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BEIS have circulated a short note updating everyone on post-consultation activity.  In these GDPR-heady days, BEIS could only email those who attended their regional consultation workshops, so we are making the note available for everyone:


It’s been 30 days since the GDF consultations closed. We received more than 200 substantive responses. On the Working with Communities consultation we’re busy analysing these responses and reflecting on what people have said.

On the National Policy Statement (NPS) – we are starting the Parliamentary Scrutiny process. This will run along the following lines:

A high level summary of NPS consultation responses has just been sent to the Select Committee Clerk.

The Select committee will then be looking to publish their Terms of Reference for the enquiry.

A call for written evidence will take place shortly after.

Then witnesses will appear in the oral evidence sessions as part of 4 panels over 2 evidence sessions. Each session will consist of 2 panels of 60 mins each. When we know the dates we will alert you accordingly.

The Select Committee will publish their report in early September.

Other items to be published on the BEIS website in the near future include two reports reviewing the GDF regional workshop activity that took place earlier this year.

GDF Team

NB:  The Select Committee have now announced their inquiry and called for written evidence.


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