Australia : Country Update : April 2018

The following is a summary of key recent events, activity and announcements.  Full media reports and other links to these events and news announcements can be found on our international media page.  Scroll through the international media page for the date on which the event or announcement occurred.

New policy framework

The federal government announce a new framework to guide the principles, policies and institutional arrangements of radioactive waste management in Australia (11 April).

South Australians still considering waste repositories

It has been a busy few weeks in South Australia.  Following the state elections, the new State Government says that it is open to the idea of a multinational geological disposal repository (23 March).

The community of Kimba in South Australia has been visited by nuclear regulators to discuss their independent role in enforcing safety standards (26 March), was awarded Aus$2m in community investment grants (10 April), and formed a working group made up of local residents to consider the economic opportunities and risks of hosting a nuclear waste facility (12 April).

Aborigines opposed to geological disposal and nuclear waste facilities

ABC radio have produced a 13 minute podcast with aboriginal leaders of a local New South Wales campaign opposed to the potential siting of a radioactive waste repository.