UK : Country Update : April 2018

The following is a summary of key recent events, activity and announcements.  Full media reports and other links to these events and news announcements can be found on our international media page.  Scroll through the international media page for the date on which the event or announcement occurred to read the relevant article.

Public consultations and revised siting process

Germany’s Deutsche Welle (4 April) and the UK’s Energy Insider magazine (23 March) both carry lengthy articles on the UK’s proposed new siting process and the associated public consultations.  Local Leicestershire media pondered on the likelihood of a GDF ending up in their area, as the local county council remained agnostic about any future interest (13 April).  While a Teeside MP was reassured that a GDF would only be built in his constituency if his community wanted it (22 March).  In a letter to the Whitehaven News, ex-Chair of the Cumbrian MRWS process Tim Knowles reviews the current siting process negatively and complains there’s not enough money on the table (14 April).


Welsh NGOs are founding an anti-nuclear grouping to oppose geological disposal in Wales (12 April), and the Welsh Liberal Democrats discussed geological disposal at their Spring Conference in Cardiff this weekend.