well as radioactive waste management.

TVO submits EIA programme on very low-level waste disposal

Finnish utility company TVO has submitted an environmental impact assessment (EIA) on very low-level radioactive waste disposal at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant, suggesting two alternatives: constructing a new near-surface disposal facility or expanding the existing low-level radwaste repository.

13 August 2020

Wooden bellyboard hire scheme will protect our beloved beaches

Article about a new community initiative by activist group, Plastic Free North Devon. The group is concerned about the long term impacts of plastics pollution, saying “plastic could be considered similar to radioactive waste in terms of its toxicity and longevity”.

13 August 2020

Hokkaido town weighs hosting radioactive waste disposal site

First Japanese community considering whether to host a deep geological repository for disposal of higher-level radioactive waste. Also reported by most Japanese national newspapers like The Mainichi, Asahi Shimbun, Japan Today, Jiji Press, and internationally by Xinhua

13 August 2020

NWU alumna now member of National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute board

University proud one of its female alumni has been appointed to major public role.

13 August 2020

Transport packages ordered for Sellafield legacy waste

UK-based TSP Engineering wins £30m contract to produce 50-tonne, lead-lined containers to transfer radwaste from the legacy Magnox Swarf Storage Silo to newly-built storage facilities on the Sellafield site. The work is expected to create or sustain approximately 200 jobs at TSP Engineering.

Fort Worth doesn’t need dangerous nuclear waste rolling through on Tarrant rail lines

A look at the proposal to build a temporary radioactive waste facility in West Texas.

Pressure vessel removal at Bohunice

Slovakia completes one of the most complex decommissioning operations , removal of the reactor pressure vessel.

WIPP operations continue amid pandemic, spike in positive COVID-19 cases at facility

Despite continued reporting of workers testing positive for Covid, WIPP’s operations continue.

11 August 2020

Reducing radioactive waste in processes to dismantle nuclear facilities

The University of the Basque Country has produced a methodological guide of in situ measurements for the purpose of optimising radwaste management in nuclear dismantling processes.

11 August 2020

Three Mile Island owner agrees to public decommissioning panel but no financial settlement

State regulators have reached a settlement that includes the creation of a public decommissioning advisory panel. The settlement does not go as far as similar ones in California and Massachusetts that included financial guarantees and other safeguards designed to ensure the potentially decades-long cleanup is completed.

11 August 2020

New detection technology to help decommissioning

New type of Raman spectroscopy technology has been designed to detect radioactive contamination or other hazardous substances in radwaste stores and nuclear facilities undergoing decommissioning. Also reported in The Engineer, Power Engineering International

11 August 2020

KENFO turns to PE, infra, amid ‘challenging’ return expectations

KENFO, Germany’s nuclear waste management fund, discusses how it is managing the ‘challenging’ financial times we are in, so that the fund reaches its target returns to be able to provide the money required to meet the costs of safely disposing of radioactive waste over the next 80 years.

11 August 2020

Lacey Postpones Oyster Creek Nuclear Waste Hearing To Fit Crowd

Public meeting to discuss Holtec’s proposals for ‘dry’ interim surface storage facilities at the shuttered New Jersey plant has been postponed because too many people want to attend, breaking the state’s Covid-limit on the number of people who can attend indoor events. Also reported by Asbury Park Press

11 August 2020

Hazardous Nuclear Waste Storage (It’s Not Disposal)

Critical assessment of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s proposed changes to the way radioactive waste is categorised.

Used fuel removal from Russia’s Andreeva Bay to be completed by 2027

Rosatom say unloading of spent nuclear fuel from Russian radwaste storage facilities at the former naval base in Andreeva Bay near Murmansk is planned to be completed by 2027. Also reported by Bellona

Keeping track of radioactive waste

RWM’s Dr Martin James explains what radioactive wastes will be sent into the UK’s geological repository — the “inventory”.

ASN issues its opinion on the management of long-lived low-level waste

French nuclear regulator ASN asks French radwaste agency Andra to develop a comprehensive plan for the safe storage and disposal of long-lived low-level radioactive waste.

In Texas, Unlikely Alliance Forms Against Nuke Waste Proposal

An unusual alliance of environmental groups, state regulators, a Texas waste company used to handling low-level radioactive waste, and others, opposes Nuclear Regulatory Commission proposals that they fear will lead to radioactive waste being dumped in ordinary landfills.

Final canister of nuclear waste transferred to storage facility at San Onofre

The transfer operations that moved canisters filled with radioactive waste, from wet storage pools to a newly constructed dry storage facility at the shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant, has been completed. Also reported by Los Angeles Times, Raw Story, Tech Xplore, World Nuclear News

7 August 2020

Low-level nuclear waste no cause for NIMBYism

Resident calls out local councillor for fear-mongering, saying his allegations about low-level radioactive waste are scientifically and evidentially wrong.

7 August 2020

Hogg: Permian Basin nuclear waste disposal site is a bad idea

Local Democrat candidate opposed to temporary radioactive waste storage facilities proposed in New Mexico and West Texas, because geological disposal the better option, and he’s opposed in principle to private sector making profit from the ventures.

7 August 2020

Bulgaria Does Not Import Radioactive Waste According to the Minister of Environment and Water

Govt makes clear that radwaste not an issue, in it’s response to wider public concern about importation of wastes from other countries.

6 August 2020

New radiation-resistant material makes it safer and cheaper to recycle spent nuclear fuel

Scientists have developed a radiation-resistant material that makes it safer and cheaper to capture radioactive gases that are generated during the recycling of spent nuclear fuel. The new material makes it more efficient to capture noble gasses like xenon and krypton; xenon can be repurposed for use in medicine and commercial lighting.

DOE takes new steps in applying high-level waste interpretation

US Local Governments continue to support safe, risk-based alternative disposal paths for radwaste, based on actual radiological characteristics and risk to human health rather than artificial former policy standards that based waste classification on its origin. Believe this move would accelerate clean-up, thus decreasing risk to local communities, decreasing storage facilities required pending a deep geologic repository, and save taxpayers an estimated US$40 billion.

6 August 2020

The adventures of depleted uranium hexafluoride in Russia

Norwegian environmental NGO examines concerns about transport of radioactive materials from Germany to Russia. Examines history of shipping radwaste, and finds only one incident in 70 years — which resulted in no radioactive leak.

The successful cleanup of nuclear waste sites: Past, present, and future

US Energy Dept (DoE) sets out WIPP’s critical role in the 30-year programme to environmentally clean up the US’ nuclear sites. Having a final disposal facility has helped, according to US DoE, to reduce original “footprint” by 90% — down from 107 sites covering 3,100 square miles, to 16 sites today with an active footprint of less than 300 square miles.

6 August 2020

LMP: Gov’t Unprepared for Disassembly of Operating Nuclear Reactors in Paks

Green Party, LMP, accuses Hungarian government of failing to properly prepare for decommissioning currently nuclear reactors and the final disposal of radioactive waste.

Optimus: a versatile option

Claims that a new radioactive waste transport package raises safety standards, while being cheaper and more versatile.

Those radioactive mattresses are still just sitting there

Almost 500 tons of mattresses containing excess amounts of radon have been left abandoned, and campaigners want them designated as low-level radioactive waste so that they can be safely disposed.

Nye County sampling program shows tritium levels still undetectable

Nye County, the community which hosts Yucca Mountain, run a federally-funded Tritium Sampling and Monitoring Program (TSaMP) to keep an eye on potential groundwater contamination from historic nuclear tests. For fifth consecutive year there are no detectable levels of the radioactive isotope tritium.

5 August 2020

A warning for the future, we do not think enough about our actions

Climate change and nuclear waste cited as the two issues of our time that exemplar how bad we are at long-term planning.

5 August 2020

Russia to Remove Hazardous Nuclear Objects Dumped in Its Arctic Waters

The country’s nuclear energy company will over the next eight years lift two submarines and four reactor compartments from the bottom of the Barents and Kara Seas.

5 August 2020

SoCal Edison Expected to Complete Spent Fuel Transfer This Week

Southern California Edison is expected to transfer the last bit of nuclear waste from its San Onofre power plant into dry storage by the end of this week, completing another step in its ongoing plans to deconstruct the decommissioned facility.

‘Here’s what you need’ – and other things not to say to your community

NDA community engagement employee says experience shows a more collaborative approach that involves ordinary people in decision-making is the best way forward for communities hosting nuclear facilities.

4 August 2020

Landfill of radioactive waste: a scheme that calls into question the Cigeo project

France Nature Environnement argue against geological disposal of radioactive waste.

Dumping On Traditional Owners

In pursuing its plan for a national radioactive waste facility near Kimba, continued claims that the federal government is ignoring the unanimous opposition of the Barngarla Traditional Owners — despite Australia’s High Court ruling otherwise.

4 August 2020

No Nuclear Waste recruits experienced partner

No Nuclear Waste is partnering with Wellington Water Watchers to oppose a deep geological repository in South Bruce. Wellington Water Watchers supports communities fighting to protect their groundwater. Also reported by Wellington Advertiser

4 August 2020

Coal and nuclear in Cumbria

Tim Farron MP has agreed to work with Radiation Free Lakeland to challenge the UK Government’s decision to appoint Mark Kirkbride, chief executive of West Cumbria Mining, to the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) — but concerns appears based on a fundamental misunderstanding of differences between CoRWM and RWM.

4 August 2020

Three Mile Island decommissioning fight nears end amid lack of local input

Continued local concern at downscaling of emergency plans while radioactive waste remains on site at the decommissioned nuclear plant.

4 August 2020

NNRA Seeks Upgrade of Nigeria’s Nuclear Safety Laws

Radioactive waste management a key issue under debate as Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) consults with Nigerian parliament on new laws to ensure Nigeria meets its international obligations.

‘I certainly don’t want to entertain even the slightest risk of anyone glowing in the dark’

Local councillor outraged at plans for a low-level radioactive waste facility in his town. Also repeated in Cambridge Times, and covered by CTV, Yahoo!News, CBC, Kitchener Today

RWM launches new venture to lead groundbreaking research into geological disposal

RWM launches a Research Support Office (RWM RSO) to ‘harness’ UK’s research capabilities in geo-disposal science and technology, to provide RWM with independent, robust evidence to guide safety and design of UK’s GDF. Also reported by University of Manchester, Mirage News, NIA, About Manchester, World Nuclear News, Energy Live News, Materials News, NS Energy, Energy Global News, and in Australia by The National Tribune

Commentary: What could go wrong with the nuclear waste canisters stored at San Onofre? Plenty.

Criticism of the Coastal Commissioner’s recent decision to approve the inspection and maintenance programme for San Onofre.

Commentary: Here’s how Southern California Edison will safely store nuclear waste at San Onofre

San Onofre site operator allowed to respond to community concerns about the Coastal Commissioner’s decision.

National Radioactive Waste Management Facility on track to create 45 jobs in Kimba

Australian Government reconfirms commitment that 45 local jobs will be created through the establishment of the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) in South Australia.

3 August 2020


How to build a nuclear warning for 10,000 years’ time

A look globally at what this generation is considering in order to warn future generations about the locations of geological repositories for radioactive waste.

3 August 2020

EU Ambassador: No need to escalate tensions in the Arctic

Despite tensions between EU & Russia, there is good co-operation in joint activities to clean up radioactive waste in the Arctic, according to EU Ambassador.

3 August 2020

EU Taxonomy leaves low-carbon nuclear ‘in limbo’, admits climate adviser

Disposal of radioactive waste the key reason why EU Taxonomy leaves low-carbon nuclear ‘in limbo’, admits climate adviser.

Radioactive Waste Management in Taiwan

Taiwan’s Atomic Energy Council has apparently updated its webpages on radioactive waste management. Not clear what update is, but a comprehensive collection of policy documents, activity news, technical reports, etc on Taiwan’s national programme.

2 August 2020

Conflict zone in East Ukraine – on the verge of ecological catastrophe and blue-collar brain drain

Concerns that nobody is monitoring the potential radioactive contamination of drinking water aquifers, after ‘Russian-separatists’ in the Ukraine closed local mines by allowing them to flood — including the Yunkom mine, in which a 1979 experimental nuclear explosion left behind a “glassy capsule” with liquid radioactive waste at a depth of 900m.

1 August 2020

Concerned Citizens Speak Out about WIPP Expansion, Deadline Fast Approaching on Community Input

Reps from Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety interviewed by local radio station.

1 August 2020

Rwanda will build a nuclear research center

With residual fears about radwaste management, Rwandan Parliament approves a new research centre, not for nuclear power, but for radiological processes to support the country’s agricultural and export sectors.

Biden’s Clean Energy Plan Will Fix Everything and Nothing

Article says Biden is long on promise, short on detail. Biden is pro-nuclear, but says nothing about radioactive waste. Biden credited with brokering deal that “axed” Yucca Mountain, but he offers no alternative solutions.

31 July 2020

Lack of Yucca Mountain funds leads Rep. Duncan to slam House spending package

Keeping radioactive waste at multiple local sites in surface stores around the country because of “Nevada politics” is bad for the environment and against federal law, according to US Congressman.

The Plastic Crisis: It’s a People Problem, Not a Plastic Problem

We regulate radioactive and other toxic wastes’ management, so why not apply same rigour to plastics and other wastes? Ongoing African debate about dumping of wastes by wealthy world and its effects on poorer countries.

Almaraz nuclear risks: PAN lodges complaint against Spain to UN

Allegations that Spain has still not responded to a formal complaint from Portugal in 2017 about the building of an interim surface radioactive waste store near the border. Now Spain announces extension of nuclear plant lifetime, much to concern of environmentalists living across the nearby border in Portugal. Also covered by Nuclear Engineering International

Morocco, Cote d’Ivoire Sign Agreement on Nuclear Safety and Security

Agreement to share and support each other by exchanging technical information and experience about radioactive waste management, and nuclear & radiation safety & security. Also covered by Global NGO Impact News

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant reports rock fall as underground salt buries nuclear waste

Rock falls reported in the underground repository in an area closed off to workers. Collapsing rock is part of the natural processes incorporated into the safety protocols for permanently disposing of radioactive waste.

WIPP: Fire suppression system to be upgraded for $24 million

A $24 million rebuild of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant’s (WIPP) fire suppression system has started. Will upgrade the 30-year-old system to meet federal safety standards.

Streamlining Storage: IAEA Conducts Training in Radioactive Waste Management in Africa

Report on the support IAEA gives to training local people to develop the skills and experience to manage radioactive waste safely.

Kimba jobs a hot topic

Western Australian Senator who wants repository in his state, claims proposed jobs at repository site will not last, since site can be managed remotely. Claims dismissed, because onsite safety and security will require permanent staff.

Major projects risk leaving legacy of white elephants, say MPs

MPs produce report on infrastructure which emphasises need for proper local consultation, building local public support, taking account of local needs, and delivering stated benefits to the community.

29 July 2020

Troubled nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Japan clears safety screening

After three decades of construction, a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant has formally passed safety checks, but questions remain about the future of the Japanese government’s radwaste recycling and disposal policies. Also reported by Asahi Shimbun

Objecting to nuclear storage plan, Lujan Grisham writes to Trump

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham sides with state officials in opposing Holtec International’s plans to build a temporary radioactive waste facility to store high-level waste in southeastern New Mexico. The plans are widely supported at local community level. Also reported by Carlsbad Current-Argus

Traditional owners excluded from nuclear dump ballot

A nun says siting of low-level radioactive waste repository in South Australia reveals continuing racism against aboriginal peoples. Story also picked up by Eureka Street

OPINION: WCS has nation’s safest nuclear waste site

West Texas site seeking permission to build a temporary radioactive waste facility for higher-level radwaste awaiting disposal, explains it operates to same safety standards as every other facility in US, but has benefit of geology that limits groundwater movement, and therefore ‘ideal’ for hosting such wastes.

27 July 2020

Novel gas-capture approach advances nuclear fuel management

Researchers seeking to capture gaseous radioactive products of fission, such as 85krypton, to improve management of radioactive waste.

27 July 2020

The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Toronto Chapter, celebrates communications excellence, virtually, at annual ACE Awards

The National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) wins Best Community Relations award at the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Toronto Chapter annual Achieving Communications Excellence (ACE) Awards ceremony.

Innovative nuclear competition launch – are you ready for the challenge?

A £3.9 million competition has been launched to find innovative ways to sort and segregate radioactive waste at some of the UK’s oldest nuclear sites. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has teamed up with Innovate UK to call on companies to come up with new ideas and innovative approaches to the challenge. Details and specifications for the competition can be found here. Story also covered by Cumbria Crack, News & Star, John O’Groat Journal, and reported by World Nuclear News, Energy Live News, Government Computing, The Engineer, Nuclear Street, Nuclear Engineering International, Business Innovation, Cambridge Network

What to expect from the new Belarusian nuclear power plant

Article reviewing history and issues related to the new nuclear power plant, which neighbouring Lithuania has described as “a direct threat to our national security, public health, and environment.” Despite concerns about radioactive waste safety, article says radwaste is stored safely worldwide and Belarus has adopted stringent IAEA guidelines. Issue also covered by Belsat

27 July 2020

San Onofre Decommissioning Update

Eight-minute public radio podcast reviewing work to date on decommissioning San Onofre, and the transfer of radioactive waste.

Mining medical isotopes from nuclear waste

Innovation company TerraPower extracting actinium-225 from radioactive waste destined for disposal, to support clinical trials of the element’s efficacy as a cancer treatment.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard rebuts U.S. claim that Marshall Islands nuclear waste site is safe

One of Hawaii’s highest-profile politicians has dismissed a recent US Department of Energy report concluding that an alleged leaking radioactive waste repository in the Marshall Islands is safe for people there. Tulsi Gabbard calls for the Energy Department to convene a more independent assessment of the radwaste site. Also published by MSN, and reported by West Hawaii Today, Guam Daily Post

Tegetija: We do not need a dispute with Croatia, but a Diplomatic Solution

While emphasising that Croatia’s plan to dispose of radioactive waste near the Bosnian border must be stopped, Bosnian leader says everything will be done to resolve the issue diplomatically, in order to avoid a dispute between the two countries.

25 July 2020

Copeland volunteers as a potential host for a geological disposal facility

Local activists fear that Copeland is likely to find itself, again, as the only search area in England and Wales, and that political expediency will drive the project regardless of local opinion. However, group notes that exclusion of the national park and inclusion of a much wider offshore strip gives some encouragement that this process won’t simply be a repeat of past failures.

24 July 2020

No DOE Cleanup Sites Entering Third Stage of Restart as COVID Cases Climb

The number of active cases of COVID-19 among Energy Department nuclear cleanup personnel rose substantially this week, impacting and slowing a return to normal operations.

A milestone for Myrrha

A significant breakthrough claimed at Belgium’s Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN) after researchers succeeded in accelerating a proton beam through the recently connected radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ). Claimed that it will enable research on innovative options for the treatment of high-level radioactive waste and production of innovative radioisotopes for cancer diagnosis.

Challenges of implementing the policy and strategy for management of radioactive waste and nuclear spent fuel in Indonesia

Academics’ paper analysing why Indonesia needs to revise and improve its regulations, infrastructure, and technology for the safe management of radioactive waste.

23 July 2020

OPG launches centre to support sustainable decommissioning

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has launched the Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability to support preparations for the decommissioning of the Pickering nuclear power plant.

New nuclear waste guidelines could lead to ‘massive dump’ upstream from Ottawa if approved

Environmentalist concerned that nuclear industry dictates how radioactive waste is stored and disposed, and wants Canada Nuclear Safety Commission to act more independently and stringently.

23 July 2020

Council to open up discussions on underground nuclear waste repository, though ‘not in the Lake District’

Copeland Council first to signal interest in advancing community discussions about potentially hosting a Geological Disposal Facility — though have made clear the Lake District National Park is excluded as a search area. Also reported by Times & Star

22 July 2020

Deep Isolation, NAC extend cooperation on waste canisters

Deep Isolation has signed a long-term cooperation and licensing agreement with NAC International to design, manufacture and supply canisters to store and/or dispose of nuclear waste in deep horizontal boreholes. Also covered by Nuclear Engineering International

Introducing SIx – Sellafield Ltd’s new social impact programme

Sellafield have re-organised their social impact programme to focus on working in collaboration with local communities to address entrenched social issues. SIx – Social Impact, multiplied — is a new approach that prioritises projects co-created with the community and stakeholders, in recognition that more can be achieved in partnership and benefits multiplied through collaboration. It aims to put local people in charge of their own futures by empowering neighbourhoods to create transformational change. Also covered locally by ITV News, NW Evening Mail, In-Cumbria, Cumbria Crack, News & Star, and by Prospect Magazine

Russian regulator issues licence for new waste facility at Seversk

After public consultation in 2018, Russia’s Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision has issued a licence to the the national radioactive waste operator for the construction of a radioactive waste storage facility in the Tomsk Region near Seversk. Also reported by World Nuclear News

Dounreay radioactive levels under investigation

A probe is under way to determine whether low levels of radioactivity found in groundwater at Dounreay breached the site’s discharge authorisation. Dounreay reported the find to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), which is now seeking to establish whether the rogue release breached regulations.

News of cancellation of Kincardine DGR project greeted with caution

After one indigenous tribe successfully stopped a low-level radwaste repository, another tribal leader, Anishinaabe Nation Grand Council Chief Glen Hare, remains concerned about the deep geological repository for high-level radioactive wastes. Concerned about potential contamination of the Great Lakes, he said: “They should be looking at burying that nuclear waste at least 50 to 100 kilometres away from the lakes.”

21 July 2020

EU recovery fund includes R&D and nuclear decommissioning

The EU Covid-recovery financial package includes support for the decommissioning of the following nuclear power plants: EUR490 million to Ignalina in Lithuania in 2021-2027 with an EU contribution rate of 86%; EUR50 million to Bohunice in Slovakia in 2021-2025 (50%); and EUR57 million to Kozloduy in Bulgaria for 2021-2027 (50%). In addition, EUR448 million has been allocated for nuclear safety and the decommissioning of the EU’s own installations.

Nuclear dump to be managed from SA

A new government body established to manage the planned radioactive waste repository in South Australia. The Australian Radioactive Waste Agency will have about 35 staff in Adelaide, with a satellite office at Kimba, near where the waste repository will be built. The agency will be involved in the design and construction of the new facility, which will store low-level nuclear material, mostly from medical uses. Also covered by Braidwood Times, Mirage News, Newcastle Herald, Wingham Chronicle, Australian Associated Press, Mining.Com, The Transcontiental. The official government statement can be read here, but anti-nuclear campaigners also make their concerns known.

20 July 2020

EU Commission criticised for its reporting on nuclear energy’s sustainability

German Green MEP says that the Commission’s decision to task the Joint Research Centre (JRC) is flawed because the JRC is “biased” and “in no way in a position to make an objective decision.” The JRC has pushed back against allegations it is biased.

770-ton load from San Onofre nuclear plant finishes trip to Utah

The seven-week journey of the 770-ton reactor core from the San Onofre nuclear power plant to its disposal site in Utah has been completed. The convoy used wide tyres to avoid damaging roads, is the heaviest-ever object to be transported on Nevada’s roads, and passed without incident. Story also covered by Los Angeles Times, Sierra Nevada Ally

Work resumes Sellafield site to store nuclear material for 100 years

Following suspension of works during Covid crisis, work resumes on surface storage facility for radioactive waste, which can hold waste for 100 years pending a geological repository.

Indigenous ‘tokenism’ in environment laws

The proposed low-level radioactive waste repository cited as an example of how Australia’s environmental laws, which are supposed to recognise the role of Indigenous Australians in conservation, are failing indigenous peoples. Also covered by Newcastle Herald, Australian Associated Press

Security of Radioactive Material in Transport

IAEA publish updated advice to build a consistent approach to transport of radioactive wastes around the world.

18 July 2020

Delayed US Government Study Denies Nuclear Responsibility on Pacific Test Sites

International media pick up on the dispute between the Marshall Islands and US over the radioactive waste store on Runnit Atoll.

DOE begins search for WIPP operations contractor

US Energy Department issues a ‘request for information’ (RFI), as first step in process of selecting a long-term contractor to manage operations at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). Also reported by Los Alamos Reporter, Exchange Monitor, Los Alamos Daily Post, Nuclear Engineering International

WIPP routes could see $10 million in improvements if U.S. House appropriations bill passes

Road improvements near the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) could see an additional US$10 million in federal funds if a recent proposed budget allocation by the US House of Representatives is approved.

17 July 2020

California needs leadership on nuclear waste

Case made that with failings of federal oversight, the state should step in to regulate and manage radioactive waste.

17 July 2020

State allows drastic reduction in price of importing nuclear waste to Texas

Concern that local taxpayers could become liable for costs if Waste Control Services is not charged enough to cover for liabilities. Also covered by Buzzfeedzz

17 July 2020

India, EU Agree To Renew Agreement On Science, Tech Cooperation For 5 Years

Radioactive waste management and research included in agreement between India and EU. Also reported in The Dispatch

It’s a joke, but it isn’t funny

Local Yucca resident argues that with Nevada state budget deficit worsening because of the covid crisis, the community needs to look at safe new income-earning opportunities, like the Yucca repository.

McMaster University partnership takes aim at nuclear waste

Two-year project designed to eventually automate a system to sort and analyse the radioactivity of waste being stored for the long-term at nuclear facilities.

Inspection plan for San Onofre’s nuclear waste gets green light from Coastal Commission

Following an independent review, Commissioners reluctantly approve plan, but railed at the federal government for putting them in this position by failing to find a permanent geological disposal site. Also reported by Voice of Orange County, Times of San Diego, Bakersfield Californian, San Clemente Times

Rosatom, Norway and Bellona discuss nuclear cleanup work in Northwest Russia

Nuclear officials from Russia and Norway have met online to discuss raising sunken nuclear submarines from Arctic waters, the bulk of which were intentionally scuttled by the Soviet Navy during the darkest years of the Cold War.

15 July 2020

Scientists discover heavy element chemistry can change at high pressures

New research indicates that curium can be manipulated to a greater degree than previously thought, potentially paving the way for new strategies to recycle nuclear fuel and better long-term storage of radioactive wastes. Also reported by Interesting Engineering

15 July 2020

Four canisters left for dry storage at SONGS

Update on decommissioning work at San Onofre, where only four more canisters of spent nuclear fuel are left to into the dry storage facility.

15 July 2020

8 cases of inappropriately stored nuclear waste found at northern Japan reprocessing plant

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) has found that Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd (JNFL) has been inappropriately storing nuclear waste at a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Rokkasho. There is no indication that there were any radioactive leaks, but the company’s continuing failure to implement changes required by the regulator in 2017 exposes their unwillingness to comply with regulatory instruction and standards.

Irradiated graphite: what are the options?

A look at the challenges, options and research into managing and disposing of graphite from nuclear reactor cores.

Citizen group keeps up fight against nuclear waste dump

Further local media coverage of a campaign to stop a high level radioactive waste Deep Geological Repository (DGR) in South Bruce.

14 July 2020

Chernobyl fires: how neglected forests, poor coordination and old equipment could spark disaster

There was no radiation ‘spike’ or fallout, as originally feared, from recent forest fires within the Chernobyl ‘closed’ zone. However, the fires did reveal the lack of preparation, equipment and leadership of local fire services.

14 July 2020

Slovenia, Croatia confirm revised Krško decommissioning programme

Slovenia and Croatia confirmed revised programmes for the decommissioning of the Krško nuclear power station and the storage of radioactive waste. Decisions came from a session of the intergovernmental commission on the management of the jointly-owned power station, chaired by the relevant ministers from each country. Also reported by Total Slovenia News, Total Croatia News


US Nuclear Regulatory Commission publish report for US Congress summarising their recent public consultation on best practice for setting up and running Community Advisory Boards — learning is very relevant to UK’s GDF siting process.

13 July 2020

60 Groups to NRC: Suspend ISP/WCS High-Level Radioactive Waste CIS Dump Proceeding, Till Covid-19 Emergency Ends

A coalition of 60 environmental and environmental justice groups, from 22 states, has written the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regarding a proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facility in West Texas. The groups call for an extension to the public consultation period until after the pandemic, and to include all communities on all the possible transport routes. Also reported by Carlsbad Current-Argus

Plan to inspect San Onofre’s aging nuclear waste expected to spark debate at Coastal Commission meeting

An independent analysis of the planned radioactive waste maintenance and safety plan suggests that doomsday scenarios may be more fantastical than factual. It concludes that the plan will keep everything safe until at least 2035, as planned. Also covered by Fullerton Observer

What’s going on at Oyster Creek? Lacey officials, residents, others want to know

Site owner Holtec International and Lacey Township officials have tentatively settled their long-running disagreement over communications, setting out a plan for what will be divulged about the site to local officials.

12 July 2020

Yucca Mountain: Faster Water Flow Undermines Project Safety, UNR Geologist Says

New science report from University of Nevada suggests water is moving through Yucca mountain site much faster than researchers previously had suspected, increasing the possibility of groundwater contamination.

12 July 2020

Four ways to redesign democracy for future generations

Radioactive waste one of the intergenerational issues cited in this treatise on building democratic models that take account of ethical responsibilities.

Radioactive rail wreck

Environmentalist argues case for stopping the transportation of radioactive waste between nuclear sites.

Indonesia and Philippines are smart to make nuclear power plans

Opinion piece saying radioactive waste management and public acceptance critical to whether nuclear can contribute to energy mix and help achieve climate change targets.

12 July 2020

Technical work continues for nuclear waste group

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has restarted remote technical studies for the Revell Batholith formation between Ignace and Wabigoon Lake, after work was suspended in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also reported by CKDR

10 July 2020

House Panel Backs $27.5 Million for DOE Interim Waste Storage Work

It appears that the US House of Representatives may be ready to support the Department of Energy’s request for $27.5 million in its next budget to help fund a program for temporary storage of radioactive waste — two proposed sites in New Mexico and West Texas. But no funding for Yucca Mountain. Also reported by Bloomberg, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Energy Communities Alliance

Opposition in Four Corners to imported Estonian uranium grows

Local city council and the Navajo Nation have joined other groups to oppose a proposal by the White Mesa Mill to accept radioactive waste from Estonia. Also covered by Reuters

10 July 2020

To engineers’ surprise, radiation can slow corrosion of some materials

Radiation nearly always degrades the materials exposed to it. But for certain alloys the opposite turns out to be true, according to researchers at MIT.

DSRL and LLWR to become NDA subsidiaries

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has announced that Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL) and LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) will become wholly owned subsidiaries of the NDA next year.

Nuclear waste site near Carlsbad opposed by indigenous groups during public hearing

At a public hearing on the draft environmental impact assessment for the proposed temporary radioactive waste facility, Native American and environmental groups continued to express their concerns, while the project was supported by local business, political and government leaders. Hearings also covered by Morning Consult

9 July 2020

NWMO donates to community initiatives

Members of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) are continuing to support community initiatives in the northwestern Ontario and Ignace areas, to “help make life easier” for those dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ignalina rejects proposals for waste facilities

Lithuania has rejected all three bids it received for the construction of a near-surface repository for low and medium-level short-lived radioactive waste, apparently on cost grounds. A new tender process will be announced in ‘the near future’.

WIPP: Nuclear watchdog group again challenges utility shaft in New Mexico Supreme Court

An anti-nuclear group has filed two further appeals in New Mexico Supreme Court, seeking to block the construction of a utility shaft at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

Bob Halstead, Nevada’s leading Yucca fighter, retires

The executive director for the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects, whose name is synonymous with Nevada’s opposition to building a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, is ending a career after three decades of service to the state under Democratic and Republican governors. Also reported by San Francisco Chronicle, Republican Herald, Houston Chronicle, Las Vegas Sun, The Hour, Nevada Appeal

8 July 2020

Here are three things you (surely) don’t know about nuclear waste

There are many wrong legends when it comes to nuclear waste. Many times some rumours are exaggerated, others are incredibly true. Irish media short piece ‘myth-busts’ radioactive waste.

8 July 2020

Reducing radioactive waste in processes to dismantle nuclear facilities

A look at the research being conducted in Europe in the era of ‘nuclear decommissioning’ to better manage the radioactive waste that will arise from decommissioning, given the limited surface storage space available until disposal facilities are operational. Also covered by EurekAlert, Technology Networks

8 July 2020

Spent Nuclear Reactor Passes On Its Way To Disposal

Local media report on the slow journey of San Onofre’s nuclear reactor vessel from southern California for its delivery at point of dismantling and disposal.

Germany’s billion-euro nuclear fund weathers crisis relatively unscathed so far

The state-run fund created to pay for interim surface storage and final disposal of nuclear power station radioactive waste is reported to have has so far coped well through the coronavirus crisis, losing just 0.3% of its value (compared with 4.1% growth over the three years the fund has been operating) but still expected to generate a profit of 100 to 125 million euros in 2020.

Electronic waste

Thoughts on safely managing electronic waste. Unregulated disposal, with wealthy countries literally dumping on poorer countries, often contains toxins that, unlike radioactive waste, never decay and are an environmental & health risk forever.

Department of Energy renews funding for NMSU-administered Carlsbad environmental monitoring facility

A look at the work of the independent environmental monitoring service at the world’s only operational deep geological repository.

CNL seeks new harbour remediation contractor

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) has terminate an agreement with Milestone Environmental Contracting under which the firm was performing harbour remediation work as part of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI), a project to clean up radioactive waste in the Ontario municipality. No reason has been provided, but CNL hope a new contractor will be in place no later than the start of the 2021 construction season.

Romania One Step Closer to CJEU Due to Coal-fired Power Plants

Article also mentions that Romania on verge of being ‘prosecuted’ by EU over lack of appropriate approach to radioactive waste management.

NDAA: Will the cleanup budget be cut by 20%? Will the NNSA budget increase by 18%?

US local governments concerned that funding for nuclear environmental clean-up may be slashed by 20% in 2021.

High Level Radioactive Waste Fight Gears Up In Bruce County

A local campaign that’s started up to oppose the possible deep geological repository says it has hired a renowned environmental lawyer. Also reported by Ontario Post

NMIMS-FPJ webinar: Nuclear expert M V Ramana talks about changing narratives of nuclear energy to remain relevant

Opinion piece says long-term radioactive waste management a key reason why nuclear is a not an option for India.

Independent advice essential for Kimba community: they have received only pro nuclear dump propaganda

Concern that residents of Kimba did not have enough access to ‘independent’ advice during the public consultation process.

6 July 2020

Guest column: New Mexico nuclear facility is bad news

Nevadan anti-Yucca campaigner argues against proposed temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico, because it may ‘permit’ Yucca as a permanent disposal facility.

Canada’s NWMO selects Geofirma Engineering for repository test drilling

The Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) has chosen Ontario-based Geofirma Engineering Ltd to drill and test initial boreholes in South Bruce. The borehole drilling and testing work is part of NWMO’s site assessment programme to build an understanding of the geosphere at the potential repository site. Also reported by Electric Energy Online, Owen Sound Sun Times

Nuclear reactor saga rumbles on

Concerns about radioactive waste management amongst key concerns fuelling local opposition to planned research reactor to replace existing ageing nuclear reactor.

Radioactive waste: a big problem for New Brunswick’s proposed new nuclear reactors

Analysis of the efforts of a coalition of local groups seeking suspension of decisions about radioactive waste disposal until Canada has a “sufficient” radioactive waste policy in place.

5 July 2020

Community finds innovative ways to keep programs moving forward

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is supporting a number of community initiatives in Ignace, as schools and most public areas remain closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, to reach children and families in their homes.

Poland lacks adequate radioactive waste management plan

Local media coverage of EU reasoned decision saying Poland has failed to adopt a national programme for radioactive waste management compliant with the requirements of the Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Directive.

3 July 2020

Radioactive waste: Commission calls on ROMANIA to enact correctly EU law in this field

The European Commission is sending reasoned opinions to Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Lithuania, Poland and Romania for failing to adopt a national programme for radioactive waste management compliant with the requirements of the Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Directive. It has also sent a separate reasoned opinion to Romania for failing to transpose correctly certain requirements of the same Directive. Also reported locally by Sofia Globe (Bulgaria)

3 July 2020

Environment ministry: If Estonia gets nuclear power plant, not before 2035

Taking responsibility for safely managing radioactive waste and having a local trained workforce key issues as Estonia assesses whether to include nuclear in its energy mix.

3 July 2020

EU experts to assess nuclear power’s green credentials

Does the issue of radioactive waste automatically disqualify nuclear power from being considered as a “green” technology under the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy? European Commission experts to investigate. Story also covered by World Nuclear News

2 July 2020

Nuclear’s role recognised in US decarbonisation plan

The US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis has released a report which includes specific reference to nuclear waste disposal, seeking a consent-based approach to finding a repository site, saying: “To date, the US government has failed to produce a solution for the safe, long-term disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste currently stored at operating and decommissioned nuclear power plants across the country. Congress should continue to pursue a legislative solution to America’s nuclear waste problem, which should include consent-based siting for any permanent repository for nuclear waste.” Story also covered by Nuclear Engineering International

2 July 2020

Cannings: Nuclear waste regulations put Canadians at risk

Canadian MP opposes new radioactive waste regulations being proposed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). He believes the regulations are at best vague, and leave nuclear waste policy decisions in the hands of private industry, instead of actually prescribing actions that are in the public interest.

2 July 2020

South Bruce residents ‘push back’ against nuclear waste opposition

A “pro” repository community group, called ‘Willing to Listen’, is challenging other residents’ opposition to the planned repository, by supporting alternative viewpoints within the community, eg: “Canada has radioactive waste and we’ve been handed an opportunity to help solve that problem on behalf of Canada … we should look at opportunities that come from this and make a really good informed decision.” Opposition also reported by Blackburn NewsLucknow Sentinel

2 July 2020

House panel pushes for effective management of electronic, biomedical waste

The Philippines is facing multiple wastes problems, and parliament seeking to create a consolidated, effective regulatory regime, particularly for radioactive waste from medical applications.

2 July 2020

Senate undoes proposed power shift in nuclear arms budgeting

The US Senate has quietly voted to undo a proposal in the 2021 Defense Authorisation bill that would have given the Pentagon extraordinary new power to shape the Energy Department’s future nuclear budgets, including environmental clean up. Story also reported by Tri-City HeraldBreaking Defense

Secretary Brouillette Blasts Senate Proposal on DOD and NNSA Control over Budget

US Energy Secretary echoes concerns of local governments that budget proposal would turn over funds and responsibility for environmental clean-up to the Pentagon. Also reported by Aiken Standard

Effort to Stop New WIPP Shaft Moves to New Mexico Supreme Court

The Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC) has appealed to the New Mexico Supreme Court in an effort to halt construction of a new underground shaft at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).

In Australian Senate Inquiry uncertainty grows over whether Kimba nuclear dump site is really needed

Reporting on proceedings in Parliament, activist believes he saw uncertainty grow over the need for the proposed Kimba site, and a corresponding growth in clarity that there is no urgency to make a decision.

U.S. says leaking nuclear waste dome is safe; Marshall Islands leaders don’t believe it

A report requested by Congress concludes that Runit Atoll’s “50-year-old cracking and crumbling concrete nuclear waste repository” is structurally sound and that radioactive leakage into the nearby lagoon is not significant. The findings have not eased local concerns because it has failed to address their issues, particularly around rising sea levels, and developing a care and maintenance plan for the site. GDFWatch have previously reported on the Runit dome, as an example of the intergenerational risks of interim surface radwaste storage. This story also covered by Phys.OrgFree NewsHonolulu Civil Beat, Radio New Zealand

1 July 2020

Nuclear specialist selected to provide expertise at Cumbria radioactive waste site

Jacobs has been selected by LLWR (Low Level Waste Repository) as sole service provider on LLWR’s new ‘Repository Infrastructure Framework’, covering a wide range of services to help LLWR manage the repository, in West Cumbria, on behalf of the Government’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Also reported by Exchange MonitorIn-Cumbria

Defence grilled on alternate site

Australian Defence Department says proposed sites in Western Australia were assessed and found to be unsuitable for the planned national repository for low-level radioactive waste.

1 July 2020

“Don’t Waste Michigan” Vs Consolidated Nuclear Waste Storage

The environmental grass roots group “Don’t Waste Michigan” is joining a national external alliance to fight local people who support a planned temporary high-level radioactive waste storage site in New Mexico; on the grounds that the plan will require long-distance transportation of radioactive materials through much of the country. Radio interview.

IAEA Receives WATEC Report on Radwaste Management, Decommissioning and Remediation After Online Meetings

The International Technical Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation (WATEC), a consultative body that provides advice to the IAEA, has delivered its annual report. The report by WATEC, which brings together some 30 senior professionals from around the world, included a series of observations and recommendations for the Agency. The annual report has not apparently been published, so those recommendations remain unknown.

30 June 2020

Decommissioning Plan Released for Kori Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1

Draft plan for public consultation contains nothing about how to dispose of the spent nuclear fuel at the power plant. Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power say there’ll be another plan for storage and disposal once the national commission in charge of radwaste management completes its review.

30 June 2020

Discovery helps provide safer nuclear waste containment in the future

Researchers have found that the corrosion of stainless steel containers used to store nuclear waste may accelerate the breakdown of the glass or ceramic waste forms they contain. They are now researching new glass forms in which to hold radioactive elements.

30 June 2020

Who’s paying to decommission Three Mile Island? You are, and you’re keeping the nuclear waste, too.

Local anger as it’s revealed that Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a company with a $34bn annual turnover to access a local taxpayers fund — but root problem is that local taxpayers across US are now having to shoulder radwaste burden because there is no final disposal repository.

30 June 2020


Article explaining how corrosion science is informing choices about radioactive waste storage and disposal.

NWMO Re-Opening Ignace “Learn More Centre”

The National Waste Management Organisation is re-opening it’s public information centres after closure because of the Covid crisis. Also reported by CKDR

Proposed independent Kimba grain hub seeks investor interest

Following initial support from the National Radioactive Waste Management community benefit fund, local businesses and investors are being invited to be a part of a new proposal for a community-owned industrial grain facility in Kimba — to act as a central destination for local farmers’ commodity movements and segregations, needed as a result of grain storage facilities being rationalised in the region.

29 June 2020

Innovative team scoops prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Award

UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority wins Royal Society of Chemistry’s Industry-Academia Collaboration Award for their research into safe storage and disposal of legacy radioactive waste.

29 June 2020

Expansion of Paks Nuclear Waste Storages Going to Plan

Brief update on the expansion of interim surface radioactive waste stores at Hungary’s sole nuclear power plant in Paks and at the National Radioactive Waste Repository (NRWR) in Bátaapáti, in south-western Hungary.

The science behind Canada’s nuclear industry waste solution

President of Women in Nuclear Canada says that she and her colleagues live and raise their families in the areas under consideration to host a deep geological repository. They would not do anything to harm themselves or their children, and feel an obligation to protect current and future generations.

Bosnian Minister announced Formation of Expert Team for Croatian Radioactive Waste Repository near Bosnia

Bosnia ramps up pressure on Croatia by creating an ‘expert team’ that it wants Croatia officials to liaise with over the planned low-level radioactive waste repository to be built in Croatia close to the Bosnian border.

Holtec project challenged by out-of-state groups alleging dangers in transporting nuclear waste

A group of organisations from around the US have filed a lawcase in federal court to stop Holtec’s planned temporary radwaste storage facility in New Mexico. The project is supported locally, but a coalition of national bodies believes the licensing process has not adequately considered required safety and environmental assessments. Also reported by Albuquerque Journal

26 June 2020

Guided tours in the Mont Terri rock laboratory are possible again: with a «distance»

Switzerland re-opens its geological disposal underground testing facilities to public tours — on a socially-distanced basis.

Nevada, Energy Department settle fight over secret plutonium

Nevada ends 2-year legal battle with US Energy Dept over secret shipments of weapons-grade plutonium to a site near Las Vegas, after federal govt agreed to remove the radioactive waste that had already been sent and abandon plans to send any more.

WIPP: DOE awards contractor 83 percent of available funds in annual performance evaluation

Problems with safety and the effectiveness of operations at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant were noted in the annual performance report and fee allotment issued by the Department of Energy this week for Nuclear Waste Partnership – the contractor hired to oversee and manage WIPP’s day-to-day operations.

Call for Mt Walton hazardous waste facility to accept toxic material from across Australia

Western Australia (WA) waste facility seeks change to its licence so that it can accept hazardous wastes, including low-level radioactive waste, from anywhere in Australia — currently restricted to wastes originating in WA.

25 June 2020

Sellafield’s roadmap for returning to normal over the next six months

Sellafield has produced a roadmap outlining how it plans to return towards normal life over the next six months, following significant disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

State of New Mexico says nuclear waste project poses disproportionate risk, locals supportive

Report from a Covid virtual public meeting organised by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, at which state and local officials shared differing opinions on the desirability of a temporary radioactive waste facility.

25 June 2020

National Radioactive Waste Management Facility: Site selection reports

Australian government publishes all reports related to the siting process for the planned low-level radioactive waste repository in South Australia.

25 June 2020

Minister’s Statement on Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s 2017-2019 Triennial Report

Canadian government statement welcoming NWMO’s report.

Russia: not a nuclear dump! – #covidsolidarity

Friends of the Earth Europe support Russian environmental activists’ concerns that Russia may become a ‘dumping ground’ for German and other countries’ radioactive wastes (see BBC story below on 23 June).

Radioactive Waste Facility Site – Woomera Amendment circulated in Senate

Senator from Western Australia wants radioactive waste repository in his area, and seeks to overturn decision on South Australia site.

24 June 2020

Judge Orders Decommissioning Temporarily Halted at Former Nuclear Plant

Court issues an order of temporary restraint, stopping all decommissioning activities unrelated to site security and maintaining the dry cask storage of spent nuclear fuel at Oyster Creek. The order came after local municipality filed a complaint against new owners Holtec. Also reported by Tap Into Barnegat Waretown, and Holtec’s legal woes explored in more detail by WBUR.

Still No Future For Oyster Creek

Analysis of the lengthy decommissioning process at Oyster Creek and the implications for local community.

24 June 2020

Five ways to ensure that models serve society: a manifesto

The Covid pandemic has highlighted issues with political interpretation of mathematical models. Article looks at how mathematicians and modellers can address this issues, cites model used by the US Department of Energy to evaluate risk in disposing of radioactive waste at the Yucca Mountain repository as an “extreme example of excess complexity”.

Federal action vital to get nuclear waste off San Onofre’s beach, report says

Community task force convened by local US Congressman Mike Levin releases a lengthy report laying out ideas on how to get radioactive waste off San Onofre’s beach. Divisions within task force underline complexity of the issue. A key recommendation, echoing Blue Ribbon Commission, is to create a new federal Radwaste Agency. Task force have apparent focus on geological disposal as the solution. However, other than saying this is a federal issue, report does not discuss interim or transitional alternatives to permanent disposal, nor offer a way of resolving federal impasse over a repository. Also reported by Coast NewsDana Point TimesSan Diego Union-TribuneSan Clemente Times (and a separate opinion article in San Clemente Times)

24 June 2020

RWM partners with the British Geological Survey

UK’s Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) announces partnership with the British Geological Survey to support delivery of a deep geological repository.

IAEA Publishes Proceedings from International Conference on the Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors

Some countries assessing recycling technologies to reduce the burden of radioactive waste, while others need to bridge the gap between their current generation of nuclear spent fuel and its planned future geological disposal: these amongst main conclusions of the 2019 International Conference on the Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors, the proceedings of which have now been published by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

23 June 2020


Canada’s NWMO part-funding an online, seven-week summer programme providing free activities for young people to do at home, “melding the joys of crafts, arts, dance and music with a fun approach to picking up science, engineering, technology and math knowledge.” Also covered by Shoreline Beacon

Nuclear waste shipment leaves Germany for Russia

Report on another of the regular shipments. Previous shipments (as reported by GDFWatch) have split NGO opinion: Greenpeace campaign against, Bellona say shipments in line with international law and safety standards.

As Donald Trump contemplates revamping the US’ nuclear weapons program, an in-depth analysis of the implications for radioactive waste management in general, and for WIPP in particular.

OPG formally ends proposed nuclear waste DGR at Bruce Power

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has formally notified federal regulators it is ending plans for a repository for low-level radioactive waste. Also covered by CBCCity News TorontoCommercial Daily NewsCanora CourierCKOMTimes ColonistGuelph MercuryManitoulin ExpositorWorld Nuclear NewsNuclear Engineering InternationalOn-Site Magazine, reported in US by Detroit Free PressMichigan RadioGreat Lakes NowGOPHouse and from an indigenous peoples’ perspective in Australia by AntiNuclear Net

Russian Tests Confirm Safety Of Next-Generation Nuclear Fuel Mix

Russia claims a new type of mixed uranium-plutonium fuel has cleared safety tests. The fuel is made from recycling radioactive waste, reducing the need to store volumes of radwaste.

Truck carrying empty nuclear waste cask crashes

An oversized flatbed truck carrying an empty nuclear waste cask headed to the Yankee nuclear power plant tipped over Friday morning, setting off a 36-hour effort to retrieve the cask and reopen the busy east-west highway.

22 June 2020

Taiwan VP reassures Lanyu residents government will dispose of nuclear waste

The people of Orchid Island, having won a court case in which the government admitted to illegally and secretly storing radioactive waste on the island, are told by the Taiwanese Vice President that they will get paid compensation, and the waste will be removed.

Nuclear waste site near Carlsbad delayed by another 2 months amid COVID

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission extend the public consultation period on Holtec’s proposed temporary radwaste storage facility in New Mexico — the second such extension because of the Covid crisis.

21 June 2020

NWMO Still Not Ready Resume Site Work

Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation still considering when to resume field studies, to take account of Covid social distancing requirements, particularly when people from outside the area have to be brought in to work on site.

21 June 2020

The climate challenge

Opinion that improved safe management of radioactive waste and operation of nuclear power is less risky option for world when faced with pressing need to reduce carbon footprint.

Mysterious, manipulative and corrupt process whereby Napandee was selected for nuclear dump site, Australia

Despite court rulings, campaigners still concerned about the site selection process. Nuclear Information also suggests reason for siting in South Australia is to pave way for an international geological repository.

19 June 2020

Ukraine’s parliament backs appointment of new environment minister

Management of radioactive waste mentioned as one of his key tasks by the newly-appointed Minister, Roman Abramovsky.

Massachusetts drops challenge of nuclear power plant sale in deal that could hint at Indian Point’s future

The settlement reached over the Pilgrim nuclear power plant appears to allay fears raised by environmentalists and others that new owner Holtec International could walk away from a botched dismantling and stick ratepayers with the tab for cost overruns — and suggests outline of a potentially similar deal at the Indian Point plant.

Cleaning up Magnox ponds

Detailed look at work being done to dismantle and dispose of radioactive materials at old nuclear facilities.

18 June 2020

It’s Time to Rethink Recycling

There’s a regulatory focus on radioactive waste, but this article looks at need for rethinking how we recycle, dispose and manage all forms of waste.

Dangers Of Nuclear Energy ‘Much Less Than Previously Thought’

Scientists at the Global Warming Policy Foundation claim that low-level nuclear radiation might be much less dangerous than previously thought.

17 June 2020

Holtec and state agree on safety and financial terms for decommissioning Pilgrim nuclear plant

Massachusetts Attorney General reaches settlement with new owners of the closed Pilgrim power plant after drawn-out legal battle over the decommissioning and clean-up of the site. Also covered by Law360World Nuclear NewsUtility Dive

It’s Not Techno-Angst That’s Driving East Asia to Abandon Nuclear Power

Thought-provoking piece that says unlike Western anti-nuclear sentiment “based on long-debunked claims about the intrinsic dangers of accidents and nuclear waste”, in the East it’s rooted in opposition to increasingly unpopular political & economic models.

We all have a stake in South Bruce decision

Continued concern about siting the geological repository in Ontario.

17 June 2020

Innovation can break the gridlock on nuclear waste

Article arguing case that radioactive “waste” can be put to productive, sustainable use, and help ease political deadlock around disposal.

China’s secret weapon exposed: ‘Radioactive tomb’ primed as World War 3 trump card

The dispute between the US and Marshall Islands over the Runit Atoll radioactive waste store (previously reported on by GDFWatch) could be exploited by China as it seeks to expand its influence through the Pacific region.

WIPP, New Mexico national labs to see increased funding in bill on U.S. Senate floor

Local Senator claims to have secured large increases in funding for WIPP and the Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories, subject to further congressional approval. More detail on the budget and legislation from Energy Communities Alliance

16 June 2020

More public input needed on nuclear waste management, concerned groups say

Update on story about campaigners’ claims that Canadian law and regulators are not fit for purpose for regulating a geological repository. Article also carried by Burnaby NowTurtle Island NewsTimes ColonistKamloops This Week

Australian government has spent not one sent on finding a permanent solution for ANSTO’s nuclear waste

Campaigner claims there’s been no debate and no money spent on the planned low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia.

REALITY CHECK: multiple stories in our archives reveal campaigners’ long engagement with the lengthy debate, and criticism of the use of taxpayer cash to “bribe” residents — so hard to justify claim of ‘no debate’ and ‘no money spent’.

16 June 2020

‘We believe there’s a clear and present danger’: Three Mile Island decommissioning in question

Local concerns that plans to scale back emergency plans and other operations, while radioactive waste remains on site, creates risks for the community.

15 June 2020

Confronting Future Environmental Challenges

Expert looks back over 30 years; progress in the environmental sector is variable, with the current objective of nuclear waste manage­ment being to shield the environment from nuclear waste better than it has been in the past.

15 June 2020

Use of nuclear technology gets green light in Rwanda

Management of radioactive waste remains a concern, as Rwanda supports creation of a body to ensure Rwandans are trained to manage the increasing number of non-energy nuclear applications in medicine and industry. Also reported by KT Press

Russia starts installation work at fuel fabrication facility

Work has started on installation of the main equipment for the nuclear fuel fabrication facility (FRU) at the pilot energy complex (ODEK), designed to eliminate radioactive waste from the production of nuclear energy. Also covered by Nuclear Engineering International

15 June 2020

WIPP Shipments Down Nearly Half for First Five Months of 2020

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) received only 67 shipments of transuranic waste during the first five months of the year, compared to 125 during the same period in 2019, as the covid crisis interrupted the delivery chain.

15 June 2020

Environmental Feedback Continues For Ignace Repository

An online engagement session was recently held for community members, as NWMO continues to get feedback on environmental studies in the Ignace area for a potential deep geological repository. NWMO stresses community discussions still in early stages.

Scientists just found the ‘chemical fingerprint’ of an alleged nuclear explosion that went undeclared in Russia

Allegations that Russia has covered up an incident in which radioactivity escaped from a secret, military nuclear fuel reprocessing facility.

Belgian regulator supports geological disposal for high-level waste

In it’s response to a public consultation, Belgium’s Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) says it is in favour of a proposal for the disposal of high-level and/or long-lived radioactive waste in a geological repository. Also reported by European Nuclear SocietyNuclear Engineering International

Radioactive waste: playing short term politics with a long term problem

Australian Conservation Foundation want government to reconsider radioactive waste plans.

15 June 2020

Did you know? Stockholm once had an underground nuclear power station

Easy-to-read article reviewing the decommissioning process in Sweden, with waste being prepared for final disposal in the planned repository.

Donation helps expand food package delivery

NWMO support local food bank during covid crisis.

No feasible solution found between Belgium and Luxembourg

Update on row between Luxembourg and Belgium. Belgium holding a public consultation on geological disposal; Luxembourg apparently setting out their stall that any repository location should not be near the border.

Decommissioned nuclear reactor coming to Nevada roads

Update article on the transport of the old reactor core from the San Onofre reactor to where it will be prepared for eventual disposal.

Wallonia rejects nuclear waste disposal suggestion

The region of Wallonia has rejected the idea of burying nuclear waste in deep boreholes, in its response to a public consultation on geological disposal.

13 June 2020

Public debate to progress nuclear waste options

Review of the debates and activities taking place around the world about geological disposal, but focusing on Canada, Sweden & Finland.

Parliament passes National Radioactive Waste Bill

Legislation to pave way for the planned low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia passes first parliamentary hurdle. Nuclear News reports campaigners saying the fight goes on.

Proposed radioactive waste disposal rules are weak and industry-friendly

Opinion article that argues the new rules the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will shortly implement for the storage and disposal of radioactive waste are not fit for purpose, and lean to the benefit of the industry.

Lawmakers back first-of-its-kind law to help Indian Point towns, schools after shutdown

A US first: local taxation of stored radwaste awaiting disposal in a geological repository. The cost of ‘doing nothing’ could get higher if Gov Andrew Cuomo signs off the legislation.

Important step for national radioactive waste facility in South Australia

Legislation introduced to pave the way for the planned low-level radioactive waste facility. Opportunity used by a Western Australia politician to re-state the case for the site to be in his constituency not South Australia. And by Green Party to denounce MPs supporting the bill.

Waste dump gives bush town ‘secure future’

As debate over planned low-level radwaste facility continues, local MP tells Parliament that “the project will be a game changer for Kimba. It will offer a secure future.”

10 June 2020

Sellafield waste will stay on site after 2021, Cumbria County Council agrees

Despite some local opposition, the council’s development control and regulation committee voted unanimously in favour of allowing radwaste to continue being stored on the site. The Council was told there was no permanent alternative storage available, pending the GDF. Also reported by the News & Star

10 June 2020

South Bruce council says no to immediate vote on nuclear waste plan

South Bruce Mayor Robert Buckle says now is not the time to have a community vote on the possibility of hosting a deep geological repository for radioactive waste. Aside from the covid crisis, he said: “we have to make sure that people in South Bruce are familiar with all the pros and cons, because this project is going to have a tremendous effect on our community, not only now but for generations.”

South Bruce Council receives petition opposing nuclear fuel storage in the municipality

South Bruce Council has accepted a petition signed by residents who are opposed to hosting a Deep Geologic Repository. The Council promised to take into consideration the concerns identified in the petition as part of the process moving forward. The municipality has also received correspondence from residents who are in favour of the process. Also reported by Wellington Advertiser

10 June 2020

Fukushima: Japan Must Not Ignore Human Rights Obligations On Nuclear Waste Disposal – UN Experts

UN human rights experts urge Japanese Government to delay any decision on the ocean-dumping of radioactive waste water from the reactors at Fukushima until after the Covid crisis. Concerns that Japan not extending period for meaningful consultation. Also reported in Japan by Kyodo News, and by YubaNet

9 June 2020

There will be no referendum in Östhammar on the nuclear fuel repository

Local council overwhelmingly supported a decision to not now hold a local advisory referendum. The final decision always rested with the council, but there had been an idea to test local opinion first. Given consistent large majority support in opinion polls, and other community dialogues, the council has decided that a non-binding local referendum is not necessary.

9 June 2020

Saeima committee proposes amendments for Law on Nuclear Safety

Latvia proposes new radioactive waste management legislation, to bring country into line with EU law.

9 June 2020

‘Sea change:’ Advanced reactors spur look at recycling waste

Article examines the renewed look at reusing nuclear waste as reactor fuel, rather than burying it, as the industry pushes for the next generation of reactors. The implications have potential to upend decades of radwaste management and global nonproliferation strategies. It also highlights a debate about the safety and cost issues of recycling.

9 June 2020

Hundreds turn out for rolling protest of nuclear waste plan

Protestors want South Bruce council to hold a referendum, as soon as possible, in order to find out if the community truly is behind the project or not. Also covered by Bayshore BroadcastingBlackburn News

9 June 2020

Moroccan Expert Khammar Mrabit Joins IAEA’s Nuclear Safety Commission

Director-General of the Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiation Safety and Security (AMSSNuR) has joined the Commission of Safety Standards (CSS) at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). His mission includes drafting guidelines for safe use of nuclear energy, transportation of radioactive material, and management of radioactive waste.

8 June 2020

Plans for 11,000m³ of nuclear waste

Sellafield needs to replace interim surface stores for radwaste due for geological disposal. But local objections will mean waste cannot remain in existing stores, cannot be taken somewhere else, and can’t be placed in new safe interim stores. Also reported by NW Mail

7 June 2020

Nuclear Waste Is The Ultimate Clickbait – Just Ask SONGS

An examination of the ‘hyperbole’ of public concern over radioactive waste, in the context of personal health risk during a pandemic.

7 June 2020

Nuclear power offers an abundant supply of low-carbon energy. But what to do with the deadly radioactive waste?

Easy-to-read comprehensive overview of the radioactive waste disposal debate globally. Quotes veteran anti-repository campaigners as well as industry voices on the political and technical issues slowing progress.

Lukashenko talks about political, economic results of meeting with Orban

Safe management of radioactive waste on agenda of discussions between Presidents of Belarus and Hungary.

U.S. Must Have Used-Fuel Disposal, Even if Recycling, NEI Chief Says

Although some of spent fuel could be recycled, the US still needs a long-term repository for the waste, according to the head of the Nuclear Energy Institute.

5 June 2020

In Bure, the nuclear waste agency pays the gendarmes

Campaigners angered that police have been specifically dedicated to protecting the Bure repository site, paid for by site operator Andra.

5 June 2020

Do We Want To Protect Our Environment?

Radioactive waste from the planned new nuclear plants amongst concerns expressed in Turkey on World Environment Day.

Nuclear Waste Disposal near Bosnian Border as Main Problem on World Environment Day

Stopping Croatia’s proposed low-level radwaste facility close to their border is a centrepiece of Bosnia’s campaigning announced on World Environment Day.

5 June 2020

Watchdog petitions D.C. Circuit for a voice in nuclear waste battle

Nuclear watchdog, Beyond Nuclear, has petitioned a federal appeals court to review the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) refusal to hear its opposition to the licensing of a proposed Holtec International “interim” facility to store commercial nuclear reactor waste in southeastern New Mexico. Also reported by Law360CourtHouse NewsPower MagazineCarlsbad Current-ArgusSanta Fe New MexicanHouston ChronicleSan Francisco Chronicle

‘Forever deadly’: State officials, communities scramble to fight a proposal to house high-level nuclear waste in New Mexico

Report on ‘growing’ local opposition to Holtec’s planned temporary radioactive waste storage facility.

4 June 2020

Industries can share lessons from decommissioning, says NDA report

UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) publishes report saying industries can share lessons from decommissioning — understandable focus on technical issues and supply chain, but nothing substantive on effective communications or community engagement.

Decommissioning milestone at Slovakia’s Bohunice VI

200 ton reactor vessel has been safely transferred to a wet pond, where it will now be dismantled and prepared for disposal, kept in interim surface storage until a geological repository is available. Also reported by World Nuclear News

Letter to the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board on Recommendation 2020-01; Responding to Chairman’s Comments

US local govt concerned that Chair of Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board does not believe educating public so they can participate in consultation and decision-making is a good use of taxpayer funds.

3 June 2020

Shut-down TMI closer to getting permission to cut emergency response requirements and payments

While radioactive waste remains stored at the site, local campaigners object to recommendation to Nuclear Regulatory Commission to scale down the plan and process for protecting and warning the public in the event of an accident at shuttered Three Mile Island plant.

New IAEA Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Database Facilitates National Data Reporting and Sharing

The IAEA, working with the EU and the OECD/NEA, has launched the Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Information System (SRIS), which will facilitate easier information sharing and simplified national reporting on a single easy-to-use platform. Also reported by Nuclear Engineering International

2 June 2020

Terrawatch: could granite solve the hard problem of nuclear waste storage?

New research enhances confidence that geology provides an effective barrier to protect against disposed high-level radioactive waste.

Italy approves dismantling of Latina plant

Last of Italy’s 4 nuclear plants has been approved for decommissioning. Pending availability of a geological repository, radwaste will be stored on site in interim surface facilities.

Panel Vets U.S. Plutonium Disposal Plan

The US’ plan to dispose of surplus plutonium at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) is technically viable so long as the Energy Department addresses certain concerns, according to a top-level scientific review by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

1 June 2020

Industry to Explore Decentralized Nuclear Waste Disposal

With Yucca Mountain currently not on the US Government’s agenda, article looks at Deep Isolation’s work to see if it offers an alternative solution.

Necsa proposes reappointing fired former CEO

Unhappy reaction as the embattled Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa) is apparently proposing to reappoint its suspended and subsequently fired former CEO Phumzile Tshelane as a consultant.

30 May 2020

Sellafield challenges claim of plutonium in site’s cats

Claims that cats from West Cumbria’s nuclear site given out for adoption were found to have plutonium in their system have been rejected by Sellafield. Radiation Free Lakeland claims samples analysed from two cats contained plutonium and caesium. Sellafield says that before leaving the site each cat was given a health check by an independent veterinary expert and, to provide reassurance, were radiologically monitored.

30 May 2020

Ensuring Safety: Multiple-Barrier System

National Waste Management Organisation provide examples from nature which offer strong evidence of the concept of ‘containment’ in a deep geological repository under similar conditions.

Do Emissions from Nuclear Power Plants Cause Cancer?

Insufficient evidence to be conclusive, but concern is real.

29 May 2020

Nuclear: EDF plans Belleville-sur-Loire to store nuclear waste, resistance is getting organized

The battle to oppose the construction of a centralised facility of interim storage ponds for MOX waste.

Friends of the Earth condemns shameful Radioactive Waste Management Bill, offers positive alternatives

FoE’s submission to the Australian Senate Committee scrutinising the planned low-level radioactibve waste facility.

29 May 2020

Scientists develop sorbent for purifying water from radioactive elements

Russian researchers claim to have developed technology that can purify industrial and drinking water from radioactive waste. Also reported by Laboratory Equipment

29 May 2020

Deep Trouble: Russia Finally Moves To Raise Radioactive Debris From Arctic Waters

Report on Russia’s plans to remove radioactive waste from the bottom of the Arctic Sea.

29 May 2020

No nuclear dump on agricultural land – Canada

Criticism of Canada’s plans to build a deep geological repository.

29 May 2020

Inside the last of Germany’s disappearing nuclear plants

German photographer publishes new collection, The Nuclear Dream, recording Germany’s atomic sector – not only power plants, but also research centres , training facilities and radioactive waste facilities. Also covered in Positively Scottish

Terrorism? Sabotage? Canister failure? Experts explore San Onofre doomsday scenarios

For. the first time ever, local Community Engagement Panel held a [virtual] public meeting to consider a handful of ‘doomsday scenarios’ at the San Onofre site. Evidence of how casks are tested to withstand missile and other attacks did not allay all public concerns. One expert observed that “it’s possible to go too far, creating ‘unhelpful dread and anxiety’ that can lead to bad decision-making.” Also covered by Dana Point Times

Radioactive waste geological disposal is reintroduced in Belgium

Environmentalist argues the only reason for ‘pushing’ geological disposal is to increase social acceptability of nuclear, and to remove the financial uncertainties of nuclear energy. Does not address the environmental consequences of not disposing of the waste.

Opposition gathering to nuclear fuel disposal vault in South Bruce

Report looking at differing opinions in the potential host community in Canada. Also reported by Clinton News Record

28 May 2020

Revealed: Radioactive material leaked from storage drum at Dounreay

An incident which prompted an ONR (Office of Nuclear Regulation) investigation in fact was less serious than initially thought, and was in fact below the threshold required to prompt an independent investigation.

NWMO to begin field studies at Canadian repository site

In an update to local stakeholders, Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) says it will focus its activities on safety and protecting the environment, as it begins field studies later this year at the potential repository site.

27 May 2020

Oyster Creek Generating Station Closure Impact on Barnegat Bay Fish Inconclusive

Not possible after just one year of a three-year study to have definitive answers on the impact on marine life now that the nuclear plant has closed.

Nuvia awarded a place on Higher Activity Waste Framework

The ORCHID consortium of companies, led by Nuvia, has won a four-year contract to deliver engineering design support to Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) in delivery of the UK’s deep geological repository.

Ads for Protect South Bruce – No DGR in Lucknow

Local group places anti-repository advertisement in local newspaper. The quote chosen in the advertisement is used to give a completely opposite meaning to that originally intended by the NWMO.

WIPP Shipments Dwindle in Opening Months of 2020

Covid crisis reduces shipments to WIPP by almost half.

Russia looks to 2030

Russian Federations’ newly-published energy strategy includes pledges to develop innovative technologies for radioactive waste processing and disposal of radioactive waste.

Slovenian decision on second unit by 2027: minister

Slovenian government minister calls for an immediate start on the construction of a storage facility for low and intermediate level radioactive waste and for changes to legislation to speed up infrastructure projects.

Australian nuclear dump decision trashes indigenous peoples’ rights

Despite a High Court ruling, on-going concern that the process and decision to site the planned low-level radioactive waste facility was not ‘legal’.

26 May 2020

‘Survival Beneath Yucca Mountain’: La Jollan Monty Nereim’s new book explores life underground

“Survival Beneath Yucca Mountain” is a science-fiction novel that explores human survival instincts after a cataclysmic event. The author once lived close to the Yucca Mountain repository site, and says “for people that are interested in surviving a great catastrophe, that [Yucca} would be a great place for them to go if it were properly outfitted.”

26 May 2020

New Luxembourg law allows claims over nuclear accidents

Luxembourg passes a new law which allows citizens to seek damages for nuclear power accidents, two weeks after the Luxembourg government launched a campaign against Belgium’s alleged nuclear waste storage plans near the border between the two countries.

Decommissioned nuclear reactor will be heavy load for Nevada roads

Report on the transport of San Onofre’s “slightly” radioactive nuclear reactor vessel from California to its final resting place in Utah. Transport also reported by San Diego Union-Tribune, Bradenton Herald

Decommissioning application submitted for Garoña

Spain hopes to start transfer of spent fuel from ponds to dry interim surface storage in 2022, according to the latest licence application.

Russia’s “Nuclear Titanic” That Cannot Sink Even In The Face of a tsunami sails through the Arctic And Causes Fear

Environmentalists sceptical of Russian claims that their floating nuclear reactor is “unsinkable”, amid concerns that an incident could expose radioactive waste to the environment.

25 May 2020

Teeswater area debating taking on ‘forever’ nuclear waste project

Further report on those who are beginning to oppose the idea of hosting a deep geological repository for higher-level radioactive waste.

24 May 2020


Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh’s claims that Israel is deliberately spreading Covid-19 in Palestinian territories follows his allegations that Israel was dumping radioactive waste in landfills in Palestinian territory. His views challenged by ‘Committe for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis’ (CAMERA).

Life in front of a nuclear reactor

Elderly woman believes her cancer caused by local nuclear power plant, says we should not plan to dispose of radioactive waste until we have agreed to produce no more, ie shut down all nuclear power plants.

Feedback sought on updated nuclear waste storage plan

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is seeking feedback on its updated five-year strategic plan for the permanent disposal of Canada’s higher-activity radioactive waste. Public can comment until 10 June 2020.

22 May 2020

Russia’s armed aggression destroying ecological balance in Donbas

Ukraine pursuing criminal investigation under international law into damage done by the Russian invasion, which has led to increased environmental and health risks from damaged radioactive and other toxic wastes storage facilities.

Australian Law on radioactive waste to be changed in order to prevent any judicial review!

Campaigners concerned that law will not allow them to challenge the decision-making process on the proposed low-level radwaste facility.

22 May 2020

Taken anti-nuclear waste signs spark concern in South Bruce

Decision to remove “anti-geological repository” signs was not political as originally-feared but because the signs had been placed in breach of Bruce County’s ‘right of way’ – which requires a permit to post signs, for safety reasons signs can’t just be put on the side of roads and highways. All the affected signs have been returned and campaigners have pledged to put them all back up, safely and legally.

Radioactive waste cleanup paying off for giant Idaho aquifer

Scientists say radioactive contamination in a giant aquifer below the Idaho National Laboratory nuclear has decreased or remained constant in recent years. The US Geological Survey attributes the decreases to radioactive decay, changes in waste-disposal methods, cleanup efforts and dilution from water coming into the Lake Erie-sized Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer. Also reported by The Spokesman-Review

21 May 2020

Small reactors feasible in Puerto Rico, study concludes

Long-term storage of nuclear waste in Puerto Rico will not be an issue, according to a report recommending the island build nuclear reactors. Like all US nuclear power plants, it is expected that the Puerto Rico nuclear plant’s low-level waste will be shipped to a US licensed low-level waste disposal facility and high-level used fuel safely stored on site and later shipped to a long-term high-level waste storage facility in the US mainland. Also reported by Power Technology

Sellafield develops interactive app to help Cumbria’s response to Covid-19

The UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s subsidiary Sellafield has worked with Cumbria County Council to develop an interactive app to help support the most vulnerable in the community. Sellafield’s Geospatial and Strategic Spatial Planning Team has used their expertise to develop the app as part of Cumbria County Council’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

NWHU coffers boosted by $50K donation

The Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) has donated Can$50,000 to the NorthWestern Health Unit to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the region. The NWHU says it will use the funds to respond to community needs such as emergency food access and care packages for people in isolation without resources or family support and hand sanitizer and disinfecting supplies for organisations in the area who need it. Also reported by CKDR, Kenora Online

21 May 2020

Ukraine pushes storage facility completion to end-September

Delayed by 6 months because of the national Covid-19 lockdown, Ukraine reveals that the new Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility (CSFSF) at the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine is now expected to be completed by the end of September.

21 May 2020

‘No danger to public’ from fire at decommissioned nuclear power plant

A large fire at a decommissioned Dutch nuclear power plant has been brought under control. There is no danger that radioactivity could leak because of the fire, officials said. Also reported by Star Tribune, New York Times, Daily Mail

Double espresso?

Opinion piece that says mistakes and failures of the nuclear sector in previous decades should not deter us from pressing ahead with solving radwaste problem.

20 May 2020

Earth Matters: Indian Point’s Final Days

Continued concern the taxpayer will be left to foot the decommissioning bill, and manage the radioactive waste.

20 May 2020

Energy nominee likely to face questions on Yucca

A US Senate panel overseeing the promotion of an Energy Department official will question Mark Menezes about his statements in February that the administration planned to store nuclear waste at the Yucca Mountain site, in apparent contradiction of a White House budget proposal.

UPDATE: Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Mark Menezes, clarified his February remarks, saying the Trump administration has no plans to use Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste storage site. Hearing also covered by Aiken Standard, The Hill

20 May 2020

Morals trump money

Reaction of Swiss villagers to hosting radioactive waste used as a litmus test in a wider opinion piece on public attitudes when it comes to critical ‘morals versus money’ issues.

Op-Ed: Setting the record straight about nuclear power

In a pro-nuclear opinion piece, it is claimed that environmentalists and the media overstate and emotionalise the issues around radioactive waste, not based on science but by manipulating peoples fears.

19 May 2020

Quake gives Nev. lawmakers new ammo against Yucca Mountain

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake that rattled Nevada last week has lawmakers and state officials reiterating concerns about the proposed Yucca Mountain radwaste repository. Last week’s earthquake was the third within 150 miles of the Yucca site in the past two years. Critics are concerned that seismicity could threaten not only the site itself, but associated nuclear waste transportation pathways. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has analysed site and says there are not any issues. Also reported by Las Vegas Sun, Carson Now

19 May 2020

IAEA commends French nuclear waste programme

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has released the final report from its January 2018 mission to France to review radioactive waste management and decommissioning in the country. The review team said it had been “impressed with the nature and implementation of the French national programme”.

Groups ask Ottawa to press ‘pause’ on nuclear waste disposal

Environmentalists concerned that Canada’s legal and regulatory framework not equipped to make judgements on the safety of radwaste disposal and potential repository sites. Also reported by Manitoulin Expositor, Renfrew Today

19 May 2020

Environmentalists Fault Sending ‘Very Low Level’ Nuclear Waste to Landfills

Although supported by US local government, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s proposed reclassification of radioactive waste is worrying environmentalists. Also covered by The Union Journal

Tiny crystals plug gaps and limit uptake of contaminants in rocks

Research published today by a UK-based team of scientists has shown for the first time that the mobility of potentially harmful contaminants in crystalline rocks over long periods of time may be severely limited due to the presence of tiny crystals, meaning contaminant movement is likely to be focussed to water-bearing fractures only. The research was funded as part of a collaborative programme by RWM.

18 May 2020

IAEA Illuminates Morocco as Model in Nuclear Research Monitoring

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) commends Morocco as a model for monitoring nuclear research reactors, describing the country as an “example to follow”. The TRIGA research reactor contributes to various activities related to research and training in nuclear medicine, industrial applications, and radioactive waste management.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant worker tests positive for COVID-19, crew quarantined

WIPP worker and their crew quarantined, and will be checked again before being allowed back to work. Operations continue at WIPP.

17 May 2020

The risks of allowing landowners to volunteer their land for nuclear waste disposal

Local activists compare the UK and Australian site selection processes.

Atomic clean-up could cost Norway 20 billion kroner and take 25 years

Decommissioning Norway’s two closed nuclear research reactors will cost around US$1.96 billion, and take 20-25 years, according to a report commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry. The report confirms previous assessments that demolition of facilities and site environmental clean-up will cost around US$750 million, with a further US$1.2bn for long term management of radioactive waste. But report notes notes there is “considerable uncertainty” around these costs. Story also covered by World Nuclear News

15 May 2020

Robot used in Italy’s largest decommissioning project

Story on the retrieval of radioactive waste in preparation for moving to interim surface storage pending final disposal.

15 May 2020

Government, nuclear industry badly in need of a reality check

Opinion that Japanese Government need to address the issue of radioactive waste rather than avoid it.

Local Governments, Labor, Community and Industry Organizations Urge Congress for One-Time Increase in EM Funding to Create Jobs and Infrastructure Projects

Open letter from community representatives to Congress, seeking Covid-19 investment in management & disposal of radioactive waste held at local sites across the country, to create jobs and improve environment.

Germany demolishes nuclear plant towers for a greener tomorrow

Article in support of Germany’s nuclear phase out, says radioactive waste needs disposal, and that “decommissioning a nuclear power plant takes anything between 25 to 100 years. It’s tedious but worth it. Our battle today is not just against a virus, it’s against everything that comes in between us and a safer tomorrow.

Scientists say the final repository of nuclear waste remains uncertain

Ahead of the Swedish Government’s decision on the Environmental Court’s concerns about copper corrosion, and whether to proceed with the planned repository, a revisiting of the concerns expressed by critics.

Nuclear Grand Challenge Engages Student Ideas For Waste Revenue

Report on background to a national competition encouraging ideas which may improve public perceptions of radioactive waste. GDFWatch a competition mentor.

13 top Australian non government organisations say that the Kimba nuclear waste dump plan is illogical

Joint NGO response to Senate Committee’s inquiry into the planned low-level radioactive waste facility, makes 10 recommendations.

Irritated response by Belgian Minister of the Environment

Belgium says no specific location for radioactive waste storage has been identified, and that it cannot understand why Luxembourg has raised the issue publicly without inter-governmental discussions. Belgium stressed that all legislation will be respected. Response also covered by Luxembourg Times, Brussels Times, Delano

12 May 2020

Russian Researchers Discover Way to Transform Radioactive Waste Into Valuable Resource

Claims that scientists have created a commercially viable way means to turn depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) into hydrogen fluoride, a valuable chemical compound used in the production of materials including aluminium, refrigerants and gasoline, among other things.

12 May 2020

Sellafield work must resume despite coronavirus lockdown in case of ‘nuclear incident’, says boss

Chief executive Martin Chown admitted he is faced with a difficult decision, but said it is vital Sellafield restarts some work, because some old facilities may become more hazardous if left to mothball.

12 May 2020

Corrosion interactions between stainless steel and lead vanado-iodoapatite nuclear waste form part I

Research paper on corrosion of stainless steel canisters, to better understand chemical and other processes that may occur over time in a deep geological repository.

Russia plans to raise radioactive wrecks in the Arctic

By 2030, the Russian government will raise seven pieces of radioactive debris – including two nuclear submarines – from the bottom of Arctic oceans, where they were intentionally scuttled during the Soviet era.

WIPP Bypass Road Opens to Traffic

The US$9 million, 3-mile bypass that directs other traffic away from the site opened on Friday 8 May.

12 May 2020

South Bruce divided over nuclear waste

Despite years of public events, some people just waking up to the fact that their community is in final shortlist to host the Canadian deep geological repository.

Nuclear waste: the Grand Duchy deplores Belgium’s “no consultation” plan

Luxembourg government upset by Belgian plans to dispose of radioactive waste close to their shared border. Urges Luxembourg citizens to contribute to a public consultation being run by the Belgian government. Story also covered by RTL, Luxembourg Times

Luxembourg government upset by Belgian plans to dispose of radioactive waste close to their shared border. Urges Luxembourg citizens to contribute to a public consultation being run by the Belgian government. Story also covered by RTL, Luxembourg Times

12 May 2020

Cheshire team involved in N-plant decommissioning research

Jacob’s have been awarded a contract by RWM to study the release of radioactivity from irradiated graphite in reactor cores. This research will support RWM in its analysis of graphite behaviour and the options for graphite waste management in the future. Also reported by Power Engineering, Nasdaq, NS Energy Business, Yahoo!, Oxford Mail

12 May 2020

Bismuth trioxide shows promise for nuclear shielding

New material might offer a lighter, cheaper, safer alternative to lead as a barrier to radioactivity. According to researchers, the new polymer could replace traditional radiation shielding materials, like lead, which are often expensive, heavy and toxic to human health and the environment.


Australian government explains global, legal and political issues in the selection of their site for a low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia.

Canada’s Plan for the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel

National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) explain how they are working with communities to identify a potential site for a deep geological repository.

Environmental studies, discourse vital to decommissioning

Energy analyst says more thought needs to be given to the decommissioning of South Africa’s nuclear reactors later this decade. Claims that the South African nuclear sector has regularly underestimated the need for public engagement to secure public acceptance. Any solution will “need to be based on ethical considerations. This includes the safety of current and future generations and funding that doesn’t burden future generations.”

7 May 2020

Are Diamonds The Answer To Our Nuclear Waste Problem?

Further news on research in the Uk to convert radioactive waste into ‘diamond batteries’ with almost limitless lifetime of producing energy with no carbon emmissions.

Coronavirus: Construction halted on low-level radioactive waste cleanup project in Port Hope

The Port Hope and the Port Granby projects, a Can$1.3 billion combined federal investment for a multi-year cleanup of low-level radioactive waste in Lake Ontario communities, were set to enter their largest construction phase as the coronavirus pandemic began. But has come to a halt due to worker safety and emergency orders to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The Port Hope and the Port Granby projects, a Can$1.3 billion combined federal investment for a multi-year cleanup of low-level radioactive waste in Lake Ontario communities, were set to enter their largest construction phase as the coronavirus pandemic began. But has come to a halt due to worker safety and emergency orders to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Critics alarmed by US nuclear agency’s bid to relax rules on radioactive waste

UK media report that the federal US agency providing oversight of the commercial nuclear sector is attempting to push through a rule change critics say could allow dangerous amounts of radioactive material to be disposed of in places like municipal landfills, with potentially serious consequences to human health and the environment.

As previously and separately reported by GDFWatch, the proposed changes would bring the US more into line with IAEA and EU standards, and are supported by US local governments.

7 May 2020

Croatia and Bosnia at loggerheads over nuclear waste plan

Summary overview of the dispute between the two neighbours over the siting of a planned low-level radioactive waste facility close to their shared border.

WIPP facility near Carlsbad ideal for plutonium disposal, federal regulators say

Last week’s report from the National Academies of Sciences (NAS), a two-year review of the DOE’s plans to dispose of the US’ plutonium stockpile, said the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) would be best option for permanent disposal of surplus plutonium, but would require an increase of space available at WIPP and an extension to its operating lifetime.

Feds Give Thumbs-Up to West Texas Nuclear Waste Plan

Draft environmental impact assessment allows proposal for a temporary storage facility in West Texas to hold high-level radioactive waste pending final disposal to proceed. Also reported by CBS News7, San Angelo Live, KUT, Midland Reporter-Telegram, HPPR

5 May 2020

Strong support for SKB’s planned final repository in Östhammar municipality

Overwhelming local community support in Sweden for hosting a geological repository, according to latest opinion poll. At 82%, support is at its highest ever level. [link requires Google translate for non-Swedish speakers]

National Radioactive Waste Management Facility – Community Benefit Program applications open

The Australian Government has announced that communities around Kimba and Wallerberdina Station can now each apply for up to $2 million worth of grants under a new Community Benefit Program. Applications are open for the program, which is for communities that were involved in detailed consultation about hosting Australia’s National Radioactive Waste Management Facility. Also reported by Eyre Peninsula Tribune

4 May 2020

Study reveals single-step strategy for recycling used nuclear fuel

Scientists believe they have found a more simple, efficient way to extract some materials for recycling from radioactive waste that help address issues such as proliferation of weapons-grade materials and other ‘misuses’. Also covered by Futurity, ScienceBlog, Green Car Congress, Science Daily

Feds Renew $14.4M Grant for WIPP-Area Environmental Monitoring by New Mexico State University

Extension of the contract with New Mexico State University to continue independent environmental monitoring near the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). Also reported by Exchange Monitor, Carlsbad Current-Argus

4 May 2020

We have power

Leaving radioactive waste for future generations is the main reason to oppose new nuclear build according to this Korean activist.

A nuclear waste site where the biggest fear isn’t radiation, but coronavirus

Report on workers concerns about returning to work at the Hanford facility in Washington state.

New environmental bill referred to Parliament

Bahrain introduces new law, with death penalty or life imprisonment for anyone who imports, brings in, buries, dumps, stores or disposes of nuclear waste.

Federal government rejects contentions to nuclear waste site near Carlsbad and Hobbs

Further update on row in New Mexico on whether the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has complied with federal law over proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facility. Also covered by The Sandpaper

Indian Point communities stake claim to $15M fund as they fight for their future

Impact on the community as nuclear power plant shuts and decommissions.

1 May 2020

Four things you didn’t know about nuclear waste

Simple overview article about radioactive waste. Also reprinted by MenaFN, Environment Journal

1 May 2020

In Bure, justice has flouted the rights of the defense

Final article in an environmentalist newspaper’s investigation into the way in which the police and courts gathered evidence against those arrested for protesting the construction of France’s geological disposal repository. Also covered by AGR Daily News

WIPP expansion needed for proposed disposal of surplus plutonium at nuclear waste repository

Plan to dispose of US plutonium stockpile will put pressure on US’s sole geological repository, according to independent assessment of plan. Also covered by Santa Fe New Mexican, Durango Herald, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicines

After decades, the heart of a nuclear reactor will finally leave San Onofre

A 20-year story of storing and then finally removing a significant item of radioactive waste from a closed nuclear power plant.

WIPP utility shaft project challenged as illegal

The Southwest Research and Information Center alleges New Mexico environmental officials ignored regulations and past practices in giving temporary approval for contractors to begin building a new ventilation shaft at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. They want the New Mexico Court of Appeals to put the brakes on the key construction project at the nation’s only underground nuclear waste repository. Story also covered by My High Plains, Exchange Monitor

29 April 2020

Are salt deposits a solution for nuclear waste disposal?

American Society of Agronomy article looking at research into how salt acts as a barrier around radioactive waste in a geological repository. Story also covered by TechXplore, Science Daily, Free News, Technology Networks, Lab Manager

28 April 2020

Funding For KDMA To Improve COVID Communication

Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is providing Can$10k to help establish reliable and secure communications between municipalities during the COVID-19 crisis.

28 April 2020

Group Plans To Fight Effort To Build Nuclear Waste Dump In New Mexico

Beyond Nuclear group claim that Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s approval of a draft environmental impact assessment for Holtec’s planned temporary radioactive waste storage facility in New Mexico breaches federal law. Also reported by Albuquerque Journal, Durango Herald, The Journal

27 April 2020

Deep Isolation Awarded Contract with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Deep Isolation have announced their first non-governmental contract, to assess the feasibility of onsite horizontal deep borehole disposal at future nuclear plants. Looking at diverse criteria such as physical site characteristics, disposal operations, safety performance analysis, regulatory & licensing considerations, the project seeks to evaluate the potential application of horizontal deep borehole techniques to the permanent dispose of high-level radioactive waste. Also reported by Exchange Monitor

In response to public requests, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission extends deadline on consultation for Holtec’s planned temporary radwaste facility in New Mexico. KRWG reports move welcomed by local representatives. Also covered by Carlsbad Current-Argus, Chron

27 April 2020

American Nuclear Society Backs NRC Finding on Spent-Fuel Storage Project

The Society formally backs the recent draft environmental impact assessment of Holtec International’s proposed temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico.

27 April 2020

Justice massively monitored anti-nuclear activists in Bure

Concerns at the extent of police surveillance of anti-Bure protestors in France.

27 April 2020

“Near-infinite” power: inside the University of Bristol’s ambitious nuclear power plan

Update on story about development of “ever-lasting” battery made from radioactive waste.

Federal agencies want to extend nuclear waste site to 2080

Article sets out local opposition to the licence application for extending WIPP’s operational lifetime.

24 April 2020

Proposed legislative amendments on final responsibility for nuclear waste disposal have been sent to Parliament

Long-agreed amendments to radioactive waste management legislation have been tabled. The local community of Osthammar have long-insisted on the legal clarifications as a critical pre-condition for hosting the planned repository.

23 April 2020

Finding a solution for the legacies of UK nuclear power

Interview with CEO of UK’s radwaste management organisation, Karen Wheeler.

Decommissioning work resumes at Ignalina

After a two-week suspension of work because of the Covid-19 pandemic, decommissioning activity resumes.

22 April 2020

Funding supports community front line work

Magnox and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) will provide £300,000 in funding to help support communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Interim waste storage facility completed at Unterweser

PreussenElektra has completed the construction of a second interim storage facility for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste at the Unterweser nuclear power plant. The German utility has handed the facility over to Bundes Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagern (BGZ), the government-owned agency responsible for its operation.

22 April 2020

S. Korea to Start Construction of Nuclear Decommissioning Research Centers Next Year

The South Korean government plans to start construction of nuclear decommissioning research centres next year in its bid to exploit the global commercial opportunities of decommissioning, transitioning the skills of the nuclear power generation industry workforce.

22 April 2020

Q&A: Dealing with Britain’s nuclear waste?

Experts discuss geological disposal, with public comments.

New Crowdsourcing Challenge: Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation 2020

IAEA competition for young professionals around the world for new ideas which advance decommissioning or environmental remediation of radioactive sites. The winners will be invited to present their entries at the IAEA General Conference in September. Closing date for competition is 21 May 2020.

Uncertainty for budget and appropriations in FY 2021

US local government says the 2021 budget for environmental clean up of nuclear sites remains uncertain. Congress has not approved the budget, is focused on relief funding, and the Presidential election gets ever nearer. This suggests, as in previous election years, that budget decisions could be be kicked into the new year, for the new Administration to sort. This would likely mean that funding for environmental management would continue at 2020 budget levels.

20 April 2020

Area Communities Receive Money From NWMO

A number of communities are receiving financial aid from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization to help them cope with COVID-19.

NRC to hold webinar Tuesday on Indian Point decommissioning

In the Covid world, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) go online to explain the decommissioning process and “how the NRC regulates such activities through on-site inspections and other reviews.” Members of the public will be able to ask questions verbally and in writing.

20 April 2020

“In line with previous drilling results”

Switzerland completes another borehole investigation. Will take further time to analyse results but initial data suggests there are no surprises and the rock would be able to host a repository safely.

Mayor Dale Janway: Support of Carlsbad community appreciated during coronavirus pandemic

WIPP management company, Nuclear Waste Partnership thanked for contributions to local Covid charities.

Britain has 139 tons of plutonium. That’s a real problem.

Analysis of the UK’s management of plutonium. Suggests geological disposal is the best option available.

16 April 2020

Pennsylvania raises alarms on transfer of radioactive Three Mile Island reactor

Citing current financial concerns, as well as the COVID-19 emergency, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has asked the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to delay a decision over a license transfer of Three Mile Island nuclear power plant to EnergySolutions, a company that specialises in decommissioning.

Nuclear watchdog group warns about NC waste storage during crisis

National anti-nuclear watchdog organisation, Beyond Nuclear, raise concerns about the storage and transportation of radioactive waste during the coronavirus pandemic.

16 April 2020

Kimba nuclear waste dump law risks breaching Indigenous human rights, committee finds

A cross-party parliamentary committee has found “significant risk” that local Indigenous groups were not adequately consulted about a proposed nuclear waste facility, meaning that the Government’s decision to press ahead with legislation risked breaching Barngarla rights to culture and self-determination.

15 April 2020

Nuclear waste: the problem that will never, ever go away

Local media review of geological disposal and the story of Yucca Mountain: “Yucca Mountain’s license application is for a term of 10,000 years. It is unclear if that is long enough … for officials to come to a final decision.”

Waste firm with plans for Alice builds giant air dome

Innovative inflatable structure to protect humans and environment at hazardous waste sites, showcased by Australian company. Also covered by Waste Management Review

14 April 2020

New Mexico Receives 10-Year Permit Application for WIPP

The US Energy Department has applied for renewal of the state permit required to operate the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico.

14 April 2020

“Our country will receive waste from foreign nuclear power plants built by Rosatom from time to time”

Interview with leading Russian environmentalist on Russia’s “importation” and management of radioactive waste — many concerns, from transparency to Rosatom’s ability to keep its long term commitments.

12 April 2020

Competition held to examine new markets and uses for nuclear fuel

University student teams competed virtually in a prize competition, titled Reimagining Nuclear Waste, to address the social, political and economic challenges facing the perception of nuclear waste. [Declaration of Interest: GDFWatch’s Roy Payne is a mentor to this project].

11 April 2020

US Nuclear Waste Cleanup Delayed

Further look at the impact of Covid-19 on operations at US radioactive waste facilities.

11 April 2020

Reece Keener: Nevada’s ace in the hole

Elko’s Mayor, Reece Keener, says Covid-19 crisis underlines need for Nevada to diversify its economy, to be less dependent on tourism and Las Vegas. Yucca Mountain and other public projects might offer more stable long-term economic sustainability.

10 April 2020

Russia, China willing to fund nuclear projects as several African countries explore controversial power source

Review of African interest in nuclear power, says that managing radioactive waste is a major hurdle.

10 April 2020

Places around England compete to host underground nuclear waste dump

Overview of the UK’s search for a site for its geological disposal repository.

Environmentalists call for halt to German search for nuclear waste site during coronavirus

Germany’s agency responsible for geological disposal, BGE, is continuing its search for a repository site, as campaigners ask for a delay during Covid crisis. BGE looking at digital and other ways to engage public, saying its’s still too soon to know what impact Covid19 will have on their timetable.

KHNP to support Canadian decommissioning projects

First contract for a Korean company supporting decommissioning in another country.

9 April 2020

Idaho lawmakers urge DOE to package nuclear waste at site

Idaho’s Congressional caucus unanimously ask that spent fuel be prepared ready for transport and final disposal. Also reported by Elko Daily, Idaho News, Lewiston Tribune

Trump administration’s nuclear waste buildup worsens during outbreak

Accused of doing too little to dispose of the nation’s radioactive waste stockpile, now criticised for weakening environmental controls in order to find ‘cheaper’ and ‘quicker’ solutions.

8 April 2020

NRC Extends Comment Period on Very Low-Level Waste Disposal

US’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has acceded to widespread calls for the consultation period to be extended because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

8 April 2020

Research uncovers microbial life in radioactive waste storage sites

New research papers from University of Manchester, working with Sellafield Limited and the National Nuclear Laboratory, show that microbes can thrive in even the most intensively radioactive waste storage sites. The growth of microbial life can cause uncertainty or problems in radioactive waste management. Story also covered by Power Technology, Scientific Computing World

Dodik hopes Croatia will solve Radioactive Waste Disposal Question it in the Spirit of good Neighborly Relations

Bosnian President says one of his priorities is to stop Croatia building a low-level radioactive waste facility near their mutual border. In a similar report, Balkan Insight claims Bosnia will seek international arbitration.

7 April 2020

On-site work on nuclear waste disposal in NW Ontario suspended

NWMO suspends borehole drilling to evaluate potential repository sites during Covid-19 break-out. Story also covered by Dryden Now, CKDR

7 April 2020

The problem of nuclear waste

Podcast with Dr Claire Corkhill, discussing issues related to geological disposal of radioactive waste.

6 April 2020

LLWR makes second donation of personal protective equipment to fight COVID-19

UK’s low-level radioactive waste facility makes hazsuits and other personal protection equipment available to local health workers on the front line of the Covid-19 battle.

Nuclear power generation and waste transfers continue in Germany despite coronavirus crisis

A shipment of radioactive waste bound for Russia will go ahead as planned despite local protests.

5 April 2020

Residents sue State for deaths caused by toxic waste in desert

Allegations that radioactive waste was dumped in Kenya, form part of the first legal challenge in Kenya by a community demanding its constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment.

Nuclear Waste Management Organization to spend millions on community engagement, stakeholders in coming years

Review of NWMO’s triennial report, focusing on how they’re building social acceptance for the contentious project.

3 April 2020

The Nuclear Option

Analysis of the campaign by communities around the closed Indian Point nuclear power plant, who are challenging Entergy’s plan to sell the site, by raising questions about the financial health of Holtec International, the firm that wants to buy it in order to reduce time and cost of decommissioning..

Why should NM store nation’s nuclear waste?

Concern about the risks of transporting radioactive waste by rail from across the country to Holtec’s proposed temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico.

3 April 2020

Advocates raise questions about proposal to allow some nuclear waste to be disposed in landfills

As the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) ponders extending the consultation period on its proposed reclassification of radioactive wastes, critics say extension insufficient and NRC should drop the idea. Also covered by Public News Service

BiH warns Croatia against storing nuclear waste from Krško at border

Bosnia reacts to Croatian decision to build a low-level radioactive waste facility on their border, saying plan is “unacceptable”.

NM should be scientific leader on nuclear issues

As with Covid-19, public policy should be based on science/facts rather than political whim: an opinion piece that argues New Mexico should base its decision on supporting radioactive waste facilities on science, not bias.

2 April 2020

Spent-fuel transfer moves forward despite coronavirus concerns

Despite concern over the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, Holtec is “forging ahead” with plans to transfer radioactive spent fuel from a large pool above the reactor at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station to steel-lined dry casks.

Ignalina announces tender for waste storage

Lithuania has announced a tender to select a contractor for the construction of a storage facility for radioactive waste on the site of the nuclear power plant which ius being decommissioned.

2 April 2020

NRC approves Crystal River licence transfer

In yet another ownership transfer of a shuttered nuclear power plant to a specialist decommissioning company, the licence for Crystal River 3 is being transferred from Duke Energy Florida to Accelerated Decommissioning Partners LLC. Also reported by Tampa Bay Times

Faulty flask issue sparks probe at Hunterston

A probe has been launched between Hunterston and Sellafield nuclear power stations over a faulty fuel flask, and why it was sent.

Doosan’s credit crisis raises new debate over dismantlement of nuclear power plants

Viability called into question of South Korea’s plan to re-skill its nuclear workforce and exploit international decommissioning and radioactive waste management market opportunities.

1 April 2020

Location for Radioactive Waste Management Centre Taken Over by Fund

Croatia confirms location of its low-level radioactive waste facility close to the Bosnian border, that is causing much rancour in relations between the two countries. Also reported by Serbia Energy

Levin raises questions about San Onofre nuclear waste transfers, sewage spill

Local congressman pursues operator over continued transfer of waste during the pandemic, and an alleged spillage of liquid waste last week.

WIPP: COVID-19 outbreak leads to reduction in nuclear waste operations near Carlsbad

Short report on impact of Covid-19 pandemic on operations at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). Also reported by New York Post, Idaho News, PBS Newshour, Dayton 24/7 Now

Opponents of nuke site near Carlsbad call for delay on permitting amid COVID-19 outbreak

Update on calls by opponents of Holtec International’s planned temporary radioactive waste facility for the public consultation to be extended because of the limits placed on public meetings and gatherings during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also covered by Santa Fe New Mexican

31 March 2020

Concept for recovery of nuclear waste: Everything must go

Report on clear-up of radioactive waste stored at the Asse mine in Germany, and Germany’s plans for final disposal of radioactive waste.

Kimba now looks into workforce

Kimba District Council is to conduct a business gaps analysis and develop a workforce plan prior to construction starting at the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility at Napandee.

Food bank deals with location change

Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) first corporate supporter of a local food bank, to help communities during COVID-19 crisis.

30 March 2020

TEPCO sees net profit shrinking on cleaning prep

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) projects its net profit for the current business year will fall by two-thirds, due to US$3.2bn charge its posting in its accounts to cover the cost removing radioactive waste from a damaged reactor at Fukushima. Story also covered by Asahi Shimbun. TEPCO published a plan last week for decommissioning all the reactors at the facility over the next decade: coverage of plan in World Nuclear News.

As nuclear waste piles up, scientists seek the best long-term storage solutions

Lengthy but easy-to-read article gives a scientific perspective, regardless of whether you’re pro or anti nuclear, on the management of radioactive waste.

‘Hot Spots’: Confronting our nuclear legacy at KAM

Review of an arts exhibition focusing on nuclear waste and legacy, which nobody can see because of coronavirus restrictions.

29 March 2020

Radiation leak at KAERI was result of design flaws and sloppy management, regulator finds

South Korea’s nuclear regulator finds that radioactive waste has been leaking from the Atomic Research Agency’s (KAERI) site for over 30 years, because of “flawed facility design and poor operations”.

28 March 2020

Moscow motorway ‘is new Chernobyl’

Further international news coverage of Moscow residents’ campaign against a new road that they fear will uncover or disturb Soviet-era radioactive waste buried in the area.

27 March 2020

Pandemic Forces DOE Cleanup Sites to Scale Back Work

US radioactive waste clean-up activity impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Story also covered by Tech Xplore, Daily Mail

Used fuel containers ordered for Spanish nuclear power plants

Spanish Government approves US$231m contracts for manufacture and supply of containers for the dry storage of spent fuel from the Almaraz, Trillo and Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plants. This follows Government approval of a revised draft General Radioactive Waste Plan, that does not include a final decision on whether the storage of waste from the Spanish nuclear fleet will be done centrally or be decentralised.

27 March 2020

Canada’s NWMO outlines repository plans

Canada’s agency responsible for developing a deep geological repository, in its latest Triennial Report to Parliament, re-commits to selecting a repository site by 2023. Also reported by Nuclear Engineering International

27 March 2020

Notice given of £16.5M nuclear waste site survey framework

Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM) reveal that this summer they will tender for a 5-year framework contract to support potential repository site evaluation.

27 March 2020

Public can weigh in on transfer of Three Mile Island’s stricken Unit 2 to decommissioning firm

Public consultation runs until 27 April on proposed purchase of the shuttered nuclear power plant by decommissioning specialist EnergySolutions.

26 March 2020

Armenia President receives Japan Ambassador

Radioactive waste management on the agenda, as well as coronavirus.

Nuclear waste disposal: Why the case for deep boreholes is … full of holes

Critical analysis of the case for deep boreholes as a solution to disposing of radioactive waste.

26 March 2020

Construction of Additional Macstors Likely to be Delayed Again

Although experts who recently reviewed the Korean government’s spent nuclear fuel management policy reached agreement that permanent disposal of radioactive wastes is necessary, they did not reach a consensus on when the existing interim storage facilities at the Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant will be full and whether additional temporary storage facilities are required.

San Onofre nuclear plant continues waste transfers amid COVID-19 restrictions

Southern California Edison, the operator of the shuttered San Onofre nuclear power plant, announced Wednesday a “temporary curtailment of some deconstruction work” at the facility but said transfers of heavy canisters filled with used-up nuclear fuel will continue.

25 March 2020

Nagra’s international research supports the planning of a Swiss repository

Article reviewing how Swiss radioactive waste agency Nagra contributes to the international community’s geological disposal scientific research programme.

From strategy to reality at Dounreay

The operational and decommissioning radioactive waste streams in the UK’s nuclear waste inventory reveal how complex the task of dealing with legacy wastes is. The question of whether to treat waste on site or to transport it elsewhere can often be as much of a political or management decision as a technical or regulatory one.

24 March 2020

What the Pandemic Is Telling Us About Science, Politics, and Values

Fascinating article, prompted by global coronavirus response, exploring intersection of politics and science — radioactive waste & geological disposal get a shout as one of the key global thorny ‘intersections’.

Coronavirus pandemic could delay licensing of nuclear waste facility near Carlsbad

New Mexico’s congresspeople have urged the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to extend a public comment period on a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) on Holtec’s proposed temporary radioactive waste repository, now there is a ban on public meetings because of the coronavirus. Also reported by Los Alamos Daily Post, Washington Times, US News & World Report

22 March 2020

31 years on, hazardous waste pact needs improving

On 31st anniversary of Basel Convention on hazardous waste, a look at the issues facing developing economies as wealthier countries seek to ‘dump’ their hazardous wastes.

20 March 2020

Trump’s Nevada coin leaves country’s nuclear waste in limbo

Another political analysis of the situation regarding Yucca Mountain and the disposal of America’s radioctive waste.

Editorial: NRC is right to put science before politics

Local media support for the proposed temporary radioactive waste facility in New Mexico.

20 March 2020

Moscow Protesters, Police Clash Over ‘Radioactive Highway’ Construction

Local people protest against risk of exposing a Soviet-ear radioactive waste dump while constructing a new road. Story also covered by Meduza, Macau Business, KXAN NBCNews36, Deutsche Welle, The News & Advance, News Tribune, Japan Times, Joplin Globe

Question Regarding Pilgrim Power Plant Security To Go Before Mashpee Town Meeting

Local people ask municipal government to press for improved security and better interim surface storage for the radioactive waste to be held at the closed Pilgrim nuclear power plant.

West Dunbartonshire Anglers seek assurances on nuclear waste levels

Local anglers have called on the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to carry out a study into the impact of increasing the strength of nuclear waste discharged into the Firth of Clyde. MoD have submitted plans to increase discharges from Faslane base, which the Scottish environmental protection agency (SEPA) have put out for public comment.

18 March 2020

State funds to be juggled to cover cleanup costs from Fukushima

The Japanese government is amending legislation to allow the diversion of public funds currently set aside for the promotion of renewable energy to help cover the escalating costs related to the storage of radioactive waste produced after the Fukushima incident.

U.S. Department of Energy to continue cleaning up New Mexico nuke sites

For the next decade, the US Department of Energy (DoE) plans to continue disposing of nuclear waste at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, while also improving infrastructure at the site and continuing clean-up efforts at other nuclear facilities — set out in the DoE’s recently released 2020-2030 “Vision”.

18 March 2020

Major European bank could help Russia lift its sunken nuclear submarines

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has signalled its readiness to help Russia raise Soviet-era radioactive debris, including two sunken nuclear submarines, from the bottom of the Arctic seas.

18 March 2020

Sellafield nuclear waste site to close due to coronavirus

Britain’s will shut its reprocessing plant at Sellafield after more than 8% of its staff began self-isolating to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Also reported locally by News & Star, BBC, In Cumbria, World Nuclear News, Evening Mail

18 March 2020

Spain reveals cost of nuclear decommissioning

The cost of dismantling Spain’s nuclear power plants and managing spent fuel could be as much as €23bn, according to a report published this week by the national radioactive waste management company ENRESA.

18 March 2020

Nuclear Waste In The Northwoods

Concerns that a site previously considered for the US’ deep geological repository might be back in the frame after Trump announces he won’t proceed with Yucca Mountain. Also carried by Nuclear News Net

18 March 2020

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Shows Dry Cask Storage Is Safe – Yet Again

Coronavirus is showing value and need for scientific advice to deal with problems — we should adopt similar approach for radioactive waste management.

17 March 2020

Crunch time for Necsa

Further financial and other management problems at the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa), which is responsible for operating the Vaalputs National Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility. Also covered by Daily Maverick, MoneyWeb, Fin24, BizNews

17 March 2020

Councillors debate Copeland hosting nuclear waste sit

Council remains ‘neutral’ but wants to be in a position to respond quickly if a local group comes forward. Also reported by In Cumbria, Whitehaven News, Times & Star

17 March 2020

Germany’s nuclear power regions fear for the future as plants get set to close

A look at the social and economic impacts on a community in Germany when nuclear decommissioning occurs. Also covered by International Business Times

16 March 2020

Politics Continues to Complicate the Nation’s Nuclear Waste Disposal Dilemma

Review of political impasse in the US over Yucca Mountain and disposal of radioactive waste.

This is the world’s first living, healing robot

Video report on “xenobots”: micro robots made up of living cells which have the ability to heal themselves and can be programmed to do many tasks, including cleaning up radioactive waste.

OPG Considers Next Steps For DGR

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) reconsidering how to move forward with a long-term solution for low-level radioactive waste after rejection of their proposed deep geological repository (DGR).

Nuclear Agency Employee Named Suspect for Storing Radioactive Waste

A month after authorities launched an investigation and a decontamination operation at a housing complex near Jakarta, an employee of the National Nuclear Energy Agency has been identified for illegally storing radioactive waste at his home.

USask researchers training fungi to sense radiation and potentially help clean up nuclear waste

Report on research being done at University of Saskatchewan (USask), to “train” a microscopic fungi to seek out sources of radiation — a discovery with potential applications such as cleaning up radioactive waste.

13 March 2020

Return transport suspended from Sellafield to Biblis

Planned shipments of reprocessed radioactive waste from UK to Germany have been shelved because of coronavirus fears.

13 March 2020

3D hydrogeological modeling of Deep Geological Disposal in the Nizhnekansky Rock massif

Russia has selected a Deep Geological Disposal site in the Nizhnekansky massif, and currently assessing the site’s geological suitability. This academic paper summarises their work on hydrology, predicting groundwater flow.


Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette seeks to reassure Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada that his Department plans to seek alternatives to storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, but he stops short of backing an effort to change the law designating the site for a national repository.

13 March 2020

Corrosion poses risk in nuclear waste storage

Revisiting of recent story about new research that indicates some materials may corrode faster than thought in a deep geological repository.

13 March 2020

Court rules against bid to stop nuke dump

A federal appeals court rules against Barngala people’s case, saying it was incorrect that they had been excluded from a local ballot, which voted in favour of a planned low-level radioactive waste facility. Also reported by Blue Mountains Gazette, Eyre Peninsula Tribune

13 March 2020

Mind your (nuclear) language

Interesting article looking at how the language of the nuclear sector creates problems when used in discussions with the wider public.

12 March 2020

Could San Onofre Nuke Demolition Cause Catastrophe?

Public Watchdog, a local advocacy group, has filed a petition with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to halt further demolition work at the closed nuclear plant, claiming that if the facility flooded with rain or ocean water, the proposed method of disposing of nuclear waste could lead “to an explosion of a radioactive steam geyser.” Also today, the San Clemente Times reported that the petition (which had been filed 5 months ago) had today been rejected by the NRC it because there were no operational issues at risk.

We were lied to in the past about dumping of nuclear waste

Lack of trust in authorities explained over an incident involving the US navy in the Holy Loch.

11 March 2020

First Nation bands will decide fate of high-level nuclear waste plan

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has said they will not select a site within the territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON), without their consent. Although SON leadership have not stated a position on the high-level radioactive waste plan, a little over a month ago SON members voted down plans to bury Ontario’s low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste within their territory.

10 March 2020

San Onofre nuclear plant unveils new radiation monitoring system

The public can now check radiation levels at the San Onofre nuclear power plant online. The new radiation monitoring system is recording radiation levels gathered from the spent fuel storage site, with the results being posted each month on the California Department of Public Health’s website. Readings are below the normal, natural background level of radiation people are exposed to all the time. Also reported by KUSI

10 March 2020

RWM profiles: John Corderoy, programme director

Profile of John Corderoy, and the work of Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM).

Holtec Nuclear Waste Storage Plan Has Limited Impacts: Regulator

Federal nuclear regulators are giving a preliminary green light to license Holtec’s proposed temporary radioactive waste storage facility in New Mexico. A draft environmental impact released by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) found Holtec’s plan would have limited impacts. Also reported by Cherry Hill Post-Courier, Albuquerque Journal, World Nuclear News, Carlsbad Current-Argus. The Energy Communities Alliance say NRC seeking public comments on the draft assessment.

10 March 2020

Nuclear waste plan opposition mounts

Report on different opinions within a community that might host a deep geological repository.

Moscow highway radioactive dump sparks ‘catastrophe’ fears

Continued coverage of local residents campaign against building of a new road because of fears about exposing radioactive waste from a Soviet-era dump. Also reported by France24, Malay Mail, Al-Jazeera, Japan Times

10 March 2020

Radioactive waste wrongly sent to Hunterston nuclear plant

Although no risk to public health, investigations into how unauthorised radioactive waste from Sellafield found itself in a transport container at Hunterston.

10 March 2020

In the United States, a radioactive dome threatened to crack due to global warming

Review in French media of the Runit Atoll problem, extensively covered previously by GDFWatch.

9 March 2020

Standalone Nuclear Interim Storage Amendment Sidesteps Solutions, Creates Problems

Analysis of US political impasse over Yucca Mountain, concerned that alternatives loose focus of finding a permanent disposal site, and assume, wrongly, that communities will accept an ‘interim’ facility but not a ‘permanent’ facility.

9 March 2020

Croatia and Bosnia Improve Cooperation in Migration Control

Recent agreement on controlling illegal immigration is an example of how progress can be made on difficult issues through dialogue, says Croatia’s Ambassador to Bosnia, referencing the on-going dispute between the two countries over the siting of a low-level radioactive waste facility by the Croatians close to their border with Bosnia.

EM issues strategic vision for 2020-2030

Reacting to the US Energy Department’s strategy, local government says it expects more involvement in the decommissioning process, and seeks greater clarity from the Dept on its plans for engaging with communities, not just states.

Lifting Russia’s accident reactors from the Arctic seafloor will cost nearly €300 million

A report prepared by experts for Rosatom and the European Commission has identified six priority high-level radioactive waste items for recovery, and evaluated the costs of lifting all six objects, bringing them safely to a yard for decommissioning, and securing them for long-term storage prior to eventual disposal.

8 March 2020

Spent nuclear fuel at King Salmon may be gone sooner than expected

Optimism locally that federal government and Congress will create a facility that can take radioactive waste from the soon to be closed nuclear power plant, rather than stockpile the waste on site in interim surface stores.

The Half-Lives and Believable Truths Of Australia’s Radioactive Waste Facility

Blunt Australian view on the emotions, science and politics of radioactive waste, and the ongoing debate around Australia’s planned low-level radwaste repository.

7 March 2020

Reprocessed nuclear waste returned to Germany

Local campaign group concerned that UK breaching international law and previous promises that Cumbria would not store other country’s radioactive wastes.

Bruce County and Saugeen Shores can ‘help lead the world’ fighting climate change

Mayor of Saugeen Shores explains why he and most local people support the “responsible” disposal of radioactive waste in accordance with “international best practice” in a deep geological repository.

6 March 2020

Nuclear Waste

Explanation and overview of Germany’s search for a site for its deep geological repository for the disposal of higher-activity radioactive waste.

6 March 2020

A central interim storage facility for nuclear waste is created in Würgassen

Report on announcement that a low-level radioactive waste facility will be built on the site of the old nuclear power station in Wurgassen. However, no planning or other regulatory approvals have yet been sought.

5 March 2020

Minister’s assessment of preferred site for the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility

Australian government publish explanation for their decision to locate the planned flow-level radioactive waste facility in Kimba.

5 March 2020

NWMO Continues Testing Activities Around Ignace

Geoscientific studies continue, to determine if the local crystalline rock has the potential to safely host a deep geological repository.

5 March 2020

IMechE poll finds low public understanding of nuclear power

Sector’s messaging about nuclear being ‘low carbon’ to help achieve emission targets and tackle climate change apparently not impacting with young people. Radioactive waste disposal and management remain a key public challenge. Also covered by World Nuclear News

5 March 2020

The Super Tuesday Survivors

NY Times compares Biden and Sanders on their climate change policies. Biden pro-nuclear but silent on radwaste disposal. Sanders against new nuclear build until there is a solution for the waste. A similar exercise also conducted by Washington Post

4 March 2020

Toronto Zoo and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization partner to conserve native bat populations in Ontario

Radioactive waste organisation helps fund 5-year programme to study local bat population with Toronto Zoo.

Solid isolation

New methods for assessing the stagnation of underground waters over hundreds of thousands of years could help determine suitable sites for radioactive waste disposal. Easy to understand explanation of hydrology from Deep Isolation, a company promoting deep borehole disposal.

4 March 2020

The Court of Auditors’ alert on the costs of dismantling nuclear power plants

As France enters Age of Decommissioning, official warning that costs are not fully understood and more needs to be done to understand longer-term financial liabilities. The original Court press release and report can be found here.

New Nuclear Power

House of Commons Library briefing paper for UK Parliament on new nuclear build includes section on legacy radioactive waste management.

4 March 2020

Holtec underscores transparency at US plants

Holtec International has provided an update on decommissioning work at its Oyster Creek and Pilgrim nuclear power plants.

3 March 2020

Idaho Site Shares Expertise With Canadian Cleanup Program Visitors

Report shows how countries support and help one another in learning about decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

Fight for nuclear justice continues in the Marshall Islands

As Marshall Islands marked National Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day, preliminary discussions have started with the United States on a new agreement to address the legacy of nuclear testing, including the surface storage of radioactive waste.

Cortez Masto presses DOE secretary on plan to seek Yucca alternatives

Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette sought to reassure that the Department of Energy plans to seek alternatives to storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, but he stopped short of backing an effort to change the law designating the site for a national repository. Also reported by Las Vegas Review-Journal, US News & World Report, Energy Communities Alliance

3 March 2020

Duterte studies proposals to tap nuclear energy

As the President mulls whether to support new nuclear build, a leading voice of concern, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian continues to warn that a new legal framework required, particularly for radioactive waste management. Greenpeace also state opposition, according to Philippine Star

Nigeria senate mulls five-year jail term for illegal imports of nuclear materials

Nigeria updating current legislative framework for regulating nuclear sector, to comply with changed international standards and obligations, particularly for the “growing challenge of radioactive waste management”.

Kincardine Still Wants to be Host Community for OPG and Nuclear Waste

While everyone is careful to respect the wishes of the Saugeen nation, there is ‘irritation’ that politics rather than science has won, and that the radioactive waste is likely to remain in interim surface stores for another 30-40 years.

EBRD: Ignalina decommissioning reaches new milestone

The final storage cask for spent nuclear fuel delivered to the shuttered power plant, one year ahead of schedule. The container is used for the safe and secure storage of spent nuclear fuel assemblies, pending final disposal.

NorthStar granted more time for radioactive shipments

Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant has received federal regulatory approval for a more relaxed time schedule for shipping low-level radioactive waste to Texas, because of apparent delays caused by railroad companies. Also reported by Bennington Banner, Eagle Times, Argus Press, Washington Times

2 March 2020

Should we be afraid of nuclear power?

A ‘not anti-nuclear’ environmentalist perspective on nuclear technology, saying we need to keep risks in perspective, and that radioactive waste not as dangerous as we fear or as other wastes that we do not control.

2 March 2020

Three municipalities interested in hosting nuclear power plant

What to do with radioactive waste likely to become key issue on whether communities support building of new nuclear power plants in Estonia.

1 March 2020

Union professor leads research that could help improve nuclear waste disposal

Local media report on work of a university professor funded by a National Science Foundation grant.

29 February 2020

Borehole drilling continues near Wabigoon Lake

Local media report on continued geological assessments of potential sites for the Canadian deep geological repository.

Nuclear ice cream is not how this Ontario dessert maker wants to be known

Look at local debate and differing community opinions about whether to host the nation’s deep geological repository for high-level radioactive waste.

29 February 2020

Nuclear waste: a New Mexico growth industry

Local politicians believe the economic opportunities outweigh the risks in engaging with the growth market of managing radioactive waste.

28 February 2020

What kind of rumours were circulating during the 2020 Taiwan presidential election?

Pro-nuclear energy groups were amongst those identified spreading ‘fake news’ during the recent election, according to the Taiwan Fact-Check Center — the first Taiwanese news organisation certified by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). The pro-nuclear groups launched a smear campaign against residents of Orchid Island who successfully sued the government after radioactive waste was secretly stored without their permission.

28 February 2020

New permit for nuclear waste

Sellafield’s permits to control disposal of radioactive waste have been significantly changed for the first time in almost 20 years. Also covered by Evening Mail, In-Cumbria

27 February 2020

Local residents pay for decommissioning of Kazakhstan’s BN-350 reactor

Despite seeking financial support from the national government, it seems likely that local residents will still be required to cover most of the decommissioning and waste management costs of Kazakhstan’s BN-350 nuclear reactor.

27 February 2020

GOP lawmaker accuses administration of ‘playing politics’ with Yucca Mountain reversal

Concern that Trump administration is “playing politics with something as important as completing the permanent solution to our nation’s high-level nuclear waste” with its reversal on funding for the Yucca Mountain radioactive waste repository in Nevada.

27 February 2020

MKG and its member associations essentially express their views on the LOT government

Concern that the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority continues to under-estimate risks of copper canister corrosion, moves environmental groups to submit additional opinion to Swedish Government, which is currently assessing the Environmental Court referral.

27 February 2020

Nuclear waste law could extinguish native title without owners’ consent, Senate committee says

Concerns that draft legislation to permit the low-level radioactive waste facility would allow the Government to expand the site without need for further Parliamentary approval. Also reported by Head Topics, AntiNuclear Net. The Australian Government issues a response.

27 February 2020

Nuclear bill referred to inquiry

In a separate development, the Green Party announces it will refer the government’s legislation for the Nuclear Radioactive Waste Management Facility to a Senate Inquiry for ‘scrutiny of the laws and the process that led to this point’. Also reported by Mirage News, Eyre Peninsula Tribune

26 February 2020

The waste problem continues to weigh down nuclear power

Look at the bipartisan efforts in Congress to try and find a solution to the radioactive waste issue, now that President Trump seems to have placed final nail in Yucca Mountain’s coffin.

26 February 2020

‘Burning nuclear waste may reduce its volume but not its radioactivity, time will deal with that’

Explanation of how low-level wastes are treated and why, in response to concerns about proposed radioactive waste facility on Teesside.

26 February 2020

Belly Up hosts ‘Songs for SONGS’ to protest San Onofre nuclear waste storage

Report on a local festival to highlight public concerns about the continued surface storage of radioactive waste at the closed San Onofre nuclear power plant.

26 February 2020

Russia, Spain to cooperate in decommissioning

Russian nuclear fuel manufacturer TVEL has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Spanish engineering firms ENUSA, ENSA and IDOM on cooperation in the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities, as well as in nuclear waste management. Also reported by Urdu Point News

25 February 2020

Indonesian Police: Radioactive Waste Traced to Ex-Nuclear Agency Employee

Investigations into how Caesium-137 was deposited near a housing facility point to a retired nuclear agency employee being the culprit. It’s still unclear when and why the radioactive waste was left at the housing complex.

25 February 2020

How do you find a nuclear waste repository?

How do you find the ideal location for a nuclear waste repository? An interview with Steffen Kanitz, the deputy chairman of BGE, the organisation responsible for finding a suitable location for Germany’s deep geological repository.

Trump’s Nevada play leaves nation’s nuclear waste in limbo

Republican Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who respectively chair the Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee and the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, argue that Trump’s new position may provide a jolt to efforts to move bipartisan legislation that would establish a consent-based process for siting nuclear waste facilities. The law would also create a new federal organisation to manage the material.

25 February 2020

Nuclear waste test drilling finds ‘stable’ rock in Ignace area

The Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) says it is getting consistent results from the borehole test drilling it has been conducting. NWMO has completed 3 of 6 planned boreholes.

25 February 2020

Congresswoman: Science Should Guide Nuclear Storage Decision

A member of New Mexico’s congressional delegation is concerned to ensure that her state does not become the United States’ ‘nuclear waste dumping ground’ by default. Up for re-election, she is aware there are finely balanced arguments on both sides of the debate amongst her constituents.

25 February 2020

South Australia nuclear waste dump could face roadblock in Senate

Federal government plans to establish a radioactive waste facility in South Australia face a Senate roadblock, as Labor delays a decision on whether to support it and local aboriginal people prepare to lobby against the nominated site.

25 February 2020

NRC experts fail to ease concerns over spent fuel

Report on a public meeting at which local concerns about storage of radioactive waste were not allayed.

25 February 2020

Enresa renounces the construction project of the Villar de Cañas nuclear warehouse

Update on the apparent cancellation of Spain’s plans to construct a centralised interim storage facility (ATC) at Villar de Cañas (Cuenca), that now leaves Spain without a spent fuel management plan.

24 February 2020

OPG Committed to Lasting Solutions for Nuclear Waste

Report in Indian media about a Canadian First Nation’s rejection of a low-level radioactive waste facility near Lake Huron.

24 February 2020

New Mexico lawmakers unopposed to high-level nuclear waste storage as House kills memorial

Law that would have stopped Holtec’s planned temporary facility to store higher-activity radioactive waste has ‘fallen’ without a vote being taken.

24 February 2020

We can learn from First Nations’ understanding of rule of law

Interesting perspective on the differing values and priorities between westernised communities and local indigenous peoples on issues such as ‘development’.

23 February 2020

One Side of a Nuclear Waste Fight: Trump. The Other: His Administration.

Further ‘insight’ into the political thinking within and between President Trump’s election team, and his policy officials.

22 February 2020

Government wants to release very low-level radioactive waste into the environment

Proposals to reclassify radioactive wastes opens up concerns that people will be put at risk.

22 February 2020

Two people living in South Tangerang exposed to radioactive waste: Nuclear agency

Two people have tested positive for exposure to Caesium-137, but at low, safe levels that present no danger. However, the individuals will continue to be monitored. Criminal investigation continues into who was responsible for dumping the waste in a residential area. The waste is believed to be from an industrial or medical source, not a nuclear power station.

22 February 2020

Trump’s Nevada play leaves nation’s nuclear waste in limbo

Another analysis of the electoral politics at play, and the impact on radioactive waste management in the US.

21 February 2020

Indigenous group fights on to stop SA dump

The Barngarla people of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula are continuing their court fight to stop the federal government establishing a radioactive waste facility near Kimba.

BiH to meet Third Energy Package requirements through cooperation between all levels of government

In a wide-ranging interview, Bosnia’s new Minister of Foreign Trade & Economic Relations explains why Croatia’s planned low-level radioactive waste facility close to their shared border is “absolutely unacceptable”.

The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site has always been a political football. Trump is the latest president to fumble

An easy-to-read, comprehensive and insightful summary of the political environment in which Yucca Mountain and geological disposal is operating. No quick answers!

21 February 2020

KHNP wins order for feasibility evaluation service of radioactive waste storage in Romania

Korean company wins contract to conduct feasibility study for a radioactive waste storage facility. Also reported by Business Korea

20 February 2020

New Mexico senators block nuclear oversight bill amid proposal to store waste near Carlsbad

New Mexico senators have blocked a proposal to expand the State’s oversight authority on nuclear waste facilities to include high-level waste held at privately-owned facilities. It was argued that such oversight was beyond competence of state officials, and would require additional budget, for which there was no provision in the bill.

DGR Protesters At Bruce County Council

Bruce County has deferred voting on a motion to affirm support for the ongoing site selection process for a deep geological repository (DGR). The decision follows a protest by 40 residents from the Nuclear Tank No Thanks (NTNT) group, which was recently created following news that the Nuclear Waste Management Organization had entered into land agreements with eight local farms. Also reported by Blackburn News, CBC, CTV, Owen Sound Sun Times, Great Lakes Commission

20 February 2020

The power plant of the future could run on nuclear waste

A California-based start-up, Oklo, plans to develop a power plant that can turn nuclear waste into energy. The company have been given a permit to build a test plant at the Idaho National Laboratory, and use radwaste stored there as fuel. Article also looks at other companies’ plans to use radioactive waste as fuel, and some of the concerns. Story also covered by World Nuclear News, Power Magazine, Energy News 24, Wired

19 February 2020

With the Fessenheim power plant, the French nuclear industry is taking on the challenge of dismantling

The Age of Decommissioning and safely managing and disposing the nuclear waste we have created — a French perspective.

19 February 2020

Shipments of “highly active” waste to be sent from the UK to Germany

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has announced the start of a programme over the coming years of returning radioactive waste to Germany, in line with contracts and international requirements.

19 February 2020

Searching for a Permanent Storage Solution

Brief overview of global activity in geological disposal as Taiwan searches for solutions to dispose of its own radioactive waste.

19 February 2020

OPG developing alternatives to proposed nuclear waste bunker at bruce power

Meetings with communities throughout March to start discussions about future options.

18 February 2020

Environment protection key consideration when evaluating nuclear waste disposal sites

Protection of the environment, safety and opportunities for communities will be key considerations as part of the evaluation of sites for the disposal of radioactive nuclear waste in the UK — according to Radioactive Waste Management (RWM), the body responsible for delivering a geological disposal facility in Britain, which has published its approach to GDF site evaluation following a public consultation. Also reported by World Nuclear News, In-Cumbria, Times & Star, Whitehaven News

18 February 2020

Indonesian Officials Order Probe into Radioactive Contamination

Confirmation that Caesium-137 waste has been found in a residential area near Jakarta. This type of waste from medical or industrial source, not a nuclear reactor, according to officials investigating the incident. Also covered by Jakarta Post, Jakarta Globe, Mongabay, Eco-Business

18 February 2020

Energy deputy secretary nominee faces heat after contradicting Trump

Concern at the US Energy Department following comments made to a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing by Mark Menezes, who told the panel that the Trump administration is still interested in storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, despite the President’s tweets to the contrary days earlier. Also reported by Las Vegas Review-Journal, Beyond Nuclear

The Magnox transformation

A look at some of the steps being taken in the UK to reduce radioactive waste costs and volumes pending a final repository being available.

80s crash story off the mark

Q&A to respond to statements and comments from critics, and corrections of some of those critic’s assertions of ‘fact’, about the proposed low-level waste facility at Kimba.

Greens to oppose bill to storage nuclear waste at SA farm

Green Party says it will try and bring down the legislation required to proceed with the low-level radioactive waste facility at Kimba. Also reported by AntiNuclear Net

17 February 2020

Ceremony marks construction phase of nuclear waste facility at Winfrith

Construction has started on a new facility for processing low-level radioactive waste — the first new permanent facility to be built at the decommissioned Winfrith nuclear site for 20 years. Also reported by Dorset Echo

17 February 2020

AFRICA: Bamako Convention on Hazardous Wastes 22 years on

Report on the third Conference of the Parties to the Bamako Convention, a treaty that prohibits the import into Africa of any type of hazardous waste but still remains an illusion for most countries on the continent.

17 February 2020

Faslane and Coulport radioactive waste: New framework proposed

Public consultation on proposed changed arrangements to the disposal of naval radioactive waste. Also covered by The Ferret, Herald Scotland, The National, The Scotsman

16 February 2020

Delegation should support strong review of pit production

Democrat politicians eager for jobs and investment appear to be turning blind eye to the hampering of effective independent scrutiny of new nuclear facilities.

16 February 2020

Leader needed on waste

Praise for Canadian decision to respect indigenous peoples’ opinion, and not build a low-level radioactive waste facility near Lake Huron. But concern that real problem is failure to develop permanent disposal repository.

15 February 2020

Transforming nuclear waste into wealth

Report on a stakeholder conference looking at radwaste issues to be addressed in a country embarking on nuclear expansion, using German experience of radwaste management as it shuts down nuclear sector.

15 February 2020

Speeding Sea Level Rise Threatens Nuclear Plants

Continued concern that insufficient attention is being given to the safety of interim surface radioactive waste stores to protect them against rising sea level and coastal erosion along England’s eastern shoreline. Report also carried in Eco-Business

UPDATE: Proposed Low-Intermediate Nuclear Waste Dump on Shore of Lake Huron

GLEA celebrates its campaign to stop the proposed repository for low-level radioactive waste near Lake Huron.

14 February 2020

Measured values ​​of the removed access water 2019

Germany’s BGE regularly monitors groundwater in the Asse mine, where some of Germany’s radioactive waste is currently stored. Latest test results for 2019 published. No issues/concerns.

14 February 2020

Trump administration still angling toward Yucca Mountain, Energy exec says

Energy Department tells US House Energy and Commerce subcommittee that it is exploring alternative steps, like temporary storage in private sector facilities, pending finding a permanent disposal solution. Yucca Mountain is still the designated site in law.

14 February 2020

Opportunity for youth, or sacrifice zone? Community reaction to nuclear waste burial plan is mixed

Thoughtful analysis of community debate about whether to host a deep geological repository.

14 February 2020

Dumping On South Australia’s First Nations

Article alleging that government has moved ahead despite unanimous opposition from indigenous peoples and an ongoing legal case. FACTCHECK: legal action was rejected by Courts (but Appeal ongoing, and would stop government plans if successful); local ballot was 2-1 in favour of facility.

14 February 2020

International conference on nuclear waste management at Symbiosis Law School

India hosts international conference on radioactive waste management.

13 February 2020

NY Attorney General Challenges Takeover of Indian Point

Concerns that Holtec International will not be able to keep its promises to decommission more quickly, cheaply and safely.

13 February 2020

The tiny town where Scott Morrison is building a nuclear dump

Continued local opposition to plans and a divided community.

13 February 2020

Kimba nuclear dump laws hit parliament

Legislation introduced to underpin the low-level radioactive waste facility planned for Kimba in South Australia. Also reported by Canberra Times, The Standard, Department of Industry, Queensland Country Life, Eyre Peninsula Tribune

13 February 2020

Bill expanding New Mexico’s nuclear oversight clears Senate committee amid Holtec proposal

A bill that would extend New Mexico’s authority to regulate radioactive waste in the state has passed its first committee stage. New Mexico already has right to oversee government-owned facilities; the legislation would extend this to private sector facilities as well (eg Holtec’s planned temporary storage facility).

Editorial: Use Trump budget as a chance to rethink nuclear waste

Another editorial, this time from South Carolina, urging action rather than leaving radioactive waste in communities which do not want it, and were told it would be taken away.

12 February 2020

In Our View: Nuclear waste requires innovative solutions

Washington state newspaper in editorial worries about implications for removing radioactive waste from their community, saying: “If the federal government designates a different national repository or creates a series of sites for the safe storage of waste, it will fulfil its obligation to Washington and to other states. But if it merely rejects Yucca Mountain while failing to develop alternative proposals, it will be ignoring its duty while sweeping a pressing issue under the rug. Such dereliction of duty has been the approach for far too long from far too many administrations.” Similar editorial in Yakima Herald

12 February 2020

This is behind the search for a repository in Ostprignitz-Ruppin

Article looking at the current German process for identifying a site for their deep geological repository.

12 February 2020

Saugeen Ojibway Nation joins nuclear isotope council

Just days after voting down plans to bury radioactive waste in their territory, the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) has become the first indigenous community joined a national nuclear council. Saugeen leadership says joining the isotope council makes sense, to be involved in the next generation of life-saving isotopes fighting cancer.

Interim nuclear waste bill boosted by Trump budget

While new federal budget proposals do not include funding for Yucca Mountain, there is provision to start a programme exploring temporary storage facilities, like those proposed in New Mexico and West Texas.

12 February 2020

Pitt put in resources role

Keith Pitt replaces Matt Canavan as the new Resources Minister for Australia, and says he is looking forward to engaging with the Kimba community around the development of the Napandee National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

12 February 2020

US think tank: N.Korea continuing nuclear activity

Suspected movement of radioactive waste indicates that N Korea still active in nuclear activity.

11 February 2020

Puentes: Nuclear waste could endanger Great Lakes if storage accident occurs

Concerns still on US side of Great Lakes about Canada’s search for a deep geological repository for higher-level radioactive waste.

11 February 2020


Protesters, including the Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation, continue to fight against the decision to locate a low-level radioactive waste facility in Kimba.

OPG’s plans for a nuclear dump near Lake Huron are dead, now everyone wonders what’s next

Uncertainty and concern in the local community about the continued interim storage of radioactive waste, or potential transport of the waste, now that the proposed repository has been rejected.

10 February 2020

Councillor wants County to continue support of deep geological repository

Despite the Saugeen Ojibway Nation overwhelmingly rejecting a plan to build a repository for low-level radioactive waste, Bruce County Councillor and Mayor of Saugeen Shores Luke Charbonneau says he accepts the decision but still believes a repository is the right way to store radwaste.

10 February 2020

Hanford Will Eventually Resume Waste Shipments to WIPP, Oregon Official Says

It could be nearly a decade before the Department of Energy’s Hanford Site in Washington state ships more radioactive waste to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico.

10 February 2020

Get the Geiger counter! The Scholar Stones Project – review

At the Holden Gallery in Manchester, Russian artist Yelena Popova has collected stones from nuclear power stations and turned them into art – to remind us of how long radioactive waste will last.

10 February 2020

Nuclear waste site near Carlsbad opposed by New Mexico House committee vote

New problems for Holtec International and their proposed temporary storage facility for higher-level radioactive waste.

10 February 2020

Norway taps overseas expertise for waste disposal

The Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) agency has signed cooperation agreements with Finland’s AINS Group and France’s Orano on building a repository for the disposal of radioactive waste. Also reported by ePressi

10 February 2020

Canavan goes: Leaves 10,000-year toxic legacy

Minister who recently made decision on where to site Australia’s low-level radioactive waste facility has resigned, prompting criticism of his decision.

10 February 2020

Necsa thumbs its nose at reporting obligations

South Africa’s troubled nuclear authority receives a sharp review from South Africa’s Auditor General who his concerned at the lack of information available to assess the 2019 annual report and accounts (which have not yet been published).

10 February 2020

No funding for Nevada nuclear waste repository in proposed federal budget

With publication of draft federal budget, conformation of Trump’s tweet re Yucca Mountain.

10 February 2020

Trump Rejects Yucca Mountain Nuke Dump In Bid For Nevada Votes

Nevada does not trust President Trump’s latest ‘flip’ on policy, especially when his initial tweet against Yucca was swiftly followed by a separate announcement that he would shortly be holding an election campaign event in Nevada.

10 February 2020

Dr M: World needs non-polluting renewable energy, Malaysia not ready for nuclear power

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad re-states his concerns about long term management and disposal of radioactive waste, as the basis for his opposition to nuclear power. Story also covered by Malaysiakini, The Edge Markets, New Straits Times

10 February 2020

Bellona’s Russian nuclear project celebrates its 25th anniversary

Bellona’s nuclear project is a tale of how a Norwegian NGO built world community support to help Russia dispose of Soviet naval radioactive waste.

9 February 2020

Rep. Newhouse and Trump at odds after tweets about dangerous nuclear waste disposal

In further reaction/fall-out to Trump’s tweet about Yucca Mountain, local people are concerned about implications for removal of radioactive waste from the Hanford site in Washington state. Also reported by Ripon Advance

Polynesia: MP Moetai Brotherson asks Macron for a “vast project” to withdraw radioactive waste in Mururoa

In an open letter, local representative asks President Macron to remove all radioactive waste left over from the nuclear tests conducted at Mururoa.

8 February 2020

Open day in Wittmar

Germany’s radwaste management organisation holds public demonstration on ‘non-intrusive’ geological assessment.

Towards a Comprehensive Legal Framework for the Safe and Secure Use of Nuclear Technology in Zimbabwe

IAEA experts met with representatives from Zimbabwe’s parliament, attorney general’s office and radiation protection authority to discuss ways of enhancing the country’s national nuclear legislation, consistent with international and national nuclear law and regulatory developments. Including steps Zimbabwe is taking to adhere to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management.

7 February 2020

Sweco wins contract for Forsmark disposal facility design

SKB have awarded Swedish engineering consultancy company Sweco the contract to prepare the detailed design of the planned deep geological repository at Forsmark. Sweco will also supply the detailed design for the extension of the existing repository for low-level radioactive waste (SFR), also at Forsmark. Also reported by Nuclear Engineering International

7 February 2020

Indigenous communities courted as nuclear industry looks for place to put used fuel

Look at the efforts by Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) to build relationships and understanding with local indigenous communities.

Nuclear vessels still languish at Fife dockyard 25 years after pledge against submarine graveyard

Seven nuclear submarines remain, awaiting a solution to the final disposal of radioactive waste.

NRDC: It’s Time to Pursue a Genuine Solution for Nuclear Waste

In response to President Trump’s apparent change of heart over Yucca, the NRDC said: “Congress must now move in a new direction, one based on sound science, the consent of the state and local citizens, and compliance with all environmental laws.”

7 February 2020

Trump takes Yucca Mountain off the table. What’s that mean for San Onofre nuclear waste?

As a key option is apparently removed from the table, questions asked about removal and disposal of radioactive waste at San Onofre.

6 February 2020

Protection of the groundwater must always be guaranteed

Article on how seriously the Swiss take potential contamination of local groundwater by any deep geological repository.

6 February 2020

EU and Iraq complete a project to enhance the capacity of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority

The European Union (EU), together with its Iraqi partners, has successfully implemented a project aimed at supporting the Regulatory Body of Iraq on Radioactive Waste Management, Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and Remediation of Contaminated Sites in accordance with the highest standards of safety and best international practice adopted in the EU.

6 February 2020

Chernobyl shocker as fungi that eats radiation found inside nuclear reactor

First discovered in 1991, a fungus that eats radioactive waste is thriving inside the Chernobyl reactor.

6 February 2020

Spain’s scraps controversial nuclear waste facility

Radioactive waste management in Spain faces upheaval after ecological transition minister Teresa Ribera said plans for a centralised temporary storage facility have “not been well-managed” and will “not easily be revived under any circumstance”.

6 February 2020

Trump, in Reversal, Opposes Nevada Yucca Nuclear Waste Dump

It was expected that Trump Administration would not bid for Yucca funding in this election year — so perhaps a step a tad too far to say Trump has been “converted”, as this story suggests. Story also covered by Reuters, Washington Examiner, MarketWatch, The Public’s Radio, The Hill, KTNV News13, News3LV, KOLO TV News 8, Financial Post, ABC3340, KALB, KNAU, Washington Post, Chronicle Herald, CourtHouse News, Zenith News, Associated Press, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada Independent, Las Vegas Sun, Energy Communities Alliance, Aiken Standard, Yahoo!News, Kallanish Energy, Nuclear Engineering International, Missoula Current, Route Fifty, Nevada Appeal

6 February 2020

Here’s how some of Earth’s most breathtaking landscapes are created by glaciers

Long-term safe disposal of radioactive waste is one of the key issues underpinning the need to better understand the science of glacial erosion. Similar story in Technology Networks

5 February 2020

Radioactive waste is responsibly managed, says Crown corporation

Editorial published in response to inaccuracies in an advertisement published in the Jan. 27 edition of The Hill Times regarding the management of Canada’s radioactive waste, to correct erroneous information “so that Canadians are not unfairly misled”.

5 February 2020

No EU country prepared to deal with nuclear waste – MEP

Coverage in European media of the official launch in Brussels of the ‘World Nuclear Waste Report’. Also covered in Germany by Deutschlandfunk Nova, in Switzerland by NAU, in Austria by KleineZeitung, Volksblatt, in Belgium by Nieuwsblad

Editorial: Saugeen Ojibway Nation have stood firm for our water

Local newspaper grateful for vote by the indigenous people to block a proposed low-level radioactive waste facility.

4 February 2020

Jürgen Trittin on nuclear waste “There is no such thing as a safe repository, only the best possible”

German Ex-Environment Minister on the disposal of Germany’s legacy nuclear waste. No cheerleading for geological disposal, but a pragmatic ‘it’s the least risky’ approach to a complex problem we’d rather not have inherited.

4 February 2020

Miners Finish Shaping New Waste Disposal Panel At Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Milestone reached with completion of a “rough cut,” shaping the next area where radioactive waste will be emplaced 2,150 feet beneath the surface. The rough cut gives the new disposal area, Panel 8, its shape. Each of WIPP’s eight panels consist of seven rooms that are 33 feet wide, 13 feet tall, and 300 feet long — about the length of a football field. Story also covered by Carlsbad Current-Argus

4 February 2020

Govt proposes to Rada fully ban privatization of Energoatom, Ukrenergo, Ukrhydroenergo, MGU

Nuclear bodies will remain in state/public ownership, the Ukrainian government has pledged.

4 February 2020

New legislative caucus to focus on Missouri’s radioactive waste problems

Bipartisan group of lawmakers to help support residents’ efforts to track information and local cleanup efforts of radioactive waste.

4 February 2020

MP opposes plans to dump radioactive waste in Teesside

MP backs his residents who are concerned that plans to create a low-level radioactive waste facility will turn Teesside into a “dumping ground”. Followed up by reader comments in the Northern Echo.

4 February 2020

Kimba Radioactive Waste Management Facility to Create Jobs

The recently announced Kimba Radioactive Waste Management Facility is expected to create 45 jobs and bring in a Aus$31 million Community Development Package for the area.

Advocates welcome Napandee decision

Summary of national and local opinion and reaction after the site decision announcement.

Facility will be a lifeline

Letters from residents in local newspaper both for and against the announced low-level radioactive waste facility in South Australia. Similar analysis in The Wire

3 February 2020

Russia eyes raising thousands of radioactive relics from watery Arctic graves

NGO report on Russia’s apparent renewed efforts to clean up the naval radioactive waste lying at the bottom of the Arctic Sea.

WIPP: Infrastructure projects needed to ramp up nuclear waste shipments to Carlsbad

Significant investment in facilities at the plant required if WIPP is to cope with planned increase in shipments it will receive by 2023.

3 February 2020

Creation and operating license granted to new storage facility in Tihange

Approval for a new interim surface storage facility at the Tihange nuclear power plant.

1 February 2020

Nuclear waste facility selection down to two

Further report/update on the reduction to two communities involved in Canada’s search for a site for their deep geological repository for high-level radioactive waste. Also reported in Exchange Monitor

1 February 2020

SA community calls on government to scrap planned nuclear waste dump

Following the announcement of a site for Australia’s low-level radioactive waste facility, after a four-year consultation and local ballot in favour, protestors call on government to cancel project. Also covered by Whyalla News, Blogger Network, Red Flag

1 February 2020

‘We respect…decision,’ OPG says of vote on nuclear dump

Reaction and follow-up to outcome of local ballot, which rejected proposals for a low-level radioactive waste facility near Lake Huron. Although the proposals had been developed over three decades, another site in Ontario will now need to be found. Also covered by Yahoo!Finance, Port Huron Times-Herald, World Nuclear News, Ottawa Citizen, City News Calgary, On-Site Magazine and in USA by Michigan Radio, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Minneapolis Star Tribune, New York Times, Seattle Times, and in India by Republic World

31 January 2020

First Nation votes ‘no’ on nuclear waste storage in Bruce County, Ont.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) will have to start searching for a new host community to house a low-level radioactive waste facility, after members of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) overwhelmingly voted down OPG’s proposal for a facility near Lake Huron. OPG say the decision could delay their plans by 20-30 years. Also reported by Bayshore Broadcasting, Blackburn News, National Post, CityNews1130, TodayVille, Red Deer Advocate, Global News, Castanet, Nuclear Engineering International, Great Lakes Commission, Click Lancashire, Counter Punch, Manitoulin Expositer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and in the USA by Michigan Radio, NBCNews25, Toledo Blade, Michigan House Republicans, WNMU FM, WNKYNews40, Phys.Org, Daily Mail, WILX

Will the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad store nuclear waste until 2052?

Radioactive waste could continue to be buried beneath Carlsbad for another 32 years if the New Mexico Environment Department approves a permit renewal filed for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) by the US Department of Energy. Also reported by Exchange Monitor

31 January 2020

Wrap Up: Energy Dept. Should Increase Underground Lab Research on Nuclear Waste Disposal, Expert Panel Says

A federal panel of experts have published a report calling on the US Department of Energy to expand its use of underground research laboratories to study the geologic disposal of radioactive waste, including establishing facilities in the United States.

31 January 2020

Federal Government chooses Kimba farm Napandee on the Eyre Peninsula for nuclear dump

Australian government announce site for low-level radioactive waste site, after four years of consultation, and a majority community vote in a local ballot, but opposed by aboriginal communities and environmentalists. Also reported locally by Yahoo!News, SBS News, Canberra Times, Bega District News, Easy Branches, Australian Online News, Port Macquarie News, Whyalla News, The Transcontinental, Eyre Peninsula 5CC, Stock Journal, The Saturday Paper and internationally by The Guardian, Daily Mail, News X

31 January 2020

No Request for Yucca Mountain in Next White House Budget: Experts

In election year, no expectation that Trump Administration will push for Yucca funding in next federal budget.

The Art of Fighting a Nuke Dump

Article about the 30th anniversary of a multi-year citizen action prevented the establishment of a nuclear waste facility in their community, and how they achieved their objective.

Canada Nuclear Waste Storage Plan Near Lake Huron Faces Vote

Overview of the debate across the US-Canada border about the different proposed repositories for radioactive waste being planned by Canada in the Great Lakes region.

30 January 2020

Creighton council launches transportation service to Prince Albert

Years after falling out of NWMO’s programme to find a site for a geological repository, a local community still benefitting from a community benefits fund.

30 January 2020

Next phase of Italian nuclear waste shipments to Slovakia begins

The first of 33 scheduled transports to move about 5600 drums of radioactive waste from Italy’s shut down Caorso nuclear power plant to Slovakia for reprocessing. This will reduce the radwaste volume by 90%, with what’s left over being returned to Caorso for on-site interim storage before eventual transfer to a national geological repository. Also reported by Nuclear Engineering International

29 January 2020

March getting underway against planned Nuclear Waste Storage Bunker at Bruce Power

Local protest urging Saugeen Ojibway Nation members to vote “no” on Friday for Ontario Power Generation’s proposed repository for low-level radioactive waste. Also reported by CTV, APTN News, Bloomberg, Bayshore Broadcasting, The Loop

WIPP: North bypass road nears completion, nuclear shipments to cease for maintenance

Reminder to local people about potential traffic disruption this weekend, as new bypass links to existing local road network. Quick summary of need for bypass, to improve road safety around WIPP. Also reported by Washington Times, KUNM, Santa Fe New Mexican, KRWG

29 January 2020

Green Central Asia initiative launched at high-level conference in Berlin

New regional climate change initiative, building on work EU has been doing to help central asian countries manage their legacy radioactive waste issues. Also reported by New Europe

28 January 2020

It’s unanimous – Pickering Nuclear should be immediately dismantled

Pickering City Council has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the Pickering Nuclear Station to be dismantled as “expeditiously as possible” after it is shut down in 2024. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has insisted that the plant should be mothballed for 30 years before dismantlement, an option that may be in OPG’s financial self-interest, but Pickering Council has looked at the many benefits of immediate dismantling and come to a different conclusion about what is best for their community.

Best of both worlds

Report on NWMO’s engineering programme, which “combines international best practice with home-grown innovations”.

28 January 2020

Molecule modification could improve reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel

Scientists in UK claim to have found a way to make the management and disposal of spent nuclear fuel much safer and more efficient in future, by modifying the structure of molecules to remove radioactive materials.

27 January 2020

Nuclear waste storage plans aren’t as safe as we thought, experts warn

Researchers at Ohio State University claim materials used to store radwaste corrode far more quickly than previously thought, potentially making disposal plans unsustainable, as radioactive materials would be released into the environment. The scientists claim more research is required into new materials which could act as barriers to such corrosion. Original paper in Nature Materials magazine. Also reported by NewsWise, SciTechDaily, Daily Mail, Ars Technica, OSU News, Herald Writer, New Atlas, Science Daily, ABC News, Focus Germany, Le Quotidien, Daily Star, Cumbria Trust, The Nation, Future Zone, Exchange Monitor, Science News, Aiken Standard, IFL Science, Fox News, Physics World, The Lantern

27 January 2020

Environmental associations: Nuclear plant would entail significant risks

The Estonian Council of Environmental NGOs (EKO) has said that costs and risks of long-term storage and disposal of radioactive waste is a key factor in their opposition to nuclear new build.

South Bruce sees bright side of hosting Canada’s nuclear waste

Local mayor welcomes the potential geological repository, saying it will be good for local community, and that project commands community support. Also covered by London Free Press

25 January 2020

Bill would create citizens advisory panel on decommissioning nuclear plants

Local state legislation to give communities more say over what happens when a nuclear plant is decommissioned and closed.

24 January 2020

Nuclear waste site one step closer in South Bruce

Enough landowners have agreed to option, lease or sell their land to the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) that there is now an identifiable specific site which could be home to Canada’s geological repository. Also reported by Globe & Mail, Benzinga, Times Colonist, Toronto Star, Carlyle Observer, Net Newsledger, Canadian Mining Journal, World Nuclear News, Daily Commercial News

24 January 2020

Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Trusts Held $64.7B at End of 2018

Decommissioning trust funds for 119 operational and retired nuclear power reactors in the United States together held US$64.7 billion at the end of 2018, according to the latest update from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

23 January 2020

Lawmakers Seek Safeguards On Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

Further local scrutiny and involvement in the decommissioning of Pilgrim power plant would be “unconstitutional” and likely lead to legal action by the new plant owner, Holtec International. The company says this would delay decommissioning and removal of radioactive waste.

Tear-down of San Onofre nuclear plant to begin in February

Operator Southern California Edison has mailed notices to 12,000 residents within a 5-mile radius of the plant on saying it expects to launch “deconstruction” work at end of February. Also reported by World Nuclear News, ABC News10 San Diego, San Diego Union-Tribune

Probe into claims Iran nuclear waste being buried in Sudan

Reporting of allegations in Russian media that the Sudanese government is to investigate claims Iranian nuclear waste is being buried near the city of Omdurman.

22 January 2020

How To Solve Nuclear Energy’s Biggest Problem

Brief analysis of costs and issues associated with radioactive waste disposal, and different approaches being taken by US and UK. Reprinted from original article in OilPrice.Com

Japan makes drastic changes in nuclear power energy industry after Fukushima

Radioactive waste management and disposal remains a problem for Japan.

22 January 2020

Pickering Nuclear Station could operate through 2025

Durham regional council continue to express concern about the environmental impacts of the planned decommissioning of the plant, and how radioactive waste will be stored on site and for how long after the plant’s closure.

22 January 2020

Armenian President meets Chairman of Board of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Davos

Radioactive waste management on agenda during discussions at Davos World Economic Forum.

New Mexico’s nuclear waste oversight to be strengthened by Senate bill amid Holtec proposal

Proposed legislation would extend State’s authority to monitor private sector as well as federal radioactive waste facilities.

Russia Has Once Again Become the Solution to Germany’s Nuclear Problem

Greenpeace are concerned Russia is taking on responsibility for the world’s radioactive waste, citing resumption of recent German shipments of waste to Russia — shipments which another highly-respected environmental NGO, Bellona, have said are in compliance with international law and safety standards.

Potential nuclear spill a cause for concern

Protests planned by outsiders against Kimba’s community decision to host a low-level radioactive waste facility.

20 January 2020

Michael Borrelli: Building the case for proper nuclear waste management

Michael Borrelli of Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) explains why burying radioactive waste makes the most sense, what’s involved in finding the right community in which to build the proposed deep geological repository, and how NWMO has been engaging the public in the site selection process.

Time to bury the radioactive waste issue

Interview with RWM’s Chief Scientist Cherry Tweed on the UK’s geological disposal programme.

20 January 2020

Nuclear waste could be recycled for diamond battery power

As work commences at UK’s Berkeley Power Station to remove radioactive waste from the site as part of its decommissioning programme, a team of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol hope to recycle Carbon-14 directly from the former nuclear power plant’s waste to generate ultra-long-lasting power sources. They have grown a man-made diamond which they say Carbon-14, with a half-life of 5730 years, could turn into a battery that can potentially provide indefinite power. Story reported by Popular Mechanics, Interesting Engineering, Tech Xplore, Futurism, Newsweek, The Independent, Space Daily, Energy World, Nuclear Industry Association

19 January 2020

Analysis: Relations between Bosnia and Croatia after new President Zoran Milanovic

The planned Croatian low-level waste repository on the border with Bosnia is cited as one of the key issues that needs addressing by the new incoming Croatian President.

Ripley & District Horticultural Society – AGM: A look back and a look ahead

Canada’s NWMO supports local Horticultural Society’s cemetery flower beds project.

17 January 2020

Waste Shipments to WIPP Dipped to 292 in 2019

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico received 292 shipments of radioactive waste during 2019, dipping from 311 the year before, according to the Energy Department’s latest published figures.

17 January 2020

Lawmakers oppose Lake Huron high-level nuclear waste storage

Further action by Michigan lawmakers, who have passed a bipartisan resolution calling for the Trump Administration to work with Canada to find a different site for the country’s permanent nuclear waste repository that isn’t next to the drinking water source for 40 million people. Also reported by Michigan Radio, WSJM FM, Michigan House Republicans

17 January 2020

Karen Wheeler CBE announced as new Chief Executive of RWM

Announcement of new CEO for UK public body responsible for delivering the nation’s deep geological repository for higher-activity radioactive waste.

Holtec faces tough questions about Indian Point teardown at first public meeting in Buchanan

Holtec say taxpayers would never be asked to fund any shortfall in the costs of decommissioning, in response to residents’ concerns. Also reported by

GNS wins contract from Taiwan for containers

Taiwan awards German company the contract to develop containers for the transport and interim storage of intermediate and low-level radioactive waste.

16 January 2020

Environment North fights against nuclear waste site

Activist group concerned about shallow interim storage at site of any geological repository — an idea that’s not being even being considered by NWMO currently. Also reported by Kenora Online

Gwede Mantashe vows to fix Necsa amid board members’ exodus

Further resignations at the troubled Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa), as South African govt grapples with history of poor governance and use of funds reserved for longer-term radioactive waste management and other obligations to cover current operational expenditure. Also covered by Times Live, Daily Maverick

Site selection for Croatian low and intermediate level radioactive waste repository

Academics review process and progress for how Croatia (and Slovenia) is planning to dispose of its lower-level radioactive waste.

16 January 2020

Army Corps finishes removing radioactive waste from Tonawanda landfill

Local relief at removal of radioactive waste, but uncertainty when the land can be brought back into productive use by the local community.

15 January 2020

No long-term prospects in Japan for reusing, storing spent MOX fuel

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) concerned that storage of spent MOX fuel in cooling pools over an extended period is potentially dangerous. But failure to get approval for any new radioactive waste storage facilities in Japan means there is nowhere to place the waste, and is creating new risks.

15 January 2020

What Bellona Russia accomplished in 2019

Norwegian NGO reviews their work and successes in supporting Russia’s radioactive waste clean-up in the Arctic region.

15 January 2020

Life after Oyster Creek: nuclear waste piles up in Lacey

Local council wary about long-term implications of hosting radioactive waste in ‘interim’ surface stores once site has been fully decommissioned.

15 January 2020

MP accuses Boris Johnson of being ‘ignorant’ about Port Clarence radioactive waste disposal plans

Teesside MP raises issue of a proposed low-level radioactive waste disposal site in House of Commons.

World’s First Living Robot ‘Xenobot’ That Can Clean Radioactive Waste And Self Heal Is Here

Scientists have created the world’s first living robot using stem cells from frog embryos. These tiny artificial living organisms, xenobots, allegedly can clear radioactive waste or travel in arteries of a patient to remove any plaque. Also covered by Global News, NBC News2, UberGizmo, Dezeen, Manufacturing.Net

15 January 2020

Work begins to remove spent MOX fuel at Ikata nuclear plant in Ehime

Radioactive waste will have to be stored on site in interim surface stores pending Japan developing a geological repository.

14 January 2020

Canada: used nuclear fuel repository plans advance

Report on Canada’s National Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) search for a deep geological repository site.

14 January 2020

Entergy sues feds for not disposing of St. Francisville-produced nuclear waste

Another lawsuit seeking compensation for failure of federal government to have constructed a geological repository that would have allowed radioactive waste to have been removed from the nuclear power plant rather than kept in interim surface storage.

Ignalina reports on decommissioning progress

Interim surface storage facilities for spent fuel operational. Complex for management & storage of solid radioactive waste undergoing final testing. Construction nearing completion of a disposal facility for short-lived very low-level waste, and is due to start operation in 2020. In early 2020, INPP also plans to announce a tender for construction of a repository for low- and medium-activity short-lived radioactive waste.

14 January 2020

Los Alamos County To Challenge EPA MS-4 Ruling

Local authority to challenge ruling by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that appears to transfer obligations and costs for environmental clean-up from EPA to local administration.

14 January 2020

Nuclear waste not wanted: Citizen’s petition

Petition signed by 1100 residents handed into local council, opposing NWMO’s planned deep geological repository. Also reported by Blackburn News

14 January 2020

US nuclear waste dump takes in first large shipment in years

After a 6-year delay, WIPP takes it’s first 25 ton waste package — that’s more than twice the size of a normal package. Also reported by Washington Times, Charlotte Observer, KRWG, Las Alamos Reporter, Carlsbad Current-Argus, KOB News4, KANW, Santa Fe New Mexican, The Journal

14 January 2020

Creighton initiative to restart bus service into Sask.

NWMO community funds help restore local bus service important to local community.

13 January 2020

UK develops radwaste management committee’s role

Report on Government’s new ‘framework agreement’ for the independent expert Committee on Radioactive Waste (CoRWM).

Thumb-area state reps to fight Canadian nuclear storage plan

Lengthy media analysis of attempts by US lawmakers to halt construction of repositories for radioactive waste being built on Canadian shores of the Great Lakes.

13 January 2020

Armenia President meets with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

Radioactive waste management on agenda of inter-governmental talks between Armenia and Abu Dhabi.

PG&E nuclear plant closure would cause electric bills to rise

Alliance of local groups claims success in reaching a settlement that will reduce costs and time in removing radioactive waste from the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in California. Also reported by Bloomberg

13 January 2020

US lawmakers from New Mexico hold out on review of nuke plan

Members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation find themselves in an awkward position: they’ve supported bringing more defence-related spending to NM, and have also criticised President Trump’s roll-back of environmental regulations. New proposal to increase plutonium production will generate income locally, but is being done without an environmental assessment. From a report by Associated Press, and also covered by Albuquerque Journal

Expansion of Wolsong used fuel store approved

South Korea’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) has approved construction of additional capacity for the interim storage of used fuel at the Wolsong nuclear power plant, as current storage is nearing full capacity.

10 January 2020

Unused stockpiles of nuclear waste could be more useful than we might think

International research team suggest depleted uranium might be a useful catalyst in converting simple molecules to valuable commodity chemicals, like hydrogenated oils and petrochemicals. Also reported by SciTechDaily, Pakistan Technology Times, The Engineer, Popular Mechanics, Technology Networks, The Argus

10 January 2020

Uranium compound unearths questions on nuclear waste

UK scientific researchers believe more research required on a newly-discovered uranium compound that may impact on stability of radioactive waste in a GDF.

Rising sea levels could turn new Sizewell power station into ‘nuclear island’

Concerns about risks and. costs of storing radioactive waste at Sizewell over the long-term given rising sea levels and increased flood risks.

Rep. Howell fights Canadian plan to store high-level nuclear waste near Lake Huron

Michigan state legislature introduces resolution opposed to Canadian plans for geological disposal repository for radioactive waste on the shores of Lake Huron. Also reported by Brown City Banner

Berkeley-based startup partners with Bechtel for nuclear waste disposal contracts

Deep isolation, a start-up focused on developing a deep bore hole solution to radioactive waste disposal, is seeking new investment in its research programme.

9 January 2020

Reps. Andy Kim, Mike Levin, and Doris Matsui Lead Congressional Letter Opposing Proposed Inspection Cuts to Nuclear Waste Storage

US House of Representatives write to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) questioning proposed cuts to the number of inspections of surface storage facilities for radioactive waste.

8 January 2020

Transporting nuclear wastes across Australia in the age of bushfires

Alarmist analysis of risks of deliberately transporting radioactive waste through the middle of raging bushfires.

7 January 2020

Our nuclear energy option a bad deal

Unaffordable costs, and the risks of safely managing radioactive waste over the long-term, are key reasons why Uganda should not adopt nuclear power according to a citizen advocacy group.

7 January 2020

Japan Changes Fukushima Cleanup

Feature reviewing Japan’s revised plans for the delayed removal of spent fuel and other radioactive wastes from the Fukushima site.

6 January 2020

Academic research group builds skills for future of nuclear decommissioning

Education magazine discusses investment by Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to develop new generation of decommissioning experts.

6 January 2020

Yomiuri: Japan Undecided on Disposal of Radioactive Waste from Old Reactors

Korean media report on lack of plans yet for disposal of radioactive waste in Japan as plants approach decommissioning.

6 January 2020

Waste handling by lab given good grade

Independent assessment of how radioactive waste is prepared at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for permanent disposal generally positive, but still concerns about waste package shipping records that are potentially inaccurate, and a lack of data reporting on waste stream control from its original source.

Gatchalian asks DOE to be more transparent on gov’t plan for use of nuclear power in PH

Chair of the Philippines’ Senate Energy Committee calls for greater transparency of the Government’s nuclear plans, saying such transparency would enhance public confidence in nuclear, and address public concerns about the cost/risk benefits of nuclear and the safe management of radioactive waste.

6 January 2020

Nuclear waste removal begins 30 years after power station closure

Report about the commencement of removing nuclear waste from Berkeley power station, 30 years after it was decommissioned. It was the world’s first commercial power station, but only now is is safe enough to start emptying the ‘vast’ concrete vaults of radioactive waste. Also reported by South Cotswold Gazette, Power Technology

6 January 2020

Your views: on art and Rundle St, Town Hall clock, powerbrokers and nuclear waste

Citizen is “sick and tired” of the continual use of the emotive term ‘nuclear waste dump’, which implies uncontrolled, exposed dumping of nuclear waste, when a. carefully managed and controlled specialised facility is being constructed.

6 January 2020

No nuke waste at Great Lakes

US newspaper editorial opposed to Canada’s siting of geological repositories near the shores of the Great Lakes, which the newspaper claims is too great a risk to take given the environmental importance and value of the Lakes.

4 January 2020

CEO of Atomic Energy Commission feared dead in Kaduna explosion

The man leading the development of a radioactive waste management regime for Nigeria is thought to be amongst those killed by a gas explosion. Also reported by Leadership, PM News

3 January 2020

As 2020 comes a-knocking, whither Malaysia’s nuclear power plan?

Disposal of radioactive waste still a key issue to be resolved before moving ahead with any nuclear programme.

Nuclear waste dumping and Australia’s bushfires – the unmentionable connection

The Australian bushfires show why nuclear facilities should not be built in Australia, according to this activist.

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