Taiwan Opts for Geological Disposal

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Taiwan outlined its plans for finding a geological disposal site in a Report published today.

The country has decided to prioritise looking for granite-based locations for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste, but acknowledged that such locations were limited to only a small part of Taiwan.  The proposal is the conclusion  of an 11-year study to evaluate suitable host rock suitable for storing spent fuel

Energy company Taipower, which is responsible for managing radioactive waste, said it will give priority to assessing the building of a national geological repository in granite because Sweden and Finland have also chosen granite-based sites for their waste repositories.  But it has not ruled out other host rock choices.

Following similar geological assessments to those being conducted in the UK and Japan, the Taiwanese have already ruled out certain areas such as those near active geological faults, volcanoes and water catchments.

With those areas ruled out, Taipower believes only about 4,480 sq kms in Taiwan proper and its offshore islands, or one-eighth of Taiwan’s total land area, can host nuclear waste disposal sites.

Taipower will now move on to the second phase of the waste fuel disposal plan — assessing and identifying specific potential sites — which is expected to be completed in 2028.

Once candidate sites have been identified, the current plan is to conduct detailed site investigation and testing from 2029-2038, and submit repository design and license applications during 2039-2044.  Subject to regulatory approvals being granted, it is expected that construction will start in 2045, with first emplacements of waste in 2055.


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