France : Country Update : April 2018

The following is a summary of key recent events, activity and announcements.  Full media reports and other links to these events and news announcements can be found on our international media page.  Scroll through the international media page for the date on which the event or announcement occurred to read the relevant article.


French radioactive waste management agency ANDRA has announced the creation of its underground technical committee .  The committee, made up of external experts, will issue opinions and recommendations on Andra’s underground activities, research and studies in relation to the planned geological repository (1 April).

French experts question geological disposal

The true costs of geological disposal are questioned in a TV news item (26 March), while in Le Monde, “expert” Bernard Laponche claims the global scientific community have got it wrong on geological disposal (28 March).


The first jailings of protestors arrested at the recent demonstrations near the Bure site for France’s GDF (20 March).