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Experts in local democracy, community development, engagement and communications – do you want to help shape how communities can actively participate in decision-making for a major infrastructure project?

Recruitment is underway for up to 8 new members for the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM), the Government’s expert advisory panel. This is the latest important step in CoRWM’s evolution from a purely scientific and technical group, to one which can also effectively monitor and advise on how RWM implements the Government’s Working With Communities policy.

GDFWatch has previously reported on the potential for developing a model local democratic framework of how communities can have more control over decisions affecting where they live and contribute to long-term socioeconomic planning and economic growth in their area.

The CoRWM recruitment advert specifically states the following as amongst the key areas of expertise being sought:

  • community engagement, stakeholder management, education, and participatory planning and delivery activities relevant to major infrastructure delivery.

The recent tailored review of CoRWM, following on from last summer’s appointment of prominent social scientist Sir Nigel Thrift as CoRWM’s new Chair, underlines the Government’s awareness of the need to shift priority as the GDF siting process relaunches.  There is a recognition that the issues related to finding a site based on a community’s consent are increasingly social rather than technical – civics not science.

With widespread discontent about the state of our democracy and how decisions are made, the unique and novel process for finding a GDF site requires active community participation in the planning and decision-making processes.  This new approach to engaging communities in important decisions which affect their lives provides an opportunity to develop a wider and longer-lasting socio-political legacy.

GDFWatch believes this is an important opportunity to shape the future by supporting and guiding how RWM develops and manages Community Partnerships, and ensures communities have the confidence and capability to participate actively in the decision-making process.

The deadline for applications is 12 May 2019. For more information about the posts, visit this Cabinet Office webpage.  Good luck with your application!



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