Helping You Help Yourself: new community services by GDFWatch

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In the next few weeks GDFWatch will be unveiling a range of consultancy and other services.  The services we will offer are built on the feedback we got from you in July’s stakeholder survey.

Supporting communities and local authorities: consultancy services

The GDF siting process is novel and untested.  The GDFWatch team has a wealth of experience uniquely gained in the development and interpretation of that siting process.

We can help communities and local authorities get to grips with this new system, so that you are actively driving discussions with RWM, equipped to ensure your interests are not just being protected but are being advanced.

We provide access to a wide range of technical/scientific, socioeconomic, environmental, land-use planning, public consultation, community engagement, stakeholder management, and communications expertise.  These skills and knowledge will not only help you set up the process in a way which works best for your community, but also offer you independent expert counsel as the process progresses.

News & Information services

Geological disposal is a global issue requiring local solutions.  Access to the latest information will be vital in delivering a balanced and informed debate.  GDFWatch’s current plans include:

  • Video production offering independent perspectives on critical GDF issues
  • Video archive of unedited materials for you to make your own localised social and digital media content
  • Country analyses, to better understand how geological disposal is being addressed across the world, and how others’ experiences might inform your own decisions
  • Technical analyses: explaining complex scientific issues in a way you can understand, and trust


A key and recurring theme from the stakeholder survey was the need for ‘trust’.  We absolutely understand this.  It’s not just enough to be ‘independent’ – we must be seen to be independent.

There will be times when funding comes from nuclear sector or other vested interests.  Each case will be assessed on its own merits, and a full declaration publicly made.  People can then make their own judgement on the veracity of the information or independence of any service being provided.

The income generated from the services we provide will help sustain the free independent services that will be an important resource for communities and individuals at all stages in siting process discussions.

If you would like to find out more, please contact or call 07900 243007.


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