Europe : Country Updates : September 2018


Permits issued for the first boreholes which will assess the geological suitability of a proposed GDF site (21 August).  German companies get the contract to conduct the borehole tests (23 August).


Belgium increases the estimated costs of managing and disposing of its radioactive waste (22 August).  Belgium also reaches agreement to store Luxembourg’s radioactive waste (4 September).


Norway very disturbed by the holding of two Norwegian scientists by Russia, and reduced co-operation by Russia in the long-standing partnership to jointly assess radioactive waste in the Arctic region (5 & 6 September).


French Government launches public consultation to review the principles of radioactive waste management. They have also launched a website collating pro and anti GDF arguments. Critics have denounced the move as a sham (20 September).

Convicted protestor at Bure finally jailed, after being in Germany where he had been arrested during demonstrations at the G20 Summit (31 August).

The Director of Andra, France;’s radioactive waste body, says it is legitimate to review whether geological disposal is still the best available way to dispose of radioactive waste (11 September).

Andra release short animated video to explain geological disposal simply.

Andra publish new information on collective memory, to help future generations identify geological repository sites.


Russian scientists commence mapping where radioactive waste was dumped in the Arctic Ocean (21 August).

Government officials cite radioactive waste surface storage as a major risk in a ‘doomsday’ scenario report on the effects of global warming on Russia (6 September).


German public agencies to collaborate in search for a site for German GDF (24 August).


Finland exports its geological disposal expertise to China (22 August).


Construction continues at Holland’s radioactive waste facility (11 September).


Tenders issued for Lithuanian repository (9 August).


  • CERN scientists are seeking alternative ways to dispose of radioactive waste (10 August)
  • Bulgaria, Macedonia and Hungary agree to co-operate on radioactive waste management (16 August)