“Colluding” Community: & the heavy hand of the State

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A meeting between local community leaders and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington DC this week has angered State-level officials in Nevada.

The row yet again brings to the surface the tensions between the local community in Nye County, which wants to explore how the proposed Yucca Mountain geological disposal facility might benefit their community, and State-level politicians who want no discussions of any kind about the facility.

GDFWatch has previously reported on Nye County’s frustrations, and explored how such disagreements between different tiers of government are central to the UK’s current public consultations on how communities should be involved in deciding whether to host a GDF.

Nevada State officials have challenged the legality of the meeting and accused Nye County community leaders of ‘going behind the State’s back’.  Dan Schinhofen of Nye County said the state’s objection were another waste of taxpayers’ money.

It is hard to ignore the irony of Nevada State’s support for a “community consent-based” approach, while denying the clearly expressed consent of the community most affected by the Yucca Mountain project!



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